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BRAVO Inverter, 2500VA

DC Power for Business-Critical Continuity

Inverter (-48Vdc + 230Vac) / 230Vac

Features and Benefits
Dual input sources (AC & DC) Compact and lightweight solution High efficiency scalability and expandability Full swappable Hot Pure sine wave on AC output Transfer time reduced to naught single point of failure No Total modularity as no external static-switch required

Description Inverter systems are normally used for AC backup requirements in a telecom / datacom site or anywhere a highly reliable AC power back up source is needed. BRAVO is a compact and scalable inverter providing a pure sine wave AC supply. In conjunction with a DC Power system, it provides an excellent AC backup solution. The TSI (Twin Sine Inverter) uses the latest inverter technology, providing superior energy efficiency in a compact size. The inverter is designed to work from 230Vac and 48Vdc sources through AC/AC and DC/AC conversions. Unlike traditional inverters, the TSI features an AC to AC conversion that assures double filtering function. This results in an efficiency of 96% without any compromise in quality and stability of the output wave form. This off line operation mode is called Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC). The EPC mode, which is the filtering of current and voltage, is similar to a rectifier combined with an inverter (online mode) but gives a significantly better efficiency. Compared to a UPS operating in offline mode (no current conversions) the efficiency is the same, but the rejection of grid disturbances is much higher. The online mode is usually only used during a mains outage when inverters are fed by batteries. Therefore, the TSI inverters will almost constantly provide an efficiency of 96%. It will always be the most reliable AC backup solution! The TSI inverters also have an in-built static switch function. Because no external static switch is needed, the inverter system becomes smaller, more reliable and easily expandable. As many as 32 inverter modules can be used in parallel.

BRAVO Inverter, 2500VA

Inverter Power Flow Diagram

Standard Feature Offline Mode Backup Feature Online Mode

AC in



AC in AC out

DC in

AC AC out

DC in



Output power comes from AC in Inverter is fed from AC commercial grid

Output power comes from DC in Inverter is fed from the DC Power system

Technical Specifications, TSI BRAVO

General EMC (immunity) EMC (emission) Safety Cooling Isolation MTBF Efficiency (Typical) Dielectric Strength True Redundant Systems EN 61000-4 EN 55022 (Class B) IEC 60950 Forced Doubled 240,000 hrs Enhanced power conversion 96% On line 91% DC/AC 4300Vdc Compliant 3 disconnection levels on AC out and DC in Power ports 4 disconnection levels on AC in port Compliant I/O terminal block protected against inversion of polarity Self adaptive to wide operating conditions and comprehensive table of troubleshooting codes AC Output Specifications Nominal Voltage (AC)* Voltage Range (AC) Voltage Accuracy Frequency Frequency Accuracy Total Harmonic Distortion (resistive load) Load Impact Recovery Time Turn On Delay Nominal Current Crest Factor at Nominal Power (with short circuit mgmt. and protection) Short Circuit Clear up Capacity** 230 V 200 - 240 V 2% 50 - 60 Hz 0.03 % <1.5 % 0.4 ms 20 s 10.9 A (protected against reverse current) 3.5 10 x In for 20msec

RoHS Connection Trouble-free Operation

* Operation within lower voltage networks leads to derating of power. ** Available while Mains is available at AC input port, with magnitude control and management. Transfer Performance Maximum Voltage Interruption Total Transient Voltage Duration (max) Environment Altitude Above Sea Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Relative Humidity Signaling & Supervision Display Alarms Output Supervision Weight & Dimensions Width x Depth x Height Weight Material (casing)

AC Output Power Nominal Output Power Output Power (resistive load) Short Time Overload Capacity Permanent Overload Capacity Admissible Load Power Factor Internal Temperature Mgmt. DC Input Specifications Nominal Voltage (DC) Voltage Range (DC) Current (at 40Vdc) Maximum Input Current Recommended Protection Voltage Ripple Input Voltage Boundaries AC Input Specifications Nominal Voltage (AC) Voltage Range (AC) Current (at 185Vac) Conformity Range Power Factor Frequency Range (selectable) Synchronization Range 230 V 185 - 265 V 56A per shelf Adjustable >99% 50 - 60 Hz 47 - 53 Hz, 57 - 63 Hz 48 V 40 - 60 V 56A (224A per shelf) 84A (336A per shelf for 5 seconds) 63A circuit breaker per inverter 2mV User selectable 2500 VA 2000 W 150% 5 second 110% Full (power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive) Switch off

0s 0s

<1500m -20 to 50 C -40 to 70 C 95% , non-condensing

Synoptic LED Dry contacts on shelf Use optional devices

102 x 435mm x 2U 5 Kg Coated steel

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