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A dynamic and hard-working waitress is seeking a role in Catering or Customer service which can expand her skills and

knowledge. Capable to work under pressure both as a genuine team member as well as on her own initiative. Really motivated and always ready to learn new things. Personal profile Samples 2 : Enthusiastic professional, responsible person and computer literate. Proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling multiple tasks, great adaptability to any enterprise's environment. Looking to obtain a challenging position offering growth in international organizations in Food and Beverage area with the philosophy of customers support and complete satisfaction. Personal profile Samples 3 : As an international worker, I have been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to my working environment. My exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled me to integrate with my colleagues and customers and develop valuable friendships. Positive and keen to succeed, I pick up skills quickly and apply them successfully, through both the use of initiative and the ability to comprehend instructions. I am an effective communicator who will inspire confidence in any employer. Personal profile Samples 5 : Able to work efficiently and carefully ,hard worker and organized, responsible and honest friendly and cheerful, disposition, hospitality and excellent service spirit. Personal profile Samples 6 : Self motivated when I succeed, persuasive, convincing, nice treatment, fluidness conversational, proactive, and excellent with open public relationship, expert in computational experience skills. I am hard working and very determined. I enjoy keeping myself busy and put extra effort in my tasks. I enjoy working with other and able to work unsupervised. I have excellent communication skills and telephone techniques. I am reliable, I strive to always keep a positive attitude and have the ability to learn quickly. As my basic functions I consider to have in me cultural team work as quality and culture on productivity, domain of techniques and strategies in selling planifications and the most important to work on determination of goals. Personal profile Samples 7 : I am an active person, I have easy word, I love socializing with people, I am very passionate and delivered to my work, I like being responsible, I like to collaborate and make a good team, I am a person with goals, aspirations and professionalism. Personal profile Samples 8 : Proficient in MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet proficient,Dedicated to ensuring a high level of customer service at all times ,exceptional interpersonal skills with an aptitude for building rapport with a diverse range of people ,Able to multitask while remaining professional and courteous in fast-paced dynamic environments . Advanced administrative skills; 80 wpm typing, multi-line phone management , planning, organizing and scheduling, sales skills . Exceptional communication skills in English, Spanish and French ,International experience in

event planning and execution ,strong organizational skills . Personal profile Samples 9 : I speak more than 7 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and a little Russian and I like to find a job where I can practice my languages for example customer services. Personal profile Samples 10 : Solid working experience as an industrial electro mechanic technician in several reputed organizations with strong electrical and mechanical skills. I am capable to install, maintain and repair electrical and mechanical systems as well as automated machinery. I am a problem solver with an ability to adapt to new situations,quick learner with a desire for continuous personal growth. Reliable hard working and dedicated team player who works well under pressure,I have good computer knowledge and good in German communication. Personal profile Samples 11 : Trustworthy, ethical, discreet, well organized with an attitude of self motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve goals. Leader and able to build team cohesion I am a good leader, a confident inspiring person, conciliator, I am a very fast learner on every matter when I have to do it. Written and oral communications skills in Spanish and English,Knowledge in Assisting of Accounting. Computer literate, (Knowledge in all the program of Microsoft Office 2003). Personal profile Samples 12 : Openness and adaptation to change, teamwork, focus on finding solutions,Proactive, initiative, capacity for taking decisions, conflict Management ,competences in Oracle (ERP) , WMS (Warehouse Management System) , CISCO Logistics tool . Personal profile Samples 13 : Solutions focused, detailed analyst, team oriented leadership bilingual Computer Science graduated, with more than 16 years in Management of Marketing, Sales, Management of Operations such as International Contract Negotiations (clients and suppliers), importexport sales, Production Management, Computer Software/Hardware and Telecommunications. Strong and persuasive negotiations and interpersonal skills, with ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical support requirements and identify potential opportunities. Proficient in planning, develop strategies, evaluating projects and making easy good client and people relations. Personal profile Samples 14 : Systems Engineer and Industrial Technologies who likes to get new abilities and skills. Im a quick learner who likes to work and create new ways to do the things and improve it. I am very interested on the engineering area, where I can express my ideas and implement them. Also I would like to learn more about design and the whole engineering process involved. I like to work with people who are specialized in the area and get from them their knowledge in order to increase mine. On my actual job I have been working very close with people from the engineering department overall with the Product engineer on the engineering change levels and the new project for the company.

Personal profile Samples 15 : Computer Engineer bilingual Italian and English with extensive experience in administration and project control,analysis, design, consultancy, development and implementation of software to the extent , organization, establishment and improvement of Internet security processes, quality control on software products, implementation of best development practices, teamwork and support. Personal profile Samples 16 : Architec with 10 years experience in building and remodelling of homes and facilities,regristry constructions sites with government approvals ,document and approve building plans thru registries. Goal- oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities ,organized highly motivated, and detail directed problem solver. Personal profile Samples 17 : Graphic designer with 10 years of experience working for the most important magazines and newspapers in Australia. Solid knowledge of the printing process and softwares from Mac and PC: QuarkXPress, PageMaker, InDesigne, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Acrobat, Layout 8000, Office (Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint). Keep up-to-date with changes in technology to best serves customers . Skilled at providing effective technical instruction and coordinating training programs. Spoken and written languages: Ialian (native language), English and French. Personal profile Samples 18 : Capacity in didactics and English grammar areas. Dynamic and creative teacher, committed with the learning and the students' progress, who searches to motivate human values and to develop basic abilities like working in group and the making of decisions. Good at humanistic work that seeks to integrate the knowledge between how to do and how to be. Personal profile Samples 19 : Industrial designer focuses on planning and development of new products Manufacturing process, material handling, production strategies, operation machinery and tooling ,ten years experience in big Industries,strong background and relationships. Personal profile Samples 20 : An independent professional and self-motivated with excellent research and writing, with the ability to grow positive relationships with customers and colleagues. Ability to manage multiple simultaneous tasks: to balance competing priorities and respond quickly to changes and business needs.