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Today people are generally hammering always on a computer keyboard, texting on a mobile phone or twittering on a Blackberry. They are no longer writing by hand. So is penmanship simply an outdated and inefficient mode of communication or is there value in trying to preserve it? At one time, writing clearly and quickly was essential to everything from public documents to personal letters. However today in the age of the e-mail and the text message, most people rarely need to write more than a shopping list or a short note. Although handwritten communication is less widespread than it once was, many people continue to believe that the art of penmanship must be protected. They suggest we must continue to learn handwriting skills if we wish to be able to read all types of handwriting and thus maintain a direct connection with the past. For them, it is difficult to conceive of the possibility that a person might one day find his grandmothers diary and be unable to read it. In addition, people note that a persons handwriting is distinctive and can be as personal as his voice or laugh. By preserving hand-written communication, they claim, we are also maintaining our connection with the unique qualities of individuals. Interestingly, the development of the telephone, the computer and the text message have not completely removed the need to write by hand as many feared. In fact, it seems highly unlikely that handwritten communication will ever disappear completely since there is always the possibility of not having a computer available at a particular moment or that there will be a power failure and we will have to write down important information on a piece of paper. Even in todays technological world, the handwritten word is very much alive and well and it looks set to stay that way for a very long time to come. 1. Choose the correct answer. 1. Handwritten communication a. is less important than it used to be b. has disappeared c. is now used on a larger scale. 2. People who learn handwriting skills a. will lose their connection with the past b. will be able to read handwritten documents. c. will find it difficult to use computers. 3. Type-written communication is a. less widespread than handwritten communication b. unique c. impersonal

2. Answer the questions using your own words. 1. Why has handwritten communication become less widespread than it used to be?

2. According to the writer, why is it unlikely that the handwritten word will ever disappear completely?

3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Find words or expressions in the text that mean: Old-fashioned (paragraph1) Imagine (paragraph 3) Keep (paragraph 3) Unique (paragraph 4) Improbable (paragraph 5)

KEY TO THE ACTIVITIES 1. 1a 2.b 3.c 2. 1. Because now we use other means to write, we type using computers, mobile phones 2. because we will always need it when we cant use technology. 3. 1. Outdated 2. Believe 3.maintain 4.distinctive 5. unlikely