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All Team Leaders Mr. Reilly Mock Trial Deliverables for The Most Dangerous Game

As team leader of either the prosecution or the defense, you are responsible for making sure that your group does all of the following.
Before Going To Trial 1. Show me at least the rough drafts of the following: a. Either the opening statement by the prosecution stating that the crime is first degree murder and why you believe Rainsford is guilty. If you are the defense, you will be stating that the prosecution has no case, that your client is innocent and how you will prove it. This is the equivalent of the introductory paragraph of an essay. b. A list of witnesses including i. A brief biography for each witness ii. Why this witness is important to your case iii. A list of questions you plan to ask c. A list of the evidence you intend to present including any documents (maps, diagrams, diaries, letters, newspaper articles, forensic reports, expert reports, etc.) i. At least a rough draft of those documents d. A copy of your closing statement, summing up what your team did and why it proves the guilt or innocence of Rainsford. Note: during the trial, you might need to amend this to address any damaging testimony raised by the other side. 2. Once you have completed this to my satisfaction, you will bring me a

letter stating that your team is ready to go to trial. It must also state that the team members understand that they will be graded both on the preparation of your teams materials and their knowledge and enthusiasm during the trial. This letter must be signed by all team members. The trial will be scheduled for a date when both sides are ready. Note: I will be grading your team as a whole for how well the team does during the trial. This includes your preparation. During the Trial You remain the captain of your team. Utilize as many of your team as you can (as witnesses, experts, etc.). The more people who get involved the better and the better the teams efforts will look. Be prepared; think on your feet; and have fun.

After The Trial You will be expected to submit a neat and professional-looking package of all the materials described above in the section labeled Before Going to Trial. You may add whatever materials you think are necessary to reflect the work the group did and to make the final product interesting, informative, and attractive. Note: Make sure to include the names of the authors of each section. You will receive a second grade on how well this is done. We, the members of the ______________________________ team understand what we need to deliver to complete the mock trial on The Most Dangerous Game. Team Leader ___________________________ members sign below. All other