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Guidelines for Submission of Assignment on Capital Market

1. The students shall have to submit the assignment within ten days of officials notification of the assignment on the notice board. 2. Students shall use handed file and A4 sheets for the assignments. 3. Cover page should have the logo of the college, name and particulars of the students (ENR no, Specializations, Section, Year). 4. Marks will be awarded on the basis of the following: Word limit of the answers should not exceed 100. Sequence of the serial numbers of questions should be maintained. Diagrams and formulae should have captions. Leave margins of one finger tip on the left hand side of the A4 sheet. Copy paste is not allowed. Books or any other references used should be quoted. The handwriting should be legible. Use only black and blue pens for the assignment. Mention the date of submission on the cover page.

5. Students are required to maintain a photocopy of the Questions for self learning in the case of announcement of any test on this topic on later date. 100 Sample Questions on Capital Markets 1. What is a primary market? 2. What is secondary market? 3. What is a listed company? 4. What is a stock barometer? 5. What is a BSE sensex? 6. What is the NIFTY 50? 7. What is an equity share? 8. What is a preference share? 9. What is a bonus share? 10. What are mutual funds? 11. What do you mean by time value of money? 12. What is share holder value? 13. What is EPS (earning per share)? 14. What are stock certificates? 15. What are provisory notes? 16. What are the principal forums of government securities? 17. What is a DEMAT account? 18. What is a stag? 19. What is a chip company?

20. What is an IPO? 21. What are the types of risk? 22. What is an unsystematic risk? 23. What is a Systematic risk? 24. What do you mean by fundamental analysis? 25. What do you mean by technical analysis? 26. What is the role of SEBI? 27. What does UTIC stand for? 28. What is NAV (Net Asset Value)? 29. What do you understand by fully convertible debenture? 30. What do you understand by partially convertible debentures? 31. What are non convertible debentures? 32. What is a development bank? 33. What are the differences between development and commercial banks? 34. What is bank rate? 35. What is cash reserve ratio? 36. What is statuary liquidity ratio? 37. What is capital adequacy ratio? 38. What are OMOs (Open Market operation)? 39. What are the two types of government loans? 40. What are non performing assets? 41. What is merchant banking? 42. What is under- writing? 43. In the banking sector, what is an asset recommendation funds? 44. What is lease? 45. What are not features of features of finance lease? 46. What is operating lease? 47. What are the types of finance lease? 48. What are the functions of the discount and finance house of India ? 49. What is the significance of the abolition of Capital Issues? 50. What are bearer bonds ? 51. What was the sub-prime crisis ? 52. How does a risk in the interest rate affect demand for loans ? 53. What is amortization ? 54. What is a reserve merger of a development bank with a commercial bank ? 55. What is the structural Adjustment programme ? 56. What is the structural Adjustment Loan ? 57. What is ADRs ? 58. What is GDRs ? 59. What is the random walk theory ? 60. What is FERA ? 61. What is FEMA ? 62. What do you understand by F11 (Foreign Institutional Investment )? 63. Does a risk in fiscal deficit affect credit markets ? 64. What are participatory notes ? 65. What is capital gain?

66. What is capital loss ? 67. What is capital gains tax ? 68. What is a flexible exchange rate system ? 69. What is a fixed exchange rate system ? 70. What is a managed exchange rate system ? 71. What is LERMS ? 72. What is the postulate of the Capital Asset Pricing ? 73. What is the Security Market Line ? 74. What are the different types of derivatives ? 75. What are forwards ? 76. What are futures ? 77. What are options? 78. What are swaps ? 79. What is a call option ? 80. What is a put option ? 81. What is arbitrage ? 82. What is hedging ? 83. What is speculation ? 84. What are switch deals ? 85. What are washed sales ? 86. Name the credit rating agencies in India ? 87. What is a portfolio manager ? 88. What is a discretionary portfolio manager ? 89. What is a non - discretionary portfolio manager ? 90. What is the procedure for obtaining registration as a portfolio manager from SEBI? 91. Who is the principal officer of a portfolio manager ? 92. What is the capital adequacy ratio of a portfolio manager ? 93. Is a portfolio manager permitted to invest the fund of its clients in derivatives ? 94. What is a intra day trading ? 95. How is the value of BSE sensex calculated ? 96. How is the Nifty 50 calculated ? 97. What is NASDAQ ? 98. Howdid the credit rating of the US government by standard and poors affect capital market ? 99. What are the functions of credit rating agencies ? 100. List the major achievements of Warren Buffet ?