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The main objective of this report is to discuss culture and its social and economical influence on a society as well as in an organizational setup and its role in the development of a country.

Through this report we tried to highlight the specific dimensions that we need to change in our culture to improve the administrative system of Pakistan. This report also includes Henrys New Public administration model and John P Kottors eight step organizational change model that can be used in helping in bring about those changes in our society as a whole. We need to bring about those changes now in our society, If we dont change the direction soon, well end up where were heading. With Zero accountability, extreme levels of corruption, high regard for individualism and no regard for society, culture and country that road isnt a prosperous one.

Culture plays a great part in the process of human development. A persons image of himself is obtained early in life as a result of his culture and heritage. Therefore it is of great importance that an individual has a concise concept of himself in order to successful survive as a productive human being.

If the desired image is not clear or is a collective fusion of faulty or harmful traits, the result is a crisis, and if not resolved can lead to the destruction of an individual and since individual comprises a nation, leading to the death of a country.

Society needs to wake up now; the time of change is here. Our thinking is curious, greedy, and selfish. We are facing a culture of jealousy; leg pulling; intellectual dishonesty and Machiavellian politics. To be realistic we are drifting away from our roots as a nation. Corruption as become a part of our culture. People enter into politics not serve the people but to serve their personal interests. This has severally affected the state of governance and has shackled the economy. It has distracted man from the ethic, humanely attitude, traditions, civics and laws. With Zero accountability, different value systems as an individual, no regard for a nation or culture and lack of education, we are drifting away from our very roots. Strong actions are required by the government and the people themselves to tackle this problem. For an organization to reach its maximum potential within its marketplace, management must know how to wisely combine power, politics and culture in an ethical business manner. Every individual is unique and that allows for diversity in experience and knowledge. Companies spend too much time in manipulating public perception of a utopian workplace. If every employee and manager thought, felt and looked alike companies would be limited within its market and innovation would be greatly hindered.