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Bahria university Islamabad

Project Proposal: Developing a new product (coolant helmet)

Subject : Marketing Management

By Sikander-e-Azam Arsalan Ayub Mehmood Khan Yasir Khan -230 -228 -229


"Why are we doing this project? We are living in Pakistan which has a warm atmosphere and mostly having average/middle class society. Mostly young boys and normally middle class people use motor bike for their convince propose which is quite unsafe mode of transportation without helmet. But in warm weather it is near to impossible to have helmet on head .Its really irritates. We are going to launch a product for those who are in trouble of wear helmet by giving them a comfortable cool helmet. What will we be doing? We are going to launch a new helmet having isolation and coolant technology for making our helmet, which will made our helmet easy to use and comfortable in warm weather. How will we be doing it? Science has already made a huge progress in coolant and isolation technology, so we will use such kind of technology which could help our consumer in feeling fresh after wearing our helmet. Who will be doing it? We are lunching it . we will try to take support form big motorbike manufactures companies like Honda and others in order to make it more efficient Where will it be done? it is the product for all those countries which have a huge no of motorbike usage and having warm weather. So in this scenario mostly

Asian countries are enlisted . How long will it take? It doesnt take a long time to start .because we already have a big and revolutionized helmet making industry in Pakistan .so they will be a good support in getting an experience labor. What are the Budgetary Requirements: the cost on per helmet will be charge as Rs 3500 for coolant helmet while with some extra feature like mp3 and radio it will charge as Rs 500 Target Audience?" our target market is young guys having motorbike feeling irritate in wearing helmet. To make motorbike a safe and comfortable mode of transportation we are lunching our products . normally in Pakistan there about 30 lack bikes are circulating on roads . so it will be a good opportunity with this new idea. Summary :

We are offering a motor bike helmet for those who are get irritation by wearing helmet in hot weather, by using isolation and coolant technology for the comfort ability and safety. To give best customer value by delivering helmet which will give comfort in hot weather The project is so broad that i could spread all over Pakistan and South Asian countries. We could develop helmet with different style and fashionable way to attract as much customers as possible

This product will be use for about 8 to 9 month by the user. It will defiantly a profitable and financially helpful project, the users of bike and helmet are increasing days by day with inflation and downiness of living standard. It will approximate charge up to Rs.3500 to customers which is reasonable for all user.