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Throughout our preliminary task, we used camera, sound, miseen-scene and editing to enhance our story line, and the theme of betrayal. Firstly, the use of camera is used to convey the two characters emotions and reactions. We begin with and over the shoulder shot from Alexia's point of view, on looking the house, which she prepares to go in. We then use a close up shot of her face, which gradually goes down until you see a close up shot of the keys, which she fiddles with in anxiety. As she moves to the door, we use a close up shot of her putting the keys through the door, which she opens with, leading to the living room where she enters with a long shot - we took inspiration from our Angus thongs and perfect snogging clip as it cuts unnecessary shots and makes the impact and action concise. The long shot is then followed by a high angle, medium shot of Isabel, which gives it a foreboding atmosphere as it looks down on her. As Alexia explains her situation to Isabel, we use a 2 shot so we can see both characters emotions the 2 shot is also used as a reaction shot. As Alexia delivers the bad news we move to a low angle long shot of Isabel to show the force as she moves to get up, this portrays her anger and betrayal. As Alexia leaves there is a medium shot of her highlighting the guilt she feels, which presents the audience with mixed feelings whether to sympathise with Isabel or Alexia. The last shot we see is a close up of Alexia, which portrays her guilty expressions as she looks down on the floor, making the audience, feel involved with the emotions felt by the characters. This shot is a repeat of one of the first shots, this could signify her anxiety again or possibly that she wants to go back, and take back what she has done. The use of sound is also used to create a foreboding and weary atmosphere. We chose to use Paradise - by Vanessa Carlton, which starts off with a deep tune of a piano - which builds up with a rising high-pitched sound of violin this builds up tension, creating a foreboding atmosphere as the audience can feel something coming. We tone the music down (ducking) as it bridges with the dialogue, so it creates a fluency a flowing atmosphere, which suddenly stops when Isabel says the word 'What?!' this puts emphasis on the word and makes it more dramatic.

The music is then enhanced gradually towards the end of the dialogue as it has reached its climax, which tries to settle it down, helping to build sympathy for both characters. We edited our preliminary task in the style of our Angus thongs and perfect snogging clip we edited - the opening of the door so that it appeared there was a passing in time. The door opened into a different scene by doing this we managed to keep our scene fast paced and eliminate unnecessary shots. We used shot reverse shot and close ups during the conversation in order to highlight the characters reactions and amplify significant lines: building tension. Towards the end of the clip there is a low angle shot high angle shot, this mirrors Issies characters new found anger, and also highlight Alexias vulnerability as Issie (foreground) looks down on Alexia (background). Through the use of Mise en scene we hoped to clearly convey to the audience, Jennys emotions through this tough time. It starts off with her walking in slow motion to the door. The house is white, and there is a very bright lighting. This is in contrast to the depressing music. This was to get the audience questioning, what is going on. At this point, she still has a chance to turn around and not break this news, hence the bright lighting. However, she carries on and makes her entrance. As she enters the room, it is still quite bright, but not as bright as it was before she entered the house. As soon as she says Katie I need to tell you something the frame of the shot is a lot more compact, and there are more close-ups. This is so there is less of a bright/white background, to show that the mood has changed. (Making it more dull) and reflecting that she is trapped in the situation, seen in the compact close ups. She then goes on to reveal this news and the lighting remains quite dull. After the conversation carries on, Katie tells Jenny to get out! She puts one hand on the door, and then turns around and says Im sorry as she gets to the other side of the door, there is a bright light on her face. This was meant to represent the relief that she is feeling, now that she has told Katie the truth. It then goes to a shot of Katie in the room falling to the sofa with her head in her hands in slow motion. This is still in the dull lighted room. This shot then goes back to Jenny outside, in the shot we saw at the beginning. This shot (at the beginning) was bright, representing her being able to turn around and go back. However this shot is AFTER she has done it. So there is NO going back, but she is relieved.

Jenny is wearing very dark clothes, which represents her hiding something, whereas Katie is also in dark, but has a pale pink cardigan on, reflecting to her being young, innocent, and highspirited.

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