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How to use Castle Learning Part I The first time you log in. Go to www.castlelearning.

rning.com If your student ID is 6 digits (most of you) then your login ID is com.000(yourStudentIDnumber) without parentheses. o ex if your student ID number is 123456 then your login ID is com.000123456 If your student ID is 9 digits then leave off the three zeros after the com. o ex if your student ID number is 123456789 then your log in ID is com.123456789 Your initial password is your student ID number preceded by three zeros (if your ID number is 6 digits) or just your ID number (if your ID number is 9 digits). You will be brought to the following screen to change your password:

Make a new password that you will remember, set password retrieval questions, and enter your email address in case you need your login info sent to you later on.

Part II Completing an assignment for class When you log in you will see this screen:

If you have any incomplete assignments you will see a message about it. In the example above, you have an incomplete assignment for Mr. Kings class. To view/complete the assignment, click on Mr. Kings Class. You will see the following screen:

Under Incomplete Assignments you will see that you have a short answer assignment for physics. Click on short answer and youll be brought to the following screen:

On this screen you can see more details about your assignment(s). To view/complete the Momentum-Impulse HW, click on its title. This will bring you to the actual assignment. Your assignment will be saved as you answer each question. When you complete the assignment you can go back to the Castle Learning home page or you can just logout or close your browser.

Part III Creating your own assignment for practice/review From the home page youll find four dropdown menus under the heading Courses. Choose the class that you would like to review for:

Click go and youll be brought to the following page:

There are different types of activities you can create, but youll probably want to select Short Answer Review in order to practice Regents questions. Youll see the following page:

Select Sessions That You Create Yourself to make your own review sheet. Youll see the following page:

Select Create a New Short Answer Session. Youll see the following page:

Finally, you are at the page where you can decide what topic(s) you want to review. If you click on one of the plus signs next to a unit you will see the topics in that unit. You can select as many units/topics that you want. Optionally, you can filter your review session by difficulty of questions. Select how many questions you want to have in your review session, and click on Start the Session. This will bring you to the actual review session, which will function just like a teachers assignment.