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Compiled by: John Michel Professor of Cello & Bass at Central Washington University Sources include the ASTA String Syllabus (Revised 1986), the Royal Conservatory Syllabus, CWU Library.

VI. maintain integrity of thumb position form. minor scales. open strings.shifting to high G. multiple shifting. thirds. detached slurs. slurs. and more musically mature works with extensive shifting in neck and transitional positions and sometimes brief thumb position passages--simple thumb position anchored at the harmonic or in simple scalar motion--different thumb position patterns. positions. bowing patterns. fluent shifting between all neck postions.A. longer. artificial harmonics.sight reading. faster bow strokes. pieces require fluent playing over the entire range of the bass--thumb position over entire range.complex string crossings ADVANCED LEVELS: IX. staccato articulations. rapid string crossings.GRADED LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE DOUBLE BASS BEGINNING LEVELS: I. trills.G#. legato vs. established spiccato. inch-worm extension or shift. simple double stops and chords VIII. develop strength and endurance in thumb. thinking in large impulses. shifting at odd intervals. half and/or first position including more arppegiated motion--developing tone. non-harmonic tones INTERMEDIATE LEVELS: V. solidifying positions. different major keys and lower string playing IV. across all strings X. more complex forms. works utilize the entire range but fall into idiomatic scalar or arpeggiated patterns--thumb position in all higher positions. changing strings. fifth-seventh position. harmonics. more contrasting passages. very simple fingerings--precursory exercises. shifting between all neck postions and initial vibrato--dotted and more complex rhythms. more challenging.double stops and chords. octaves. strong core sound. and vibrato--long sustained bowing. bow hold. concerto style playing. memorization III. more difficult bowings and fingerings in first position--extended fingerings. shifting between a few neck positions in isolated succession of shifts--. bowings.thumb position double stops . awkward bow proportion. ornaments. simple half or first position in predictable rhythms. sixths XI. beginning transitional positions. mostly simple scalar motion--establishing intonation. fast and even fingering. very fast virtuostic passages. brush stroke. tenor clef. dynamics. longer works with extensive shifting in neck and transitional positions and varied use of vibrato-. VII. ear-training II.

particularly technically and musically challenging music designed for the seasoned. works necessitate not only complete technical command but mature interpretation and sense of artistry XIII. accomplished artist .XII.

they should have a thorough working knowledge of the most respected works of the repertoire.CONTRABASS REPERTOIRE GRADED SYLLABUS The following pieces are listed in general order of technical difficulty.VI. Kjos * The Fundamentals of Double Bass Playing Piper The Well Tempered String Player for Bass Alfred Method. Bille. Book 1 Ricordi Complete Method for the Double Bass. Isaia Drew. and the accumulated repertoire is more appropriate/satisfying for public performance. Lucas ed. The piece written in bold print are those pieces indicate only my personal preference and interest. Preferred editions. At all stages of development. Orchestral Bowing Etudes (description of all bow strokes!) Belwin New School for the Double Bass. It is impossible to identify all of those in this document. F. Vol 1 EMB 30 Studies International/Fischer * . Ralph Montag.VIII. bass students should be exposed to and learn from the finest of music compositions. ! = CWU library inventory in quantity of each publisher * = my studio inventory in quantity of each publisher(excluding optional publications in italics) b = bass part missing p = piano part missing METHODS/SCALE BOOKS: I-IV. StudiesNeil A. and we have welcomed them into the heart of our repertoire. Book 2 Ricordi 77 Baroque Bass Lines U. Lajos 5-8 Simandl VII. Isaia Nanny 1-8 Portnoi. Lucas 5 Green. Book 1 Fischer Studies for the Progressive String Bass Player Boston Elementary Double-Bass Method Schirmer A Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for the Bass MCA * * * * * * New School for the Double Bass. Francois Shmuklovsky 1-8 Simandl Wohlfart. 1-8 Zimmerman 1-9 Zimmerman V. but an effort has been made to include interesting selections. of Miami The Artist's Studio for Strings: Shifting Develop. The result of hard practice is ultimately more rewarding. 5-9 Drew. but even more importantly. 1 Leduc Creative Bass Technique (ASTA) Herald Printing Nouvelle Technique de La Contrebasse vol 1 of 3 Leduc Scales. Barry 5 Matesky. are listed first with others following.Triads. giving only moderate consideration for musical difficulty. mostly of accomplished composers. in my opinion. Bk. Many pieces of our literature are transcriptions and arrangements borrowed from original works for other instruments. and Exercises for String Bass Beginners Fischer New Method for the Double Bass. Students should be encouraged to explore the entire repertoire. Henry 1-7 Rabbath. 3-11 Applebaum Bille.

Bach. Bks. for solo Bass Solo Suites in 3 Vols. 1 Les harmoniques Nine Characteristic Studies Method. Green Findeisen. J. Simandl.. Book 1-3 57 Etudes. Movements from Solo Suites Logs. J. Technical Studies. I and II New Method for String Bass. for solo Bass Silhouette for solo ! ! ! ! ! Leduc Leduc Carl Fischer Leduc Peters Elkan-Vogel Peters Leduc Peters Presser . F. I & II 18 Studies vol? Contemporary Etudes Advanced Tech. X. T Hellouin Hoag Montag Nanny Nanny Nanny Ravel Ruhm Storch & Harbe 9-12 Simandl. Bach Bach Chihara Downey Six Waltzes for Double Bass Alone Bouree from "3rd Cello Suite" Courante from "First Cello Suite" Menuet in G Major Prelude from "2nd Cello Suite" Monologue Collage I.S. Dragonetti Bach. 9-11 Bille. F. J. Vol 1-3 110 Etudes. Vol 2 Complete Method for the Double Bass. 3 & 4 45 Studies by Various Composers. Vol III & IV 10 Etudes-Caprices 20 Etudes of virtuosity Etudes of Dreutzer and Fiorilla The Notation of Harmonics Progressive Etudes. Bk. Bks.Bille Gouffe Hellouin 8-11 Kruetzer Lee Montag Nanny Mochel Rollez Sturm IX. part 2 30 Studies for the Development of Tone Ricordi Billaudot Leduc International * International EMB Leduc Schott Billaudot International Ricordi * ASTA Piper International Leduc Schirmer EMB Leduc Leduc Leduc Univ. Bach.Erb. Op 14 Vo. (see collections) VII..VIII. Bks. Bach Ozawa Turetsky IX. New School for the Double Bass. Isaia Childs. X.S.S. 2 Special Studies for the Double Bass Method for Contrabass. of Miami Dobinger International International ! ! ! UNACCOMPANIED SOLOS: I-VI. Vol 1 Bowing for the Contrabass 18 Studies 12 Etudes Method.

1 Three Sonatas 6 Sonatas Sonata No. IX. Vol 1 Conversations forsolo Bass Univ. Bach Boccherini Bottesini Caporale 9+ Chopin Galliard Hindemith Zimmerman First Sonatina Sonatina Second Sonatina Sonatina Sonata in D minor Six Sonatas Sonata in E minor. 2 Reverie Three Sonatas Largo from the Sonata for Cello and Piano. Corelli Marcello 8 Romberg Scarlatti Vivaldi.VIII. solo Unaccompanied Solos. Op. Anderson. Lucas V-VI. of Miami Merion Peters * Schott Elkan-Vogel Liben McGinnis Oxford Lengnick Presser Presser Liben Liben Yorke Peters XI-. Drew. No. Arthur Drew Presser. 38. A. op 65 Sonata in F major Sonata Seven Baroque Sonatas Belwin Fischer Belwin Tenuto International Schirmer International * Schirmer Schott International Belwin Fischer University of Miami Belwin-Mills * International Schott Zimmerman ! . X. 2 in D major Sonata No.9+ Eccles Erb Fisher Henze Persichetti Proto Sydeman Aitken Cruft Fredrickson Perle Proto Rabbath Slatford Whittenberg Fantasia for solo Deja Vu for solo Concert Piece Serenade for solo Parable for solo bass Caprice for solo For Bass Alone Suite for Solo Homage to JSBach for solo Music for the Bass Alone Monody II for solo Bass Caprice for solo Bass Rabbath Solos for the Bassist. William VII. SONATAS: I-IV.

Paul Misek Schubert Skorzeny Sonata No. Op. 1 & 2 Sonata in A minor "Arpeggionae" Sonatinas No 1 and 2 International * McGinnis International ! Liben International Doblinger .XI-. 97 Sonata in G minor Sonata for Double Bass and Piano Sonatas Nos. 6 in A major Sonata. 12 Boccherini Fuchs Handel Hindemith.

3 Concerto Concerto in E major Concerto in A minor. X.VIII. 6 International Internationa Schott Yorke International International Leduc Hofmeister International Concerto for Double Bass in F Concerto for Double Bass in D Kol Nidre Concerto in G Concerto Concertino Concerto in G minor Adagio from Cello Concerto in D Concerto No.CONCERTOS AND SOLOS WITH ORCHESTRA: VII. 1 Concerto No. 1 Intermezzo from Concerto for Cello and Orch. Robert Pichl Simandl Vivaldi XIBottesini Bottesini Dittersdorf Dittersdorf Dragonnetti Koussevitzky Mozart Vanhal Vivaldi Concerto No. A little concerto Concerto in D Concerto Concerto in E minor Boosey * Yorke *p Belwin Mills *p Yorke Billaudot Billaudot Belwin Belwin * Hofmeister Belwin Yorke * Hofmeister Belwin Leduc ! . 1 and 2 Concerto in A major Concerto. 8+ Capuzzi 8+ Capuzzi IX. 2 Concerto in E major Concertos Nos. 10+ Bruch Cimador Damase Gouffe Handel 10 Haydn Hoffmeister Lalo 9+ Meyer. Op. 3 No. Op.

George Hassler.SHOW PIECES & SHORTER COMPOSITIONS: I-IV. Patricia Kohler. Forest ed. Hugo Schlemuller. Jean-Louis Muller. Merle Isaac. Francois Gouinguene. Fletcher. Kingman. J. Harold Lesinsky. Hugo Schlemuller. C. Adam Martin. J. Brian. Handel Hoag. Charles Isaac. C. Martin. Vol 1 (designed by Paul Rolland) Chaconne Sarabande and Minuet A Stately Dance Autumn Days Country Gardens Two Jovial Dances Two Austrian Folk Tunes Dance of the Wooden Soldiers Pimprenelle Fun at the Fair Lake Chautauqua Waltz Neapolitan Dance Menuett Cradle Song Prayer Song Highland Heather Solos for Strings Belwin Augener Belwin Highland Novello Boosey Leduc Belwin Belwin KJOS Fischer Belwin Belwin Belwin Billaudot KJOS KJOS KJOS Belwin Fischer Fischer Fischer KJOS Rubank . Arthur Carroll. Chopin. Everett Gossec. John Merle. J. Book 1 Bass Bass (open strings) New Tunes for Strings. J. Hill. Frederick Muller. Ignaz Schlemuller. Jean Etling. Frederick Pleyel. Ralph Dvorak Etling. Books II& III New Tunes for Strings. Louis Lichner.W. Massenet. William Issac. Harvey V. H. Colin Fletcher. John Maiden's Wish Six Easy Pieces for Bass and Piano Songs My Mother Taught Me Solo Time For Strings.Jules Merle. Stanley Gates. Stanley Gouinguene Handel. Edmund Whistler. Frederick Muller. Hugo Siennicki. Frederic 4-6 DeCoursey. Vol 2 Night Song Gavotte Hommage a Vivald Largo Soft Shoe Dance Jolly Dutchman Nautical Melody Lento and Zapateado 34 String Bass Solos Pompola Melodie (Elegie) form Les Erynnies Demetrius Mummers Fischer Berandol? *b Fischer Highland Boosey Bossey Fischer Leduc Fischer Schirmer Fischer Fischer Fillmore Belwin Fischer Fischer Fischer fischer March of the Giants Five Simple Pieces for the Double Bass Gavotte in Rondo Form Solo Time for Strings. Forest Evans. Merle arr. Merle Johnson. Ida Dandrieu.

4 Adagio and Allegro Two 18th c Pieces Adagio Plaisir d'amour Valse Caballero Works for Bass by Hungarian Composers vol 3 Dance of the Shepherds The Gallant Suitor Piece in G minor Aria Cantabile and Parade. Vol I & II Tre Giorni Asleep in the Deep Minuet Mountain Maiden Our Soldiers Six for Bass The Melodious Bass Menuet in G Minuet Arioso Sarabande Four Miniatures Solo in D minor Three Waltzes Salut d'Amour Solo time for Strings.78 EMB Fischer Rubank Fischer Fischer Fischer FEMA AMSCO Fischer Belwin Misicus Fischer Berando Doblinger Yorke Belwin Etling Belwin Augener Leduc Leduc Belwin Fischer EMB KJOS KJOS Belwin International Billaudot Belwin-Mills *p Durand Schirmer Leduc International Presser Fischer * Leduc Leduc Fischer Fischer Boosey * International * 6 VII. David ed. Lajos ed. Pergolesi Petrie Schlemuller. VI. Ferenc 8 Faure . Hugo Schlemuller.VIII. Bk. Bach Boccherini Cirri Corelli DeCoursey Dragonetti Dragonetti Elgar Etling Galliard Giordani Gouinguene Martini Medins Merle Montag Muller Muller Pierne Purcell Ratex Reinagle Saint Saens Wagner Works for Bass by Hungarian Composers. Hugo Tuthill. from the Carnival of the Animals To the Evening Star Belle Province: Lebel-Quevillon Aria From Suite No. from 6 Pieces Characteristiques Two Classical Solos: Tempo di Minuetto The Elephant. Hugo Schlemuller. Burnet Walter. 3 Bach Chorales Gavotte Piece in C Choral Air Varie Variations on a Favorite Styrian Folksong Quattro Pezzi for bass and piano Sicilienne. Op. Ameller Bach Bach 7 Bach Busser Chapuis Dancla Eisengraber 7 Farkas.Montag.

2 Sonata in F major Chant Du Menestrel (Minstrel's Song.Lorenziti Massenet Mendelssohn 9. No.8 Laburda Maniet Raphling Saint Saens Simandl Simandl Simandl Smith-Masters Tartini Turetzky Vivaldi Walter Duo. Op. 14 Allegro Appassionato. Zimmermann Minuet Berceuse Fantasy Pieces Gavotte No. No. by Stuart Sankey Romance. 2 Rondo-Fantaisie.Monteverdi Mozart Nanny Nielsen Popper Prokofiev 9 Rachmaninoff 10. for Bass and Guitar Poco Allegro Lyric Prelude Romance. 43 Scherzo Capriccioso. Op. by Simandl Three Minuets Chemins Duo Theme With Variations from Cello Sonata Allegretto from the Solo in E minor Berceuse Apres Un Reve (After a Dream) Romance in A major. Op 50 trans.Saint Saens 10 Simandl *b *p * * * * * * * * * * . 51 Concert Study in E minor Sarabande and Gavotte Tempo Di Polacca All Mimsy Andante Cantabile Old Dances for Young Basses Intermezzo The Elephant's Gavotte Adagio fom the Organ Toccata in C major Rondo arr. op. 10 Bach 10+ Boccherini 9+ Beethoven Beethoven Casterede Dallier Dohnanyi Dragonetti Faure 9 Faure 9 Faure 9 Goens. Op. Op. X. 2 Romance from Lt. 32 No. 72 Presser Brogneaux Musicus Belwin * International International Fischer York Bewin McGinnis Schirmer Yorke International International International Peters Leduc Leduc Belwin Belwin Belwin International Belwin Belwin International Belwin International Billaudot Belwin Broude Belwin Doblinger Leduc copy Belwin Belwin MCA International Leduc Belwin Belwin Musicus International International International * * * IX.12. Op 69 Scherzo Op. Serenade Fantasy for bass and piano Perpetual Motion 12 Essays Gavotte Meditation Song Without Word Six Monteverdi Songs trans. 71) Scherzo. Kije Suite Vocalise Op 34.Galliard 9. Daniel van 9.Glazunov 10 Gliere Gouffe Haydn 9+ Hovhaness Laska Leitermeyer 10.

Applebaum. by Zimmermann MCA Menuet varie. R. 9 Aria Night Music for Lovecraft Merican Music Transat. No.9 9 XI- Stevens Taira Tartini Tchaikovsky Zimmermann Bottesini Bush Dragonetti Dragonetti Giannini Gliere. of Miami International? Yorke Doblinger Doblinger Colombo Car Fischer Hofmeister International Yorke Leduc Durand Schirmer Leduc Leduc International International International * Leduc Leduc ! ! ! 11 BASS AND PIANO COLLECTIONS: 3-4 3-4 5-6 6 6 6-7 7. Gliere Koussevitzky Lancen Nanny Pascal Ramsier Schumann Serventi Simandl Simandl Stein. 65 Barcarolle Op 37. S. Applebaum. Belwin * International *p Univ.. S. 6 Ayres and Dances Tarantella in A Minor Meditation and Scherzo Andante and Rondo Grande Allegro in E mojor Psalm 130 Four Pieces for String Bass and Piano Russian Sailor's Dance Four Pieces Chanson Triste. Reinhol Gliere. of Miami Solos for the Double Bass Player Schirmer * * * * * * * . 2 Croquis (Sketches) Airs Russes Air Varie Divertimento Concertante Chant du Soir Largo et Scherzando Concert Etude Sarabande and Gavotte Concertpiece.D. Applebaum.8 7-10 Applebaum. Applebaum. E. S. S. Op.. Bach Ratez Weinstein Zimmerman Building Technic w/ Beautiful Music Vol II (bass part) Belwin Mills Building Technic w/Beautiful Music Vol II (piano part) Belwin Mills Building Technic w/Beautiful Music Vol III (bass part) Belwin Mills Building Technic w/Beautiful Music Vol IV(bass part) Belwin Mills Building Technic w/Beautiful Music Vol IV(piano part) Belwin Mills Bach for the Young Bass Player trans. Tenaglia Zbar Arioso and Etude Penombres II Adagio Cantabile.8 7. from 6 Pieces Caracteristiques Billaudot Contemporary Modal Solos Univ.. Op. S. Op.

1 8 Brahms Tragic Overture 8 Beethoven Symphony No. Roger @9 Turetzky @9 Zinn 2 Part Invention for Two Basses copy One Man's Meat for Bass and Performer-Recorded Sound Track Presser Rondo Solo for Bass and Cello or Viola Yorke Trilogue-Scherzo for solo and two mallet percussion Kalmus Acquaintances for flute. 102 7 Nicolai Overture "The Merry Wives of Windsor" 8 Brahms Symphony No.ORCHESTRAL EXCERPTS: Zimmermann arr. 4 6 Schubert Symphony No. Sydney 11 Keyper @9 Reed Reynolds. 9 10 Stravinsky Concerto "Dumbarton Oaks" 11 Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 8 Sibelius Symphonic Poem "en Saga" 9 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique 9 Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade 9 Smetana Overture"The Bartered Bride" 9 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. Vol. 39 8 Rossini Overture "The Barber of Seville" 8 Schumann Symphony No. 2 (includes excerpts form the following works:) 6 Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 International * CHAMBER MUSIC FOR BASS and OTHER: Bach 10 Hodkinson. Orchestral Excerpts from Symphonic Rep. 5 6 Smetana Vltava from "My Country" 7 Berlioz Overture "Roman Carnival" 7 Debussy Nocturnes "Fetes" 7 Dvorak Symphony No. bass accomp Excelsior * * * * . for solo and self-prepared tape Elkan Perpetual Motion in Jazz for solo and opt. 5 "Reformation" 8 Mozart Symphony No. 5 "From the New World" 7 Glinka Overture "Russlan and Ludmila" 7 Haydn Symphony No.bass and piano Peters Reflections on Ives and Whittier. 4 10 Beethoven Symphony No. 6 "Pastoral" 8 Lalo Overture "Le Roi D'Ys" 8 Mendelssohn Symphony No.