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Elvish Pronunciation English Translation Phrases are in Sindarin, with the exception of those noted with a "Q"--those are in Quenya. Phrases credited to Elvish.org, the awesome people on the War of the Ring language forum (Wilwarin in particular), Ardalambion, Mellonath Daeron, Mirkwood - Home of the Elves, Council of Elrond, BBC, Thorsten Renk's Sindarin course, and Muse Magazine.

Mae govannen My go-VAH-nen Well met Suilaid Soo-ih-lied Greetings Elen sla lumenn' omentielvo Q, ELL-ehn SEE-lah LOO-men oh-men-tee-el-voh [the tee-el is slurred together] A star shines on the hour of our meeting Gl sla na l govaded Gil SEE-la nah loo go-VAH-dead A star shines on the time of our meeting Im gelir ceni ad ln Eem geh-leer keh-nee ahd leen I am happy to see you again Le suilon Lay swee-lonn I greet thee Mra aur Q, Mah-rah ow-ray Hello


Pedich Edhellen? PEH-deekh eth-ell-ehn? Do you speak Elvish? Iston le? EE-stohn lay? Do I know you? Heniach nin? Hen-ee-akh neen? Do you understand me? Man eneth ln? Mahn eh-nehth leen? What is your name? O man dr tliel le? Oh mahn dore tool-ee-ell lay? From what land do you come? Man carel le? Mahn kah-rell lay? What are you doing? Man anrach cerin an le? Mahn ah-NEAR-ahkh care-een ahn lay? What can I do for you? Le no an-uir nn? Lay no ahn-oo-ear neen? Will you be mine forever? Anral toled na gar nn? Ah-NEAR-ahl tole-ehd nah gahr neen? Do you want to come to my house? Anral maded? Ah-NEAR-ahl mah-dead? Do you want to eat? Anral sogad? Ah-NEAR-ahl soe-gahd

Do you want to drink? Sen tr? Sehn teer? Is this true? Man tolthant i 'waew? Mahn tole-thahnt ee wye? How is the weather? Man sad Imladris? Mahn sahd Eem-lahd-rees? Where is Rivendell? Man rd na Imladris? Mahn rahd nah Eem-lahd-rees? Which way to Rivendell? Man ceril? Mahn kare-eel? What do you do? Man l nostor ln? Mahn loo nohs-tore leen? When is your birthday? (lit. "What time is your birthday?") Le gwennen? Lay gwehn-nehn? Are you married? Man sd telil? Mahn sahd tehl-eel? Where are you from? Man l vin achenitham? Mahn loo veen ah-khehn-ee-thahm? When will we see each other again? Man mathach? Mahn mah-thakh? How do you feel? Manen orchal le?

Mah-nehn ore-khahl lay? How tall are you? Manen naly? Q, Mah-nehn nahl-yay? How are you?

Tiro! TEAR-oh! Look! Bado na Ennorath! BAH-doh nah enn-ore-ahth Go to Middle-earth! Gwanno ereb nin! GWAH-no air-ehb neen! Leave me alone! Daro i! DAR-oh ee! Stop that! Sedho! SEH-tho! Quiet! Edro! ED-ro! Open! Lasto! LAHS-toe! Listen! Ava vanta i salquess Q, Ah-vah vahn-tah ee sahl-QUEHS-say Keep off the grass Anno nin ---

Ahn-no neen --Give me --No diriel! No dear-ee-ell! Be watchful! No veren! No vare-ehn! Be bold! Drego! Dreh-go! Flee! Ceno! Keh-no! See! Alae! Ah-lye! Behold! Tolo hi! Toe-loe hee! Come now! No dhnen! No thee-nehn! Be silent! Bertho! Bare-tho! Dare it! Avo 'osto! Ah-voe ohs-toe! Fear not! Avo acheno Ah-voe ah-kheh-no Don't look back

Hebo estel Heh-bo ehs-tell Have hope

Nostach be Orch gaer NOST-akh bay orkh gire You smell like ten orcs Garich i dhl goll o Orch Gahr-eekh ee thole goal oh orkh You have the hollow head of an orc Lasto lalaith nn Lah-stoh lah-LITHE neen Hear/listen to my laughter Rhachon le! Rahkh-on lay! I curse you! Dl lost ln Dole lohst leen Your head is empty Nai Ungoliant meditha le Nie un-GOAL-ee-ahnt meh-DEETH-ah lay May Ungoliant devour you Labo vi Orodruin Lah-boe vee Ore-oh-DROO-inn Go jump in Mount Doom Ti tllbe Orch Tee tahl-bay Orkh Go kiss an orc Tevenyel Q, Teh-vehn-yell

I hate you Hria cuil Q, hear-ah kweel-ay Get a life Nai Valaraukar tye-mtar Q, nye Vahl-are-ow-kahr too-ay-mah-tahr May Balrogs eat you

Thank you's
Le hannon Lay hah-non Thank you Rim hennaid Reem hen-ide Many thanks Hantale Q, Hahn-TAH-lay Thanks Gen hannon Gehn hahn-nohn I thank you Le hannon a tholel Lay hahn-nohn ah thole-ehll Thank you for coming

Other phrases/exclamations
Ai! Eye! Ah! Le melon Lay mell-on

I love you Tancave Q, tahn-KAH-vay Yes [lit. "certainly"] Lau Q, Lou [as in loud] No Mae My Yes [lit. "well"] Baw Bow [rhymes with cow] No [denying intentions] Law Low [as in loud] No [denying facts] Aur Onnad Meren! Our oh-nahd mare-ehn! Happy Birthday! Garo arad-o-onnad 'elir! Gah-roe ah-rahd-oh-on-nahd eh-leer! Have a happy birthday! --- eneth nn --- eh-nehth neen My name is [your name here] Im --Eem --I'm [your name here] Estannen --Ehs-tahn-nehn --I'm called [your name here] Nin estar ---

Neen ehs-tahr --They call me [your name here] Findesselya vanya Q, feen-dess-ell-yah vahn-yah Your hair is pretty Tiro na i ninniach vanui Tear-oh nah ee neen-nee-ahkh vah-noo-ee. Look at the beautiful rainbow I Anor hlol Ee Ah-nore hee-lole The sun is shining H nn mant han Hoo neen mahnt hahn My dog ate it Anron gwanna Ah-NEAR-on gwahn-nah I wish I could leave Ae anrach Eye ah-NEAR-ahkh If you wish Rhaich! Rike! Curses! Im ruthui! Eem roo-thoo-ee! I am angry! Gelir na thaed Geh-leer nah thide Happy to help Edro gr ln Eh-droe goor leen Open your heart

Melin ceni hin ln sla i 'eladhach Meh-leen keh-nee heen leen see-lah ee eh-lahth-ahkh I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh Im gelir an le Eem geh-leer ahn lay I am happy for you Hebin anim Heh-bean ahn-eem I keep it for myself Glassen Glahs-sehn My pleasure Im harnannen! Eem hahr-nahn-nehn! I'm wounded! Gurth 'ni yrch! Goorth nee oorkh! Death to the orcs! Telin o Imladris Teh-leen oh Eem-lahd-rees I come from Rivendell Nostor n ned --Nohs-tore nee nehd --My birthday is on --Gwedhithon na --Gweh-thee-thohn nah --I'm engaged to --Im gwennen na --Eem gweh-nehn nah --I'm married to --Aiya! Q, Eye-ah!

Hail! Im maer Eem myre. I'm well. Anron gladhad Ah-NEAR-on glah-thahd I want to laugh Im gruitheb na --Eem grwee-thehb nah --I'm angry at --- (lit. "I feel angry toward ---") Im lhaew Eem lye I'm ill No ce ammaer ab l thent No kay ahm-myre ahb loo thehnt May you be better soon Im gosta Eem gohs-tah I'm afraid Hain -'rogon Hyne oo-roe-gohn I do not fear them Linnon am meleth vn Leen-non ahm meh-lehth veen I sing because I love you (lit. "I sing for our love") Sa farn palan Sah fahrn pah-lahn This is far enough Pelin pedi i lam edhellen Peh-leen peh-dee ee lahm eh-thehl-lehn I can speak the Elvish language Isusarad 'elir

Ees-oos-ahr-ahd ehl-eer Merry Christmas Idhrin-eden 'elir Ee-threen-ehd-ehn ehl-eer Happy New Year Goheno nin Go-hay-no neen Forgive me Ni quorya Q, Nee quore-yah I'm drowning Heca, firimar Q, Hay-kah fear-ee-mahr Stand aside, mortals Ya lnna ambanna tulinuva nan Q, Yah lihn-nah ahm-bahn-nah too-lee-noo-vah nahn What goes up must come down

Namri Nah-MAR-ee-ay Farewell Navaer Nah-VIRE Farewell Belain na le Beh-LINE nah lay The Valar be with you Calo anor na ven KAH-loh AH-nore nah vehn May the sun shine on your road

Garo arad vaer GAH-roh ARE-ahd vire Have a good day Nai haryuvaly melwa r Q, Nye hahr-YOO-vah-lee-ay MELL-wah ray May you have a lovely day Noro go hl, bado go Eru Nore-oh go hool, BAH-doe go air-OO Run with the wind, go with God N Elbereth veria le, n elenath dn sla erin rd o chuil ln. Nah Ell-bare-ehth vare-ee-ah lay, nah ELL-ehn-ahth deen see-lah air-een rahd oh hweel leen. May Elbereth protect you, may her stars shine on the path of your life. I Melain berio le Ee meh-LINE bare-ee-oh lay May the Valar keep you Cuio vae! Kwee-oh vye! Fare well! No galu govad gen No gah-loo go-vahd gehn May blessings go with you No in elenath hlar nan hd gn No een elehn-nahth hee-lahr nahn hahd geen [hard G] May all stars shine upon your path Mra mesta Q, Mah-rah meh-stah Goood bye