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VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 10 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• October 29, 2008 • .50

CHRONICLE ENDORSEMENTS Obama v. McCain: NAACP Questions Reveal Differences

representatives, racial organization over the News Service has
The Charleston Chronicle describes itself as the “Voice of the profiling, police bru- course of a year, allowed excerpted quotes
African-American Community.” In so doing, we fully realize tality, mandatory the candidates to give from the responses.
that there is no one voice of the African-American community; minimum sentences, candid views in 200 The following are
we know we are not homogenous. and the death penalty words or less. For space verbatim excerpts
We know, after 37-years of continuous functioning as are just a few of the and brevity, the NNPA from the question-
your newspaper, we are not monolithic in thought or in deed. issues that have bare- naire:
We know that we may be as diverse in our opinions as the ly - if ever – been pub- • What spe-
public in general. We do, however, universally share one com- licly addressed by STATE OF cific actions will you
either candidate dur- take regarding equal
mon goal, the betterment of our community for ourselves and
ing the intense race. BLACK opportunity pro-
our prosterity. grams?
Being a news medium, we are afforded the opportu-
“It was made clear at
the time that the
nity, more than the average voter, to understand the platforms responses received DISMAL HERE affirmative action
of candidates, their qualification, their commitment to com- John McCain would be reproduced remedies designed
munity issues and their integrity. Some of the names are famil- and distributed to the By Bob Small forty years ago
iar while others belong to voices that are just beginning to be NAACP members See pg 2
heard. By. Hazel Trice Edney and communities so While local black busi- Barack Obama
NNPA Editor-in-Chief that we could make nesses have shown an
We will not endorse a candidate we do not feel is
informed decisions increase in numbers
going to go the extra mile and then some for his or her con-
stituency, and we hope the same decison-making process will
WASHINGTON (NNPA) – when going to the locally, black businesses Alaska Minorities
An NAACP presidential can-
be behind every ballot cast Nov. 4. Doing any less is a debase- didates’ questionnaire reveals
polls,” says Hilary O.
Shelton, director of
lag far behind Hispanic
and other minorities
Feel Ignored by Palin
ment of every high ideal that made democratic and free elec- starkly different views between the NAACP that continue to grow
tions possible in our society. Democratic Sen. Barack Washington Bureau. and get a stronger grip By Rachel D’oro ter of the controversy over
Obama and Republican Sen. “The questionnaire in the business market. Associated Press injecting the race issue into
John McCain, giving voters contained…issues of Theron Snipe, manger Writer the presidential campaign.
PRESIDENT- wheter that president is Obama more in depth perspectives on crucial importance to P a l i n ,
or McClain. That is why we of the City of
Barack Obama the candidates’ racial and civil the NAACP and the Charleston’s Minority A N C H O R - Republican
recommend Linda Ketner as rights views as they go to the
V. PRESIDENT - the most competent to stand communities we Enterprise Program AGE, Alaska J o h n
for the inevitable great change polls on Tuesday. serve.” said the number of (AP) -- Alaska's M c C a i n ' s
Joseph Biden Issues that disparately affect
that is to come. The 39-page docu- black businesses has black leaders say r u n n i n g
U.S.SENATE - Black people such as affirma- ment, compiled by increased over the past they're not sur- mate, has
Lindsey Graham REP. JAMES CLYBURN tive action, voting rights for the historically non- couple of years but not prised to see r e p e a t e d l y
U.S.HOUSE- In the 2nd Congressional ex-felony offenders, voting partisan civil rights Gov. Sarah insisted that
Dist.1-Linda Ketner
District we recommend James rights for D.C. congressional See pg 2 Palin at the cen-
Clyburn as the most competent See pg 2 Palin
Dist. 2 - James Clyburn to stand for the inevitable
change that is to come. Mr.
Dist. 42 - Robert Ford
Clementa Pinckney - Dist. 45
Clyburn has shown us the kind
of leadership that gives African
Americans an unwavering
Millions to Vote in Historic Election
(no opposition) voice in the halls of Congress,
bility to be president.” is expected in some com-
one that is not afraid to speak affair all over this country,” munities. “And African-
S.C. HOUSE out against injustice whether it By. Hazel Trice Edney That hope, birthed in the says Melanie Campbell,
David Mack III - Dist. 109 is in South Carolina or in the NNPA Editor-in-Chief race between Democratic Americans are going to be
Wendell Gilliard - Dist. 111 (no executive director and leading the way,” she said.
backrooms of a foreign govern- Sen. Barack Obama and CEO of the National
ment. W A S H I N G T O N Republican Sen. John “People feel like they are a
J.S. Whipper - Dist. 113 (no Coalition for Black Civic part of the process. This is
(NNPA) – For the first McCain has translated into Participation. ''We want
oppostion) SEN. ROBERT FORD part of the definition of
Ann Peterson Hutto - Dist. 115 time in American history, massive voter registration the people to enjoy the
We have said many times millions of voters will cast what a movement is.
Robert Brown - Dist. 116 (no before, and we can’t say it numbers nationwide in the process of making history.”
oppositon) their ballots on Tuesday in contentious and historic People are taking their
enough, we’ve supported Campbell says while a 60 neighbors to go vote. This
Senator Ford throughout his
an election in which an race. percent turnout has been
CORONER African-American is the “We’re seeing that voting is movement for a change is
political and civil rights career, considered good in the also a change in removing
Henry A. Middleton and we must make it a top nominee of a major politi- becoming a true family past, this year, a record-
CHARLESTON COUNTY proirity to show up at the polls cal party, fulfilling the affair, a true community breaking 70 to 80 percent
COUNCIL and reelect him again, since long-held dreams of civil See pg 2
Elliott Summey - Dist. 3 Republicans have plans to sup- rights veterans.
Henry Darby - Dist. 4 (No port his Republican opposition “I’ve always hoped so and
Oppositon) in a silent get-out-the-white I’ve also worked for this
vote campaign. We believe that idea,” says 96-year-old Dr.
Curtis Bostic - Dist. 6 Sen. Ford deserves to be
Colleen Condon (Dist. 7) reelected, and to put it bluntly,
Dorothy Height, president
this is your city and your life is emeritus of the National
CHARLESTON COUNTY being decided in Columbia, in Council of Negro Women.
SCHOOL BOARD a General Assembly controlled “I think this will help the
Downtown(one seat) Marvin by Republicans. whole country, people of
Stewart all backgrounds…I know
North Charleston (two seats) REP. DAVID MACK III historically, African-
Mattese Lecque, Chris Collins Most voters in House District Americans will feel good
West Ashley(two seats) David 109 have been fortunate to have about it, but, I think every-
Engelman, Chris Fraser accumulated over the years leg- body across the country
islators who are committed,
CONSTITUENT SCHOOL knowledgeable and relentless will have the realization
BOARD- DIST. 20 in their pursuit to make sure that there are people in all
Write-In Candidates Charleston County is not for- groups who have the capa-
Tony Lewis, Dana Martin, gotten in the halls of Columbia
Barbara Holmes politics. We encourgae him to
stay the course and consider

Jasper-Style Lynching in Paris, Texas?

(Note: While many of the stepping up to other equally
above candidates have “no important political offices that
opposition” in the Nov. 4 elec- can give him the launching pad
tions, they can still face opposi- his skills and talents deserve.
tion from “write-in” candi- By. Jesse Muhammad pointing towards two man in Jasper, Texas in quick. I want them to suf-
dates). CORONER Special to the NNPA from White men who picked up fer for life in jail without
the Final Call Brandon Clelland in their “The tied my son to that parole since I will never
WHY WE SUPPORT This community can recall the have my son back.”
THESE CANDIDATES many instances when an Dodge truck before he was truck and drugged him
For Blacks and citizens of African American was killed by PARIS, Texas (NNPA) - found mutilated and dis- until his body parts were The Lamar County
good will in America, there is an officer-of-the-law in carrying When the body of a 24- membered in September. detached,” said Jacqueline District Attorney has
no choice but to vote for out his or her duties, and often year-old Black man in Forensics performed by the McClelland, the victim’s decided race is not a factor
Barack Obama and Joe Biden we were critical of decisions Paris, Texas was discov- Texas Rangers found mother in an interview in the death of McClelland
for President and Vice made by the coroner, who ered in the middle of a busy blood from McClelland with The Final Call. “His because he was friends
President of the United States often-times rendered decisions road, law enforcement and other DNA evidence body was so destroyed that with alleged assailants
of America. We say this with in contrary to the real facts in a declared the case a hit and on the undercarriage of the Shannon Finley and
conviction because we have situation. We can also recall it could not even be
run by an unidentified driv- truck which has the vic- embalmed by the funeral Charles Ryan Crostley.
had eight years of a Bush- when Rev. Charles Green, who Both men are 27-years-old.
Cheney Administration that served as deputy coroner for
er. tim’s family calling the home. This is a hate crime.
has almost ripped our guts out, some 13-years, but was defeated Now this small racially- death a “Jasper-style” lynch- I don’t want the death Angry family members and
not only as Black people, but as by an inexperienced opponent, divided town’s worst fears ing. The term is a reference penalty for these killers community activists, how-
citizens of this great country. still rankles. Middleton has all are brewing, with evidence to the murder of a Black because that would be too See pg 2
They have stomped us, walked the qualifying credentials, a
around the residue of the good working knowledge of
stomping, and poured gasoline
on whatever remains, so that
what was burned by the sun
the complexities of law and pol-
icy that should not be over- Sharpton Calls for Inquiry in Alleged NYPD Assault
had a case of bad luck and was as misinformed, and said it
caught by a forest fire, even in ELLIOTT SUMMEY - By: David B. Caruso, talkie. Oct. 15 incident. He was
Sharpton called for a thor- back in the hospital this didn't matter to him that
places as remote as Alaska. DIST. 3 COUNTY COUNCIL Associated Press Mineo was white and the
Summey continues to ough, independent investi- weekend being treated for
LINDA KETNER be a refreshing newcomer in gation of Michael Mineo's what his lawyers said was group of accused officers
NEW YORK - Saying that was racially mixed.
The lawmakers that are sworn county politics, which often suf- police brutality is not an allegation that five officers continued bleeding, prob-
in January 2009 are going to fer from a staleness in new ideas issue of color, the Rev. Al tackled him in a subway lems urinating and severe
undergo unprecedented pres- and visionless debates. station, then violated him pain. Sharpton visited Mineo at
sure to work with the president Summey displays all the attrib- Sharpton on Saturday the hospital Saturday.
joined the cause of a white with a radio antenna after "Many of the critics say I
in a manner not seen since the utes and potential for being an his baggy pants either fell only fight for black causes," He castigated the police
days of the Great Society---- effective leader on county coun- man who claims that a department for denying
group of officers sodom- down or were pulled off. Sharpton said at his
See pg 2 ized him with a walkie- Mineo, 24, was hospital- Harlem headquarters. He
ized for four days after the dismissed that perception See pg 2
2-October 29, 2008 The Chronicle

Chronicle Endorsements ----------------------------- Alaska Minorities ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

cont. from pg 1 cont. from pg 1

Barack Obama's former director, Bill McAllister, is At one point, Parnell broke
cil---given time, experience and objective introspection. Having been in and asked the group if
exposed at an early age to the politics within the African-American com- preacher, the inflammatory part black. However, her In Palin's only face-to-face
munity, makes him a valued interpreter and policymaker in county gov- Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is a rural affairs coordinator, meeting with black leaders they were accusing Palin of
ernment. legitimate issue even who is part Japanese, in 21 months in office, being racist, participants
though McCain himself announced her resignation words became terse when said. Parnell said the group
CHARLESTON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD has said it's out of bounds. this week, saying an Alaska the issue of diversity arose, was making "outlandish
Marvin Stewart-Mattese Lecque -Chris Collins - David Engleman Native would be a better according to several who claims" and added, "I'm
A school board member’s job is a vastly time consuming and thankless "She has no sensitivity to fit for the position. attended the March 2007 not going to let somebody
task at best. And in times of continuing crisis such as the present budget say that about her or me."
cuts, charter schools and what schools to close, must be especially frus- minorities," said the Rev. gathering in Anchorage.
Alonzo Patterson, a McAllister, who was hired Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell also He said the meeting ended
trating and painful. This tragic maze of uncertainty that appear to have no on a positive note with
ready solution seems to deepen with each passing day beclouding even Baptist minister and presi- in July, said he and others attended the 45-minute
the simplest decisions of the school board. In endorsing candidates for dent of the Alaska Black on the governor's personal meeting. Palin's assurances that
the school board and other races, we recognize the potential danger of Leadership Conference. staff are evidence that she minorities have an equal
antagonizing some more than we please others, but we choose not to "She's really inciting a lot is committed to diversity. Participants say Palin shot at appointments and
stand on the sidelines and watch. of African-Americans to refused to reconsider her state contracts.
get out and vote." "She's just a warm human decision not to reappoint
being who I think commu- two black officials - includ- "In my view, the governor
Since taking office in nicates on a deep level, ing Stewart - from her pre- has gone to extraordinary
State of ----------------------------------------------------- December 2006, Palin has both from a mass media decessor's administration. lengths to ensure that all
cont. from pg 1 had a sometimes tense rela- perspective and just a one- Alaskans are treated with
tionship with black lead- on-one perspective," The implication from Palin equal opportunity," Parnell
ers, who say they've been McAllister said. "So it's was "you can't tell me how said.
as fast as the Hispanic population. He said many of the black busi- shocking to me that anyone
nesses are in service areas and that other businesses are cutting ignored in their efforts to to do my job," said
get more minorities hired would imply that she's Anchorage businessman A few weeks after that
back locally on sub-contracting and out-sourcing here. racist or, you know, neg- meeting, Patterson sent a
Snipe said the recent collapse and Congressional bailout of the in her administration. Mayfield Evans. "Her top
lectful of people of color. I lip got really tight. You letter to the governor to
nation’s financial institutions will surely add to the woes of blacks think she's an extraordi- reiterate the group's con-
trying to get into business for themselves in a volatile lending mar- In Alaska, blacks chafed could tell she was upset,
when Palin failed to issue a nary woman and it's disap- that something was not cerns and invite her to
ket. pointing to me that folks attend a town hall meeting
Locally he pointed to the closing of the black owned Port Trust proclamation last year right."
endorsing a festival that would make these with black constituents.
Credit Union which could not get the needed customer support charges." Patterson said no one from
to remain afloat. marks the freeing of slaves,
though she did issue one the governor's office has
“Traditionally it has been hard for black businesses to get loans for responded.
businesses based on past historical biases but it will be even hard- this year. On the campaign
er now,” he said. trail, her events sometimes Obama v, --------------------------------------------------
There are 28,620 black businesses in the state, a 23 percent have attracted fringe cont. from pg 1
increase since 2002. Those businesses employ 17,324 workers but groups hostile to minori-
most offer median incomes of about $16,500 annually. Even more ties. At one rally attended
by Palin, a supporter told a should be reexamined…Our efforts to promote equal opportunity Millions ------------------
are one man or husband and wife enterprises. should focus on those who are disadvantaged. In access to quality
Nationally, black businesses numbered 823,000 and generated black cameraman to "sit cont. from pg 1
down, boy." education, we should focus on poorly performing schools that are
$71.2 billion in revenues. according to the last U.S. Census. not effectively educating our students, not on the students’ race. In
Though South Carolina showed an increase of 23 percent it still access to government contracting, government set-aside pro-
had one of the lowest minority business ownership rates in the This week, in the final apathy and we’ll have to
debate of the campaign, grams should focus on disadvantaged enterprises and employees, build on that.”
country per capita. not their race, ethnicity, or gender.”
Snipe said Hispanic businesses are the rising star. They have Obama himself noted the In the close race, election
hateful tone of some the OBAMA: “I support affirmative action. When there is strong evi- officials are also hopeful
grown steadily and recently formed their own national chamber of dence of prolonged and systemic discrimination by organizations,
commerce, the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He McCain-Palin crowds, sin- that few glitches will
gling out Palin herself for affirmative action may be the only meaningful remedy avail- occur.
said Indians of India have also grown, primarily through technical able…We shouldn’t ignore that race continues to matter: To sug-
support jobs. They too have created their own chamber in the not doing enough to ease “We really are confident
the friction. gest that our racial attitudes play no part in the socio-economic that this is going to be a
U.S., the new India National Chamber of Commerce. disparities that we often observe turns a blind eye to both our his-
“With today’s technology, businesses here can hire an engineer in good election,'' says
Many of Palin's black con- tory and our experience – and relieves us of the responsibility to Donetta Davidson, vice
India for $22,000 where in the U.S. they would have to pay at least make things right.”
double that amount. Who do you think they are going to favor for stituents say they are dis- chair of the Federal
gusted with the campaign's • What, if anything, would you do to help restore the vot- Election Assistance
their businesses? “ ing rights of ex-felony offenders?
Snipe said the way for blacks to have a greater piece of the eco- racial overtones. Commission. ''The elec-
MCCAIN: “The fourteenth amendment to the Constitution tion community has really
nomic pie is through education. “Our children have to learn about specifically recognizes that the right to vote may be taken away if a
the technologies and get into them,” he said. "It's really been like you're been working very hard,
going to a Ku Klux Klan person commits a crime…The right to vote should be restored to and the election officials,
He said criticism of lending agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie felons only on a case by case basis after they have served their full
Mack is unfair. Critics have said the institutions made loans to rally," said Javis Odom, an to make sure that this elec-
Anchorage minister. "Gov. sentences and have satisfactorily demonstrated that they have tion runs as smoothly as
people who could afford them and later could not keep up the pay- turned over a new leaf.”
ments. “I think Wall Street’s involvement contributed to the crisis. Palin is really showing her possible,” Davidson says.
true colors on the national OBAMA: “I support restoration of voting rights for ex-offenders. “Will there be a hick up
“In their greed they pimped the mortgages not telling the borrow- I am a cosponsor of the Count Every Vote Act, and would sign
ers that the interest rates would balloon later. They went to peo- stage." some place? Possibly.
that legislation in to law as president.” That’s because there’s a
ple and told them they could put them in a house for the same • What would you do to promote the rights of the citizens
amount they were paying rent. Who would turn that down?“ he In Alaska, the issue of race human factor in program-
relations usually focuses on of the District of Columbia? ming this equipment and
said. MCCAIN: “I do not support legislation to give the District a vote
He said the end result was people paying mortgages that were Alaska Natives, who make testing it. Testing is the
up 18 percent of the popu- in Congress because I believe that such a law would be unconsti- valuable point. If they do
three times what the property was worth. tutional. The Constitution says that ‘the House of
Snipe feels that black businesses are not doomed. He said educa- lation. Blacks, in contrast, their testing right, they
make up 4 percent. Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every sec- will catch any kind of pro-
tion is key to play in the game. “If we learn the technology and how ond year by the people of the several states.’ Because the District
the game is played we can have a greater success,” gram they have before
Patterson and Odom say of Columbia is not a state, it is not eligible to send a full represen- Election Day.”
that when they've pressed tative to Congress unless and until either the Constitution is
Palin about diversity in hir- amended to allow this, or residential districts of the District
Jasper-Style------------------------------------------------ ing, she gets defensive and become part of Maryland.” Sharpton Calls --------
even testy. OBAMA: “I am an original cosponsor of the Senate bill that will
cont. from pg 1 provide the District of Columbia with voting representation in the cont. from pg 1
"If you're going to embrace House of Representatives. I consider passage of this bill to be an
ever, are demanding a thor- the entire country, you important step toward justice. In our great Democracy, it’s a that anything improper
ough investigation into a In 1998, Byrd was strapped need to address the issues shame that residents of the District who pay taxes, fight in wars, took place before the inves-
possible hate crime they to a pickup truck and here," said Marilyn and enjoy the same rights as other American have no voting repre- tigation was complete.
say parallels the lynching of dragged to death by three Stewart, president of the sentation in our nation’s capital. I will continue to champion this "I do not know what hap-
James Byrd Jr., in Jasper, White supremacists even- Alaska Black Chamber of issue as president?” pened, but I do know that
Texas, which is several tually convicted of murder. Commerce and a volunteer • What actions, if any, would you take to address the prob- we cannot allow the police
hours south of Paris. The case spurred massive on Palin's gubernatorial lem of racial profiling by law enforcement officials? to be the only investigative
protests and drew interna- campaign who has served MCCAIN: “No one should be stopped by the police because of body," he said.
tional outcry Paris authori- Republican and his or her racial or ethnic identity. At the same time, law enforce- The Brooklyn district
ties are trying to stunt but Democratic governors. ment officers must be permitted to carry out their duties base on attorney's office also is
may have a hard time "Most certainly there are fair, professional, non-discriminatory criteria, such as acting on a investigating.
THE CHRONICLE avoiding. qualified minorities who specific description. I will demand proper training and attention The police department has
would love to be part her with respect to race relations and citizen rights.” verified that officers
1111 King Street According to a police administration. People OBAMA: “As a United States Senator, I cosponsored federal leg- chased Mineo and grabbed
Charleston, SC 29403 report, McClelland was aren't asking for her selec- islation to ban racial profiling and require federal, state and local him, but described the
•••• walking in front of the tions to be based on color, law enforcement agencies to take steps to eliminate the practice. encounter as a "scuffle,"
pickup a little after 4 a.m. but because of qualifica- As president, I will continue my decades-long fight against racial and said his account of
(843) 723-2785 on Sept. 16 when Finley tions." profiling, and sign legislation that will ban the practice of racial being sodomized was not
and Crostley allegedly ran profiling by federal law enforcement agencies and provide federal supported by civilian wit-
Fax: (843) 577-6099 him down and dragged him Among Palin's 417 funding to state and local police departments if they adopt policies nesses.
Email: Chaschron@aol.com up and down a Lamar appointments or reap- to prohibit the practice.” A department spokesman
J. JOHN FRENCH, SR. County road until his dis- pointments to boards and • What, if anything, would you do to address the issue of said the officers had sus-
President - Editor//Publisher figured body popped out commissions since taking police misconduct? pected Mineo of smoking
from beneath the chassis. office in December 2006, MCCAIN: “If there is systemic misconduct, police brutality, or marijuana, but let him go
NANETTE FRENCH-SMALLS “I don’t see how it was 240 have voluntarily identi- violations of federal laws, including civil rights laws, it is the duty after writing him a ticket
CEO/ADVERTISING racial, being as how they fied their ethnicity. Eight of the Department of Justice to take appropriate federal law for disorderly conduct.
were good friends,” said are black, 49 Alaska enforcement action.” Mineo had a friend drive
VALENTINA SMALLS Stacy McNeal to the local Native, six Asian or Pacific Obama: “I will direct my attorney general to have the Justice him to the hospital, where
Operations-Business Mgr./ press. He is the Texas Islander and one is Department work closely with state and local law enforcement to he was diagnosed as having
Comptroller-Advertising Ranger who is leading the Hispanic. ensure the effective implementation of standards for use of force.” been injured by an "anal
investigation. • Would you work to increase or decrease the number of assault," according to dis-
SIMONA A. FRENCH offenses which trigger a mandatory minimum sentence? charge papers reviewed by
The Palin administration
Receptionist- says her appointments and McCain: “I have supported mandatory minimum sentencing for The Associated Press.
Traffic/Photographer chief advisers reflect the certain crimes, particularly for violent crimes and serious offens- His lawyers said they had
Marketing state's diversity. For exam- es…As president, I will support evaluating whether the type and interviewed three witness-
IT’S RIGHT number of offenses that trigger mandatory minimum sentences es who corroborated some
Tolbert Smalls, Jr. ple, her communications
Contributing Writers- VOTE are effective in combating crime and in protecting law abiding of Mineo's account.
members of society from criminal activity.” Attorney Stephen Jackson
Hakim Abdul-Ali Obama: “There are at least 171 mandatory minimum provisions in said one witness, who he
Beverly Birch federal criminal statutes…I will immediately review these sen- would not identify, verified
Bob Small tences to see where we can be smarter on crime and reduce the that Mineo had blood on
ineffective warehousing of non-violent drug offenders.” his pants and hands as he
DEADLINE: • How would you work to ensure that as long as we have a was led out of the subway
PUBLIC SERVICES death penalty that, at the very least, the color of one’s skin or a per- station. Jackson also said a
FRIDAY PRIOR TO son’s financial status are not determining factors when deciding witness saw blood smeared
who should receive the death penalty?” on the window of the offi-
PUBlICATION DATE McCain: “I support the death penalty for heinous crimes in which cers' car.
Member: the circumstances warrant capital punishment. I have supported Mineo's legal team has
National Newspaper Publishers, Assoc. legislation that sought to expand the number of federal crimes advised him not to speak
punishable by death, including terrorism and narcotics trafficking with journalists for now.
South Carolina Press Assoc.
by drug kingpins. The color of one’s skin or a person’s financial sta-
Amalgamated Publishers tus must never be factors when deciding who should receive the
S.C. Chamber of Commerce death penalty.”
NO REFUNDS ON SUBSCRIPTIONS Obama: “I believe there are a few crimes so heinous that they war-
Published Wednesday rant the ultimate penalty. But, the question is whether that sen-
tence can be implemented in a fair and just way. As a member of
TRI State Printing-
North Charleston the Illinois state senate, I led efforts to reform a broken death
penalty system that sent 13 innocent people to death row because
it was filled with error, questionable police tactics, racial bias and
Credo of The Black Press
The Black Press believes that
America can best lead the world
shoddy legal work…I will direct my Justice Department to under-
take a comprehensive study of the administration of the federal
death penalty and to make recommendations on how to address
from racial and national antago-
nism when it accords to every
person, regardless of race, creed
the problems that have been identified with the system, including
racial bias.”
A survey of Black voters by the Joint Center for Political and
or color, his or her human and
legal rights. Hating no person,
fearing no person, the Black
Economic studies last year indicated that the economy, education
and jobs were named as the top issues for Black voters in the pres-
Press strives to help every person idential election. However, in its questionnaire, the NAACP has
in the firm belief that all persons
are hurt as long as anyone is
pinpointed what its leaders often call the “bread and butter civil
rights issues.”
NOV. 4
held back
To view the questionnaire in its entirety, please go to
The Chronicle October 29, 2008- 3

Vote to Make Your Ancestors Proud In This Election The Supreme Court Matters
thinking at the time that this healing and transformation — By. Marian Wright Edelman the rise. the Supreme Court's slim five
By. George E Curry woman felt my mother was that most Americans share. On the Supreme Court docket
NNPA Columnist NNPA Columnist to four conservative majority
good enough to cook their He wants to re-orient the for this 2008-09 term are a has handed down decisions on
food and care for their chil- country to empower ordinary Child Watch® Column number of cases that will affect numerous cases that threaten
I am voting for someone else dren, but not good enough to people, not just its wealthy vot- the welfare of children. In the
on Tuesday. No, not John hard-earned progress for chil-
ride in the front seat of her car. ers, big corporations or On the way to the voting Altria Group v. Good case, the dren, families, women, minori-
McCain. I am voting for my I filed that image away for pos- Washington lobbyists. He Court will rule on whether cig-
beloved Big Mama, Sylvia booth on November 4, in ty groups and the poor. The
terity, determined that neither wants to make government a addition to thinking about arette manufacturers can be Court also has eroded civil
Harris. I am voting for my I nor my three younger sisters helpful ally, not a suspicious sued for deceptively labeling
stepfather, William H. Polk. I who should occupy the White rights gains, including deseg-
– Charlotte, Chris or Sue – monitor. He wants to replace House, we should also be con- their products as ''light'' and regation and affirmative action
am voting for my Uncle Frank would sit in the back seat of swagger and bombast with ''lowered tar and nicotine.''
Harris, who could not read or cerned about who he will efforts, and other social and
anyone’s car unless we were genuine concern for rights and appoint to federal courts. This case will have a major economic advancements made
write. I am writing for Aunt being chauffeured. well-being.” impact on the health of chil-
Katherine Foster, who could The next President will likely since the 1950s. That has been
name one to three Justices to dren and teenagers who are true of the lower federal courts
write, but barely. I am voting Even as a teenager, I fully The Tuscaloosa News? This influenced to start smoking
for all of my deceased relatives the Supreme Court and hun- as well.
understood how the notion of is the same newspaper that dreds to lower federal courts. I because they are deceived by During his time in the White
and so many non-relatives who White supremacy was published segregated classi- these ads.
did not live to see the day can't over-emphasize how House, President George W.
designed to make Blacks feel fied ads when I was growing important this is to America's Bush contributed to this nega-
when a Black man could inferior. When I took my up. Now, it’s endorsing a qual- Many of them will grow up to
become president of the children and future. tive progress by selecting judi-
mother to get her driver’s ified Black man for president. be among the 438,000 who die cial nominees who generally
United States. license, like other African- In my hometown, Obama has of smoking related causes each
We don’t only have a right to Federal judges are appointed espouse a conservative, so
Americans, we had to wait already brought about change. to life terms and preside over year. In a similar case, Wyeth called ''strict constructionist''
vote on Tuesday, we have an until every White person in the And he can bring about similar v. Levine, the Court will
obligation. No one is asking us cases involving a broad range philosophy of jurisprudence
room completed the test change for the country. That’s of issues affecting children and decide whether pharmaceuti- that supposedly adheres to the
to submit to police dogs or fire before it was given to Blacks. I why in casting a ballot for him cal manufacturers are liable for
hoses on Election Day. No working families including letter of the U.S. Constitution
filed that scene away, too. on Tuesday, I will serve as health care, education, civil injurious drugs even if they are as written.
one is proposing that we risk The irony of pervasive degra- proxy for the millions who did approved by the Food and
our lives, which was the case rights and child safety. For
dation, however, was that it not live to see this day. example, in June 2008, the Drug Administration. The They view the Constitution
just 50 years ago as African- made me stronger, not weak- Arizona v. Johnson case will
Americans pursued their con- Supreme Court struck down as a static piece of paper
er. Those of us who survived George E. Curry, former edi- Washington, D.C.'s ban on decide whether police officers instead of a living document
stitutional rights. All we’re America’s version of apartheid tor-in-chief of Emerge maga- can pat down motorists for
expected to do is what those handguns in its ruling in the that evolves to respond to the
knew that on our bad days, we zine and the NNPA News District of Columbia v. Heller routine traffic stops even if the needs of our society—as when
who went before us can’t pos- were at least equal to the peo- Service, is a keynote speaker, officer has no reason to believe
sible do – we’re expected to case. This decision puts at risk the Supreme Court struck
ple who tried to suppress our moderator, and media coach. numerous state and local they committed a crime. This down the doctrine of ''separate
vote. humanity. Moreover, we knew He can be reached through his is particularly ominous for
When I approach the voting statutes and ordinances but equal'' that justified racial
that the wall of segregation Web site, designed to remove guns from minority youths who often are segregation with its 1954
machine on Tuesday, it will be would crumble and we did www.georgecurry.com. victims of police profiling.
with a great sense of pride, our streets at a time when gun Brown v. Board of Education
everything within our power deaths among children are on school desegration decision.
knowing that I will be doing to speed its demise. I am Regrettably, for a generation,
something that would make proud that a bunch of students
my deceased relatives proud. from all-Black Druid High
While this will not be the end School piled in Joe Page’s old
of the civil rights movement – car for a trip to Birmingham to
as some right-wingers like to protest the church bombing
proclaim – it is an important that claimed the lives of four
step toward racial equality innocent girls.
that has eluded the United VOTE TO RE
States since its founding. Because of the civil rights Called One of The General Assembly’s “Movers and Shakers”
movement, things did change
I must confess that I never for the better. In 1970, I left The State Newspaper, (January 9, 2005)
thought I’d live to see this day. Knoxville College in
That’s not being pessimistic, Tennessee for New York City, Evaluated as a “Captain” for Effective Performance as a Lawmaker
that’s being realistic. To where I began my career in
appreciate this moment, you The Post and Courier, (July 14, 2007)
journalism as a reporter for
must appreciate what African- Sports Illustrated, the largest Recently Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Bills (Partial List)
Americans have endured, sports magazine in the world.
especially those of us who South Carolina Minimum Wage Act Cervical Cancer Prevention Act Physical Fitness Act
At the time I began work in
grew up in the Old South. New York, no African- Domestic Violence Against Women Act South Carolina Clean Air Act Hate Crime Legislation
Americans were allowed to Health Insurance Premium Assistance for Small Business
I’ll never forget the indignity work as reporters, editors or
of having to ride in the back of photographers at the
the bus in my hometown, Over 30 Years of Committed Service to the Community (Partial List)
Tuscaloosa News.
Tuscaloosa, Ala. I know how Member, House Labor, Commerce, and Industry and Medical, Military, Municipal Affairs Committees;
it feels to stare at “colored” But even the Tuscaloosa
water fountains and restrooms News has changed. Not only Member, House Sub-Committee on Banking and Consumer Affairs and Sub-Committee on Real Estate;
downtown. Of course, I’ll are Black journalists employed
never forget seeing my mother, Former Sub-Committee Chair, Health and Environmental Committee; Past Chair, Legislative Black Caucus;
there, the paper recently Lay Speaker and Former Adult Sunday School Teacher, Old Bethel United Methodist Church,
Martha Brownlee, riding in endorsed Barack Obama for
the back seat of a car upon her president. Former Member, Board of Directors, Hollings Cancer Center; Carolina Youth Development Center;
return home after doing The editorial said, “He has a
domestic work for the White vision — unity, cooperation, African American Jewish Coalition; Mu Alpha Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Urban League
woman driver. I remember
4-October 29, 2008 The Chronicle

Blacks and the Who

Politics of As Asked
Transition I Me?
By. Ron Walters
See It
NNPA Columnist Hakim Abdul-Ali by Beverly Gadson-Birch

In many ways, this has been a difficult time for Blacks who It’s Still A Great Day HIGH HOPES FOR VICTORY
believe that a presidential election is an opportunity for policy As we approach the last week before the General Election,
accountability that must be taken advantage of, because they are Sometimes life molds “hue-mans” in many unique ways. I believe
that with all my heart. we are seeing some of the crazies emerge from the wood works.
afraid that such policy demands would be seen by potential White Today the Feds apprehended two White supremacists in
voters as Blacks playing on a racial connection that they might This is October and as the wondrous fall season bombards my
present mind-set, I find myself challenge with picking my spirits Crockett County, Tennessee for allegedly plotting “to shoot and
resent and use to vote against Barack Obama. decapitate Black people and Democratic Presidential candidate,
But if Obama wins, it would seem to me that the process of agen- up, because it’s been one of those days and week for me.
You probably know that feeling if you can relate to going through Barack Obama. Apparently the two suspects had targeted a pre-
da presentation to the new president should begin and the imme- dominately African American school. According to the news,
diate opportunity will be the transition period from the end of the the ups and downs of life’s daily testing format. Well, being brutal-
ly frank with you today, I must tell you that all my strengths have their plan was to kill 88 Blacks and decapitate another 14. The
election on November 5 to the point at which he takes office on numbers are symbolic among the white supremacists. This is a
January 20. been serenely tested as I’ve moved from second-to-second during
those periods of intense reflections. very unfortunate incident but we cannot take our eyes of the prize.
By law, both of the major candidates have met with George Bush I am reminded of a picture that was circulating on the internet
and covered such issues as: what federal financial and other I’ve been drawn to something deep within me to handle the prob-
lems, or more correctly, the tests that the most high had placed on among my e-mail buddies of the AME ministers at their National
resources are available to the winner of the election, what respon- Conference encircling and praying for Obama. So, let’s all join
sibility the sitting president has to assist the winner, when and my plate of unwanted experiences. That thing residing within me
is the fact that I know that “It’s Still A Great Day.” forces and pray for Obama. Now, y’all know what prayer can do.
how the sitting president should vacate the White House, etc. White folks don’t want us to start praying in record
Then, each of the candidates has met with their own staffs to I kept telling myself during this period that even though so many
things were coming at me from so many different directions, seem- numbers. And, don't even think about laying on of hands or that
begin the internal transition process. And while John McCain has annointing oil. Oh, Lordy!! We are trying to be civil about this
given minimal attention to the Transition, preferring to spend his ingly in ever way, I still sensed that I knew that all of this was for a
divine reason. I sensed (and knew) that I was selected by the Most election.
meager resources on the campaign, Barack Obama has begun an
extensive process that has taken into consideration, the logistical High Alone to experience what I called “being spiritually
schooled” by the Creator Alone of everything. If you have voted early, aren’t those long lines encouraging? I
issues discussed with Bush, but also the personnel who will run stood in line a little over an hour last week and believe it or not, no
key initial functions of government and the issues they will begin In “being spiritually schooled” I sensed that the earth was my
classroom to learn more continual lessons about what I was and one was complaining about the lines. Many of the people waiting
to address. were striking up conversations about what this moment in history
The Transition train is moving very fast now with respect to how am about. Sometimes, those lessons come at a very painful and tir-
ing price. meant to them. They seemed oblivious to the wait. Perhaps some
the Obama government will be structured and the New York other time may have brought out some anxiety in folks trying to
Times recently proposed a lineup of probable appointees to posts I honestly try never run away from my problems and tests. My
track record of constantly viewing my life’s episodic adventure vote and get back to work but not this time around. Everyone
such as: White House chief of staff and the secretaries of treasury, seemed to be so relaxed but excited about the possibility of a
defense, state and the president’s national security adviser featured with a keen eye towards facing them and learning more about
them than I did the day before has always left me in awe of God Democratic President who understands the plight of the poor and
three candidates none of whom were African-American with the middle class. They were excited to have the opportunity to vote
sole exception of Susan Rice for national security adviser. Alone unyielding mercy.
As I’ve said before I’m a continuing work in progress in that I feel for a President who they believe was the best hope to restore their
And while there may be some African- Americans being consid- confidence in government. In McCain’s case, he just does not get
ered for other agencies, my distinct impression is that the cadre of that I’m a perpetual student of learning seeking a better under-
standing of things from life’s daily signs and teachings. And even it. He has made a mockery of the highest office in the land by
close policy advisers who are African-American is thin as wit- choosing Palin as his running mate. I don’t care how you slice it,
nessed by the surrogates who have participated in various policy with the personal disappointments that come with being “hue-
man,” I sincerely believed and still think that “It’s Still A Great the Republicans choice of Sarah Palin was poor and it has back-
discussions on behalf of the campaign. fired on the Party. Our government is not about pretty faces in
On the issue front, the Obama campaign has presented several Day.
Each day is a blessing, even though keeping my head up some- high places but who is best qualified to lead this country effective-
policy issues that have been close to those that feature either barri- ly. I don’t care how much lipstick you put on Palin, she is just not
ers or opportunities for the Black community. They are social poli- times can get a little heavy at times. I have to say that because I’m
laying it on the line with you at this moment while attempting to prepared for the Vice Presidency not unless she plans to hang out
cies such as K-12 education, higher education, universal health hunting with Vice President Cheney. Let’s not discuss the possi-
care, urban policy, job training and development using the envi- let you know that today is as special as any that you’ll ever receive.
This moment is all that we have, so I’ve oftentimes wondered why bility of the “what if something were to happen to the President”
ronmental engine and infrastructure repair. and she had to assume the duties of Commander-In-Chief. I
These and other initiatives are promising which, together with the some “hue-mans” become so lost in our and their various abstrac-
tions. This saga is known out throughout the echelons of record- would live out my days on some remote island that is not under the
passage of a substantial Stimulus Package, will help to begin the jurisdiction of the US.
change toward human development policy that is needed by the ed time and space, and we should always be aware that no matter
what happens during the day, “It’s Still A Great Day.” We are eight days away from the election. We can’t take
middle class and poor, black, white and otherwise. anything for granted. The old folks used to say, “don’t count your
The concern I have heard is whether Black leaders will attempt to Individuals of all ethnicities go through the tough moments in life
in various phases. Some understand that it’s all part of the growth chickens ‘till they hatch”. While it is evident what they meant, it is
work with in the Transition process, which would be a natural beyond comprehension when I think about the possibility of an
move, or would there be a continued attempt to keep them at arms maturation of the living process, and others never see the light of
wisdom that nothing in life happens for aimless reasons. African American President in the White House. I think about
length in order to construct a “race-neutral” style of governance. the millions of faceless ancestors who died for this very remote
Then there is also concern that the specific issues that are of prime I believe that I’m one of the first category because I continue to
grow spiritually with each sign that the Creator shows me during possibility. I think about those killed in combat that will not get
interests to the Black community will be received by the transition the opportunity to vote for change; yet, they made the supreme
process. It would appear that the transition period would be an each marvelous diurnal cycle. I love the fact that even though I’ve
lost a lot of things and people who I once thought were in my cor- sacrifice. It was the sacrifice of a young Senator by the name of
important time to test these assumptions rather than hanging Barack Obama who was bold enough to think that he could bring
back and celebrating while the governing structure and agenda of ner at certain intervals in my life, I can sincerely say that “It’s Still
A Great Day.” about a change in the way our government does business. It was
the President are being set in stone. about transforming government to the original intent of its
I remember that when Blacks helped elect Jimmy Carter, contrary I struggle with issues like people being distrusting and disloyalty,
and I am personally am bothered by sneaky sorts in “hue-man” founders.
to all signs that Carter was not a Lyndon Johnson, Black leaders So now, we are almost to the finish line which really would
stood by for over a year without making any demands upon his flesh. I know that I have to work hard to see that even these souls
have a profound purpose in my development as a better “hue-man.” be the beginning line for African Americans. It would be the
administration until Vernon Jordan who was then head of the beginning of a new era. Obama was right when he said “changes
Urban League said at a press conference, “where’s the beef?” I, like most “hue-mans,” tend to forget from time-to-time that “hue-
manity” is what it is, and as such we’re not to change anyone. Only start from the bottom up”. Some of you may remember the
Now is not the time to sit and wait. With the massive problems Populist Party Platform of 1892. “The nation was in the midst of
confronting the nation and therefore, the president, if Black lead- they can do that, and when make changes for the positive sides and
directions in life, “It’s (Truly) A Great Day,” no matter whether it’s moral, political and material crises (sounds familiar to you?).
ers do not signal their concerns early in the formation of the Prices were falling. Farms were foreclosed. Meeting in Omaha,
administration, the policies of those who need government most noon or night time.
“It’s Still A Great Day” when I arise in the morning knowing that Nebraska, on the 116th anniversary of the Declaration of
could be put under a pile in the Oval Office. Independence, the new People’s Party of America, or Populist
In response to a question in the last debate about their priorities, I must face the future challenges of the coming day with a faithful
outlook that life is about the evolving relationships with these daily Party, put forth in the name and on behalf of the people of the
Barack Obama himself said that presidents had to do more than United States, and with the “blessing Almighty God,” a platform
one thing at a time. So, we should be confident in putting forth challenges and how we handle them. I’d like to think that most
“colored” folk of every ethnicity in this huge bubble called the of grassroots principles that would assuage angry farm organiza-
the Black agenda now that we will not be asking one or two years tions, the principal sponsors of the meeting, which were disap-
out, “Where’s the beef?” world as we know it recognize that life is precious to the core.
And while living in this bubble of political hoaxes galore and ques- pointed in the major political parties and its corporate state. Its
tionable social injustices made to seem correct, I’d like to assume Declaration of Independence, calling for free coinage of silver and
that there are some real “hue-mans” on the planet who care enough a graduated income tax, was intended to curb the “money power”
about the good of “hue-manity” to make positive contributions for in the East.” The Populist were calling for a government by the
its enlightenment. When that occurs. “Its (Really) Going to be A people and for the people (sounds familiar to you?)
Great Day” for all “hue-manity.”
VOTE “It’s Still A Great Day” when religious wars no longer exists, and
racism will sound like an offensive foreign joke, except that the
We are almost to the finish line. We find ourselves much like the
Populist Party resurrecting a grass root Presidency for the people
and by the people. After all that is what government should be
pangs of yesteryear’s slavery is ever-present in today’s clandestine
about. The Populist Party wanted to curb the “money power” in

OBAMA American reality. Oh, I’d like to ask is the Constitution of this land
inclusive of the continental Indians’ rights as being the original
soul brothers and sisters who live on these shores from California
to Virginia?
the East. Obama wants to spread the wealth. We are placing our
best hope on the one candidate that can sort through the problems
facing America and restore balance and integrity. America truly is
a great nation. The opportunities and wealth have been reserved
While investigating that thought simply ask yourself ever so polite-
for a few. It is time for a change. We have worked too hard and
VOTE ly does or will race really make a (hidden) difference in the upcom-
ing Presidential elections? If it doesn’t, or didn’t according to the
time in which you’re ready this article, wouldn’t “It Still Be An
too long not to be a part of history in the making.

Awesome Day” in the mythological land of the bald eagle? Get out and vote!! Get those pants up on your butts and get out
FOR CHANGE- That’s a loaded question for the thinker of peace, justice, equality
and universal love, who knows that “It’s Still A Great Day” is an
to the polls. If any of you are felons or know of any who have com-
pleted their obligations to the system, you are eligible to vote. If
you want to end the cycle of returning to prison time and time
ideal that rings in the heart of the globe’s suffering poor and disen-
again, make sure you get your clearance and vote. Your best hope
IF NOT NOW- franchised. Also, wouldn’t it be a great day when the talk of global
warning becomes a whisper to the cold wind of non-greedy souls. to ending this cycle and turning your lives around is to VOTE!!!
“It Would Be A Great Day” when so-called minorities of the salad Stop this madness about your vote doesn’t count. It can’t count if
WHEN ! bowl in this country felt like they were a part of the majority of the you don’t vote. Be in the number for change.
United States, whoever they may be. Dr. Martin Luther King,
Don’t wake up on November 5 if we lose this election and say I
Jr., El Hajj Malik El Shabazz wish I had or ‘ya see homie, what had happen was….. We can’t
and Medgar Evers, just to afford to lose this one. Gas up those cars and get folks out to the
name a few of “our” strong, polls. Make sure you carry your Driver’s License or Voter
valiant giants, would be so Registration card to vote. It would speed up the process and
proud when that took placed, avoid confusion upon sign in. If you have any problems at the
because then their lives would polls, find a Poll Manager and report the problem immediately.
not been in veined. Do not let anyone turn you away from the polls. Call the NAACP
As you, hopefully, reflect on hotline. Call the Chronicle. Call the police. Call somebody but
how you feel today, please don’t let anyone turn you away or steal your vote. Once you have
think that no matter what hap- made your selections, review the machine to make sure your vote
pens to you, it should only went to the candidate of your choice before you touch that green
assist you in becoming button to cast your ballot. Remember, don’t wear any campaign
stronger believers in the power gears-- buttons, t-shirts or hats that show candidate preference.
of God Alone existence and We have a lot riding on this election but I am crazy enough, just
power. Face your assorted crazy enough to believe that good will triumph over evil and mud-
concerns, ups, debts, woes, slinging. I am crazy enough to believe that God hears and
highs, lows, and loves with answers prayers. I am crazy enough to believe that Obama was
“greatness” of serenity and born for such a time as this. I am crazy to believe that we can
calmness. achieve what we believe. I have high hopes for victory come
In order to do this you must November 4. VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!
be steadfast in patience and
prayer to the Creator Alone.
This is hard for those who are VOTE !!!
wrongdoers in their souls and
spirits. Remember that as you
are what you think. Think pos-
vote !!!
itive thoughts always,
For today and always, that’s,
“As I See It.”.
Our lives begin to end the day
A right delayed is a we become silent about things
right denied. that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Chronicle October 29, 2008-5
6- October 22, 2008 The Chronicle


Medicare Open Enrollment Tomato-Broccoli Combo May

Begins November 15th Protect Against Prostate Cancer
Plans Change. You Change. you by your plan. you or someone you love is not compounds in each food work
Shop And Compare. sure if a provider is approved fresh tomato, or 1 cup of toma-
on different anti-cancer path- to sauce, or 1/2 cup of tomato
4. Talk with local Medicare by Medicare, simply call (800) ways," study co-author John
(NAPSI)-Each year, plans experts at your State Health MEDICARE. paste. I think it's very doable
Erdman, a professor of food for a man to eat a cup and a
adjust what they cost and what Insurance Assistance science and human nutrition,
they cover. Now is the time Program. Important Medicare half of broccoli per day or to
said in a prepared statement. put broccoli on a pizza with 1/2
for people with Medicare to Enrollment Dates:
review the changes being People with Medicare should cup of tomato paste," Canene-
"Older men with slow-grow- Adams said.
made by their current plan also be aware of Medicare Nov. 15--Open Enrollment ing prostate cancer who have
and compare it to others to fraud and identity theft. To Begins chosen watchful waiting over
make sure it still meets their help protect Medicare benefi- The study was published in
chemotherapy and radiation the Jan. 15 issue of the journal
needs. Those who don't have ciaries when speaking with Enroll as soon as possible--the should seriously consider alter-
prescription drug coverage plans and others about their sooner the better--to avoid any Cancer Research.
ing their diets to included
can also enroll in a drug plan Medicare prescription drug inconvenience at the pharmacy more tomatoes and broccoli,"
during open enrollment. coverage, Medicare urges counter in January. More information
added study co-author and
them to protect their doctoral candidate Kirstie
Some beneficiaries may see Medicare number as they Dec. 31--Open Enrollment The U.S. National Cancer
Canene-Adams. Institute has more about can-
significant premium increases would their credit card infor- Ends
or changes--such as reduced mation. People with cer prevention.
"To get these effects, men
coverage in the gap--if they Medicare should not give their Jan. 1--Coverage Begins should consume daily 1.4 cups
stay in the same prescription information to anyone who By Candace Hall, BDO Staff
(BlackDoctor.org) -- Broccoli of raw broccoli and 2.5 cups of Writer
drug plan in 2009. Medicare comes to their home (or calls This message brought to you
encourages individual benefi- them) uninvited selling by the U.S. Department of and tomato -- two vegetables
ciaries to review how their Medicare-related products. If Health & Human Services. known to help fight cancer --
plans are changing and what are more effective against Understanding Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
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There are four ways to review

Helping Teens With Depression, together as part of a daily diet
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(NAPSI)-There’s good news for anyone confused by
Medicare’s new drug coverage. A new book from the
and compare plans: Loneliness And Anxiety new study with rats suggests. trusty yellow and black series of books can help you
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1. Call (800) MEDICARE (1- (NAPSI)-Understanding University of Illinois
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800-633-4227, TTY 1-877-486- for help, feeling they have
2048). Twenty-four-hour help sion may help parents get ing 10 percent broccoli pow-
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Here's a situation they may be largest nonprofit in the U.S. prostate cancer cells. Other English and helps you determine if you really need
2. Visit www.medicare.gov. helping homeless youth.
Compare costs, coverage and able to relate to: A girl named groups of rats received either coverage.
"Ronnie" was crying herself to Covenant House has 21 crisis tomato powder or broccoli
more. Get an estimate of your centers/shelters annually help-
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year. young people who run away any drug coverage you already have and how to
anxiety of being teased at ment in tomatoes believed to weigh the consequences of going without coverage.
school, having no friends, con- from home, are kicked out or be an anti-cancer agent); or
3. See the listing of plans in age out of the foster care sys-
your "Medicare & You" hand- stant fighting with her sister finasteride, a drug prescribed
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alcoholic parents was just too prostates. Another group of
much. She was withdrawing, Founded in 1972, Covenant rats was castrated. with your coverage.
her grades were failing and House has reached over 1 mil-
she was looking for any way to lion young people via its crisis After 22 weeks, the researchers Remember, the costs and benefits of plans change
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wondered, should she numb ate assistance (food and shel- tomato/broccoli diet was the
ter) and support to transition beneficiaries already in the Part D program must
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away from her pain and take positive future (counseling, treatments, castration was the
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Dental Medicine mail away."
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD Teens can get help from
1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400 Covenant House's NINE-
Charleston, SC 29407 LINE (800-999-9999), (TTY:
1-800-999-9915), a free 24/7
(843-) 571-4411 hotline, and www.NINE-
LINE.org, a free 24/7 online
www.dentistcharleston.com community. Both offer imme-
50% off in office whitening with diate assistance with highly
Crown and Bridge work trained counselors with access
to resources in local communi-
(located West Ashley- directly behind ties. In the past 21 years, the
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore) hotline has helped over 1.5 mil-
lion callers with crisis inter-
vention, counseling support
and referrals to local
shelters/agencies. Set up as a
confidential place for young
people to get help, it also gives
parents and caregivers advice.

Dr. Stewart Middleton vote
Dental office
for the
Family and Cosmetic
Do you, your chil-
family members or
friends have
Medicaid Insurance?

Our office accepts

Medicaid Insurance
other insurance
(843) 763-3257
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturdays 9-5 pm
1605 B- Ashley River Rd.
The Chronicle October 29, 2008-7

Use It or Lose It: ED No More

Entrepreneur Introduces ing this all-too common prob- American men are 20% course "or an erection" less effect." With each MB2 Treatment
Natural Treatment to lem. So he set out on a mission moHealth and Social Life than once a week had twice package, consumers receive
Conquer Common Sexual of research and development Survey. Yet, health issues such the risk of developing ED, Now, with Smith's innovative instructions for the series of
Problem of to find a natural treatment to as hypertension leave black compared with men reporting product, anyone can beat ED. exercises along with a 60-
Erectile Dysfunction for conquer ED that would not men without a solution to their having sexual intercourse once Smith has had incredible feed- count bottle of Powerect Pills
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(BlackNews.com) - Perhaps, ated by Smith, works on the Dr. Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, a lot of my energy, and can men to achieve full erections.
you've seen the numerous theory similar to Kegels pelvic an associate professor of urolo- make achieving a good strong "They are virtually without
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health and risk factors, many times, the cost for such med- and Movement to keep the erectile function among elderly This ensures me that whenev- Written and edited by
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medications. many. In fact, studies have physical movement designed tion does not exert a similar m
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to be a safer means of combat- world. Add to this, African- belief. Researchers have found
that men who had sexual inter-

Camp Crescent Targets Youngsters With Sickle Cell Anemia

By. Sandra Jordan
Special to the NNPA from
the St. Louis American


Sickle cell anemia is a seri-
ous, inherited blood dis-
ease that affects more than
70,000 African-
Americans. Approximately
one in every 400 African-
American newborns has
sickle cell disease.
People with the disease
inherit a sickle cell gene Ray, a seventh grader at Dajon, a fifth grader at
from each parent. Southeast Middle School. Gateway Elementary
Normally round red blood Activities that most kids rushed to Dr. Debaun’s
cells have a quarter-moon- enjoy without a second side after going fishing for
shape in children and thought, like swimming in the very first time.
adults with sickle cell, cold water on a hot dayn Counselors scurried him
which compromises the can set off a terrifying and away, as it was time for arts
ability of those red blood painful crisis for children and crafts. After a few
cells to carry oxygen with sickle cell anemia. moments of sadness, Dajon
throughout the body. “If you stay in there too got his chance to share his
Unlike sickle cell anemia, long, you can get really “big fish that got away
people who have the sickle sick. Water just feels like story” with his sickle cell
cell trait inherit a sickle an ice pick, just stabbing hero.
cell gene from one parent you,” said Sherraine
and a normal blood cell Griffin, a former sickle cell
gene from the other parent. camper turned camp coun-
However, people with selor. She recently gradu-
either the sickle cell trait or ated as valedictorian at
sickle cell can both pass McClure North High
the gene to their children. School and now attends
Persons with sickle cell Washington University.
anemia commonly experi- Medical staff from
ence fatigue and other Children’s Hospital and
symptoms of anemia. specially-trained camp
Sickle cell anemia patients counselors stay with the
suffer from multiple pain children around the clock
episodes, which can be as they enjoy outdoor fun.
acute or chronic, which can In order to reduce the pos-
last hours, days or in the sibility of a crisis, Camp
case of chronic pain—for Crescent has a routine
months. Sudden pain developed for sickle cell
throughout the body is campers before they get in
called a sickle cell crisis the pool. The kids take a
and the crises often affect warm shower before the
the bones, lungs, abdomen swim, spend approximately
and joints. Painful sickle 30 minutes in the pool in
cell crises occur when red the mid afternoon sun,
blood cells clump in the then they return to warm a
b l o o d s t r e a m . warm shower.
Complications such as “Cold water/ice slows
strokes, and major organ down blood flow and
damage can occur due to warmth speeds it up. The
stiff, sticky, abnormal red hope is to reduce or elimi-
blood cells that don’t move nate the amount of pain the
well through the blood- patient experiences as a
stream. result of swimming,” said
Currently, multiple med- Kim Lesley Ferguson
ications and blood transfu- MSW LCSW of St. Louis
sions are used to treat sick- Children's Hospital “Quite
le cell anemia. The only a few of the patients do get
known cure in a small num- chilled, have subsequent
ber of cases is a bone mar- pain and need mediation
row transplant. after swimming.”
Many youth understand Renowned sickle cell
and accept limitations sick- expert Michael DeBaun
le cell anemia may place on M.D. also stays at Camp
their friends. However, Crescent (unless he is
some children with sickle called off for an emer-
cell anemia are forced to gency) to ensure the best
deal with the rude stigma medical care for the chil-
of “having a disease” along dren, who range in age
with other peer pressures from 9 to 13. Older teens
of youth and adolescence. with sickle cell disease are
There is one week out dur- trained as camp counselors
ing the summer that Saint for the camp.
Louis Children’s Hospital Many of the children and
and Washington teens at the camp
University School of expressed interest in sci-
Medicine provide children ence, math and becoming a
with sickle cell anemia a doctor, and all pointed to
safe getaway to be regular DeBaun as their inspira-
old kids n at Camp tion.
Crescent held each year in “I’m their fan—that’s why I
Babler State Park near St. am here. They rejuvenate
Louis. me. They rekindle my spir-
“Now that I know I’m not it in what I do,” DeBaun
the only one that has sickle said. “You want to see
cell, I can talk to other peo- some joy? Go see them at
ple about it,” said Georgia the pool n pure bliss.”
8- October 29, 2008 The Chronicle

We REALLY NEED to Vote early ('Absentee Vote-

Youth Empowerment
IN-PERSON) in order for us to turn S.C. (BLUE) Services, Inc.
Help spread the word: staff the phone bank, be a
VOTE NOW - part of the canvass team, already been received. WANTING A
Those ballots cannot be CHANGE! :) FREE AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM
thru Oct. 31 - IN PER- help at the poll by being a
SON - Charleston checker, be a runner to opened until 10:00am • Age 11-16
County - 4367 take the food or drinks to 11/4 and from there. If you would like to vol- H.Y.P.E Teen Afterschool Center
Headquarters Rd - off the other workers (you • People are unteer to assist in some Helping Youth Proceed to Excellence
Leeds Ave. don't have to purchase needed to work the capacity before or on
polls!! We need people in Election Day - You may Monday -Thursday
• Anyone the food). They also
over 65 may VOTE now need folks to help 'Adopt place to make sure that contact: Ashley Jones - 3:30 to 6:30pm
and no reason is needed a precinct, or adopt a EVERYONE is given 267-2555 or email: Location: YES Family Resource Center
• All others group of streets'. the opportunity to vote ajones@scforchange.com 3262 Landmark Drive
- there are many reasons • The key is before the doors close at Much talk is that S.C.
listed, however check 7 pm on Election Day! CAN make a MAJOR North Charleston, SC 29418
to VOTE in Person - Do
that you have to work NOT mail in your ballots • Share impact, we DID IT for
that day or have to be out at this point, Election this information with the PRIMARIES, so For more information Contact
of town. Headquarters have over family, friends, church let's Do IT AGAIN!
members & others YES WE CAN! Min. Harwell or Ms. Robinson at 843 767-9969
• 21,000 ballots that have
You will not be telling the
untruth, b/c if you decide
to take the day off - then
you can volunteer to help
at the polls or with the
campaign by helping to
As your voice on County
TRANSPORTATION Council, I will roll up my sleeves
FOR PRESIDENTIAL and work hard every day for
you and your family. I grew
If you need transportation up here, went to public school
to the polls in Charleston, here and worship here. I am
Berkeley or Dorchester
counties, you may call the dedicated to this community
South Carolina Coalition and the families who live here.
for Black Voter
Participation a non-parti-
san organization @452-
Elliott Summey
8141 or 224-0426 or 693-

If you think that you have

Elliott Summey – Democrat for County Council
encountered discrimina-
tion, poll irregularity or the
Now more than ever, we need a fighter on County Council. Democrat Elliott Summey will be that fighter.
polling machines were not
working you may report He’ll work to make our neighborhoods stronger and safer and to recruit good jobs with benefits.
your concerns by call 224- Elliott will make sure that our schools get the funding needed to properly educate our kids.
0426 or 693-7514.
Poll Transportation will
start at 7AM until 6PM. On November 4th, let’s make Democrat Elliott Summey our voice on County Council!
Please call in your

A-58892 (G_LG) 10/30/08

Top Sirloin Steaks
99 lb

Boneless, Publix Premium Certified Beef, USDA Choice


Publix White Mushrooms ....................... A300

Whole or Sliced, Perfect for the Grill and a Good Source of Niacin, 8-oz pkg.

Pumpkin Pie 449


Filling Made Using Fresh Harvest Pumpkin With Just the Right Spices,
From the Publix Bakery, 24-oz pkg.

LU #6719

Selected 7-UP, A&W,

Diet Rite, or RC Products
2-L bot. Limit one deal per coupon per customer.
Customer is responsible for all applicable taxes.
This coupon is non-transferable.

Uncle Ben’s
Country Inn Rice ...... B
Am General Mills Cereal
Honey Nut Cheerios, 25.25-oz box
Lay’s Potato Chips ..... B
Am Good through November 4
Assorted Varieties, 11.5 to 13.25-oz bag
or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 24.9-oz box for October 29, 2008 ad effective date stores.
Selected Varieties, 6-oz box (Excluding Baked!, Light, and Natural.)
Selected 7-UP,
A 4 00
Quantity rights reserved. Quantity rights reserved.
(Lay’s Dip, 15-oz jar ... 2/6.00)
A&W, or Diet Rite ............... 3
Or RC, 2-L bot.

Select locations only.

Prices effective Wednesday, October 29 through Tuesday, November 4, 2008.
Only in Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Lexington and Richland Counties. Quantity rights reserved.
The Chronicle-----
Lowcountry Connection -
Oct ob er 29 , 2008 1b

Old Slave Mart Museum to Vermont Town Honors Slave's Life

Celebrate 1st Anniversary
Special to the NNPA from Brace.” enlightened people.”
The Old Slave Mart the Afro-American Brace’s memoir traces his He was helped by a White
Museum, located at 6 museums in the Lowcountry, slave sales at Ryan’s Mart from Newspapers abduction in 1758 at age 16 abolitionist lawyer,
Chalmers Street in downtown welcoming over 24,000 visi- the perspectives of a number and the wretched trans- Benjamin Prentiss, who
Charleston, will celebrate its tors. The museum has fea- of its historically documented (NNPA) - A former slave Atlantic voyage that wrote down his story,
first anniversary on Saturday, tured AMISTAD America, buyers, traders, and enslaved whose memoir is among ensued, in which he was adding his own research
November 1, 2008, from 9:00 Inc.’s traveling exhibit, The African Americans and speaks the only one known to starved, shackled and and interpretations.
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To celebrate Amistad Story, in its 2nd floor to their stories, contributions describe abduction from whipped and watched oth- Winter, a professor at the
this important milestone, the gallery and hosted Tavis and legacies. Africa is about to get a his- ers die of starvation and University of Buffalo,
museum will offer $1 ADMIS- Smiley’s America I AM: In its upstairs gallery, the torical marker in the small beatings. found one of the original
SION to all visitors. Across America traveling Old Slave Mart Museum fea- Vermont town where he Brace ended up in copies published in 1810 in
Visitors will have the oppor- exhibit. tures a portion of Lest We ended up settling. Connecticut after being the special collections
tunity to explore the museum’s The Old Slave Mart Forget: The Triumph Over Descendants of Jeffrey enslaved on an English library at the University of
exhibits, take a behind-the- Museum tells the story of Slavery, an enlightening panel Brace - who fought in the trade ship in Barbados. He Vermont, where she used
scenes look at the museum’s Charleston’s role as an urban exhibit that offers an inspiring Revolutionary War eventu- was sold to a New England to teach.
collections and examine arti- slave-trading center during the look at the cultural, political, ally earning his freedom - ship captain, and then auc-
facts and documents seldom domestic slave trade, a hugely economic and social practices will gather Oct. 12 for the tioned off several other
seen by the general public, and profitable economy organized enslaved Africans developed erection of the memorial, times, the final time to
shop for books, CDs and by local and regional slave while enduring the dehuman- according to the widow Mary Stiles in
DVDs in the museum store. traders within the United izing conditions of slavery. Associated Press. Woodbury, Conn., who
Visitors will also be able to States who forcibly relocated Lest We Forget is an exhibi- “The importance of Brace's sent him to school and VOTE
enter drawings for a chance to over 1 million American-born tion created by The story is not just that he's a taught him to read; he
win fabulous prizes! slaves from the upper South to Schomburg Center for remarkable individual but eventually moved to FOR
November 1st will also mark the lower South in the decades Research in Black Culture, it's part of Vermont's histo- Vermont.
the debut of an exhibit created before the Civil War. The New York Public
Library, in conjunction with
ry and American history Brace became blind in his CHANGE
by the students of Charleston The Old Slave Mart is the that had disappeared,” said old age but says he felt it
Development Academy only structure remaining of a the UNESCO Slave Route Kari Winter, who edited was his duty to publish his
Charter School, inspired by complex of buildings known Project. the memoir “The Blind memoirs - “that all may see
The Old Slave Mart
the Amistad Incident of 1839.
Since opening its doors last
as Ryan's Mart where hun-
dreds of slave auctions were Museum is open from 9 A.M.
to 5 P.M., Monday through
African Slave;
Memoirs of Boyrereau
Or, how poor Africans have
been and perhaps now are OBAMA
November, the Old Slave held from 1856-1863. The Brinch, Nicknamed Jeffrey abused by T:5.25"
a christian and
Mart Museum has established museum’s permanent exhibit Saturday.
itself as one of the premier focuses on the daily process of

Groundbreaking Guide for African-Americans is the First of Its Kind

What Y'all Gon' Do With
Me? (Let's Talk About It):
Medicine Report of 2002,
health care disparities con-
Gloria became a subject-
Celebrate the
The African-American tinue to cause minorities to matter expert during the
and Ethical Guide to End
of Life Care
receive less quality health-
care. Because of African
Americans' unique cultural
process of developing and
writing The African
American Spiritual and
opening of our
history and value system, Ethical Guide, and pre-
Kansas City,
(BlackNews.com) - If you

couldn't talk for yourself

because of a life-threaten-
the decision-making
process on end of life issues
is often based on spirituali-
sented her work at the
First North American
Spirituality and Social
Work Conference in
newest Charleston
ty and religious influences.
ing illness, what would you
want done? If you couldn't
eat by mouth, would you
want to be tube fed? These
Ethical decision-making
encompasses much more
than a medical dimension.
It is important to under-
Waterloo, Canada in 2006.
She is a clinical instructor
and motivational speaker,
presenting and lecturing
area branch with
are just a few questions
that need to be considered
in end of life planning.
stand the key influencing
factors--culture, history
and generational family
values--that seem to play an
on a wide range of social
service and inspirational
topics to healthcare profes-
sionals, churches, and
this great rate.
The African American important part in address- social service organizations
Spiritual and Ethical ing the specific needs of throughout the United
Guide to End of Life Care- African American decision- States. Gloria was recently 13 - MONTH CD
What Y'all Gon' Do With making in end of life care. interviewed on NPR affili-

Me? is the first of its kind Gloria Thomas Anderson, ate, KCUR, and has been
in the United States and
was written specifically for
African Americans who
want to know more about
an African American
woman, is the author of the
Guide and a licensed mas-
featured in several national
articles, including the
Hospice Foundation of
America newsletter, July
ter's degreed social work-
end of life issues. The easy- er, who is passionate about 2008. The Guide is now in Offer good for consumers and businesses
to-read booklet offers basic her mission in life, which is its third printing and is
information on how to to encourage and inspire available for purchase
make good choices con- others. When asked what directly through her web- Enjoy convenience, helpful customer service, and
cerning end of life care and motivated her to do site, www.hearttones.com
contains a special pullout research in this area, this great rate in all Charleston area locations.
Health Care Directive Gloria replied, "I saw the CONTACT:
form. need in my own family. Gloria Thomas Anderson,
Racial disparity in health Some of my relatives did LMSW
care has caused many peo- not understand the differ- 913-433-3877 James Island BI-LO
ple of color not to trust ence between a 'living will' AAEOLCareGuide@heart 850 Folly Road
doctors or proposed treat- and a 'legal will'...or what tones.com
ment options. According an 'advance directive' is Gloria@hearttones.com Charleston, SC 29412
to the Institute of and a 'durable power of www.hearttones.com
attorney for health care 843.762.6989
Lobby: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Bees Ferry BI-LO Summerville Sta. BI-LO Mt. Pleasant BI-LO

Orphan Aid Society, Inc. 3125 Bees Ferry Rd.

Charleston, SC 29414
975 Bacons Bridge Rd.
Summerville, SC 29485
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Established 1891 East Bay Summerville Mathis Ferry
276 East Bay St. 741 N. Main St. 404 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29401 Summerville, SC 29483 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Celebrates Its 843.937.8917

Daniel Island

Goose Creek BI-LO


Ivy Hall
162 Seven Farms Dr. 142 East St. James Ave. 3072 N. Hwy. 17
Charleston, SC 29492 Goose Creek, SC 29445 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466
Annual Fundraising Banquet 843.849.3816 843.572.7707 843.375.5892

“Through the Eyes of Our Children” Coosaw Creek

8610 Dorchester Rd.
Goose Creek
539 St. James Ave.
N. Charleston, SC 29418 Goose Creek, SC 29445
843.760.3409 843.569.5310
International Longshoremen’s Hall
1142 Morrison Drive
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Saturday, November 1, 2008

7:00 PM

Tickets: $30.00
For More Information Email *Limited-time offer. Offer is non-transferable and may not be combined with any other offers.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 10/13/08 and the term/APY is subject to change at
any time and without notice. Minimum opening deposit is $2,000. Offer good for consumers and
danieljj@bellsouth.netor call business accounts. Not available for public funds. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.
A SunTrust checking account is required.

(843) 744-1771 *Offer good in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties.

*SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2008 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and Seeing beyond money are
federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.
2b-October 29, 2008 The Chronicle

FRIENDSHIP WALLINGFORD Too Many Innocent People on Death extends to you a cordial invitation to attend its Annual Tea which
M I S S I O N A R Y will be held Sunday, November 2, 2008at 5:00 p.m. at the church
Sunday School - 10:00 AM- CHURCH, Invites You Special to the NNPA from GIN
Sunday Service -11:00 AM To COME, SHARE and
Thursday Night Bible Study
FELLOWSHIP with (GIN) – Human rights defender Amnesty International has Ready For Retirement? Be Prepared
and Prayer Service- 6:00 PM-
The church is located at 75 The Seniors Activities charged that hundreds of prisoners on Nigeria's death rows did
not have a fair trial and may be innocent. Many confessions are With Inflation-Adjusted Income
America Street, Charleston, Bible Study, Physical reportedly extracted under torture and people are sentenced to
South Carolina
Fitness, Arts & Craft death on that evidence alone. (NAPSI)-Americans are living longer today and their retirement
We are the church where
A new Amnesty report calls on Nigeria's government to halt all needs and concerns have changed significantly. Growing your
Christians are at work! Projects, Health nest egg is essential, but so is having a plan for making sure that
The Honorable L.B. Fyall- Education, Enrichment ''The judicial system is riddled with flaws that can have devastat- nest egg lasts throughout retirement, which, according to the
Publicity Committee Programs, Speakers, ing consequences,'' Amnesty's Aster van Kregten said. National Vital Statistics Report, can last 20, 30 or even 40 years.
Reverend Leroy Fyall – Pastor
Community Resources, According to the 78-page report, almost 80 percent of inmates in
Nigerian prisoners say they have been beaten, threatened with Traditionally, pension and Social Security payments sufficiently
Trips, Recreation, weapons or tortured in police custody. covered income needs in retirement. But with these long-standing
LIFE CHANGING Nutritional Lunch and After a prisoner has been hanged, other death-row prisoners are sources of guaranteed income under stress or disappearing, the
MINISTRIES - Please lots more fun . . .When: forced to clean the gallows, the report says. importance of purchasing a lifetime income product should be
come and join us for Bible Ledap, a Nigerian legal organization which co-authored the considered as part of an overall retirement plan. Lifetime income
Every Thursday, Where: annuities provide a steady stream of income payments guaranteed
Study on Saturday at 3:30 705 King Street, Time:
report, noted that confessions under torture, frequently a factor
for the rest of your life, and can play a pivotal role in managing risk
pm. Sunday Services is in convictions, were technically inadmissable as evidence in
and establishing the foundation for a secure and fulfilling retire-
11:00a.m. Minister Rose 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. court.
Cost: NO Nigeria’s Prosecutor Williams Ashu admitted the report had
Washington, Associate identified real concerns.
Pastor CHARGE~~FREE, He said in a radio interview with the BBC, ''We're working on While having an income annuity is a key component to meeting
(843) 723-9929 trying to resolve the problem.'' your retirement income needs, it's also important to maintain the
Rev. Glenn Scott, Pastor buying power of that income. Inflation is a fact of life, and its
impact over time can be devastating. According to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, after just a decade of 4.2 percent inflation, a
monthly payment of $1,000 would have the spending power of
only $664. With the prospect of living in retirement for multiple
Week of 10/29/08 thru 11/04/08 decades, inflation will have a dramatic effect on your retirement

The good news? There is a way to neutralize the effect of inflation.

Some insurance companies are now offering inflation protection
on lifetime income annuities. This feature ensures that your
income payments will increase each year to help counter the neg-
ative effects of inflation. This increased income will continue for
as long as your retirement lasts, whether that is 10, 20, even 30

Remember, you'll be trusting a company to provide a guaranteed

lifetime stream of income throughout your retirement. It's impor-
tant to buy an annuity from an insurance company with a steady
track record, such as New York Life Insurance and Annuity
Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life
Insurance Company, which can provide the financial stability that
is essential to your retirement plan.

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you the flexibility to adjust for inflation can provide tremendous
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Hospice of Charleston and McAlister-Smith Funeral
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Hospice of Charleston, a
Without MVP Card Regular Retail Gentiva company, is partner- November 12, 2008 10am
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The Chronicle October 29, 2008- 3b
++++++ ipalities. They cite that when boyfriend and his whereabouts! We also agree.
POLITICAL PUNDITS former Charleston City
mixed grits & shrimps and Councilman KWADJO
other mid-morning breakfast
offerings at that pit-stop on in a position to be criticized for Friday 7 p.m., Sheraton Convention Center in
Highway 61, and the conversa- failings in his private life, no
tion was on-point, as they tend other voice on Council, except North Charleston. The North Charleston
to say. First on the napkin was JAMES LEWIS, or perhaps branch of the NAACP will host its 24th Annual
attempt to unseat First and departing WENDELL Freedom Fund Banquet. The guest speaker is
Congressional District incum- GILLIARD, have shown the U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton,
AN ELDERLY brother who bent, HENRY BROWN. tenacity for speaking their
when she applied for a job that minds…….When County who is now in her ninth term as congress-
is a skilled craftsman in his required a physical exam,she What disturbs The Pundits is
own right was perturbed the notion that if KETNER is Councilman Chairman TIM woman for the District of Columbia. For more
came up HIV-Positive and SCOTT leaves office in
when Charleston City that he was the only one bust- to be victorious, it will be on
the coattail of Sen. BARACK January to become a member information on tickets and sponsorship, call
Council gave permission to ing nerves with her. After con-
The Citadel to build an addi- OBAMA and not having of the S.C. General Assembly, 225-6086.
fronting him, he admitted it won’t be too soon, say The
tion to their football stadium some relationships while in access to plenty of grocery
by covering the gravesite of store bucks, why is that? Pundits. Still, he may have to
Leiber Correctional Institute, respond to questions swirling
hundreds of slaves reportedly and obviously passed his ‘thrill’ They are of the notion that
around the water fountain, as
buried there. The brother,
Alfred, is in his 90s but clearly
recalled in a Ma Beller to this
onto her. He’s trying to be the
righteous brother she thought
KETNER rarely mentions
the name of OBAMA in her
political advertising or even in
to the reasons some of his
political associates have been
him to be and she’s in love, so retained as consultants on
newspaper, that the site was a maybe thangs can work out meeting with various white
potter’s fields for indigents and groups throughout the dis- county projects already staffed
between them. Let us pray!
should have been preserved
and was furious with Blacks
trict. The Pundits also recall
meeting with Cong.
with consultants! Making
matters worse are the job per-
formance, as required by law,
on council who allowed the really escapes me! Especially BROWN at the Town &
disrespectful act to take place. Country Restaurant 2-years as to what was accomplished.
on weekends in the malls In circulation now, say The
“They had the gall to place a go, that included several well-
little plaque at the location,” he
said, adding that when they
where you’ll see these brothers,
holding hands, carrying shop-
ping bags with some white girl
known Black businessmen,
and when asked if he would
Pundits, is a breakdown of one
of those ’consultants’ work
found some bodies thought to support issues of concern to ethics who was paid a hefty
and acting like they were in sum to do nothing……
be from the submarine paradise! Now, I ain’t got Black people, well, The
Hunley, they
removed them for a proper

burial in Magnolia Cemetery.

nothing against this sort of
relationships, but my question
Pundits had already anticipat-
ed his response. In effect, he
said, “Well, I can’t recall receiv-
FAMILIES living in the area
of the College of Charleston
remains: With all these fine sis- were pleased that city police
There is no respect for Blacks ters out here, where do they ing much support from the
here and this insult just proves Black voters in my last run.” are cracking down on rowdy
find these ugly white women?
it.” Also, according to our
research, Confederate Civil
That was taken , and it has
proven to be true, say The
students who think they can
run-n-rip the streets down-
town half the night, and not
War soldiers were earlier FARMER took his son to the Pundits, negative!……..
unearthed and then placed in WHILE THE PUNDITS expect ordinary citizens to
State Fair in Columbia to look become tired of their antics.
Magnolia Cemetery. May they at sheep. When he found one all agree that any individual
rest in peace, with no-thanks
to city council.
he liked, he began to rub the
rear end of the sheep to gauge
has the basic right to seek elec-
tive office, it was noted that
“Before the arrival of the new
police chief, and working with excellence
+++++++ the majority white candidates city government who won’t
the fat content. The son said, allow this town to become a
WHEN HISPANIC “Dad, why are you rubbing the either are self-employed, self-
WORKERS in the down- sustaining income, or have replica of New Orleans, these
sheep’s rear end?” The father young hooligans are upset.
town area have a need to get said, “that’s what you do when been involved with public serv-
their physical appetite served, ice long before they sought Hell, they come through my
you want to buy.” The son block, tanked-up and smoking
they make a short ride or walk said, “Well, the man next door office. Not so for Black office -
reefers, singing and turning
to an out-of-sight apartment
off Jackson St. in public hous-
ing, where we’re told that busi-
must want to buy because
while you were at work that’s
seekers and The Pundits say
perhaps this is one of the basic
reasons few of them speak out
over trash containers like it
was some street party. Enough
success starts here
what he was doing to is enough and thanks to the
ness is brisk, especially when mom……A GIRL, 18, who on issues of concern to Blacks.
the payroll checks arrive. The In the City of Charleston and police, we support your
was dating a man 65, asked her efforts.” So do we.
love-in is operated by a mother best friend, “Is there too much North Charleston, The
of two who send the children Pundits ask: name those on +++++++
difference in our ages?” Her A CARTA regular passenger
across-the-way on weekends boyfriend said, “No, not if he’s council holding college
because her three bedroom are degrees, or professionals, or Ma Belled to complain that
the president of a bank.”-------- the bus drivers should stay off
occupied, according to a Ma AND THEN there was whose income or private
Beller whom, we’ve learned, another girl whose nickname employment could be affected
by taking a strong position in
the “damn cell phone” especial-
ly when turning corners. And Apply by Dec. 5 for spring classes.
sells half-pints for $10 while was “Cafeteria.” Every man
they wait in her place until the governance of their munic- when they are checking on the 843.574.6111 www.tridenttech.edu
that went out with her helped
called. She even sells chicken
wings and a plate of beans, rice
and ham hocks go for $7. Her
biggest complaint is that very
few speak English, which ain’t
no big deal, long as you pay the
$20 up-front, and you eat, the
beer is free. Nope, no credit
fairly large church in North
-…œ« œÃV…iÀ½Ã
Charleston who sought a
$75,000 loan for renovation
and was turned down, cold! A
member of the board said the
œÀ /…i iÃÌ i>Ì Ì
church has over $175,000 in
that bank but was saving that
for future expansion. “I’ve been
a member of this congregation
/…i iÃÌ *ÀˆViÃ
for at least 10-years and we /…ˆÃ 7iiŽ½Ã -«iVˆ>Ã "˜ /…i ÕÌV…iÀ œVŽ
recently installed a new pastor,
very young but lacks the wis-  -Õ}>À
dom of our last pastor, who
f ää >“ˆÞ *>VŽ ÀiÅ *œÀŽ
>Àœˆ˜> *Àˆ`i
went on to Glory. Anyway, the
board was upset when the
bank refused the loan and we
x L° ÓÉ { ,œÕ˜` -Ìi>Ž -«>Ài ,ˆLà i>Ì œÌ œ}Ã
made a decision to change
ˆ“ˆÌ Ó ÜˆÌ… fÓä°ää «ÕÀV…>Ãi
­Ó ̜ ̅i «>VŽ® œÀ œœ}˜>
banks. Guess what, this new
pastor convinced the members
to stay with the bank, “ain’t
that crazy!”, he said. Maybe
Վi½Ã >ޜ˜˜>ˆÃi
f ää
ÓΙ L° f£È™ L° £Ó œâ° xÉ x f ää
you all need to begin the
search for a new pastor, don’t
ÎÓ œâ ÓÉ x
you think?
++++++++ *Àœ`ÕVi
ÀiÅ ÀÞiÀ ÀiÅ 7…œi
between North Charleston
œ˜iiÃà Ài>ÃÌ ÀÞiÀ ÀÞiÀÃ
>À“ ÀiÅ Àii˜
police and its African- Z œÀ /i˜`iÀà i} +Õ>ÀÌiÀà șZ L° ­Ó ̜ ̅i «>VŽ®
American citizens have {n L° ™™ Z
improved, somewhat, the chief
and his top staffers will have to
find a way to rip itself of some
officers who think of them-
9iœÜ -µÕ>Å
f ș
L° 7ˆ˜}à f Ι
£ L°
-œ` ˆ˜ £ä L° L>}
™™ L°
selves as Rambo’s. This comes
from a minister who was called
to a member’s home to help `>…œ >Žˆ˜} *œÌ>̜iÃ
ÀœViÀÞ -«iVˆ>Ã
resolve a dispute with a neigh-
bor about parking her car in ǙZL°
her driveway. “I had just got-
ten there about ten minutes >ˆÀÞ >˜` Àœâi˜ œœ`
 *i>˜ÕÌ ÕÌÌiÀ  À>«i iÞ
before the police,” he said in a f
Ma Beller, “and I was pleased
to see them. But when the two
/Àœ«ˆV>˜> *ÕÀi *Ài“ˆÕ“ "À>˜}i ՈVi
f ™™
£n œâ° £n™ ÎÓ œâ° ÓÉfÎää
white officers came upon the
porch, they asked me in what I
call a disrespectful tone did I
È{ œâ° Ó >̜À>`i

œVœ> ˆÝ
live there? I said ‘no’ and he
 -ˆVi` “iÀˆV>˜
…iiÃi -«œÀÌà Àˆ˜Ž
ordered me to leave. When I
failed to move fast enough, he
f ää ÎÓ œâ° xÉ x f ää £ä «Ž° {Éfxää
used a foul word, saying I was
interfering with police busi-
ness. He had his hand on his
£È œâ° ÓÉ x >ܘ ˆÃ… ˆµÕˆ` 
…Õ˜ŽÞ -œÕ«
gun, even though I was wear- *>VŽiÀà >Li >À}>Àˆ˜i *>Ì̈iÃ
ing my collar and a name plate
identifying me as a minister. It £È œâ° xÉfxää £™ œâ° ÎÉfxää
made no difference to him and
I intend to make an official
n œâ° ÓÉf£ää
œŽi] ˆiÌ
complaint about this unwar-
ranted conduct of a police offi-  -Ìi>Ž Àˆià ÕÃV… iiÀ -«ÀˆÌi
cer,” Good. That’s the only
way police officials can deter-
mine if their all-out efforts to Ón œâ° ÓÉ { f ää
Ó{ «>VŽ V>˜Ã
££ ™™ £Ó «>VŽ V>˜Ã {Éf£Óää
ˆ“ˆÌ { ܈̅ fÓä°ää «ÕÀV…>Ãi
improve relations is working.
However, the dispute
between the neighbors was
resolved….by the pastor.

sends out a warning to the

young sisters who may still be
dating brothers who have 7i ,iÃiÀÛi /…i ,ˆ}…Ì /œ ˆ“ˆÌ +Õ>˜ÌˆÌˆià ˜` /œ
œÀÀiVÌ *Àˆ˜ÌiÀ½Ã ÀÀœÀð 7i >`Þ ,i`ii“ 1-  œœ` -Ì>“«Ã° *ÀˆVià vviV̈Ûi £äÉÓÇÉän‡ ££ÉÓÉän°
been locked away for more
than a year and then are ££ÎÎ ->Û>˜˜>… ÜÞ°]
…>ÀiÃ̜˜] -
U £Çxä ,i“œÕ˜Ì ,`°] >˜>…>˜] -

released. The sad tale is that

4b-October29, 2008 The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
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the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

in the real estate described in
Complaint, whether infants, incom- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Did Isiah Thomas Involve
Daughter in a Cover-Up?
CAROLINA petents, insane persons under any an action has been commenced STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA
COUNTY OF CHARLESTON other disability. Defendants. and is now pending in the Court of
ROSETTA S. FRASIER and MIL- Common Pleas for the County of COUNTY OF CHARLESTON
DRED SWINTON, IN THE COURT OF COMMON Charleston, which action was
PLEAS brought by the above-named
Plaintiffs, CIVIL CASE NO: 08-CP-10-4190 Plaintiffs against the above-named ALASKA SEABOARD PART-
Defendants to determine the right- NERS LIMITED PARTNER- By: Associated Press Hall forcefully refuted
vs. SUMMONS ful owners of the below described SHIP, A DELAWARE LIMIT- Thomas' statement.
(Quiet Title Action) real estate. ED PARTNERSHIP, NEW YORK - A suburban
JOHNNY HENRY GERMAN, JR., (Non-Jury) police chief likened the con- "My cops ... know the differ-
WILLIAM GERMAN IV, CHERIE That the premises affected by this Plaintiff, flicting accounts of an acciden- ence between a 47-year-old
CRISP, PAUL CRISP, LOUISE TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE action is located within the County v. tal overdose at Isiah Thomas' black male and a young black
ALSTON, VANESSA HANKEL, NAMED: and State aforesaid and is more home to a "cover-up" and female," Hall said.
JOHN DOE, AND MARY ROE, particularly described as follows: rebuked the former New York
being fictitious names used to des- YOU ARE HEREBY
MARCUS W. RANKIN A/K/A "These people should learn
ignate the unknown heirs at law SUMMONED and required to All that certain piece, parcel or lot
distributees, devisees, legatees,, answer the Complaint in this of land containing then (10) acres MARCUS RANKIN, something from Richard
widow, widowers, successors and action, a copy of which is herewith situated on the Wando River in RITA CASSIA A/K/A RITA Nixon - it's not the crime, it's
assigns, if any, of WILLIAM GER- served upon you, and to serve a Christ Church Parish, County and CASSIA RANKIN A/K/A RITA the cover-up," he added.
MAN, (deceased), and the follow- copy of your Answer to the said State aforesaid and bounded as DE CASSIA RANKIN
ing deceased individuals: Complaint upon the subscriber at follows: North by lands now or for- AND STRONGHOLD FUND- Voice mails and text messages
CHRISTINA GERMAN ROUSE, his office, located at 1847 Ashley merly of A.R. German, East by ING CORP., from the AP were left on
ESTELLE G. NELSON, MARION River Road, P.O. Box 80609, lands now or formerly of James Thomas' cell phone Saturday.
NELSON, SR., HENRY NELSON, Charleston, South Carolina 29416, Weston, South by lands now or for- Messages left earlier with
ALONZO NELSON, MARTHA within thirty (30) days after the merly of Joe Simmons and West
Defendants. Thomas' publicist and two of
NELSON, CHRISTINA NELSON, service hereof, exclusive of the by the Wando Tract. The same
WILLIAM NELSON, GEORGE day of such service; and, if you fail being one fourth of the Chandler
his attorneys were not
GERMAN, JOHN HENRY GER- to answer the Complaint within the Hill Plantation and left to the said IN THE COURT OF COMMON returned.
MAN a/k/a HENRY GERMAN, time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs in this Wiliam German by will of his father, PLEAS Isiah Thoms
WILLIAM GERMAN II, JANIE action will apply to the Court for the the late William German. Case No. 2008-CP-10-4727 Thomas' 20-year-old son,
CRISP, WILLIAM GERMAN III, relief demanded in said Complaint. Joshua, lashed out at Hall's
and all other persons unknown TMS Nos.:615-00-00-113, 615- (NON-JURY MORTGAGE Knicks coach Saturday for say- comments.
claiming by, through or under them LIS PENDENS 00-00-114 & 615-00-00-020 FORECLOSURE) ing it was his teenage daugh-
or having or claiming any interest ter who required treatment. "Saying that someone is being
NOTICE OF FILING thrown under the bus when
"It wasn't his daughter," you are talking about health
TO: THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE- Harrison Police Chief David
NAMED: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN issues is disrespectful," the
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES that the Lis Pendens, Civil Hall told The Associated Indiana University student
All persons having claims against the following estates NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cover Sheet, Summons and Press. "And why they're wrote in a text to the New
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal the Plaintiffs have applied to the Complaint in this action were throwing her under the bus is York Daily News.
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on Court for appointment of a suitable filed in the Office of the Clerk beyond my ability to under-
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston person as Guardian ad Litem for all of Court for Common Pleas stand." "I love both my sister and dad
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the unknown and known Defendants
for Charleston County, South and am glad that both are
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
who may be incompetent, under
Carolina on August 15, 2008. Authorities were called early doing well," he told the news-
Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and
age, or under any other disability, Friday to Thomas' paper. "Thanks for all the sup-
and said appointent shall become Westchester County home,
are forever barred. final unless such Defendants, or port, but as a family we are fine
anyone in their behalf, within thirty
where police said a 47-year-old and stronger than ever."
Estate of: RUBY J. GREEN (30) days of the service of this man was taken to the hospital
2008-ES?10?1333 Notice, shall procure to be appoint- and treated for an overdose of On Friday, he also said it was
DOD: 06/28/08 ed a Guardian ad Litem for them. sleeping pills. Several media his sister, not his father, who
Pers. Rep: HESTER F. JONES outlets reported that police required treatment.
NOTICE OF FILING IN THE COURT OF confirmed it was Thomas who
CHARLESTON, SC 29405 CASE NO: 2008-CP-10-3598 went to the hospital. No suicide note was found,
************************************************************************* NAMED:
and police were classifying the
Estate of: MIRIAM K. CONYERS NOTICE OF FILING But reached on his cell phone case as an "accidental drug
2008-ES?10?1348 PLEASE TAKE
Friday, the 47-year-old NBA overdose" on "a number" of
DOD: 08/13/08 NOTICE that the Summons, great told the New York Post prescription sleeping pills,
Pers. Rep: YVETTE M. CONYERS Complaint, Lis Pendens and TO: THE he had not been treated for a Hall said.
8307 WHITEHAVEN DR., NORTH Notice Nisi were filed on July 22, DEFENDANT(S) ABOVE- sleeping pill overdose, and
NAMED: that it was 17-year-old daugh-
CHARLESTON, SC 29420 2008 in the Office of the Clerk of Hall would not confirm the
************************************************************************* Court of Common Pleas for
You are hereby noti-
ter Lauren who had a medical identity of the hospitalized
Charleston County, South
fied that a Summons, issue. man.
Complaint, and Lis Pendens
were filed with the Clerk of It "wasn't an overdose," he The developments, days
NOTICE that Kelvin M.Huger, Court for Charleston County told the newspaper. "My before the start of another sea-
Esquire of 27 Gamecock Ave, on June 24, 2008, by Samual daughter is very down right son, are the latest drama in
The Housing Authority of the City of North Charleston, now. None of us are OK."
Suite 200, P.O. Box 80399, H. Altman of Derfner, Altman what has been a difficult year
South Carolina is seeking proposals from an individual or Charleston, S.C. 29416, has been & Wilborn, LLC, Attorneys for for Thomas.
firm to provide Homeless Coordination duties to ensure designated as Guardian ad Litem the Plaintiffs.
that the Housing Authority of the City of North Charleston for all Defendants who may be He was fired as the Knicks'
can complete the goals that have been described to sup- incompetent, under age, or under
ORN, LLC coach April 18 after a season of
any other disability by Order of the
port the homeless. The RFP can be obtained by sending
Court of Common Pleas of
dreadful basketball, a tawdry
an e-mail request to the Executive Director Mr. George Charleston County, dated the 22nd BY: Samual H. Altman, P.O Larry D. Cohen sexual harassment lawsuit and
Saldana at gsaldana@nchashousingauthority.com. day of July, 2008 and the said Box 600, Charleston, SC Larry D. Cohen, LLC unending chants from fans
Sealed responses to this solicitation will be received by the appointment shall become 29402-0600 P.O. Box 30547 demanding his dismissal. Still,
NCHA until 5:00pm Eastern time on October 22, 2008. absoulte thirty(30) days after the Phone: (843) 723-9804 Charleston, South he was retained by the organi-
final publication of this Notice, Fax: (843) 723-7446 Carolina 29417 zation as an adviser and con-
unless such Defendants, or any-
Tel. (843) 225-4445 sultant.
one in their behalf, shall procure a Fax (843) 225-2009
proper person to be appointed as
ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF "Isiah Thomas spoke with
Guardian ad Litem for them within
(30) days after the final publication
members of the New York
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES of this Notice. SUMMONS ATTORNEY FOR Knicks organization and is
All persons having claims against the following estates THE PLAINTIFF OK," the Knicks said in a
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal Arthur C. McFarland TO: THE DEFENDANT(S) statement. "He is dealing with
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on 1847 Ashley River Road, Suite 200 ABOVE-NAMED: Charleston, South Carolina a family matter, and we will
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston P.O. Box 80609 September 29, 2008 have no further comment. He
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401 before the expi- Charleston, SC 29416
MONED and required to has asked that we respect his
ration of 8 months after the date of the first publication on his (843) 763-3900 SUMMONS privacy, and we will."
Notice to Creditors or else thereafter such claims shall be and are answer the Complaint filed in
forever barred. this action, a copy of which is
herewith served upon you, and DEFICIENCY WAIVED An ambulance and two police
Estate of: MOLLIE T. SMITH to serve a copy of your Reply officers responded to a 911 call
2008-ES-10-1004 on the Plaintiff or its attorneys, TO THE DEFENDANTS that came in from the Thomas
Samuel H. Altman, Derfner, ABOVE NAMED: home a couple minutes after
Altman & Wilborn, LLC, Post midnight, Hall said. The vic-
Office Box 600, 575 King YOU ARE HEREBY tim was taken about 5 miles
1852 CHESSHIRE DR. COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Street, Charleston, South
Carolina, 29402, within thirty
SUMMONED and required to from the home to White Plains
CHARLESTON, SC 29412 ROBERT BOCKNEK and appear and defend by answer- Hospital Center, where offi-
(30) days after the service
************************************************************************** ROBIN JACKSON, hereof, exclusive of the day of ing the Complaint in this cials declined to identify the
ESTATE of: BENNIE E. POWELL such service, and if you fail to action, of which a copy is here- overdose patient.
2008-ES-10-1011 Plaintiffs, do so, judgment by default will with served upon you, and to
DOD: 10/15/06 be rendered against you for serve a copy of your Answer Thomas' house is on a luxury
Pers. Rep: ARTHURINE RIVERS the relief demanded in the upon the subscriber at his cul de sac of multimillion-dol-
Complaint. address, P.O. Box 30547, lar homes, about 30 miles from
DANIEL ISLAND, SC 29492 LEEN C. HAYNES; Charleston, South Carolina midtown Manhattan.
DERFNER, ALTMAN & 29417 within thirty (30) days
************************************************************************* FONTAINE HAYNES; and WILBORN, LLC
JOHN DOE AND MARY after the service hereof, exclu- As a player, Thomas won
ROE, fictitious names, to rep- Samuel H. Altman sive of the day of such service; NBA titles with the Detroit
resent the heirs of any of 575 King Street except that the United States Pistons in 1989 and 1990 and
the above named parties who Post Office Box 600 of America, if named shall an NCAA championship with
may be deceased and their Charleston, South Carolina have sixty (60) days to answer Indiana in 1981. He joined the
heirs; and RICHARD ROE, a
fictitious name to
29402 after the service hereof, exclu- Knicks as the team president
represent the interest of any
(843) 723-9804; Fax (843) sive of the day of such service; in 2003 and became coach in
723-7446 and if you fail to Answer the June 2006 after Larry Brown
minors, incompetents or
disabled persons or those that ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF
Complaint within the time was fired.
may be serving in the specified above, or otherwise
military; June 23, 2008 appear and defend, the Last season, Thomas drew the
Charleston, South Carolina Plaintiff in this action will apply wrath of fans, who serenaded
Defendants. to the Court for the relief him nightly with chants of
demanded in the Complaint, "Fire Isiah!" When he was dis-
and judgment by default will be missed, his record in New
rendered against you for the York was 56-108. Overall, he is
relief demanded in the 187-223 as an NBA coach,
Complaint. leading the Indiana Pacers to
the playoffs in three straight
years from 2000-03.

Larry D. Cohen
Larry D. Cohen, LLC
P.O. Box 30547
Charleston, South
Carolina 29417
Tel. (843) 225-4445
Fax (843) 225-2009 CAST
Charleston, South Carolina
July 30, 2008
The Chronicle October 29, 2008-5b
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed


NESBITT, IRENE Heyward Harvey, Jr. , 13 State
ALLEN, HATTIE Street, Charleston, SC, has
NESBITT, HELEN MAE SIM- YACHZELL,EVELYN been appointed as Guardian
COUNTY OF SINGLETON, ELIJAH NES- The Charleston County Aviation Authority (CCAA) is
CHARLESTON MONS, ad Litem Nisi in the above enti-
BITT, NATHAN tled action by Order and that
requesting Statements of Qualifications from interested
NESBITT, ISAAC NESBITT, such Order will become
Prime Contractors for the HVAC Upgrades Project at the
CAROLYN NESBITT, absolute thirty (30) days after
Charleston International Airport.
FRANKLIN GRACIE LOU NESBITT, the last publication of the
NOLA TAYLOR, SAMUEL SIN- JERRY SIMMONS AND Written statements Will Be Received up to the hour of 2:00
GLETON, NESBITT, AND NATHAN NES- Notice of Appointment, herein
HAROLD NESBITT, all of unless such of the Defendants
p.m. on November 25, 2008. All such statements shall be
whom are deceased, as may be heirs, devisees, dis-
addressed to:
ROE, and all other unknown persons tributees, administrators,
HATTIE MAE NESBITT, or entities who Susan M. Stevens, A.A.E.
SHARON GRANT, fictitious names representing executors, guardians, and all
may a claim an interest in or those persons who may be
Director of Airports
lien upon the real minors, in military service,
Charleston County Aviation Authority
DAISY NESBITT, minors, incompetents, persons
estate which is the subject of under any legal disability, or
5500 International Boulevard, #101
this action, other persons claiming by or
Charleston, South Carolina 29418
NESBITT, persons in the military, and
LILLIAN NESBITT, ROBERT persons under through, of the deceased per-
Defendants. sons above named, or some-
and clearly marked:
LEE NESBITT, any other legal disability, and
BERNICE NESBITT, JULE RICHARD one in their behalf shall in the
IN THE COURT OF meantime procure to be
COMMON PLEAS appointed Guardian ad Litem
Case No: 08-CP-10-5572 for them, and that such Order
REBECCA representing unknown
SUMMONS is on file in the Office of the
(Advertisement No. 2008-11-CHS)
SINGLETON, devisees, heirs,
distributees, or personal repre- (Quiet Title and Partition Clerk of Court for Charleston
County, Charleston County
Statement of Qualifications Submittal Packages may
Plaintiffs, sentatives of Actions: Equity)
Courthouse, South Carolina.
be obtained by contacting the Authority at the above
address or by calling 843-767-7000. Any questions and/or
Charles S. Goldberg, Esquire
comments concerning this request for Statements of
Attorney for Plaintiff
Qualifications shall be directed in writing to Susan M.
No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box
Stevens, A.A.E., Director of Airports, at the above address.
required to answer the
9 Charleston, South Carolina
CCAA will not be responsible for any oral instructions with
Complaint in this action, the
regard to this Notice. A Pre-Submittal Conference Will
original of which has been filed
(843) 720-2800
Be Held at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at
in the Office of the Clerk of
PUBLIC HEARING Court for Charleston County, Charleston, South Carolina
the offices of the Charleston County Aviation Authority,
October 1, 2008
Second Floor.
100 Broad Street, Charleston,
The public is hereby advised that the City Council of South Carolina, 29401, on the
Charleston will hold a public hearing Tuesday, October 28, 2nd day of October, 2008, at LIS PENDENS
2008 beginning at 5:00 p.m. 3:32 p.m, and to serve a copy recorded in the RMC Office for Affording College in
in Council Chambers at 80 Broad St., Charleston, SC to
receive input from the public regarding the proposed 2009
of your Answer upon the sub-
scribers, at their offices at No.
THAT an action has been initi-
Charleston County in Book T- a Down Economy
35, Page 187.
City Budget. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box 9, ated and is pending in the
(NewsUSA) - Ups and downs
Charleston, South Carolina, Court of Common Pleas for the The Tax Map Reference on Wall Street, the pinch of
Interested persons are invited to attend the hearing and 29402 within thirty (30) days County and State aforesaid, by Number is 053 00 00 056 the current credit crisis and an
present their views. Extended presentations should be after the last date of the last the above-named Plaintiff,
uncertain economy make stu-
publication of this notice; and if against the Defendant above Charles S. Goldberg
submitted in writing. dents and parents worry about
you fail to answer the com- named, and that the object of No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box
Vanessa Turner-Maybank college tuition payments.
plaint within the time aforesaid such action is to clear the title 9
judgment by default will be ren- to the real estate described as Charleston, South Carolina Tightened credit lines could
Clerk of Council dered against you for the relief follows: 29402 make borrowing money for
demanded in the Complaint. (843) 720-2800 college an uphill battle for
ALL that piece or parcel or tract
many American families. But
CHARLES S. GOLDBERG, of land, lying and being in St. Attorney for the Plaintiff
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities most families can still find
LLC Pauls Township, Charleston Charleston, S. C.
Act, people who need alternative formats, ASL interpreta- ways to send their high-school
No. 61 Broad Street, County, State of South October 1, 2008 graduates to school. "You can
tion, or other accommodation please contact Denise Charleston, South Carolina Carolina, containing Eight and
still make college a reality,
Griffith at (843) 724-3730 or mail to 29402 one-half (8 ?) acres more or
even in the middle of a credit
(803) 577-7423 less and bounded as follows:
griffithd@ci.charleston.sc.us three days prior to the meet- crisis," says Martha Holler,
Attorney for the Plaintiff on the East by lands of John STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA
ing. COUNTY OF CHARLESTON spokesperson for Sallie Mae
Granderson and on the South
IN RE: THE ESTATE OF (www.SallieMae.com), the
Charleston, South Carolina by a Road called Landing
FRANK BROWN, JR. nation's leading saving- and
October 2, 2008 Road; on the West by Nancy
CASE NO: 2005-ES-10-0054-2 paying-for-college company.
Pinckney; and on the North by
"Loans remain readily avail-
NOTICE NISI lands of Martha Armstrong. IN THE PROBATE COURT able to help you pay for col-
ABOVE NAMED: veyed to Amos Nesbit by deed
Despite the crazy credit
The public is hereby advised that the City Council TO: crunch, students and parents
November 12, 1930 and
of Charleston will hold a public hearing Tuesday, October can still find federal student
CHARLES S. GOLDBERG, loans regardless of credit
28, 2008, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall, 80 Broad score, income, assets or collat-
Street, on the request that the Zoning Ordinance of the 61 BROAD STREET eral. Federal law fixes student
City of Charleston be changed in the PUBLIC HEARING PO BOX 9 loans at a competitive interest
following respects: CHARELSTON, SC 29401 rate, so families won't pay
The public is hereby advised that the Traffic and higher rates in a troubled
Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing PETITIONER OR PETITION- economy.
REZONING Monday, October 27, 2008, beginning at 3:00 p.m. at City ER’S COUNSEL SHALL
Hall, 80 Broad Street, to amend Chapter 31, (Vehicles for SUANT TO SCPC SECTION Although other consumer
1. To rezone 360 Concord Street (Peninsula) (3.256 Hire), Article IV, Section 31-197(a)(1) of the Code of the 62-1-401) TO BE GIVEN TO credit is drying up, students
acres) (TMS# 459-00-00-006) to include the property in the City of Charleston to establish new rates for metered ALL INTERESTED PER- and parents can still get feder-
Accommodations Overlay (A)classification. taxicabs as a result of higher fuel costs. SONS OR THEIR ATTOR- al student loans through Sallie
NEYS. AS THE PETITIONER Mae. The company is ready to
REPORTER FOR THE at every school across the
1. To amend the Planned Unit Development Master REQUESTED. IF YOU country.
Plan and Development Guidelines for Henry Tecklenburg NEED MORE THAN TWO
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, HOURS ON YOUR CASE - Holler encourages students
Boulevard (Essex Farms Village Center PUD - West to educate themselves on how
people who need alternative formats, ASL interpretation, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE
Ashley) (20.65 acres) (TMS# 309-00-00-262) (TMS# CLERK OF COURT IMMEDI- to get college money. She
or other accommodation please contact Denise Griffith at
309-00-00-003 master parcel for original PUD approval).
(843) 724-3730 or mail to griffithd@ci.charleston.sc.us
ATELY. offers the following tips to stu-
dents and parents looking to
three days prior to the meeting. DATE OF HEARING: pay for higher education:
2. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of OCTOBER 29, 2008 Find free money. Apply for
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) to change veterinary TIME: 10:30 A.M.
financial aid to access free
services from a special exception use in the Gathering money. Tap grants and schol-
Probate Court
Place (GP), General Business (GB), Urban Historic Court House - Third arships by filing the Free
Commercial (UC), Mixed Use (MU-2 and MU-2/WH) and PUBLIC NOTICE Floor Application For Federal
Business Park (BP) zoning districts to a conditional use; 84 Broad Street Student Aid, also called the
and to permit veterinary services as a conditional 29401
use in the Commercial Transitional (CT), Limited Business Fully explore federal student
(LB), and Mixed Use (MU-1 and MU-1/WH) zoning dis- DESCRIPTION/SUBJECT loans. Federal loans are the
tricts. largest source of student loans
The public hereby is advised that the City Council ON PETITIONER’S PETI- and offer more favorable terms
of Charleston will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, TION FOR SALE OF REAL than private loans, so get as
3. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of many federal loans as possible
October 28, 2008 at City Hall 80 Broad Street, on the ESTATE.
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by amending Section before resorting to private
54-299.2 Land Uses for the Mixed Use Workforce Housing proposed closing and abandonment as This 20th day of August loans.
District to correct a scrivener's error. follows: 2008. If scholarships, grants and
federal loans do not fully cover
IRVIN G. CONDON, JUDGE the cost, fill any gaps with pri-
4. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of A portion of South Park Circle running in a west- OF PROBATE
84 BROAD STREET- THIRD vate loans.
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by amending section erly and northwesterly direction for approximately 650 Visit
feet from its intersection with South Park Boulevard to its FLOOR
54-306 Old City Height Districts to permit non-habitable CHARLESTON, SOUTH www.SallieMae.com/Plan
architectural elements to encroach into required set- terminus. and start your plan today.
backs for structures in the 85/200, 85/30, and 85/125 Old Interested parties are invited to attend
City Height Districts. the ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES
hearing and express their views. Extended presentations All persons having claims against the following estates
5. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of should be submitted in writing. are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by adding additional Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on
Vanessa Turner-Maybank Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston
streets to Section 54-268(a) the Commercial Corridor
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the
Design Review District. expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of
Clerk of Council this Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be
VANESSA TURNER-MAYBANK and are forever barred.

Clerk of Council Estate of: KING DAVID GRAHAM

Interested parties are invited to attend the public 2008-ES-10-1456
hearing and express their views. Extended presentations DOD: 09/04/08
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities should be submitted in writing. In accordance with the Pers. Rep: EDNA K. GRAHAM
American Disabilities Act people who need alternative for- 2144 MIDLAND PARK RD., NORTH
Act, people who need alternative formats, ASL interpreta-
tion, or other accommodation please contact Denise mats, ASL interpretation, or other accommodation please
Griffith at (843) 724-3730 or mail contact Denise Griffith at 843-724-3730 or email, grif- PO BOX 42270, NORTH CHARLESTON, SC
to griffithd@ci.charleston.sc.us three days prior to the fithd@ci.charleston.sc.us three days prior to the meeting. 29423
meeting. *************************************************************************
6b- October 29, 2008- The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

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Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

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ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
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for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

January 26, 1993 leaving as her ten (10) days of the final accept-
IN THE DISTRICT OF heirs-at-law Randal W. Simmons, ance of the bid, the entire deposit
In The District Court of THE UNITED STATES Valerie A. Simmons and Kirk S. shall be forfeited, and the selling
The United States For The FOR THE DISTRICT OF SOUTH Simmons as evidenced by infor- officer shall readvertise and resell
District of South Carolina CAROLINA CHARLESTON DIVI- mation on file in the Office of the the property on the same terms
Charleston Division SION Probate Court for Charleston and at the bidder’s risk on a subse-
County, South Carolina under quent sales day.
United States of America UNITED STATES Case No. 93ES1000245.
OF AMERICA, The above property will be sold Under 28 U.S.C.§ 566, it is the
Plaintiff, subject to ad valorem taxes, the duty of the United States Marshal
Plaintiff, purchaser of said real estate to pay to enforce the decree of the United
Vs. extra for deed and revenue States District Court and uder 564,
vs. stamps. Plaintiff not having affir- the Marshal is authorized to exer-
SEPEQUA DRAYTON AND matively sought a deficiency cise the same powers of the Sheriff
SOUTH CAROLINA HOUS- RANDAL W. SIMMONS, VALERIE judgement, the bidding will not stay in conducting the sale. It is in the
ING TRUST FUND, A. SIMMONS, KIRK S. SIMMONS, open for the customary thirty (30) interest of justice that the sale be
Defendant(s.) CIVIL ACTION HEIRS-AT-LAW OF MAR- days following the sale. Sale shall conducted to yield the best price
NO. 2:o7-26759-DCN GUERITE SIMMONS, require the highest bidder, other through free, fair, and competitive
NOTICE Of SOUTH DECEASED, WACHOVIA MORT- than the plaintiff, to make a deposit bidding. Any act that appears to
Under authority and direction GAGE CORPORATION, F/K/A of five percent (5%) of the bid as prevent a free, fair, and open sale
of the AMENDED DECREE FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK earnest money and as evidence of or to suppress the bidding or other-
OF FORECLOSURE AND OF SOUTH CAROLINA, T.D. good faith. Said deposit shall be wise adversely affect the sale, will
SALE in the above action SHRUM, HARLESTON-BOAGS made by cashier’s check or money not be allowed. If such an act
filed on July 29, 2008, I will FUNERAL HOME AND FORD order. If the plaintiff is the success- occurs, then the sale will be halted.
offer for sale at public auction MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, ful bidder at the sale, the amount Further, the individual or individu-
before the Courthouse door due on its mortgage may be used als who perform any act which
of the Charleston County Defendant(s). as the equivalent of cash. Should appears to contribute to the sale
Courthouse, Charleston, the person making the highest bid being halted or otherwise adverse-
CIVIL ACTION at the sale fail to comply with the ly affected, may be charged with
South Carolina, Eleven
NO. 2:07-563-PMD terms of the bid by depositing the contempt of court, to be sanc-
O’CLOCK A.M., Wednesday tioned accordingly, including but
said five percent (5%), then the
November 19, 2008, the fol- not limited to paying for the costs
NOTICE OF SALE premises shall be resold at such
lowing described property: bidder’s risk on the same sales and expenses of the scheduled PART TIME MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST
All that certain piece, parcel date, or some subsequent date, as sale.
or tract of land, together with Under authority and direction of
the DECREE OF FORECLOSURE the selling officer may find conven-
improvements thereon, situ- ient and advantageous. Should the JOHNNY MACK BROWN, UNIT- The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston is accept-
AND SALE in the above action
ate, lying and being in ED STATES MARSHAL
Awendaw, Charleston filed on April 10, 2008, I will offer last and highest bidder fail to com- ing applications for the position of Management Specialist
for sale at public auction before the ply with the terms of the bid within for its public housing management offices. The position
County, S.C. and being more Courthouse door of the Charleston
particularly described as will remain open until it is filled.
County Courthouse, Charleston,
0.713 Acres on a “Plat South Carolina, Eleven O’Clock
Showing 0.713 Acres As a member of the management team under the direct
A.M., Wednesday, November 19,
Subdivided Out of the supervision of the Assistant Housing Manager, performs
Margaret Brown Property to
2008, the following described Invitation to Bid routine functions in carrying out the team's duties and
be Conveyed to SEPEQUE responsibilities. Duties include recertification’s, lease
E. Drayton Located in All that lot, piece, parcel or tract of Kiawah Homes Modernization II renewals, rent adjustments, rent calculation, housekeeping
Awendaw, Charleston land, with buildings and improve- inspections and any other duties as assigned to ensure an
County, SC.” prepared by Job #081101
ments thereon, if any, situate, lying efficient housing management operations for the Authority.
Keith K. Ruddy, RLS No. and being in Christ Church Parish, The Management Specialist will work 30 hours per week.
9479, dated July 18, 1998 Charleston County, South Carolina The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston
and duly recorded in the containing approximately one (1)
RMC Office for Charleston will receive sealed bids on a General al Contract Minimum qualifications: Requires an Associate's Degree
acre, more or less, and designated
County, SC on November 6, as Parcel Two (2) on a plat pre- for Kiawah Homes Modernization Phase II until supplemented by one to two years of general office expe-
1998 in Plat Book EC at page pared by W.L. Gaillard, RLS dated rience, or an equivalent combination of education, training,
2:00 p.m. local time, on November 13, 2008 at and experience that provides the required knowledge,
July 12,1978, entitled “Plat of
Being the identical property Parcel 1 owned by Marguerite 550 Meeting, Street Room 114, Charleston, skills and abilities. Must possess a valid state driver's
conveyed to SEPEQUE E. Simmons and Parcel 2 owned by South Carolina. Bids will be publicly opened. license.
Drayton by deed of LEAMON Paul Bradley and about to be con-
Drayton, Leon Drayton, veyed to Marguerite Simmons, The Housing Authority offers a great benefit package
Bertha Cochran, Charles Christ Church Parish”, which said Copies of the Bidding documents may be which includes:
McDonald, Patricia Palmer, plat is recorded in Plat Book AM at
page 24. The said parcel of land
obtained after 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 14, free medical and dental insurance
Valerie McDonald, Ferrell generous holidays and paid time off
McNeil, Elizabeth Brown having such size, shape, dimen- 2008 at the CHA Modernization Office, 545
sions, buttings and boundings as S.C. State Retirement Plan
Goodman, formerly Elizabeth Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29503. Contact 457 & 401K plan
Brown Dennis, Mary Brown will by reference to said plat more
Mitchell, formerly Mary fully appear. Marymims Goldman at (843) 720-3982. life insurance
Brown Williams Lucille Brown short term disability
Love and Azalie Brown Being the same property conveyed
to Marguerite Simmons by deed of
A voluntary pre-bid conference will be held at
Clement formerly Azalie The starting salary for this position is $12.08/hour.
Brown Lee dated February Louis E. Condon, Master-in-Equity 545 Meeting Street on Tuesday, October 28,
24, 1999, and recorded for Charleston County, dated 2008 at 10:00 a.m. This position will require a background investigation, drug
February 25, 1999, in the September 21, 1979 and recorded
September 25, 1979 in the Office
screen and physical at our expense. Applications can be
Office of the Clerk of Court filled out online and must include reasons for leaving pre-
RMC for Charleston County, of the Clerk of Court for Charleston The Housing Authority encourages minority
County, South Carolina in Deed vious positions and salary history.
South Carolina, in Deed
Book L120, at page 139.
owned business to participate in its on-going pur-
Book Z320 at Page01. Thereafter, said property was con- chasing of goods and services. The Housing Authority
TMS No: 711-00-00-134 veyed to First Union National Bank of the City of Charleston
of South Carolina by deed of J. Al 550 Meeting Street,
The above property will be Cannon, Jr., Sheriff of Charleston CHA reserves the right to waive irregularities and
sold subject to ad valorem Charleston, SC 29403
taxes, the purchaser of said
County, dated November 5, 1997 to reject any and all bids. Website: www.chacity.org
and recorded February 18, 1998 in
real estate to pay extra for the Office of the ROD for
Fax: 973-3481
deed and revenue stamps. Charleston County, South Carolina Donald J. Cameron Email: Employment@chacity.org
Plaintiff not having affirma- in Deed Book L297 at page 723.
tively sought a deficiency Marguerite Simmons died on
Chief Executive Officer EOE M/F/D/V
judgment, the bidding will not (TDD 843-720-3685)
stay open for the customary
thirty(30)days following the

LDF Secures Voting Rights That

sale. Sale shall require the
plaintiff, to make a cash (CHATS) POLICY COMMITTEE

Protect Foreclosure Victims

deposit of five percent(5%) of
the bid as earnest money and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
as evidence of good faith. If for the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Region
the plaintiff is the successful announces an amendment to the following document:
bidder at the sale, the Democratic and Republican said John Payton, LDF
amount due on its mortgage FY2007- 2012 CHATS TRANSPORTATION IMPROVE- NEW YORK, Oct 24, 2008 parties, agreed that such chal- President and Director
may be used as the equiva-
MENT PROGRAM (TIP) /PRNewswire-USNewswire lenges are not permitted under Counsel.
lent of cash. Should the per- via COMTEX/ -- Today, the Indiana law. The case, Herring v. Marion
son making the highest bid at
is available for public review and comment NAACP Legal Defense Fund "Foreclosure has no bearing County Election Board, was
the sale fail to comply with ("LDF") settled the lawsuit it
the terms of the bid by from October 17, 2008 to November 18, 2008 on one's eligibility to vote. filed on behalf of an African-
during the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm filed just two days ago in Today's settlement ensures American family that fell
depositing the said five per- Indiana state court to ensure
cent (5%) in cash, then the at the that the current foreclosure behind on their home pay-
premises shall be resold at Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments that eligible voters with prop- crisis gripping the nation will ments and faced the threat of
such bidder’s risk on the 1362 McMillan Avenue – Suite 100, North Charleston, SC erty subject to foreclosure pro- not be exploited to strip the foreclosure over the last two
same sales date, or some 843/529-0400 ceedings or evictions cannot right to vote away from those years, and the Greater
subsequent date, as the sell- Contact Person: Jeffrey Burns have their right to vote chal- who are among the financially Indianapolis Branch of the
ing officer may find conven- lenged during the upcoming vulnerable among us. NAACP which has provided
ient and advantageous. The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of November 4th election. In set- Challenges based on foreclo- advocacy on behalf of count-
Should the last and highest
Governments does not discriminate on the basis of age, tling the case, the Plaintiffs sure are the kind of voter sup- less families facing foreclosure
bidder fail to comply with the
race, color, religion, sex, national origin familial status or and Defendants, Marion pression tactic that threaten in the region. The Plaintiffs
terms of the bid within ten(10)
disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or County Election Board, and our efforts to move towards an were uncertain of their legal
days of the final acceptance non-parties Marion County
of the bid, The Entire Deposit employment in, its federally-assisted programs or activi- open and equal Democracy," right to cast a regular ballot
Shall be forfeited. and the ties. Persons needing assistance in obtaining information after conflicting statements
selling officer readvertise and can call: RELAY SC #1-800-735-2905 were attributed to the Marion
resell the property on the County Republican Party
same terms and at the bid- ZONING Chairman, who maintained
der’s risk on a subsequent
CHARLESTON COUNTY that foreclosure was a "solid
sales day.
PUBLIC HEARING basis" for challenging voter eli-
Under 28 U.S.C.§ 566,it is The SC State Ports Authority is inviting Statements of gibility on Election Day, and
the duty of the United States Qualification from qualified assessment firms to provide the Circuit Clerk, a
Marshal to enforce the auditing services in connection with the development of the CHARLESTON COUNTY COUNCIL WILL HOLD A PUB-
decree of the United States LIC HEARING ON THE FOLLOWING ZONING CHANGE Democrat, who disagreed.
Charleston Naval Base Container Terminal at its Port of "The sole question before the
District Court and under 564, Charleston facilities. The services consists, but is not lim- CASES AT 6:00 P.M., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2008 IN
the Marshal is authorized to COUNCIL CHAMBERS AT THE LONNIE HAMILTON III, court in the case is whether
ited to identifying, managing and mitigating risk, ensuring voters involved in a foreclosure
exercise the same powers of service quality and integrity, environmental and occupa- PUBLIC SERVICES BUILDING, 4045 BRIDGE VIEW
the Sheriff in conducting the DRIVE, NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: can be singled out for Election
tional health and safety issues, and monitoring of project Day challenges," said Jenigh J.
sale. It is in the interest of jus-
tice that the sale be conduct- timelines and budgets. Garrett, LDF Assistant
Case 3447-C
ed to yield the best price St. Andrews: 1020 Bees Ferry Road Counsel who represented
through free, fair, and com- Qualification statements will be received until 12:00p.m., Plaintiffs. "The parties to the
Monday, November 10, 2008. A complete copy of the Parcel Identification 287-00-00-054
petitive bidding. Any act that
12.4 Acres settlement unconditionally
appears to prevent a free, Request for Qualification with all specifications can be agree that both Indiana law
fair, and open sale or to sup- requested by contacting the procurement office at (843) Request to change from Single Family Residential 4
(R-4) District to Community Commercial (CC) District and fairness dictate that the
press the bidding or other- 577-8181, or on our website: w. Scroll down the Home answer is a resounding no.
wise adversely affects the Page and click on Legal Notices and Bid Documents, click
sale, will not be allowed. If Case: 3464-C This agreement helps ensure
“Procurement,” or by emailing: T. that our clients and all voters
such an act occurs, then the 1724, 1725, and 1740 Dominic Drive
sale will be halted. Further, Parcel Identification: 279-00-00-315, -320, - 323 in Marion County will be able
This solicitation does not commit the Authority to award a to vote in the November 4th
the individual or individuals contract, to pay any cost incurred in the preparation, or to Acres: 3.2
who perform any act which Request to change from: PD-128 District to PD 128-A election without the threat of
appears to contribute to the procure or contract for the article of services. The Authority baseless challenges and intimi-
reserves the right to accept or reject any and all District
sale being halted or other- dation."
wise adversely affected, may Qualification statements; to waive any informality in the
be charged with contempt of Qualification statements; and to accept the submittals that If you require further information, please contact the
court, to be sanctioned is, in our opinion, in the best interest of the Authority. Charleston County Planning Department (843) 202-7200.
accordingly, including but not
limited to paying for the costs Tim Connor LENGTHY PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED
and expenses of the sched- Manager-Procurement IN WRITING PRIOR TO THE MEETING.
uled sale SC State Ports Authority VOTE
176 Concord Street Beverly T. Craven
Charleston, SC 29401
Clerk of Council YOUR RIGHT