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Games And AI Abstract: Computer games have come a long way, from simple super Mario games of the

early 1980s to highly sophisticated computer games with physics engine and Artificial Intelligence built in and respond to human interaction just as any other real world object will do. This paper is an attempt to discuss the latest development of games which rely or have built in artificial intelligence for intelligent response and immersive experience. Introduction: Gone are the days when people were happy with games which were just preprogrammed to do certain tasks or things. These days games are so sophisticated that they replicate even simulation technologies parallel to simulators in NASA and other technologically advanced labs around the world. We will be discussing the influence of artificial intelligence in different types of games like racing ones to games which support real time strategy and to games which support multi-player setup over the internet. Racing Games and AI : Each different game poses different challenge in developing an artificial intelligence as each game and it characters respond differently at the human interaction levels. In racing games this reflects in the way the game reacts and responds to different driving styles of the players and their capabilities and learns from it to give the players a more realistic race track experience [1]. Artificial Intelligence also helps in bringing about real life responses from the non-player entities of the game to bring about that natural and realistic look and feel. Artificial intelligence also helps to learn these systems to play the game at various levels.

Internet Base Multi-role Games : Online games have become a rave among the games across the world. Games like Mythic have built in AI which is a multi-player game and uses an AI which is based on rule based database. The AI in the Mythic learns from the rules set for different game characters and entities and learns to apply then using the built inference engine [2]. This system allows game developers to re-use code to generate wide variety of AI based behavior based on the database of rules entitled to different entities. But this way of implementing of AI in a multi-player game has its own set of limitations as well when the number of players are too many , it becomes too complex to implement AI in such a gaming environment. A game with built in AI for improving production environment: There have been attempts to incorporate artificial intelligence into games that are programmed to help optimize production environment [3]. Conclusion Artificial intelligence and games can not only provide and immersive and realistic feedbacks using the physics engine and AI codes ,they can also be used to fine tune production environments. There is still a long way to go before games can really replicate real world scenarios and set up to the minutest detail. I believe this is just a beginning and there is lot more to come in the gaming world with super Artificial intelligence codes built in.

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