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Established in 1953, NJI is one of the most reputable and brightest name in the insurance sector.

NJI ranks among the "Big Three" Pakistani insurers in terms of gross direct premium and financial base. Major shareholders include Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, Habib Bank Limited and Hashoo Group In 2003, NJI became the first Pakistani insurance company to acquire a foreign company when it took over the Pakistan operations of Commercial General Union. Together with AKFED, NJI also acquired majority control of CU Life Assurance Company of Pakistan Ltd. NJI is the only company to secure and sustain an Insurer Financial Strength Rating of "AA" both by PACRA and JCR-VIS. During the last couple of years NJI has been growing double the industry average growth rate. In year 2006, NJI's gross premium grew by 48% and provisional figures indicate a gross premium growth rate of 33% in 2007 against industry average of 23% and 14% respectively. Standards and regulations for Insurance are set by individual governments the world over. Operating in Pakistan we follow the legal framework as laid down by the Insurance Ordinance 2000. The main regulators who ensure compliance are the SECP and the State Bank of Pakistan. The leading trade body is the IAP which ensures uniformity of policies and healthy competition amongst the insurance companies. Insurance is an essential service for all societies. Islamic society is no different. Conventional banking has been operating and growing rapidly in our Islamic society. Unfortunately, due to lack of education, misinformation, skepticism towards financial products and our general resignation to fate, insurance is not as widely accepted in Pakistan as compared to other developing countries in the region. At NJI, diversity is maintained through underwriting all classes of general insurance including fire, marine, motor, engineering, health and general accidents. NJI not only offers wide risk coverage, but also provides related risk management services delivered by highly qualified and experienced risk managers. NJI has developed unique and innovative insurance solutions to meet the growing consumer financing trends of economy. From auto financing to personal loans, mortgages to plastic cards, and trade finance to capital investment finance, NJI has the customized solutions to secure entire operations. Product range and transactions of all financial institutions. With the stream of upcoming power, engineering and infrastructure development projects on the national level, our Engineering & Bonds Department, comprising of the most experienced engineers in the industry, is all geared up to provide technical and financial security to this vital sector. Furthermore, we have also introduced many consumer insurance products in the market namely HomeCare, ShopCare & SelfCare In addition, NJI will be coming up with many new products in 2008 including products for agriculture sector. As pioneers in Group Health Insurance, NJI continues to develop new, flexible and customized plans to suit the diverse need of our many blue chip

Pakistani companies and multinational clients. We have recently modified our health insurance product with better coverage features and higher limits. There has been a rising competition in the insurance sector, but at the same time there are many opportunities in the economy which NJI has been capitalizing on. NJI is one of the Top 33 insurance companies in Pakistan. Over the years we have grown rapidly and in last three years almost double the industry average in a highly competitive environment. We have crossed 3 billion rupees written premium mark in the year 2007 and we are set to cross 4 billion rupees in the year 2008. The insurance sector has registered robust growth in the past few years, spurred by rapid economic growth, expansion of the financial sector a as whole, privatization, foreign investment and rising levels of income and also insecurity. This growth has given rise to runaway competition and there is a dire need to reassess the ground realities and revisit the competitive strategies followed by the major players to ensure sustainable long term growth. We offer various value added services to our clients including Risk Management Services. NJI has recently updated the official website, and we have incorporated many other value-added features. Our most popular value added services include: * Comprehensive Free tracker package for Auto Customer. * Claims Alerts SMS service Online Claim Intimation services. * Online complaint handling and feedback service * Online Premium Calculators. * Online Proposal Forms. NJI's business philosophy can be summed up as Customer Protection, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Trust. And in this we are aided by our highly qualified and customer focused human resource comprising of Engineers, Chartered Insurers, MBA's, Doctors and Chartered Accountants and our extremely prompt claims handling services. The true test of soundness of insurance coverage is how satisfied clients are and duration of relationship. The comforting effect of insurances offered by New Jubilee Insurance Company is proven by the fact that many of our valued clients have been with us for over 40 years. With vigor to serve our clients the best and provide solutions beyond excellence, surely we are likely to continue with our quality driven growth in coming years. COPYRIGHT 2008 Economic and Industrial Publications COPYRIGHT 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning