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TRIP SPONSORS Knights of Columbus Sponsors K of C Charities of Kentucky Council 6317, Danville, Kentucky Council 4773 Ladies Auxiliary. , Louisville, Kentucky Council 2499, Hardinsburg, Kentucky Council 13304, Lagrange, Kentucky Council 1264, Lebanon, Kentucky Council 13196, Cynthiana, Kentucky Council 14471 Louisville, Kentucky Council 11453, Hardin, Kentucky Council 10987, Fulton, Kentucky Council 12354, Mount Washington, Kentucky Council 11453, Hardin, Kentucky Council 4270, Springfield, Kentucky Council 12923, Campbellsville, Kentucky Council 14234, Taylorsville, Kentucky

Corporate Sponsors Catholic Charities of Louisville, Kentucky Walmart, Louisville, Kentucky Park Building Supply, Springfield, Kentucky Republic Machine, Louisville, Kentucky K&W Services, Lebanon Junction, Kentucky P&D Wholesales, Loretto, Kentucky Masterson's Appliance, Bardstown, Kentucky Mascari, Louisville, Kentucky Hamilton Business Solutions, Mount Washington, Kentucky Smith's Service Center, Taylorsville, Kentucky UPS, Louisville, Kentucky Value Market, Louisville, Kentucky

Private Sponsors Community Craft Ministries, Mount Washington, Kentucky Wally & Bea Merriman, Chiloquin, Oregon Norman and Pamela Hall Darrell & Pam Sanders Michael and Anna Boone Doris Robards Charlie Vinning George and Darlene Haarman HT & Joyce Wiseman Vicki Yout Regina Hall Kristen Haarman Billy & Harritte Hancock James & Teresa Charlesworth Julie Sweazy Robert Osborne Mark Lamkin Penny & Tommy Burns Doug Hayes Larry Pilzecker

Participating Knights of Columbus Councils Council 4270, Springfield, Kentucky Council 14234, Taylorsville, Kentucky Council 12354, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Partcipating Churches All Saints Catholic Church, Taylorsville, Kentucky St. Dominic Catholic Church, Springfield, Ky . St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Mount Washington, Kentucky Chaplin Christian Church, Chaplin, Kentucky

Donations Total Funding - $13,894.34 Total Service Hours - 1,370 Total food, personal care items, building materials, etc. - $34,798.62 Total Project value including labor - $82,328.71 Relief Summary to date - $373,645.39

Volunteers Glenn and Shelly Greenwell, Mount Washington, Kentucky Gary Kehne, Taylorsville, Kentucky Fred Gram. Lebanon Junction, Kentucky Gerard Hinton, Taylorsville, Kentucky Jim Charlesworth, Bloomfield, Kentucky Tommy Burns and Penny Burns, Taylorsville, Kentucky LaVielle Cecil, Taylorsville, Kentucky Pat Smith, Springfield, Kentucky Dave Smith, Springfield, Kentucky Rebecca Carrico, Springfield, Kentucky Jimmy Carrico, Springfield, Kentucky Betty Rudd, Springfield, Kentucky Bill Rudd, Springfield, Kentucky Mike Woodford, Chaplin, Kentucky Billy Abell, Springfield, Kentucky Jim Pusey, Taylorsville, Kentucky Eugene Hall, Shepherdsville, Kentucky Louis Peterson, Springfield, Kentucky Donna Peterson, Springfield, Kentucky Cathy Taylor, Springfield, Kentucky John Taylor, Springfield, Kentucky JB Carrico, Springfield, Kentucky

The first full week of October the small town of Auxier, Kentucky, a small coal town in eastern Kentucky, was inundated with the Stewards of Appalachia descending on the town to provide much needed help to residents of the area. This year thirty-one volunteers, Knights along with wives and many friends, joined in the effort to make a difference and provide a glimmer of hope for seven families. In total, 1370 volunteer hours were spent rehabbing homes. The volunteers came from Mount Washington, Taylorsville, Springfield, Lebanon Junction, Bloomfield, Shepherdsville and Chaplin - all small rural towns located in the middle of our State. Some were first time volunteers while others were making their 5th trip as members of the Stewards annual project. Long before the volunteers arrived several Stewards spent the past year gathering money, supplies and in-kind donations. We were able to collect $13,894.34 in cash and $32,249.00 in building supplies/food and in-kind donations. The tasks at hand were many ..... window installation, drywall repair, painting, bathroom renovations, plumbing and fixture installation, new and repaired roofs, new flooring, trailer underpinning, electrical work, insulation, construction of handicap ramps and vinyl siding repair. Additionally new doors, kerosene heaters, fans, lock sets and cabinets were purchased and installea at various homes. There was literally something for everyone to do skilled or unskilled- man or woman. Two mobile homes were donated this year. One was delivered to a family of four in Pikeville, Kentucky and the other is slated for a homeless forty five year old women. The families that are helped are selected by an application process initiated by Hand in Hand Ministries. The majority have health problems, minimal or no income and most have just lost hope of ever getting ahead in life. Most of their homes would be considered uninhabitable by all of us - rain pours in leaky roofs, windows leak cold air, flooring is gone, bath fixtures don't work and many have electrical problems. While the hours are long and the work often dirty and laborious, the payoff is the smiles, tears of gratitude and hugs from those who have been helped. Long before some of the jobs were completed, folks were inviting their family and friends in to see what had been started or completed. Their pride was already beginning to show. In spite of the work, the group also found time to have some fun. The trip was an opportunity to make new friends, enjoy hearty home cooked meals and engage in some friendly banter. Evening relaxation found some fishing,

others tripped off to find the elusive elk while others engaged in card games. We would like to give special thanks to our many donors and volunteers, without you, we could not continue with this great effort. We would also like to bestow our prayers to the family of our volunteer John Schwoebel who passed earlier this year and Shorty Hochstrasser who passed on November 3rd The Stewards of Appalachia will make this annual trek the second full week of October. If you're interested in helping out either by volunteering to work or making a monetary contribution contact Glenn Greenwell 502-538-7722. Appalachia 2011 Project Cost Vendor HHM Food Sam's Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Material Lowes Lowes Parkway Mobile Home Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes 10/8/11 10/9/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 Bath tubs, hardware, etc. Misc. Material Misc. Material Misc. Material Screws, bits $1,179.86 $590.41 $55.17 $87.84 $22.23 10/5/11 10/5/11 10/7/11 10/8/11 10/10/11 10/11/11 10/12/11 10/13/11 10/8/11 10/8/11 Misc. Food Turkevs FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD lumber Roof paint $298.63 $34.68 $320.74 $58.42 $33.61 $53.17 $54.46 $25.09 $895.76 $220.12 Date 9/26/11 Description Lodging Cost $1,200.00

Taylor Metal Parkway Mobile Home Lowes Tractor Supply Vanhoose Dollar General Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Ace hardware Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Tractors Supply True Value W, Va. Electric Lowes Vanhoose Parkway Mobile Home Lowes Vanhoose Taylor Metal Taylor Metal Dollar General Wal-Mart Sandy Valley Hardware Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Lowes Johns County Glass

10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/10/11 10/11/11 10/11/11 10/11/11 10/11/11 10/11/11 10/11/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/21/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/12/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11 10/13/11

Underpinning Pipe fittings Nails, lights, studs rat bait, jacks Silicone, screws Insect spray Paint supplies Screw bits Misc. Material Bi fold doors lumber Sink clamps Misc. Material Misc. Material lumber Plumbing Material Electrical/Plumbing Bulbs Return Jack Misc. Material Breakers Return Faucet PVC Coupling Water heater Lumber Sink basket Metal roof Roof vent gasket Roach spray curtains Fittings Paint supplies lumber lumber Caulk, corner bead Tub surround Faucet lumber Drvwall Glass

$149.00 $191.31 $196.87 $109.15 $23.18 $12.72 $33.36 $7.29 $411.60 $35.00 $155.45 $11.50 $39.23 $326.87 $63.16 $51.76 $97.05 $5.21 -$47.69 $15.97 $16.65 -$42.00 $0.89 $351.38 $177.26 $14.56 $291.00 $14.00 $7.42 $31.58 $17.03 $6.99 $278.80 $59.90 $24.31 $65.55 $74.00 $219.56 $89.85 $58.36

Taylor Metal Vanhoose East Ky. Farm Lowes Lowes Lowes Bill Kemp Parkway Mobile Home Sandy Valley Hardware Sandy Valley Hardware Sandy Valley Hardware Sandy Valley Hardware Lowes Lowes Total Budget Total Cost Balance

10/13/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/13/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/14/11 10/15/11 10/14/11

Metal trim Lumber, screws Straw Return Faucet Lumber Misc. Material Plumbing Material Plumbing Material Plumbing Material Plumbing Material Puddy knife Plexiglas, glazing DAP Glazing, heater, fan, mud Paint

$45.00 $150.67 $10.60 -$31.77 $31.77 $106.26 $40.00 $19.96 $2.31 $3.76 $1.51 $90.08 $214.42 $37.99 $13,894.34 $9,497.83 $4,396.51

Balance to be used for emergency home repairs this Winter and Spring.