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Do We Have to Give To Receive?

Many believers in law of attraction say we have to give in order to receive. Yes, giving and receiving are the opposites of the same universal principle, but that is a teaching based in duality and parity. Quantum physics, more and more, is looking at the world being based in Oneness and not polarity. As we learn more about Oneness, we see that the concept of opposites, polarity, and required balance are cultural ideas and not necessarily an expression of the Unified field. It goes back to that Judeo-Christian, light and dark at war, kind of thing. People overly concerned with giving are often unintentionally egotistical, suggesting a subtle version of you need me, but I don't need you. Or a version of 'better than'. They like to imply that they have it all together and they see others as less fortunate and needing their help to be whole and happy. They seldom respect the choices of those they see as less fortunate, offering them pity because they dont live or comply with their own material standards. These are the people who usually refuse anything that is offered to them. Often, because they are not feeling themselves WORTHY of receiving. They are, many times, performing a duty or obligation and not giving from joy. Giving from guilt never works well. Also, sometimes they 'give' as assurance that they will receive. Tithing is sometimes taught this way; as sort of insurance that you will get back what you give. Sometimes, giving is a way to bargain with God with the implication being, Please dont take any of what I have away because Im already giving it away. All of these are the wrong reasons to give. When one is purely aligned with Spirit, one gives from pure joy, pure exuberance and the impulse to share. Tithes, or any gift given freely and joyfully, have much more impact on your alignment with wealth than any gift given out of duress or expectancy of a return. When we practice law of attraction, we align with The Source inside of us. We recognize the infinitude of supply for us and for every person. And we recognize that each person has free will to accept or reject their good. Science of Mind, Abraham, and quantum physics teach that the Universe, Source Energy, god, the Unified field, whatever you call it . . . is only a force of flowing energy that says 'yes' to whatever you put into it. Like water, it is a flow, that's nature is to give, to expand and it only needs a request to flow into. Everything should be done for one reason alone and that is because it gives joy. That is what we are here for joy and freedom and fun. Giving should be done when it is fun, and when it is done from an attitude of I have plenty and there is plenty more where that came from (my consciousness) and it gives me joy to share. Then abundance flows into our attitude of I have plenty. We dont have to give to get; we get plenty more from our appreciation of what we have and from our joy of sharing. This feels so much better to me than the obligation to give in order to receive.


Created: 12/30/2009

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