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Error Description
Return-cum-chalan of tax payable by a dealer under M.V.A.T.Act, 2002 and Rule 17, 18 and 45
Holding CST
M.V.A.T. RC Please Separate
1 R.C. No. 27740010599 V Select Yes Return Code
Personal Name of
Informati BLOCK/ FLAT 214 Premise/Building/Village BLUE ROSE IND. EST.
CITY MUMBAI District Pin code 400066
Location of Sales Tax office
having jurisdiction over accounts@salvichem.c
place of business 01-Mazgaon E_mail id of Dealer om
Address Phone No Of Delar 28701438
Whether First Return ? (In Case of New
Registration / New Package scheme
Type of Return (Select appropriate) Original dealer) No

Whether Last Return ? (In Case of

Cancellation of Registration Or For
new Package scheme dealers for end of
non package scheme period Or end of
3 Periodicity of Return (Select appropriate) Monthly package scheme period) No
Period Covered by Return Date Month Year Date Month Year
From To
4 01 09 08 30 09 08

5 Particulars Amount ( Rs)

Gross turnover of sales including, taxes as well as turnover of non
Computati sales transactions like value of branch/ consignment transfers , job
on of net a) work charges etc 35217630
of sales Less:-Value ,inclusive of sales tax.,of Goods Returned including
liable to reduction of sales price on account of rate difference and discount
tax b) . 0
Less:-Net Tax amount ( Tax included in sales shown in (a) above
c) less Tax included in(b) above) 45805

d) Less:-Value of branch / consignment transfers within the State 0

Less:-Sales u/s 8(1) including central sales tax and value of
branch / consignment transfers outside the State 21269218
Turnover of export sales u/s 5(1) and 5(3)
of the CST Act 1956 included in Box (e)

Turnover of sales in the course of import

u/s 5(2) of the CST Act 1956 included in 0
e) Box (e)

f) Less:-Sales of tax-free goods specified in Schedule A 12757520

Less:-Sales of taxable goods fully exempted u/s. 8 other than sales

under section 8(1) and shown in Box 5(e)
g) 0
h) Less:-Job work charges 0

i) Less:-Other allowable reductions / deductions 0

j) Total turnover of Sales liable to tax [a-(b+c+d+e+f+g+h+i)] 1145087

Rate of tax Turnover of sales liable to tax (Rs.) Tax Amount ( Rs)
6 a) 12.50% 0
b) 8% 0
on of tax
payable c) 4% 1145087 45803
under the d) 0
M VAT e) 0
Act f) 0
Total 1145087 45803
6A Sales Tax collected in excess of the amount of tax payable. 2

7 Particulars Amount ( Rs)

.Computat a)
ion of Total turnover of purchases including taxes, value of branch /
Turnover consignment transfers received and job work charges 37592940
of b)
Less:-Value ,inclusive of tax.,of Goods Returned including
reduction of purchase price on account of rate difference and
eligible for
discount . 0
c) Less:-Imports (High seas purchases) 3196
d) Less:-Imports (Direct imports) 4000
e) Less:-Inter-State purchases 26182237
f) Less:-Inter-State branch / consignment transfers received 0
Less:-Within the State branch / consignment transfers received 0
h) Less:-Within the State purchases of taxable goods from un-
registered dealers 0
i) Less:-Within the State purchases of taxable goods from registered
dealers not eligible for set-off 728944
j) Less:-Within the State purchases of taxable goods fully exempted
from tax u/s 8 other than purchases under section 8(1) 0
k) Less:-Within the State purchases of tax-free goods specified in
schedule A 0
l) Less:-Other allowable deductions / reductions 100
m) Balance: Within the State purchases of taxable goods from
registered dealers eligible for set-off [a-
(b+c+d+e+f+g+h+i+j+k+l) ] 10674463

Tax Rate Rate of tax Net Turnover of purchases (Rs.) Tax Amount ( Rs)
breakup a) 12.50% 1260403 157551
of within
b) 4.00% 8900078 356071
for set-off
as per box
Tax Rate
of within
c) 20.00% 300 60
for set-off
as per box d)
7(m) e)
Total 10160781 513682

9. Particulars Purchase Value(Rs.) Tax Amount (Rs.)

Computati a)
on of set- Within the State purchases of taxable goods from
off registered dealers eligible for set-off as per Box 8 10160781 513682
claimed in b) Less: Reduction in the amount of set_off u/r 53(1) of
this return the purchase price of (Sch C, D & E) goods) 143075 5723
Less: Reduction in the amount of set_off u/r 53(2) of
the purchase price of (Sch B) goods 0
c) Less: Reduction in the amount of set-off under any
other sub rule of Rule 53 0
d) Add: Adjustment to set-off claimed short in earlier
e) Less: Adjustment to excess set-off claimed in earlier
f) Set-off available for the period of this return [a-(b+c-
d+e)] 507959
10. Computation for Tax payable along with return
Particulars Amount ( Rs)
A. Aggregate
of credit a) Set off available as per Box 9 (f) 507959
available for
the tax period b) Excess credit brought forward from previous return 0

c) Amount already paid ( Details to be entered in Box 10 E) 0

Excess Credit if any , as per Form 234 , to be adjusted
d) against the liability as per Form 231 0
Adjustment of ET paid under Maharashtra Tax on Entry of
e) Goods into Local Areas Act 2002 0
Refund adjustment order No. ( Details to be entered in Box
f) 14 F) 0
g) Total available credit (a+b+c+d+e+f) 507959
B Sales tax
payable and a) Sales Tax payable as per box 6 45803
adjustment of Adjustment of MVAT payable, if any as per Return Form
CST/ET b) 234 against the excess credit as per Form 231. 0
Adjustment towards CST payable as per return for this
c) period 167799
credit Adjustment towards ET payable under Maharashtra tax on
d) Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act, 2002 0
e) Interest Payable 0

Balance: Excess credit [10A(g)-10B(a)+10B(b)+10B(c)+

f) 10B(d)+ 10B(e)] 294357
Balance:Amount payable including Tax and Interest
g) [ 10B(a)+10B(b)+10B(c)+ 10B(d)+10B(e)-10A(g)] 0
C Utilisation
of Excess a) Excess credit carried forward to subsequent return 294355
Credit Excess credit claimed as refund in this return(Box10 B(f)-
b) Box 10 C(a)) 2
Tax payable a) Total Amount payable as per Box 10B(g) 0
with return-
Cum-Chalan b) Amount paid along with return-cum-chalan

c) Amount paid as per Revised /Fresh return

Chalan / CIN No Date
E. Details of Amount Already Paid
Chalan/ CIN No Amount (Rs) Date of Payment Bank Name Branch Name

Total 0
F. Details of RAO
RAO No Amount Adjusted( Rs) Date of RAO

Total 0

G. The Statement contained in this return in Box 1 to 10 are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date of Filing of Return Date 31 Month 10 Year 08 Place MUMBAI

Name Of Authorised Person KAUSHAL K SALVI Remarks
Designation DIRECTOR
E_mail_id kks@salvichem.com
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2.After Filling The Fields Please Press The Validate Button
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4.You Can Save The Form For Submission if validate Function Returns The same Message
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