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Q 3. Preparing a brand India promotional campaign to attract FDI. Ans.

India Calling In the current competitive market conditions it has crucial for countries to identify the appropriate markets for investing and getting the maximum possible returns on investment. India is one of such hot destination to invest in and earn a fortune. India has maintained its traditional essence along with developing and growing so rapidly and trying to match its pace with world economy. India as a hot destination for Travel having one of the best wonder among seven, i.e Taj Mahal known for the eternal love of Shah Jahan who built it for her beloved Anar Kali. mountains and hills such as Kullumanali, Shimla, Kashmir n many more. Pilgrimage temples such as Amarnath, Dharamshala, Kedarnath, mosques like Jama Masjid, Gurudwara as Golden Temple in Amritsar, Church as in Goa. India is land of temples preserving ancient Indian culture, sculptures and attracting foreign tourists. Urban Places like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore are full of crowds and developed cities of India. Goa, one of the hottest tourist destination in India attracting most of the foreign tourists every year. Having peculiarities such as beaches, modern amenities, atmosphere, cool environment, Casinos, booze parties, etc. and many more. Why India for investing? India is fastest growing economy after China. Potential in the market is tremendous as many avenues are yet to be explored and flourished. India has GDP growth rate of around 9% and targets double digit growth. Other developed markets are saturated to invest and get the targeted rate of return. Globalization is taking place so rapidly that companies dont want to skip any market to be untapped. Multi-nationals are considering every market with huge potential. They are ready to work anywhere in the world for higher returns. India is one of the hottest destination for FDI inflows as it has huge market of consumers. Its huge population comprising of majorly middle class and middle aged people. Hence having high amount of disposable income and which is growing rapidly with the growth of IT and Software industry most importantly. In addition to that, India is considered to be manufacturing hub after China. India is closely competing with China for being hottest destination for manufacturing Hub of the world. India has many benefits compared to China in terms of better quality. Most of the Population is friendly with English so it gets easier for foreign players to work along with local people. Cheap laborers available in huge numbers. Lacks in infrastructure but it is concentrating on developing it rapidly. Summing up India has the potential to offer great rate of return on investment as the figures of the nations economy are drastically different from others in the world. Sustaining such huge GDP growth

rate along with 11% inflation rates is itself unique comparing it on international norms and standards.