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Quotation Letter A quotation letter comprises the following details: Senders address Receivers address Date Dear Sir title Content o Introduce you name , company,...reason why o What exactly you want : Name of the article / product o Specification: quality(size, length, thickness); quantity (the number you want) o When you want it o Ask them to quote price -hope.. Yours faithfully Signature, Your name Regional Engineering College Chennai 603001 18 Jan 2007 The Manager Modern Electro Products Ltd 57 Peters Road Chennai 600014 Dear Sir Sub: Quotation for Electonics Laboratory We are interested in buying some equipment for our electronics laboratory. Kindly quote your lowest rates for the following items, giving full particulars and technical details. Please send your quotation on or before 15 Jan 2007. The quantity we propose to buy is indicated against each item. S.No Description and specification of the item Quantity required 1. Transistor BC 107 2 2. Function generator 3 3. Multimeter 4 4. IC chips LM 339 3 5. IC Chips LM 7400 2 6. Resistors TK, 5% 2 Please indicate the terms and conditions regarding the following details: Earliest delivery time Guarantee period, and after-sale services Tax inclusion Packing and forwarding charges Discount rate Contract terms We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully Dr S Srinivasan Prof and HOD of ECE Reply letter to a quotation: Happy Home Departmental Store Aringnar Anna Shopping Complex Thirumangalam, Chennai 600101 21 Jan 2007 The Principal Regional Engineering College Trichy Dear Sir

Quotation for office furniture Thank you very much for your enquiry of 10 Jan 2007. We have great pleasure in submitting the following quotation for your consideration: S.No Item Description Net Prices 1. Office desk, Steel frame, with sunmica top Rs. 4750 (60x 40x30) fitted with drawers on the sides 2. Revolving chair with cushion seats and Rs. 3050 padded backrest. Standard size. Terms and conditions: 1. Packing and transportation charges from our works to your institution are not included in the prices quoted. 2. Sales Tax is included in the price quoted. 3. Delivery will be made within 4 weeks of receiving the order 5. Quoted rates will remain valid for a period of three months.

We are looking forward to receiving your order and doing more business with you. Yours faithfully Vasanth P Sales Manager.