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Evolution vs.

Creation Evolution has not always been around, but the battle between humanistic thought and Biblical truth has raged from the moment that Eve accepted the forbidden fruit from Satan. Evolutionary theory actually originated sometime before Darwin, but it was Darwin who brought the idea to full development. Ever since that day, the humanistic and evil doctrine of evolution has warred vehemently against the truth of God. As in any untrue teaching, evolution has as many proverbial holes in it. Its structural problems, although not always obvious, are there nonetheless. These flaws can easily be seen on careful examination of evolutions key belief: gradual change from one species to another. Darwin claimed that, on his famous trip to the Galapagos Islands, members of an animal species on one island would differ greatly in color and size from members of the same species on a separate island. He claimed that those differences were subtle changes in the species that, over the course of time, would lead to a completely different species. What Darwin failed to recognize was that even if tortoises on one island, were different from tortoises on another island, the fact remains that both tortoises are still tortoises. Darwin also stated that, in order for his theory of evolution to hold any scientific water, there would have to be found fossil links between all species of animals. He assumed that, after his lifetime, expeditions would be mounted based on his theories and these missing links would eventually be found. Yet here we are, hundreds of years after Darwin, and we have not found a single fossil skeleton that can accurately be considered a missing link. Many skeletons have been faked, and many others have been cases of mistaken identity, but not a single find has been a genuine missing link. To add to this trouble, new evidence has shown that, in order for gradual change into another species to work, there would literally have to be so many missing links that we could never get away from them. Yet we find there is a great empty space where these links should reside. Like many false ideologies, evolution is the root cause of more problems than solutions. In fact the evils of the Nazi regime, Joseph Stalins reign, and our own secular society can be traced back to evolutionary beginnings. Hitler was plagued with the obsession of creating a super-race of human beings. He believed in the doctrine of Natural Selection, that the strong will eventually overrun and replace the weak. His methodology reflected such a belief, as he killed off millions of what he believed to be inferior human beings to make way for his Arian race. The same can also be said of our modern day society that murders thousands of innocent babies in the name of convenience (Abortion). When all is said and done, the real evidence that puts the bullet in the head of evolution is the counter evidence of what God has done. Millions of lives have been changed by his love. Real repentance and true charity can be seen in the lives of Christians. So this student asks, if God does not exist, how then does he work? If God never was, how is it that so many are changed by Him?