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29 December 2011 username ViciaScience NeedhamL56 ukedchat anhalf ViciaScience hrogerson ViciaScience Lethandrel hrogerson Biolady99 NeedhamL56 cardiffscience

Biolady99 anhalf anhalf hrogerson ViciaScience NeedhamL56 Teachric Lethandrel hrogerson anhalf NeedhamL56 time 19:59 20:00 20:01 20:01 20:01 20:02 20:02 20:03 20:04 20:04

#ukedchat/#asechat Special status #ukedchat #asechat great video from @brendano to show what science Y1 pupils can achieve bit.ly/v2a1Sl #ukedchat and #asechat lets start with tapping into children's curiosity about the world, then making obs that are more scientific Welcome to #ukedchat / #asechat joint session tonight hosted by @ViciaScience @jona1 no prob :-D haven't heard from the others yet... will hope to after newyear. R u joining #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 How big is a child's world when they are in early years? Does this exclude some ideas and skills? #asechat #UKedchat @ViciaScience #ukedchat #ASEChat how to measure and why we measure. Jonny Ball has a great book on that. @ukedchat nd welcome to tonights topic with a primary science theme #asechat #ukedchat My physics page has been updated with mystic plasticine and dancing particles/states of matter (obviously still has BFCs) #asechat @ViciaScience @needhaml56 seeing cause and effect would be useful, seeing spotting effects early on. #ukedchat #ASEChat @hrogerson i used to watch Jonny Ball all the time as a child plus the programme How #ukedchat

20:04 @ViciaScience use their concrete experiences and curiosity to develop a scientific way of looking no matter how big .. #asechat/#ukedchat A child's universe only limited by imagination until squashed by convention 20:05 #asechat #ukedchat 20:05 RT @hrogerson: @ViciaScience @needhaml56 seeing cause and effect would be useful, seeing spotting effects early on. #ukedchat #ASEChat @ViciaScience what do sec teachers thnk we need to spend mre/less time on? 20:05 #asechat #ukedchat RT @cardiffscience: A child's universe only limited by imagination until 20:06 squashed by convention #asechat #ukedchat As a secondary science teacher I don't want too much ks3 fact taught. Eg 20:06 particle model taught as concrete prep. #ASEChat #ukedchat 20:06 @hrogerson #ASEChat such as when class makes a sound they can see impact on data logger? Seen EY class do this. Brilliant #ASEChat #ukedchat 20:06 @ViciaScience #asechat/ #ukedchat their world is Bottom line - the National Curriculum for Science in primary schools is 20:06 impossible to implement #ukedchat 20:06 Please primary school teachers teach LITRES/kg like with 10cmx10cmx10cm cubes fill with water and weigh!!!! For a start :-) #asechat 20:07 Sorry, tea time in my house! #ASEChat #ukedchat enjoy! @Lethandrel thanks...its important that pri and sec TALK to ech othr...we all 20:08 want chn to love the sbjct :-) #asechat #ukedchat @cardiffscience why do they grow out of this? is it because they begin to know 20:08 some of the answers? #asechat/ #ukedchat

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special

ViciaScience ViciaScience anhalf Lethandrel NeedhamL56 anhalf NeedhamL56 Biolady99 norfolkteacher1 Lethandrel cardiffscience Lethandrel ViciaScience Biolady99 NeedhamL56 ViciaScience NeedhamL56 Lethandrel Biolady99 cardiffscience ICTwitz NeedhamL56 anhalf Biolady99

20:08 @hrogerson sec teachers need children to have concrete experiences that can be linked into big ideas when arrive in sec schl? #ASEChat @Lethandrel Be good to understand what sort of measuring children should do 20:09 in early years / primary? #asechat #ukedchat 20:09 @Teachric how come?? #ukedchat #asechat @anhalf I learnt metric by that method at prim sch in 70s - advantaged 20:10 because of #asechat #ukedchat #asechat/ #ukedchat but what is to be taught when? Singapore curric has cells 20:10 in Y4 is this right? 20:10 Aaaaarrrrggghhhh TweetDeck slow #asechat @ViciaScience @lethandrel mmm just read this as measuring cylinder need to 20:11 get out more #asechat/ #ukedchat 20:11 i learned about electrical circuits at key stage 2 in lots of detail #ukedchat

20:11 @cardiffscience #ukedchat Yes. Whole sessions can b spent generating qus: leading chn not 2 accept but 2 question how / why the world works Also VERY good at sorting out damned areas and volumes problem re milli or 20:11 centi #asechat @NeedhamL56 I think it's more that their questions aren't always valued; we 20:12 need to help them ..1/2 #asechat #ukedchat 20:12 20:12 20:12 20:13 20:14 @NeedhamL56 Did you KNOW where your ml came from? #asechat #ukedchat @norfolkteacher1 should anything go in terms of chldn's qu's? or should there be a fixed curric? #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience yes but more detail if children can cope too #ukedchat @Lethandrel nope! I'm ashamed to say #asechat/ #ukedchat Do children need to do their own enquiry to get insights into how science knowledge is acquired? #ukedchat #asechat

20:14 @norfolkteacher1 @cardiffscience shouldn't we be getting more sophisticated at investigating rather than doing less? #asechat/ #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 Exactly. 10cmx10cmx10cm cube (ie litre) fill with water, weigh, 20:14 a kg. BASIC STARTING POINT!!! #asechat #ukedchat @SheliBB cool, we did electrical circuits by playing with circuit boards and 20:14 making different kinds using resistors etc #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 ...turn q's into ones that can be answered using enquiry 2/2 20:14 #asechat #ukedchat 20:14 #ukedchat Do any teachers manage cross curriculum science? 20:15 @cardiffscience: @NeedhamL56 ...turn q's into ones that can be answered using enquiry 2/2 #asechat #ukedchat a skill to learn in 1ery def @ICTwitz we try to do mix of discrete and cross curricular...worry that mny 20:15 prim do all crss curricular...#asechat RT @NeedhamL56: @cardiffscience: @NeedhamL56 ...turn q's into ones def 20:16 that can be answered using enquiry 2/2 #asechat #ukedchat a skill to learn in 1ery

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special

ViciaScience Lethandrel Lethandrel

20:16 @Lethandrel starting point may be to get all teachers to adopt same system of units?? Is there place for mm and cm?? #asechat #ukedchat 20:16 @ViciaScience I've had enough of that crap re my blog #ukedchat #asechat

20:17 @ViciaScience Uh yeah! I have A2 students who wished they'd listened to me first time round. Wouldn't it be better.... #asechat #ukedchat 20:17 @ViciaScience @Lethandrel main'measuring'that eyfs/primary chdrn should do is observation-language to compare,analyse,describe etc #ukedchat 20:19 @ICTwitz I've designed whole topics around science: scientists in mantle & linked 2 lit /num /geog & hist. Vital in giving purpose #ukedchat @Lethandrel so do we propose only units such as milli, kilo or is there a place 20:19 for deci and centi? #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience I started AS with SI units. Was all class teaching I'm sorry to say. 20:19 and I'm talking cm,mm,m,kg,l,ml #asechat #ukedchat @SheliBB so shd prim not worry bout measuring ? Just obs and compare ? 20:19 #asechat #ukedchat 20:19 @ViciaScience @lethandrel education for teachers re language of measurement, common vocab would help everyone #asechat/ #ukedchat #asechat Have heard suggestion that science shouldn't be part of primary 20:19 curriculum - don't think I agree, but could see why said 20:20 @ViciaScience We use cm. Where the hell do we use deci? #asechat #ukedchat RT @NeedhamL56: @ViciaScience @lethandrel education for teachers re 20:20 language of measurement, common vocab would help everyone #asechat/ #ukedchat 20:21 @cardiffscience #ukedchat & they also need to spend time considering why their experiments haven't worked / how 2 improve & how 2 do again 20:21 @DrDav also heard opposite; more content should go into KS2 and there should be specialist science teachers in 1ery #asechat/ #ukedchat 20:21 20:21 20:21 20:21 20:21 20:21 @anhalf and the discoveries and the conclusions that they make #ukedchat @anhalf No no no! Please do not abandon measurement. Pupils need to see quantification. #asechat #ukedchat @anhalf not at all! But language must surely be used first? Measuring is essential maths, but to me the 'science' is the language #ukedchat I had an ADVANTAGE (in 70s) because I KNEW what a litre was, was 10cm was, what a kg was. #asechat @Lethandrel decibels #asechat @DrDav dont think that is the case...still core as far as i know #asechat


norfolkteacher1 ViciaScience Lethandrel anhalf NeedhamL56 DrDav Lethandrel Biolady99


NeedhamL56 SheliBB ViciaScience SheliBB Lethandrel ViciaScience anhalf NeedhamL56

20:22 @anhalf: @SheliBB so shd prim not worry bout measuring ? Just obs and compare ? #asechat #ukedchat NOT 'what should we measure. def Page 3 of 11

29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special #asechat #ukedchat Perhaps need more 'science careers' in primary. Showing where science used, rather than concepts used.

DrDav cardiffscience ViciaScience anhalf


20:22 Think too often we confuse science as content. It's exploration and investigation which is what young chln are experts at #asechat #ukedchat @cardiffscience Children think scientifically from v early age - cause and effect, 20:23 prediction based on observation. #asechat #ukedchat 20:23 @SheliBB @viciascience phew!! Thought so!! Ks1 focus on comparing and observing. Ks2 more measure..usin mm,ml,cm,l,kg,g. #asechat #ukedchat 20:23 @anhalf: @SheliBB so shd prim not worry bout measuring ? Just obs and compare ? #asechat #ukedchatto see if its made a difference?" @DrDav But isn't childhood all about exploring your environment and making 20:23 rules to fit your experiences? Is that not science? #asechat Or is someone trying to tell me that not knowing what a litre, metre, etc is is 20:23 NOT a disadvantage #asechat @DrDav check out 'primarily science' @t4ny476 they have a good activity 20:24 related to science careers #asechat/ #ukedchat @anhalf From me: Teach them kg, litres and the relation - that 10x10x10 20:24 #asechat #ukedchat 20:24 @nickotkdIV @ViciaScience @Lethandrel not a big fan of APP #ukedchat @cardiffscience #ukedchat - couldn't agree more. It's a skill in which 20:24 knowledge will spring from 20:25 @anhalf We never allow children to plan their own investigations,or to carry it out with their choice of equipment.Its impossible #ukedchat #ukedchat How about using fiction to inspire an interest in science and 20:25 engineering? - see http://t.co/vIeKx3kg 20:26 @anhalf @viciascience ability to measure is different from skills needed to draw conclusions, so scienctific language SO important #ukedchat @Babbleaboutbks I thiught most chidren were interested in science when they 20:26 start school? #asechat #ukedchat 20:26 I have AS students that do not know what 10cmx10cmx10cm is #asechat

NeedhamL56 DrRacheal Lethandrel NeedhamL56 Lethandrel SheliBB norfolkteacher1 Teachric Babbleaboutbks SheliBB ViciaScience Lethandrel cardiffscience ViciaScience Babbleaboutbks NeedhamL56 DrDav

20:26 Yes! MT @DrRacheal @DrDav But isn't childhood all abt exploring your env and making rules to fit your experiences? Is that not sci? #asechat @SheliBB I quite agree. There must be time given to discussing findings and 20:27 emerging ideas / explanations #asechat #ukedchat 20:28 @ViciaScience Yes, they probably are. I think it is useful to see it across the whole curriculum and presented in different forms #ukedchat 20:28 @cardiffscience yes, science is about UNcertainty #asechat/ #ukedchat

20:28 @Teachric @anhalf #ukedchat Managed with year 7 and 8 using CREST scheme. All their own ideas and investigations. Could be done in primary Page 4 of 11

29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special @cardiffscience Agreed. Till we get to those tricky sciece ideas which are NOT intuitive - save till later?? #asechat #ukedchat Stop fanning the fads, please. Kiddies ask why because they want to be told. 20:29 They don't want 'oh see this website' #asechat 20:29 20:30 @ViciaScience A child might be poor @ making accurate measurements,but fully understand the science part of what they hve observed #ukedchat @SheliBB @anhalf @viciascience #ukedchat Language enables chn to 20:30 understand what they are measuring and why @Babbleaboutbks be great to have some suggested titles of fiction with a 20:30 strong sci theme #asechat #ukedchat Exploring, observing etc yes . . . but science also uses hard ideas to explain 20:31 young children not able to cope with. #asechat #ukedchat @norfolkteacher1 Agreed. Language also empowers thinking. Need to develop 20:31 language to help develop ideas. #asechat #ukedchat Unless you are Galileo or Faraday even the most carefully put together 20:31 'discovery' lessons DO NOT work #asechat 20:32 How Digital Learning Will Benefit Low Income Students http://t.co/PNFptxxH via @zite #education #finnedchat #edchat #ukedchat #principals Also, pri chln arrive in sec with enquiry skills which are ignored. Eg They can 20:32 draw a table, don't need a worksheet! #asechat #ukedchat @SheliBB Interesting point. Should teacher focus on helping improve accuracy 20:32 of measurement or not important? #asechat #ukedchat @SheliBB @anhalf @viciascience any good vocab games that you use at the 20:32 beginning of a new topic? #ukedchat @Lethandrel My AS biology students struggle converting between milli, kilo, 20:32 nano prefixes #asechat I think getting children out of the classroom as much as possible also helps 20:33 develop an interest in science too. #ukedchat @DrDav @anhalf Not with health and safety regulations as they are. What is 20:33 CREST? #ukedchat @nickotkdIV many prims seem to hve lost sci in cross curriculum topcs...shd we 20:33 try to change and hw ? #asechat #ukedchat 20:33 @nickotkdIV @norfolkteacher1 @anhalf @viciascience because it develops curiosity, experimentation, investigation & enquiry skills? #ukedchat 20:33 @DrDav so which ideas are too hard for young children?? #asechat #ukedchat 20:33 @DrRacheal Sing them! V quickly do they avoid my singing #asechat 20:34 @ViciaScience Yes, accuracy is very important, but not always necessary in order to make appropriate scientific conclusions #ukedchat 20:34 True RT @anhalf @nickotkdIV many prims seem to hve lost sci in cross curriculum topcs...shd we try to change and hw ? #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience @babbleaboutbks I'm waiting for this book 20:34 http://t.co/rENLYxwB to arrive. Sounds good, but not primary #asechat #ukedchat

ViciaScience Lethandrel SheliBB norfolkteacher1 ViciaScience DrDav ViciaScience Lethandrel apuustin cardiffscience ViciaScience nightzookeeper DrRacheal Babbleaboutbks Teachric anhalf SheliBB ViciaScience Lethandrel SheliBB



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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special


20:34 RT @SheliBB @nickotkdIV @norfolkteacher1 because it develops curiosity, experimentation, investigation & enquiry skills? #ukedchat< YES YES 20:35 @cardiffscience back to talking again, sec teachers can't value what children bring/ don't trust they can ACTUALLY do it #asechat/ #ukedchat @cardiffscience So did Rose report strengthen science in primary curric? 20:35 #ASEChat #ukedchat @Teachric much health and sfety is tosh and need not impact on exciting 20:35 chn...#asechat #ukedchat 20:35 Important to strive for accuray, even if not achieved.MT @ViciaScience: @SheliBB accuracy of measurement not important? #asechat #ukedchat I would imagine that science teaching lends itself beautifully to practical, 20:35 outdoor exploration & interesting visits/visitors. #ukedchat #asechat #ukedchat seems a lot of the units/measuring can be taught in maths 20:36 as well as Sci, no excuse with cross curric themes then @ViciaScience @shelibb ...personally I believe these areas are all 20:36 interconnected #asechat #ukedchat 20:36 @Lethandrel Ha ha ha! Brilliant! #asechat @maz_blaze90 yes - as long as maths and sci teachers use same language. Not 20:37 a prob in primary schls? #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience I suggest atoms&bonding, forces, & energy to start with. Can be 20:37 done superficially but still hard #asechat #ukedchat 20:37 @Lethandrel agreed...&thats the point & joy..sci is unpredictable and sometimes has no answrs. Pri. Chn can cope wit that #asechat #ukedchat 20:37 @DrRacheal Bloody works! #asechat @ViciaScience #ukedchat #asechat and with communication shouldn't be prob 20:38 in KS3 either! taught at same time in two places. k 20:38 @Teachric I think there is a need for both #ukedchat 20:38 @anhalf The Science curriculum is unrealistic, we need to teach problem solving and thinking skills at primary level not "facts" #ukedchat @DrRacheal Actually gets a bit embarrassing when they start doing it in PUBLIC 20:38 #asechat 20:38 @ViciaScience don't think there are ideas that are too hard to understand, but some might be diff to teach to a young audience #asechat 20:39 @DrDav some aspects of forces are better at primary others at secondary. Concrete exp at prim, more abstract at sec? #asechat #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 sadly, often low expectations (I am sec, but worked with pri). 20:39 Same true at all transitions, eg sec to FE #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience no prob in pri aslong as tchrs stress and use egs across bth sbjcts 20:40 #asechat #ukedchat CREST award from BA http://t.co/kk1ehrRF @Teachric @anhalf We got the 20:40 kids to do H&S assessment. No injuries! #ukedchat #asechat

NeedhamL56 ViciaScience anhalf DrDav Babbleaboutbks maz_blaze90 asober DrRacheal ViciaScience DrDav anhalf Lethandrel maz_blaze90 ViciaScience Teachric Lethandrel asober

ViciaScience cardiffscience anhalf DrDav

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special

norfolkteacher1 ViciaScience asober anhalf ViciaScience asober SheliBB cardiffscience DrDav Teachric SheliBB ViciaScience anhalf NeedhamL56 asober anhalf ViciaScience maz_blaze90 DrDav norfolkteacher1

20:41 @cardiffscience @anhalf @nickotkdIV Do u think? If topic mapping is done properly science shouldn't be lost when ensuring coverage #ukedchat @anhalf Agreed. Sec sci teachers could do with some support in how maths is 20:41 taught in my experience. #asechat #ukedchat Difficult ideas to teach in Prim: diff between en and pow, energy and eff... 20:41 Mainly due to math demands? #asechat #ukedchat @Teachric need both for sure.. knwledge thru skills thru knwledge..intertwined 20:41 #asechat #ukedchat @asober Agreed. Teaching of energy may be due for a shake up. Talk to IoP at 20:42 #ASEconf about this #asechat #ukedchat @cardiffscience @needhaml56 could it also be lack of trust for colleagues 20:42 further down? In some cases? #ukedchat #asechat @norfolkteacher1 @cardiffscience @anhalf @nickotkdIV science is definitely 20:43 not lost at our school! #ukedchat 20:43 20:43 20:44 20:44 20:44 20:44 @asober but why would you teach those in pri? KS4 really #asechat #ukedchat @Teachric #ukedchat #asechat Without some facts it can be quite tricky to solve problems or have anything to use thinking skills on. @DrDav yes but come secondary all science teachers teach everything from scratch anyway? #ukedchat @DrDav @Teachric But the children can learn facts whilst investigating #ukedchat So what should be taught in primary in addition to measurement and observation #asechat #ukedchat @norfolkteacher1 ideally not but in my experience many lose the sbjct...chn shd knw they are learning science...#asechat

20:45 @SheliBB: @norfolkteacher1 @cardiffscience @anhalf @nickotkdIV science is definitely not lost at our school! #ukedchat Hooray!! #asechat @cardiffscience ah! Because we lost rolls-Royce prize against primary who 20:45 intro'd en eff to stretch kids ;-) #asechat #ukedchat @norfolkteacher1 cont..how can we rais profile of sbjct uf not knw learningit?? 20:45 #asechat Only 15 mins left. DfE and Oates at #ASEconf need to be told what we think 20:45 primary science should look like. Suggestions please #asechat 20:46 @ViciaScience recording! #asechat #ukedchat Glad to hear it! RT @SheliBB: science is definitely not lost at our school! 20:46 #ukedchat 20:46 @nickotkdIV @SheliBB @anhalf Well that's a real shame because I've found the opportunity it affords other subjects is invaluable #ukedchat 20:47 Spiral curriculum??? MT @Teachric: @DrDav yes but come secondary all science teachers teach everything from scratch anyway? #ukedchat 20:47 RT @NeedhamL56 @SheliBB: @norfolkteacher1 @cardiffscience @nickotkdIV sci not lost at our school! #ukedchat #asechat < ours too :-D yay 20:47 How about making conclusions and graphing? #ukedchat #asechat


anhalf georgiayam

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special Sorry, keep dropping out of this #ukedchat tonight. A lot of poor teaching in primary is evident due to lack of knowledge of teachers measuring, recording, observing, graphing concluding all ok. Evaluating, analysing, criticising? #asechat #ukedchat RT @Lethandrel: Unless you are Galileo or Faraday even the most carefully put together 'discovery' lessons DO NOT work #asechat @Biolady99 Are teachers more confident with this than, say, light, forces, electricity? #ukedchat #asechat Don't throw baby out with bath water , explicit science enquiry with good basic science content; better links with sec #asechat #ukedchat I mean, I know a lot of primary teachers who avoid upper KS2 because of their lack of knowledge and confidence #ukedchat

ICTwitz ViciaScience oldandrewuk ViciaScience cardiffscience ICTwitz SheliBB Biolady99 anhalf DrDav Teachric ICTwitz ViciaScience ICTwitz Teachric cardiffscience anhalf ViciaScience ViciaScience ICTwitz Biolady99 anhalf ViciaScience DrRacheal ViciaScience

20:48 20:48 20:48 20:49 20:49 20:49

20:49 In our primary the children experience either science through mantle of the expert (enquiry) or 2 hours deicated teaching per week #ukedchat 20:49 fieldwork and ecology for environmental studies #ukedchat @nickotkdIV :-( need a strong coordinator in pri to keep high profile and 20:49 standards. #asechat What science is used for e.g. careers/real world links (Though I know that is 20:50 down to individual schools) #asechat #ukedchat @ICTwitz yes but that is true of all subjects. Our year 3 teacher spells which 20:50 witch, its unbelievable. #ukedchat #ukedchat I have seen concept cartoons used to help thinking and share ideas, 20:50 but they are costly? 20:51 @nightzookeeper Thanks for confirming that! #ukedchat #asechat @Teachric #ukedchat Not to mention the notes I see with confusions of their / 20:51 they're / there! Shameful! @ViciaScience evaluating, criticising and analysing are very very important 20:51 skills to teach #ukedchat Most of all value the excellent work going on in many primary classrooms 20:51 #asechat #ukedchat 20:51 @ICTwitz do u thnk so? How can this be overcome? #asechat Agree RT @anhalf: @nickotkdIV :-( need a strong coordinator in pri to keep 20:51 high profile and standards. #asechat 20:52 @Teachric I agree they are important , but not easy #asechat #ukedchat @anhalf A higher standard of teacher training, with a higher standard of 20:52 students who WANT to teach! #ukedchat @ViciaScience its all about balancing the content for all science in a 20:52 multidisciplinary sense #ukedchat @ViciaScience investigation, wow factor...real life science, inventions and 20:52 inventors...LIVING!! # asechat #ukedchat 20:52 Absolutely - need a pedestal RT @cardiffscience: Most of all value the excellent work going on in many primary classrooms #asechat #ukedchat @asober In my experience, pri teachers are not confident teaching science 20:52 concepts as they're not specialists #asechat @anhalf Yes! (Who can name 10 scientists whose work has been published in 20:53 last 20 years?) #ukedchat #asechat

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special @ictwitz in the grand scheme of things no they're not but depends on your budget: http://t.co/NrIxDsSU #ukedchat @ICTwitz yes...i am doing GTP day in feb..they have One day only in yr training 20:53 on science ...crazy.#asechat #ukedchat @DrRacheal some are and they do a good job at coordinating around the 20:53 school! #ukedchat #asechat @ICTwitz should there be a primary science specialist in every school? 20:54 #asechat / #ukedchat 20:53 20:54 @SheliBB please explain 'mantle' - not aware of this #asechat #ukedchat RT @cardiffscience: Most of all value the excellent work going on in many 20:54 primary classrooms #asechat #ukedchat @ViciaScience oh no, before teaching I used to lecture at university and I saw 20:54 those skills lacking there too. #ukedchat 20:54 @Babbleaboutbks my preferred method is through mantle. Sometimes up to 7 hours of science a week! Using&applying skills in context #ukedchat @Teachric Indeed! #ukedchat Standards need to be raised at the training 20:54 stage, in my opinion! Not all but many are RT @DrRacheal In my experience, pri teachers are not 20:54 confident teaching science concepts #asechat @cardiffscience Confidence is not same as competance. How can we help 20:55 teachers to become more confident? #asechat #ukedchat 20:55 @anhalf Teaching science at TT level should be practical, fun and engaging, which will create teachers who show an enthusiasm #ukedchat 20:55 One of our teachers often takes a Sugata Mitra approach to investigations. Pile up the equipment and say 'what can you learn?' #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 hard in schs with 4 staff...need support and strong links btween 20:56 phases #asechat #ukedchat 20:56 Almost impossible to achieve. RT @NeedhamL56: @ICTwitz should there be a primary science specialist in every school? #asechat / #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 Yes, and an English one, and a maths one!!! Tricky and costly! 20:57 #ukedchat @anhalf I would be v interested in helpiing set up communities of schools to 20:57 provide links, thru orgs like ASE #asechat #ukedchat @ICTwitz agreed...but it doesn't seem to be give mch time cmprd to eng/math 20:57 #asechat #ukedchat 20:57 @DrDav: Almost impossible to achieve. should there be a primary science specialist.. #asechat / #ukedchat Why? its been done for Maths @ICTwitz @anhalf Very dependent on what Teacher training you undertake as 20:57 to priority of science #ukedchat For goodness sake, litres and kg (cm mm and m) are essential at primary 20:57 #asechat @ViciaScience learning in a drama context (assuming an expert role). Difficult 20:58 to explain here! Will find a link #ukedchat

racheleppy anhalf asober NeedhamL56 ViciaScience anhalf Teachric SheliBB ICTwitz cardiffscience ViciaScience ICTwitz

SheliBB anhalf DrDav ICTwitz ViciaScience anhalf NeedhamL56 NuttyA10 Lethandrel SheliBB

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special Have seen 'science' explained badly in many sec lessons, and teaching varies greatly; not just a primary issue #asechat #ukedchat

cardiffscience DrDav ukedchat NuttyA10 ViciaScience anhalf Lethandrel ViciaScience DrDav Biolady99 NuttyA10 NeedhamL56


20:58 At my primary get almost no appls with sci deg MT @NeedhamL56: @ICTwitz primary science specialist in every school? #asechat / #ukedchat It's 9pm. Many thanks to @ViciaScience for hosting this joint #ukedchat / 20:59 #asechat special. Hope to see you again next Thurs at 8! 20:59 @DrDav @NeedhamL56 @ICTwitz Would be good like MaST have science specialism but no finance now for maths specialists #ukedchat Last few seconds - been some very passionate views expressed and lots of 20:59 fodder for thought #asechat #ukedchat @NeedhamL56 yes...but schs hav to pay fr MAst...schs cant/wont supprt sci in 20:59 same way :-( #asechat #ukedchat 20:59 Bit of a clue - I have to teach it at AS/A2 level, that's why bugbear #asechat Thanks everyone for a stimulating evening, and thanks to #ukedchat for letting 21:00 us invade their twitter space this week. Happy New Year 21:00 Possible have someone trained to be science specialist, but unlikely to have science degree.SLCs provide lots of support #asechat #ukedchat 21:00 @cardiffscience i think its an issue everywhere #ukedchat @norfolkteacher1 @anhalf Why do we do this in prim when not a priority at 21:00 secondary? #ukedchat 21:00 @ICTwitz suppose it depends on what is valued and how it is measured? should be about learning and developing next gen #asechat/#ukedchat 21:00 @cardiffscience Agree. In my last school I was pri liaison and supported those who needed plan/team teach/sub know/enquiry lessons #asechat @ViciaScience Looked like a good one and I missed most of it! Thanks for 21:01 hosting. #ukedchat @ViciaScience thanks for hosting good #asechat #ukedchat . Lets do another 21:02 takeover, perhaps not in hols? #ukedchat Thanks all. Now back to those exam questions I WAS supposed to 21:02 be writing tonight! @anhalf interesting, we know the reason. I'm sure that there is talk about 21:02 improving sci in very through' this idea. #asechat / #ukedchat Thanks for an interesting #ukedchat Sorry I was intermittent. Back to normal 21:02 next week =!!! @nickotkdIV @anhalf #ukedchat - absolutely! Work with data in num / write 21:03 up in lit/ given geog / hist / PSHE purpose 4 investigation! 21:03 @ViciaScience thanks and see you next week #ukedchat @Teachric @ViciaScience not one of my mantles, but this might help 21:04 http://t.co/sUGzbv8N #ukedchat 21:05 @viciascience Thanks for hosting #asechat / #ukedchat its a very hard topic, no wonder NC review is delayed! Happy New year all you chatters

DrRacheal NuttyA10 cardiffscience DrDav NeedhamL56 ICTwitz norfolkteacher1 Biolady99 SheliBB NeedhamL56

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29 December 2011

#ukedchat/#asechat Special @Teachric My children have been STARS(space transportation & 21:05 restorationation specialists) covering space,forces etc @ViciaScience #ukedchat 21:07 @Teachric @ViciaScience 'Energybusters' covering sustainable science, animal rescue centre volunteers- covering life processes #ukedchat 21:07 @ViciaScience mmm APP has a good lot of science knowledge that would ensure chldn could be scientists, +progression #asechat / #ukedchat @SheliBB @Teachric @ViciaScience mantle of the expert great! Would love to 21:07 know more about how you use it #asechat @Teachric @ViciaScience and next half term we are rescuing a polar bear, 21:08 covering materials, forces, life processes #ukedchat :) Off for Great expectations!! #asechat / #ukedchat getting told to come off my 21:08 computer now @ukedchat @ViciaScience Absolutely. Thank you. It's been most stimulating 21:08 (and I managed to follow the thread - yay!) #ukedchat Phew that was a fast hour #ukedchat #asechat will try to make my GTP 21:09 training inspirational :-) @ViciaScience children love it! Crime scene investigators is another one. I think 21:10 it helps develops enquiry/analytical skills #ukedchat 21:11 @cardiffscience @Teachric @ViciaScience easy to use mantle of the expert in primary schools.Lots of basic skills linked together #ukedchat 21:12 @Teachric I like the planning as I'm not great at planning ahead. Children lead the way! #ukedchat I know what they need to learn of course! 21:16 21:21 Whoops! Forgot it was #ukedchat night. Have been packing my suitcase. @ICTwitz Not if you make your own - clip art and speech bubbles! #ukedchat



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