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1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. I didnt want to _____ with Peteraboutdoingthewashing up. A) apologize B) conclude C) quarrel D) contrast E) blame


Whatattractedmostattention in his speech was his _____ tocreatenewjobs. A) strike B) election C) precaution D) promise E) doubt


Unlessyoutakeyourmedicine _____thatcoughofyourswill nevergo. A) decisively


Theearthquakecaused_____ damage but not much as expected. A) competent B) sensible C) rapid D) faithful E) considerable 5.

B) regularly C) reluctantly D) specially E) elaborately

Yourbicyclegoesmuchfaster than_____becauseitsalot lighter.

A) mine B) him C) us D) their E) our

A) so B) too C) enough D) even E) rather

9. 6. A lot of pictures were really very good, but Marys was certainly_____ofall. A) well B) beter C) asgood D) aswell E) thebest 7. I had to pay _____ for these shoesthanIexpectedto. A) themost B) farmore C) verymuch D) toomany E) fewer

Icanrememberthemainplot ofthenovelbutalmost_____ ofthedetails. A) none B) anything C) little D) less E) all

10. Over 40 million people pass _____ Heathrow airport each yearandatleast900aircraft landandtakeoffeveryday. A) away B) in C) before D) through E) along 11. _____ my great surprise, almosteveryoneagreed_____


I dont think Frank is old _____tostayathomealone.

him. A) For/to B) To/with C) At/from D) In/of E) With/by

usedtoworkwith. A) where B) whom C) whose D) which E) who 14. Imayneverbeabletocome back toTurkey,_____Iwant to see as much as possible whileIamhere. A) since

12. _____ImeetJohnhecomplains abouttheneighbours. A) Whenever B) Whatever C) Whereas D) Whichever E) While

B) unless C) because D) so E) although

15. Shedidntmind_____herhair wetintherain. A) get B) toget 13. Id like to introduce you to Mrs.Trot,_____husbandyou C) ingetting D) tohave

E) getting

A) read/hasmeant B) willread/meant C) haveread/means D) hadread/wouldmean E) arereading/mean

16. SofarIveonlywrittenhalfof thereport,butI_____allofit bySaturday. A) willhavefinished B) havefinished C) finish D) finished E) mighthavefinished 17. IwishI_____youbutIwas shortofmoneymyself. A) havehelped B) canhelp C) wouldhelp D) couldhavehelped E) help

19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz. 19. He didnt settle into the new job_____. A) whichproblemscouldhave beenavoided. B) iftheyhadofferedahigher salary. C) whetherhewasexperienced ornot. D) unless he had to work occasionallyonaSunday. E) as quickly as he had expectedto. 20. Faxing is a means of telecommutilation,_____. A) that worked on a system similar to the telephone system.

18. I suppose you _____ the contractandunderstandwhat it_____.

B) which has developed very quickly over the past few years. C) therefore charges will vary accord ding to the time of theday. D) unless companies were using it in place of telex machines. E) whetherornotyoustatethe nameofthereceiver.

onadvertising E) not only must you supply goodproduct 22. _____whenIretirenextyear. A) I expect Richard will take overasChairman B) The meeting has been put off C) Many changes would have takenplace D) Ihadntdecidedwhattosay attheparty E) I would be able send you thepricelist

21. Manufacturers could bring down the prices of their products_____. A) in spite of careful market research B) ascompaniesmisjudgethe market C) knowinghowmuchthepublic waspreparedtopay D) insteadofspendingsomuch

23. Ifhadknownyouwerecoming _____. A) ImayaskJohntojoinus. B) Thereisaverygoodmeal waitingforyou. C) I would have arranged to stayathomethisevening. D) You wont need to take a taxitothestation. E) I ought to have given you mytelephonenumber. 24. _____eventhoughthequality ofthegoodsisratherpoor. A) They had felt obliged to voteonit B) The effectiveness of the campaignhadbeenprevented C) In my opinion, already too lateitwas D) Buyerscouldnothavebeen found E) His business is expanding quitefast

bulunuz. 25. Yououghttohavewarnedus thatshewaslikelytointerfere withourwork. A) Onun iimize kartn, her ihtimale kar bize bil dirmenizgerekirdi. B) Onun, muhtemelen iimize karaca konusunda bizi uyarmanzgerekirdi. C) Ne olursa olsun, ona ii mizle ilgilenmesini syle menizgerekirdi. D) Nedeolsa,onuniimizeel atmasgerektiinibizeak lamanzgerekirdi. E) Hereyeramenonunii mizekarmasnnmmkn olmadn bildirmeniz ge rekiyordu. 26. Hecomplainsunceasingly,but nobodytakeshimseriously. A) Srekli, kimsenin onu cid diye almadndan ikayet ediyor. B) Srekli dert yanyor, ama hi kimse onun ciddi oldu unainanmyor.

25.30. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini

C) Durmadan ikayet ediyor, ama kimse onu ciddiye almyor. D) Kimseonunciddiolduuna inanmasa da, o ikayet et mektenhivazgemiyor. E) Nekadarikayetederseet sin,kimseonunsyledikle rinigerekkabuletmiyor.

28. We were advised to visit Ephesusearlyinthedaybefore itgottoohot. A) Efesi, scak bastrmadan gndz erken gezmemiz tavsiyeedildi. B) Efesi gezmek iin, hava snmadan gndz erken denyolakmamznerildi. C) Efesi, bize nerildii gibi gndz sca balamadan erkengezdik. D) Scak bastrmadan Efesi gezebilmek iin, sabah er ken hareket etmemiz is tendi. E) Bize Efese erken giderek scak bastrmadan dnme mizsylenmitir.

27. The sales campaign was so successfulthattheprofitsfor theyearnearlydoubled. A) Kampanyaylesinebaar lydkiyliindesatlardan salanankrhzlaartt. B) Sat kampanyas o kadar baarlydkiyllkkrnere deyseikikatnakt. C) kadarbaarlbirkampanya dzenledikkiyllksatk rmzkatkatartt. D) Sat kampanyasnda yle sine baarlydk ki bu ylki krmz beklenenden yk sekoldu. E) Kampanyalsatlardayle sine baar elde ettikki yl iikarmzkatkatykseldi.


29. Hewaspleasedwiththehotel we found for him as it was cleanandquiet. A) Onabulduumuzoteloka dar temiz ve sakindi ki memnun kaldn birka kezsyledi. B) Kendisinetemizvesakinbir otel bulamayacaz diye kayglanyordu. C) Bulduumuz otel sakin ve temiz olduu iin orada kalmay memnuniyetle ka buletti. D) Kendisi iin bulduumuz otelden, temiz ve sakin ol mas nedeniyle memnun kald. E) Onu memnun edebilmek iin temiz ve sakin bir otel A) Aleyhindeki kararlar ortaya konur konmaz sank ceza landrld. B) Sann aleyhine o kadar okkantvardkimahkeme onuhemencezalandrd. C) Aleyhteki kantlarn ok ol masnedeniylesankolduka 30. Thesuspectwassoonconvicted astherewassomuchevidence againsthim.

arbircezayaarptrld. D) Sankaleyhindekikantlaro kadaroktukisulubulun mamasolanakszd. E) Aleyhine ok kant olduu iin, sank hemen sulu bulundu.

A) Its just as they said, the strugglemustcontinue. B) Itdoesntmatterwhatthey saywevestruggledenough already. C) The struggle will go on whateveranyonesays. D) No matter what they say, we shall not give up the struggle. E) In spite of what they say, the struggle cannot be avoided.

31.36.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 31. Birka kii daha armay isterdim. A) I was only able to invite a fewpeople. B) I think we should invite somemorepeople. C) I would have liked to have invitedafewmorepeople. D) A few more people should havebeeninvited. E) I wanted them to invite a fewotherpeople. 32. Onlar ne derse desin, mca deledenvazgemeyeceiz.

33. 1980lere kadar, ou tann mgazetelerinbrolarFleet Caddesindeydi. A) The offices in Fleet Street were taken over by the leading newspapers in the 1980s. B) Even in the 1980s there were many well known newspapers with offices in FleetStreet. C) From the 1980s onwards, many leading newspapers triedtoget officesin Fleet Street.

D) Since 1980s Fleet Street has been favored by the leading newspapers on accountofitsoffices. E) Untilthe1980smostofthe wellknownnewspapershad theirofficesinFleetStreet. 34. Btn yapman gereken, ihti yalarn iin en uygun olan arabaysemektir. A) Thebestthingwouldbeto get the car that you like best. B) Allyouhavetodoischoose the car that best fits your needs. C) Inchoosingacar,themost important thing is that it suitsyourneeds. D) The best car to get is the one that really suits your needs. E) All that is needed is a car that really does what you wantittodo. A) Unfortunately,noneofthose whohadbehavedbadlywere preparedtoadmitit. B) Obviously, those who had behaved badly were not goingtoadmitit. C) Apparently, no one was willingtoadmitthathehad behavedbadly. D) Actually everyone had behaved badly but no one wouldadmitit. E) Finallyitwasadmittedthat noonehadbehavedreally badly. 36. Sorunuelealtakietkiliyn teminehayranolmaktanken dimialamadm. A) Icouldnthelpadmiringher effectivemannerindealing withtheproblem. B) Iwouldnthaveadmiredthe manner in which she dealt with the problem unless it hadbeeneffective. 35. Grnte hi kimse onun kt davrandn kabul et mekistemiyordu. C) Efficiency in dealing with problems is something I alwaysadmire.

D) The ability to cope with problems efficiently is an admirablequality. E) She has a rare ability for copingwithdifficultieswhich Icanthelpadmiring.

gardening.Thisisprobablyone reason why so many people prefer to live in houses rather than in flats. Particularly in suburbanareasitispossibleto pass row after row of ordinary smallhouses,eachonewithits neatly kept patch of grass surroundedbyagreatvarietyof flowersandshrubs.Enthusiasts ofgardininggetagreatdealof helpful advice from the televisionandmagazines.

37. Thepassagepointsoutthat, becausemanyEnglishpeople arefondofgardening_____. A) they dont want to live in suburbanareas. 37.39. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. England is famous for its gardens, and most people like B) houses are more popular thanflats. C) theycansparelittletimefor thetelevision. D) thepriceoflandisconstantly

goingup. E) they grow flowers but not grassandfruittrees. 38. The passage stresses that peopleinterestedingardening _____. A) find it, necessary to move outtodistantruralareas. B) needlargegardensinorder togetsatisfaction. C) areinaminorityinEngland. D) getverylittleencouragement fromthemedia. E) aresuppliedwithinformation and guidance by both the televisionandthepress.

A) the increasing demand for newvarsitiesofflowersand shrubs. B) the problems of gardening insuburbanareas. C) the new techniques in gardening. D) theenthusiasmofpeoplein England for gardens and gardening. E) howtolookafterthegrass ingardens. 40.42. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Public libraries, maintained by the local authorities, are well developedandprogressive,and everywhere allow people to borrow books without charge. The books in the lending sectionarealwayskeptonopen shelves, and library staffs are veryhelpfulingettingbookson request from other libraries through the exchange system. Mostlibrariesreportanincrease in borrowing over the past few years, so television does not seem to be stopping people

39. The passage is concerned with_____.

from reading, so it was feared thatitwould.

D) complainagreatdealabout thepoorservicesthelibraries areoffering. E) are using the exchange system less and less frequently.

40. Itisexplainedinthepassage that any book which is not availableinonelibrary_____. A) wont be available at any library. B) canbebroughtfromanother. C) discourages people from usinglibraries. D) spoils the whole lending systemofthepubliclibraries. E) should be reported to the librarian. 41. Aspointedoutinthepassage, peoplenowadays_____. A) preferentertainingtelevision programmedtoreading. B) are using public libraries more than they used to in thepast. C) readalotbutdontusethe librariesmuch. 42. The passage gives us the impressionthatpubliclibraries _____. A) charge more than is necessary for the services given. B) arenolongerreceivingany financialsupportfromlocal authorities. C) are working extremely efficientlyatpresent. D) donotcooperatewitheach otheratall. E) areunderstaffedandpoorly equipped. 43.45. sorular aadaki par

ayagrecevaplaynz. Fahrenheit is the system of measuring the temperature, howhotorcoldtheweatheris, and used by many people in Britain. The freezing point Fahrenheitis32degrees.Soa coldwintersdayinBritainwould haveatemperatureof38f(3 centigrade)andahotsummers day would have a temperature of 90f (32 centigrade) The Fahrenheit scale was invented bytheGermanscientistGabriel Fahrenheit in 1710. Today in Britainmostpeopleovertwenty five know the Fahrenheit scale but the centigrade system (Celsius) is being used more andmore.Weatherforecastson television and in newspapers showtemperatureinbothscales. 43. Itisexplainedinthepassage that the term Fahrenheit _____. A) has retained its popularity amongyoungpeople. B) isveryrarelyusedinBritain today. C) refers to the scale of temperature between 32 and90. D) is never used in weather forecasts. E) derivesfromthenameofa Germanscientist.

the Celsius scarlet in Britain. 44. Itisimpliedinthepassagethat in the long run, the Celsius system_____. A) willberememberedonlyby theelderly. B) willsoonfallintodisuse. C) seems likely to be favored by newspapers but not by television. D) will replace the Fahrenheit one. E) will improve and become morereliable. 45. The passage deals with _____. A) two different systems of measuringthetemperature. B) the advantages of the Fahrenheit scale over the Celsiusscale. C) the scientific research carried out by Gabriel Fahrenheit. D) therangeintemperatureto befondintheBritishIsles. E) the declining popularity of 46.48. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The Falklands are a group of

small islands in the South AtlanticclosetoArgentina,with a population of 1.200 British citizens.TheyhavebeenBritish territory since 1892. Disputes aboutwhoownstheislandsgo backtotheeighteenthcentury. Argentinahaslongclaimedthat these islands, which they call the Malvinas, belong to them. They occupied the islands in April1982andtheFalklandsWar lasted until July 1982 when Britishforceswonthemback.The FalklandsWarhadanenormous impact on Britain and is still controversial.Somepeopleseat itasarestorationofBritainsold imperialpower. 46. It is pointed out in the passagethatbothBritainand Argentina_____. A) were reluctant to start the FalklandsWar. B) regard the Falklands as theirownterritory. C) realizethattheseislandsare ofnoimplantedtoanyone.

D) prefer to use the name Malvinasfortheseislands. E) only laid claim to the islandsafter1892. 47. Accordingtothepassage,the FalklandsWar_____. A) was being fought, on and offbetween1892and1982. B) was largely ignored by the Britishpublic. C) showedhowrightArgentina wasclaimingtheislads. D) wasfollowedbyawithdrawal ofmostBritishcitizensfrom theislands. E) broke out after the islands wereinvadedbyArgentina.

48. One may conclude from the pas sage that, even today, BritainsholdovertheFalkland islands_____.

A) isregardedaspoliticallyand eco nominally unnecessary byeveryoneinBritain. B) could,inalllikelihood,lead to another war between Britainandotherprows. C) causesmoreproblemsthan benefitstotheBritishpublic. D) isfeltbysomepeopletobe acontinuationoftheBritish imperialrule. E) has not been accepted anywherebutinArgentina. 49.53. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn cmleyi bulunuz. 49. Ihappenedtorunintohimon mywaytothelibrary. A) Fortunately, I met him just beforeIenteredthelibrary. B) We met and went to the librarytogether. C) I met him by chance as I wasgoingtothelibrary. D) IwasquitesurprisedwhenI methiminthelibrary. E) Ihappenedtosehimgoing intothelibrary. 50. All the best items had been soldbythetimewegottothe exhibition. A) Wearrivedattheexhibition too late to find anything worthbuying. B) We stayed on at the exhibition until all the best thingshadbeensold. C) Bythetimewearrivedatthe exhibition they had sold all butafewexpensiveitems. D) Thistimethereweresome very fine items at the exhibition. E) Someofthemostvaluable things at the exhibition werentsoldtillmuchlater. 51. Apparently,TomandLarrycant spend an afternoon together withoutfighting. A) Tom and Larry must have got together in the afternoontohaveafight. B) ItlooksasifTomandLarry plannedtofightthatafternoon.

C) A fight seems inevitable when Tom and Larry are togetherevenifonlyforan afternoon. D) Presumably, on the afternoon of the fight Tom andLarryweretogether. E) Unfortunately,TomandLarry spent the whole afternoon fightingeachother.

52. Wehaventseeneachotherfor ages,soImwonderingwhether Ishallevenrecognizehim. A) Its such a long time since wemetthatImafraidImay notrecognizehim. B) Thoughwehaventmetfor years,theresnofearofnot recognizinghim. C) I recognized him easily thoughIhadntseenhimfor years. D) Youll have no difficulty in recognizing him, for hes changed little over the years. E) I met him years ago but I doubt it 1 should even recognizehimnow.

53. Wouldntitbebettertoletthem know about the alterations to theplan? A) Couldnt the plan be changedandmadebetter? B) Why havent they been informed about the new

developments? C) Shouldnt they have been cossetedbeforethescheme waschanged? D) Wed better ask them to changetheplan,hadntwe? E) Dontyouthinktheyshould be informed about the changesintheplan? 54.58. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 54. Switzerland is only a small country but has rich natural endowments, especially magnificentlakessurrounded by massive, snowclad mountains. _____, since it is thisscenerythathasbrought so many tourists to the country. A) However it has no access toanysea B) Itistoitsscenerythatthe country owes much of its wealth C) Thecapitalofthecountryis Bern

D) In the Alps the weather is generally cool even in the summer. E) ThereisaFrenchspeaking part and a German speakingpart.

55. This particular sauce is one ofthemostpopularinBritain now. Its history is a curious one. _____. Being short of moneyhesoldtherecipetoa customer. The customer was a good businessman and madeafortuneoutofit. A) I find it overpowers the tasteof whatever elseone iseating. B) I suppose people are

attracted to its rich, brown color. C) At one time it was made and sold privately by a smallshopkeeper. D) My mother still makes a similarsortofsaucewhich weallenjoy. E) Anyshopkeeperwilltellyou thatthisonesailswell.

butusuallythereareamateur groups which produce interestingplays. A) You find people from all over the world gathering here. B) Asuccessfullyplaymayrun forevenginger. C) Local authorities give financial aid to those who needit. D) Manyofthemareprofessional butsomeofthemareamateur. E) It takes an actor many yearstolearnhisart.

56. London has several dozen theatres.____.OutsideLondon somequitebigtownshaveno professional theatres at all

57. Foreatingoutintownsthere is a marvelous variety of choice. Many of the Indian restaurants in particular, are verygoodindeed._____.Some ofthemprovidesimpledishes, somemoreambitiousones. A) On the whole the British prefertoeatathome. B) Butthereareseveralother restaurants of different nationalities that are also extremelygood. C) Last night we had a most enjoyable dinner at that Chineserestaurant. D) Indeed,eatingoutneednot be as expensive as most peoplethink. E) Even so a lot of English people like wine with their meals. A) Asuddenchange inpolicy would naturally have been mostwelcome. B) Anotherpopularpromiseat elector time has to be made. C) The majority of wage earnersarenotevenaware 58. In an election campaign a promise to reduce direct taxationcanbecountedonto attractvotes.Noonelikesto pay taxes. _____. And the resultonacountryseconomy isfrequentlyanegativeone.

thattheypaytaxes. D) Thesystemoftaxationcould nothavebeenoverhauledat amorefavorabletime. E) A cut in direct taxation however,hasalmostalways to be compensated for in someway.

totakeit.Youwantafriendto suggest a good place. You say: A) My musicset is in need of repairing.Canyourecommend someonegood? B) You know, the music set costs a lot but it is always breakingdown. C) Imafraidtheyll chargean awfullottorepairit. D) Wereyousatisfiedwiththe servicetheyoffered? E) Ionlyboughtitafewmonths agobutithasdisappointed me.

59.64. sorularda, verilen du rumauygundenifadeyibulu nuz. 59. Your music setisntworking well so you want to get it repaired,butdontknowwhere

60. Youve just left school and wishtostartwork.Youveseen aninterestingadvertisementin a newspaper per and call to getmoreparticulars.Yousay: A) This is exactly the kind of jobIwouldliketohave. B) I am interested in the job you advertise. Can I start tomorrow? C) Could you give me more details about the job you haveadvertised? D) I suppose you can pay more than youre offering, cantyou? E) ImustadmitIonlywantthe jobatemporarybasis.

A) You really shouldnt have beendrivingsofast! B) You know you ought to carryasparetyre C) What is a person like you doinginaplacelikethis? D) IwouldhavehelpedyouifI hadbeenableto. E) Dontworry!Illdoitforyou. 62. You receive a letter from an oldfriendofyourstosayshe is about to get married. You aredelightedatthenews,so youwritebackandsay: A) You dont tell me much aboutyourfuturehusband, whynot? B) Idontthinkyourethetype tohaveahappymarriage. C) Iwassothrilledtogetyour wonderful news, and wish youeveryhappiness. D) Ihaventyetbeenabletofix

61. Drivinghomeonalittleused roadafterapicnicwithfriends, you see an elderly person havingtroublechangingatyre. Youstopandsayencouragingly:

thedateofthewedding. E) Whydidntyouinviteusto thewedding?

makeonMonday. B) Did we agree to go on 63. Your younger brother is naturally feeling very upset becausehisbicyclehasbeen stolen.Soyouwanttocheer himupandyousay: A) Idreadtothinkwhatfather isgoingtosay! B) Youshouldbeashamedof yourself! C) Youknowthatbicycle cost anawfullot.Forgetit! D) Takemine,youknowInever useit. E) Youvealwaysbeencareless aboutwhereyouleaveyour bicycle. 64. Atschool,youdagreedwitha friend,thatyoudgotoajazz concerttogether.Mondaywas the evening chosen and your friendwasgettingthetickets. However, later on, you find Mondayisimpossible,soyou callyourfriendandsay: A) Canwechangethedayto Tuesday? Im afraid I cant 65.70. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda MondayoronTuesday? C) Ive just learnt that there wont be a concert on Monday. D) Haveyoulearnthowmuch the tickets are going to cost? E) I wish the other friends werecomingwithus.

sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. 65. Mary:I dont wantto pay so muchforapairofshoes. Havent you anything cheaper? Shop assistant: Yes, we do. Trythese. Mary:_____. Shop assistant: Well the others are Cer tainly muchnicer. A) Doyouhavetheminother colours? B) Theyll do fino! How much arethey? C) IthinkIneedalargersize. D) Oh,Idontlikethematall. E) Theseareverycomportable indee.Illtakethem. 66. Mrs. Brooks: Youre late dear. Whathappened? Mr. Brooks: The car broke down againandittookmeanhour togetitfixed. Mrs.Brooks:_____. Mr.Brooks:Yes,Isupposethats theonlyway.

A) Did you get the brakes


B) Well, stop worying. You


C) Youlljusthavetosellitand

D) Iwasworriedincaseyoud

E) Itsluckythatyouunderstand
engines and know what to do.

workwouldsouitme! E) How did he get into a job likethat?

68. Tim: Betty is making some sandwichesforthepicnic. Susan: You havent told her aboutit,haveyou? Tim:Yes,whynot? Susan:_____.

67. Brian: What is your brother doingnow? Steve:HeworksfortheBBC, he does research work for the docu mentary programmers. Brian:_____. Steve:Well,yes.Mostofitis. 69. A) Interesting. Doesnt he get tiredofit? B) Lucky him! The work must befascinating. C) Whatsthesalarylike? D) I dont think that sort of

A) It was supposed to be a

B) Idontreallylikasandwiches. C) I cant remember why I


D) Besidessheknowseveryone

E) Well,hercakesarealways
delicious. Beth:Imtelephoningtolearn what the weather is like withyou. Helen:Coldandwet. Beth:_____. Helen: Yes, and even a pair

rubberboots. A) Never mind. We can sit roundthetireandchat. B) So were not likely to be goingswimming? C) So Id better bring some warmclothesandaraincoat D) Still, I expect well be able towalkoutabit. E) Inthatcase,IthinkIllstay here. 70. Fred: Im looking forward to going to the concert of theLondonPhilharmonic Ochestra. Gill:_____. Fred:Theticketshavealready beensoldoutbutIvegot twoforus.

A) Wouldntitbeagoodidea

B) Whatdidyouthinkoftheir

C) I listened to them several


D) Havent you seen the


E) I suppose the tickets have


71.75. sorularda, anlam bak mndanhangicmleninparaya uymadnbulunuz. 71. (I)Somepeopleenjoywatching

a play from one of the front rowsinatheatre(II)Idont.(III)I findIcantforgetImwatchinga play when I sit too close. (IV) Modern productions naturally make use of such sound effects.(V)Themakeupandthe sceneryarebothsoobviously artificial. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III



73. (I) Certain characteristics of plants are well known. (II) Roots grow downwards but the leaves and stalks grow towardsthesourceoflight(III) we shouldnt give plats too much water (IV) Other more interesting factors have also beenobserved.(V)Forinstance, some plants are affected by soundandseemtoenjoysoft musicbutnotloud. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

72. (I) In England about 5.000 people are killed in road accidents each year. (II) Even so,thedeathrateiswellbelow that in most other Western European countries. (III) For instance, it is about half the rateofthatinFrance.(IV)As British roads are in general lessadequatethantheFrench, the difference seems to indicate that the British drive morecarefully.(V)Thisisone reason why, in London, more andmorepeopleareusingthe underground. A)I B)II C)III

74. (I) Recently quite a lot of studieshavebeencarriedout on the effect of wind on people. (II) The findings are interesting (III) It seems that windcausesalotofpeopleto get nervous. (IV) Even the best drivers are liable to get involved in accidents when

the roads are icy. (V) One resultofthisisthatthereare moreaccidentsontheroads inwindyweather. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

75. (I) Compared with people, animalsoftenhaveveryhighly developed senses. (II) Undoubtedly the best loved pets are cats and dogs. (III) This is largely because their lives depend upon it. (IV) Elephants, for instance, seem toknowwhetherthereiswater underground.(V)Moreover,in timeofneedtheywillactually digtogetatit. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

1. To quarrel with somebody about Ving yapsndan dolay doruyantCseeneidir. 2. As much as miktar belirtir anlam gz nnde bulundurul duunda doru yant olamaz. damage hasar ismini nitele yebilecekteksfat considerable olduka fazla olduundan doruyantEseeneidir. 3. Konumasnda en fazla dik kat eken ey yeni iler ya ratma szdr cmlesindeki anlamsalayabilmekiinDse eneindeki promise kullanl maldr. 4. Anlam gz nnde bulundurul duunda totake fiilininiteleye cekenuygunzarf regularly dzenli bir ekildedir. Buna greBseeneidoruyanttr. 5. Cmledebirpossessiveadjective gereklidir. Dier tm seenekler 9. But balacnedeniylecmlede negatif bir ifade kullanlmaldr. Noneofthedetails ayrnt larnhibiri anlamnageldiin 8. Adj. + enough+ toV1 yaps gerei old enough to stay home evde kalacak kadar byk olduundan C seenei doruyanttr. 7. 6. Of all hepsinden szck beisuperlativeformgerekti rir. Buna gre en iyi anlamna gelen the bestin bulunduu E seeneidoruyanttr. Cmlede comparative yap kullanld than szcnden anlalyor. Bu durumda doru yant B seeneidir. Much In comparative formu moredur. Far szc vurgu amacyla kullanlmtr. possessive pronoun olduundan doruyantAseeneiolmaldr.

dendoruyantAseeneidir. 10. topassthrough biryerden gemek anlamna geldiinden doruyantDseeneidir.Pass away=lmek.

doruyantEseeneidir. 16. By Saturday zaman zarf ile olayn gelecekteki bitmiliini gryoruz. Futureperfect olan Adoruyanttr. 17. Iwasshortofmoneymyself

11. To agree with ayn fikirde olmak anlamna gelip with prepositionubirtekBseene inde olduundan bu seenek doruyanttr.

cmleciinden wish clauseun past tensele yaplmas gerek tii anlalr. I wish I could have helped you unreal past Keke sana yardm ede bilseydim.DoruyantDsee neidir.

12. Doru yant A seeneindeki When ever her ne zaman balacdr. 13. Cmlede Mrs. Trot ile ilgili extra bilgi verildiinden bir relative pronoun olan whose kullanl maldr.DoruyantCseeneidir. 19. Anlam asndan en uygun 14. So bu yzden anlamna gelen bir bala olup anlamca cmleyi tamamlayan en uygun szcktr. Buna gre D see neidoruyanttr. 15. mind+Vingyapsndandolay seenek asas kalbnn bu lunduu E seeneidir. As quicklyashehadexpectedto umduukadarabuk 20. Fax son birka ylda ok abukgelienbirtelekomni kasyon aracdr. ifadesini 18. Cmle presenttense ilekurul duundan zaman asndan hemcmleninhemdebirbiriyle uyumlu tenselerinyerald C seeneidoruyanttr.

salayan B seeneidoruya nttr. A seenei that ifade sindendolayyanltr. 21. Reklama bu kadar para harca mak yerine, reticiler rn fi yatlarn aa ekebilirdi. Hem anlamhemdezamanbakmn danuygunseenekDdir. 22. Next year zaman zarfndan cmlenin future tensele ta mamlanmas gerektii anlalr. BunagreyantAseeneidir. 23. Ifclausetype3(unrealpast) yapsndandolaydoruyantC seeneidir. 24. If+pastperfecttense,could/ would + have V3. Even though ramen balayan cmlecik present tense oldu una gre bolua gelecek ifadeyine presenttense olma ldr.BudurumdadoruyantE seeneidir. 25. To warn uyarmak fiilinden doru yantn B seenei ol duuanlar. 26. He complains unceasingly but durmadan ikayet edi yor; fakat nobody takes him seriously kimse onu cid diyealmyor. Bunagredoru Cyantseeneidir. 27. So + adj + that kalbna gre the sales compaign was so successful that sat kampanyas yle baarlyd ki ifadesi ve nearly (nere deyse) zarfnn beraber kulla nldBseeneidorudur. 28. We were advised (bize) tavsiyeedildi ifadesininyeral dtekseenek A olduundan buseenekdorudur. 29. HewaspleasedifadesininTre karlolanmemnunkaldA ve D seeneklerinde vardr. A seeneindekicmleyapsso+ adj / ady + that kalbn gerektirirken, D seeneindeki cmlede kullanlan as balac iin, nedeniyle anlam verir. DoruyantDseeneidir.

30. As balacnn kullanld E seeneindeki cmle, aleyhine okkantolduuiinsankhe men sulu bulundu anlamna gelir.DoruyantEseeneidir.

ifadelerinden dolay doru yant Cseeneidir.

36. Hayran olmaktan kendimi alamadm Couldnthelp admiring ifadesine gre doru

31. Would have liked isterdim fiilinden dolay doru yant C seeneidir.


37. This is probably one reason whysomanypeoplepreferto 32. Onlar ne derse desin ifadesinin ngilizce karl No matter what they say olup, doruyantDseeneidir. 33. Yalnzca E seeneindekicm lede1980lerekadar until the1980s zamanzarfyeralr. Bunagredoruyant E see neidir. 39. Parada ngilterede yaayan 34. Btn yapman gereken allyouhavetodoszbeinin yer ald B seenei doru yanttr. 35. Apparently grnte,yes noonewaswillingtoadmit kimsekabuletmekistemiyordu insanlarn bahecilik sevgisi ve bahelere ilgisi konu edildiin dendoruyantDseeneidir. 40. and library staffs are very help full in getting books or request from other libraries through exchange system cmlesinden kitaplarn baka 38. Parann son cmlesine gre doruyantEseeneidir. live in house rather than in flats cmlesine dayanarak B seeneidoruyanttr.

ktphanelerden getirtilebilece inin mmkn olduu anlalr. Budurumdadoruyant B se eneidir. 41. Most libraries report an increase in borrowing ver the past few years cmlesin dekiifadeninbakabirbiimde aktarm B seeneinde oldu undan bu seenek doru ya nttr. 42. Parada ktphanenin verdii hizmetlerden ye bu hizmetler den dolay insanlarn ktpha nelere gemitekine gre daha fazlagitmelerindenszediliyor. yleysedoruyant C seene idir.

bahsediliyorbunagrebule in Fahrenheitn yerini alaca sylenebilir. Doru yant D seeneidir. 45. Parada Celcius ve Fahrenheit scaklklbirimlerinden bah sedildiindendoruyant A se eneidir. 46. Parada Britanyann da Arjan tinin de Falkland adalarnn kendilerine ait olduunu ileri srmelerindenbahsedildiinden doruyantBseeneidir. 47. FalklandsavaArjantininada lar igal etmesi sonucu bala dndan E seeneidoruya nttr. 48. Parann son cmlesi gz

43. Paraya gre Fahrenheit terimi Alman bilim adam Gabriel Fahrenheitn isminden alnm tr. Bu durumda doru yant E seeneidir.

nnealndndadoruyantD seeneidir. 49. Tohappentorun ve tomeet by chance ayn anlama geldi indendoruyantCseeneidir.

44. Parada Celcius sisteminin ol duka fazla kullanlmasndan

50. All the best items had been sold ve has late to find any

thing worth buying ifadeleri birbirineyaknanlamlolduun dandoruyantAseeneidir. 51. Tom ve Larry kavgasz bir ledensonrageiremiyorlar cmlesindekiifadenindeiikbir biimdeaktarmCseeneindeki bir leden sonra beraber olduklar zaman bile kavga kanlmaz grnyor cmle sinde vardr. Doru yant C se eneidir. 52. We havent seen each other forages ifadesininbenzeri Its such a long time since we metolupdoruyantAseene idir. 53. Sorucmlesindekibenzerifade Plandaki deiiklikler hak knda sizce bilgilendirmeleri gerekmezmi?sorusundavardr. DoruyantEseeneidir.

anlalr. Bu durumda scenery szcnyeraldtekseenek olanBdoruyanttr.

55. Boluktansonrakicmledekul lanlan he pronounundan bu kiiden daha nce sz edilmi olmasgerektiianlalr. C se eneine gre he diye bahse dilen kii a small shopkeeper olduundan doru yant C se eneidir.

56. a)

D seeneindeki


pronounutheatresismininye rinialdndan b) Boluktan sonraki cmlede profesyonel ve amatr tiyatro lardan bahsedildiinden doru yantDseeneidir. 57. Boluktan sonra gelen cmle deki someofthem szbei nin gsterebilecei szck(ler) otherrestaurantsofdifferent

54. Since it is country ifadesi neden bildirir. This scenary tamlamasndanmanzaradandaha ncebahsedilmiolmasgerektii

nationalitiesolduundandoru yantBseeneidir.

58. Boluagelecekcmledebirinci blmeztbirifadegelmesige rekiyor. Buna gre en uygun seenekEdir.

yaparm. 62. Arkadanzdan evleneceine dairbirmektupalyorsunuz.Bu habereoksevindiinizdenona yazacanz mektupta Bu mthi haber beni ok heye

59. yi almayan mzik setinizi tamir ettirmek zere arkada nzdanbirtamircitavsiyeetme sini istiyorsunuz. Bu durumda kullanmanz gereken ifade A seeneindevardr.

canlandrd, sonsuz mutluluk dileklerimle dersiniz.Doru yantCseeneidir. 63. Bisikletialndiinzgnolan kardeinizi neelendirmek iin Unut onu, benimkini al. Biliyorsunhikullanmyorum.

60. Yeni mezun olduunuz ve i aryorsunuz. Gazetedeki ilan hakkndadahafazlabilgialmak iintelefonediyorsunuz.Fonnal requestkibarricayapmanz gerektiindendoruyantCse eneidir.

dersiniz.Doruyant D seene idir. 64. Arkadanzla caz konserine gitmek zere pazartesi gnne karar verdiniz. Fakat sonra o gn gidemeyeceinizden arka danz arar ve yle sylersi niz; Konsere gitme iini sa

61. Arkadalarnzla piknikten d nerken yal bir kiinin araba lastiini deitirmekte zorland ngrdnzdeonayardmc olmak zere syleyeceiniz en uygun cmle E seeneinde vardr. Tasalanmayn, ben

lya brakalm m? Korkarm Pazartesi gitmem imkansz. DoruyantAseeneidir. 65. Mary satcnn denemesi iin verdii ayakkablar beenme miolmalki,satcdierlerinin

daha nce denediklerinin daha gzel olduunu sylyor. Buna gredoruyantDseeneidir. 66. Yine arabas bozulan Mr. Brooksaei, onusatpyerine yenisini almak zorunda kala caksn demi olmal ki Mr. Brooks sanrm tek yol bu diyor.DoruyantCseeneidir. 67. Kardeinin iini soran Stevea Brian bu i hakknda (olumlu) bir ey sylemi olmaldr. DoruyantBseeneidir.


70. Fredin biletler oktan bitti amabendeikikiilikbiletvar demesiiinGillkonseriinn cedenbiletayrtmanniyibirfikir olup olmadn sormu olmal dr. Bu durumda A seenei doruyanttr.

71. Yazar tiyatro oyunlarn nden izlemeyisevmemesinivebunun 68. Youhaventtoldheraboutit, have you? ifadesi Susann Bettyepikniktenbahsedilmesini istemediinigsterir.Ohaldebu Bettye srpriz olarak d zenlenmitir.Doruyant A se eneidir. nedenleriniaklyor.IV.cmle deki ses efektleri konu ddr. DoruyantDseeneidir. 72. V. cmlede insanlarn neden metroyutercihettikleri,parann dier cmlelerinde ngilterede trafik kazasndan lenlerden bahsedildii iin konuyla ilgili deildir.Doruyant E seene 69. Helen evet, hatta bir ift de lastik izme dediine gre, Beth scak tutacak giyecek ve yamurluk getirmekten bahset miolmaldr.DoruyantCse 73. Paradabitkilerinbirtakmzel idir.

liklerindenbahsediliyor.Bitkilere okfazlasuvermememizinge rektiinin belirtildii III. cmle parann btnln bozmak tadr.Bunagredoruyant C seeneidir.

74. Parada rzgrn insanlar ze rindekietkisindenbahsedilirken, IV. cmle buzlu yollarda en iyi srclerin bile kaza yaptn danbahsettiiiinkonuddr. DoruyantDseeneidir.

75. II. cmlede en fazla seilen evcil hayvanlarn kedi ve k pekler olduundan bahsedil mesi para genel olarak hay vanlarn gelimi duyularndan sz ettiinden konu btnl n bozmaktadr. B seenei doruyanttr.



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Youve kept us waiting here fortwohours.Nexttimemake sureyouare_____. A) suitable B) influential C) punctual D) variable E) detailed


The _____ about the date of themeetingwastheresultof atypingerror. A) dependence B) approval C) confusion D) expression E) contribution


Thisreportseemsinteresting in parts, but the last section is_____unrealistic. A) completely B) sensibly C) consequently D) nervously E) reliably


Inorderto_____thistheory, we carried out a number of experiments. A) contest B) persuade C) inherit D) engage E) demonstrate 5.

Fewyoungpeoplecanstartup abusiness_____firsthaving toborrowmoney.

A) indeed B) through C) about D) without E) over 8. _____ he was feeling very tired,heagreedat walkwith measfarasthenextvillage. A) Since 6. Makesureyouturn_____the televisionbeforeyougoout, but leave one of the lights _____. A) down/out B) off/on C) up/in D) out/over E) on/back 7. The view _____ our window must be one of the best anywhere_____thetown. A) in/over B) through/of C) from/in D) down/outside E) by/above 9. Take your credit card with you_____youareexpectedto payforthedinner. A) incase B) unless C) sothat D) but E) whether 10. Ivebroughttwonewspapers. Youcanhave_____oneyou like. B) Sofar C) Until D) Asif E) Eventhough

A) whichever B) whoever C) whenever D) however E) whatever

A) andneitherdidI B) soIhavent C) ifldotoo D) butIdidnt E) asIamdoing 13. The child was naturally very upset when he saw his new ball_____outtosea. A) havingcarried

11. Tests have shown that this product lasts _____ three times longer than only other similarproduct. A) suchas B) atonce C) asmany D) somuch E) atleast

B) tohavecarried C) beingcarried D) tobecarried E) carrying

14. If they let us know which flight they are coming on, thenofcoursewe_____them attheairport. A) havemet B) willmeet

12. Most of the spectators seemed to enjoy the match _____.

C) wouldhavemet D) hadmet E) met

17. By the time we _____ nearly allthefood_____. A) arrived/hadbeeneaten B) arrive/hasbeeneaten C) arearriving/hastobeeaten 15. When I _____ into the cafe, she_____byherselfatoneof thetablesnearthewindow. A) walked/wassitting B) amwalking/sat C) waswalking/hassat D) havewalked/wouldsit E) walk/hasbeensitting 16. As soon as I _____ paid, I _____youalloutforameal. A) havegot/wouldtake B) got/havetaken C) willget/willtake D) get/willtake E) amgetting/wastaking A) willphone/doesnt B) hadphoned/hadnt C) wouldphone/hasnt D) phones/isnt E) phoned/didnt 19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz. 19. She has always enjoyed workinginabank_____. 18. He said he _____ me today, butsofarhe_____. D) wouldarrive/hadeaten E) havearrived/isbeingeaten

E) Sincetapwateristhemost A) as it was so near to her office. B) ifonlyshewerebetterpaid. C) thatwasachildishdreamof hers. D) untilshemarriedtwoyears ago. E) althoughtheworkinghours areverylong. A) If relaxation was essential forahealthymindandbody B) After we had learned the livingconditions C) Since we can not remove stressfromourlives D) Whetherhehasconfidence inourplansornot E) Asthediseasewasntcured reliablesource 21. _____, we need to find ways tocopewithit.

20. _____ it is important to replace the water you lose throughsweating. A) Whensalesofbottledwater hadincreased B) Evenifyoudontfeelthirsty afterexercising C) Although more half the weight of the human body iswater D) Not only do we get some waterfromthefoodsweeat 22. Ifonlyyouhadconsultedthe dentist when the trouble began_____. A) the pain naturally stops as soonasyouarriveforyour

appointment. B) this tooth could not have beensaved. C) youcangethisnumberfrom thetelephonedirectory. D) you would not be needing allthisexpensivetreatment now. E) Icanrecommendminewith greatconfidence. 23. _____whocrossedtheAtlantic aloneinasmallsailingcraft. A) Thatmustbetheman B) Thenewsisthat C) Icantbelievethatanyone D) I didnt realize how few people E) Presumablyhewasliving A) the offer might have been turneddownindefinitely. B) the travelers were overwhelmed by the welcometheyreceived. C) the patients could never haveraisedsomuchmoney ontheirown. D) the funds available have beenfarfromadequate. E) they often give more generouslythantherich. 25.30. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz. 24. Since the poor understand poverty,_____.

25. If you want to spend the weekend here, you will have toletmeknowinadvance. A) Hafta sonunu burada gei rebilmen iin nce beni

haberdaretmengerekirdi. B) Eer hafta sonunu burada geirmek istiyorsan, beni nceden haberdar etmen gerekir. C) Eerburayageleceinin ceden bilseydim hafta so nunuseninlegeirebilirdim. D) Haftasonunugeirmekiin geldiinde,neolursaolsun beniaramanisterim. E) Haftasonunugeirmekiin buradaolduunurenince hemengeldim. A) Eerkasabadakitekdoktor o olsayd kendisine gven mektenbakaaremizkal mazd. B) Kasabada gvendikleri tek doktor o olduu iin, ona gitmeyitercihettiler. C) Eer aresiz kalmasalard, kasabadakidoktoragitmez lerdi. D) Kasabadaki tek doktor olmasnaramenhikimse onagvenmiyor. E) Kasabadakitekdoktorool duu iin, kendisine g venmekten baka areleri yoktu.

26. Sincehewastheonlydoctor inthetown,theyhadnoother choicebuttotrusthim.

comefrom. A) Bazentehlikenintamolarak nereden geleceini bile mezsiniz. B) Bazennerenintehlikelioldu 27. One of the aims of this interviewistoassesswhether ornotyouaretherightperson forthejob. A) Bugrmenintekamaci iinnedereceuygunoldu unuzubelirlemektir. B) iin doru kiilerden biri olupolmadnzagrme sonundakararvereceiz. C) Bu grmenin amalarn dan biri i iin doru kii olupolmadnzdeerlen dirmektir. D) Buiiindorukiiyibulup bulamamak, yaplacak g rmelerebaldr. E) Grmeleriiindorukii olup olmadnz deerlen dirmekiinyaplyor. A) Gelirlerdeki eitsizlik art tka vasfl ve vasfsz i iler arasndaki fark belir ginleebilir. B) Vasflvevasfsziilerara sndaki fark byd iin, gelireitsizlikleriartyor. 28. Sometimes you cant know exactlywherethedangerwill C) Vasfl ve vasfsz iiler arasndaki gelir eitsizlii gittikeartmaktadr. ununcedenbilmekmm kndeildir. C) Bazentehlikeninnereyey nelik olduunu tam olarak syleyemezsin. D) Baz tehlikelerin nereden geleceini her zaman bile meyebilirsin. E) Tehlikelerbazenbeklenme dikyerlerdengelebilir. 29. Inequalities of income could growasthedifferencebetween skilled and unskilled workers widens.

D) Vasfl ve vasfsz iiler arasndakifarkarttkagelir eitsizlikleriartabilir. E) Vasfl ve vasfsz iiler, aralarndaki gelir eitsizlii ninarttnbiliyorlar.

A) nsanlarn nasl dil ren dii konusunda aratrma yapanlarn hibiri konuyu tamolarakbilmemektedir. B) nsanlarn dil renme becerileri konusunda pek ok aratrma yaplmtr, ancakhikimseninkonuyla ilgili kesin bir yargs bu lunmamaktadr. C) nsanlarnnasldilrendii tam olarak bilinmedii iin aratrmalarnoubukonu zerindeyaplmaktadr. D) Hikimsenin,insanlarnna sl dil rendii konusunda yaplan aratrmalardan haberiyoktur. E) Konuyla ilgili bir ok ara trma yaplmasna ramen, hi kimse insanlarn nasl dil rendiini kesin olarak bilmiyor.

30. No one knows exactly how people learn a language although a great deal of researchhasbeencarriedout onthesubject.

31.36.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 31. Geyik,aalardakibirkaelma dnda,bahemizdekihereyi yemi. A) Exceptforafewappleson the trees, the deer has eaten everything in our garden. B) Thedeerinourgardenwill eat anything that grows exceptapples. C) The apple trees in our garden are the only ones thedeerhasnteaten. D) Everything in our garden, includingtheapplesonthe treeshasbeeneatenbythe deer. E) Except for the apples on thetreesinourgarden,the deer found nothing worth eating. 32. Onun,1990danbuyanayeni pazarlar yaratmada salad ilerlemeinanlmaz. A) Between 1990 and the present, she has been responsiblefortheopening of an amazing number of newmarkets. B) She cant believe that so many now markets have actuallybeenopenedsince 1990. C) Theprogressshehasmade in creating new markets since1990,isincredible. D) New markets have come into being in quick successionsince1990,due

toherefforts. E) Her success in extending the market since 1990, deservestoberecognized.

ademocraticsocietywould beahardone.

C) He finally realized that the

struggle to build up a democratic society would beahardone. D) I realized for the first time howhardhehadstruggled to build up a democratic society.

E) Atfirsthisstruggletocreate
a democratic society was notappreciated.

33. Demokratik bir toplum olu turmak iin onun ne kadar mcadeleetmi olduunu ilk kezfarkettim.

A) Iwasthefirsttounderstand
how hard he had fought to createademocraticsociety.

B) AtthispointIfinallyrealized
thatthisstruggletobuildup 34. ini brakma konusunda ka

rarl,ancakistifasnnyarata casonulardanemindeil. A) He has given in his resignation, but he isnt surethatitwillbeaccepted. B) He is determined to leave his position but isnt sure about the outcome of his resignation. C) He wants to stop working, but is worried about what will happen if he actually resigns. D) The outcome of his resignation will only be apparent after he has stoppedworking. E) He still isnt sure about whetherornotheoughtto leave his position, but certainlyhewantsto. A) A complex and difficult situation should be faced; thereisnousetryingtorun away. B) There is no way one can escapefromareallycomplex anddifficultsituation. C) Whenonefacesacomplex and difficult situation one alwayslookstourawayof escape. D) Evenadifficultandcomplex station is better faced than avoided. E) Anyone who has faced a difficult and complex situation has looked for a wayofescape. 35. Kii karmak ve zor bir du rumlakarlatnda,hepbir kayoluarar.

productioncanbeexpected as on outcome of recent research. D) Recent research aims to discover more effective methodsofproduction. E) Recentresearchhasshown thatweneedmoreeffective methodsofproduction.

36. Son aratrmalar daha etkili retim yntemlerine ihtiya duyduumuzu ortaya koy mutur. A) More effective system of research are essential if productionistobeimproved. B) According to recent research, more effective methods of production are beingintroduced. C) More effective systems of 37.39. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The beauty of bread is its

simplicity. Flour and liquid are themainingredients,alongwith yeast and sometimes salt and from these basics we get a nourishing and tasty food that givesuscarbonhydrate,protein, andBvitamins,andcomesina widevarietyofshape,textures, and flavors. Practically every culture has its own type of bread and many have more than one. For centuries it was thewhitebreadsthatwerepo pular; but nowadays more and more people, rightly prefer the brown village type of bread whichcontainsfarmorevitamins andisalsomuchtastier. 37. As it is pointed out in the passage the ingredients of bread_____.

A) dont allow for much

originalityinthemannerof cooking. B) vary greatly in different partsoftheworld. C) are few and simple but thereismuchvarietyinthe typeofbreadproduced. D) arelowinfoodvalue.

E) are low very different from

what they were a few centuriesago.

38. The Passage stresses that breadisausefuliteminour diet_____.

A) even though most people dontreallylikethetaste. B) butshouldonlybeeatenin smallquantities. C) especially if we confine ourselves to the white varieties. D) onaccountofbothitsflavor and the nourishment it provides. E) so long as it is eaten with foods containing protein andcarbohydrates. 39. Accordingtothepassagethe presentdaytrendinfavorof brownbread_____. A) isunderstandableandtobe encouraged. B) isnotahealthytrend. C) cannot be expected to continue. D) is to be found only in the villages. E) has nothing to do with quality or nourishment, but onlywithappearance. 40.42. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Manyofusenjoyavisittoazoo and for thoseseeinglions and tigersforthefirsttimeitissurely a most thrilling experience. But how many people stop to wonder how the animals are feelingintheir oftenunsuitable surroundings?Mostzooscannot affordtoprovidealltheseparate species with the right environment. The animals in zoos may be well fed, but a huntinganimalwantstohuntfor itsownfood. 40. It is pointed out in the passagethatcomingcloseto see wild animals as tigers andlions_____. A) can only be possible in largezoos. B) givessomepeopleastrong senseofexcitement.

C) can make them very aggressivetowardspeople. D) is unsettling for young children E) istheonlywaytounderstand theireatinghabits.

42. It is emphasized in the passage that, the living conditionsofmostanimalsin zoos_____. A) are carefully designed to maketheanimalshappy. B) have recently improved greatly. C) couldeasilybeimprovedat littlecost. D) tell us a lot about the naturalenvironment. E) areverydifferentfromthose oftheirnaturalenvironment.

41. The writer feels that few people_____. A) visit a zoo in order to see theanimalsthere. B) areindifferenttothefeeling ofzooanimals. C) areinterestedinanyofthe animalspecies. D) are sufficiently sensitive to the conditions of animals keptinzoos. E) really want to see a living lionortiger. 43.45. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. BornonJanuary30 1951,Phil Collinsseemeddestinedforalife on the stage. While his father was in charge of an insurance office, his mother managed a theatre school in London. All threeofherchildrenhadpartsin filmsWhenPhilgotapartinthe LondonproductionofOliver,he leftschoolforacareerinacting.

Meanwhile, he was already playing drums at parties and clubsandhadbeguntowritehis own songs,secretly hopingthat onedaythiswouldbehisfulltime job. Then, in 1975, something happened that changed his life. Hebecamethedrummerofthe Genesisgroup. 43. As the passage points out, the pop music singer Phil Collins_____. A) originally wanted to work alongsidehisfather. B) wasintroducedearlyinhis life to the world of entertainment. C) got little encouragement fromhisfamily. D) wasthefirstinhisfamilyto goonstage. E) continued his schooling evenafterhetookapartin themusicalOliver. 44. According to the passage although Phil Collins began his career in the theatre, _____. A) his real interest lay in music. B) healwaysdreamedofbeing a successful businessman likehisfather. C) his real talent was in filmmaking. D) hedidsoveryunwillingly. E) he has always disliked beinginthepubliceye. 45. Thepassagetellsusthatthe year1975_____. A) was when Phil Collins first had a song accepted by Genesis. B) wasthe yearin whichPhil Collins left the Genesis group. C) was a turning point in Phil Collinsslife. D) was one of great disappointments for Phil

Collins. E) sawtheendofPhilCollinss careerasasinger. A) as the system is left to cause a great deal of pollution. B) sincethemajorityofpeople 46.48. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. British towns suffer from the same traffic congestion, noise andpollutingfumesasalltowns inthewesternworld,butasyet only London, Newcastle, Glasgowandtoa smallextent Liverpool, have useful railways going undergroundthrough the central areas. Elsewhere there areplansforbuildingunderground railways but they have little hope of making any progress with them so long as public expenditure is restricted. In general, the north has better publictransportthanthesouth, with cheap and frequent bus services using better roads sharedwithfewercars. 46. As it is pointed out in the passage, most British towns havenoundergroundrailway system_____. 47. We can understand from the passagethat_____. A) Liverpool has the most developedundergroundtrain systeminBritain. B) morepeopledrivetheirown cars in the month than in thesouth. C) the north of Britain suffers less from traffic problems thanthesouthdoes. D) the south of Britain enjoys have their own private meansattransport. C) as this is not felt to be practical system outside London. D) because there is not sufficient public money availableforsuchprojects. E) simplybecausethepeople feelnoneedforone.

cheap and highly efficient busservices. E) British cities have much lessairpollutionthanother citiesinthewest. 48. The author suggests that undergroundrailwaysarean excellent means of transport because_____. A) they are a much cheaper means of transport than buses. B) they do not pollute the streetsof a city with noise andpetrolfumes. C) the building and maintenance of them IS comparativelycheap. D) thenumberswhousethem caneasilyberestricted. E) the services offered on them are constantly being improved. 49.53. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn cmleyi bulunuz. 49. Dont take any notice of all his complaints about his health;theresnothingwrong withhim. A) Trytoavoidthesubjecton his health as I am tired of hearing all about his complaints. B) Dont listen to him talking about his health; its his favoritesubject.

C) Ifyoulethim,hewouldtalk only about his ill health though actually he is quite healthy. D) His complaint is that you discusshishealthproblems butdonothingtoovercome them. E) You can ignore all his talk of being ill; hes actually perfectlyhealthy.

we managed to walk half way round the lake as planned.

C) The heavy rain nearly

prevented us from walking rightroundthelake. D) Wewouldhavewalkedright roundthelakeevenifithad rainedheavily.

E) Really heavy rain would

naturallyhavepreventedus fromwalkingtothefarend ofthelake.

50. Wehadplannedtowalkright roundthelake,buttheheavy rainmadethisimpossible.

A) Ifithadntrainedsoheavily,
wewouldhavewalkedright roundthelake.

B) In spite of the heavy rain,

gonow. 51. IcantrememberwhenIlast sawhim,butitiscertainlya longtimeago. A) Ishallneverforgetmeeting him even though its long timeago. B) IonlyknowitisagessinceI saw him and I cant rememberwhenthatwas. C) Weve only met once and that was too long ago for metorememberhim. D) Ihaventthoughtabouthim for a long time, in fact not sinceImethim. E) Idliketoforgethowmany years have passed since lastsawhim. A) Thebestperformanceswere those of the Russians; some of the others were poor. B) The standard of dancing washighparticularlyamong 52. As the traffic is so heavy, it willtakeusatleastanhourto getthere. A) Lets wait an hour before we go. There is so much trafficontheroads. B) Since the roads are full of trafficatthishour,wewont theRussians. C) TheRussiandancerswere wellworthwatchingbutthe otherswerent. D) They all danced well, but the Russian dancers were farbetterthantheothers. E) TheRussiansdancedwell, butsomeoftheotherswere C) Since the roads are so busy, we wont be able to getthereinunderanhour. D) Therearesomanycarson theroadsthatwecantget thereforhours. E) Well set off at an hour when there isnt much trafficontheroads. 53. There were no poor performances;buttheRussian dancers were certainly the best.


better, for the clerk now has todealwithalotofangryand frustratedpeople.

A) The monotony is only

brokenwhenflightshaveto becancelled.

B) The clerk rarely has the


C) Theconversationbetweena
clerk and a passanger is thugfrequentlyaninteresting one.

D) Thepassengersareusually
tooexcitedtolistentowhat theclerkissaying.

E) By the end of the day, he

willbeluckyifnothinghas goneseriouslywrong. 54.58. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 54. Theworkofacheckingclerk at an airport is extremely mechanical and repetitive. Ticketsarechecked,luggage is weighed and seats are allocated._____.Butthisdoes not lead to change for the 55. Ozone is very damaging at ground level, but in the atmosphere it is absolutely

essentialformaintraininglife on earth. _____. If the ultravioletlightwhichreaches usisnotfilteredinthisway,it can cause serious eye troublesandskincancer. 56. The Queen Elizabeth II is the A) However,in50yearstime, more than a quarter of all species will have become extinct. B) The ozone layer encircles the world and protects us fromthesunsrays. C) Environmentalpollutionhas become a major national andinternationalissue. D) Therefore,manysubstances in the environment may be essentialfortheImaintenance oftheecologicalsystem. E) But the temperature of the planethasrisenonlyabout 3C sincetheiceage.

name of a large modern passenger ship and there are not many ships like her now. _____.Comparedtoairtravel, seatravelonaluxurylineris veryslowandveryexpensive; butthelivedayvoyageonthe Queen Elizabeth II is really a holidayinitself,andexperience torememberalways.

A) Another drawback is the

numberofpeopletheypack ontotheship.

B) These ships take people

across the Cellule at half hourintervals.

C) Indeed, travel by sea has

recently become the fashionagain.

D) Until air fares come down,

peoplewillcontinuetogoto NewYorkbysea.

E) This is because most

peopleprefertotravelbyair ratherthanbysea.

orderishardwork. D) Obviouslyinalargegarden thereisroomforfruittrees and vegetables as well as flowers. E) There are those who like gardening and those who dont.

57. Alotofpeopleliketolive,not in apartment blocks, but in houses.Thehousesaresetin gardens of various sizes. _____. But a large garden means a lot of work and a smallgardencanbemadeto lookextremelyattractive. A) One doesnt get much pleasureoutofagardenin thewinter. B) Many such gardens look theirbestinthespring. C) Keeping a garden in good 58. Newcomers to London often complainofthelackofpublic activities, especially in the evenings.____.Eveningclasses, forinstanceareflourishingat present. There are evening

classesleadingtoprofessional qualifications; there are also classes related to hobbies like painting, folk dancing, andlocalhistory;butatfirst, oneisnotawareofthese. A) TheRoyalOperaHouseis situatedincentralLondon. B) Noonewantstoseeaplay morethanonce. C) There are actually many activitieswhichnewcomers maynotnotice. D) Now that everyone has a televisionset,fewerpeople go to watch a live football match. E) Musical entertainments are more popular as the language problem is not apparent. 59.64. sorularda, verilen du rumauygundenifadeyibulu nuz. 59. The headmaster asks if you could show some visitors around your school. You are verypleasedatthisandagree atonce,saying: A) Im afraid I havent gotthe timeatthemoment. B) Illbedelightedtodoso. C) IwillifIreallyhaveto. D) Itsawful.Ihatevisitors. E) Im sure there are others whocoulddoitbetter.

60. A friend has knocked over a glassofcokeanditsgoneall over the sleeve of your new blouse.Youdontwantherto feel badly about it, so you say:

everneeditagain. A) That was very careless of you. Why arent you more careful? B) Will it come clean when I washit? C) Nevermind.Illwashitand itwillbelikenewagain. D) ItwascleanontodaysoIm reallyratherannoyed. E) Itdoesntmatter.Asyoucan seeitsoldandmended. 61. A friend wants to borrow a school book from you. You dontwanttolendittoheras she is always slow in returning everything. She insists.Finallyyouagreebut ratherreluctantly.Yousay: A) Well, allright; take it. But justforonenight!Youmust giveitbacktomorrow. B) No,certainlynot.Younever givethingsbackontime. C) Im sorry I need it myself. AskAlantolendyouhis. D) WhyshouldI?Youlostthe lastbookIlentyou. E) Takeit.IdontthinkIshall A) Ifyoudfollowedthedoctors advice this wouldnt have 62. You feel sorry for your motherwhohasbeenillwith thefluandhastogobackto workthoughsheisntlooking at all well. You want to help her,soyousay:

happened. B) Whenyougetill,Ihaveto do the housework and I hatedoingit. C) Dont worry about rile. Im going to the cinema this eveningwithafriend. D) Whenyougethome,takea rest. Ill do the shopping andmaketheeveningmeal tonight. E) I think Im getting the flu too,soIllstayathomeand keepyourcompany.

63. In a day or two it will be Alices birthday. Instead of everyoneinthegroupbuying her a separate present you think onegoodpresentfrom everyone would be much better.Yousay: A) Aliceneedsanewbag,but shecanbuyforherself.

B) Letsalljoininandgether
something she really likes, likethosesportshoes.

C) Hasanyoneanygoodidea

D) AsAliceininvitingustoher
party I suppose we shall havetotakepresents.

E) Idontknowwhattobuyfor

64. Youaregivingapartyandare trying to persuade one of your friends to come to it. You know he doesnt enjoy crowded, noisy parties so yousaytohim: A) Didyouexpectthepartyto be such a lively one? I

didnt. B) Everyonewillbethere.You mustcometoo. C) Therewontbemuchtoeat, but there will be lots of musicanddancing. D) I didnt realize that you enjoyedpartiessomuch. E) It is going to be a quiet, friendlyparty.Pleasejoinus. 65.70. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. 65. Jane:Whatisthebestwayto gettoPotterton? Tim: Go by train. Its cheap and safe. Jane: Good idea._____. Tim:ImafraidIhavent.Why dont you phone the railwaystation? A) You wouldnt know if the trains are very frequent, wouldyou? 66.

muchaticketcosts? D) I just thought you might havebeenthere. E) But isnt it terribly crowded atrushhour?

Karen: Where are you going insuchahurry? Helen: Home. There are lots ofpeoplecomingfortea. Karen:Well,arentyougoing toinviteme? Helen:_____. A) No, I cant. Its mothers friendswhoarecomingand Ivepromisedtohelp.

B) Im sure you would like to

come,too. C) Have you any idea how

B) I wishIhad,butIcanget somecakesfromthe cake shop. C) Well,Ipromisedtobehome bythreeanditsnearlyfour now. D) Yes, if they are giving us chocolatecake. E) Whynot?Whatsortofcake doyouthinkshellmakefor us?

Rose:_____. Kirk: Yes, I was wondering abouttryingthatChinese Restaurant. Rose:OK.Thatwouldbevery nice.

A) Ididntknowthatyouwere
interested in Chinese cooking. B) What a pity! Im not free then.

C) Have you got anywhere

particularinmind? D) Why dont we go some othertime?

E) Ihopeyoudontmindifmy

67. Kirk: Lets go out dinner tonight

68. Sue: Have the results of the photograph competition beenannouncedyet? Clare:_____. Sue: Did it really? Thats splendidnews. Clare: It is indeed. Im so pleasedforhim. A) Not yet. Well have to wait untilMonday. B) Yes.Didntyouknow?One of Franks photos got the firstprize. C) No, but theres a rumour going around that Martin haswon. D) No.Ilikedtheonestakenin thegardenbest. E) Bob will be terribly disappointed if he doesnt getaprize. A) Shecantdecidewhattodo whensheleavesschool. B) Shes at the university, studyinglaw. C) While the children were 69. Peter: Whats your sister doingnow? Anne:_____. Peter: Really? I Thought she wantedtobealawyer. Anne: Oh no. Shes always wanted to do something inthemedicalprofession.

young,shefeltsheoughtto stayathomewiththem.

Robert:_____. Steve:Yes,thatsoundslikea goodidea. A) The best way would be to try out a few different modelsandseewhichsuits you. B) A bicycle is a bicycle. The only difference is in the price. C) Well dont get one like mine.Itsfartooheavy. D) One should always avoid gettingasecondhandbicycle. E) Icantunderstandwhyyou want a mountain bicycle, there arent any mountains wherewelive.

D) Shestrainingtobeanurse.
ShesatBartsHospitaljust now. E) I dont think shell get the job,butoneneverknows.

70. Robert: Have you bought a bicycleyet? Steve: Not yet. Im still undecided about which modeltoget.

break these links you can break the habit. (III) The best way of doing this is to avoid 71.75. sorularda, anlam bak mndanhangicmleninparaya uymadnbulunuz. 71. (I) Onions have always been popular(II)Infact,onionsare even lower in calories and richer in nutrients. (III) They areoneofmankindsearliest foods, and were widely consumed in ancient Egypt, GreeceandRome.(IV)Bythe seventeenthcentury,Europeans wereenjoyingthemasasalad ingredient and a breakfast healthfood.(V)Today,onions, eithercookedorraw,areused inatremendousrangeofdishes. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III the situations where you wouldnormallysmoke.(IV)In this way, you can gradually smoke less and less. (V) Therefore, you dont gain anythingbystoppingsmoking. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

73. (I)HereIhavefoundmyideal of a holiday village. (II) The scenery everywhere is quite delightfulandthepeopleare friendly and hospitable. (III) For me, however, the main attraction is that it has kept its original character and remainedpeacefulandquiet. (IV)Insomecountriestourism is certainly one of the principal sources of income. (V) I hate to find myself surrounded by the tourist industryandhereIamnot. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

72. (I) Smoking is a habit that is closelylinkedtospecialtimes and special places. (II) If you

environment are (IV) Further since we are intend upon enjoying ourselves then we 74. (I)Orchidsarebothapassion anda businessfor Amy Ede. (II)SherunstheMandalOrchid Garden in Singapore, which was founded by her father in 1951. (III) Yet the orchid is regardedasthemostattractive offloweringplants.(IV)Ithas become famous for its collection of older varieties, many of which are now rare. (V) As well as preserving orchidhistorythegardenisan important part of Singapores orchidexporttrade. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III should. (V) This is why the foreignerisalwaysatgreater riskthanthenative.

75. (I) We are all aware of the dangers of our own environment. (II) Remember that life insurance provides money after the event. (III) But when traveling abroad, we move outside our usual environment and dont know whattheproblemsofthenew

ki saat bekletme sz konusu olduundan, bekleten kiinin dakik punctual olmas umulur.YantCseeneidir. without olacandan yant D seeneidir.

6. 2.
Cmleyi anlaml bir ekilde ta mamlayabilecekenuygunfiilto demonstrate kantlamak ol duundan doru yant E see neidir.

Toturnoffvetoturnonfiilleri birbirinin ztt olup dar kar ken TVyi kapayp, klar ak brakmamak gerektiinden doruyantBseeneidir.


The view from our window mustbeoneofthebestany where ili the town cmlesinin anlam penceremizden g rlenmanzarakenttekieniyi manzaralardanbiriolmal ol duundan doru yant C see neidir.


Yazm hatas toplantnn tarihi konusunda karkla confusion yolaacandance vapCseeneidir.


Unrealistic gereki olma yan sfatn niteleyecek zarf completely tamamyla ol maldr.YantAseeneidir.

8. 5.
okazgendnparaal makszn bir i kurabilir. cmlesindeki almakszn ifade sini salamak iin bolua ge lebilecekenuygunpreposition

kiclausearasndakiztlkbelir ten bir ifade olduundan bo luagelebilecekenuygunba la even though ramen olmaldr. Bu durumda doru yantEseeneidir.

lecek en uygun ifade but I didnt olduundan D seenei


Yemekparasndemeolasl na kar kredi kartn al ifadesini salamak iin bolua gelebilecek anlamca en uygun bala in case olaslna kar olduundandoruyant A seeneidir.


13. ToseesomeoneVingkalbn
dandolaydoruyant C see neidir.

14. Ifclausetypel(present/real)
yaps gerei bolua gelecek fiil futuresimpletense olmal

10. You can have whicever one

you like istediini alabilir sinanlamnageliponeszc gazeteciyi gstermektedir.


15. Whenlicmlelerdeanacmle
cik ile yardmc cmlecik ara snda zaman uyumu olmaldr. DoruyantAseeneidir.


11. Bolua gelebilecek en uygun

seenek Edir. Burada at least en azndan anlamna gelir. Buna gre cmlenin anlam; deneyler bu rnn benzer lerinden en az kere daha uzun bir sre dayandn gstermitirolur.

16. As soon asli cmlelerde ana

cmlecik ile yardmc cmlecik arasnda zaman uyumu olmas gerektiindendoruyantDse eneidir.

17. By the time zaman zarf ya 12. Cmleyi hem zaman hem de
anlam asndan tamamlayabi future perfect tense ya da pastperfecttenseilekullanlr.

Zamanuyumugznne aln dndancevapAseeneidir.

stressit b) Cmle present tense ile sona erdiinden, tenslebalamaldr. present

18. a)Sofar zamanzarf present

perfecttenseilekullanlr. b) Indirect cmleye pastla balandndan bolua gelecek tense bir derece past yaplm olmaldr (or; will would). DoruyantCseeneidir.

Bunagredoruyant C see neidir.

22. Busorudakark tenselibir if

clause sz konusudur. Arn baladnda diiye gitmi olsaydn, (Past) imdi btn bumasrafltedaviyeihtiyacn olmayacakt. (Present). Doru yantDseeneidir.

19. Cmle present perfect tense

ilebaladnagreherhangibir presenttense iledevametme lidir.Anlamvezamanasndan yantEseeneidir.

23. Who relative pronounu ile

balayanrelativeclausebirismi nitelemelidir.Bunagretheman ismini nitelemesinden dolay doruyantAseeneidir.

24. Since balac neden bildirir. 20. Terlemeyoluylasuancakegzer

siz yaplarak kaybedileceinden doruyantBseeneidir. Cmlesimplepresenttensele baladndan present tense ilebitmelidir.Ohaldedoruya ntEseeneidir.

21. a)Ifzamiribirisminyerinituttu
undancmleninbotarafnda birtekilisimyeralmolmaldr.

25. If clause type 1 yaps gz

nnde bulundurulduunda doruyantBseeneidir.

elma dnda ifadesinin yer aldAdoruyanttr.

26. Sinceiin,nedenbildirdiin
den ve They had no other choicebakaareleriyoktu ifadesindendolaydoruyantE seeneidir.

32. Incredible inanlmaz sfat

nn bulunduu tek seenek C olduundan bu seenek doru yanttr.

33. Irealizedforthefirsttime 27. One of the clims of this

interviewistoassess bu grmenin amala rndan biri deerlendirmektir. ifa desindendolaycevap C see neidir. ilk kez fark ettim ifadesinin yeraldDseeneidoruya nttr.

34. Determined kararl ve not

sure emindeil sfatlarndan dolaydoruyantBseeneidir.

28. Sometimesbazenveyou
cant know exactly tam olarak bilemezsiniz ifadeleri nin bulunduu A seenei doruseenektir.

35. When balac doru yantn C

seenei olduu konusunda ipucuverir.

29. Couldgrowartabilirfiilinden
dolaydoruyantnDseenei olduukolaycaanlalr.

36. Hasshownortayakoymu
turfiilindendolaydoruyantE seeneidir.

37. Parada ekmein iindekilerin 30. Although ramen anlamna

gelipdoruyantEseeneidir. azvezolmasnaramen e idinin bolluundan bahsedildi indenyantCseeneidir.

31. Exceptforafewapplesonthe
tres aalardaki birka

38. Paradakiwegetanourishing

and fasty foot gives us carbonhydrate, proteins, and B vitamins ifadesinden do laydoruyantDseeneidir.

koullarnndoalortamdanok farkl olduu vurgulandndan doruyantEseeneidir.

43. All three of her children had

partsinfilmscmlesindenPhil Collinsin elence dnyasna erken girdii anlalr. Doru yantBseeneidir.

39. Parada birok insann kahve

rengi ky ekmeini tercih etti inden,nkbuekmeindaha fazlavitaminieripdahalezzetli olduundan sz ediliyor. Buna gredoruyantAseeneidir.

44. Partilerde ve kulplerde davul

aldndan, kendi arklarn yazmaya baladndan ve bu nun ileride gerek ii olmasn umut ettiinden Phill Collinsin aslilgisininmzikolduuanla lr.DoruyantAseeneidir.

40. Thrilling experiencein para

dakianlam astrongsenceof excitement olduundan doru yantBseeneidir.

41. Buthowmanypeoplestopto
wonder how the anirnals are feeling in their often unsuitable surroundings so rusundanyazarnbirokinsann hayvanat bahesindeki hay vanlarn durumuna yeterince duyarlolmadnainandan lalr.Doruyant D seenei dir.

45. Then, in 1975, something

happened that changed his life cmlesinden dolay doru yantCseeneidir.

46. as public expenditure is

restricted ifadesinden metro sistemiiinyeterliparaolmad anlaldndan doru yant D seeneidir.

42. Paradahayvanatbahesindeki
hayvanlarn ounun yaam

51. Onuensonnezamangrd 47. Paradakuzeydekitoplutama

sisteminingneydekindendaha iyidurumdaolduubelirtildiin dendoruyantCseeneidir. m hatrlayamam ama ok uzunzamannceolduuke sindi cmlesininbirbakae kilde ifadesi Ne zamand ha trlayamam, tek bildiim onu grdmdenberiokzaman getiidir. olduu iin doru

48. Parann ilk cmlesine gre



49. Sorudakisalylailgiliika
yetlerinidikkatealma,hibir eyi yok ifadesinin benzeri hastal konusunda syle diklerinigrmezdengel,do rusu olduka salkl oldu undan doru yant E seene idir.

52. Trafikokyounolduundan
orayavarmamzenazndanbir saatimizi alacaka benzeyen ifade C seeneindeki Yollar ok kalabalk olduundan oraya bir saatten nce ulaamayacaz.cmlesidir.

53. Hepsinin iyi dansettiini ama 50. Gln evresinde yrmeyi

planlamtk ama iddetli yamurbunuimkanszyapt cmlesine anlamca en yakn olan O kadar iddetli ya mur yamasayd gln etra fnda yryecektik cmlesi olduundanyantAseeneidir. Rus danslarn dierlerinden dahaiyiolduunuifadeeden D seeneindekicmledoruya nttr.

54. Parada iin monotonluundan

bahsediliyor. Boluktan sonraki

cmle, but balac ile balad nagreboluktakiifadeyezt biranlamtamaldr.Bunagre doruyantAseeneidir.

58. Londraya yeni gelen insanlar

fazlaaktiviteolmamasndanya knyorlar. Boluktan sonraki cmlede bir rnek verildiine gre bolua gelecek cmlede yeni gelenler fark etmedii

55. Parada ozon tabakasnn ya

rarlarndan bahsedildiinden bolua gelecek en uygun cmleBseeneidir.

haldeaslndabirtakmaktivite nin olduunun belirtildii C se eneidir.

59. Okul mdr sizden birka 56. Boluktan nce gelen yargnn
nedeni aklandndan doru yant E seeneidir. Boluktan sonra hava yolculuu ile deniz yolculuunun karlatrlmas dadoruyantnEseeneiol duunugsterir. misafire evreyi gezdirmenizi istediinde,bunaokseviniyor sunuz. Ohalde buitenmem nuniyet duyduunuzu belirten bir ifade kullanmanz gerekir. DoruyantBseeneidir.

57. Boluktan nceki cmlede e

itliboyuttakibahelerdenbah sedilirken, boluktan sonraki cmlede byk bahelerin olumsuz yanlarndan sz edili yor. yleyse bolua byk bahelerdenbahsedenbirifade gelmelidir.Doruyant D see neidir.

60. Arkadanz yeni aldnz

bluzunuzun koluna bir bardak kola dknce, onun kendisini kt hissetmesini nlemek iin bo ver, ykarm, yeni gibi olur dersiniz. Doru yant C seeneidir.

61. Aldngerivermekteihmalkar
olanarkadanzaoksraretti indenderskitabnzdnve riyorsunuz. Ama olduka istek sizolduunuziinartkoars nz ve ertesi gn getirmesi gerektiinibelirtisiniz.YantA seeneidir.

64. Arkadanzvereceinizpartiye
gelmesiiiniknaetmeyeal yorsunuz. Onun kalabalk ve grltden holanmadn bil diinizdensakinbirpartiola can sylersiniz.Yant E se eneidir.

62. Gripnedeniylehastabirekilde
iegitmekzorundakalananne nize yardmc olmak zere, Evegelincedinlen.Benal verii yapp akam yemeini hazrlarm dersiniz.Doruya ntDseeneidir.

65. Timtreninerip,ucuzvegvenli
olduunubelirttiindeJanetrenin fiyatn sormu olmal ki Tim, hibirfikrimyok.Neden(tren) istasyonuaramyorsun?diyor. DoruyantCseeneidir.

66. Karen Helene neden acele 63. BirkagnsonraAliceindn

gnvar.Herkesinayrayrk k hediyeler almasndansa ortakbykbirhediyenindaha iyi olacan dnyorsunuz. Budurumda, gelinbirleelim ve u spor ayakkablar gibi gerektenhounagidecekbir eyalalmdersiniz.Doruya ntBseeneidir. ettiini sorduunda, Helen aya birok kiinin geleceini sylyor. Karen kendisini davet edip etmeyeceini sorduunda ise olumsuz yant verip, onlarn annesininmisafirleriolduunuve kendisinin de annesine yardm edeceine sz verdiini ifade ediyor.YantAseeneidir.

67. Kirk evet diye yant verip bir

in restoranndan bahsettiine gre Rose ona restoran hak kndabirsorusormuolmaldr. BunagreyantCseeneidir.

mu olmaldr ki Steve bu fikri beendiinisylyor.Doruya ntAseeneidir.

71. Parada soann yzyllardr


68. Sue Sahi mi? Bu harika bir

haberdediinegreClareona iyibirhabervermiolmaldr.Bu durumdadoruyantBseene idir.Evet.Bilmiyormuydun? Frankin fotoraflarndan biri dlkazand.

undanveyaygnbirekildet ketildiindenbahsediliyor.Oysa II.cmlesoanndkkalorili, besindeeriyksekbiryiyecek olmasndan sz ediyor. Buna gredoruyantBseeneidir.

72. Para sigaray brakmak hak 69. Peter Annee kz kardeinin ne

yaptnsorduundaaldya nt karsnda arr ve onun hep hukukla ilgileneceini sandn belirtir. Anne ise kardeinin her zaman tp alannda almak istediini sylyor.Ohaldeboluagele cekenuygunseenekAnnenin kzkardeininhemirelikeitimi almakta olduundan bahseden Dseeneidir. kndaolup,V.cmledekisonu olarak sigaray brakmakla bir ey elde edemezsiniz ifadesi parannbtnneztolduun dandoruyantEseeneidir.

73. Para belirli bir tatil kynden

bahsetmektedir. IV. cmledeki baz lkelerde turizmin en nemligelirkaynaklarndanbiri olduu ifadesi konu btnl n bozmaktadr. Buna gre doruyantDseeneidir.

70. Hangi bisikleti alaca konu

sunda kararsz kalan Stevee, Robert iyi bir tavsiyede bulun

74. ParadakitmcmlelerdeAmy
Ede iin orkidelerin anlam ve neminden bahsedilirken, III. cmlekonubtnlneaykr dr.DoruyantCseeneidir.

75. Paradagenelolarakyurtdna
kaninsanlarndierlerinegre daha fazla tehlikede olmalar konuediliyor.II.cmledebahse dilenhayat sigortasnn konuyla ilgisiolmamasndandolaydoru yantBseeneidir.



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Sincehewastoolazytoread the novel _____ he has misunderstoodthemotivesof themaincharacter. A) generously B) unusually C) properly D) lively E) inevitably 3.

collectalotofbooksto_____ to the children in a village school. A) distribute B) publish C) contain D) depart E) employ Doyouthinkwecantrusthim tofinda_____placeforusto stayinLondon? A) thorough B) sufficient C) steady D) considerate E) suitable


Everyone knows that these twofirmshavebeeninfierce _____ to get the job of


Our school has managed to


A) involvement B) reference C) management D) arrangement E) competition A) willgo/willhave B) go/hashad 5. Im quite sure that Niger wants to help you, but that doesnt mean he _____ able todoso. A) hasbeen B) willbe C) hadbeen D) wouldhavebeen E) was 6. ThoughIhadgivenhimsome goodadviceonhowtoact,he didntlistentome,_____? A) didhe B) hadhe C) hadI D) hadntI E) didnthe 9. 8. Everyone was surprised to see us because we _____ to return before the middle of themoth. A) arenotexpected B) havenotexpected C) werenotexpected D) arenotexpecting E) havenotbeenexpecting Jane told me that she _____ toringmeallmorning. C) wasgoing/has D) went/washaving 7. WhenI_____intohisOfficeat 11oclock,he_____hiscoffee.

E) havegone/wouldbehaving

A) hadbeentrying B) hasbeentrying C) willbetrying D) hastried E) willhavetried A) about/to B) of/on C) for/in D) to/with E) with/over 12. Ifitsonthetable,look_____ the table; it may have fallen _____. 10. If I _____ you were coming roundtoseemethisafternoon I_____acakeforus. A) would have known / have made B) haveknown/willmake C) didknow/hadmade D) know/willhavemade E) had known / would have made A) sofar B) howmuch C) howfar D) solong E) howlong 13. I didnt realize ____ it would takemetogetthereonfoot. A) below/through B) at/down C) within/away D) under/off E) after/back

11. Imextremelyfond_____her, too;butevenso,Imafraidwe cantrely_____her.

14. Theviewfromthiswindowis oneof_____Ihaveeverseen.

A) thefinest B) finest C) thefiner D) finer E) fine

17. Idontliketogotothecinema twiceon_____day. A) such B) same C) theorder D) thesame

15. Can you tell me _____ this bicyclebelongsto? A) what B) whose C) who D) that E) which 16. _____ car is out of order so theywanttocomewithusin _____. A) Their/ours B) His/my C) Hers/theirs D) Her/your E) They/yours

E) many

18. It doesnt look like rain but takeanumbrellajust_____it does. A) soas B) incase C) asif D) sothat E) suchas 19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekil de tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 19. _____ even though she is a lot younger than the rest of

us. A) Thegirlsdidbetterthanthe boysintherace B) Theflowerswesentherare stilllookingfresh C) Whoever said that was mistaken D) None of us actually saw it happen E) Youshouldhaveinvitedher sistertojoinus

E) Nobody else could have advised 21. _____whosecoatwasstolen lastweek? A) Whyweretheysurprised B) Doyouhavetheiraddress C) Howunusualisit D) Isntthatthenewlibrarian E) Isthereanynewsyet

22. _____wereallyoughttoleave assoonaspossible. A) Since we shall probably havealongwaitatthebus 20. _____ until you have found anotherjob. A) There are so many unemployed B) There are a lot of advertisements in the papers C) Dont tell anyone you are leaving D) Ithoughtyouwereperfectly happyworkinghere 23. _____theyhadalreadyfinished station B) Sincetheroadsarealways busyatthishour C) Though it is getting very late D) Untilweknowwhichplane theyarecomingon E) Iftheresnoneedtohurry.

theirdinner. A) Whenwefinallyarrived B) If only we had waited for them C) Unlessshemanagedtoget thereon D) While you were watching thetelevision E) Wheneverweareinvitedto theirhouse 24. Everyonewhomethimatthat timeagreed_____. A) howheislikehisfather. B) ifhispoliticalviewswillget publicsupport. C) that he was likely to becomethemostinfluential physicistofhisage. D) he is the most talented physicistofourtime. E) though he was not as healthy as he would have likedtobe. 25.30. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz. 25. Ever since the universities haveexistedtherehavebeen argumentsaboutwhatbooks should be taught to the students.

A) niversiteler kurulduun danberirencilereokutu lan kitaplar hep tartma konusuolmutur. B) rencilerin ne tr kitaplar okumas gerektii tart malar niversitelerin ku rulmas aamasnda ba lamtr. C) niversitelerin kurulmasyla birlikte rencilere hangi kitaplarn okutulaca tar tmasbalamtr. D) rencilerehangikitaplarn okutulacatartmalaran cak niversitelerin kurul mas aamasnda bala mtr. E) niversiteler var olduun dan beri, rencilere hangi kitaplarnokutulacakonu sundatartmalarolmutur.

committee, you would have realized how prejudiced he wasagainsttheminorities. A) Onun raporunu kurula su nulmadannceokumuol saydn,aznlklarakarne kadar nyargl olduunu anlardn. B) Onun aznlklara kar ne kadarkinbeslediini,kurula sunduu raporunu okuya rakhemenanlayabilirdin. C) Onunraporununkurulasu nulmadan nceki halini okumu olsaydn, aznlk lardannederecenefretet tiiniakagrrdn. D) Aznlklarakar ne derece saldrgan olduunu anla makiin,onunraporunuku rula sunulmadan nce okumalydn. E) Onun kurula sunulanrapo runu okusaydn, aznlklara karnedendmancadav randnkolaycaanlardn.

26. Ifonlyyouhadreadhisreport beforeitwassubmittedtothe

27. In these circumstances it is difficult to assess the damage caused by the earthquake.

A) Bukoullardadepreminha
sarayolapamayacan tahminetmekokzor.

B) Depremin ne gibi hasara

yol atn bu koullarda aklamakzorolabilir. 28. First of all, let me point out thatItalianRenaissanceartis avastsubjectwhich,overthe years, has been dealt with thoroughly. A) Enbataakasylemeli yim ki talyan Rnesans sanat, ok geni bir konu olupincelenmesiyllaralr. B) Her eyden nce, talyan Rnesanssanatkonusunu ylarcaayrntlolarakara

C) Depremin yolatzarar
karlamak bu koullar al tndaokzor.

D) Bu koullar altnda depre

min neden olduu hasar saptamakzor.

E) Farkl koullarda depremin

nedenolduuhasarlarkar latrmakzor.

trm olduumu belirtmeli yim. C) talyan Rnesans sanatn yllar boyunca inceleyerek bu konuda uzman oldu umunceliklevurgulamak zorundaym. D) talyan Rnesansnda, sa natn btn ayrntlaryla yllar boyu incelenmi bir konu olduunu hemen be lirtmeliyim. E) Hereydennceunube lirtmeliyim ki talyan Rne sans sanat, yllar boyunca kapsaml olarak incelenmi genibirkonudur.

thusincreasingourknowledge of both planets a thousand fold. A) Uzay arac The Voyager 1979da Jpitere 1980de Satrneyaptuularso nucuherikigezegenleilgili bilgilerimizibinlercekatart ran bir ok nemli keif lerdebulunmutur. B) 1979da Jpitere ve 1980de Satrne ulaan uzay arac The Voyager, pek ok nemli keiflerin yaplmasn salam, by lece her iki gezegen hak kndaki bilgilerimizi bin kat arttrmtr. C) Uzay arac The Voyagerin 1979da Jpiteri 1980de Satrnkefetmesindenbu yana, bu gezegenler hak kndaki bilgilerimiz her ge engnbinkatartmaktadr. D) UzayaracTheVoyagerile yaplan nemli keifler so

29. The space craft The Voyager, whichreachedJupiterin1979 andSaturnin1980,mademany major discoveries possible,

nunda, 1979da Jpiter, 1980dedeSatrngezege niyle ilgili bilgilerimiz bin lercekatartmtr.

E) Jpiterde 1979da, Sa trnde de 1980de yaplan ciddi keifler, uzay arac The Voyagerin bu geze genlere yapt yolculuklar sonucu bize salad bil gilerlemmknolmutur. 30. Advanced technological developments in the U. S. Space programmes have led totheinventionofnewtools which enabled us to explore the innermost secrets of the humanbody. A) nsanvcudununennemli gizlerini ortaya koymamz salayan yeni aletlerin icat edilmesinde, ABD uzay programndakiileriteknolo jik gelimelerden yararla nlmtr. B) nsan vcudunun en gizli ynlerininaratrlmas,ABD uzayprogramndakiteknolojik gelimelersonucuicatedilen yeni aletlerle mmkn ol mutur. C) ABD uzay programndaki teknolojikgelimelerdenya

rarlanlarak, insan vcudu nunengizlizelliklerinior taya koymamz salayan yenialetlericatedilmitir. D) ABD uzay programndaki ileri teknolojik gelimeler, insan vcudunun en derin gizlerini aratrmamza ola nakverenyenialetlerinicat edilmesinisalamtr. E) nsan vcudunun en derin gizlerini aratrmamza ola nakverenyenialetlerABD uzay programndaki ileri teknolojik gelimelere de yolamtr. 31.36.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 31. O, eserlerini okumaktan b ykzevkaldmadabir kayazardanbiridir. A) Among the contemporary writersheistheonewhose worksIenjoyreading. B) I really enjoy reading the works of only a few contemporarywriters.

C) Except for him, there are few contemporary writers whoseworksIactuallyenjoy reading. D) I get a great deal of pleasureoutofreadinghis works and those of a few othercontemporarywriters. E) He is one of the few contemporary writers whose worksIgreatlyenjoyreading.

socialissues. B) Itistooearlytosaywhether he will always deal with socialissuesinhispoems. C) In his early poems, as I havesaid,healwaysdeals withsocialmatters. D) Ithasbeensaidthatsocial issuesarethemainsubject ofhisearlypoems. E) It is still to soon to say whether he will discuss socialissuesinhispoetry.

32. iirlerinde hep toplumsal ko nular ele alp almayacan sylemekiinokerken. A) I would say that all his poems are concerned with

the speakers managed to keepwithinthetimeallotted. 33. Tartlan konu o kadar karmak ve kapsamlyd ki her konumac kendisine ta nnansreyiat. A) Thetopicunderdiscussion was so complex and comprehensive that each speakerexceededthetime allottedtohim. B) Thoughthetopicthey were discussingwasrathervague andfarreaching,noneofthe speakersneededmorethan thetimeallowedthem. C) Though the subject they werediscussingwasneither complicatednorcontroversial, eachspeakeraskedforextra time. D) Owing to the complicated and controversial nature of thesubjectunderdiscussion, nobodymanagedtofinishon time. E) Thoughthematerialcovered wasoriginalanddemanding, 34. Romantik akmn nclerin denolanRousseau,genlerin eitimi ile yakndan ilgilen mitir.

A) Theeducationoftheyoung
was a subject of first importance for Rousseau and other leaders of the RomanticMovement.

B) Rousseau,themainleader
oftheRomanticMovement, was particularly interested ineducatingtheyoung.

C) Rousseau, one of the

forerunnersoftheRomantic movement, was closely concernedwiththeeducation


toshowuswherethenew bridgewasbeingbuilt. C) Thepositionofthebridgeis madeclearonthenewmap the Minister brought with him. D) With the map, the Minister couldshowusclearlywhere thenewbridgewillbe. E) TheMinistershoweduson the map where the new bridge was going to be built.

D) Rousseauandotherleading
members of the Romantic Movement recognized the needtoeducatetheyoung.

E) Theeducationoftheyoung
reallygainedimportancein the time of Rousseau and theRomanticMovement.

35. Bakan,yenikprnnnereye yaplacan haritada bize gsterdi. A) The Minister was able to show us on the map the position of the new bridge theyarebuilding. B) TheMinisterbroughtamap

36. Yarg, ahidin doruyu sy leyip sylemediini anlamak iin ona bir sr artc sorusordu. A) Thejudgemayhaveasked the witness several hard questionstotestwhetheror nothewastellingthetruth. B) To find out whether or not the witness was telling the truth,thejudgeaskedhima numberofconfusingquestions. C) The witness was confused by some of the questions thejudgeasked,soit was difficulttoknowwhetherhe wasspeakingthetruth. D) Many of the questions the judge asked were intended to confuse the witness and makehimcontradicthimself. E) The way the witness answered the judges questions showed that we had got no nearer to the truth. 37.39. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The famous English detective Thomas Wilson was actually a great lover of music; he often played the violin and even composed some music. He would sometimes spend a whole afternoon, listening to music,andthiswouldmakehim extremely happy. On such occasions he grew gentle and dreamy,quiteunlikethe sharp, clever and rather frightening detectivethateverybodyknows him to be. But such a mood rarely lasted long and when it lefthim,hewasmorealertand businesslikethanever.

E) wouldtakeuphisviolinand play some of his own works. 37. Thewriterdescribesasideof Detective Wilsons character which_____. A) hethinksisunsuitablefora detective. B) is referred to as a major defect. C) was little known by the generalpublic. D) had a bad effect upon his work. E) eventually led to his downfall. 38. The writer points out that, aftera quietafternoonspent in listening to music, Wilson _____. A) went back to his detective workwithgreaterefficiency. A) beingratherunreliableasa detective. B) amanofmanyandvaried talents. C) ratheracruelperson,even awickedone. D) an extremely intelligent detective, and one to be feared. E) someone whose behavior was disliked by many people. 40.42. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. DuringtheCrimeanWar,Florence 39. We can understand from the passage that Wilson was generallyregardedas_____.

B) would lose interest in his

professionalwork. C) found himself behaving in anaggressivemanner.

D) wished he didnt have to


Nightingaleshowedextraordinary qualities of determination and organizing ability. In the English hospital where she worked, conditionsatfirstwereterribledirt and disease probably caused moredeathsamongthesoldiers thanaidthewoundsreceivedin battle. Still, under these circumstances,FlorenceNightingale gradually built up a highly disciplined nursing staff and, together with more adequate medicalsupplies,shewasableto improveconditionsandbeofreal servicetothesoldiers.However, the work was hard, and, as a result,herownhealthsuffered.

in the hospital as she herselfhadpoorhealth. E) overcame, with great efficiency,theproblemsshe facedinamilitaryhospital. 41. It is clear from the passage that, because Florence Nightingalewasadetermined person, with a gift for organizing,she_____. A) volunteeredtoserveinthe CrimeanWar. B) waswidelycriticizedbyher staff. C) didlittlenursingherself. D) wasabletosucceedinher work. E) wasselectedbythearmyto work as a nurse in the hospital.

40. One important point the passage makes is that FlorenceNightingale_____. A) would have been more efficient if she had had a morequalifiednursingstaff. B) wasnotlikedbythenursing staff because of her hard discipline. C) hatedtheterribleconditions she was working in and wantedtogetaway. D) failedtoimproveconditions

42. Asthewriterpointsoutinthe passage, conditions in the military hospital were, at the beginning,sobadthat_____.

industry. A) they accounted for more deaths among the soldiers thanthewaritself. B) little could be done to improvethem. C) Florence Nightingale felt she had little chance of success. D) many of the nursing staff feelill. E) medical supplies soon ran out. 43.45. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Skiingisapopularsport,enjoyed bypeopleofallages.Thebest skiers,thatis,theprofessionals, have until recently been Europeans. The Austrians, the French, and the Italians have generally been the fastest in internationalcompetitions,Recently, however, skiers from other countrieshavealsocometothe foreanddemonstratedtheirskills. Asaresult,interestinthesport hasbecomeworldwide,andthis hasledtoahighlycompetitiveski 43. It is clear from the passage that the European countries _____. A) are determined to improve theirskiingskills. B) arenowlosingtheirleadin skiingsports. C) will soon dominate the ski industryintheworld. D) regardskiingastheworlds mostpopularsport. E) regret having invested so heavilyintheskiindustry. 44. The writer emphasizes that the development of the ski industryintheworld_____. A) owes little to the growing internationalinterestin this sport. B) has been fastest in countriesoutsideEurope.

C) has been the result of the efforts made by the Europeanprofessionals. D) hasbeenthebenefitofthe Europeancourtiers. E) is due to the growing international popularity of skiingasasport.

46.48. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. TheAmazonbasinisahugearea in Brazil. It has always attracted businessmen on account of its valuableandrichresourcessuch as rubber, coffee and cocoa. However,itis noteasy tomake money by starting an enterprise there.AstheBrazilianssay,Ifyou wanttosucceed,youmustbelieve intheAmazon,andyoumustbe youngManyrichmen,including HenryFord,havepouredmoney intotheareaandgoneawaywith nothing.

45. Accordingtothepassage,as asport,skiing_____. A) arouses little interest outsideEurope. B) is in the hands of professionalsonly. C) is not confined to any specialagegroup. D) is rapidly becoming too expensiveformostpeople. E) ordinarily came into being inAustria. 46. The writer points out that manybusinessmen_____. A) have expected to make theirfortuneintheAmazon basin, but most of them havebeendisappointed. B) haveinvestedheavilyinthe Amazon basin and made hugeprofits. C) have followed the example of Henry Ford and started

an enterprise in the Ama zonbasin. D) have only been interested in importing rubber, coffee and cocoa from the Ama zonbasin. E) havefollowedtheadviceof the Brazilians and become rich. 47. According to the passage, therehasbeenagreatdealof economic interest in the Amazonbasin_____. A) and the interest is still growingrapidly. B) even though Henry Ford invested very little money there. C) but very few people have actually invested money there. D) since many investors have lostmoneyintheregion. E) because the region has a wealthofrawmaterials. 49. This is the most enjoyable novelIvereadinalongtime. A) It took me a long time to readthisnovel,butIlikedit verymuch. B) Itisntoftenthatyoufinda 48. Onecanunderstandfromthe passage that the Amazon basin_____. A) is producing less and less inthewayofrawmaterials. B) stillremainsachallengeto businessmenanddoesnot giveeasyprofits. C) isrichinrubber,coffeeand cocoa, but in nothing else atall. D) isfastbecomingoneofthe worlds major industrial regions. E) nolongerwelcomesforeign investments. 49.53. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn cmleyi bulunuz.

novelsoamusing. C) Itsamarvellousnovel;Istill rememberitthoughIdealt italongtimeago. D) Its ages since I got so much pleasure out of readinganovel. E) ItsalongtimesinceIread this novel but I know I enjoyeditenormously.

A) Iftheweathercontinueslike this Ill spend the night there.

B) Sincetheweatherissobad
IdontsupposeIllbeback tonight.

C) Though Im planning to
return this evening, the weathermaypreventme.

D) The weather made it

impossibleformetoreturn asplanned. E) Even if the weather changes,wewontneedto changeourplans.

50. I expect to get back this eveningbutitreallydepends ontheweather.

51. As the bus arrived in Bursa an hour later than the scheduledtime,Imissedthe openingoftheconcert. A) The concert was due to start just an hour after my busarrivedinBursa. B) I arrived in Bursa at the scheduled hour and went on to the concert an hour later. C) The concert in Bursa started an hour later than the scheduled time so I didntmissthestart. D) Theconcerthadstartedby thetimeIgotthereasthe bus reached Bursa a full hourlate. E) IfIhadtakenanearlierbus to Bursa I wouldnt have missed the opening of the concert. 52. After the operation, she recovered far quicker than any of us had expected her to.

A) She recovered from the

operationjustasquicklyas anybodycouldhavehoped.

B) We were all surprised at

howfastherhealthreturned aftertheoperation. C) Once the operation was over her recovery was as fastascouldbeexpected.

D) Asweallknow,thesooner
she has the operation, the

sooner she will start to recover. E) To our great surprise she was back to normal again as soon as the operation wasover.

atthestationandIshallbe there. C) Iwouldmostcertainlyhave met you at the station if it hadbeenatallpossible. D) Icanmanagetoarrangefor someonetomeetyouatthe station. E) Illdomybesttomeetyou atthestationbutitmaynot bepossible.

53. Ill be at the station to meet youifitspossibleatall. A) ItsjustpossiblethatIshall be at the station to meet youmyself. B) Ive promised to meet you

54.58. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 54. Onthewholeweenjoyedthe playthoughourseatswerent particularlygood._____.This meant that we couldnt see someofthestageatall,and sometimes we could hardly hear what was being said. Stillwewereluckytofindany seatsatall. A) In fact they were on the back row and right at the side. B) I dont really like the front row; you can see all the makeup. 55. A supermarket needs a very largefloorarea.Itusuallyhas twodoorsonthesidefacing the street, one of which is used as the entrance, the other as the exit._____.The other three walls are generally decorated in light colorstosuggestcleanliness andbrightness. A) Thepricesinasupermarket canthusbekeptdownand this naturally attracts more customers. B) Most supermarkets make useofoneflooronly. C) Itmayhelpiftheshelfunits arenumbered. D) Soaps and cleaning

C) TheycostevenmorethanI
expected. D) Icantthinkwhyyoutoldus togo. E) Didyoureallyenjoyreading theplay?

equipment should be on separateshelves. E) The rest of the side is usuallyofglass,withgoods or advertising material on display.

family may buy an evening newspaperlaterintheday. A) Actually, daily papers are those that are published daily from Monday to Saturday. B) Manyhouseholdshavetwo, or even three newspapers everyday. C) As in other countries newspapers in Britain vary greatly in their ways of presentingthenews. D) There are popular newspapers for those who prefer entertainment to information. E) There are serious papers

56. The British people are great readersofnewspapers.There are few homes to whichone newspaper is not delivered every morning. _____. One newspaper may be delivered atthehouse,amemberofthe family may buy one at the station bookstall to read on thetrainashegoestotown, and someone else in the

forthosewhowanttoknow more about important happenings at home and abroad.

57. Mount Everest, 29,002 feet high, is situated on the

border of Tibet and Nepal. Since the end of the nineteenth century climbers have been ambitious to conquer it and stand on the highest point of land in the world.However,itwason29 May 1953 that Everest was conquered for the first time; two British climbers were abletoreachthetop._____. Infact,beforethissuccessful climb, there had been ten otherattempts,andtheyhad allendedinfailure.

men known to have done so.

E) Forinstance,the alit ofan

expedition organized in 1921 was to examine Everestanditssurrounding area. 58. Roman law is one of the greatest legal systems that have ever existed. _____.The law of most European countriesinparticularisbased upon it. Historically, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, much of Roman law seemedtobelostorforgotten,

A) The



but it reappeared in the eleventh century, when there wasagreatrevivaloflearning. ThenmanyEuropeancountries began to use Roman law in theircourts. A) Over the centuries it has hadagreatinfluenceupon thelawoftheworld. B) In fact, the Romans were welladvancedinarchitecture andmilitarytechniques. C) ThegreatRomanstatesman

expeditionstoEverestwere organized by the Royal Geographical Society in London. B) Oneshouldrememberthat snow and ice are not the climbers greatest enemies onEverest.

C) Ontheotherhand,afterthe
SecondWorldWar,Everest expeditionshadtostartnot fromTibetbutfromNepal. D) Thus, they were the first

Cicero wrote many books onlegalmatters. D) In Roman courts, it was necessary to speak effectively to defend ones case. E) It was in 55 B.C. that the Romans invaded Britain and made it part of their empire.

explainthesituation. A) Mymothergoestohospital, thenIwillbeabletoattend therehearsal. B) Mymotherhasjusthadan operation so Ive been lookingafterher,thatswhy Imissedtherehearsal. C) Im tired of all these rehearsals, and as my mothersnotwellIhaveto beathome. D) Mymotherisstartingtofeel better so perhaps I will be able to come to the

59.64. sorularda, verilen du rumauygundenifadeyibulu nuz. 59. Youhaveapartintheplaythe school is putting on for the parents. The rehearsals have started, and everyone is expectedtoattendallofthem. However,yourmotherisvery illandyouhavetolookafter her,soyoullhavetomissthe afternoon rehearsal. You call the teacher in charge to

afternoonrehearsal. E) My mother really cant be leftaloneatthemomentas shesnotatallwell,soIm afraid I cant come to the rehearsalthisafternoon.

60. Your class is organizing an endoftermexcursion toG reme. As there are a few seats left on the bus you decidetoinviteotherfriends to join you. When you run


A) Do you think our class

shouldmakethistriptoG reme? B) Youve been to Greme severaltimes,haventyou? 61. Afriendhaslentyouabook but she made it quite clear she wanted it back by the weekend. You forgot this. When you finally return the book several days late you feelyoushouldapologizeand soyousaytoher: A) Asyoudontneedthebook mayIkeepitalittlelonger? B) Whydidntyoutellmeyou needed it before the weekend? C) I hopeyoudidntneedthe bookyourself. D) Im sorry to be so late in givingitbackpleaseforgive me. E) Sincewhenhaveyoubeen readingbookslikethis?

C) Ourclassisgoingonatrip
to Greme how about joiningus?

D) If ever we decide to go to
Greme than you can come,too.

E) If youve already been to

Greme you wont want to comewithus.

afternoon can I postpone myappointment?

63. Your aunt has broken her arm. You feel very sorry for her,soyousendherflowers andalittlenotesaying: A) How long will the wound taketoheal? B) Iwassurprisedtohearyou 62. Your tooth has been hurting onandoffforawhileandyou realize you must see your dentist so you call his secretary and ask for an appointment.Yousay: A) Ive got a bad toothache. Can Dr. Jones see me sometimestomorrow? B) The pain in my tooth is gettingworse.Whatshould Idoaboutit? C) Tell Dr. Jones that the treatmenthasworkedwell. D) Why doesnt Dr. Jones receive patients after 5 oclock? E) As I have meeting in the had fallen down the stairs. Howdidithappen? C) Congratulations. Youve finallymanagedit! D) Ihopeyoullsoonbefeeling better. Take good care of yourself. E) Iseemtorememberyoudid something like this two yearsago. 64. Someone has bumped into yourfatherscarandsmashed itratherbadly.Yourfatherwas nothurtintheaccidentbutit has upset him terribly. To cheerhimupyousay: A) ThankGod,Iwasntinthe carwhenitwashit!

B) Forget about it. What mattersreallyisthatyoure fine. The car will soon be repaired. C) Doyouthinkitwillcostalot tohavethecarrepaired? D) What did the police say aboutwhosefaultitwas? E) Nevermind!Afterall,thisis not your first accident. In factyououghttobebanned fromdriving!

65.70. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. 65. Martin: Are you and Peter going to Jacks party on Saturday? Bob:Yes,weare.Whydoyou ask? Martin:_____. Bob:Goodidea.Letsdothat.

A) I wasnt planning to go
unlessyouweregoing. B) Oh!Iwasjustwondering. C) I really wanted to know if Marywasgoing. D) Iwasjustinterested,thats all.

E) Well, I thought we might

buy a present for him together.

66. Jane: Have you heard from Alisonsince shewentto Germany? Brenda:_____. Jane:Well,howisshe? Brenda:Justfine,Ivegotthe letter here with me. You canreadit. A) No, I havent. ButIm sure shellbewritingsoon. B) Nothing after the postcard to tell me shed arrived safely. C) Yes, I have. I got a letter fromherjusttwodaysago. D) No, I tried to phone her yesterday,butshewasout. E) No, but I am expecting a letteranydaynow. A) Howaboutapplepies?My mother makes very good applepies. 67. Andrew: I hear youre organizing the end of termpicnic. Molly:Thatsright.Sotellme whatyourebringing. Andrew:_____. Molly:Iknowshedoes.That willbemarvellous.

B) How about some fruit? My mothersawayorshewould havemadeacake. C) Ill have to ask my aunt to makesomethingforus. D) My sister can make us somechickensandwiches.

mother yesterday and shes really starting to improvenow. Sally:_____? Sue:No,butshewillbedoing soinadayortwo. A) Isshebackathomeyet? B) Hasshelefthospitalyet? C) Didshesayanythingabout theflowerswesent? D) Can we go and visit her tomorrow? E) WhydidntyoutalktoPam? Werentyouallowedin?

E) Youtellmewhattheothers

68. Sally: Have you heard how Pamisgettingon? Sue: Yes, I talked to her

69. Pat: Did you manage to persuedeJilltocomewith us to play on Saturday afternoon? Wendy:_____. Pat: Then what is she thinkingordoing? Wendy: Shell probably go somewhere on her bicycle. 70. Peter: Whats your brother doingthesedays?Hashe finisheduniversity? Barbara:_____. Peter:Whereisthat?Turkey,I believe. Barbara: Thats right. Its on theAegeanSea. A) Yes,hehas.Andhesnow workinginahotelinzmir. B) Notyet.Buthehopestoget ajobthissummer. C) Hefinishesnextyear.Then he hopes to start a career intourism.

A) Shes not sure if she can.

Shellletusknowtomorrow. B) Ohyes!Shesverykeento come.

C) Istillhaventseenher.ButI
expectshewill. D) Shes got to flu; in fact, shesinbedwithit.

E) No, I didnt. She said the

weather was too nice to stayindoors.

D) He hopes to graduate this summer,andthengooffon alongsummerholiday. E) He most certainly has and hes got a wonderful job that takes him traveling a lot.

pleasant.(III)Wemanagedto find really good room at reasonable prices. (IV) I like to go somewhere different eachyear.(V)Butbestofall wesoonfoundlotsoffriends andsoonbecameapartora livelygroupofyoungpeople. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

72. (I) Venice is the most romantic of all the Italian towns. (II) It is built entirely on islands. (III) It has canals insteadofstreets.(IV)Infact, modern Italian culture has derived a lot from ancient 71.75. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn cmleyi bulunuz. 71. (I) This year our holiday turned out to be all we had hoped for. (II) The rooms we rented were clean and Roman culture. (V) So, quite naturally instead of the wheeledtrafficofanordinary town, ithasmotorboatsand steamers as well as the gracefulgondola. A)I B)II C)III



the problem of producing enoughfoodforeveryone.(IV) Thisproblemmustbesolvedif wewant there to be peace in theworld.(V)For,aseveryone knows,anangryworldisnever apeacefulworld. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

73. (I)Obviouslydifferentpeople liketospendtheirholidaysin different ways. (II) Some are onlyreallyhappybythesea. (III)Infacteveryonelovesto goswimminginthesummer. (IV) Others like to take their holidays in winter and go skiing. (V) Still others think the best holidays are those spentexploringnewplaces. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

75. (I) Many people now agree thatthetelevisionishavinga bad effect upon the children who grow up with it. (II) A major problem is created by theamountofviolencethatis shown on the television. (III) As a result people are beginning to regard violence as an everyday event. (IV) Indeeditrapidlyisbecoming aneverydayevent.(V)Sothe disadvantages of the television willneverbeasimportantas theadvantages. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

74. (I)Thegrowthinthepopulation of the world has produced otherproblems.(II)Agricultural workers everywhere agree on thismatter.(III)Oneofthemis

1. Cmleyi tamamlayabilecek en uygun szck properly zarf olup gerektii gibi, doru dzgn anlamna gelir. Doru yantCseeneidir. 2. To collect toplamak fiili doru yantn to distribute datmak olduunu gsterir. DoruyantAseeneidir. 3. Suitable sfat uygun anlamna gelipcmleyitamamlayabilecek enuygunszcktr.Doruyant Eseeneidir. 8. 4. Fierce competition acma sz rekabet sfat tamlamas iki firmaarasndakiilikiyigsterir. CevapEseeneidir. 9. 5. Cmle present simple tense olduundan bolua gelecek zaman yaps simple present tense ya da simple future Indirect speechte kurulan cmle past simple tensele baladndancmlenindevam bir derece past yaplmaldr. Past forma sahip tek seenek Aseeneidir. Cmle past simple tense ile kurulmutur, yine ayn tensele devam etmesi gerekir. Doru yantCseeneidir. 7. 6. Bolua tag question gelmeli dir, hedidntlistentome ne gatif olduundan tag question did he? olmaldr. Buna gre doruyantAseeneidir. Zaman asndan en uygun seenek Ddir. When clausela yaplm bu cmlede past simple ve past continuous uyumuszkonusudur. tense olmaldr. Yant B see neidir.

15. Belongto birineaitolmak 10. Cmlede conditional type 3 (unreal past) yaps bulundu undan doru yant E seene idir. (if + had V3, could / would+have+V3) anlamna geldiinden who relative pronounu kullanlma ldr. Belong to + object (pronoun) yaps gz nnde bulundurulduunda doru yant Cseeneidir. 11. To be fond of dkn ol makvetorelyonsomeone gvenmek anlamlarna gelip, cevapBseeneidir. 16. Car isimolupnnegeleceken uygunyappossesiveadjective olacaktr, in prepositionunun ardndanyabir pronoun ya da isim gelmelidir. Buna gre en uygunseenekAdr. 12. To look under something bireyinaltnabakmak ve to falloff dmek anlamlarna gelipdoruyantDseeneidir. 13. togetthereonfootyrye rek gitmek, ne kadar zaman aldn hatrlamadm cmle sindeboluktahowlongolmas gerekir.CevapEseeneidir. 14. Ihaveeverseen kalbgerei superlative form kullanlmal dr. Buna gre the finest for munun yer ald A seenei doruyanttr. 19. Shepronounundancmleyien uygun ekilde tamamlayacak ifadeninhersistertamlamasnn bulunduu E seenei olduu anlalr.Shehersister 20. Hemzamanhemdeanlama sndanenuygunifade C see neinde olduundan bu see 18. in case olaslna kar anlamnageldiindendoruya ntBseeneidir. 17. Boluagelebilecekenanlaml seenekDdir.

nekdoruyanttr. 26. If only you had read his 21. Relativeclauselarbirisminite lendiinden D seenei doru yanttr. 22. Busaattetrafikskkoldu undan (yollar kalabalk ol duundan) mmkn oldu unca abuk kmalyz. Boluagelecekenanlamlse enek yukardaki ifadenin yer aldBseeneidir. 23. Ana cmlecik past perfect tensele kurulmu olduundan cmlenin banda past simple tensekullanlmaldr.Bunagre doruyantAseeneidir. 24. Cmle past tensele yaplm bir noun clausela tamamlan maldr.Budurumdadoruyant Cseeneidir. 25. Ever since the universities haveexisted niversiteler var olduundan beri ve shouldbetaughtpassive ya psnnbirliktekullanld E se eneidoruyanttr. report onun raporunu okumu olsaydn ifadesi bir tek A seeneindeyeraldn dan,buseenekdoruyanttr. 27. inthesecircumstancesbu koullar altnda ifadesi ve to assessaptamakfiiliyalnzca D seeneinde birlikte yer al mtr.Doruyant D seenei dir. 28. First of all let me point out that her eyden nce unubelirtmeliyimki ifadesi ninyeraldEdoruyanttr. 29. Thus bylece szcnn yeraldBseeneidoruya nttr. 30. Soru cmlesini en iyi yanstan seenekDdir. 31. He is one of the few contemporary writers O ada birka yazardan biri dir, whose works I greatly enjoy reading eserlerini

okumaktan byk zevk ald m. Budurumdadoruyant Eseeneidir.

35. The Minister showed us on the map Bakan haritada bizegsterdi ifadesindendo layEseeneidoruyanttr.

32. Whether he will always deal with social issues hep toplumsal konular ele alp almayacan ifadesi B see neinde yer aldndan bu se enekdoruyanttr. E seene inde whether kullanlmasna ramen dier szcklerden kaynaklanan anlam farkll vardr. 33. So complex and 37. Parada Detective Wilsonun mziksevgisindenbahsediliyor. Byle durumlarda herkesin bildiiokesin,korkutucuya nndan uzaklar. O halde dedektifinsanatynhalkta 34. Romantik akmn nclerin den olan Rousseau Rousseau, one of the forerunners of the Romantic movement ifadesi C seene inde yer aldndandoru ya ntCseeneidir. 39. Dedektifin zeki ve korku verici rafndan pek bilinmemektedir. DoruyantCseeneidir. 38. Parannsoncmlesininbaka bir ekilde ifadesi A seene indeyeraldndandoruyant Aseeneidir. comprehensivethat oka dar karmak ve kapsamlyd ki ifadesi yalnzca A seene inde olduundan bu seenek doruyanttr. 36. Yarg the judge, ahidin doruyu syleyip sylemediini anlamak iin to find out whether or not the witness was telling the truth, ona bir srsorusorduaskedhima number of confusing questions.YantBseeneidir.

yan quite unlike sharp, cleverandratherfrightening ifadesinde vurgulandndan doruyantDseeneidir. 40. ParadaFloranceNightingalein hastanedekitmolumsuzluklara karn durumu lehe evirmeyi baarmasndan bahsediyor. Bu ifadeninbakabirbiimdeakta rmEseeneindevardr. 41. Florance Nightingalein kararl, organize yeteneine sahip ol mas iinde baarya ulaabil mesine yol ayor. Doru yant Dseeneidir. 42. dirt and disease probably caused more cleaths among that soldiers than did the woundsreceivedinbattle ifa desinin benzeri bir ifade A se eneindeyeraldndandoru yantAseeneidir. 43. Parada kayaktaki baarnn, Avrupa tekelinden kalkp tm dnyann kayaklarnn bu sporailgiduymasnedeniylebu

alanda rekabetin artmasndan bahsedildiinden yant seeneidir. 44. Parada kayak endstrisindeki gelimenin tm dnyada kayak sporunaolanilgininartmasndan kaynakland vurgulandndan doruyantEseeneidir. B

45. Parayagrekayaksporuher yatainsannsevdiipopler bir spordur. Parann ilk cmlesindeyeralanbuifadenin benzeri C seeneinde yer aldndan bu seenek doru yanttr.

46. ParannsoncmlesindeHenry Ford da dahil olmak zere bir ok zengin adamn Amazon Basine para dkt ama bir sonu elde edemedikleri belir tilmektedir. Benzer ifade A se eneindevardr.

47. It has always attracted businessman on account of

its valuableandrichresours such as rubber, coffee and cocoa cmlesindeki ifadenin baka bir biimde sylenii E seeneindevardr.

bakaekildesylenii D see neinde yer aldndan bu se enekdorudur. 52. Ameliyattan sonra umduu muzdanokdahahzliyileti cmlesine anlamca en yakn

48. ParadayeralanHowever,itis not easy to make money by starting an enterprise there cmlesinden doru yantn B seeneiolduuanlalr. 49. Uzun zamandr okuduum en ho roman cmlesinin bakabirbiimdeifadesiUzun zamandr roman okumaktan bu kadar zevk almamtm olduundan doru yant D se eneidir. 50. Bugecednmeyiumuyorum ama aslnda bu hava duru munabal ifadesininbenzeri C seeneindeki Bu gece dnmeyi planlamama ra men, hava koullar beni al koyabilir cmlesindeyerald ndanyantCseeneidir. 51. Sorudakicmledekiifadeninbir

cmleBseeneindevardr. 53. A seeneindedesoru cmle sinde olduu gibi eer mm kn olursa, seni karlamak zere istasyonda olacam ifadesi yer aldndan A see neidoruyanttr.

54. Boluktan sonraki cmlede sahnenin bir ksmn gre mediimizifadesiyeraldna gredoruseenekAdr. 55. Paradabirspermarketinsa hipolmasgerekenzelliklerden bahsedilmektedir. Buna gre doruyantEseeneidir.

56. Boluktan nceki cmlede he menheraileninbirdenfazlaga zete aldndan bahsedilmekte

dir.Bunagreboluagelebile cekenuyguncmle B seene indeyeralr.

60. Snfnz Gremeye dnem sonu gezisi dzenliyor. Oto bsteoturacakbirkayerkald ndan dier arkadalarnza size katlmalarn nermek

57. Boluktan hemen nce gelen cmleye gre iki Britanyal dac Everest tepesinin zirve sineulaabilmitir.Bucmlenin ardndan gelecek en uygun ifade D seeneindeki cmle dedir.

zere kullanacanz yap How about V ing? olacaktr. Doru yantCseeneidir.

61. Arkadanzdandnaldnz kitab vermeyi unuttuunuzda zrdilemekiinkullanacanz ifadeDseeneindeyeralr.

58. ParadaRomahukukununtarih boyunca kltrleri etkiledii r nekler yardmyla belirtilmitir. yleyse yz yllardr dnya kanunu zerinde byk etki leri olduu ifadesinin bulun duuAseeneidoruyanttr. 63. Kolu krlan halanza gemi olsundilekleriniziiletmekzere gnderdiiniz iekteki nota 59. Anneniz hastalandndan ti yatro provasna gidemeyecek siniz, retmeninize yapaca nzenuygunaklama E see neindevardr. Umarmyakndaiyileirsiniz. Kendinize iyi bakn. diye ya zarsnz.DoruyantDseene idir. 62. Diiniz ard iin doktordan ertesi gne randevu istemek zere kullanacanz en uygun ifadeAseeneindevardr.

will be marvelous ifadesini 64. Bir bakasnn arabasna arp mas sonucu meydana gelen kazayazlenbabanza Unut gitsin, Senin iyi olman daha nemli,arabaksasredeta mir edilir. diyerek onu rahat latmayaalrsnz.Doruyant Bseeneidir. 65. Martin,Jacinpartisinegiderken hediye gtrmesini teklif etmi olmalkiBob,bununiyibirfikir olduunusylyor. Doruyant Eseeneidir. 66. Jane Brendaya Alisondan ha ber alp almadn sorduun dan Brenda olumlu bir yant vermi olmal ki, Jane onun (Alison)naslolduunusoruyor. Budurumda C seeneidoru yanttr. 69. KonumadaWendyolumsuzbir yant vermi olmaldr ki Pat, yleyse ne yapmay d nyor? diye soru sorsun. DoruyantEseeneidir. 70. Peter, presentperfecttensele yes/notypequestion yaps kullandndan doru yant A seeneidir. 71. Paradabuylkitatilinherkesin 67. Molly Andrewya piknik iin ne getireceini sorduunda Andrew Elmalpastayanedersiniz? Annem harika elmal pasta yapar.diyeyantvermiolmal kiMolly,Iknowshedoes.That istediigibiokiyigemesinden bahsediliyor.IV.cmledekiher yaz baka bir yere gitmenin tercihedildiiifadesiparadaki anlam btnlne aykrdr. D seeneidoruyanttr. 68. Boluagelecekenuygunifade B seeneinde vardr. Hasta nedenkmadmdaha? so rusunaverilecekenuygunyant Hayr,amabirikignekadar kacak.ifadesidir. kullanyor. Doru yant seeneidir. A

72. Para Venedik ile ilgili olup IV. cmle konu btnln boz maktadr. Doru yant D see neidir.

73. Para insanlarn tatillerini farkl ekilde geirmek istemeleriyle ilgili dir. III. cmle fazla genel olup paradaki konu btnl n bozmaktadr. Doru yant Cseeneidir.

74. Parann II. cmlesi konuyla ilgiliolmadndandoruyantB seeneidir.

75. ParadaTVninocuklarzerin deki olumsuz etkilerinden sz ediliyor. TVnin kt ynleri hibirzamaniyiynlerikadar nemlideildir. ifadesininyer ald E seenei konu ile ilgili deildir.



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. I dont know the scheduled timeof_____,butIdoknow thattheplanetoIstanbulhas alreadyleft. A) purchase B) customs C) accommodation D) reference E) departure 3.

behavior are more _____ about their ability to handle difficultsituations. A) familiar B) watchful C) confident D) virtuous E) forgiving Although the new manager hasbeenverystrictwithus,he is highly_____byeveryonein thecompany. A) required B) B)respected C) refused D) D)challenged E) expected

4. 2. Parentswhounderstandchild

Foodsthatwere____seasonal maybefoundnowthroughout theyear.

A) properly B) satisfactorily C) previously D) rapidly E) seriously 7. Oursidewon,butonlybecause _____ on the other team was playingatallwell. A) some 5. He was an extremely entertaining speaker, so we all enjoyed _____ even more thanwehadexpectedto. A) ourselves B) us C) himself D) themselves E) them 6. Johnhastoldmethatoneof _____ articles and two of _____havebeenacceptedfor publicationinthejournal. A) theirs/her B) mine/their C) your/my D) his/yours E) hers/ours 9. 8. Shesaidshewouldapplyfor thescholarshipaftershehad completedtheteachertraining course_____? A) wouldshe B) didntshe C) hadntshe D) wasntshe E) didshe ManyItaliancitiesarefamous for their beautiful gardens many _____ date from the B) anybody C) everyone D) someone E) nobody

great days of the Italian Renaissance. A) ofwhose B) atwhich C) ofwhich D) inwhat E) withwhom A) ratherthan B) evenmore C) somuch D) sofar E) moreover 12. The Parents Committee still cant decide _____ the construction of a new playgroundreallyisnecessary. A) despite 10. I cant imagine how anyone _____ clever as he is could make_____aterriblemistake. A) even/rather B) so/as C) enough/as D) wellquite/just E) as/such 13. Wile I was looking _____ some magazines I happened to find this article _____ butterflies. 11. Groupworkgivesstudentsa chancetodeveloptheability toworkaspartofateam____ asanindividual. A) in/over B) up/of C) over/from D) through/on B) soas C) incase D) whether E) sothat

E) at/for

me. A) were meeting / hadnt thought B) havemet/didntthink C) hadmet/haventthought

14. Jane_____tothelibrary;she _____ there every Friday morning. A) went/wasgoing B) hasgone/goes C) isgoing/wouldgo D) hadgone/went E) wasgoing/isgoing 15. I _____ the holiday enormously even though the weather_____disappointing. A) enjoy/wouldhavebeen B) hadenjoyed/hasbeen C) haveenjoyed/wasbeing D) enjoyed/was E) amenjoying/hadbeen

D) mayhavemet/wontthink E) met/dontthink

17. If I _____ how far away the concert hall was, I _____ therebybus. A) realize/havegone B) haverealized/went C) had realized / would have gone D) realized/willgowillrealize/ go E) willrealize/wasgoing 18. The 19th century American novelist Herman Melville _____ several novels, but only one of them _____ a

16. We_____oncealongtimeago butI_____shewillremember


A) wrote/hasbecome B) waswriting/hadbecome C) haswritten/becomes D) hadwritten/wouldbecome E) would have written / could havebecome

to the computer virus was tobediscussed 20. Couldthatbethegirl_____? A) asheressayswerepublished inseveralmagazines. B) that she had carried out experimentsinphysics. C) whorepresentedourschool at the International Violin Competition. D) so that we might discuss herproposals E) whether her father wanted to stop her from becoming apopsinger.

19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz. 19. _____,Ithinkstudentsshould havesomepreviousknowledge ofcomputers. A) If it were an essential requirementfortheparticipants B) Whateverotherrequirements theorganizingcommitteeof thecoursemaydemand C) In case the director had approvedthenewcomputer project D) Untiltheexaminationresults wereofficiallyannounced E) Since the problem related

21. Thebalanceofnaturecannot possiblybemaintained_____. A) why people dont realize just how dangerous the situationis. B) before forest lands were managedefficiently.

C) solongastherehadbeen groups of people making quick profits through practices harmful to the environment. D) unlesseveryindividualand every organization realizes how important it is to protectourenvironment. E) since the majority of the worldpopulationwasworrying aboutthefuture. 22. Having tested the pleasures ofmoderncitylife_____. A) some of them would have beenreluctanttoreturn. B) theyfoundlifeintheirvillage hardandunattractive. C) they had worked hard to improvetheirlivingstandards. D) thechildrenwillbeeducated and trained for a special job. E) people dont realize how lonelytheyare. A) the whole project could havebeencompletedinjust underthreeyears. B) other suggestions have beenturneddown. A) incompetitionsheisalways underagreatstrain. B) getting to the top in any field had always required greatdedication. C) there are very few who actuallymanagetodoso. D) most of them had been disqualifiedfromtakingpart intherace. E) they always, managed to score high marks in the competitions. 24. So long as the architects plans are carried out in full _____. 23. Though there are many youngathleteswhodreamof winning an Olympic gold medal,_____.

C) the only problem has apparentlybeensolvedina satisfactorymanner. D) the distance between the airport and the city centre hasattractednocriticism. E) the new airport will indeed provide everythinga visitor couldpossiblydesire.

25.30. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz. 25. I dont know for sure, but from the way he talked I inferred that he is very experiencedinadvertising. A) Konumabiimindenanlad m kadaryla reklamclk bilgisivedeneyimiokfazla. B) Kesin olarak bilmiyorum, ama konuma biiminden, reklamclkta ok deneyimli olduunuanladm. C) Kesin olarak bilmesem de, konumasndan reklamc lkta deneyimin ok nemli olduunuanladm. D) Reklamclktaokdeneyimli olup olmadn konuma biiminden kesin olarak anlayamadm. E) Reklamclkla ilgili olarak syledikleriniduyunca,onun bu konuda ok deneyimli olmadnanladm.


26. The sudden increase in the number of books in the library is directly related to thenewdirector. A) Ktphanedeki kitaplarn saysndaki ani art, do rudan doruya yeni m drleilgilidir. B) Yeni mdrn gelmesi ile ktphanedekikitapsays nn aniden artmas, ayn zamanarastlamtr. C) Ktphanedeki kitaplarn saysndaki hzl art, yeni bir mdrn atanmasna balanyor. D) Yenimdrgeldiktensonra ktphanedeki kitaplarn saysndaanibirartoldu. E) Ktphanedekikitapsays, yeni mdrn istei do A) Kampustaki gda zehirlen mesininboyutlarileilgiliu anki bilgilerimiz hi de g venilirdeil. B) u ana kadar edindiimiz bilgiler, kampustaki gda zehirlenmesinin gerek bo yutlarn gsterir nitelikte 27. Sofarwehaventbeenableto get any reliable information about the extent of the food poisoningonthecampus.

deil. C) uanakadarelimize,kam pustaki gda zehirlenmesi ninnedenleriileilgiligve nilirbilgilerulamad. D) u ana kadar, kampustaki gda zehirlenmesinin bo yutlarileilgilihibirgveni lirbilgiedinemedik. E) Kampustaki gda zehirlen mesinin boyutlarna ilikin bilgilerimizin hi biri yete rincegvenilirdeil.

intheconference. A) Konferansta, sunulan rapo run kapsam ile ilgili dei ikliklertartlacak. B) Eer kararn deitirmezse, bize suna ca rapor konferansta tar tlanherkonuyukapsaya cak. C) Baz deiikliklere karn, bizesunacarapordakon feranstakitartmalarnhepsi kapsamlolarakbulunacak. D) Rapordakideiikliklerkon feranstan nce kapsaml olaraktartlacak. E) Birdeiiklikolmazsa,bize konferansta tartlan her eyle ilgili kapsaml bir ra porsunacak.

28. Unless there is any change, he will present us with a comprehensive report on everythingthatwasdiscussed

29. Although he was brought to thehospitalonlyafewhours ago, there has been a considerable improvement in hiscondition. A) Hastaneye geldikten birka saat sonra durumunda bir dzelmebaladgrld. B) Eer hastaneye birka saat ncegetirilseydi,durumunda birdzelmeolabilirdi. C) Hastaneye yalnzca birka saat nce getirilmi olma sna karn, durumunda nemlibirdzelmevar. D) Hastaneye ancak birka saatncegetirildiiiin,u andadurumundanemlibir deiiklikyok. E) Hastaneye getirildikten bir ka saat sonra bile duru munda nemli bir iyileme grlmedi. A) oueletirmen,sonony ln romanlar listesinde onunyeniromannnsekin bir yeri olduunu dn yor. B) Onun yeni romannn son on yln en ok satlan ro manlar listesine girebile cei,pekokeletirmenta rafndankabulediliyor. 30. Many critics, think that this new novel is an excellent contribution to the list of distinctive novels of the last tenyears.

C) Baz eletirmenlere gre onun yeni roman son on yln romanclna m kemmel bir katkda bulun mutur. D) oueletirmen,onunyeni romannnsononylnse kin romanlar listesine m kemmel bir katk olduunu dnyor. E) Pekokeletirmen,sonon yln sekin romanlar liste sindeonunyeniromanka dar mkemmelinin olmad nainanyor. A) Some of these historians looked for a new cultural exchange for the west duringthe1970s. B) Some historians consider the 1970s to be the beginningofanewcultural transformationintheWest. C) The cultural scene in the West during the 1970s inspired some of these historians. D) Thesehistoriansarestarting work on the new cultural transformation that was witnessedintheWestinthe 1970s. E) Earlyinthe1970ssomeof the historians realized that a cultural transformation wasstartingtotakeplacein theWest. 31.36.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 31. Baz tarihiler, 1970leri, Ba tda yeni bir deiimin ba langcolarakgrrler.

32. Yneticiye yakn birka kii dnda, hi kimse hangi uz manlaradanlacanbilmiyor. A) Fewofthepeoplewhoare close to the director have any idea about which specialists ought to be consulted. B) Onlythosepeoplewhohad been close to the director knew which specialists wouldbeconsulted. C) Of the people who are closetothedirector,onlya few know the specialists whoaretobeconsulted. D) Nobodyknowswhichofthe specialists who are to be consultedareactuallyclose tothedirector. E) Except for a few people who are close to the director nobody snows which specialists will be consulted. A) Asthereislikelytobetime for questions later, the teacher told her students nottointerruptherspeech. B) The students interrupted her talk until the teacher told them there would be timelaterforquestions. C) Theteacherdidntwanther students to interrupt her talk, as there would be plentyoftimeforquestions later. D) The students didnt know there would be plenty of 33. retmen, sorulara daha sonra ok zaman kalaca iin, rencilerinden konu masnkesmeleriniistemedi.

timeforquestionslater,so they interrupted the teacherstalk. E) Theteacherdidntwanther students to interrupt her talk, so she gave them plentyoftimeforquestions afterwards.

schemes. B) One of the pioneers of familyplanningatthestart of this century was Marie Slopes and she wanted to protectwomen. C) In the early years of this century Marie Slopes introduced family planning in an effort to protect women. D) MarieStops,whowasone of the pioneers of family planning in the first half of thiscentury,workedhardto protectwomen. E) Marie Slopes, aim in introducing family planning in the first half of this

34. Bu yzyln ilk yarsnda aile planlamasnn nclerinden biri olan Marie Stopes, ka dnlar korumak iin ok a lt. A) One way in which Marie Slopes worked to protect women in the first half of the century was by introducing family planning

century, was lo protect women.

35. 1950lerdeoungilizroman cs, ozan ve oyun yazar,

toplum zerinde derin bir etkisi olan siyasal gelimeler zerinde ncelikle durmu lardr. A) In the 1950s, most British novelists, poets and play writersfocusedprimarilyupon the political developments whichhadaprofoundimpact onsociety. B) MostEnglishnovelists,poets and dramatists concentrated onthe1950sanduponthe political development that hadsoprofoundanimpact uponsociety. C) The political developments of the 1950s attracted the attention of most English novalists, propels and playwrights since they had a profound impact upon society. D) According to most English novelists, poets and playwrights, it was the political developments of the 1950s that had the gratesteffectonsociety. E) The astounding impact on

society of the political developmentsofthe1950s has attracted the attention of a great many English novelists, poets and dramatists. 36. GeenaybirkonferanstaPro fesr Warnera, rzgr gc nn kmr ve petrolle ticari olarakyarpyaramayaca soruldu. A) Amonthagoataconference onthecommercialpossibilities of cool, petrol and wind power, Professor Warner wasaskedmanyquestions. B) At last months conference ProfessorWarnerwantedto know whether wind power waseverlikelytobeableto compete commercially with coalandpetrol. C) At a conference last moth ProfessorWarnerwasasked whetherornotwindpower would ever be able lo compete commercially with coalandpetrol.

D) ProfessorWarnerwasasked questionsataconferencelast monthaboutthecommercial possibilities of wind power, coalandpetrol. E) Questions concerning the commetricalpossibilitiesof wind power replacing coal and petrol were put to Professor Warner at a conferencelastmoth.

Myths and tales were passed downbywordofmouthandhad to be memorized by each new generation of storytellers. This oral tradition only changed whenancientpeoplestartedto keep written records of certain stories. The earliest surviving examplesofthesearetheepics of Homer, a blind professional storyteller, who lived in the eighthcenturyBC.

37.39. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Nobody knows when fiction began. Maybe the first storyteller was a prehistoric mother trying to explain the world to her children. Or perhaps it was a hunter telling about his adventures around the camp fire. Who can tell? What we do know, though, is thatstorytellingwasapurelyoral activity until around 800 BC. A) was first introduced by Womerinancienttimes. 37. It is pointed out in the passage that storytelling _____.

B) possiblybeganinprehistoric times. C) began as a written activity inantiquity. D) becamelessandlesspopu larduringthe8thcenturyBC. E) became far more popular withtheinventionofwriting.

kindinthe8thcenturyBC. E) have often been imitated successfullyinlatercenturies. 39. We understand from the passagethat,throughoutthe oral tradition, professional storytellers_____. A) were much respected in primitivesocieties. B) depended on Homer for theirstories. C) wereskilfulatcreatingnew stories. D) collected the first stories going back to prehistoric times. E) used to learn myths and talesbymemory.

38. Accordingtothepassage,the Homericepics_____. A) wereamongthefirststories tobewrittendown. B) consisted mainly of myths andothertales. C) are the first examples of prehistorictalesandmyths. D) were not the best of their 40.42. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Theprintingpresswasinvented by Gutenberg in the city of Mainz,inGermany.Hebuiltand operatedtheprintingpresswith movable metal letters. In fact, simple printing methods had

existed for centuries, but they had to be done by hand and took a long time. What made Gutenbergs press so different was that the individual letters themselves could quickly and easily be moved to create different pages. This made it possible to print entire books morecheaplyandmorequickly thaneverbefore. 40. It is pointed out in the passage that the basic new feature of Gutenbergs printingpress_____. A) wasthatallthepagesofa book were printed at the sametime. B) was that it could easily be operated by unskilled workman. C) was that the printing of books was less costly althoughittookalongtime todo. D) wastheuseofmetalletters that could be moved into differentpositions. E) made it possible to print

books without any error at all.

41. One understands from the passage that actually, the historyofprinting_____. A) first begins with Gutenbergs invention. B) has always been associated withGermany. C) can be traced back well beforethetimeofGutenberg. D) runs parallel to the history ofbooks. E) gives less importance to Gutenbergs invention than itdeserves. 42. It is clear from the passage that the printing technique introduced by Gutenberg _____. A) made printing more complicated and time consuming. B) was not as important as it hasoftenbeenthought.

C) was not used outside Germanyforalongtime. D) speeded up the printing of books. E) adopted the metal letters system of earlier printing methods.

one significant outcome of industrialization has been _____. A) a massive migration from thecountrysidetocities. B) a general improvement in thequalityofurbanlife. C) the decline of health

43.45. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Inmanycountriesintheprocess ofindustrialization,overcrowded cities present a major problem. The overpopulation of towns is mainly caused by the drift of large numbers of people from the rural areas. The only long term solution is to make life in the rural areas more attractive, which would encourage people to stay there. This could be achievedbyprovidingincentives forpeopletogoandworkinthe villages. Moreover, facilities in the rural areas, such as transport, health and education servicesshouldbeimproved. 43. According to the passage,

servicesincities. D) theemergenceofnewcities throughoutthecountry. E) an overall increase in the populationofthecountry.

44. Thewriterpointsoutthatone way in whichrural lifemight be made more attractive _____. A) has already been tried; namelyimprovededucation services. B) would be to set up better

medicalfacilities. C) has been suggested by thosemigratingtothetowns. D) hasbeenregardedbysome asathreattotheprogressof industrialization. E) islikelytoproveunpopular amongcitydwellers. 45. The author suggests that, in ordertosolvetheproblemof overcrowdingincities,_____. A) health and education services in the cities have tobemodernized. B) transport facilities have to berenewedcompletely. C) measures should be taken tomakethecityenvironment moreattractive. D) thenumberofthosemigrating to the cities should be restricted. E) living conditions in the countryside need to be made better and more agreeable. 46.48. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. From the beginning of human history every society has had some way of preparing young people for adult life. Many societies have regarded education as training for work. In many traditional societies children still help the older members of the family in their workandsogrowuptodothe

same jobs as their parents. Elsewhere youngboys usedto besentawayforseveralyears asapprenticestoacraftsmanto learn his trade. In the modern world,however,thechiefaimof education is to stimulate the childsmindandenablehimto develop his personality and abilitiestotheirlimits.

toavoidwork thatrequires alotofphysicaleffort. B) parentshavebeenreluctant toimprovetheeducationof theirchildren. C) children have been forced tolearnseveralcrafts. D) children have been given aneducationtoequipthem forthefuture. E) youngpeoplehavechosen different ways of life from

46. Accordingtothepassage,in thepast,education_____. A) wasofferedonlytoadults. B) was generally understood as a means of learning a skill. C) was strictly confinedtothe familyenvironment. D) was nottakenseriously by parents. E) didnt relate at all to a personsworkinglife. 47. The writer points out that, throughout history, in some wayoranother,_____. A) boys have often managed


48. One can conclude from the passage that modern education_____. A) is a clear continuation of the practices of earlier times. B) is more interested in practical skills than in mentaldevelopmentofany kind. C) gives more importance to thedevelopmentofachilds mind and character than it usedto.

D) does not prepare young peoplefortheirfuture. E) putstoomuchpressureon achild. 49.53. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn olan cmleyibulunuz. 49. Thatssomethingyoushould ask John about as hes the financialexpert. A) Johnistheoneyoushould consultashespecializesin financialmatters. B) Johnmightbeabletohelp youashetakesoninterest infinancialmatters. C) IfIwereyou,IdgetJohns opiniononitfirst. D) Johnistheonetoask;heis responsible for all our financialtransactions. E) Lets ask John. Hes very experiencedinsuchmatters. 50. Everyone in our class is doing something at the end ofterm concert, but Mary aloneisstayingaway. A) Attheconcertattheendof term, Mary is going to representourclass. B) No one in our class but Mary, is taking part in the endoftermconcert. C) Everyone in Marys class hopes to do something at theendoftermconcert. D) Maryistheonlyoneinour class who isnt taking part intheendoftermconcert. E) The class wants Mary to

play in the concert at the endofterm,butshewont.

B) This hotel is far too expensive, so wed better gotoanotherone. C) If only Id checked the prices of a few hotels I could have found a less expensiveone. D) AlthoughIknewthiswasan expensivehotelIdidntlook aroundforacheaperone. E) I didnt realize just how expensive this hotel was, but if I had, Id have gone elsewhere.

51. If Id known how much they were going to charge at this hotel, Id have stayed somewhereelse. A) Thepricesweresohighat thathotelthatIdecidedto find a more reasonable one.

52. I was extremely annoyed at thewaynewbosstreatedus all,butItriednottoshowit. A) Ishouldnthaveletthenew bossknowjusthowangryI wasathisattitudetowards us. B) I made an effort to hide from the new boss the angerIfeltathistreatment ofus. C) I couldnt help letting the new boss see just how angry he made me with thoseremarkstous. D) Thenewbosstreatedusall sobadlythatIcouldnthide mydisgustfromhim. E) The new boss behaved towards us badly that someonejusthadtolethim knowhowangrywewere. A) There should be an abundanceoffruitthisyear asitrainedsomuchinthe spring. B) Plentyofraininthespring always produces a good fruitcroplaterintheyear. C) It rained so heavily all throughthespringtimethat the fruit harvest will certainlybeaffected. D) Thisyearwecanexpecta better fruit harvest even thoughwedidnthaveawet spring. E) Though it rained often this 53. Astherewasagreatdealof rain in the spring we are expectingagoodfruitharvest thisyear.

spring, the fruit trees are yieldingplentyoffruit.

vitaminCmakesusmorelikely tocatchcoldsandInfluenza. A) Unfortunately,wefellweak whenwegowithoutanimal products. B) However, experts believe that we should eat more vegetablesthanmeat. C) Different diseases are associatedwithdeficiencies ofparticularvitamins. D) Childrenneedmoreprotein thanvegetablescansupply. E) Many people prefer vitamins that are available intabletform.

54.58. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 54. Itisnotonlywhatisinadiet that may be harmful to our health, but also what is missing.Thevariousvitamins, for instance, are extremely important if we are to enjoy good health. _____. For example,evenaslightlackof 55. Japanese culture places a strong emphasis on mutual help among blood relatives. Asaresulttheproportionof

elderly people living with their children is very high when compared with European countries. _____. This is partly due to migration, but also to rising numbers of unmarried older peopleandchildlesscouples. A) Allefforts,therefore,should bedirectedtomeetingtheir needs. B) Yet caring for elderly parents can be tiring and depressing. C) Infact,inJapan,therateof divorce was increasing rapidly. D) In some families, grandmotherstakeoverthe child care roles of their daughters. E) This proportion was even higher but has declined steadilysincethe1960s. A) Throughout history man has tried unsuccessfully to gaincontroloverwater. B) Dams must be strong enough to resist the great pressureofwater. C) Riversareamongthemain sources of water, but they are also used for the transportationofgoodsand people. D) Thesourcesofwatertoday aremuchthesameasthey were thousands of years ago. 56. Westillrelymainlyonrivers; lakes, springs and wells but we exploit them more extensively _____. We have increased the storage of natural lakes by building dams. In this way, we have created new reservoirs to collectwaterinrivervalleys.

E) Damsareusefultoprevent flooding but usually they areveryexpensivetobuild.

tombwillneverbesolved. B) We know virtually nothing about the like of this king, norwhyhediedsoyoung. C) For this reason some scholars claim that the tomb was contacted by an earliercivilization. D) Alltheroyaltombsincluding Tutankamons had been robbedinancienttimes. E) Infact,itisverydifficultto findfinanceforcivilization.

57. Tutankamon, who was the pharaohofEgyptfromabout 1361 to 1352 BC, died at the earlyageof19.Hewasburied ingreatspleendourinafour roomedtombintheValleyof theKingsonthewestbankof the Nile near Luxor. _____. Indeed, many people would neverhaveheardhisnameif his tomb, with its amazing treasures, had not been found. A) Unfortunately,manypeople thinkthatthemysteryofthe 58. The best way to learn is to teach. This is the message emerging from experiments in several schools in which teenage pupils who have problems themselves at schools are tutoring

youngerchildren,Bothsides, it seems, benefit._____. The olderchildrengainconfidence because their efforts meet withsuccess. A) After reading aloud in this waytheyplaywordgames. B) Most of these children are ofaverageintelligence. C) The younger children get individualattention,andthis helpsthemalot. D) Thechildrenatsomeprimary schoolsrequiremorehelp. E) A surprising number of younger children behave badly because they feel inadequate. 59.64. sorularda, verilen du rumauygundenifadeyibulu nuz. 59. A friend of yours is very nervousassheisgoingtobe interviewed for a part in a film.Youbelieveinherability and want to encourage her. Soyousaytoher: A) You have a real talent for acting,Imsuretheylltake youon. B) Iknowitisgoingtobevery difficulttotalkinfrontofall thosepeople. C) IfIwereyouIwouldpractice hard.Goodlucktoyou! D) I hope you will cope with theirregularworkinghours. E) Promise not to be upset if youdontgetthepart.


60. Youarebuyingseveralbooks inabookshopandthinkyou are being overcharged. You want to draw the shop assistantsattentiontothisin aspoliteamanneraspossible; yousay: A) These prices seem to me veryreasonable. B) Dont you dare do that again! C) Icantaffordsomuch.Can Ipayininstallments? D) If you go on making such mistakes you will be dismissed. E) Would you mind checking thereceipt?Imafraidthere A) By the way, regarding our lunch appointment, lets 61. You have been called to an urgent business meeting which means you have to cancel a lunch appointment with a friend. You telephone him to apologize about this andsay:

makeitnextweek.NowIm atameeting. B) ImterriblysorrybutIcant meet you for lunch due to an unexpected meeting whichIhavetoattend. C) Theres a meeting which I want to attend; so can we cancelourlunch? D) Idforgottentheydcalleda meeting for today, so we cant have lunch together afterall. E) The meeting that was supposedtobeurgenthas been cancelled. So Ill be joiningyouforlunch.

computer but want some advice on what to choose. You phone a friend who is wellinformed on computers andsay: A) Are you still selling computers?Ivedecidedto buyone. B) AsIvealreadymadeupmy mind to get a computer I waswonderingwhatmodels yousell. C) Since youre an expert on computers,andImplanning to get one, tell me which modelyoudrecommend. D) Sinceyouknowalotabout computers,canyouinstruct meonhowtooperateone? E) As you are an expert on computers, why do you think this model wont suit me?

62. Youve decided to buy a

63. Youareveryangrywithsister who always leaves the room you share together in a dreadful state and expects you to clean up the mess. Youvedecidedtoputanend tothisandsaytoher: A) Fromnowonyouaregoing to do your share of the tidyingup. B) Imratherbusy,butsuppose Icanhelpyou. C) I know you are tired of doing both my work and yours. D) Well, are you sure no one willnoticetheroom? E) Have you really tidied everythingupproperly? A) As you know everyone is bringingtheirownfood.But werebuyingthingstodrink 64. Youandsomeofyourfriends areorganizingapicnic.Sofar lotsofpeoplehavepromised to bring cakes or sweet things, so you are trying to encouragetheotherstobring something savory. So when youmeetJohnandMaryyou saytothem:

fromthemoneywecollected. B) Ifyouwanttocomeonthis picnic of ours you must bringfoodanddrink. C) What are you making for the picnic? Let me know whenyouvemadeupyour minds. D) Haveyoutoldyourmother aboutthepicnic?Shemade alovelyfruitcakeforuslast year. E) About this picnic of ours, could you bring salads or sandwiches? We dont need any more people to bringcakes.

65. Jane:Haveyouheard?Pats motherisinhospitaland hastohaveanoperation. Betty: Yes, I know, but its a simpleoperation,nothing toworryabout,Imtold. Jane:_____. Betty:Ohcertainly.Anytime, in fact, how about this afternoon? A) No, Im not worrying But I dont think Pat has the sameopinion. B) Thatsarelief.Patsounded very worried when I talked toheronthephone. C) Yes, thats what I heard. But,youseePatsthesort whoworriesunnecessarily. D) Just the same, I think it would be nice if we went roundtoseePatsometime. E) No, ofcourse notafterall. Pats mother is stil quite

65.70. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz.


66. Jack:Congratulations! Philip: What have I done to deserve Jack:_____. Philip:Gladyoulikedit.You must join us some time whenwegoclimbing. A) I heard youd got the best marks of anyone in the school. B) Werentyouonthewinning teaminlastnightsmatch? C) Well,therewerefiveofyour pictures in the endofterm exhibition. D) I understood youd got the job everyone was applying for. E) Ivejustreadthatwonderful articleofyoursintheschool magazine on mountains andmountaineering. A) Has she had any training forthejob? B) Shewouldntlikethat.How 67. Polly: Whats your sister doing now? When I last sawhershewaslooking foranewjob. Andy: She got one. Shes working at the library now. Polly:_____. Andy:Thatwastrue.Butnow shesgotajobthatreally suits her and satisfies her. your congratulations!


Ken:_____. George: I suppose so. We usuallydo. A) Havent you seen the SaharadesertandtheRo manruinsyet? B) Thenyoullbecomingback withalotofheavyluggage. C) They sayitis anattractive countryespeciallyforthose comingfromEurope. D) If youwantwillgive youa list of the hotels and the restaurantsinTunisia. E) AsfarasIknow,theweather isveryhotatthistimeofthe year.

C) I hope she likes the work.

She was clearly very unhappyinherlastjob.

D) Illlookoutforhernexttime
I go there, which is fairly often.

E) I cant imagine her in a


68. Ken: What are you going to doinTunisia? George: Well, Im going to spendalotofmytimeon the beach, but my wife plans to do a lot of shopping.

69. Jeff: Exams. Theyre stupid wasteoftime. Judy:Idontlikethem,either. Butifwedidnthavethem we wouldnt study so much. Jeff:_____. Judy: I dont agree with you there at all, I remember mostofwhatIlearn. 70. Adrian:Areyougoingtothe match on Saturday? Its thesemifinalsyouknow. Barry:_____. Adrian:Whynot? Barry: The stadium will be terriblycrowdedandIcan watch in comfort on the TVathome. A) InthatcaseImostdefinitely wont. B) That sounds like a good idea.Illthinkaboutit. C) No, I didnt know. But she triestobethere. D) Thanks for reminding me. But I dont think I can be backintime,canI?

A) I havent noticed that you

have got such a good memory.

B) Well,ifyouhadbeenlucky,
you would have got the questionsyouhadstudied.

C) Ithinkyouarejustmaking
excuses; its just that you dontlikestudying.

D) When you leave school

they want people with practicalexperience.

E) Maybe, but we always

forget what weve. What is learnedisforgottenassoon astheexamisover.

E) Cant we get hold of the others and all go as a group?

newspapers.(IV)Somelookfor reliability, some for economy andsomeforcomfort.(V)The company claims to meet all thesedemands. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

72. (I)SheisoneofIndiasmost admired actresses. (II) She haswonnumerousawardsin India and has succeeded in Hollywoodaswell.(III)Sheis intent on playing an active role in real life, too. (IV) Actually,IndiasfilmIndustry has progressed considerably 71.75. sorularda, anlam bak mndanhangicmleninparaya uymadnbulunuz. 71. (I) Their advertisement is a clever one. (II) They start by pointing out that different peoplelookfordifferentthings when choosing a car. (III) It must have cost them a lot to publish it in so many A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III in recent years (V) She has, for instance, worked hard to improve the condi tions of refugees and earthquake victimsandgivengenerously tothem.

73. (I) Women in Britain enjoy more sporting opportunities

than they used to. (II) Today they can take part in sports that were once restricted to men such as boxing and body building. (III) However, thereisstillverylittlefootball played among women in Britain.(IV)Thisismainlydue to their choice of sporting activities which require individualperformance.(V)In other words, throughout history,womenhavehadlittle interestinsports. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III 74. (I) A pet in the family helps keeppeopleintouchwiththe more natural; animal world. (II)Thisisparticularlyimportant forchildrenwhoarelivingin bigcities.(III)Becauseseeing an animal give birth brings understanding of the naturalness of childbirth, of seeingapetdiehelpsachild to cope with sorrow. (IV) Unfortunately, many pet owners make the mistake of treatingtheiranimalsasifthey were human beings. (V) Moreover,whenachildcares for a pet, this helps him to grow up into a loving adult who feels responsible for thosedependedonhim. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III




75. (I) Oil pollution is extremely difficult to control. (II) Each yearmillionsoftonsofoilare poured into the sea. (III) Unfortunately, many governmentsarereluctant to take strong measures to protect the environment. (IV) Some are done deliberately as tankers wash out their tanks. (V) But much of it is spilledaccidentallyastankers collidewithotherships.

1. Departureayrlma/hareket (tat iin) anlamna geldiin dendoruyantEseeneidir. 2. Bolua gelebilecek en uygun sfatkendindeneminanlamna gelen confident olupdoruya ntCseeneidir. 3. To respect sayg duymak anlamna gelir. Althouh bala cndan cmleye birbirine zt iki ifadeningelmesigerektiianla lr, tobestrict katolmak Bseeneidoruyanttr. 4. nceden mevsime bal olan yiyecekler, imdi yl boyunca bulunabilir. cmlesinde now imdi zaman zarfndan dolay bolua previously nceden gelmesigerektiianlalacandan doruyantCseeneidir. 5. We subject pronounundan dolay bolua gelebilecek en uygun zamir ourselves 8. 7. 6. a)Johnsarticleshisarticles b) Your articles yours ola candan doru yant D see neidir. But balacndan cmlenin de vamnnolumsuzolmasgerek tii anlalr. Bu da nobody hikimse szc ile salana bilir. Buna gre doru yant E seeneidir. Tagquestion kullanlmasgere kenbirdurumszkonusudur. a) Anacmleninfiili simplepast tensele kurulmu olan tor say (said) oduuna gre tensimiz yinesimplepasttenseolmaldr. b)Kuralagreanacmleolumlu olduundan, tag questionun olumsuz olmas gerekir. Doru yantBseeneidir. reflexive pronoundur. Bu so nuca toenjoy+oneself kalb gznndebulundurularakva rlr.DoruyantAseeneidir.


Bahelerin ou


lundurulduundadoru yant D seeneidir. 16. Alongtimeagozamanzarfn

many of which ile salarz. DoruyantCseeneidir. 10. As+Adj.+asvesuch+a+ adj+noun yaplarndandolay cevapEseeneidir. 11. Cmlede karlatrma sz ko nusu olduundan rather than ifadesi kullanlmaldr. Buna grecevapAseeneidir.

danboluapastsimpletense ileyaplm a)Birfiilgelmelidir. b) Will remember future simple tense ile olduundan bolua presentsimpletense gelmelidir.YantEseeneidir. 17. The concert hail ifadesinden

12. Cmleyianlamasndaneniyi balayan seenek Ddir. Whether is necessary gerekli olup olmad anla mnagelir. 13. Tolook through dikkatlice incelemekveonsomething bir ey hakknda anlamna geldiinden doru yant D se eneidir.

dolay If clause type 3 yaps kullanlmas gerektii anlalr. YantCseeneidir. 18. 19.yyzamanzarfndanbolua gelecek ifadenin simple past tense olmas gerekir. Wrote fiilininyeraldtekseenek A doruyanttr. 19. Cmlepresenttenseiledevam

14. Every Friday morning zaman zarf simple present tensele kullanlacandandoruyantB seeneidir. 15. Zamanuyumugznndebu

ettiinden bana yine present tense gelmelidir.Doruyant B seeneidir. 20. Thegirlismininiteleyenwho relativeclause yapsndando laydoruyantCseeneidir.

21. Zaman ve anlam bakmndan enuygunseenekDdir. 22. Having tested; after + past perfectyapsnnksaltlmha lidir. Bu durumda after + past perfect tense, past simple tense kalbndan dolay doru yantBseeneidir. 23. Though ramen kartlk bildirdiinden cmlenin deva mnagelebilecek enuygunse enekCdir. 28. Unlessthereisanychange 24. Solongaskoulbildirenbir ifade olduundan conditional clauselucmleciklerdekizaman yapskullanlr.Bunagrecmle simple present tense ile 29. Although ramen, karn ifadesinden dolay yant C se eneidir. 30. Many critics, think ou eletirmendnyor,thathis 25. I dont know for sure, but kesin olarak bilmiyorum ama ifadesinin yer ald B doruyanttr. new novel is an excellent contribution onun yeni ro mannnmkemmelbirkatkol duunu, to the list of baladndan simple future tense ile devam etmelidir. Yant Eseeneidir. birdeiiklikolmazsaifade sine gre doru yant E see neidir. 26. The sudden increase ani art ve directly related dorudan doruya ilgilidir. YantAseeneidir. 27. So far u ana kadar, we havent been able to get any reliable information hibir gvenilirbilgiedinemedik,about theextentofthepoisoningon campus kampsteki gda zehirlenmesininboyutlarileilgili. YantDseeneidir.

dinstictive novels of the last tenyears sononylnse kin romanlar listesine.Yant D seeneidir.

35. In the 1950s 1950lerde zamanzarfnnyerald A se eneidoruyanttr. 36. Ataconferencelastmonth

31. The beginning of a new culturaltransformationinthe westBatdayenibirkltr deiimininbalangc ifade sindendolayyantBseenei dir. 32. Exceptfor dnda ifade sine gre doru yant E see neidir. 33. The teacher retmen, didnt want her student to interrupthertalkrencile rinden konumay kesmelerini istemedi, as there would be plenty of time for questions later sorulara daha sonra okzamankalacaiin.Doru yantCseeneidir. 34. Oneofthepioneersoffamily planningaileplanlamasnn nclerinden biri ifadesinden dolayyantDseeneidir.

geen ay bir konferansta ve whetherornotcomplete yarp yaramayaca ifade leri gz nnde bulunduruldu undadoruyant C seenei dir.

37. Parann ilk iki cmlesidikkate alndndahikayeanlatmtarih ncesi dnemlerde balam olabilir ifadesinin bulunduu B seeneidorudur.

38. Homer destanlarnn ilk yazl hikaye rnekleri olduu ifadesi parannsoncmlesindevardr. YantAseeneidir. 39. Paraya gre profesyonel hi kayeanlatclarykvemitolo jileri ezberleyerek renmiler dir.YantEseeneidir.

40. What made Gutenbergs press so different was pages cmlesinegreGutenberg matbaaclnn fark metal harflerin deiik pozisyonlarda hareketlibirekildekullanlmasdr. DoruyantDseeneidir.

da krsal blgelerden ehirlere olan kitleler halindeki gtr. DoruyantAseeneidir. 44. Parann son cmlesinden de anlalaca gibi krsal kesimin cazip hale getirilmesi daha iyi salk hizmetlerinin sunulmas ile mmkndr. Doru yant B seeneidir.

41. simple printed methods hadexistedforcenturies, ifa desinden de anlalaca gibi matbaacln tarihi Gutenberg zamanndan nceye dayanr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 45. Parann son cmlesine gre yazar ehirlerdeki nfus art problemini zebilmek iin kr sal kesimdeki hayat artlarnn daha iyi duruma getirilmesini nermektedir. Bu durumda 42. Parann son cmlesine gre Gutenberginuygulamolduu teknik sayesinde kitap basm hzlanmtr. Doru yant D se eneidir. 46. Manysocietieshaveregarded educationastrainingforwork cmlesinegre eskiden eitim, genelde bir beceri kazanmay renmek olarak anlalrd. 43. Theovepopulationoftownis mainlycausedbythedriftof largenumbersofpeoplefrom the nural areas. Cmlesine gresanayilemeninbirsonucu 47. Yazarocuklargeleceehazr lamak zere onlara eitli yol DoruyantBseeneidir. doruyantEseeneidir.

larla eitim verildiini vurgula mtr.BunagredoruyantD seeneidir.

kadar pahal olduunu fark etmemitim, farkna varsay dm bakabir yeregiderdim. olacandan doru yant E se eneidir.

48. Paradan modern eitimin ocuunaklvekarakterininge limesine eskiye gre daha fazlanemverdiisonucuka rlabileceinden doru yant C seeneidir. 49. Finans uzman olduundan buJohnasormangerekenbir eydir. cmlesineanlamcaen yakncmleAseeneindeyer aldndan bu seenek doru yanttr. 50. HemsorucmlesindehemdeD seeneinde Mary dnda herkesindnemsonukonse rinde yer ald belirtilmekte dir. Buna gre doru yant D seeneidir. 51. Otelcretininnekadartuta canbilseydim,bakayerde kalrdm. cmlesininbirbaka biimde ifadesi Bu otelin ne

52. Yenimdrnbizedavran eklineokkzdmamabunu gstermemeye altm. cmlesindeki ifadenin benzeri Bize davran karsnda duyduum kzgnl yeni mdrdensaklamakiinaba gsterdim. cmlesindevardr. Bu durumda doru yant B seeneidir. 53. Astherewasagreatdealof rain ile as it rained so much ifadeleri ayn anlama geldiin denyantAseeneidir. 54. Boluktansonravitamineksikli inin neden olduu hastalklar rnek olarak verildiine gre yantCseeneidir. 55. Bolua gelecek cmlede Ja ponyada ocuklar ile beraber yaayan yal insan orannn eskiden yksek olmasna ra

men bir sre sonra dmesin den bahsedilmi olmaldr ki boluktan sonraki cmlede bu nun nedeni aklanyor. Doru yantEseeneidir. 56. Parada eitli su kaynaklarn dan gl, rmak vb. bahsedildi ine gre bolua gelecek cmle D seeneindeki bu gnksukaynaklarnnbinlerce yl ncekilerle hemen hemen aynolduunuifadeedencmle olmaldr. 57. Bolua gelebilecek en uygun ifade B seeneinde yer alr. Boluun ardndan gelen ve Indeed ile balayan cmle bu ifadeyi biraz daha aklyor. DoruyantBseeneidir. 58. Boluktan nce gelen cmlede both sides dendiine ve bo luktan nceki cmlede the older children ifadesi kullanl dna gre bolua gelecek cmlede the younger ifadesi yeralmaldr.Budurumdadoru yantCseeneidir.

59. Bir arkadanz bir filmde rol almak zere grmeye gide cei iin ok sinirli, gergin. Onunyeteneineinandnzve ona cesaret vermek istediiniz iingerekbiroyunculukye teneine sahip olduunu ve onu kabul edeceklerinden eminolduunuzu sylersiniz. DoruyantAseeneidir.

60. Aldnz kitaplarn parasn derken faturann fazla oldu unu fark ettiinizde kibarca, Faturay kontrol edebilir mi siniz?Korkarmbirhatavar. dersiniz.DoruyantEseene idir.

61. Acilen i grmesine arld nz iinarkadanzlaolanle yemei randevunuzu iptal etmek zorunda kaldnzda telefon ap zr dilemek zere B seeneindekiifadeyikullanrsnz.

zaman, aslnda bu leden sonra nasl? dediine gre, 62. Bilgisayaralmayakararverdiniz fakat tavsiye istiyorsunuz. Bilgi sayardan iyi anlayan bir arka danza telefon edip bilgisayar konusunda uzman olduu iin hangimodelinereceinisorar snz.DoruyantCseeneidir. 63. Birlikte ayn oday paylatnz kz kardeinize oday her za mandankbraktvesizden detmodankltoplamanz bekledii iin ok kzyor ve bundan sonra bu ii payla acanzsylersiniz.YantA seeneidir. 66. Jack onu tebrik edince buna aranPhilipinszlerinekar lk Jack, Okul dergisindeki daclk ile ilgili makaleni okudum. demi olmal ki Philip, Beendiine sevin dim. Trmana gittiimiz bir gnsendebizekatlmalsn. diyor.DoruyantEseeneidir. 64. Arkadalarnzla dzenlediiniz piknieoukimsekekvetatl yiyecekler getirecei iin John veMarydentuzlubireygetir mesini istiyorsunuz. Buna gre doruyantEseeneidir. 67. Andynin kz kardei hakknda Polly, Umarm iini seviyor dur. Son iinde ok mutsuz olduuakt. demiolmalki Andy, yleydi.Amauanda onagerekten uygun ve onu tatminedenbiriivar. diyor. YantCseeneidir. 65. Jane ve Betty Patin annesinin hastal konusunda konuu yorlar.Betty, Elbetteistediin 68. George karsnn ok fazla al veri yapacandan bahsettiine greKen,yleyse,birokar Jane, Bu ara Pati grmeye gitsek iyi olacak sanrm. demi olmal. Yant D seene idir.

bavulla geri dneceksiniz. demi olmaldr. Bu durumda doruyantBseeneidir. 69. Judy ve Jeff snavlar hakknda konuuyorlar. Judy, Sana bu konuda pek katlmyorum ben rendiim birok eyi hatrlyorum.dediinegreJeff, Belki, ama her zaman snav biter bitmez rendiimiz hereyi unutuyoruz. demi olmaldr.YantEseeneidir. 70. Cumartesi gnk maa gidip gitmeyeceini soran Adriana Barry olumsuz bir yant vermi olmalkiAdrian Whynot? diye sorar.Bunagredoruyant A seeneidir. 71. Para genel olarak bir reklam dan,onunbirtakmzelliklerin den bahsediyor. Reklamn fiya tndanbahsedenIII.cmlekonu btnln bozmaktadr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 72. Hindistannenoksevilenfilm yldzlarnn birinden bahseden paradaki IV. cmle Hindis

tandaki film endstrisini anlat t iin konu ddr. Yant D seeneidir.

73. Paradangilteredekikadnlarn gemie oranla sporla daha fazlailgilendiklerindenszedili yor.V.cmledeyeralanvetarih boyunca kadnlarn spora ok azilgiduyduklarnbelirtenifade ok genel olup, parann btnneuymamaktadr.Doru yantEseeneidir.

74. Parada evcil hayvanlarn ya rarlarndan bahsediliyor. Oysa IV. cmledeki evcil hayvanlara insanm gibi davranan hayvan sahiplerinin hata yapt ifade sininkonuylailgisiyoktur.Buna gredoruyantDseeneidir.

75. Parada petrol atklarndan do ankirliliikontroletmeninzor

luklarndan sz ediliyor. Birok hkmetin evreyi koruma ko nusundapekhevesliolmadklar ifadesinin yer ald III. cmle konu ddr. Doru yant C seeneidir.



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Duringafamilydiscussionon our next holiday plans, my fatheraskedmeformy_____. A) opposition B) reason C) disappointment D) suggestion E) denial

farbetterthanoursandthey expecttowintheforthcoming match. A) claim B) regard C) include D) prefer E) object 3. Although he is an engineer, he is as _____ as any carpenter at making kitchen furniture. A) forceful B) genuine C) skillful D) extravagant E) current

4. 2. They_____thattheirteamis

The chief of police finally agreedtoreleasenewsofthe accident,buthedidso_____.

A) regularly B) extremely C) terribly D) reasonably E) reluctantly 7. By the time the general manager_____backfromhis inspection tour of the overseas branches, the staff here_____theannualreport. A) hadgot/completed B) hasgot/willcomplete C) got/havecompleted D) gets/willhavecompleted E) will get / would have completed


It took me a long time to translate his business letter as I had to _____ so many wordsinthedictionary. A) makeup B) turnover C) lookup D) getoff E) takeup


Theyhadtocallintroopsto _____ the forest fire which wasspreadingrapidly. A) getout B) putout C) holdup D) breakdown E) handout


Aswe_____ourplansforthe weekend,mybrother_____to sayhewantedtocomeround. A) havemade/hadcalled B) made/wascalling C) weremaking/called D) make/hascalled E) willmake/wouldcall


If you _____ me know what busyouweretaking,I_____ theretomeetyou.

A) hadlet/wouldhavebeen B) wouldlet/willhavebeen C) let/havebeen D) willlet/wouldbe E) wouldhavelet/hadbeen

A) at/over B) in/on C) on/of D) with/by E) through/from 12. The explosion was caused _____ a bomb which went _____ when the shop was verycrowded.

10. We _____ any news of his whereaboutssincehe_____ hisjobwiththecompany. A) havent/willlose B) hadnthad/hadlost C) didnthave/havelost D) wonthave/loses E) haventhad/lost

A) by/off B) with/out C) from/up D) through/into E) over/forward

13. Though the cloakroom was very crowded, she managed to find _____ coat fairly quickly, but it took a long timetofind_____. 11. Hes _____ such a bad state ofhealththatheiscompletely dependent_____hisrelatives forcare. A) theirs/our B) his/its C) our/us D) her/mine

E) hers/theirs

16. Mymotherkeepscomplaining thatshedoesntfeelwell;andI dont,_____. A) aswell B) neither

14. I cant remember how many people wanted to be in the play,_____? A) didyou B) dothey C) canyou D) cantI E) didntthey 15. His lecture was attended by _____ people _____ the hall wascompletelyfull. A) somuch/as B) somany/that C) asmany/as D) more/than E) many/justas

C) also D) too E) either

17. _____ willingly he seems to haveacceptedthenewjob,I dontreallythinkhelikesthe workingconditions. A) However B) Although C) So D) Even E) Since 18. Heturneddowntheoffer on groundsofhealth,butIthink there were ____ reasons behindhisdecision. A) any

B) another C) such D) someother E) anyother

makerecoveryslow. E) whether any more treatmentwasnecessary. 20. Our neighbourhas promised tolookafterthecat_____. A) untilweleftforAntalyalast week. B) while we are away on holidaythisJune. C) whose kittens still werent able to look after themselves. D) even if she preferred dogs tocats. E) howevermuchcatfoodwe leavewithher.

19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz.

19. Istillhaventhadachanceto thankthenurse_____. A) until the child was well enoughtogohome. B) why she visited us every dayforaweek. C) wholookedaftermymother sowellinhospital. D) whose carelessness would 21. In many advertisements for jobs you must have noticed _____. A) allthebestjobshavebeen

giventoyoungpeople. B) how many people had bet out of work since the beginningofthecentury. C) if you are also highly qualifiedyouaresuretobe offeredgoodemployment. D) the salary is rarely stated evenduringtheinterview. E) thatoneoftherequirements is a good knowledge of a foreignlanguage. 22. _____howlongitwouldtake us to walk to the centre of town. A) Contrary to what we all expected B) Noonehaseverattempted C) Ourparentsareexceedingly upset D) Hesimplywantedtoknow E) Thedecisionwasfinal A) The museum is always crowdedonThursdays. B) The paintings will be on exhibitionfortwoweeks. C) All the tickets had been soldatleastaweekbefore theconcerttookplace. D) Thespectatorsareexpected toapplaudgenerously. E) The gates used to be closedatsunset. 24. Assoonaswegotbackhome _____. A) IrealizeIhaveforgottento buythebread. B) I had expected my mother toarrive. C) I had to start getting the eveningmealready. D) the telephone was already 23. _____becausestudentsgoin thenathalfprice.

ringing. E) my sister will get the tea readyforus.

the great natural wonders of the world although they are not as high as the Kaieteur FaalsinBritishGuiana.

25.32. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz. 25. King Midas was a Phrygian king who was granted the power to turn into gold whateverhetouched. A) Dokunduu her eyi altna dntrebilen Kral Midas, glbirFrigyakralidi. B) Kral Midas, kendisine, do kunduuhereyialtnad ntrmegcbalanm olanbirFrigyakralidi. C) BirFrigyakralolanMidas, dokunduuhereyinhemen altnadnmesinisalayan birgcesahiptir. D) Kral Midas, dokunduu her eyi altna dntrme g cnesahipbirFrigyakralidi. E) FrigyakralMidas,dokunduu her eyi altna dntrme gcneldeetmiti. 26. TheNiagara Falls areoneof

A) Dnyadakibykdoaolu umlarndan biri olan Niagara alayan, ngiliz Guyanasndaki Kaieteur alayan kadar yksek saylmaz. B) ngilizGuyanasndakiKaieteur alayan kadar yksek ol mayan Niagara alayan, dnyannenmuhteimdoa oluumudur. C) Niagara alayan, her ne kadardnyannbykdoa harikalarndan biri olsa da, ngiliz Guayanasndaki Kaieteuralayangibiok yksekdeildir. D) Dnyannbykdoahari kalarndan olan Niagara alayan ve ngiliz Guya nasndaki Kaieteur ala yanokyksekdeildirler. E) Niagara alayan, ngiliz Guyanasndaki Kaieteur alayan kadar yksek

olmasa da, dnyann en byk doa harikalarndan biridir.

ettirilirse,buyntembyk larengelleyebilir. D) Byklaraengelolmada kullanlanbirbakayntem, da yamalarnda bulunan karynlartehlikeliolmaya baladklarnda bunlara mdahaleetmektir.

27. Another method, used to prevent large avalanches, is todislodgesnowmasseson mountainsides before they can grow big and become dangerous. A) Dayamalarndakikary nlarnndatlmasbyk lar engellemenin bir baka yoludur, ama bu yntemin tehlike byme denuygulanmasgerekir. B) Byk lara engel olmak iin kullanlan bir baka yntem, da yamalarn daki kar ynlarn, by yp tehlikeli olmadan ye rlerindenoynatmaktr. C) Dalardaki kar ynlar, byyp tehlikeli hale gel meden yerlerinden hareket

E) Dalarn srtlarnda oluan karynlarbymedenve tehlikeli olmadan nce da tlrsa, bu yntem, byk larnmeydanagelmesini engeller.

28. CarlSandburg,knownasthe Chicago Poet, spent most ofhislifeinIllinois,wherehe had been born, though he traveled extensively around thecountry. A) ikago Ozan olarak bili nen Carl Sandburg, lke iinde ok seyahat etmi olsadayaamnnounu, domu olduu Illinoisde geirdi.

B) lke iinde uzun seyahat lere km olan Carl Sandburg, yaamnn byk bir blmn doup by dIllinoisdegeirdiiiin ikago Ozan olarak ta nnmtr. C) Carl Sandburg, yaamnn ounu lkeyi batan baa dolaarak geirmi olsa da Illinoisde doduu iin ikagoOzanolarakbilinir. D) Yaamnn tamamn, doup bydIllinoisdegeiren Carl Sandburg ikago Ozan olarak tannm ve lke iinde sk sk seyahat etmitir. E) Carl Sandburg, lke iinde pek ok kez seyahate k m ise de yaamnn o unu doum yeri Illinoisde geirdii iinikagoOzan olaraktannmtr.

thesametime. A) Kayalarn iinde bulunan ayn tip fosilleri inceleyen jeologlar, bunlarn kabaca ayn dnemde olutuklarn ortayakoymulardr. B) Jeologlar, ayn dnemde olumuolankayalarniinde tamamenayntipfosilbulu nabileceigrndedirler. C) Jeologlarn,incelediikaya larn tamamen ayn tip fo silleri iermesi, bunlarn ayn zamanda olutuunu gstermektedir. D) Jeologlar,tamamenayntip fosil ieren kayalarn aa yukar ayn zamanda olu mu olabileceklerini ileri srmektedirler. E) Jeologlar,aayukarayn dnemdeolumuolanka yalarn ayn tip fosil ier diklerinibelirlemilerdir.

29. Geologistssuggestthatrock, which contains exactly the sametypeoffossil,mayhave beenformedatapproximately

30. He also became known as a poetandasperhapstheonly physicisttowriteanovel. A) O,ayrca,birozanvebelki de roman yazan tek fiziki olaraktannd. B) te yandan, o, hem bir ozanhemderomanyazan ilkfizikiolaraktannyordu. C) Nitekim,ozanolarakbilinen o kii, roman yazan tek fi zikiolarakdanyapt. D) O,nceozanolaraktannd ve daha sonra roman da yazanbirfizikioldu. E) O,sadeceromanyazanbir fiziki olarakdeilaynza manda ozan olarak da ta nnmtr. A) Bakan,Pazartesignir kette yaplacak olaanst toplantya arlan yelere birermektupyazd. B) Pazartesi gn irkette nemli bir toplant yapla ca iin, yelere acil bir mektupyazd. C) Bakan yelere onlar Pa zartesignirketteyapla 31. The chairman wrote the membersaformalletter,calling themtoanurgentmeetingto be held on Monday at the company.

cakacilbirtoplantyaa ranresmibirmektupyazd. D) Bakan, yelere birer mek tupyazarakonlarPazartesi yaplacaktoplantyaard. E) Bakann yelere yazd resmi mektupta, Pazartesi gnirketteyaplacakge ni apl toplantya katl malar gerektii belirtili yordu.

enbazinsanlar,yaamla rnn bu dnemini gz ard ederler. B) Genlikgelipgeince,baz insanlaracvezntiin de geriye bakp yaam larnn bu dnemini hatr larlar. C) Genlikeldengidince,baz kiiler,yaamlarnnbu d neminezlemleveacdu yarakbakarlar. D) Genlikyllargeipgidince, baz insanlar, krgnlk ve umutsuzlukiindeyaamla rnn bu dnemini gzden geirirler. E) Genlik geince, baz in sanlar geriye dnp ya amlarnn bu dnemine zntvepimanlkileba karlar.

32. When youth is gone, some people look back upon that periodoftheirlifewithsorrow andregret. A) Genliksonaerince, zn tye ve d krklna d

and her hair was rather white. 33.40.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 33. Emilyyi tekrar grd mzde, onun olduka i manladn ve salarnn be yazadnmekteolduunufark ettik. A) When we met Emily, we saw that she looked extremely fat, and that her hairhadturnedwhite. B) When we next saw Emily, we noticed that she had grown rather fat and that herhairwasturningwhite. C) By the time we met Emily again she had grown fat and her hair was nearly white. D) When we saw Emily last, we were surprised to see how fat and whitehaired shehadbecome. E) WhenwemetEmilyagain, she was looking quite fat 34. Daclariinscakbirkarla mann olmamas, bizi biraz dkrklnauratt. A) Wewerealittledisappointed thatthere wasnota warm welcomefortheclimbers. B) Wewereratherdisappointed tofindthattheclimbershad not received a very warm welcome. C) As the climbers did not receive a warm welcome, theyweremostdisappointed. D) Wewereterriblydisappointed when we discovered that the climbers had not been welcomedwarmly. E) Sincetheclimberswerenot warmlywelcomed,wewere


necessary to correspond with each other all the time? D) Why is it necessary for scientisttobeconstantlyin contactwitheachother? E) How important is it for scientists to be always in touchwitheachother?

35. Birbirleriyle srekli iletiim iinde olmak bilim adamlar iinnedengereklidir? A) Howvitalisitforscientists always to maintain contact witheachother? B) Is it really necessary for scientiststobesoconstantly intouchwitheachother? C) Why do scientists find it 36. imdi irketi aradm ve m dr,yksekihracatrakamla

rndandolaykutladm. A) The improved export figures haveearnedforthecompany the congratulations of the director. B) The director has just called tocongratulatethecompany onthehighexportfigures. C) I just received a call from the company director to congratulate him on the risingexportfigures. D) Thedirectorofthecompany hasjustcalledtoboastabout thehighexportfigures. E) I have just called the companyandcongratulated the director on the high exportfigures. A) Mostof thisdamage could have been avoided if you had noticed the problem earlier. B) There might have been much les damage if you had recognized that there wasaproblemrightaway. C) As you dealt with the problem so promptly very littledamageactuallyoccurred. D) The quicker you deal with such problems the less damagethereislikelytobe. E) If you had looked into the problem right away, much of the damage could have beenprevented. 37. Sorunla hemen ilgilenmi olsaydn, zararn ou n lenmiolurdu.

D) Thepolicebelieveeveryone was asleep when the fire startedatabout4am. E) Intheopinionofthepolice, thefirewasstartedaround 4amwheneveryonewas asleep.

38. Polis yangnn sabah saat 04:00dolaynda,herkesinuy kuda olduu srada ktna inanyor. A) The police believe that everyone was a sleep by about 4 am when the fire brokeout. B) Thepolice believethat the firebrokeoutatabout4am wheneverybodywasasleep. C) Thepolicethinkthatthefire started around 4 am as everyonewasfastasleep. A) This article would be sure 39. Senin yerinde olsam, birok gereksiz tartmaya neden olabilecei iin bu makaleyi reddederim.

to cause a great deal of controversy, so I suggest yourejectitrightaway. B) Ithinkyoushouldrejectthis articlewhichIamsurewill causealotofcontroversy. C) If I were you, I would turn downthisarticleasitcould cause a great deal of unnecessarycontroversy. D) Sincethisarticleislikelyto causemuchcontroversy. E) Iadviseyoutoturnitdown. If you dont turn down this articleyouwillfindyourself involvedinamostunpleasant controversy. A) His father has been very busythesedayssince,asa journalist, he has been interviewingimportantpeople fromthebusinessworld. B) His father, who is a journalist, has recently spent a great deal of time interviewing leading businessmenintheworld. C) His father is a very busy journalist and has recently interviewedsomeimportant people from the business world. D) Severalimportantpeoplein the business world have been recently interviewed byhislather,whoisawell knownjournalist. E) Because his father is a 40. Onun babas, bir gazeteci olarakidnyasndannemli kiilerle rportaj yapmakta olduu iin bu gnlerde ok megul.




interviewedmanyimportant businessmen in the world, especiallyinrecenttimes. 41. The writer clearly points out that, when large numbers of people move from the countryside to the towns, _____. A) itleadstoproblemsonboth 41.43. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Themovementofpeoplefromthe countrysideintothecitiesnaturally causesmanyproblemsthere.The obvious one is overcrowding, which becomes a heavy burden on schools, hospitals and transport systems. The countryside is also negatively affected.Asitisusuallytheyoung and healthy who leave the countryside, this creates a shortage in the workforce for farmingandotherruralactivities. Thebestsolutionwouldclearlybe toensurethatrurallifehasmore tooffertotheyoung. sides. B) there are advantages for everybody. C) new hospitals and schools arealwaysprovided. D) the quantity of public transportisimproved. E) thereisworkforeverybody incountryareas. 42. Thewritersuggeststhat,asa result of the movement from thecountrysidetothecities, thepeopleleftbehind_____. A) aretheoneswhogenuinely enjoypeaceandquiet. B) are, generally, only farm workers. C) loseinterestinruralactivities. D) are mostly the elderly and

theweak. E) often feel they have been desertedbytheiryoung.

Some time between 3000 and 2000BC.agreatfloodoccurred inMesopotamia.Thiseventhad suchaneffectuponthepeoples who lived in that area that several flood myths developed. There are many similarities between them. In all of these myths,thereisalwaysaleader whoiswarnedtopreparefora

43. Thewriterconcludesthatthe movement _____. A) can be prevented by making rural life more attractivefortheyoung. B) seems to have slowed downconsiderablyalready. C) should not be regarded as aseriousproblem. D) isnecessaryfortheincrease oftheurbanworkforce. E) may eventually prove to have been useful to the countryasawhole. 44.46. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. from the countryside into the cities

flood.Theleaderbuildsaship, storesthenecessitiesoflifeon board,andsosurvivestheflood. Afterthefloodhelandssafelyon amountainside,andthehuman racecontinues.Therearesmall differences inthedetails of the myths, of course, but the only important difference is the courseofthedetailsofthemyths, ofcourse,buttheonlyimportant difference is the course of the flood.Insomemyths,theflood comesasapunishmentfromthe godsformansbadbehavior;in others there is no explanation given.

floodis_____. A) to be found in the small details B) that they all give a clear account of the causes of 44. As we understand from the passage, the flood that hit ancientMesopotamia_____. A) put an end to the human racethroughoutthatarea. B) was regarded by all the survivors as a punishment sentbythegods. C) must have greatly affected very many peoples over a verylargearea. D) is not described in any detailinanymythology. E) was survived by very few peopleindeed. A) everyonewouldhavebeen punished equally by the gods. B) people would still have foundawaytosurvive. C) Mesopotamia would have disappeared from the face 45. The writer explains that the most striking similarity between the myths of the oftheearth. D) therewouldhavebeenonly onemythmade. theflood. C) the detailed description made of the amount of damagecausedbytheflood. D) the presence of a wise leaderwhosavesthehuman race. E) the explanation given as to whysofewpeoplesurvived. 46. Asonecanconcludefromthe passage, if the leader had received no warning of the comingoftheflood,_____.

E) he would not have been abletohelphispeople.

C) regard advertisements as workofart. D) see any relation between artandtrade. E) separateartfromtheroutine activitiesoflife.

47.49. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Therereallyisnosuchthingas Art. There are only artists. Oncetheseweremenwhotook colored earth and roughed out theformsofanimalsonthewalls of caves. Today they are men whobuytheirpaints,anddesign advertisementsorpaintpictures whichtheyhopetosell.Thereis no harm in calling all these activitiesartaslongaswekeep in mind that such a word may mean very different things in differenttimesandplaces. 47. Thewriterpointsoutthatwe cannot_____. A) give a simple single definitionofthetermArt. B) imitatetheworksofprimitive artists. 48. One of the main points the writer makes in the passage isthat_____. A) themeaningofartchanges accordingtotimeandplace. B) cave paintings are more meaningful than a lot of modernpictures. C) thedesigningofadvertisements has become a major art activitytoday. D) the practice of art in our timeshasbecomeincreasingly costly. E) animals have, in all ages,

been a popular subject for artists. 49. Thewriterwantsustoaccept the idea that primitive cave pictures_____. A) alwaysrepresentanimalsin asinglecolor. B) areofapoorcolorowingto theuseofcoloredearth. C) have little artistic value for us,butwestillfellweought topreservethem. D) are no less works of art thanmodernpaintingsand advertisemetdesigns. E) were made in a style very similar to that of modern painting.

of the microscope doctors learned more about the human body.Inventorswerebusy ona variety of things ranging from more reliable watches to mere destructivegunsandexplosives. Forthefirsttime,travelerswent tomoreandmoredistantplaces; andtradersfollowedtheirexample. In fact, everyone was doing somethingnew. 50. According to the passage, it wasintheseventeenthcentury thatpeople_____. A) begantotakeaninterestin trade. B) first set out on journeys to farawaycountries. C) learnedhowtousewatches totellthetime. D) suddenlybecameawareof theimportanceoftrade. E) finally began to recognize theadvantagesofscientific studies.

50.52. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The seventeenth century was a period of joyful activity, of experimentinpolitics,inreligion andinthenaturalsciences,with the help of the telescope the skieswereexamined;withtheaid

D) wouldleadtothediscovery ofthetelescope. E) soonwentcompletelyoutof use.

51. Thewriterpointsoutthat,in the seventeenth century, _____. A) the world enjoyed a gread dealofeconomicprosperity. B) there was little change in politicalthinking. C) religionwasalmostneverthe subjectofseriousdebate. D) no important progress was madeinthesciences. E) manyusefulinventionswere madeinvariousfields. 52. The writer seems to suggest thatsomeoftheinventionsof theseventeenthcentury____. A) were obviously ineffective andevenuseless. B) could be used for harmful purposessuchaswar. C) were specially designed to helptravelersandtraders.

53.55. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. By the beginning of the eighteenthcentury,thepopulation of Tokyo had grown about 1 million,makingitthelargestcity in Japan and one of the most populous in the world. An especiallylivelysectionofthecity was along the Sumida River, wherepleasureboatsandparties werecommonandwhosebanks were lined with fashionable tea houses. Tea was central to the Japanese not only in their homes, but in the public life as well.Inthebustlingurbancenters of 18th century Japan, tea houses served a role similar to theoneplayedbycoffeehouses inEuropewhichwerecentersof discussionandentertainment. 53. We learn from the passage

thattheSumidaRiver_____. A) separatedthepoorareaof Tokyofromtherichone. B) couldbedangerousandso boatsrarelyusedit. C) ranthroughoneofthemost popular pats of eighteenth centuryTokyo. D) wasabusywaterwaysince itwasthecommercialcentre ofthecity. E) hasrecentlylostitspopularity amongthepeopleofTokyo.

peopleofTokyoinEuropean coffeehouses. D) awidespreaddesireamong the young in Japan for all kindsofentertainment. E) a great likeness between Japans teahouses and Europescoffeehouses. 55. We can understand from the passage that no city in eighteenth century Japan _____. A) couldcompetewithTokyos culturallife. B) hadasmanyteahousesas Tokyohad. C) had established as many centersofentertainmentas Tokyohad.

54. Thewriterpointsoutthat,in the eighteenth century, there was_____. A) an effort among other Japanese cities to imitate thesociallifeofTokyo. B) a sudden increase in the populationofTokyo. C) agrowinginterestamongthe

D) has as large a population asthatofTokyo. E) consumedasmuchteaas Tokyodid.

56.58. sorular aadaki par

ayagrecevaplaynz. Edith Wharton is, perhaps the greatest woman novelist that Americahasyetproduced.Her novelsareskillfullycoinstructed, and her style is smooth and elegant. Her richest gifts, however, are the result of her fearless search for truth in human relationships. She is largelyinterestedintheemotions we all experience. Her novels recordtimelesstruths;anditis thisfactaboveallthatcontinues to make them meaningful and important. 56. It is pointed out in the passagethatEdithWhartons main interest in her novels _____. A) hasbeentoaccountforthe miseriesoflife. B) istoshowushowtocontrol ouremotions. C) istoprovidehercharacters witha convincing historical background. D) hasbeentodescribemans

emotionallife. E) hasbeentoemphasizehow easily human relationships breakdown.

57. As the writer suggests, one reasonwhyEdithWhartonis so admired in America is _____. A) becauseherwayofwriting is particularly easy to understand. B) thatshehasbeenfearless in describing human selfishness. C) because she only writes aboutmattersthatconcern women. D) thatsheisthefirstwoman novelisttodealwithordinary people. E) because she writes with eleganceandease. 58. The writer emphasizes that Edith Whartons novels will remainpopular_____.

A) even if other women novelistsgooutoffashion. B) because they are about hastingtruths. C) eventhoughtheyonlydeal withAmericansociallife. D) unless a very new type of novelbecomesfashionable. E) so long as people read novels.

popular with the people as Kitchener had been, because heseemed coldlyindifferentto fates of the soldiers he commanded. 59. According to the passage, it is clear that the year 1916 _____. A) brought the Liberal

Government a widespread popularityinthecountry. 59.61. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. TheturningpointofWorldWarI ca me sometime in 1916. This was the year of the famous Battle of the Somme. It was also the year whenthe Liberal Government in Britain was defeated after a crisis in industryandasuddengreatrise in prices. Lord Kitchener, the nationalheroandtheonewho led the war, was tragically drowned in this same year. DouglasHaigreplacedKitchener as the one to direct military policy, but he never became 60. The writer suggests that, unlike Lord Kitchener, DouglasHaig_____. B) brought Britain and her alliesthefinalvictoryofthe war. C) willalwaysberemembered astheyearwenttheBritish peoplegrewmorehopeful. D) was the year when Britain suffered many defeats in thewar. E) wasahistoriconeforBritain forvariousreasons.

A) really had all the qualities required of a military commander. B) soon became a war hero forhiscountry. C) showed no sympathy for the soldiers under his command. D) was highly qualified and experienced in military matters. E) gave much importance to gaining popularity among thepeople. 61. Thewriterpointsoutthatthe liberalGovernment in Britain lostpower_____. A) because the economic situationtookaseriousturn. B) sincesomanysoldiershad died in the Battle of the Somme. C) averyshorttimeafterLord Kitchenerwasdrownedina verytragicway. D) even though a change of governmentisdamagingin timeofwar. E) as a result of the military policiesithadintroduced. 62. The only team member to arrivelatewasthecaptain. A) Other team members may arrive late, but not the captain. B) The captain is expectedto arrive ahead of the other teammembers. C) Allthemembersotheteam werethereontime,except forthecaptain. D) The captain was not the onlyteammembertoarrive late. E) Among others, the captain oftheteamgottherelate. 63. I wont get my bicycle repairedthereagainbecause they charged me far too much. A) I wouldnt have let them repair my bicycle if I had known how much they 62.68. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca yakncmleyi bu lunuz.

wouldcharge. B) Im sure there must be cheaper places that repair bicyclesjustaswell. C) I should have asked them how much they charged beforeIleftmybicyclewith themtoberepaired. D) It cost me so much to get my bicycle repaired there thatIllnevergobackwithit again. E) Gettingmybicyclerepaired was very expensive, so I hopeitwontneedrepairing again. A) Our team played well but other team played even better. B) Thoughourteamwon,the othersideplayedextremely well. C) Our team deserved to win aswereallyplayedwell. D) Though our team lost, the otherteamwasreallymuch worse. E) Our team didnt win, but nevertheless we played magnificently. 64. Our team played extremely well,butevenso,welost.

ofTwoCitiesbyDickensis certainlytheoneI enjoyed readingmost.

65. I have read nearly all of Dickenssnovels,andATale ofTwoCitiesismyfavorite. A) In my opinion, A Tale of TwoCitiesisquitethebats ofallthenovelsbyDickens. B) OfallthenovelsbyDickens thatIhaveread,andthats most them, a Tale of Two Citiesremainsmyfavorite. C) Ivereadalotmorenovels byDickensandstillthriceA Tale of Twa cities is the best. D) Ivereallyreadagreatmany novels, but havent enjoyed anyasmuchasDickenssA TaleofTwoCities. E) Ofallthesenovels,ATale A) Youllmissthattrainunless yousetoffimmediately. B) Solongasyouleavesoon youllbeinplentyoftimefor thetrain. C) Thetrain is about toleave soyououghttohurryup. D) Youcouldhavecaughtthe 66. Youreallymustleaveatonce ifyouwanttocatchthattrain.

train if you had left immediately. E) If you leave at once you mightjustmanagetocatch thetrain.

think,domostpeople. A) Ive often noticed that on sunny days you see a lot morecheerfulpeople. B) I cant understand why people feel more cheerful whenthesunchines. C) Once the sun comes out I amsureweshallallstartto

67. John finished his homework be fore I was even halfway throughmine. A) When Johns homework was finished mine wasnt evenhalfdone. B) By the time John had finishedhishomeworkIhad hardlybegunmine. C) I didhalfof the homework andthenJohnfinishedit. D) When Johns homework wasfinishedIstartedtode someofmine. E) Johnfinishedhishomework quickly but I had twice as muchtodo. 68. On sunny days I always feel mo re cheerful, and so, I

lookmorecheerful. D) Isupposemostpeopleare like me and feel more cheerful when the sun shines. E) LikemanypeopleIbecome very happy as long as the sunshinesbrightly.

and exploring in the wild country Michigan. D) Hemingways short stories give an insight into the mindsofhischaracters. E) In his short story A Days 69.76. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 69. _____.Inlateryears, hewas attracted to bullfighting in Spain and lion hunting in Africa. His observations provided background for someofhiswork,inwhichhe described mans courage in facingstrongphysicalforces. In 1854, hewasawarded the NobelPrizeforLiterature. A) A Farewell Jo Arms and TheSunAlsoRisesaretwo ofHemingwaysbestnovels. B) Hemingway is one of Americas most popular writers. C) AsaboyHemingwayspent muchtimehunting,fishing, 70. Ipassedalltheothercourses that I took at my University, butIcouldneverpassbotany. _____.Thisusedtomakemy instructor very angry. He would wander around the laboratory and be pleased withtheworkofalltheother students.Thenhewouldcome to me. I would be standing there,doingnothing. A) Ialwaysmadesurethatthe microscopewasplacedon WaitHemingwayshowsthe feelings of a boy who thoughthewasgoingtodie. of northern

thetableproperly. B) Infact,thiswasacourseI enjoyedenormously. C) Iwasverymuchinterested inthestudyofthestructure offlowercells. D) However, other students wereverygoodatdrawing pictures of plant cells in theirnotebooks. E) This was because I could never see through the microscope.

sets and bestsellers, unread and untouched. The second hasagreatmanybooks,but fewof themhave beenread, andmostarecleanandshiny asthedaytheywerebought. Thethirdmayhavefewbooks ormanybooks,buteveryone ofthemisworn,markedand writteninallthewaythrough. _____. A) There are two ways in whichonecanownabook. B) Thislastpersonreallyowns hisbooks. C) Most of the worlds great books are available at reasonableprices. D) Readingabookusedtobe aconversationbetweenthe readerandherauthor. E) It takes more time and efforttoreadagreatbook thandoesanewspaper.

71. Let me begin with the question:Whoisatruebook owner? Actually, there are three kinds of book owners. Thefirsthasallthestandard

theUnitedStates. E) HisbookTheMeaningofArt waspublishedseveraltimes asitwasverypopular. 72. The art historian Sir Herbert Read was born in 1893 in YorkshireinEngland.Hewas thesonofafarmer._____.He joined the army and served as an officer in France and Belgium. After the war, he held various posts in the government. Later on, he became the director of the Victoria and Albert museum inLondonandspecializedin ceramics. A) He gained various medals forcourageandbraveryat war. B) He was a student at the University of Leeds, when WorldWarIbrokeout. C) Hispublicationsaremostly in the field of art and Literature. D) As a professor of art, he had lectured at various universities in Britain and A) WhyisFlynnonlystudying activevolcanoes? B) Just where is the Papaya volcanosituated? C) WhendidFlynnfirstbecome interested in volcanic activities? 73. A scientist called Flynn has learned to predict quite accurately when one special volcano, the Papaya, will erupt._____.Becausenotwo arealike.Eachvolcanohasto bestudiedseparatelysothat its warning signals can be recognized.

D) Whycanthepredictwhen anyvolcanowillerupt? E) How many times has he correctly predicted the eruptionofthisvolcano? A) Somepeopleliketochange theirjobeverytwoorthree years, but this is not advisable. B) Naturally the salary is important;infact,forsome people, it is the most importantconsideration. C) Butwhenonecomestolook attheseadvertisementsone rarelyfindsanythingsuitable. D) Some people were only interested in the working hours. E) Most of us dont want to workmorethaneighthours aday.

74. Whenoneisnotlookingfora job,itseemsthattherearea great many jobs being advertised._____.Theywant someone older or someone younger. They want special qualifcations. They want experience.

75. If cigarette advertising could bebannedfromTV,soshould comercialsforthedrugcalled alcohol. Ci garette smokers, after all, usually kill only themselves with their habit. _____. One should therefore remindoneselfthat,whenone drinks, one is entering the companyofkillers. A) Yet, drunks get behind the wheelsoftheirearsandkill otherpeople. B) We live in a culture that certifies alcohol as an acceptabledrug. C) In 85% of these accidents at least one of the drivers hadbeendrinking. D) Excessive drinking is disgustingandharmful. E) Every year an increasing number of people die in traffic accidents caused by alcohol. A) History, more than other subjects, has to be well taughtatschool. B) History teaches us about different civilizations in the world. C) This question is no longer important among school children. D) And nobody seemed to 76. WhenIwasaboyatschool,a question that was frequently asked was What is the use of history? _____. When it came to the use of science, however, then there was no doubtitsusefulness.Manyof us hoped to be chemists or physicistsorengineers.

haveanyansweratall. E) Actually, I once seriously considered becoming a historian.

yourfavoritewriter. B) You can read it after me. YoureadlessthanIdo,but you might find this one useful. C) Though you hardly ever read anything, I do want youtoreadthisnovel. D) I got this novel out of the libraryforyoutoread. E) Thisisjustthesortofnovel youlike;doreadit,forIm sureyoullloveit.

77.84.sorularda,verilenduruma uygundenifadeyibulunuz. 77. Youvejustfinishedreadinga novel which, youve enjoyed enormously.Youfeelsureyour sister would also like reading it.Soyourecommendittoher, saying: A) Heres another novel by 78. Itsyourniecesbirthdaynext weekandyouvebeenlooking around for a present. Youve seenaveryprettydressthat

would suit her but you wonderifsheishopingfora toy. You call her mother for advice,andsay: A) WhatsortofdressshouldI getforMary?Apartydress oroneforeveryday? B) I cant decide whether to buy Mary a dress for her birthdayoratoy.Whichdo youthinkshewouldprefer? C) I really think Mary and I should go together to buy thatdress. D) Ive found a new toyshop. MaryandIcangothereon Friday,andshecanchoose herownpresentthisyear. E) PerhapsIllbuyheradress and a toy, and then shes suretobehappy. A) Here is a job Ive fond for you,Iwantyoutotakeit. B) You have the right qualifications for this job. Go and talk to the people concerned. C) Theresnoharminapplying. Dosoifyouwantto. D) Thereareseveralinteresting jobs advertised in the newspapertoday. E) Ivemarkedoneofthemfor you. Finally, here is a job thatyoumaywishtotake. 79. Youvefoundajobadvertised in the newspaper, that you thinkwouldsuityourbrother well.Aftertellinghimaboutit you encourage him to apply, andsay:

gardenaswell. C) If you have to invite so many people for your wedding anniversary, we mustopenalltherooms. D) If it werent your twentieth wedding anniversary, I wouldobjecttoyourinviting somanypeople. E) Since its for a wedding anniversary,Isupposeyou shouldinvitelotsofpeople.

80. Yourparentsare planningto give a party, at home, to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. They are thinking of asking all of their friends, but you think this will make the house too crowded.So,toobjectonthis account,yousay: A) I dont think you should invite so many people to your wedding anniversary; thehouseisntbigenough. B) So long as its a fine evening we can use the 81. You have made plans with someofyourfriendstogoto aconcert.Onthedaybefore theconcertoneofthefriends is taken seriously ill; as you feel it wouldnt be right for any of you to go to the

concert now, you call your otherfriendsandsay: 82. It looks as if the weather is A) Im sure our friend would want us all to go to the concert. B) Sinceourfriendisill,should wegivethetickettosomeone else? C) Ourfriendsconditionisso badthatshecantpossibly gototheconcert. D) Asourfriendissoill,Idont thinkitwouldbeniceofus togototheconcert. E) Whatapitythatwecantgo totheconcertasourfriend isill. A) Eveniftheweatheriswarm andsunnywedonthaveto gooutforthewholeday. B) Though the weather will definitely be fine at the weekend, I think we must stayathome. C) Weather permitting, lets have a day out in the countryside on Saturday; it willdousallgood. D) Ifyouaregoingoutatthe weekend,Iwouldliketoask my friends round for the afternoon. E) Letsallgoforadriveinthe countrysidethiseveningas the weather has already clearedup. going to be nice at the weekend.Youwanttogetout intothecountrysideforsome fresh air and a change. You turntoyourfamilyandsay:

Both the truck driver and I werebreakingtherules. D) After all, it isnt all that serious;IsupposeIshould have guessed the truck driverwasgoingtoturnleft. E) Sorry, but it could have beenworse;Iamasmuch toblameasthetruckdriver.

83. Atrucksuddenlymadealeft turn in front of you and, thoughyoubrakedquickly,it wasimpossibleforyounotto hit the truck. Since the car you were driving belongs to yourfatheryouareupsetand wanttotellhimthat itreally wasntyourfault.So,yousay tohim: A) Imverysorry,butreallyIm nottoblame;thetruckwas suddenly right in front of me. B) Ifeelverybadaboutit.The truck driver didnt know whathewasdoing,either. C) Well, it couldnt be helped. 84. Youhavelentsomemoneyto a friend of yours. He had promisedtoreturnitwithina week. However, he hasnt done so, and seems to be ignoring the matter. As you arenowverymuchinneedof the money, you are very angry about the matter, and saytohim:

A) Allright.Youcankeepthe moneyuntilthingsbeginto improveforyou. B) I accept your excuse. Im sure youll pay me back whenyoucan. C) What did you need the moneyfor,anyway?Idont suppose you can pay me backnow. D) Iknowyouhavehadahard time lately. When can you reallypaymeback? E) Itsnowoveraweek!Icant wait any longer for the money!

numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. 85. Debbie: What are your plans forthesummer? Janet: Im going to zmir to visitmyaunt. Debbie:_____. Janet:Imsureyoudo. A) Imquitejealous! B) Howwonderful!Whatisshe doingthere? C) Youll enjoy yourself.I was therelastyear. D) Luckyyou!IwishIhadan aunt living somewhere like that! E) Enjoy yourself. And send meapostcard.

85.92. sorularda, karlkl ko


86. Andy: Whats your brother doing?Ihaventseenhim aroundforalongtime. Betty: Thats because hes movedtoMersin. Andy:_____. Betty: Not really. He still works for the same firm, but hes now at the Mer sinbranch. A) Ididntknow.Howlongago wasthat? B) Really? Whats he doing there?Hashechangedhis job? C) Imnotsurprised.Iknowhe didntlikelivinghere. 87. Mother: How many friends have you invited to the party? Daughter:_____. Mother:YesIwashopingyou would. What are you planningtomake? Daughter: I thought Id make thesandwiches. A) Fifteen; but Ill help you to getthefoodready. B) Ratheralot.Doyoumind?

D) I sometimes go there on
business.Perhapswecould meet. E) Whatever did he do that

C) Imexpectingabouttwenty. Isthattoomany? D) Only ten at the moment. Can you make us three cakes? E) Ten or twelve. How many cakesdoweneed?

Paul: Its my computer. Something has gone wrongwithit. Gerald: Well, Ill come round and see what I can do aboutit.

A) Sorry, Im far too busy at

present.Letsgotherenext week.

B) Notreally.AndBrianisbetter
withcomputersthanIam. C) Naturally.Comeroundabout 7oclock. D) That will be just fine. Will Marybecomingtoo?

E) Yes, I think so. Whats


88. Paul:Whatareyoudoingthis evening? Can you spare mehalfanhour? Gerald:_____.

89. Mrs. Palmer: I hear your daughterisgettingmarried nextmonth. Mrs.Moore:_____. Mrs. Palmer: Im sure there are. If theres anything I candotohelp,pleaselet meknow. Mrs.Moore:Thats verykind ofyou. A) Sheisindeed.Shegaveus quiteasurprise! B) Yes,sheis.Andweareall sohappyforher. C) Thats right. And there are still so many things to be done. D) Thats so. Were collecting theweddingdresstoday. E) Yes. And we still havent mettheboysfamily. 90. Bill:Icalledyoulastnightbut youwereout. Jeffrey: Yes, we suddenly decided to go to the cinema. Bill:_____. Jeffrey:Well,youdidntmiss much; it was a very boringfilm.

A) Illjoinyouifmay. B) Idhavegonewithyouifld
known. C) You should have let me know;Iwasworried. D) Whichfilmdidyouse?

E) Theres a good film on at theOdeonatpresent.

expect her home on Thursday. A) Thats good. Is she still in hospital? B) Lets go and visit her together. C) Thats what I expected. I was sure it was nothing serious. D) Thats good news. When doesshegohome? E) Imsoglad!What elsedid shetellyou?

91. Angela: Have you had any newsofJanerecently? Brenda: Yes, I have. I talked to her mother yesterday. Shesmuchbetter. Angela:_____. Brenda:Yes,sheis.Butthey

92. Jennie:Iwonderifyoucould helpme. Dave:IwillifIcan.Whatsthe problem? Jennie:_____. Dave:Thengostraightdown thisroad;takethesecond turn to your left, and youllseeitaheadofyou. A) Imhungry.WherecanIget somethingtoeatcheaply? 92.100. sorularda, anlam bak mndanhangicmleninparaya uymadnbulunuz. 93. (I) Im sure we would have enjoyed the play much more ifwehadhadbetterseats(II) Asitwas,theywerefarfrom good.(III)Buttheactorsand actressesreallywerewonderful. (IV) They were in the back rowandrightattheside.(V) Thismeantwecouldonlysee halfofthestage. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

B) IvelostmykeyssoIcant

C) ImlookingforMrsDavidson;

D) Im looking for a good

dentist.Doyouknowone? E) Imlost.Icantfindmyway backtothebusstation.

tomakethevoyagewithhim, andsetoffwiththem. 94. (I) One reason why the detectivestoryissopopular isthatthereaderputshimself intheplaceofthedetective. (II) Space fiction has also becomemorepopularinrecent years (III) Like the detective he tries to analyze the psychologyofthecharacters (IV)Likethedetective,helooks forcluesintheenvironment. (V) And like him again he wantstosolvethemystery. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III 96. (I) Homers treatment of the Greek and Trojan heroes is unbaised. (II) He takes great care to show that on both sidestherearegoodandbad people. (III) Although the Trojans are the enemy in Homes aspic, they are not villains. (IV) The gods were quick to punish such bad behavior. (V) They are as human and heroic as the Greeks. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

95. (I) When Columbus decided tosailwestinordertogetto the east, he faced many problems.(II)Foralongtime the rich refused to give him money for the project. (III) Having got the money he couldnt find a crew to sail the ship. (IV) This made people think that the world was flat. (V) In the end he foundsomeprisonerswilling

97. (I) The article deals with the growingproblemofpollution, especiallywaterpollution.(II)

Presentday traffic has destroyedmuchofthepeace of the city centre. (III) On weekdays there are lorries everywheredeliveringgoods. (IV) At weekends there is an endless stream of private cars and buses. (V) I am alwayssothankfulIliveinthe quietoutskirts,notinthecity centre. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

foundplentytoattack.(V)In particular he fought tyranny ateverylevelofhumanlife. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

99. (I) someone had suggested thattheschoolshouldopena littleshopforthesaleofsort drinks, biscuit, pencils and rubbers. (II) The idea was discussedforhalfanhouror so.(III)Itwasfinallyrejected byquitealargemajority.(IV) Theolderchildrenwillbeable to help and get a lot or experience. (V) The main objectionwasthatitwouldbe verydifficulttoorganize. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

98. (I) Chesterton was a kindly person and much liked whereverhewent.(II)Children who met him thought him wonderful. (III) Naturally it was people such as these that he disliked most. (IV) Even so, as a Journalist, he

100.(I) The present age is faced withmanyproblems.(II)Some peopleareparticularlygoodat solving problems. (III) One of the most serious is that of food,orrathertheshortageof it.(IV)Whilethepopulationof the world increases, so does thedemandforfood.(V)Inthe futuretheremaybeahungry world. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

1. Suggestion ismi neri anla mnagelir,doruyant D see neidir. 2. To claim iddia etmek bo lua gelebilecek en uygun fiil olduundan doru yant A se eneidir. 3. Skillfullsfatbecerikli,hnerli anlamna geldiinden bolua gelebilecekenuygunszcktr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 4. Finally agreed sonunda kabuletti ifadesindenpolise finin aklama release eyle mini isteksiz bir ekilde reluctantly yapt anlalr. Bunagredoruyant E see neidir. 5. To look up szle vb. bakmak anlamna geldii iin doruyantCseeneidir. 6. To put out phrasal verb 10. a) Since zaman zarf present perfect tense ile birlikte kulla nlr. 9. Iflicmlenin weretaking fiilin dendolay type3 olmasgere kir.Bunagreif+pastperfect tense,would/could+have+ V3yapsnedeniyledoruyant Aseeneidir. 8. 7. By the time zaman zarfyla kullanlabilecek en uygun za manlardan biri future perfect tense olduundan doru yant Dseeneidir. As balacyla kullanlabilecek en uygun yap continous tensedir. Tenselerarasuyum dikkate alndnda as + past continuous tense, past simpletenseyapsndandolay yantCseeneidir. atevb.sndrmek anlamna gelipyantBseeneidir.

b) Sincein yer ald cmlecik past simple tense ile kurulur. Bu durumda doruyant E se eneidir. 11. Hes insuch a bad state of health sal kt du rumda anlamna geldiinden doruyantBseeneidir. 12. Wascaused fiilinden cmlenin passive formda kurulmu ol duuanlaldndan; a) Bolua by prepositionu gelmelidir. b)Togooff patlamakanla mnagelir.Bunagredoruya ntAseeneidir. 13. a)Coatismininitelemekiinshe pronounundan dolay her

ntCseeneidir. 15. So + many + noun that so manypeoplethat O kadar ok insan vard ki yaps ge reidoruyantBseeneidir. 16. Ben de anlam vermek iin olumlu cmleler iin too, olum suz cmleler iinse either kul lanlr.DoruyantEseeneidir. 17. Cmledeki ifadeler arasnda kartlk olduundan bolua gelecek en uygun ifade However+adverbHowever+ willingly yapsndan dolay doruyantAseeneidir. 18. Some other + pronoun yap sna gre doru yant D see neidir. 19. Nurse isminden cmleye

passessiveadjectiveikullanlr. b)Meobjectpronoundando lay my coat tamlamasnn ye rinialan minepronounukulla nlr.BudurumdadoruyantD seeneidir. 14. Taq question yaps gerei boluayasenanlamnagelen canyouifadesigelir.Doruya

relative clause getirilmesi ge rektii anlalr. Nurseu nitele yebilecekyantCseeneidir. 20. Anlam ve zaman gz nnde bulundurulduunda en uygun seenek Bdir. Buna gre

present tensele yine bir presenttensekullanlmaldr. 21. Cmleyi tamamlayabilmek iin that balac ile balayan bir ifade kullanmak gerektiinden yantEseeneidir. 22. Cmle noun clause olduun dandoruyantDseeneidir. 23. Because balacnn reason neden belirttii gz nnde bulundurulduunda hem anlam hem de zaman asndan en uygunseenekAdr. 24. As soon as yapar, 28. spent most of his life in Illinois yaamnn ounu Illinoiste geirdi ve Carl yapmaz anlamna geldiinden vecmle past ilebalaypyine pastla devam etmek duru mundaolduundanyant C se eneidir. Sandburg,knownastheChi cago Poet ikago ozan olarak bilinen Carl Sandburg ifadelerindendolaydoruyant Aseeneidir. 29. Geologistssuggestthat, 25. Who was granted the power gc balanm olan passiveyapsnnyeraldtek seenekBdir. Jeologlar ileri srmekte dirlerifadesinegredoruya ntDseeneidir. 26. One of the great wonders of the world dnyann en byk doa harikalarndan biri ifadesininyerald E se eneidoruyanttr. 27. a) Used to prevent large avalanches,birrelativeclause olupbyklaraengelolmak iin kullanlan anlamna geldi inden; b) To dislodge yerinden oynatmakfiilindendolaydoru yantBseeneidir.

30. Also ayrca ve maybe belki szcklerinden dolay doruyantAseeneidir.


35. Why isit necessary? ne 31. Anurgentmeetingacilbir toplant ifadesine gre doru yantCseeneidir. den gereklidir? ve to be costantly in contact s rekli iletiim iinde olmak ifadelerine gre doru yant D seeneidir. 32. Tolookbackupon geriye bakma ve with sorrow and regret znt ve piman lkla ifadelerinin yer ald E seeneidoruyanttr. 33. Wenoticedthatfarkettik ve that her hair was turning white salarnn beyaza dnmekte olduunu ifadeleri gz nnde bulundurulursa doruyantBseeneidir. 37. Ifclausetype3(unreal,past) yapsgereidoruyant E se 34. Dierseeneklerde,olduka rather gibiokfazladkrkl na uram extremely veryvery durumlarszkonusu olduundan,doruyant,alittle disappointed=birazdk rklna uratt anlamn ve eneidir. 38. The polie believe Polis inanyor, that the fire was startedaround4a.m.yan gnnsabah4dolaylarndak tna, wheneveryonewasa sleep herkesin uykuda ol 36. I have just cali the company imdi irketi aradm ifa desi bir tek E seeneinde ol duundan bu seenek doru yanttr.

duusrada.Bunagredoru yantBseeneidir. 39. If clause type 2 (unreal, present) yaps gerei doru yantCseeneidir.

cagibigeridekalanlaryallar ve gszlerdir. Buna gre doruyantDseeneidir. 43. Parann son cmlesine bak lrsa kente g sorunu krsal alanlarn genlere cazip hale getirilmesiyle zlebilir. Doru yantAseeneidir.

40. Hisfatherhasbeenverybusy thesedays (onun)babas bu gnlerde ok megul ifadesi bir tek A seeneinde vardr. 44. Parann ikinci cmlesinden eski Mezopotamyayazarar ve ren selin ok sayda insan ol dukaetkilediianlalr.Doru yantCseeneidir. 41. Parada krsal kesimden kente gn yol at bir takm so runlardan sz ediliyor. Yazar oksaydainsanngetmesi ninherikitarafiindesorunlara neden olduunu belirtiyor. Bu, cmledeki the countryside is alsonegativelyaffeded ifade sinden anlalyor. Doru yant Aseeneidir. 46. there is always a leader whoiswarnedtopreparefor afloodifadesindendeanlala cagibieerliderselhakknda 42. Asitisusuallytheyoungand heathywholeavethecountry side. Cmlesindendeanlala hibir uyar almamsa halkna yardm edemeyecekti. Doru yantEseeneidir. 45. Inallofthesemeyths,thereis always a leader ifadesine gre sel efsaneleri arasndaki en can alc benzerlik insan r kn kurtaran akll bir liderin bulunmasdr. Doru yant D seeneidir.

lardabirokyararlicatlaryapl 47. Parann ilk cmlesine gre sanatterimiiinbasit,yalnbir tanmyaplamaz.DoruyantA seeneidir. 52. variety of things ranging 48. roughed out the forms of animalsonthewallsofcaves ifadesinden anlalaca gibi hayvanlartmalardasanatlar iin popler bir konu olmutur. DoruyantEseeneidir. 49. Yazarilkelmaararesimlerinin, modern resimlerden ve reklam dzenlemelerinden daha az sanateseriolmadfikrinikabul etmemizi istiyor. Doru yant D seeneidir. 53. Anespeciallylivelysectionof thecitywasalongtheSumida River ifadesinden 18. yzyl Tokyosunun en sevilen yerleri ninSumidaNehrikysndabu lunduuanlalr.DoruyantC 50. For the frst time travellers went to more and more distantplaces, ifadesindenin sanlarn uzak lkelere ilk defa 17. yzylda yolculuk yapt anlalr.DoruyantBseene idir. seeneidir. 54. Parann son cmlesinden 18. yzylda Avrupadaki kahveha neler ile Japonyadaki ayha neler arasnda byk bir benzerlikolduuanlalr.Doru yantEseeneidir. 55. Parann ilk cmlesinden 18. 51. Yazar 17. yzylda eitli alan yzyl Japonyasnda hibir from to more destructive gunsandesplosives ifadesin dendeanlalacagibiicatlarn bazlar sava gibi zarar verici amalar iin kullanlmtr. DoruyantBseeneidir. dn vurguladndan doru yantEseeneidir.

kentinTokyokadarfazlanfusa sahip olmad anlalr. Doru yantDseeneidir. 56. She is largely interested in the emotions we all experience cmlesine gre Edith Whartonun romanlarn daki ana konu insanolunun duygusalyaamdr.Buna gre yantDseeneidir.

59. Parayagre1916ylBritanya iin tarihi bir anlam tamakta dr.DoruyantEseeneidir.

60. Parann son cmlesi dikkate alndnda Lord Kitchenerin aksine,DouglasHaiginemrial tndakiaskerleresoukveilgisiz davrand anlalr. Buna gre yantCseeneidir.

57. Her style is smooth and elegant cmlesinden de anla laca gibi yazara gre Edith WhartonaAmerikadaokhay ranlkduyulmasnnnedenlerin denbirifarklveakcyazmas dr.DoruyantEseeneidir.

61. Yazar parada Britanyadaki Liberal hkmetin ekonomik problemlerin ciddi boyutlara varmasnedeniylegcnkay bettiini 3. satrdaki it was also when the Liberal Government in Britain was defeated after a crisis in industry and a sudden great

58. Her novels record timeless truths cmlesine gre yazar EdithWhartonunromanlarher daim geerli konulardan, ger eklerden bahsettii iin her zaman popler olacan vur gulamaktadr. Doru yant B seeneidir.

riseinprices. cmlesindevur gulamtr.Bunagredoruya ntAseeneidir.

62. Gegelentektakmeleman kaptand.cmlesininbakabir ekilde ifadesi, Kaptan d

ndabtntakmelemanlar zamannda oradayd. doruyantCseeneidir. olup


67. Bendahayarsnagelmeden nce, John devini bitirdi. 63. Bir daha bisikletini orada tamir ettirmeyeceim nk ok para istediler. ifadesinin benzeriDseeneindedir. 64. Bizimtakmmthiderecede iyioynad,yinedekaybettik. ifadesinin benzeri, Takmmz kazanamad, ama yine de muhteem oynadk. ifadesi olupdoruyantEseeneidir. 65. Charles Dickensin hemen hemen tm romanlarn oku dumveensevdiimkieh rin Hikayesidir. cmlesine anlamcaenyakncmle B se eneindevardr. 68. Gneli gnlerde kendimi daima daha neeli hissede rim,sanrmouinsanbyle hisseder. cmlesindeki ifade nin benzeri D seeneinde yer alr. 69. Hemingwayocukkenzama nn avlanarak, balk tutarak ve kuzey Michiganda vahi evreyi kefederek geirirdi. cmlesiparayagelebileceken uygungiricmlesiolduundan 66. Eer trene yetimek istiyor san bir an nce kmalsn. cmlesine anlamca en yakn cmle abucak ayrlmadka treni karacaksn. cmlesi olduundan doru yant A 70. niversitede aldm btn derslerimi getim ama bota nikten asla geemedim. cmlesinin ardndan bolua doruyantCseeneidir. cmlesindeki anlam Johnun devibittiindebenimkiyar sndabiledeildi.cmlesinde yer aldndan doru yant A seeneindedir.

gelebilecekenuyguncmlebu nunnedeniniaklayan E see neidir. 71. Para gerek kitap sahiplerinin kim olduu hakkndadr. Bu ki ilergrubaayrlm.nc grupkitabssolarakdeilger ekten okumak iin aldndan zerinde iaretler koyup biraz ypratmtr. Buna gre yant B seeneidir. 72. Parada sanat tarihi Sir Herbert Readn yaamndan bahsediliyor. Boluktan sonraki cmlede orduya katlmasndan szedildiinegreboluaokul hayatyla ilgili bircmleningel mesiuygunolur.Yant B see neidir.

sindensonragelebilecekenuy guncmle, amabukiiilan lara dikkatlice baktnda kendine uygun pek az i bu lur.cmlesininyeraldCse eneidir. 75. EersigarareklamlarTVde yasaklanabilirse, alkol rek lamlar da yasaklanmaldr. Sigara ienler her eyden nce kendilerini ldrr. cmlesinden sonra oysa sar holar baka insanlar ld rr. ifadesininyerald A se eneindekicmlegelmelidir.

76. Boluktan nce sorulan soruya hem zaman hem anlam bak mndanenuygunyantDsee neindeyeralr.

73. Boluageleceksorununardn dan gelen yant gz nnde bulundurulduunda doru yant Dseeneidir. 74. Bir kimse i aramyorken sanki ilanlarda ok sayda i varm gibi grnr. cmle 77. Severekokuduunuzromankz kardeinize tavsiye ederken E seeneindeki ifadeyi kulla nrsnz.

78. Yeeninizin gelecek haftaki doumgniinhediyeararken irinbirelbiseveoyuncakara snda kararsz kaldnzda an nesiniararvefikrini sorarsnz. DoruyantBseeneidir. 79. Gazeteilanndanerkekkardei niziinuygunolduunudn dnz bir i bulduunuzda onu bavurmas iin cesaret lendirmekzereBuiiinge reklitmzellikleresahipsin. Gitveyetkililerlekonu.der siniz. Doru yant seeneidir. 80. Anne ve babanz 20. evlilik yl dnmlerini kutlamak zere evde bir parti vermeyi plan lyorlar. Btn arkadalarn davet etmek istiyorlar ama siz evinokkalabalkolacand np kar ktnzdan evin yeterince byk olmadn sylersiniz. Doru yant A se eneidir. 81. Konsere gitmek iin beraber plan yaptnz arkadalarnz danbirikonserdenbirgnnce B

ciddi biimde hastalannca kon seregitmenindoruolmayacan dnyorsunuz. Bu durumda dier arkadalarnz arayp D seeneindekiifadeyikullanrsnz. 82. Hafta sonu hava gzel olacak gibigrndndenbiraztemiz hava iin ehir dna kmak istiyorsunuz. Ailenize, Eer havaiyiolursa,cumartesie hir dnda bir gn geirme nin hepinize iyi geleceini sylersiniz. Doru yant C se eneidir. 83. Bir kamyon aniden sol yapp zerinize geldiinden arpmak durumunda kaldnz.Arababa banznolduu iin ok zgn snz ve sulu olmadnz belirtmek zere zr diler, kamyonun aniden karnza ktn sylersiniz. Doru yantAseeneidir. 84. Borverdiinizarkadanzsz vermesine ramen bir hafta iinde paray getirmez ve du rumu umursamaz. Paraya ok ihtiyacnz olduundan kzar ve

bir hafta doldu daha fazla bekleyemem dersiniz.Yant E seeneidir. 85. Hemanlamhemdezamana sndanboluagelecek enuy gunifadeDseeneindevardr. 86. Bettye abisini sorduunda al d yant karsnda arp Sahimi?Oradaneyapyor? ini mi deitirdi? diye sor muolmalkiBetty;Pekdeil, ayn irkette alyor hl, ama imdi Mersin bro sunda. yantn veriyor. Doru yantBseeneidir. 87. Annesininsorusunakarlkkz, ama yemei hazrlamada sana yardm ederim. demi olmal ki annesi umarm, ne yapmay planlyorsun? diyor. DoruyantAseeneidir. 88. Kendisine zaman ayrp ayra mayacan soran Paule, Geraldolumlubiryantveripne olduunusormuolmalkiPaul problemini aklyor. Buna gre doruyantEseeneidir. 92. Sorununun ne olduunu soran Davee, Jenny yolunu kaybetti 91. BlendaYes,sheisdiyeyantla dna gre Angela, yes / no type question sormu olmal dr. Buna gre A seenei doruyanttr. 90. Kendisini arayan fakat bulama yan Bille Jeffrey aniden sine maya gittiklerini sylyor. Bu durumda Bill bilseydim, ben de gelirdim. demi olmal ki Jeffrey, ok ey karmadn, ok skc bir filmdi. diyor. DoruyantBseeneidir. 89. Mrs. Moora kznn evlenece ini duyduunu belirten Mrs. Palmera, Mrs Moore, Doru, hlyaplmasgerekenoki var.diyeyantvermiolmalki, Mrs. Palmer yapabilecei bir ey varsa sylemesini istiyor. DoruyantCseeneidir.

inisylemiolmalkiDaveona yn tarif ediyor. Doru yant E seeneidir. 93. Yazar parada, genel olarak tiyatroda oturduklar yerden memnuniyetsizliinden bahse diyor.Aktrveaktrislerinharika olmalarnn konuyla ilgisi olma dndandoruyantCseene idir. 94. Paradedektifhikayeleriileilgili iken II. cmle bilim kurgudan bahsettiiiinkonubtnln bozmaktadr.Doruyant B se eneidir. 95. ParadaColombusnunseyahat karar sonras karlat so runlardanszediliyor.IV.cm lede yer alan, bu, insanlarn dnyann dz olduunu d nmelerine neden oluyor. ifadesinin konuyla ilgisi yoktur. Buna gre, D seenei doru yanttr.

kilde bahsettiinin vurguland parada, IV. cmledeki Tanr lar byle kt davran a buk cezalandrr. ifadesi an lam btnln bozmaktadr. DoruyantDseeneidir.

97. I. cmle su kirliliinden bahse derken dier cmleler trafik sorunundan bahsettii iin doruyantAseeneidir. 98. ParadaII.cmledndakitm cmleler Chesterton hakknda olumluifadelerierdiiveonun nekadaroksevildiindensz ettii iin doru yant seeneidir. C

99. IV.cmledndakalancmle lerde, okulda alacak bir dk kandan, burada satlacak mal lardan ve bununla ilgili kiilerin dncelerinden bahsedildiin denDseeneidoruyanttr.

96. HomerinTroyalveYunankah ramanlarndan tarafsz bir e

100.Paradabellibiryatakiinsanlarn sorunlarndanvebunlararasnda en nemlisinin yiyecek sorunu olduundanszediliyor.II.cm ledeki, baz insanlar zellikle problem zmede baarldr. ifadesinin konuyla ilgisi yoktur. DoruyantBseeneidir.



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Several of my friends have entered the _____, but none ofthemexpectstowin. A) performance B) application C) competition D) responsibility E) vacancy

andneverthinksatallofthe needsorthewishesofother people. A) nervous B) sensitive C) extravagant D) reliable E) selfish 3. Asshegrewolder,itbecame _____ difficult for her to do, theshopping. A) eventually B) increasingly C) doubtfully D) adequately E) reluctantly


The survivors of the shipwreck who were able to reach the land, decided to _____ a fire and wait to be rescued.


Hes a terribly _____ person

A) make B) do C) C)show D) set E) put A) mightbecome B) arebecoming 5. The melting of all the ice mass in the Arctic would _____thesealevelbyseveral metres. A) establish B) preserve C) raise D) restore E) spoil 6. Icouldnt_____whytheywere shoutingsoloudly. A) setup B) keepup C) relyon D) makeout E) putoff 9. A) knew/haveasked B) haveknown/willhaveasked C) hadknown/wouldhaveasked D) wouldknow/hadasked E) know/willask Ihopethat,bynextsummer,I _____ up enough money to gotoItalyforaholiday. 8. If I_____youwereonyour own, I _____ you to come roundherefortheday. C) hadbecome D) wouldbecome E) havebecome 7. During recent years, many people _____ interested in Turkishmusic.

A) willhavesaved B) wouldhavesaved C) wouldsave D) havesaved E) hadsaved 10. Sallyworkedalltheweekend to finish the project in time, butactuallyshe_____so. A) couldnthavedone B) wouldnthavedone C) doesnthavetodo D) maynotdo E) neednthavedone

A) such B) similar C) same D) acertain E) thesame 13. A woman from Denmark has recentlymoved_____theflat _____mine. A) up/in B) into/nextto C) to/at D) about/infrontof E) through/above

11. Thisisthefirsttimeyouhave everdrivenacar,_____? A) isthis B) hasntit C) isntit D) haveyou E) arentyou 14. The film Brave Heart is _____long.Itlasts_____three hours. A) rather/for B) too/on C) quite/in 12. Ienjoyedthisbooksomuch; I want to read another by ____author. D) very/at E) so/into

17. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, _____isnearCaiuro,isoneof the most famous monuments 15. _____appearingeveryfourto sevenyearsasitusedto,El Ninohasnowbeenappearing consecutivelyforanumberof years. A) Onaccountof B) Inviewof C) Becauseof D) Incaseof E) Insteadof 16. Youcanlookatthisplanfor the new sports centre _____ closely _____ you like but I dontthinkyouwillbeableto understandit. A) as/as B) so/that C) such/that D) more/than E) just/as A) Theirs/yours B) Others/his C) Ours/hers D) Theother/mine E) Your/him 19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz. 19. Surelythatstheboy_____. 18. _____ bicycles are all red, _____istheonlyblueone. A) who B) where C) which D) whom E) what intheworld.

A) that his sister won the paintingcompetition. B) who sang so beautifully at theconcertlastnight. C) unless he sent, us the heavybox. D) whether his bicycle has beenrepaired. E) which everyone is talking about.

E) though everyone else had alreadyeaten. 21. _____ there is enough food andwaterforeveryone. A) If they had used their resourcesproperly, B) Though nature would have beenspoiled, C) Unlesswetakecareofour greenfields, D) Ifwelearnedtorespectthe environment, E) Providedthattheyareused well,

20. He simply wanted to know _____. A) whetherIhadbeentosee Jane. B) how far away we are moving. C) whichteamhaswon. D) asifanthebuseswentpast thetownhall. 22. Since the bus broke down justoutsideBursa_____.

A) there wouldnt be another busforanhour. B) therewasstillsnowbythe sideoftheroad. C) we were late for our appointmentinAnkara. D) itwasparticularlycoldthat night. E) some people would even blamethedriver. 23. _____ unless you are interestedinpsychology. A) Hes thinkingofgoingto a psychiatrist B) This is the book youve suggested C) You could solve your problems D) Thereisnopointinreading thatbook E) This book will be very usefulforyou 24. _____ why she was looking soupset. A) There is nothing to be ashamedof B) Ireallydidntknow C) Weareallextremelyworried D) Therewasntanexplanation E) Nobodyhadunderstood 25.32. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz. 25. Kenya, a country famous for its safaris and coffee, is situatedontheeastcoastof Africa. A) Safarilerivekahvesiylebili

nenvebirAfrikalkesiolan Kenya, ktann dou ky sndayeralr. B) Afrikann dou kysnda yer alan Kenya, hem safa rileri hem de kahvesi ile nlbirlkedir. C) Safarileri ve kahvesiyle nl birlkeolanKenya,Afrikann doukysndayeralr. D) Kenya, safarileri ve kahve siyletannanbirlkeolarak Afrikann dou kysnda bulunmaktadr. E) Afrikann dou kysnda bulunanKenya,safarilerive kahvesiylenlbirlkeola rakbilinmektedir.

and the Red Sea; was designed and built by the FrenchengineerDeLesseps. A) AkdenizilekzlDenizibir letiren Svey Kanal, Fransz mhendis De Lesseps tarafndan tasar lanmveinaedilmitir. B) Fransz mhendis De Lessepsin tasarlam ve ina etmi olduu Svey Kanal, Akdeniz ile Kzl Denizibirletirir. C) Svey Kanaln tasarlayp ina eden Fransz mhen disDeLesseps,Akdenizile Kzl Denizi birletirmeyi amalamtr. D) Svey Kanalnn Fransz mhendis De Lesseps ta rafndan tasarlanp ina edilmesiyle,AkdenizinKzl Deniz ile birlemesi sa lanmtr. E) Akdeniz ile Kzl Denizin birlemesi, Fransz mhen dis De Lessepsin Svey

26. The Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean

Kanaln tasarlayp ina etmesiyleolmutur.

D) Altndaokgenipetrolya taklarnnbulunduutahmin edilen tuz tepecikleri, de nizlerde petrol arayan jeo loglarnnceliklearatrd alanlardr. E) Jeologlar, petrol iin deniz 27. In exploring the seas for oil, geologists primarily search for the salt domes under whichvastoilfieldsarelikely tolie. A) Petrolbulmakiin denizleri tarayan jeologlar, her ey dennce,altndaokgeni petrol alanlarnn uzayp gittiituztepecikleriniince lerler. B) Denizlerdepetrolarayanje ologlar, her eyden nce, altndagenipetrolyatakla rnn uzand sanlan tuz tepecikleriniaratrrlar. C) Jeologlar, denizlerde yap tklar petrol arama al malarnda, ncelikle, al tnda ok geni petrol ya taklarnnbulunduutuzte peciklerineynelirler. A) KatherineAnnePorter,G ney eyaletleri ile ilgili ksa yklerinde yzyln bala rnda geen bir yaamdan szeder. B) KatherineAnnePorter,yz yln balarnda Gney eyaletlerinde geen ksa 28. In her short stories that are setintheSouthernstatesat abouttheturnofthecentury, KatherineAnnePorterdescribes awayoflifethatisgone. leri aratrrken, ncelikle, altnda muhtemelen geni petrol alanlarnn uzand tuztepecikleriniararlar.

yklerinde, kaybolmu bir yaambiiminianlatr. C) Katherine Anne Porter G ney eyaletleri ile ilgili ksa yklerinde yzyln bala rnadayananbiryaambi imitasvireder. D) Katherine Anne Porterin ksa yklerindetasviredi len yaam, yzyln bala rnda Gney eyaletlerinde geer. E) Yzyln balarnda Gney eyaletlerinde geen yaam biimi, Katherine Anne Porterin ksa yklerinde anlatlmaktadr.

lerde, sigara imeyenlere gre daha ok ortaya k maktadr. B) Sigara imeyenlerin, sigara ienlerkadargrtlakkanse rineyakalanmaolaslher zamanvardr. C) Grtlakkanserininsigaratir yakilerinde ortaya kmas, sigara imeyenlere gre dahafazlamuhtemeldir. D) Sigara tiryakilerinin grtlak kanserine yakalanma ihti malinin,sigaraimeyenlere gre daha ok olduu bi linmektedir. E) Grtlakkanserininsigaratir yakilerinde grlme oran, sigara imeyenlere gre okdahayksektir.

29. Cancer of the throat is more likelytooccurinheavysmokers thaninnonsmokers. A) Grtlakkanseri,sigaraien

tarafndan hla sevilerek okunmaktadr. E) Zengin anlatm tarz okuyuculartarafndantakdir 30. DonQuixote,oneofthegreat classicsofEuropeanliterature, is still appreciated by the presentdayreaderduetoits richnarrativestyle. A) Avrupaedebiyatnnenb yk klasiklerinden biri olan Don Kiot, zengin anlatm tarz sayesinde gnmz okuyucusu tarafndan hl takdiredilmektedir. B) Klasik Avrupa edebiyatnn en byk eserlerinden biri olanDonKiot,zenginan latmyla gnmz okurun dandatakdirgrmektedir. C) Avrupaedebiyatnnenb yk klasiklerinden Don Kiot, zengin anlatm tar zyla tm okuyucularn ilgi siniekmektedir. D) ZenginanlatmtarzylaAv rupaEdebiyatnnenbyk klasiklerindenbiriolanDon Kiot, gnmz okuyucusu A) Yarm milyar kadar kiinin, salkl geliimini srdrr ken, yetersiz kalori kullan dbelirlenmitir. B) Yarm milyara yakn insa nn, normal geliimini de vam ettirirken, yetersiz ka lori harcad varsaylmak tadr. C) Yarmmilyarkiinin,normal geliimini ve saln sr drrken,yetersizkalorial 31. Itisestimatedthatoverhalfa billion people consume insufficientcaloriestomaintain normalgrowthandhealth. edilen Don Kiot, Avrupa edebiyatnn en byk kla siklerindenbiridir.

dbildirilmitir. D) Yarmmilyardanfazlainsa nn normal geliimini ve saln srdrmek iin yetersiz kalori tkettii tah minedilmektedir. E) Yaklak yarm milyar insa nn,normalgeliimivesa l iin yetersiz kalori har cadbelirlenmitir.

gneialtnda,eskiYunan llar, Romallar ve Msrllar gnlkgereksinimlerinikar lamakamacylabuharla trma yntemiyle denizden tuzretiyorlard. B) Eski Yunanllar, Romallar ve Msrllar, Akdeniz hav zasnn kzgn gnei al tnda, denizden buharla trma yoluyla, gnlk ge reksinimleri iin yeterli l detuzeldeediyorlard. C) Eski Yunanllar, Romallar ve Msrllarn gnlk ge reksinimlerini karlamak iin,Akdenizblgesininya kc gnei altnda, buhar latrma yolu ile denizden tuzrettikleribilinmektedir. D) Gnlkgereksinimlerinikar lamakiineskiYunanllar, Romallar ve Msrllar, Ak denizin kzgn gnei al tnda, buharlatrma yn temiyle, denizdenyeterince tuzeldeedebiliyorlard. E) Akdeniz havzasnn yakc gnei altnda, gnlk tuz gereksinimlerini karlamak iineskiYunanllar,Romallar ve Msrllar buharlatrma

32. Undertheburningsunofthe Mediterranean basin, the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians harvested salt throughevaporationfromthe sea,onascalesufficientfor theirdailyneeds. A) Akdeniz blgesinin yakc

ynteminikullanmlardr. 33.40.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleninngilizcedenginibulu nuz. 33. Onun, ne yaptm ya da ni in beni artm olduunu hatrladmsanmyorum. A) Idont think he recognized me or remembered why hedsentforme. B) Idontexpecthimtoremember whoIwasorwhyhecalled me. C) Idontthinkhecanremember what Five done and why I havebeencalledfor. D) Idontexpecthimtoremember what Id done and why Id beensentfor. E) Idontthinkheremembered whatIhaddoneorwhyhe hadsentforme. A) We have frequently been astonishedtomeetpeople, especiallyinAfricaandthe East,whoareilliterate,and yetwhorecitefrommemory a poem of hundreds of verses. B) We are often surprised at how many illiterate people we meet, especially in Africa and the East, who are able to recite a poem withhundredsofverses. C) We have frequently come 34. zellikleAfrikadaveDouda, okuma yazmas olmayan, ancak yzlerce dizeli bir iiri ezberden okuyan insanlarla karlamak, ou kez bizi artmtr.

across illiterate people in Africa and the East who can recite hundreds of poems and we are still, astonishedatit. D) Its hardly surprising that theilliteratepeopleofAfrica and the East, in particular frequently to be found reciting poems with hundredsofverses. E) It is the illiterate people of Africa and the East, in particular, who, not surprisingly, have learned by heart poems with, hundredsofverses. 35. uradabirgrupgenlekonu an adam, bu lkenin kinci DnyaSavandanberisahip olduu en iyi siyasetilerden biridir. A) The man those young people have joined is probably about the best politician this country has producedsinceWorldWarII. B) Thatmanoverthere,witha

group of youngsters, has beeninpoliticssinceWorld War II, and has done the countryalotofgood. C) Themanoverthere,talking toagroupofyoungpeople, isoneofthebestpoliticians this country has produced sinceWorldWarII. D) The man talking to those young people over there hasbeeninvolvedinpolitics sinceWorldWarII,andhas done much good in the country. E) One of the best politicians this country has produced since World War II, is standing over there talking toagroupofyoungpeople.

36. Thomas Wolfe, ilk romann 1929da yaymlanmas ze rine, kendi kuann en ok

gelecekvaatedenyazarlarn danbiriolarakgrld. A) When his first novel was publishedin1929.Thomas Wolfewasregardedasone ofthemosttalentedwriters ofhisgeneration. B) Upon the publication, in 1929, of his first novel, Thomas Wolfe was consideredtobeoneofthe most promising writers of hisgeneration. C) As soon as his first novel was published in 1929, Thomas Wolfe was acclaimed as one ot the best writers of his generation. D) With his first novel, was which was published in 1929,ThomasWolfeonethe respect of his own generationandthenextone. E) Oneofthemostpromising writers of this generation wasThomasWolfe,whose firstnovelwaspublishedin 1929. A) Various types of working classpeoplearedescribed in his poems which are related to his experiences asatruckdriver. B) Whilehewasatruckdriver, hebegantowritepoemsin which he described his experiences with various typesofworkingpeople. C) His poems are usually about his experiences with thevarioustypesofworking people he met during his yearsasatruckdriver. D) Hisexperiencesasatruck driverbroughthimcloseto working class people, and 37. Kamyon srcs olarak edindii deneyimleriona,a lan eitli tipteki insanlar iirlerinde anlatma frsatn verdi.

sohecould describethem inhispoems. E) Hisexperiencesasatruck driver gave him the opportunity to describe, in hispoems,varioustypesof workingpeople.

and dialects of primitive communities. C) Oneofthebestlinguistsin the world is Eugene A. Nida, who has specialized inthefieldofthelanguages anddialectsofprimitive44 communities. D) His specialization in the field of the languages and dialects of primitive communities is what has put,EugeneA.Nidaamong theforemost oftheworlds linguists.

38. Dnyann en nde gelen dil bilimcilerindenbiriolanEugene A. Nida, ilkel topluluklarn dilleri ve leheleri alannda uzmanlamtr. A) EugeneA.Nida,oneofthe foremost linguists in the world, has specialized in the field of the languages and dialects of primitive communities. B) ThefamouslinguistEugene A.Nidaisespeciallyinterested inthefieldofthelanguages

E) One of the bestknown linguists in the world is Eugene A. Nida since he hasspecialized inthefield ofthelanguagesanddialects ofprimitivecommunities.

39. Hindistan, Batl lkelerin o undan farkl olarak eitli dillerevekltrleresahipbir lkedir. A) Contrarytowhatisbelieved

in most western countries, there are many different languages and cultures in India. B) Unlike the majority of westerncountries,Indiaisa countrywhichhasavariety oflanguagesandcultures. C) Mostwesterncountrieslack the variety that is to be foundinthelanguagesand culturesofIndia. D) India is a country with Varied languages and cultures, which makes it unlike the majority of westerncountries. E) The western countries are unlike India because of their varied languages and cultures. A) Our company has developed a special security system to suit searchofitsdepartments. B) Inordertomaintainsecurity in all its departments our company is developing a specialsystem. C) The,specialsecuritysystem developedbyourcompany will be used in all its departments. D) Ourcompanyhasdeveloped special system to maintain security in all of its departments. E) Our company maintains that the special security systemithasdevelopedis suitable for all its departments. 40. irketimiz, tm blmlerinde gvenlii salamak iin zel birsistemgelitirdi.

In return, the crew is always expectedtoperformperfectlyall the time. A mistake is quite unforgivable. In fact, a favorite saying is Theres room for everything on a submarine exceptforamistake.

41.43. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Life on as submarine may, to manypeople,soundfascinating. However, it is, in fact, horribly boring.Exceptforthecommanding officers a day aboard a submarineconsistsofsixhours onduty,sixhoursoff,dayafter day,formonths.Thisbeingthe case, every effort is made to ensurethatthelivesofthemen are as pleasant as possible. The meals are exceptionally good,andthereisadailyfilm, shown at a specific time, on televisionaround the submarine. 41. We learn from the passage that,contrarytowhatalotof peopleexpect,_____. A) life on a submarine is extremelyrewardingforthe crew. B) submarines have every imaginable facility for entertainingthecrew.

C) boredom is a major prob lem for the crew of a submarine. D) there is comparatively little work to be done on a submarine. E) theofficersonasubmarine share the same duties as the other members of the crew.

that it is almost impossible _____. A) to make life aboard a submarinefullyfascinating. B) for officers to establish a friendship with other membersofthecrew. C) foreveryonetobeawareof nightandday. D) forthecommandingofficers tomakeamistake. E) foranymemberofthecrew tobeondutymorethansix

42. The writer of the passage emphasizes that, on a submarine,_____. A) there is every opportunity for officers to have a pleasantlife. B) every member of the crew helpstopreparethemeals. C) everyoneworkssixhoursa day. D) lifenevergetsboringforthe crew. E) everything is to be done faultlessly. 43. It is clear from the passage


whileitisbeingmade,startsto become too expensive, the studiohastomakeachoice:it must either cancel the making of the film and lose all the moneyalreadyinvestedinit,or go on investing heavily and hope the film will really be a 44.46. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. As Orson Welles said: to practicehisart,apoetneedsa pen,andapainterabrush.But afilmmakerneedsanarmyof actors, actresses and support, staff.OrsonWelleslearnedthe hard way that all this costs a fortune. Few film directors are richenoughtofinancetheirown films,andevenfewerhavethe desire to take such a risk. Therefore, directors are dependent on film studios for thefinancingoftheirfilms.This has caused a certain tension between directors and film studios because film studios usetheirmoneytotrytocontrol thefilmstheyfinance.Ifafilm, 44. Itissuggestedinthepassage thatfilmmaking_____. A) involvesaseriesofproblems, oneofwhichisthecasting ofactorsandactresses. B) isextremelyexpensivewhen compared with other forms ofart. C) isabusinesswhichdepends more on finance than on talent. D) isanindustrywhichisalmost alwaysfinanciallysuccessful. greatsuccess.

E) aims at making a good profit rather than giving entertainment.

A) directors and studios will have no excuse for any disagreements. B) somedirectorsmaychoose to finance their films themselves. C) other studios will gladly

45. According to the passage, film studios and directors oftendisagree_____. A) overthechoiceandnumber of actors, actresses and supportstaffforeachfilm B) overwhetherafilmislikely tosucceedandmakeaprofit C) since each is always dependent upon the other forsuccess D) because a studio wont always allow a director to dowhathewantstodo E) even though there is no financial problem facing them. 46. It is pointed out in the passagethatsolongasthere is a chance for a film to be trulysuccessful,_____.

pourinmoremoneyinthe hope of making very high profits. D) actors and actresses will performtothebestoftheir arability. E) the studio will often be preparedtoputmoremoney intothemakingofit.

47.49. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Some 130 million years ago, a spike backed dinasour walked heavilythroughthewildernessof whatcametobe Australia, and leftitsfootprintsasagiftforthe future.Theyweretheworldsbest impressions of a dinosaurs two ton footfalls. When they were found seven years ago in a remotevalleyinnorthernAustralia, theyprovidedscientistswiththe firstclearevidencethatdinosaurs had lived in Australia. This discovery provided further evidence for the theory that Australia was once joined to a vastsupercontinentthatincluded what is now South America, Africa,IndiaandAntarctica. A) was undoubtedly the only suitable place in the world fortheSurvivalofdinosaurs. B) wasalmostcertainlynot,as it is today, a separate continent. C) was, for the first time, inhabitedbyalargevariety ofdinosaurs. D) was for the most part a wilderness where no living beingcouldsurvive. E) with its geography and climate resembled South 47. It is clear from the passage that, millions of years ago, Australia_____.


scientist interested in the distant past of the continent. C) couldonlyhavebeenmade bydinasoursweightingalot morethantwotons. D) are in surprisingly good condition although millions ofyearshavepassedsince theyweremade. E) havemadescientistsrevise the most recent theories concerningdinasours.

48. The passage makes it clear that the dinasour footprints discovered in Australia in recentyears_____. A) arethesameasthosealso found in South America, Africa,IndiaandAntarctica. B) havelittleattractedmanya

49. One reason why the discovery in Australia of the dinosaur footprints is so importantisthat,_____. A) previously,nooneknewfor certainwhetherthiscountry hadeverbeeninhabitedby dinosaurs. B) contrarytothepopularview, this continent had always beenavastwilderness. C) untilthisdiscovery,nothing wasknownabouttheearly climateofthiscontinent. D) presumablytheywillprovide clues for future geological changesinthiscontinent. E) uptothispoint,nooneknew forsurethatdinosaurscould weighttwotons. 50.52. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. For most people, being a member of a large family is sometimes hard. Usually there isntenoughmoney,soeveryone hastodowithoutvariousthings. There are, however, certain advantages; In fact, there are probablymoreadvantagesthan disadvantages.TheotherdayI sawafamilysettingoffonaday out. The parents, who looked remarkably young themselves, werecarryingvariousbags.The biggestchild,whowasperhaps fifteen, carried a football. His sister perhaps two years younger, carried what looked like the family lunch. The four smallerchildrenalsohadthings

tocarry,Theyoungestofthem carried a toy bear that was almost as big as herself, The familywerecatchingabusand lookedsocontented.IwishedI could have gone with them wherevertheyweregoing.

51. We understand from the passagethat,althoughthese parents have six children, _____. A) they spend very little time 50. It is clear from the passage thatthefamilydescribedhere _____. A) isnt used to going out for thedaylikethis. B) very rarely has a day out together. C) seldom takes a bus at weekends. D) isclearlyaveryrichone. E) knows how to share its duties. A) himselfcomesfromalarge withthem. B) they dont really seem to careaboutthem. C) theyarereluctanttospend muchmoneyonthem. D) it seems that life has not agedthem. E) it is the four smaller ones thattheyaremostfondof. 52. From the passage we can conclude that the narrator _____.

family. B) is very critical of large families. C) is more interested in the parentsthaninthechildren. D) feels sorry because the childrenhaveallgotthings tocarry. E) seemstofavorlargefamilies. 53.55. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Mrs Gaskell was a nineteenth century English novelist. She wrote social novels, the most famous of which were Mary Barton and North and South. The first, which is set in Manchester,anindustrialcityin the north of England, vividly describestheterribleconditions oftheworkingclass,whichshe knew at first hand. It is a powerful novel that made a considerable impression, upon readers in nineteenth century England.Theothernovel,North and South, contrasts two regionsofEngland,throughits heroine Margaret Hale, who leavessouthern.Englandtolive in the industrial north. Both thesenovelspresentabalanced view of social problems in this periodofEnglishhistory.

oftheEnglishworkingclass were improving in the nineteenthcentury.

53. It is pointed out in the passage that both in Mary Barton and In North and South,MrsGaskell_____. A) is mainly concerned with the conditions of working lifeintheindustrialnorthof England. B) tells the tragic story of a young country girl called MargaretHale. C) compares the working conditions of men and womeninsouthernEngland. D) failedtocapturetheinterest ofreadersinhertime. E) shows how the conditions A) is generally regarded now asbeingunfair. B) wasdislikedbyherreaders. 54. We understand from the passage that the manner, in whichMrsGaskellapproached theworkingconditionsofher time,_____.

C) was more critical in Mary Barton than in North and South. D) wasnotonesided. E) Wasnotbasedonfact.

56.58. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. JohnSteinbeckgrewupinCa lifornia and went to university there, and studied marine biology. He worked at various jobs,beforeherosetofamein the1930swithhisnovelsabout farmworkers.Inhisnovels,his approach is realistic and he showsagreatdealofsympathy for his characters who are mostlypoorandoppressed.We see this in The Grapes of Wrath,whichisoneofhisbest known novels, and has been made into a film and also stagedatthetheatre.

55. We learn from the passage that Mrs Gaskel uses the story of Margaret Hale to _____. A) show how the living conditionsinthenorthwere farbetterthanthoseinthe South. B) illustrate the differences between the north and southofEngland. C) drawattentiontothespecial problems of young women in the nineteenth century England. D) tellthestoryofherownlife inManchester. E) stressthatthereweregood working opportunities for the young in the north of England.

56. We learn from the passage thatSteinbeck_____. A) was primarilyconcerned in his writings with the problems American society wasfacinginthe1930s. B) wroteonlyonemajornovel,

which is The Grapes of Wrath. C) used California as the settingforallhisWorks. D) wrotealmostallofhismajor worksduringthe1930s. E) was originally trained as a scientist, but he turned to literature. 57. We understand from the pas sage that the people Steinbeck describes in his novels_____. A) usuallyhavea background of economic and social hardships. B) do not really represent the agricultural community of California C) work in a wide variety of jobsinCalifornia. D) are on the whole content with the kind of life they have. E) fail to arouse the readers sympathy.

novel, The Grapes of Wrath, _____. A) was, much to the surprise of Steinbeck himself, an immediatesuccess. B) wasonlypopularasabook and as a film, during the 1930s. C) wasadaptedforthestage, butenjoyedlittlesuccessin thetheatre. D) has appealed not only to thegeneralreader,butalso tofilmandstagedirectors. E) hashadalastingeffecton itsreaders,thoughitisthe leastrealistic. 59.61. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Readingonpaperissomucha partofourlivesthatitishardto imagine anything could ever replace the printed books we are used to. Before printed bookscamein,bookshadtobe copied by hand, this was obviously a slow process and veryexpensive.OnceGutenberg

58. It is clear from the passage that Steinbecks famous

had invented an economical waytomakemovablelettersin the 15th century, it became possible to produce reading material quickly, comparatively cheaplyandinlargequantities. Since then, the printed word has become a permanent part of our everyday lives. So, how couldanyonebelievethatsales of electronic books will equal those of paper books within a decade or so? Still, Some peoplethinkthattheywill. A) it will soon be completely replaced by the electronic book. B) the electronic book may wellbeonitswayin. C) itisnolongeraspopularas itusedtobe. D) fewerbooksarebeingsold thanformerly. E) compared expensive. with the electronic book, it is very

60. In this passage, the author suggests that, in spite of technologicaladvances,some people_____. A) aredissatisfiedattherising pricesofprintedbooks. B) still regard Gutenberg as the leading figure in book technology. 59. Thepassageputsforwardthe idea that, even though the printedbookcontinuestobe popular,_____. C) willbereluctanttogive up theprintedbookandturnto theelectronicone. D) find it difficult to buy the

kind of book they are lookingfor. E) realizethatbookspublished inourtimearenotaswell madeasthoseinthepast. 61. It is clear from the passage thatGutenbergsinventionof theprintingpress_____. A) was the only major technological advance in the15thcentury. B) didnothaveanynoticeable effect upon the prices of books. C) did not put an end to the practice of copying books byhand. D) failedtospreadtheloveof reading among ordinary people. E) increased the speed at which books could be produced. 62.68. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn olan cmleyibulunuz. 62. Sallymadeherowncostume for the school play, but she wastheonlyonetodoso. A) Sallywastheonlyonewho helped to make the costumesfortheschoolplay. B) Sally helped to make the costumes for the school play,butnooneelsedid. C) Sally made the costume

sheworeintheschoolplay herself but none of the othersmadetheirs. D) Except for Sally, no one helped to make the costumesfortheschoolplay. E) It was only Sally who needed a special costume fortheschoolplay,noneof theothersdid.

B) A majority of the students got good grades in the examination as they had preparedwellforit. C) The students who do best in an examination are the oneswhoworkhardest. D) Quite a lot of the students didverywellindeedinthe examination. E) Almost all of the hardworking students got very high grades in the examination.

64. ThelasttimeIsawmycousin hewasonlyfiveyearsold. A) Ihaventseenmycousinfor fiveyears. B) Its five years since I last 63. Most of the students had workedhardandsotheydid quitewellintheexamination. A) Most students work hard before an examination and sodowell. sawmycousin. C) The last time I saw my cousinwasfiveyearsago. D) I havent seen my cousin since he was 5 year old child. E) I still havent seen my

cousin who is now five yearsold. 65. I used to play basketball several times a week while I wasatuniversity. A) When I was a university student,itwasmyhabitto playbasketballafewtimes aweek,butnowIdont. B) Itwasduringmyuniversity years that I got used to playing basketball at least threetimesaweek. C) Idont play basketballnow asoftenasIdidwhenIwas atuniversity. D) Duringmyuniversityyears, I started to play basketball twoorthreetimesaweek, butIdontanylonger. E) It was when I was at university that I took up basketball and played severaltimesaweek. A) There was a lot of heavy trafficontheroads,sowe hadtogoslowly. B) Inspiteoftheheavytraffic thejourneytookhardlyany longer than we had expected. C) We were surprised at how longittookustogetthere astherewassolittletraffic. D) Thejourneywasoverfairly quickly considering how muchtraffictherewas. E) The journey turned out to 66. Astherewasagreatdealof traffic on the roads, the journey took us longer than wehadexpected.

be much longer than wed foreseen, owing to the heavytraffic.

out with your friends over theweekendwhileyouSaid youwouldhelpme? C) I suppose youve arranged to go off with your friends this weekend because you didnt want to help me though you had promised to. D) It was not right for you to promise your friends that youdgooutwiththemthis weekend since youknew I hadtohavesomehelpfrom you. E) Whenyouagreedtogoout with your friends this weekend,hadyouforgotten youdpromisedtohelpme?

67. YouknewIneededyourhelp this weekend, so you shouldnt have promised to gooutwithyourfriends. A) Youdpromisedtohelpme thisweekend,soIdontsee howyoucanagreetogooff withyourfriendslikethat. B) Whydidyouarrangetogo 68. This material is suitable for

students of eighteen years andup. A) Thematerialissuitablefor students who are over eighteen. B) The material may be suitableforstudentsofover eighteenyearsofage. C) Studentsofeighteenyears and over can use this material. D) Only18yearoldstudentswill findthismaterialsuitable. E) All students whether under or over eighteen, can be giventhismaterial. 69.76. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 69. Familiar terms such as work,energyandforce are often used in a very particularanddistinctmanner inphysics._____.Forinstance, for the physicist, the word force is used in four different ways. These forces are responsible for all the phenomenaweobserve. A) Wethinkofaforcegenerally asapushorapull. B) It is important to understand their special meanings when they are usedscientifically. C) Work is another term

whichalsohasarestricted technicalmeaninginscience. D) One of the fundamental forces in nature is the electromagneticforce. E) TheEnglishphysicistNewton is remembered for his investigationsintotheforces ofnature. A) These include dumping grounds, chemical works, warehouses, and petrol stations. B) It results in economic lossesthatmightaffectthe wholecountry. C) Every chemical substance thataffectstheenvironment affects the human beings, too. D) Fortunately there is no possibility that any radioactive materials have beenreleased. 70. Flooding is an environmental disaster that may have substantial and longlasting chemical effects. There are many possible sources of chemicalcontaminationduring and after a flood. _____. Chemicals released into the environment may have a variety of adverse ecological effects. These effects can be longtermorshortterminthe normal functioning of the ecosystem. 71. Calcium is an important mineral. It is crucial for the carryingofmessagesalongthe nerves.Itisessentialforhealthy bonesandteeth.Yet,fewofus E) Therearetwomaincauses of such hazards: biological andchemical.

getasmuchasweneed._____. A) Calciumdeficiencycanlead tovariousproblems. B) Milk and milk productsare especiallyrichincalcium. C) Infact,mostofusgetonly one third of the amount necessaryforgoodhealth. D) On the other hand, most parentsareunawareofhow muchcalciumtheirchildren need. E) Thetakingofcalciumpillsis notalwaysrecommended. 72. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Young children and older adults are the most regular consumers of breakfast. _____. However, especially among young people, before they reach adulthood, breakfast consumption decreases, and they give as reasons lack of time or not wantingtoeatsoearly. A) The type of breakfast preferredvariesfromcountry tocountry. B) Missingbreakfastcanaffect a childs ability to manage complexinformation. C) Popularbreakfastsnowadays includecereals,toastandfruit juice. D) Teststoseewhethereating breakfastincreasesachilds IQremaincontroversial. E) Studiesshowthatover90%

of them have breakfast everyday.

thempleasure. C) Literature exists to communicate significant experiences. D) The proper reading of poetry demands a high levelofattention. E) There isnorealdistinction between the practical use oflanguageandthepoetic one.

73. Poetry is as universal as language and almost as ancient.Inallages,andinall countries, poetry has been written, eagerly read and listened to by any kinds and condictionsofpeople._____. But this is not the whole answer. It has also been regardedassomethingcentral toeachmansexistence. A) There is no sharp distinction between poetry and other imaginative literature. B) Why?Becauseithasgiven 74. Mostofusfeelthattoomuch money is being spent on advertising. We see advertisements as we walk downthestreet;weseethem in newspapers and magazines and on television. _____. Perhaps it would, but

manufacturersknowthatitis vital to keep the name of a product fresh in the public eye;otherwise,salesfall. A) Advertising costs a lot, so wewonderifitwouldntbe bettertospendthismoney inotherways. B) Some advertisements are quite amusing and really pleaseus. C) Personally I find a lot of advertisements annoying. D) Advertisinghasbecomean art,andalotofmoneyisto be made in the field of advertising. E) Children are often greatly influenced television. by the advertisementstheyseeon really A) This was one of the best designedspaceshuttlesput intospace. B) Thisiswhatsciencefiction hadimagined. C) Atsuchaspeedtheshuttle mighteasilyhaveblownup. D) There were two astronauts inside John Young and RobertCrippen. E) Followingitsexplorationsin space, the shuttle returned safelytoEarth. 75. At seven in the morning on April12th1981,thefirstspace shuttleColumbialeftEarth. It flew up into space at a speedof28.000kilometersan hour._____.Theyhadalotto do while they were in space. They took photographs and sent pictures back to Earth. They also tested Columbias controls.

D) Everysocietyhasaculture, no matter how simple this cultureis. E) For something to be consideredcultural,itmust be learned as well as shared.

76. When we talk about the sharedcustomsofasociety, wearereferringtoaculture. However,notallthingsshared generallybyapopulationare cultural. For example, the typical hair color of a population is not cultural because it is genetically determined._____. A) Culture has nothing to do with playing the piano or readingpoetry. B) Culture refers to all these aspectsoflife. C) What and how human beings eat is learned and varies from culture to culture. A) I cant understand what 77.84.sorularda,verilenduruma uygundenifadeyibulunuz. 77. Your brother is fond of detective novels. At present youarereadinganovelwhich is about a very unusual detective.Youfeelyourbrother would enjoy reading it. So, yousaytohim:

interests you in this particulardetectivenovel. B) This is just your type of detective novel. Ill pass it ontoyouwhenIvefinished it. C) Ive enjoyed this novel enormously, can you recommend some other detectivenovels? D) You said this was a detective novel, but it doesnt seem like one to me. E) The main character in this novelissounusualthatyou canttakehimseriously. A) IspeakEnglishandGerman fluently andtherefore,I feel thisistherightjobforme. B) IveneverbeentoGerman, butmy,cousinlivesthere. C) I suppose I could work at weekends, if you wanted meto. D) I imagine the work is interesting,alotofjobsare boring. E) Mybrotherhasurgedmeto takeupthisjob.

78. Youhaveappliedtoworkfor atravelagency.Youarebeing interviewed and have been askedwhyyouthinkyouare suitableforhejob.Yousay:

79. Its Monday. A friend wants you to go with her to the cinemathisevening.Itstoa film you very much want to see,butforadayortwoyou arefartoobusytogotothe cinema.So,yousay: A) Thanks, Id love to: Ive promisedtohelpmymother inthegarden,butthatcan waittilltomorrow. B) Thanksforaskingme,butI reallydontwanttoseethat filmagain. C) IwishIcouldcomewithyou, but this evening Ive promisedtohelpmybrother prepareforanexamination. D) I cant today, but thats a film I dont want to miss. Cant we go later in the week? E) ImnotsureifIcan.Illlet you know later. When will youbehome? A) Ifeelwerebadlyinneedof amoreefficient,coach. B) Actuality, you could have preventedthegoals. C) Thishasbeenabaddayfor ourteam,butIcanassure youthat you vedone your best. 80. A good friend of yours has recently joined your football team, and today he has playedgoalkeeperforthefirst time. Your team hosts the gameandyourfriend,asthe goalkeeper, blames himself for it. So, to cheer him up, yousay:

D) After all, the other team worked to take you by surprise, and you played intotheirhands. E) Alotofthetimeyoudidnt seem to be concentrating onthegame. A) Your boss seems to have been upsetting you a lot lately. B) Iwishyoucouldhavesaid somethingbacktohim. C) Thetroublewithyouisthat you dont stand up for yourself. D) Imsuretherewassomething elseannoyinghim;otherwise, hewouldneverhavetreated youlikethat. E) Solongasyoudoyourjob properly,hewonthaveany reasontotreatyoulikethat.

81. Yoursisterworksinanoffice asasecretary.Todayshehas come home rather upset becauseherbosshasshouted at her in front of a lot of people.Shefeelsverystrongly that she didnt deserve such treatment.So,tocomforther, yousay:

82. YouhaveattendedanEnglish languageschoolinBritain,and have been very well satisfied withthewayitwasorganized andthestandardofteaching. So,whensomeoneasksyouif you can recommend the school,yousay: A) The school was very well run and my English certainly improved while I wasthere. B) Wehadclassesmostmornings andwentsightseeinginthe afternoons. C) There were people there fromallovertheworldandI madelotsoffriends. D) The food was rather poor and the dormitory was overcrowded. E) The best thing about the schoolwasthatitwasvery closetoLondon. A) While making your holiday plansforEurope,Isuggest you first visit the medieval townsofFrance. B) After all, while you are in Europe, it would be easy formertocometoseeyou. C) IfIwereyou,Iwouldspend a week in Turkey before returningtoEurope. 83. Youhavebeencorresponding for some years with a Canadianboy.Youlearnfrom his last letter that he will be spending part of his summer holiday in Europe. You think thisisawonderfulopportunity forhimtocometoTurkeyand spendsometimewithyou.So, youwrite:

D) Letmeknowwhenyouare going to be in Europe, so that we can arrange to meetthere. E) Sinceyouaregoingtobein Europe and so near to Turkey,Idowishyouwould arrangetohavepartofyour holidayinTurkeywithme.

thereyearsago. C) Dontleavetheschoolchoir becausePathasjoinedit. D) Have you been asked to jointheschoolchoir?Ihave recommendedyou. E) Iknowyoulovemusic.But doyousingyourself?

84. Youhavebeenintheschool choir for some years now, andwishtopersuadeaclose friend of yours, who is interested in music, to join thechoir.So,yousay: A) Since you enjoy music its time you joined our choir andstartedtosing. B) I thought you were in the school choir when I joined 85.92. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz.

85. Jane:Didyouenjoytheplay, Pelin? Pelin:Verymuch.Thankyou for organizing the evening. Jane:_____. Pelin: More or less. My English isnt good, but I didgetthegeneralIdea. A) Theactingwasverygood, In particular I liked the old aunt. B) I make a point ofgoing to alltheplaysintown. C) What did you think of the settingsandthecostumes? D) I hope you managed to followthestory. E) Actually,Ithoughtitwasa particularlyinterestingplay. A) Itsnotasgoodastheone mothermakes. B) Ithoughtso.Itsburnt! C) No one will marry you if thatsthebestyoucando! D) Imgoingtomakemyselfa sandwich. E) Good for you! This is as goodasmotherscake! 86. Brother: Did you make this cakeMary? Sister:Yes. Brother:_____. Sister:Onlyalittle!Donteat itifyoudontwantto.

timelately.Achangewould dohergood. D) She behaved so badly at Pollys party, do you remember? E) Noneofusdoes.Shesso parotidofherself.

87. Janet: Will you be inviting Susantoyourparty? Lucy:NoIwont.Youknow!I dontlikeher. Janet:_____. Lucy: Youre quite right. Ill askher. A) I wasnt expecting you to. But if youweregoing to,I wouldntcome. B) NoneitherdoI.Ithinkshe gossipsalot. C) Iknowyoudont.Butshes been having such a hard 88. Brian:Dad!Ineedanewpair ofsportsshoes. Father: What? It seems like only a month since I boughtyouapair. Brian:_____.

Father: Thats all right, you win. Well buy a better pairthistime. A) Thanks, but I dont need any new ones now. Ill let youknowwhenIdo. B) No its at least a year. Actually,theyvelastedwell. C) These were a birthday present from my uncle. Dontyouremember? D) They are absolutely fine. Theylllastanotheryearat least. E) Two months actually. But theywerecheapandItold youtheywouldntlast. A) Hiring a car is expensive. Why dont you borrow my car? B) Well, there are lots of car rental agencies. You can findtheirphonenumbersin theyellowpages. C) Sorry,Ihavenoideaabout whereyoucanhireacar. D) I think, youd better take a taxi. E) Thereisacarrentalagency attheendofthisstreeton yourleft. 89. James:DoyouknowwhereI canhireacar? Mark:_____. James: Id really appreciate that. Are you sure you dontneedit? Mark: No, I dont need it beforenextweek.

90. Anna:Excuseme,couldyou tell me where Julia Sullivansofficeis? Rebecca:_____. Anna:Yes,thatsright. Rebecca:Well,youareonthe wrongfloor.Herofficeis ontheseventhfloor. A) Why do you want to see her?Issheexpectingyou? B) Do you have an appointmentwithher? C) SheisntinherofficeSheis outtoday. D) Julia Sulivan? Isnt she in themarketingdepartment? E) Sheisonholiday.Shellbe backnextweek. A) I think we should let you havetheotherkey. 91. Jane:Sorry,Ihadtoringthe doorbell Mary:_____. Jane:No,Iseemtohavelost it. Mary: Then I had better let youhavemysparekey.

B) Dont tell me youve lost yourkeyagain! C) Iwishyouhadnt.Whereis yourkey? D) Thatsallright.Bytheway, rvegotanewkeyforyou. E) Didnt you have your key withyou?

south coast again this summer? Dave: No, Im doing something different this year. Im going climbing inScotland. Peter:_____. Dave:Ihaventdoneitbefore. Thiswillbethefirsttime.

A) Really? I didnt even know youclimbed. B) Whatagoodidea!Butwhy inScotland? C) That sounds fun! I might joinyou. D) Well,letmeknowhowyou findScotland E) Well, let me know you get on.Imightjoinyouanother time.

92. Peter: Are you going to the

93.100.sorularda,hangicmle nin anlam bakmndan paraya uymadnbulunuz. 93. (I) Antarctica appears to be warmingfasterthananywhere elseontheplanet.(II)Theice ismelting,andthewintersare markedly warmer. (III) Indeed, industrial pollution is a major threattothewildlife.(IV)Grass is now beginning to push up through what was frozen wastelandjustafewyearsago. (V) Yet, this warming in Antarcticaiscausingproblems forthepenguins,thenativesof thecontinent. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III 94. (I) There is nothing unusual aboutasinglelanguagedying. (II) Communities have come and gone throughout history, andwiththemtheirlanguages. (III) The Hittite language, for example, died out when its civilization disappeared. (IV) Smallcommunitiesinisolated areascaneasilybewipedout byearthquake,hurricanesand other disasters. (V). Yet, in comparison with what happenedinthepast,whatis happening today is extra

ordinary, for the cultural and linguisticdiversifyoftheworld iseverywhereundertheart. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

Some of these stories are onlytheportrayalofprincipal characters. (IV) Homer is supposedtohavewrittenboth TheOdysseyandTheIliad(V) The others describe various incidents relatedto themain theme. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

95. (I) Operations that were not even dreamed of fifty years agoarenowbeingcarriedout successfully. (II) Due the spreadofdiseases,hospitals are getting more and more crowded. (III) For instance, theheartcanbesafelyopened and its valves repaired. (IV) Blockedbloodvesselscanbe cleaned out. (V) The whole stomach,even,canberemoved without causing serious problems. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

97. (I) In sixteenth century England the theatre was a very popular form of entertainment (II) In many waysitwasdifferentfromthe theatre of our time. (III) Shakespeare, who was the leadingdramatistofthetime, isstillregardedasoneofthe worldsgreatest.(IV)Forone thing,thetheatrehadnoroof, andplayswereactedwithno setting.(V)Performanceswere given in the afternoons, and had to be cancelled if the

96. (I)Homerdesignedhistalein the form of a tree. (II) The principalplotformsthetruck ofthetree,andmanystories branchofffromthetrunk.(III)

weatherwasbad. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

the English language. (II) In 1747hepublishedthePlanof hisDictionary.(III)Theagein whichhelivedisreflectedin hiswritings.(IV)Accordingto this plan, he hoped to complete the work in three years.(V)Actually,however,it took him seven years to compilehisdictionary. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

98. (I)Theyear1666wastheyear ofthegreatfireofLondon.(II) Thereisverylittleagreement among historians as regards the population of London at thetime.(III)Thehouseswere all made of wood, so they burnedeasilyandtherewasa wind to fan the flames. (IV) So,despitealleffortstoputit out, the fire raged for four days (V) At the end, thousands of the Londoners weremadehomeless. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I) Myths were originally createdasentertainingstories withaseriouspurpose.(II)The bestknownofthemythologies in the world is the Greek mythology.(III)Theyhavetwo main aims. (IV) One is to explain the nature of the universe. (V) The other is to instruct members of the communityintheattitudesand behaviornecessarytofunction successfully.

99. (I)Dr.Johnsonwillalwaysbe remembered for producing thefirstseriousdictionaryof




1. Arkadalarmdan bir ka girdiler,fakathibirikazanaca n dnmyor. Bolua uy gun den tek szck competition yarmadr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 2. Yaplan tanmdan o insann bencil olduu anlalmaktadr. Doru yant E seeneindeki selfishdir. 3. Increasingly cmlede kullan lan As she grew older kalb, kullanlmas gereken zarfn ka demekademe,zamangetike ifadelerinikarlamasngerekti rir.DoruyantBseeneidir. 4. Ate yakmak deyiminin ngi lizcesi set a firedr ve 9. pharasal verb olarak kullanlr. YantDseeneidir. 5. Eriyen buzun, su seviyesini ykseltmesini bekleriz. Doru yantCseeneidir. 8. 7. 6. Neden bu kadar yksek sesle bardklarn / bartklarn anlayamadm. Seeneklerde verilenpharasalverblerdenen dorusu make out anla maktr.Bunedenledoruyant Dseeneidir. KullanlanDuringrecentyears kalb gemi zamanda bir s reklilik ifade ettiinden present perfecttense uygundur.Doru yantEseeneidir. Ifclausedagrlen were sz cnden,3.tipkoulcmleleri kuralnngeerliolacananla yabiliriz. 3. tip If + Had V3 wouldhaveV3. Doruyant C seeneidir. Cmledekibynextsummerve I hope ifadeleri olayn gelecek zaman iinde gerekleeceini anlatr. Yaplan bir plan ifade eden futureperfecttense kul

lanlmaktadr.DoruyantAse eneidir.

kalbna uygunluktur. Yant E seeneidir. 13. Benimkininyanndakidaireye

10. Cmlenin banda kullanlan worked ifadesinden yine bir gemizamanyada; need n can kalplarn gelmesini . may bekliyoruz must Kullanlan but ve sondaki so szckleri bir olumsuzluk belir tir. Cmlenin mantkl devam yledir: Ama aslnda bunu yapmasnagerekyoktu.Doru yantEseeneidir. 11. Bu tip cmlelerde, deil mi? ifadesi iin kesinlikle ayn za manda olumsuzluk verilmelidir. YantCseeneidir. 12. Okuyucu kitaptan ok elendi ini ve ayn yazarn bir baka kitabn okumak istediini sylyor.Buradadikkatedilmesi gerekennokta; article by + the + adj.+ name a / an

tand. movedintotheflat next to mine. Doru yant B seeneidir. 14. Cmlede saat boyunca anlamn verebilmek iin for kullanlmaldr. Doru yant A seeneidir. 15. Cmlede El Ninonun alld gibi47senedebirolmakyerine, birkayldabirolmayabalad anlatlmaktadr.Insteadof+Ving kalb kullanlmaldr. Doru yantEseeneidir. 16. Ne kadar yakndan bakarsan bak,anlayacansanmyorum. Altiziliifadeyikarlayacaken uygunkalp as+adv+asdr. DoruyantAseeneidir. 17. Piramidi (cansz nesne) tanm layacamz iin which kullan malyz. Doru yant C see neidir.

sadece yeil alanlardan 18. Theirs,others,oursdansonra bir szck kullanlmasn bek lemeyiz.Yourifadesindensonra ise tekil bir isim gelmeliydi. DoruyantDseeneidir. bahsedildiinden eksiktir. Yant Eseeneidir. 22. Sinceden dolay (Burada mazeretbelirtiyor)cmleninde vamnda otobsn arzalanma snabalbirsonubekleriz.En mantklifadeCseeneidir. 19. Bahsigeenocuutanmlama mz gerektii cmlenin geliin den anlalmaktadr. Kiiden bahsedildii iin who szc kullanlmaldr.Yant B seene idir. 23. Unless medike, madka psikolojiyleilgiliolmadnzs recebukitabokumannbiran lam yoktur. Zaman ve anlam bakmndan en uygun ekilde tamamlayanDseeneidir. 20. whether Fiil + + cmlekalb if beklenmelidir. Zaman bakmn dan simple past past perfect uygunluu gzetilmeli dir.DoruyantAseeneidir. 24. Simple past + why Past continous tense kalbna uy gunolancmle,nedenbuka darzgnolduunu/grn dngerektenbilmiyorum. anlamndadr. Doru yant B seeneidir. 25. Butipcmleevirilerindeipu 21. yikullanmakkouluyla,herkes iinyeterliyemekvesuvar.A ve D seeneklerinde zaman uyumuyok.Bbirsonucmlesi olduundanuygundeildir.Cde lar,zneveykleminnelerol duuna karar vermek, tamla malar doru olarak evirmek nemlidir. nce cmlenin vir gldensonrasnevirmeyea

lnz,ancakncedenznenin ne olduuna, nasl tanmland nakararvermiolmanzgere kir.YantCseeneidir. 26. zne Svey kanal, yklem tasarlanm ve ina edilmitir. Cmlenin virglden sonrasn evirelim: Fransz mhendis De leeps tarafndan tasarlan mveinaedilmitir.YantA seeneidir. 27. DoruyantEseeneidir. znejeologlar Yklemararlar/aratrrlar
Primaril ncelikle Anahtar likelyto muhtemel ifadelerdi r

29. DoruyantCseeneidir. occurortayakmak more likely to daha fazla muhtemel

30. Buesaslaragreeviriyaplma ldr. zne Donkiot,Avrupaede biyatnn en byk klasiklerin denbiri. Yklem hltaktiredilmekte dir. Neden Zengin anlatm tarznedeniyle. Gizli zne okuyucusu. Gnmz

28. Buradakiipucustoriesthatare setinthedegeeny klerindeifadesidir. zneKahenneAnnePorter Yklemanlatr (eviri yaparken Kim, Nerede, Nasl, Ne zaman? vb. sorulan kendinizesksksorunuz) DoruyantBseeneidir.

DoruyantAseeneidir. 31. Estimated that kesin bir bilimsel sonuca dayanmaz, tahmin edilmektedir anlamn tar. Dolaysyla belirlenmitir; bildirilmitir ifadeleri doru kar lkdeildir.Bseeneiise to + verb = for anlam verilmedi inden yanltr. Doru yant D seeneidir.

Yklem ou kez bizi a rtmtr. Ne artmtr? Okuma yazmas olmayan (illiterate), ancakyzlercedizelibiriiriez 32. throughevaparationbuhar lamayoluile onascalesuffcientyeterli lde anahtar ifadelerdir. Yant B se eneidir. berden okuyan insanlarla kar lamak. Nerede karlarz zellikle AfrikaveDouda. Cmlebuatyagrekurulmaldr.

35. denbiridirisoneofthe ileifadeedilir.uradabirgrup genlekonuanadam The man over there, talking to a 33. Trkeden ngilizceye eviri yaparkenyinezneveyklemin nelerolduuna,zamanuyumla rnaveipucuszckleredikkat etmek gerekir. Sanmyorum; I dontthink eklinde ifadeedilir. Ayrca anlatan kiinin yapm olduueylemveartlmol mas yklemin zamanndan da ncedir.Buyzdenpastperfect tense kullanlmaldr. Doru yantEseeneidir. 34. DoruyantAseeneidir. 36. pucu ifadeler yaynlanmas zerine uponthepublication olarakgrld wasconsidered to be E seeneinde ncelik Thomas Wolfea deil, kitaba verildiinden yanltr. Doru yantBseeneidir. groupofyoungpeople.Doru yantCseeneidir.

farkl kltrlere sahip olmas Hindistan zel yapyor. ifadesi var, oysa cmlede sadece bir farklla deinilmitir. 37. DoruseenekEdir. YklemFrsatnverdi zne Kamyonsrcsola rakedindiideneyimleri 38. DoruyantAseeneidir. Yklem alannda uzman lamtr(hasspecializedinthe feldof) zne Dnyannenndege len dil bilimcilerinden biri olan Eugene A Nida (Eugene A.N, oneoftheforemostlinguistsin the world) ifadeetmek istedii mizi tam olarak karlamyor. Burada en nde gelen the foremost+adj.iyibiripucudur. 39. DoruyantBseeneidir. Yklembirlkedir. zneHindistan zne,Batllkelerinoundan farkl unlike the majority of western countries olarak tanmlanm. Ada inanlann tersine ifadesi fazlalktr. Cde Batllkelertanmlanm,oysa znemiz Hindistandr. Dde 41. Parada,denizaltlardakiyaam anlatlyor. Genel kannn ak Ede because of yznden, dendolayifadesifazlalktr. 40. DoruyantDseeneidir. Yklem zelbirsistemgeli tirdi (has developed a special system) zneirketimiz(ourcompany) Neden? tm blmlerinde gvenlii salamak iin (to maintain security ali of its departments) Ykleminzamannadikkatediniz. Uyar: Belirlibirmetnegrehazrlanan sorularda nce zneye karar veriniz. Anlatmn zamanna, zelyervekiiadlarna,varsa konumalaradikkatediniz.Sfat tamlamalarnnaltnizmekde yararldr.

sine,buradayaayangrevliler iin salanan tm imkanlara ramen yaamn skc oldu unu anlyoruz, (it is infact horriblyboring) Yant A see neidir.

painter a brush, but Doru yantBseeneidir. 45. Paraya gre, film ynetmeni, stdyonun zellikle finansman bakmndan beklentilerine uy maldr. Bu yzden istedii gibi hareket edemez. Bu nedenle

42. Parada, denizaltda yaayan grevlilerindncelerivesa lananimkanlardanbahsedilmi, ancak sorudaki emphasises szc bize zerinde durulan ennemlikonuyuartrmal dr ki, bu da her eyin hatasz yaplmas gerektiidir. Yant E seeneidir.

yantDseeneidir. 46. Paradaki go on investing heavily and hope the film ifadesinden filminbaarl olma ihtimali varsa ortaya para kon maya devam edilecei anlal yor.DoruyantEseeneidir. 47. Parada dinozorun ayak izinin kefiyle bilim adamlarnn

43. A day aboard a submarine consistsofsixhoursonduty ifadesinde denizalt dnda ge en srenin de byleyici ge emeyecei ak olarak belirtil mitir.DoruyantAseeneidir. 44. Paragrafta bir film evirmenin diersanatdallarnagredaha pahalolduuuekildevurgu lanmtopractisehisart,a poet needs a pen, and a

Avustralyann milyonlarca yl nce tamamen ayr bir kta ol mad teorisini ortaya attklar belirtilmitir. B seeneindeki was almost certainly not ifa desiiyibiripucudur.YantBse eneidir.

48. Avustralyada rastlanan ayak izininaradangeenmilyonlarca

ylarameniyidurumdaolduu u ekilde ifade edilmi left itsfootprintsasagiftforthe future.YantDseeneidir. 49. Bu keif Avustralyada daha nceleri dinozor yaayp yaa madn hi kimse bilmedii iinartcdr.Dseeneiya nltc olabilir, ancak parada gelecekte jeolojik deimeler ngrlmediindendorudeildir. DoruyantAseeneidir. 50. Parada her bir aile ferdinin yaptilerveyasorumluluklar ayrntl olarak anlatlmtr. Ya ntEseeneidir. 51. ParadageenWholooked remarkably young ve looked socontented ifadelerinden,bu ailenin6ocuksahibiolmasna karn,yaamnonlarokyp ratmadn anlayabiliyoruz. Ya ntDseeneidir. 52. Paradaki there are probably more advantages than ve I wished I could have gone with them gibi ifadelerden an latcnn geni ailelerden ho

landnanlayabiliyoruz.Doru yantEseeneidir. 53. Paraya gre, bahsi geen ya zar her iki romannda da ngil terenin kuzey (sanayi) blge sindeki alma koullarn an latmtr. An industrial city in the north of England, social novels,describestheterrible coditionsoftheworkingclass cmleleriipulardr.Doruyant Aseeneidir. 54. Yazarn, zamannn alma koullarna yaklamnn tek ynl olmad; Both these novels present a balanced viewofsocialproblems cm lesiyle aka ifade edilmitir. DoruyantDseeneidir.

55. Parada Margaret Halein a lmakoullarnbizzatyaad ve gneyi terk edip sanayinin gelimi olduu kuzey ngil tereye gittii belirtilmi. Ro manlarndadalkeninkuzeyve gneyi arasndaki farka dein

mi olduu ifade ediliyor. Yant Bseeneidir. 59. Parann son iki cmlesinde, geleceeynelikbirfikirolarak bazinsanlarnelektronikkitap 56. Parannbandabelirtildiigibi JohnSteinbeckniversitedefen bilimlerikonusundaeitimalm ancak daha sonra edebiyata ynelmitir. Doru yant E se eneidir. 60. Basl kitaplarn gnlk hayat mzdaoknemlibiryeresahip olmasna karn, baz kiilerin 57. Parada geen for his zamanla bu kitaplar yerine elektronikolanlarntercihedile cei konusundaki grlerine yerverilmi.Doruyant C se eneidir. characters who are mostly poor and opressed ifadesin den de anlalaca gibi yazar kahramanlarngemiindeeko nomik ve sosyal problemleri olan kiilerden semektedir. DoruyantAseeneidir. 58. Son cmlede de ifade edildii gibiSteinbeckinmehurroman Gazap zmleri sadece okuyucularndeil,tiyatrovesi nemaynetmenlerinindeilgisini ekmeyi baarmtr. Doru yantDseeneidir. 61. Parada geen it became possible to produce reading material quickly cmlesinden, Gutenberginicadolanmatbaa ilekitabnbasmveyaymhz nnnemlildearttvurgu lanyor. Doru yant E seene larn,baslkitaplarnyeriniala bileceini dndklerinden bahsedilmi.YantBseeneidir.

idir. Uyar: Bu tip sorularda sizce ipucu olabilecek anlatmlarn altn i zerek bunlar ayn anlama gele cek szcklerle kendiniz ifade etmeye alnz. Szcn kafanzdaki tm eanlamllarn taraynz. 64. Son grdmde kuzenim be yandayd.=Kuzenimienson o5yandaykengrdm,daha sonra grmedim. Olay 5 yl nce olmam, anlatan en son grdnde kuzeni 5 yan daym. Bu durumda dier se enekler elenebilir. Doru yant Dseeneidir. 65. niversitedeikenhaftadabirka 62. Sallyninokulpiyesindegiyecei kyafetikendisinindikmiolmas vebunuyapantekkiininool duugibiikinemliipucuveril mitir. Madeherowncostumeshe madehercostume,herself. She was the only one to do sononeoftheothersmade theircostumes. DoruyantCseeneidir. 63. most of the = A rnajonty ofmthe/notailofthemand sotheydidquitewell: Birso nucmlesidir(okalmalar nn sonucunda snavda iyi so nular elde etmiler.) Yant B seeneidir. 66. As there was a great deal oftraffic=Owingtotheheavy traffic.Thanwehadexpected = Than wed foreseen. The journeytookuslonger=The journey turned out to be much longer. pucu olabilecek ifadelerdir.Doruyant E see neidir defa basketbol oynardm / oy namaalkanlmvard. Used to + V1 kalb gemite olan bir alkanl ifade eder. Cmledeki While I was yerine when I was da kullanlabilir. DoruyantAseeneidir.

lardanbahsedilmi.Parayaen uygun den ifade, bu zararl kimyasal etkilerin sraland A 67. Youshouldnthavepromised = It was not right that you promisedyourfriends.Yardm edileceine deil, arkadalarla dar kmak zere sz verilmitir.Buyzdendierse enekler elenebilir. En uygun seenekDdir. 71. Kalsiyumun sala zararlar ile balayan paragraf hl ok azmz ihtiyacmz kadarn alyordiyedevametmi.Yenibir paragrafbalamadnagreson cmle de bu cmlenin devam niteliinde olmaldr. Bu yzden gerekteoumuzihtiyacmz olann (kalsiyum) 1/3ini 68. Bu materyal 18 ya ve st rencileriinuygundur=18 ya ve st renciler kullana bilir anlamndadr. Yant C se eneidir. 69. Parann genelinde fizikte, bili nenbazterimlerinfarklvezel anlamlar ile kullanldanlatl maktadr.rneinkuvvetterimi 4farklekildekullanlr.Budu rumdaparayaenuygunden ifadeBseeneidir. 70. Parada sel felaketinin uzun vadeli kimyasal etkilerinden ve bunun evreye verdii zarar 72. Eksik olan cmlenin ncesinde kahvaltnn gnn en nemli nolduuvegeninsanla rn kahvalt alkanlklar anla tlmtr. Devamnda however ifadesi ile yallarn kahvalt alkanlklarndan bahsediliyor. Burada bir karlatrma yapl m olmas ve bir oran ifade edilmesibeklenenbirdurumdur. YantEseeneidir. 73. Parada iirin eskiden beri ev rensel olduundan ve her ya alyoruz. cmlesi uygundur. DoruyantCseeneidir. seeneidir.

tan insan tarafndan sevildiin den bahsediliyor. Eksik cmle densonragelen;butthisisnot thewholeanswer ifadesibun dannce bir soru sorulduunu aklagetirmektedir.Yantiseiiri sevmemizin nedeni ile ilgilidir. Budurumdaenuygunseenek Bdir.

75. Gnderilenilkuzay mekiiCo lumbiaileilgiliparagraftaeksik cmledensonraastronotlarlail gili bilgiler verilmitir.Demek ki eksikcmleuzaymekiiilede il, bu kiilerle ilgili olmaldr. YantDseeneidir. 76. Paradakltrkavramaklan mayaallmtr.Sarengigibi genetikbazzelliklerinkltrle ilgiliolmadcmlesikltrden bahsetmek iin renilen ve paylalan deerlerden sz

74. Reklamlaraokfazlaparahar candvehemenheryerdebir reklamnkarmzaktanla tlarakbalananparada,eksik cmleden sonraki perhaps it would ifadesi ortaya atlm birfikriartrmaktadr.Parag rafnsonlarndaisereklam iin harcanan parann nedenleri aklanmaya allmtr. Bu parannbakabiryereharcanp harcanamayacan sorgulayan Aseeneiuygundur.

etmemiz gerektii gibi bir cmleyle devam ettirilebilir. Ay rcabucmleanafikirniteliin dedir.YantEseeneidir.

77. Durum = Erkek kardeiniz de dektifromanlarndanholanyor. uandasizallmambirde dektifle ilgili bir roman okuyorsunuz. Ve kardeinizin buromanokumaktanholana can dnyorsunuz. Ona, okuduktan sonra roman vere

bileceinizi sylersiniz. Yant B seeneidir.

Bir arkadanz bu akam onunla sinemaya gelmenizi istiyor. Grmeyi ok istediiniz birfilmancakbirikigniinok megulsnz (sinemaya git meye vaktiniz yok). Filmi ok grmekistediinizi,birkagn

Uyar: Durumu net olarak tanmlayn. nce seeneklere bakmadan bylebirdurumkarsndaneler diyebileceiniziyadaned neceinizikafanzdaekillendirin. Sonraseeneklerebakn. 78. Durum=birseyahatacentesine i iin mracaat ediyorsunuz. Mlakatsrasndanedenbuie uygun olduunuzu dnd nzsoruluyor.Buiiiyiyapabi leceinizigsterenkendibilgive yeteneklerinizden bahsetme lisiniz. rnein ngilizceyi ve Almancay akc konuabilen biriolmanzbuiiingeerlibir yetenektir.Doruyant A see neidir.

sonra gitmenin uygun olup ol madn arkadanza sorars nz.DoruyantDseeneidir.

80. Durum = yi arkadalarnzdan birisi bu yaknlarda sizin futbol takmna katld ve bugn ilk defa kaleci olarak oynad. Ta kmnz ma kaybetti ve arka danzdurumdantrkendini suluyor. Ona moral vermek / onu neelendirmek iin Elin den gelenin en iyisini yapt na inanyorum. dersiniz. DoruyantCseeneidir. 81. Durum = Kz kardeiniz bir ofiste sekreter olarak alyor. Bu gn eve hayli zgn geldi. nk patronu bir ok kiinin nndeonabarm.Bylebir davran hak etmediini d

79. Durum = Gnlerden pazartesi.

nyor. Onu rahatlatmak iin, Eminim patronun cann s kan baka bir ey vardr, yoksa sana asla byle davranmazd. dersiniz. Doru yantDseeneidir.

tatilinin belli bir ksmn sizinle geirmesini teklif edebilirsiniz. YantEseeneidir. 84. Durum=Birkayldrokulkoro sundasnz ve imdi mzikle il gilenen yakn arkadalarnzdan birini koroya katlmas iin ikna etmek istiyorsunuz. Mzikle il

82. Durum = ngilteredeki bir dil okuluna devam ettiniz, orga nizasyonundan veeitimdze yindenokmemnunkaldnz.O haldebirisizebuokulutavsiye edip etmeyeceinizi sordu unda; okulun olduka iyi bir organizasyonu olduunu ve n gilizcenizi gelitirdiinizi sy leyebilirsiniz. Doru yant A seeneidir.

gilendiine gre koroya katlp ark sylemesini teklif edebilir siniz.DoruyantAseeneidir.

85. Boluktan sonra Pelin konuu yorvengilizcesininiyiolmad n ama oyunla ilgili genel bir fikirsahibiolduunusylyor.O halde Jane ona oyunu takip edipedemediinisormuolma ldr.DoruyantDseeneidir.

83. Durum = Kanadal bir ocukla birka yldrmektuplayorsu nuz.Sonmektubundan,tatilinin bir ksmn Avrupadageirece inirendiniz.Trkiyeyegelip sizinle biraz vakit geirmesinin onuniiniyibirfrsatolduunu dnyorsunuz. Ona Av rupaya geldiinde Trkiyede 86. Son konumadan erkek karde inkektebirkusurbulduuan lalyor. only a little ifadesin den de en uygun konumann Ben de yle dnmtm, yanm olabileceianlalyor. DoruyantBseeneidir.

ihtiyacn olmadna emin mi sin? diye soruyor. Burada 87. Lucy balangta Susan par tiye davet etmek istemiyor. An cak Janetin sylediklerinden sonraonupartiyedavetetmeye karar veriyor. Janet ona fikrini deitirecek bir ey sylemi olmaldr. rnein, bugn lerde zor zamanlar geiriyor, birdeiiklikonaiyigelirdi. DoruyantCseeneidir. 88. Brianbabasnayenisporayak kablarna ihtiyac olduunu sylyor. Babas ise nce on lar alal sadece bir ay oldu. diyor. Briann konumasndan sonratamamsenkazandn,bu sefer daha iyisini alacam diyor.Demekkiayakkabalnal gerekten az bir zaman olmu ancak ancak ayakkablar yp ranm.YantEseeneidir. 90. Anna, Rebeccaya Julia Sullivannbrosunusoruyorve son cmlede Rebecca yanl kattaolduunu,aradofisin7. katta bulunduunu aklyor. Aradaki konumalarn Julia Sullivantanmlamakzereya pld anlalmaktadr. Julia Sullivannn pazarlama bl mnde olduuna karar verdik ten sonra Rebecca bu akla may yapmaktadr. Doru yant Dseeneidir. 91. JaneMarydenkapziliniald iinzrdiliyorveMaryninko numas zerine anahtarn kaybettiini sylyor ki Mary 89. James Marka araba kiralaya cabiryerbilipbilmediiniso ruyor.Markn yantndansonra ise, buna ok memnun olaca nsylyorveonagerekten ona yedek anahtarn vermeyi teklif ediyor. Demek ki, Janein biranahtarvarmancak,kay bettii iin kapy almak duru munda kalm. Aradaki cmle Markn ona arabasn dn vermeyiteklifettiiaktr.Yant Aseeneidir.

bu anahtarlarla ilgili olmaldr. DoruyantEseeneidir.

94. Parada dillerin yok oluundan bahsediliyor. Ana konumuz dildir. Bu paraya baz top lumlarn deprem, kasrga gibi felaketlerle yok oluu uymaz

92. Bu konumada Peter Davee buyazyinegneykylarnam gidecek sin? diye soruyor. Daveiseyantolarakbuyazbir deiiklik yapp Scotlandda daclk yapacan sylyor. Son cmlede ise Peter senin trmanabildiim bilmiyordum. demiolmalkiDavedahance bunu denemediini ilk defa olacan sylyor. Doru yant Aseeneidir.

nk ana konu toplumlar de ildir.DoruyantDseeneidir.

95. Tpalanndakigelimelerdenve baarl ameliyatlardan bahse den bu parada gnmzdeki hastanelerin git gide kalabalk latn ifade eden II. cmle anlambakmndanuygundeil dir.DoruyantBseeneidir.

96. Parada Homerin hikayelerini bir aa gibi kurgulad, ana 93. Parada genel olarak Antark tikann ikliminden ve scakln bu ktada git gide arttndan bahsedilmi. Yani znemiz An tarktikadr. III. cmlede verilen sanayi kirliliinin doal yaama etkilerininkonuyladolaylbirilgisi olmasnaramenokdahafarkl birpasajnkonusuolduuaktr. DoruyantCseeneidir. temann gvde ve yardmc olaylarn dallar gibi olduu anlatlyor, karakterler hakknda genel bilgi veriliyor. IV. cmle dekiHomerinbazhikayelerinin isimleri paragrafn akn boz maktadr. Doru yant D see neidir.

rinden ve amalarndan genel 97. Bu paragrafta 16. yy. ngiliz tiyatrolarnn zelliklerinden bahsediliyor. Gsterilerin yapl d yer, zaman ve halkn g zndeki deeri anlatlrken Shakespeareden bahseden cmle ak bozmutur. Doru yantCseeneidir. 98. 1666 ylnda Londrada kan byk bir yangn felaketinin ay rntlarnn anlatld paragrafta Londrann o zamanki nfusu hakkndaki tartmalarn bir ilgisi yoktur.DoruyantBseeneidir. olarak bahsediliyor. Burada zel olarak Yunan mitolojisinden bah sedenII.cmleparagrafnakn bozduuiindoruyantBsee neidir.

99. ParagrafDr.Johnsontarafndan hazrlanan ilk ciddi ngilizce szlkle ilgilidir. Szln ha zrlanma aamasndan bahse dilirken, Dr. Johnsonn yazm tarzndan bahseden III. cmle anlamkopukluunayolamtr. DoruyantCseeneidir.

100.Parada efsanelerin zellikle



1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Itriedhardto_____whythe motor would have to be replaced, but he couldnt understandwhatIwastrying tosay. A) insist B) complain C) reply D) inform E) explain


Themarketforcomputersand all related goods has been _____rapidlyinrecentyears. A) reaching B) expanding C) exploring D) exceeding E) disturbing


The company is not only looking for well qualified people;italsowantsthemto be_____abouttheirwork. A) enthusiastic B) comprehensive C) relevant D) indifferent E) convenient


Theystillhaventcometoan _____ about which play they aregoingtoputonnextterm.

A) opinion B) assessment C) appointment D) agreement E) event A) willread/Ihavegot B) isreading/Iwillget C) wasreading/got D) would be reading / was 5. Mycar_____asIwasonmy way to pick up the children fromschool. A) gotoff B) brokedown C) letdown D) gavein E) tookoff 6. I metyour father once years ago,butIcan_____remember him. A) telephoned/Iwouldbe A) hardly B) enormously C) extremely D) immensely E) simultaneously 9. B) willhavetelephoned/was C) wouldtelephone/hasbeen D) hastelephoned/is E) would have telephoned / hadbeen Thehouselookeddreadfulas no one was living there and mostoftheWindows_____. 8. Im sure he _____ to let us know where he was if he _____abletodoso. getting E) hadread/hadgot 7. He_____abookinthegarden when_____Ithere.

A) havebeenbroken B) hadbeenbroken C) broke D) werebeingbroken E) wouldhavebroken

A) dontwe B) wontI C) cantwe D) canwe E) doI 12. For years the people _____ my hometown depended _____ steel, coal and fishing fortheirlivelihood.

10. They _____Bursabefore,so they____whattoexpect. A) werent visiting / havent known B) havent visited / havent known C) didntvisit/hadntknown D) dontvisit/wontknow E) hadntvisited/didntknow

A) at/for B) from/to C) of/by D) in/on E) outof/on

13. Because Susan was looking verysad,Johntriedtocheer her _____ by reading her a story. A) up 11. Isupposewecantakeawalk inthegardenforawhileafter themeal,_____? B) through C) in D) over

E) on 16. ImafraidIcantaffordtopay _____thatforapairshoes. A) toomuch B) asmuchas 14. Theres a photograph here _____ you taken _____ your firstbirthday. A) from/by B) by/to C) of/on D) to/over E) on/near 15. When the class laughed, the poorboyfelt___uncomfortable _____hedidntknewwhether tokeephiscapinhishandor not. A) such/that B) that/as C) as/as D) more/than E) so/that A) hers/ours B) his/me C) her/mine D) their/him E) your/his 18. Hehasntwrittentome,andI dontthinkheswrittentoany ofhisotherfriends,_____. A) either B) too 17. If Clare says she wont lend you_____calculator,thenIll lendyou_____. C) somuch D) asmanyas E) muchmore

C) aswell D) neither E) also

E) yet another one was openedinMoscowin1990. 20. _____,whoreallyestablished and developed the thriller styleinfilms. A) Thecartoonisanotherpo pulartypeoffilm,especially amongchildren

19.24.sorularda,cmleyiuygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bu lunuz. 19. As there is a complete standardization of every product in this fastfood restaurantchain,_____. A) the first restaurant to be opened in Britain was in 1974. B) they were already doing businessin52countriesin theworld. C) the company was by then openinganewrestaurantat therateofoneperday. D) everyFrenchfryandevery burger tastes exactly the sameaseveryother.

B) Strongfilmindustriesbegan to emerge in other countries C) Contemporary issues such asviolenceandpovertywill attracttheattentionofmany filmdirectors D) Star Wars is perhaps his bestfilm E) It was the film director AlfredHitchcock

21. As the daily temperature changeontheplanetMercury isextreme,_____. A) its rocky surface cracks, producingcliffsandcanyons. B) therehasntbeensufficient

atmosphere to hold the heat. C) theexplorationscarriedout so far would have been verycostly. D) the craters in its surface wereformedbyrocksfrom outerspace. E) there was no evidence to suggestthatthiswasdueto volcanicactivity. 22. The manager promised to promoteher_____. A) ifshehasprovedfarmore efficient than any of the otheremployees. B) that she has really deservedit. C) as she had been working for the company for so manyyears. D) unless there was a good reasonfordoingso. E) until the companys annual budgetisapproved. A) however far it must have seemed. B) even though you were so tired. C) whenever they went to the museum. D) if you want to learn your A) whether her mother has goneout. B) whoshewasgoingtoinvite toherparty. C) that she liked going to the zoo. D) whyshehasmadeherlittle brothercry. E) whathermotherismaking fordinner. 24. Its a good idea to walk everywhere_____. 23. I asked my little threeyear oldniece_____.

wayaroundthetown. E) since their house was on theoutskirtsofthetown.

cmlenin anlamna en ya kn Trkecmleyibulunuz. 25. Poetry,whichisasuniversal as language, has for centuries been written and read by all kinds of people everywhere. A) iir yzyllar boyunca her yerde,hertrlinsantara fndan yazld ve okun duu iin dil kadar evren seldir. B) Dil gibi iir de o kadar evrenseldir ki her trl in san tarafndan, her yerde yazlm ve her zaman okunmutur. C) Dilkadarevrenselolaniir, yzyllardr her yerde ya zlmvehertrlinsanta rafndan yazlp okunmu tur. D) Yzyllardr dnyann her yerinde ve her toplumda yazlp okunan iir, dil gibi evrenseldir. E) iir de dil gibi yzyllar bo


yunca evrensel kabul edil

mi,heryerdeveherkesta rafndanyazlpokunmutur.

rakadlandrmlardr. E) AvrupaBirliineyedevlet lerin parlamentolar, Euro olarak bilinen tek bir para birimininkullanmzerinde anlatlar.

26. The parliaments of the member states of the European Union agreed on the use of a single currency tobeknownastheEuro. A) Euro, Avrupa Birliine ye devletlerin, kullanm ze rindeanlaabildiitekpara birimidir. B) Euro, Avrupa Birliine ye devletlerin parlamentolar nn, kullanm zerinde an laabildiitekparabirimidir. C) AvrupaBirliineyedevlet lerin parlamentolar, kulla nacaklar tek para birimini Euroolarakadlandrmako nusundaanlamlardr. D) AvrupaBirliineyedevlet lerin parlamentolar, kulla nm zerinde uzlatklar tek para birimini Euro ola A) Araba kullanma yann 21eykseltilmesi,trafikka zalarnn azalmas iin bir ok lkede alnan nlem lerdenbiridir. B) Trafikkazalarnengelleme nin yollarndan biri olan araba kullanma yann 21 27. To prevent traffic accidents, one of the precautions suggestedinmanycountries is to increase the minimum ageofdrivingto21.

olmas, birok lkede ta raftarbulmaktadr. C) Biroklkede,trafikkazala rnakaralnmasgereken nlemlerden birinin, araba kullanma yann 21e yk seltilmesi olduu savunul maktadr. D) Trafik kazalarn nlemek iinpekoklkedenerilen nlemlerden biri, araba kullanmayannenaz21e ykseltilmesidir. E) Birok lkede, araba kul lanma yann 21e yksel tilmesinin, trafik kazalarn nleme yollarndan biri ol duukabulediliyor. A) Yaklak 80 bin deiik tr bitkiyi ieren Amazon ya murormanlar,biyolojikola rakdnyadaenfazlaeit liliesahipolanyerdir. B) Amazonyamurormanlar, biyolojik eitlilik asndan dnyannenzenginblgesi olduundan,deiik80bin trbitkiyiierir. C) Biyolojikolarakdnyadaen fazla eitlilie sahipblge olan Amazon yamur or manlarnda,yaklak80bin deiik bitki eidi olduu bilinmektedir. D) 80 bin deiik bitkinin bu lunmas nedeniyle Amazon yamur ormanlar dnyada biyolojikbakmdanenzen ginyerdir. E) Biyolojikbakmdanenfazla eitlilie sahip blge ola rakbilinenAmazonyamur 28. TheAmazonrainforest,which containsaround80thousand different kinds of plants, is the mostbiologically diverse placeonEarth. ormanlar,dnyadaki80bin deiiktrdekibitkiyibarn drmaktadr.

gzden geirmezsek unu tuyoruz. E) Psikologlar, bize rendik lerimizi not alsak ve tekrar 29. Psychologists tell us that, unless we take notes and reviewwhatwehavelearned, weforgetover80percentof whatwehavelearned. A) Psikologlaragre,nottutar ve rendiklerimizi tekrar gzden geirirsek, bunlarn %80inden fazlasn unut mayz. B) Psikologlar bize, not alma dmz ve rendiklerimizi tekrargzdengeirmediimiz taktirdebunlarn%80inden fazlasnunuttuumuzusy lyorlar. C) Psikologlar, rendiklerimi zin %80ini unutmamamz iinnotalmamzveren diklerimizi gzden geir memiz gerektiini belirti yorlar. D) Psikologlarn sylediine gre, biz rendiklerimizin %80ininotetmezvetekrar A) zellikle deniz yaamnn fotoraflarn ekmek iin kullanlankameralar,suyun basncnadayankldr. B) Denizyaamnnfotorafla rnekebilen,suyunbasn cna dayankl zel kame ralaryaplmtr. C) Deniz yaamnn fotoraf lar,suyunbasncnadaya nacak biimde yaplm olan zel kameralar kulla 30. Marine life is being photographed using special cameras made to withstand thepressureofthewater. gzdengeirsekbile%80ini unutacamzsylyorlar.

nlarakekilmektedir. D) Suyun basncna dayanabi len kameralarn yaplmas, deniz yaamnn fotorafla rnnekilmesinisalamtr. E) Deniz yaamnn fotoraf larekilirkenbasncnada yankl zel kameralar kul lanlmaktadr.

yaplmtr; ancak, bilgisa yarn icad, yaam biimi miz zerinde muhtemelen dierlerindendahafazlaet kiliolmutur. B) Tarihte birok bulu yapl mtr; ancak, bilgisayarn, icad, yaammzda ok; bykbiretkiyapmtr. C) Tarih boyunca ok sayda keif vardr, ancak aslnda, yaam biimimizi muhte melen en fazla etkileyen yenilik, bilgisayarn icad olmutur. D) Tarihteyaplmolanbulu larn says oktur; ancak, hibiri yaam biimimiz zerinde bilgisayarn icad kadaretkiliolmamtr. E) Tarihteeitlibulularyapl mtr; ancak, bilgisayarn

31. Agreatmanyinventionshave been made through history, but the invention of the Computerhasprobablybeen moreinfluentialonourwayof lifethananyother. A) Tarihboyunca birok bulu

icadnn yaam biimimizi dierlerinden ok daha fazlaetkilediigrlmtr.

32. Youngpeopleneededucation in order to acquire a good basisofknowledgeonwhich theycanbuildtheirfuture. A) Genleriyibirgelecekkur mak iin ihtiya duyduklar temelbilgilerieitimyoluyla eldeederler. B) Genlerin,geleceklerinize rine kuracaklar iyi bir bilgi temelini elde etmek iin eitimeihtiyalarvardr. C) Genleringeleceklerininte meli, ihtiya duyduklar bil gilerikazandraniyibirei timleatlr. D) htiyaduyduklartemelbil gileresahipolmakiinei timalangenler,gelecekle rini bu temel zerine kura bilirler. E) Eitim,genleringelecekle rini zerine kuracaklar te melbilgilerieldeedebilme leriiingereklidir. 33.40.sorularda,verilenTrke cmlenin anlamna en yakn ngilizcecmleyibulunuz. 33. Balkan Yarmadas, nemli tarm veya sanayi kaynaklarna sahip olmamasna ramen, Avrupa ile Asyaarasndakikarakprsnn birparasolmasnedeniylepek okatmayasahneolmutur. A) ThoughtheBalkanPeninsula has neither agricultural nor industrialresources, it ispart of the land bridge between EuropeandAsiaandsohas beenfiercelycontested. B) The Balkan Peninsula has been the scene of much fightingnotonaccountofits agricultural and industrial resources,butbecauseitisa part of the land bridge

betweenEuropeandAsia. C) ThoughtheBalkanPeninsula has no important agricultural orindustrialresources,ithas been the scene of many conflictsbecauseitisapartof the land bridge between EuropeandAsia. D) In considering the reasons fortheconflictsintheBalkan Peninsula, the agricultural and industrial resources of this region are unimportant comparedtothefactthatitis the land bridge between EuropeandAsia. E) Itisnotsomuchtheagricultural andindustrialresourcesofthe BalkanPeninsulathatgaverise to the fighting there, as its position as the land bridge betweenEuropeandAsia. 34. Bilimsel bilgiyi slup gzelli

Americanbiologistwhohas written some very popular books on science in an attractivestyle. C) The books Rachel Carson, an American biologist, has written have been praised for their scientific content andtheirfluentstyle. D) The American biologist RachelCarson,whocombines scientific knowledge and beautyofstyle,haswritten books which have been muchappreciated. E) Rachel Carson, who is an American biologist, has written books that have been muchappreciatedfor their scientific content and theirsuperbstyle.

iyle birletiren Amerikal bi yolog Rachel Garson, ok takdiredilenkitaplaryazmtr. A) ThebooksoftheAmerican biologist Rachel Carson have,withtheirfluentstyle in combination with their scientificapproach,received muchpraise. B) Rachel Carson is an

35. Eletirmenler, kitap okuma nn, okuyucu ile yazar ara snda bir tr sohbet olmas

gerektiini hep vurgulam lardr. A) Criticscontinuallytellusto readabookasifwewere having a conversation with theauthor. B) Critics are continually stressing the idea that reading a book is like having a conversation with theauthor. C) According to some critics, we should always regard reading as a conversation between the writer of the bookandthereader. D) Reading, the critics continually tell us, is a conversation between a writerandareader. E) Criticshavealwaysstressed thatreadingabookshould be a kind of conversation betweenthereaderandthe author. A) Once my grandfather was seventy,herealizedhewas very old, so made some farewellvisitstohischildren andgrandchildren. B) Whenmygrandfathergotto beseventy,hefeltveryold, andbegantomakefarewell visits to see his children and grandchildren for the lasttime. C) My grandfather, when he wasseventy,wantedtosee hischildrenandgrandchildren for, probably, the last time, andsomadesomefarewell visits. D) When my grandfather was 36. Dedem yetmiine gelince, kendini ok yal hissetti ve ocuklar ile torunlarn son kez grmek iin veda ziya retleriyapmayabalad.

seventyyearsold,hewent on farewell visits to his childrenandgrandchildren, and so saw them for the lasttime. E) My grandfather really felt very old when he was seventy,sohemadealast visit to all his children and hisgrandchildren.

unusuallyheavyrains. C) It is the monsoons, the seasonal winds of the Indian Ocean that constantly bring the heavy rainstothesouthwestparts ofthecontinent. D) In the summer, the winds that blow from the southwest over the Indian Ocean bring particularly heavy rains known as monsoons. E) The southwesterly winds, which are seasonal winds,

37. Musonlar,HintOkyanusunun, yazn gneybatdan esen ve genellikle iddetli yamurlar getirenmevsimlikrzgrlardr. A) The monsoons are the seasonal winds of the Indian Ocean, which blow from the southwest in summer and usually bring heavyrains. B) The monsoons are the summerwindsoftheIndian Ocean,whichblowfromthe southwest and cause

bringing excessively heavy rains across the Indian Ocean,arecalledmonsoons.

38. Dnyada var olan tm ele mentlerden muhtemelen hi biri, altndan daha fazla in sanlarn dlerini harekete geirmemitir.

A) Probably, the only element in the world ever to fire mens dreams must be gold. B) Gold must surely be the only element in the world thathasreallystirredmens dreams. C) Surely, no element in the world other than gold has everstirredmensdreams. D) Probably,noelementinthe world other than gold has the power to make men pursuetheirdreams. E) Ofalltheelementspresent intheworld,probablynone has stirred mens dreams morethangold. A) Moststudentsneedtouse a foreign language in real lifesituationsifthey areto learntocommunicateeither orallyorinwriting. B) Most students know that a foreign language helps themtocommunicate,both orallyandinwriting,inreal lifesituations. C) As most students learn a foreignlanguageinorderto communicate either orally or in writing, language learning should include a reallifeuseoflanguage. D) Unless students want to use a foreign language for communicationeitherorally orinwritinginreallife,they donotneedtolearnone. 39. rencilerinoubiryabanc diliszlyadayazliletiim kurmakiinrendiindendil renimi, dilin gerek hayat takikullanmnkapsamaldr.

E) Since most students study aforeignlanguagebecause they want to communicate orally, not in writing, the learning process should relate to their real life affairs.

both of these activities reallyrevived. C) When the Roman Empire brokeup,thisaffectedboth bankingandcommerce,and it was only in the twelfth centurythatthesestartedto revive. D) There was a revival in banking and commerce in the twelfth century, but these activities had been

40. Romamparatorluununpar alanmas, ticaretle birlikte bankacln da kmesine yol amtr; ancak on ikinci yzylda bankaclk yeniden canlanmayabalamtr. A) ThebreakupoftheRoman Empireledtothedeclineof banking together with commerce,butinthetwelfth century banking began to revive. B) WiththebreakupoftheRo man Empire there was a decline in banking and commerce,anditwasonly in the twelfth century that

steadilydecliningsincethe breakup of the Roman Empire. E) AstheRomanEmpirebegan tobreakup,thereadecline in both banking and commerce which continued untilthetwelfthcenturywhen therewasatlastarevival. 41.43. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. NewGuineaishometosomeof the worlds strangest creatures. For instance, there is a special speciesofkangaroothatlivesin trees.Therearealsolizardsthat are five metres long, and

butterflies that are as big as dinnerplates.NewGuineaisan islandhardlyanylargerthanthe stateofTexas,butithasasmany birdspeciesasaretobefound, for example, in the whole of NorthAmerica.Thisispartlydue to the fact that it has largely remainedisolatedfromtherestof theworld.Butitisalsoduetothe fact that it has an incredible variety of ecological features, rangingfromtropicalrainforests toglaciers.

contactswithNorthAmerica. 42. According to the passage, kangaroos that live in trees _____. A) are very commonly to be seen in rain forests everywhere. B) areonlyontheincreasein NewGuinea. C) arejustoneexampleofthe oddcreaturestobefoundin NewGuinea. D) are a threat to the bird populationofNewGuinea. E) are considerably smaller

41. We learn from the passage thatNowGuinea_____. A) has actually fewer bird species than ill formerly had. B) is in many respects very similartoTexas. C) owes its characteristic physicalfeaturestoglaciers. D) is an island with a remarkable range of old climaticfeatures. E) is gradually increasing its


43. Thewriterpointsoutthatone ofthereasonswhythereare very many different kinds of birdsinNewGuineais_____. A) that the climatic conditions oftheislandaresuitablefor rainforests. B) the fact that many migrate there for the winter from NorthAmerica.

C) that the island is a protectedenvironment,and newspeciesareconstantly beingtakenthere. D) that this island has mostly beencutofffromtherestof theworld. E) the fact that there is very littleelseofinterestregarding wildlife. 44.46. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Theoriginsofbiographyareto be found in early legendary accountsoftheGreek,Germanic andCelticheroes.Anotherearly typeofbiographyistherecords of the teaching and deeds of wisemen.Theaccountsofthe life and teaching of Socrates given by Plato and Xenophon may be regarded as a developmentofthiskindofrecord. The interest of the Socratic dialoguesofPlatoisphilosophic ratherthanbiographical,butthe Memorabilia of Xenophon, though not a biography in the modern sense of the word,

comprisesaseriesofsketches of the great philosopher with intimacyandvividness.Thefirst European author, remembered primarily as a biographer, is Plutarch, a Greek philosopher who lived under the Roman Empire. His Parallel lives of ancient Greek and Roman statesmen and soldiers is one ofthemostfascinatingworksof antiquity and influential in the Europeanbiographicaltradition. Moreover, he seems to have been the first author to distinguish sharply between biographyandhistory. 44. It Is pointed out in the passage that the first true example of biography in the modernsenseistobefound in_____. A) the stories of Greek and otherheroes. B) XenophonsMemorabilia. C) ancientlegends. D) Platosdialogues. E) PlutarchsParallelLives.

A) is primarily concerned with the portrayal of people themselves, but not the eventsoftheirtimes. B) concentrates on life and societyinancientRome. C) gives priority to statesmen ratherthantosoldiers. D) includeshisownphilosophy 45. According to the passage, Platos account of Socrates, unlike the one given by Xenophon,_____. A) is very critical of the great philosopher. B) puts the emphasis on the philosophyofSocrates. C) is full of fascinating details aboutthelifeofSocrates. D) wasthemodelforPlutarch when he wrote his Parallel Lives. E) is commonly regarded as the first important example ofbiographicalwriting. 46. We understand from the passage that, in his Parallel Lives,Plutarch_____. 47.49. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Whenyoupickupsomethingthat is very hot you usually drop it immediately.Youdonothaveto thinkaboutitanddecidetodrop it.Youjustdropit.However,you do have to think about some actions.Forexample,youmight decidetowalktoschoolinstead oftakingthebus.Youthinkabout itanddecidetodoit.Actionslike this, that you choose to make, oflifeinhisaccountsofthe livesofothers. E) compares the Greek and Roman attitudes towards politicsandmilitaryaffairs.

arecalledvoluntaryactions.But actions that you make without havingtothinkaboutthem,such as dropping a hot object, are called involuntary or reflex actions. 47. Thepassageconcentrateson _____. A) what one should do in a dangeroussituation. B) thefactthathumanbeings seldomreactinstantlywhen theyfacedanger. C) twomaingroupsofhuman actions. D) different reactions to hot objects. E) decisionmaking. 48. Accordingtothepassage,by involuntary action is meant anaction_____. A) whichfollowsalongprocess ofthinking. B) thatdoesnttakeplacefairly quickly. C) which is the result of a choicemade. D) inwhichnothinkingatallis involved. E) thatisimmediatelyfollowed byaseriesofotheractions. 49. According to the passage, if one thinks about something and comes to a decision aboutwhattodo,_____. A) the action that results is calledavoluntaryaction. B) thisiswhatisoftencalleda reflexaction. C) this means ones reflex actionsarestrong D) oneisnotlikelyto change onesmine. E) thelikelihoodisthatawrong actionisalmostimpossible.

B) couldbelessenedifparents took a more constructive 50.52. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. More and more people have startedtoworryabouttheeffect oftelevisiononthegenerations ofchildrenwhohavegrownup with it. Recent studies suggest that television has a negative effect on a childs creative imagination. Indeed, some teachershavefoundthatsome children cannot understand evenasimplestoryifthereare nopicturestohelp.Butperhaps themostwrongresultconcerns violence. So much violence on thetelevisionscreenmeansthat childrenstarttoregardviolence in real life as normal; so they accept it in others and in themselves. 50. Accordingtothepassage,the damaging effects of televisiononchildren_____. A) have generally been exaggeratedbythepublic. 51. It is understood from the passagethattelevision____. A) isatlastbeginningtoshow some concern about its effectsonchildren. B) no longer shows as much violenceasitusedtodo. C) hasmadechildrenrely too much on visual aids to understanding. D) helpschildrentounderstand stories in a more creative manner. attitude. C) are confined solely to an increaseinviolence. D) haveseldombeenseriously consideredbyteachers. E) are already causing much concern among a growing numberofpeople.

E) is being used most effectivelybyteachersasa teachingaid. 52. We understand from the passage that violence on television_____. A) shouldberestrictedtoadult viewersonly. B) giveschildrentheimpression thatitisanaturalwayoflife. C) should be presented as undesirablebehavior. D) hascausedagreatdealof unnecessaryalarminsociety. E) ispermissiblesolongasit becomes an emotional outletforchildren.

only variation in the routine occurs when things go wrong whenflightsaredelayedorwhen they are cancelled due to such thingsasbadweather,strikesor technical problems. Then the checking clerks are in the unfortunatepositionofhavingto face the angry passengers thoughthefaultisnottheirsand theycandonothingtoputthings tight. 53. We understand from the passage that the work a checkingclerkdoes_____. A) isalwaysgreatlyappreciated bythepassengers. B) varies greatly from day to day which makes it more enjoyable. C) requiresagreatdealofskill andcreativity. D) involves very little contact withpassengers. E) is both tedious and exhausting.

53.55. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Thejobofcheckingclerksatany airport is not a particularly interestingorsatisfyingone.They simplyhavetocheckthetickets of passengers, and take their luggage.Theworkismechanical, repetitive and very tiring. The

B) itisthecheckingclerkswho encounter the protesting passengers. C) passengersareimmediately notifiedbycheckingclerks. D) itistheprimaryresponsibility of checking clerks to solve them. 54. According to the passage, a numberofreasonsmaylead to_____. A) passengers wishing to change the date; of their flights. B) astrikeamongthecheckin clerks. C) the postponement or cancellationofflights. D) the loss of the luggage of passengers. E) overcrowdingatairports. 55. It is pointed out In the passage that when serious problems affecting flights ariseatairports,_____. A) passengers usually wait patientlyforthesituationto improve. E) checkingclerksarerequired toexplain,indetail,whathas causedthem.

56.58. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The French composer Hector Berlioz was the outstanding representative of romanticism in music. The son of a country doctor, he was sent in 1822 to attendthemedicalschoolinPa ris. Though musically quite uneducated, he had already conceived a passion for music. Therefore,hesoonthrewuphis medical studies, whereupon his allowance was stopped by his family,andafterashortperiodof privatelessons,hewasadmitted to the conservatoire in 1823. Berliozwasatypicalromantic;he wasalsoagreatadmirerofboth ShakespeareandBeethovenand they wereboth important in the developmentofhistaste. A) wantedhimtostudymedicine inParis. B) recognizedhismusicaltalent while he was still quite young. C) supported him financially when he was studying at theconservatoireinParis. D) arranged for him to take privatelessonsinmusic. E) was very pleased when their son changed from medicinetomusic. 56. According to the passage, Berliozsfamily_____.

Shakespeare and Beetho ven. 57. Theauthorpointsoutthatthe contribution Berlioz made to _____. A) teaching methodsin music hasalwaysbeenappreciated byothermusicians. B) theprogressofmedicinein Francewasexceptional. C) themusicalactivitiesofthe conservatoirewassignificant. D) the romantic movement in musicwasunsurpassed. E) the wellbeing of his family has always been underestimated. 58. As we understand from the passage, as a romantic composer,Berlioz_____. A) created a style which excelledthatofShakespeare and Beethoven in poetic power. B) wasindifferenttotheworks of Shakespeare and Beet hoven. C) was greatly influenced by 59.61. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. D) studied both Shakespeare and Beethoven in order to reviveromanticism. E) preferred Shakespeares manner of presentation to thatofBeethoven.

Einstein developed his famous theory of relativity shortly after 1900. It was an enormous improvement over Newtons views, since it explained many things that Newton could not. It showed the close connection betweenspace,timeandgravity. Anditledtosurprisingpredictions. Oneofthemwasthatmatterand energy could be changed into each other. The two are simply differentformsofthesamething. Thisideaenabledmantosplitthe atom and later to obtain large amountsofnuclearenergy.

D) was developed, in the first place, to open up new sourcesofenergy. E) was basically unrelated to Newtonstheories. 60. According to the passage, It was at about the turn of the 20thcenturythat_____. A) thesplittingoftheatomwas achieved. B) fresh sources of energy werediscovered. C) therelativitytheorywasfirst putforwardbyEinstein. D) timeandspacewerefinally recognizedasindestructible. E) Newtons theory of gravity

59. As we learn from the passage,Einsteinstheoryof relativity_____. A) wasconfinedtothestudyof thestructureoftheatom. B) gave clarity to various phenomena that Newton hadfailedtoexplain. C) gave very little importance totheroleofgravityinthe universe.

was recognized as correct inallrespects.

61. We understand from the passage that one of the benefitsofEinsteinsrelativity theory_____.

oneortwodetails. A) was to show the potential dangerofthesplittingofthe atom. B) has been to make space exploration possible in our time. C) wasthatitprovedNewtons viewswerequitewrong. D) was to explain the separatenessofmatterand energy. E) hasbeenthediscoveryofa newsourceofenergy. 62.68. sorularda, verilen cm leyeanlamcaenyaknolanbu lunuz. 62. There is only one major differencebetweenyourplan andmine. A) Thereisreallyonlyoneway inwhichthetwoplansare different. B) Your scheme differs from mine in just one important respect. C) Actually, both of our plans are very similar except for 63. Iwantedtositatatablenear the window, but we couldnt findafreeone. A) Iftherehadbeenanempty table near the window, I would have liked to have satthere. D) Yourscheme hardlydiffers atallfrommine. E) I have a plan that is different from yours in severalways.

B) All the tables near the window were occupied, so wewentsomewhereelse. C) We found one unoccupied tablenearthe windowand satdownthere. D) I would have been so pleased if we could have foundafreetablethatwas notnearthewindow. E) I would have been surprisedtohavefoundany one of the tables near the windowfree. A) Id have gone on the climbingifIdbeenwearing therightshoes. B) Idlovetogoclimbing,butI dont have any shoes that wouldbesuitable. C) AsIdidntrealizetherewas going to be so much climbing, I didnt come in suitableshoes. D) I didnt realize that these shoes werent right for climbingin. E) If only Id been wearing suitableshoesIwouldhave enjoyedtheclimbing. 64. Idhaveworntherightshoes ifIdknownweweregoingto doallthisclimbing.

65. Everyone told me it was too cold to go swimming, but I didntlistentothem. A) Theyallsaiditwasntwarm enough to go swimming, butIignoredthem. B) Nobody thought it was warmenoughtoswim,butI did. C) Ididntthinkitwastoocold to go swimming, but the othersdid. D) They all told me not to swim, but I thought it was warmenough. E) I didnt go swimming as everyonesaiditwasfartoo cold. A) They had already started the evening meal when I arrived some time after 8 oclock. B) I arrived shortly after 8 oclock to find them still havingdinner. 66. Itwasnearly8oclockwhenI arrived and they were still havingdinner.

C) Dinnerwasalmostoverat8 oclock when I finally got there. D) They were almost through their dinner when I got thereataround8oclock. E) When I got there at a few minutes to 8, they hadnt finishedtheireveningmeal. A) Im not expecting the weather to warm up, are you? B) Imnotexpectingthewarm spelltocontinue,areyou? C) We cant expect it to continue as warm as this, canwe? D) Itwouldntsurprisemeifthe warm weather continues; woulditsurpriseyou? E) Im surprised the warm 67. Im taking my bicycle into towntogetitrepaired. A) Perhaps someone in town canmendmybicycle. B) I know of a place in town wheretheymendbicycles. C) My bicycle is in need of repair,soIcantgototown onit. D) I want someone to mend my bicycle, so Im going intotownwithit. E) WhileImintown,Ihopeto getmybicyclerepaired. 68. IllbesurprisedIfitgetsany warmer,wontyou? weatheriscontinuing,arent you?

thefishingindustry. D) It is common knowledge nowthattoomanyfishare beingtakenoutoftheseas. E) Pollution has also been responsible for the deaths ofalotoffish. 69.76. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 69. In the USA, fish is not a particularly popular food. _____.Thereis,forInstance, thecanningindustry;sardines and tuna in particular are canned both for home consumption and for export. Moreover,fertilizersareoften fish based, and these make upanotherimportantindustry. A) In recent years, fish has been gaining in popularity inmostcountries. B) Inthepopularmind,itisthe hamburgerthatisassociated withAmericaneatinghabits. C) Nevertheless,about130,000 peoplearedirectengagedin 70. This childrens programme onthetelevisionispresented by Jeremy. He is one of the liveliestofthenewtelevision presenters._____.Hetellsus whoInventedthemandhow. Onthelistthisweekarethe safety pin, the can opener andthematch. A) He usually shows films on wildlife. B) Each week,hetalks about varioussmallbutimportant inventions.

C) His programmers are very good but far too mar are onlysuitableforveryyoung children. D) Hethinks thatit isbadfor theeyestowatchtomuch television. E) He is very popular with children.

Australia and New Zealand, and, of course, for the vast majority people In North America, it is studied as a foreignlanguagealloverthe world but particularly In Europe._____.Haveyouever thought about how the language spoken by the population of a small island should have become so widespread? A) There is actually a strong French influence on the Englishlanguage. B) Indeed,oneoftheGermanic tribes the Anglesgave their name to the language that wastobecomeEnglish. C) Onebigdifferencebetween theEnglishofEnglandand the English of America is theaccent. D) It is also the language of shipping and aviation, of science, technology and commerce. E) English is still changing fast, and there are many

71. English is spoken by over a billion people around the world: in other words, by more than a quarter of the worlds population. It is the mother tongue in the UK, in


whichareexpensiveandof poorquality. E) However, it must be

72. Inrecentyears,theamountof advertising on television has increased dramatically. Many peoplethinkthatadvertisements should be banned because theyinterrupttheirenjoyment of the programmers. _____. Without commercial advertising, television

remembered that TV companies rely on the income from commercials topayfortheirprogrammers.

companies would have to closedown.Inaddition tothis, advertisements increase our knowledge, and this enables ustomakebetterchoicesas consumers. A) Actually,alotofpeoplefind television advertisements quiteentertaining. B) Since they are expensive, advertisements increase thecostoftheproducts. C) Advertisinggivesconsumers freedomofchoice. D) It seems that countries which do not have advertising produce goods

73. _____. This Is not true. Of courseyouarealwaysfreeto createyourownprogrammers. But most people who use computers buy standard programmers.Somegetspecial programmers prepared for them by professionals. Then all that they have to do is to loadtheprogrammedIntothe computermemory. A) Itseemsthatthereishardly aworkplacenowthatisnot computerized. B) Thecomputerhasdeveloped fast over the last few

decades. C) Computersnowplayavital partinscientificresearch. D) People often think that if you use a computer, you mustprogrammedityourself. E) Some scientists use computerstomakedetailed modelsofcomplexsystems.

further increased with the spreadofreadingandwriting. A) Actually, it has a long history. B) Itwouldtakealongtimeto listallpaperproducts. C) It was first produced in Chinainabout105AD. D) Foralongtime,paperwas madebyhand. E) The word paper comes from the word papyrus which was used by the ancient Egyptians as we usepaper.

74. Paperisnotanewinvention. _____.Muchlater,duringthe Middle Ages, it was brought toEuropebytheArabs.Then itsusespreadtoAmericaand to every land where people needed something to write on. The use of paper was

75. Alllivingthingsarecomposed of cells which have a basic similarity of structure. _____. In fact, man also does. Actually, some living things remain as single cells for as longastheylive. A) The cellular life processes are controlled by code molecules. B) In each cell there are molecules. C) Code molecules are responsible for the growth and development of every livingorganism. D) Most plants and animals beginlifeasasinglecell. E) Anumberofnewdiscoveries havebeenrelatedtocells. A) Some little girls, however, are not so interested in dolls. B) Other children occasionally wantedhertoplaywithtoy gunswhenshewenttoplay intheirhouses. C) Boys, on the whole, want guns and like to play war 76. Fromthebeginning,mylittle daughter always wanted to play with dolls; nothing else interestedher._____.Usually shewouldplaywiththem,but only out of politeness. She always fitted in with other children. But she found no pleasure in guns or, indeed, inanythingboyish.

games. D) Her mother was delighted; she didnt want any war toysinthehouse. E) Shealsospentalotoftime drawing. A) Welldone!Youdeservedto win and Im delighted for you! B) What lovely news! But, I didnt expect the others to be so close. You did very well. C) With a bit more effort you couldhavewon! D) Wereyousurprisedyouwin therace? E) I know you won. But was yourtrainerpleased?

77.84.sorularda,verilenduruma uygundenifadeyibulunuz. 77. You have just heard that a friendcameinfirstinthe200 mraceinquiteabigathletics competition. You know he trainedreallyhardandsoyou areverypleasedforhim.You phone to congratulate him andsay: 78. You have an exam tomorrow and your brother is listening topopmusicontheTV.You wouldntmindifonlyItwasnt

so loud, but he has got the volume turned up so high that you are going mad. So yousay: A) Mustyoulistentothatawful music? Its stopping me fromworking. B) ItsjustthekindofmusicI like,butIreallymustntlis tennow. C) I have done enough revision for today. So turn thevolumeupandletslis tentogether. D) Who is the singer? He is reallyverygood E) Oh do turn the volume down! Im trying to revise foranexam. A) Letsgoshoppingtomorrow and see if we can find a nicebookonartforBeth. B) Theres a very special art bookIveseenBethlooking at longingly. How about making it a join present fromallofus? C) Istillhaventgotapresent forBet.Haveanyofyou?If youlikewecanchoosean artbooktogether. D) Has anyone got any good ideas about what to give 79. Its Beths birthday in a few days. You and a few other friends have been invited to her birthday party. You happentoknowthatthereis a rather expensive art book that she would love to have. You think the friends should get together and buy it for her.Yousay:

Beth on her birthday? An artbookperhaps? E) AsBethseemsdetermined to go to an Art School, I thought Id get her a book onart.

Pergamum,anditgetsvery hotsomakesureyoubring sunhatswithyou. C) If we dont set off early in the morning, we wont be able to see all there is to seeatPergamum. D) Pergamum is a fascinating place, youll love it. I want ustowalkaroundandsee everything. E) Youre going to enjoy Pergamum; but we should try togetthere fairlyearly,

80. YouaretakingsomeEnglish friends to visit the ancient ruins at Pergamum, which you know they will love. As you know how hot it gets thereinthemiddleoftheday, and how crowded, you suggest an early start. You say: A) Make sure you wear comfortableshoesbecause weshallbestartingearlyin the day and doing a lot of walkingatPergamum. B) There is no shade in

to avoid both the crowds andtheheat.

81. You overhear your brother saying he is going to the library.Asoneofyourlibrary booksisnearthedeadlinefor return,youaskhimtotakeit inforyou.Yousay:

A) Can you take some books backforme?Imafraidthey arealloverdue. B) If youre going this afternoon, Ill come with you.Ivegotseveralbooks toreturn. C) Wouldyoumindtakingthis bookback for me? Its got to be returned in a day or two. D) I went to the library yesterday. I could have taken your books back for you. E) Are you sure the library is open in the afternoon? I mustreturnsomebooks. A) Who is going to make the chocolate cake for the picnic?Iwillifyoulike. B) You will make a cake for our picnic, wont you? Any sortofcakewilldo.Evena chocolatecake. C) I want to go on the class picnic,andtakeachocolate cake; will that be OK, mum? D) Mum, can you find time to makeoneofyourchocolate cakes for our picnic? You know how everyone loves them. E) Mum, I told the friends Id make a chocolatecake for the class picnic; but Im afraid youll have to show 82. You know your mother is busythesedaysbutyouwant hertomakeachocolatecake for the picnic the class is organizing at the weekend, andfriendshavebeenasking forone.Yousay:


D) Theres a table tennis match going on in the sports room downstairs during the lunch break. I thought we might go and watch it. Itll make a nice change. E) Iftheweathersniceatthe weekend,weplantogoto thelakeandhaveapicnic there; Saturday, probably.

83. An office friend is clearly in need of a change; so, as it happens to be a lovely day, you decide to try to get her outside during the lunch break,Yousay: A) Itsfartooniceadaytostay indoors. Lets get some food and take it into the parkandhavelunchthere. B) Whatsthematterwithyou? You look so worried! Why nottellmeallaboutitover lunch? C) Iwanttogoshoppinginthe lunch break. Would you care to join me if the rain stops?


84. Afriendisillandconfinedto his bed and you know he really must be terribly bored andinneedofcompany.You want to start an efficient system of visiting, so that hellneverbealonetwodays insuccession.Soyousayto somefriends: A) He looks like being in bed

for a month or more, so wedbettervisithimoneat atime. B) Iwentyesterdaytoseethis friend and hes clearly lonely;cantyougotoday? C) Heaskedwhatyouwereall doingandreallywishesyou wouldgotoseehim. D) Letsorganizeourselvesso thatoneortwoofusgoto visithimatleasteveryother day. E) Hedoesntcomplainbuthe is lonely; so I think we shouldtrytovisithimatthe weekend,dontyou?

sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. 85. Jennifer: Hi mum! Its Jennifer. Mother:Yesdear,isallgoing well? Do you need any help? Jennifer:_____. Mother: Of course not! How couldIhavedone? A) No I dont. But I do feel excited! B) Not just now; maybe I will later. You will come early, wontyou? C) No; I just wanted to make sure you hadnt forgotten abouttheconcerttonight. D) Im fine thanks. What will you be wearing for the concert? Wear something plain! E) Not really. All is in order. We might have another shortrehearsal.

85.92. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda

cando. E) In appearance, do you mean? Well, shes turned fortyandratherplain.

86. Jane: Whats your new secretarylike? Brian:_____. Jane: No, I really wanted to know if shes a good secretary;efficientandso on. Brian: Oh yes; shes very competent choseher! A) Ireallydontknow.Shewas with the old secretary all day learning about the thingsshehastodo. B) Its too early to say yet. Shesonlybeenwithmefor aday. C) Ive been far too busy to notice. D) Askmeagainnextweek.Ill probably know what she A) Never! At least not since I wastakenasachild. B) Veryrarely.Perhapsoncea year,perhapsnoteventhat. and hardworking. The boss 87. Wendy:Howoftendoyougo tothecinema? Shirley:_____. Wendy: So, I reckon you really hate watching films. Shirley:Iusuallydo;butIve seen a few films that I reallyenjoyed.

C) Atleastonceaweek.What aboutyou? D) Idontgoregularly.Infact, Id go more often if I had time. E) Quiteofteninthewinterbut neverinthesummer.

Gillian:_____. Pam: She wasoffered rather a good job there and decidedtotakeit. A) I wonder what you will be doingthreeyearsfromnow. B) Sheschangedalot.Infact, Iwasntsureitwasher. C) Sheusedtoworkinabank, didntshe? D) Really? Why has she movedthere? E) It must be awfully nice to haveabigsister,wishhad one.

88. Gillian: Was that your sister you were talking to just now? Pam: Yes it was. Shes just herefortheweekend;she livesinLiverpoolnow.

89. Father: I see youre reading anotherbookonaircraft. Son:Yes.Igotthisoneoutof thelibrarytoday.Itsright up to date on aircraft design. Father:_____. Son: Yes, I hope so. Thats certainly what I want to specializein. A) Are you going to make a careerofaircraftdesign? B) Youre not hoping to becomeapilot,areyou? C) Youve always been keen onaircraft,evenasachild. D) I cant understand why youre so interested in them! E) Whatarethemajorstages ofaircraftdesign? A) Yes. Someone else said that. But it is only certain timesoftheyear,isntit? B) Iwouldntmindthatsolong astheworkisinteresting. C) Actually, I wouldnt mind that.WhatIhateisroutine 90. James: Does your brother findhisworkinthebank interesting? Andrew:Yes.Usuallyanyway. In his opinion the worst thingisthe hours. There Isoftenalotofovertime. James:_____. Andrew: But all jobs have a fairbitofthat.

work. D) Itwouldntbeaproblemfor meityougotpaidextrafor it. E) Butistheremuchvarietyin thework?Thatsreallywhat Iwanttoknow.

A) Shes developing a new stylethatismostinteresting. B) Well, thats a surprise! Shellbepleased.Ithought she might, it was a good picture. C) Shesreallyaverytalented youngwoman. D) Oh, Im so glad. She certainlydeservedit.

91. Lucy:IhearMarygotthefirst prize in that painting competition. Rosemary:_____. Lucy:Didshereally? Rosemary:Yesshedid.Isaw her painting and it really wasgood. 92.

Tony: Are you going on a walkingholidayagainthis year? Andrew: No, Im going on a cycling holiday. You can getfartheronabike. Tony:_____. Andrew:NoneitherhaveI.It doesnt matter. We dont havetogolongdistances everyday. A) You know Id love to join you, but I havent done muchcycling. B) My ideas of the perfect holiday is something much morerestful. C) Where are you thinking of going? Somewhere mountainous? D) Thatwouldbetooenergetic forme.Imlazy,Isuppose. E) I think its time I did somethingmoreadventurous likethat. 93.100. sorularda, srasyla okunduunda anlam btnl nbozancmleyibulunuz. 93. (I) After the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 many splendidmosqueswere built inthatcity.(II)Theinnerwalls of these mosques were mostly decorated with tiles madeinznik.(III)Decorative tileworkwasinventedinthe NearEastasaprotectionfor walls of sundries brick. (IV) These were painted in rich colorsonawhiteground.(V) The patterns were floral and arabesque, similar to those used on the pottery also madethere.




different from the classes of thirtyorfortyyearsago. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

95. (I) Thermal pollution often occurs when factories use waterfromriversandlakesto cool their machinery. (II) In the process, of course, the water is heated. (III) This heatedwateristhenreturned to the environment. (IV) New and better methods of 94. (I) Most students probably regard mathematics as the most difficult course they take. (II) This is largely because they think it is difficultorhavebeentoldthat itis.(III)Infact,itreallyisnt difficultatall.(IV)Inorderto learnmathematicsonesimply needs to concentrate and practicethematerials.(V)The mathematicsclassesofgood modern schools are very preventing thermal pollution mustbefound.(V)Butheated water holds less dissolved oxygen than cool water, so plants and animals that use this water may die from oxygenstarvation. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

96. (I)Theworkofoceanographers is extremely varied. (II) They study fish and marine life in general.(III)Theyalsoexplore

ocean bottoms to learn how they were formed and what theyaremadeof.(IV)Further, they studycurrents andtides and the effects of ocean pollution.(V)Actually,itisnot only the seas that have become polluted, but also riversandlakes. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

chemical changes over long periodsoftime. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

98. (I) No one really knows how we learn to speak. (II) Some people have disorders that affecttheirspeech.(III)Some thinkthatwearebornwithan inherited ability to learn a language. (IV) Others think that a child learns to speak simply by copying what it hears, (V) But one thing is certain:childrenarebornwith astrongdesiretocommunicate withthepeoplearoundthem. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

97. (I)Whatiscoal?(II)Howdidit getintotheground?(III)Coal mining has always been tough and dangerous. (IV) Coalistheremainsofplants that died millions of years ago.(V)Prehistoricdeadplants were convened into coal by 99. (I) People say it is easier to learn a foreign language whenoneisyoung.(II)After all,wealllearnalanguageIn our infancy without even being aware of it. (III) With

this in mind, a lot of kindergartenstrytoIntroduce the children to a foreign language.(IV)Oneshouldnot forgetthatsomepeoplelearn a foreign language easily whileothersdont.(V)Intheory this is an excellent plan, but theresultshavenotbeenas successfulasonemighthave hoped. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I)TheDutchpainter,Vermeer, was born In Delft in 1632. (II) Thecontrastherebetweenthe trivial subject and the monumental design is disturbing (III) Most of his picturesshowtheinteriorsof ordinary houses. (IV) The figures are usually eating or letterwritingormusicmaking. (V) The ordinary scenes, however, are transformed by hisbrilliantuseoflight. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

1. explainaklamak,anlatmak anlamnageldiindendoruyant Eseeneidir. 7. 2. expand genilemek anla mnageldiindendoruyantB seeneidir. 3. enthusiastic hevesli anla mna gelmekte ve irket yal nzcaiyiniteliktedeilayrcai iin hevesli insanlar aramakta dr.DoruyantAseeneidir. 4. agreementanlama,uyuma anlamnagelmektedir.Bunedenle doruyantDseeneidir. 5. breakdownbozulmakanla mna gelmektedir. Arabam o cuklar okuldanalmakiinyola ktmsradabozuldu.Doru yantBseeneidir. 6. hardly glkle anlamna gelmekte. Babanla yllar nce bir kez karlatm ancak onu glkle hatrlayabildim anla 9. 8. When kalbnda, when ile balayancmlepasttenseola rak kullanlmakta; onu tamam layancmlepastcontiniousile devam etmektedir. Bu nedenle doruyantCseeneidir. Cmle, yapitibariyle if+ past perfect ve would+haveV3 kullanmaygerektirir.Doruya ntEseeneidir. Ev, burada kimse yaamam gibi berbat grnd ve pence relerinou krlmt anlamn verebilmekiinilkcmlesimple past tense, ikinci cmle passive voicetan dolay past perfect tense olmaldr. Doru yantBseeneidir. 10. nceden yaplm ey, onlarn Bursay ziyaret etmemeleridir. Bu nedenle ilk cmle past perfect olmaldr. kinci cmle mn veren. Doru yant A se eneidir.

ise sonraki ikinci gemite ya pldndan past simple tense ile kurulmaldr. Doru yant E seeneidir. 11. Tag question gerei can ile kurulmucmle,soruksmnda negative forma dntrlmeli ve cant we olmaldr. Doru yantCseeneidir. 12. a) Yllardr memleketimdeki insanlargeimleriiinelik,k mr ve balkla baldr an lamntamasiin, b) depend on bal olmak anlamnageldiindendoruya ntDseeneidir. 13. cheer somebody up nee lendirmekanlamnageldiiiin doruyantAseeneidir. 14. takeonfotorafekmekanla mnageldiindendoruyantC seeneidir. 15. Snf gld zaman, zavall ocuk ok so rahatsz his settikendini,kepinielindetutup tutmayacan bilemedi. Doru

yantEseeneidir. 16. as much as o kadar ok anlamnageldiindendoruya ntBseeneidir. 17. Eer Clairesana hesap maki nesini hercalculator dn vermeyecekse, sana benimkini minevereceim.DoruyantC seeneidir. 18. either de, da anlamna gelmektedir. Bu cmlede olum suz olarak kullanlmaktadr. Bu nedenledoruyantAseeneidir. 19. Bu fastfood restorannda bt nyle her rnde standartla trma olduu iin her Fransz kzartmas ve her burger tamamyla dierleriyle ayn tat tadr.DoruyantDseeneidir. 20. whorelativeclausebircmleyi gerekli kldndan doru yant Eseeneidir. 21. Merkrdekignlkscaklklarn deiimi ok byk olduu iin kayalk yzey atlaklar uu

rumlarvekanyonlarretmekte dir.DoruyantAseeneidir.

single currency to be known as the Euro Euro olarak bilinen tek para biriminin kullanmzerindeanlatlar.

22. Mdr,yllardrirketiinal t iin ona terfi sz verdi. DoruyantCseeneidir.

cmlesinedeniyledoruyantE seeneidir. 27. To prevent nlemek iin anlamndan dolay doru yant Dseeneidir.

23. yandaki kk yeeni ta nmlayan whorelativepronoun olduu iin doru yant B seeneidir. 28. TheAmazonrainforest,which containsaround80thousand different kinds of plants yaklak 80 bin deiik tr bitkiyiierenAmazonyamur ormanlaraklamasndandolay 24. Kasaba civarndaki yollar renmekistersenheryereyr mek iyi fikirdir. Doru yant D seeneidir. 29. Psikologlar not almadmz ve rendiklerimizi tekrar gzden geirmediimiz tak 25. Poetryyi tanmlayan which tirde unles kalbndan ve tell us bize sylyor anlamndantrdoruyantB seeneidir. doruyantAseeneidir.

relativepronounuolduundan doruyantCseeneidir.

26. Agreed on the use of A

30. Cmledeki passivevoice is being photographed yaps

gereidoruyant C seenei dir.

tamanlamylaifadeedenwho combines Dseeneidir. tanmlamay iermesi nedeniyle doru yant

31. a) probably muhtemelen szcnnvarl b) present perfect yap nede niyledoruyantAseeneidir. 35. critics have always stressed that ifadesinden tr doru yantEseeneidir. 32. Youngpeopleneededucation genlerin eitime ihtiya lar vardr anlamn veren tek seenekolduuiindoruyant Bseeneidir. 33. Though ramen anlamna gelmektedir.AveCseenekle rinde ramen anlamn bulma mza karn, Avrupa ile Asya arasndaki kara kprsnn bir paras olmas nedeniyle an lam becauseitispartof the land bridge between Europe and Asia cmlesinde vardr.YantCseeneidir. 38. Altndan daha fazla anlam more than goldda vardr. DoruyantEseeneidir. 39. As iin vurgusu nedeniyle doruyantCseeneidir. 34. Bilimsel bilgiyi slup gzelli iyle birletiren Amerikal Biyo log Rachel Carson cmlesini 40. Romamparatorluununpara lanmas znedir ve bu haliyle yalnzca A seeneinde bulun 37. Musonlar, mevsimlik rzgar lardr yalnzca A seeneinde bulunmaktadr. 36. Dedem yetmiine gelince ifadesiniierdiindendoruya ntBseeneidir.

maktadr. 41. Yeni Guineann dnyann en ilginyaplarnn olduubir yer olduunu aklayan ilk cmle nedeniyle doru yant D see neidir. 42. There is special species of kangroos aklamasndan dolaydoruyantCseeneidir. 43. Parada geen it has largely remained isolated from the rest of the world ile ayn an lamverdiindendoruyant D seeneidir.

46. Parann btnnden karlan birsonuolduuiindoruya ntAseeneidir. 47. Parannbtninsaneylemle rinin istemli ve istemsiz olmak zereikigrupolduuzerinedir. DoruyantCseeneidir. 48. Parayagre;istemsizhareket ler, dnlmeden yaplanlar kapsamaktadr. Doru yant D seeneidir. 49. Eerinsan,neyapacanad nerek karar veriyorsa bu is temli birharekettir. Doru yant Aseeneidir. 50. Paraya gre, televizyonun

44. ThefirstEuropeon author is plutarch aklamas nede niyledoruyantEseeneidir.

ocuklar zerindeki zarar verici etkileri birok insan endielen dirmektedir. Doru yant E se eneidir.

45. The interest of Socratic dialogues of Plato, cmle sinden karlan bir sonu ola rakdoruyantBseeneidir. 51. Paradan anlalan, televizyo nun ocuklar zerinde, anlama konusunda daha ok grsel yardmamuhtaolmalarnane den olmasdr. Doru yant C

seeneidir. 57. Yazar,Berliosunkatlmmzik 52. ocuklar, televizyondaki iddeti doalhayatnbirparasolarak dnmektedir. Bu nedenle de doruyantBseeneidir. 58. Berlios, Shakespeare ve 53. Paradan anlalan denetim elemanolmakhemyorucuhem de skc bir itir. Bu nedenle doruyantEseeneidir. 54. when things go wrong = when flights are delayed cmlesi ile ayn anlam tad ndandoruyantCseeneidir. 59. It was an enormous 55. Havaalannda ciddi problemler meydana geldiinde bu sorun larlabuelemanlaryzyzege lir.DoruyantBseeneidir. improvement over Newtons views cmlesiyleaynanlamda olduundan doru yant B se eneidir. 60. Parann ilk cmlesinin altndadoruyantCseeneidir. 56. Hesoonthrewuphismedical studies, whereupon his allowancewasstoppedbyhis family cmlesinden yola ka rak ulalabilecei gibi doru yantAseeneidir. 62. Senin ve benim planlarmz arasndanemlibirfarkvar 61. Parann son cmlesindeki an lamitibariyledoruyant E se eneidir. Beethovendan olduka etki lendi. He was also A great admirer of bath Beethoven andShakespeare cmlesinden buanlalmaktadr.Doruyant Cseeneidir. teki romantik hareketleri daha iyiye tamad. Doru yant D seeneidir.

ile ayn anlam tamas nede niyledoruyantBseeneidir. 63. Eer, pencere yannda bo birmasaolmuolsaydorada oturmakisterdim cmlesi,ilk cmleninanlamcaenyakndr. YantAseeneidir. 64. If ID known = as I didnt realize ile ayn anlamdadr. DoruyantCseeneidir.

68. alacak olan havann lkla mamas olduundan doru ya ntAseeneidir. 69. Para tamamyla balklk en dstrisiyle ilgili olduundan en uygun cmle Balklkla u raan130.000insann oluu dur.DoruyantCseeneidir. 70. Parada Jeremynin televizyon programndabirtakmbulular ortaya koyduu anlatld iin doruyantBseeneidir.

65. Everyone told me = They all said ile eanlamda olduu iin doruyantAseeneidir. 71. Boluangilizceninkullanld alanlarn gelmesi gerekir. Bu nedenledoruyant D seene idir. 66. Vardmda saat neredeyse 8di ve hl akam yemeini yiyorlard. ile hl akam yemeini bitirmemiti ean lamlcmlelerdir.Doruyant E seeneidir. 72. Reklamn olmad durumda firmalarn durumunu anlatan cmleden bir nceki cmlede firmalarla, televizyon reklamla rnn maddi ilikisinin nemi vurgulanmaldr. Doru yant E seeneidir. 67. tomend=togetrepairededil genatlolduuiindoruya ntDseeneidir. 73. You are always free to create yourownprogrammersileyou

must programmed it yourself cmlesindeki iliki nedeniyle doruyantDseeneidir.


78. Yarnbirsnavnzvarveerkek kardeiniz yksek sesle mzik 74. Katyenibirbuludeildir denildiine gre, kadn tarih esindenbahsedilmelidir.Doru yantCseeneidir. 75. nsanlarda eklindekibir cmledennceinsandndaki varlklar iin hcrenin nemi belirtilmiolmaldr.Doruyant Dseeneidir. 79. Bethindoumgniin,hola nacanbildiinizancakpahal bir sanat kitabn arkadalar nzla birlikte almak iin hedi yeyi birliktealmayanedersi 76. Usually she would play with them cmlesindeki theme aklk getirmesi nedeniyle doruyantBseeneidir. niz? diye neride bulunursu nuz.DoruyantBseeneidir. 80. ngiliz arkadalarnz Ber gamaya gtrmek istiyorsunuz ancakgnnortasndascakve kalabalk olacan biliyorsunuz, 77. Byk biratletizmyarmasnda, 200 metre yarnda birinci gelenin,kendisininbununiinok altn bildiiniz arkadanz olduunu duydunuz. Sevincinizi belli etmek iin Bravo, kazanmay hak ettin, senin adnaoksevinliyim.dersiniz. 81. Erkekkardeinizinktphaneye gideceini rendiinizde, tes lim edilmesi gereken kitabnz sizin iin gtrp gtremeye bunedenleorayaerkensaatlerde gitmeniz gerektiini sylersiniz. DoruyantEseeneidir. dinliyorsa ona sesini ks, s navmiinalmalarmgz den geiriyorum dersiniz. DoruyantEseeneidir.

ceini sormak iin en uygun soru cmlesi C seeneinde bulunmaktadr. 82. Annenizin u gnlerde ok yo un olduunu biliyorsunuz an caksnfpikniindesiziniini kolatalkekyapmasnenuygun ekildeDseeneindecmleyle sorabilirsiniz. 83. Ofis arkadanzn deiiklie ihtiyac olduunu dnyorsa nz, le arasnda darya k mayaiknaetmekiinona, e ride kalmamak iin fazlasyla ho bir gn olduunu syler siniz.DoruyantAseeneidir. 84. Yataktan kalkamayacak kadar hastaolanarkadanznoks kldn biliyorsunuz, onu ziya retiin etkilibirsistembalat makistiyorsanzbu,hergnbir iki arkadanzn ona ziyarete gitmesi olabilir. Doru yant D seeneidir. 85. Jennifern annesinin Elbette hayr yantn verebilmesi iin Jennifernonakonserinbuak

am olduunu unutmadndan eminolmakistediinisylemesi gerekmektedir. Doru yant C seeneidir. 86. Jane,BrianeaNoilebalayan bircmlekurmasiinBrianen onu yanl anlamas ve ona gre yant vermesi gerekir. DoruyantEseeneidir. 87. Wendynin Shirleyin film izle mekten nefret ettiini dn mesiiinWendyninnadirensi nemaya gitmesi gerekir. Doru yantBseeneidir. 88. Pam erkek kardeinin

Liverpoolda yaama sebebini aklamasiinGillianona,kar deinin neden tandn sor maldr.Doruyant D seene idir.

89. Sonun Yes ile yantlamas gereken bir soru vardr. Doru yantAseeneidir.

90. Andrew, babasnn fazla mesai yapmasndan yaknmaktadr. BunakarlkJames,aslnefret ettii eyin rutin alma oldu unusylemektedir.Doruyant Cseeneidir. 91. Lucynin Gerekten mi? diye sormas iin Rosemarynin Maryninbaarsndanhaberdar olmas gerekir. Doru yant E seeneidir. 92. Andrew Tonyye mhim deil, her gn uzun mesafe almamz art deil diye yant vermesi iin; Tony, bisikletle tatile k maya hevesli olduunu ancak bisikletleokfazlayolalamad n sylemi olmaldr. Doru yantAseeneidir. 93. Parada, stanbulun fethediliin den sonrainaedilencamilerin zelliklerinden bahsedilmektedir. Bu nedenle sslemede kulla nlanfayanslarnYaknDouda bulunmu olmas para btn lnbozmaktadr.Doruyant Cseeneidir.

94. yi,modernokullarnmatematik snflarnn otuz krk yl nceki snflardan farkl oluu; mate matik dersine yaklamn anla tldbuparadabulunmamal dr.DoruyantEseeneidir.

95. Bupasajda,termalkirliliinolu umundan sz edilmektedir. Termal kirliliin nlenmesi iin yeni ve daha iyi metotlarn bu lunmas zorunluluundan bahsedilmesigereksizdir.Doru yantDseeneidir. 96. Yalnzca denizlerin deil nehir vegllerinkirlenmeyebalama snn, okyanus bilimcilerin a lmalarndan sz edilen bu parada bir yeri yoktur. Doru yantEseeneidir. 97. Para, kmrn oluumu hak kndadr; kmr madenciliinin sz edildii III numaral cmle, btnl bozmaktadr. Doru yantCseeneidir. 98. Para, insanlarn konumay nasl rendiklerinden bahsedi

yor.Bunedenleanlambtnl n bozan cmle II numaral cmledir. Doru yant B see neidir. 99. Bublmde,insanlaragenyata dil renmelerinin kolay olduu anlatlmaktadrancakbunundier insanlar renmezken kolay olmasylailgisiyoktur.Doruyant Dseeneidir. 100.Parada Hollandal ressam Vermeer den bahsediliyor. An lam btnln II numaral cmlebozmaktadr.Doruyant Bseeneidir.

1.18.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. William Wordsworth was a poet of nature, and had the special_____tothrowcharm overordinarythings. A) aabeylity B) verse C) topic D) admiration E) illusion 3.


someofthematanyratewere founded about the middle of thefifthcenturyA.D. A) temporary B) vital C) probable D) contemporary E) urgent James Joyce was born and educatedinIrelandbutspent most of his _____ life in Europe, mainly France, Italy andSwitzerland. A) superficial B) adult C) competitive D) coherent E) precise


No one knows for certain when the first AngloSaxon settlements were made in Britain, but it is _____ that


FrederickTayloris___known asthefounderofthescientific managementmovement.

A) alternatively B) fluently C) hopefully D) widely E) sensitively 7. Oneprofessorwho____onthe developmentofrobots_____ us that robots could take overtheworld. 5. The tourists had intended to walk along the coast to the next town but were _____ fromdoingsobythestormy weather. A) deceived B) influenced C) compelled D) encouraged E) prevented 6. Muchofeveryteacherstime is_____markingpapers. A) broughtup B) takenupwith C) heldup D) madeout E) carriedout 9. A) willhavebeenworking B) willwork C) hadworked D) willbeworking E) hasbeenworking By the time the boss _____, his secretary _____ typing thereport. 8. By the year 2010, he _____ herefor30years. A) hasworked/willhavewarned B) wasworking/wouldwarn C) isworking/haswarned D) worked/willwarn E) hadworked/warns

A) hadarrived/finished B) arrives/hasfinished C) hasarrived/isfinishing D) isarriving/finishes E) arrived/hadfinished

A) wontit B) wonthe C) ishe D) isntit E) willit 12. When he had grown accustomedtotheirways,he began to feel an increasing admiration _____ and understanding _____ their tribalcustoms.

10. Idontwantustobelatefor themeeting,sowe_____take ataxi. A) havehadto B) areableto C) hadto D) hadbetter E) needed 13. A great many artists are clearly fascinated _____ the sea and paint it _____ all differentmoods. 11. Thiswillbethefirsttimethat Tarkanisgivingaconcertin theUS,_____? A) with/at B) from/for C) to/by A) of/by B) to/in C) from/for D) for/of E) over/at

D) over/through E) by/in

of the earths surface _____ followsasettingfreeofenergy atthesurfaceoftheearth. A) where B) when

14. Mybooksarestillonthetable whereIleft_____,but_____ havebeenstolen. A) mine/they B) us/those C) them/hers D) those/these E) hers/mine 15. The new personnel manager told us that he had visited _____countriesinEurope. A) agreatdealof B) anumberof C) much D) asmany E) any

C) whose D) whom E) which

17. _____ so many of the team members were ill, its not surprising that we lost the match. A) Incontrast B) Dueto C) Since D) Likewise E) Nonetheless 18. _____ broke the window will havetopayforanewone. A) Who B) Whoever

16. Anearthquakeisamovement

C) Anyone

D) Someone E) Theone

E) though everyone had managedtogetoutsafely. 20. All opposition to the project vanished_____. A) as soon as everyone realized how much money theycouldearnthroughit. B) after financial support has finallybeenpromised. C) which has attracted so muchattention. D) if it seemed likely that it wouldnt take up too much time. E) as more and more people arestartingtoworkonitin theirfreetime.

19.24. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 19. The fire was already spreadingtothenextbuilding _____. A) since the wind may blow evenmorestrongly. B) thatnooneknewwhyithad started. C) unless the firemen can comeatonce. D) as the first fire engine arrived.

21. You can only write a good summaryofapassage.

A) ifyoueverneedtogoback toreviewit. B) why you have read it carefully. C) when you have fully understoodit. D) thatituseswordsfromthe essay. E) whether the summary is objective. 22. _____ when we saw five masked men running out of thebank. A) Wedidntrecognizethemat all B) We immediately informed thepolice C) Werenotsureifitisthem D) The situation is certainly unusual E) Thealarmsystemneedsto berepaired A) theothershavewarnedus abouttheheavytraffic. B) we could get to the library beforeitclosed. C) I dropped my glasses on thepavement. D) we may have attended the A) ItwasreferredtoGalileo B) Galileo attacked the much admired teachings of Aristotle C) In Galileos time a great manypeoplewereinvolved D) It is largely due to Galileo andhisdiscoveries E) A number of theories concerning the universe were proved wrong by Galileo 24. If we had run to catch the bus,_____. 23. _____ that experiment and reason became the basis of scientificknowledge.

lecture. E) it wouldnt have been necessarytotakeataxi

lizcecmleninanlamcaenyakn Trkedenginibulunuz.

25. TheAustriancomposerHaydns contributions to classical music, especially to the immense importance for the Mozartandothercomposers. domain of symphony, is of influencetheyexercisedupon

25.32. sorularda, verilen ngi

A) AvusturyalbesteciHaydnn klasik mzie, zellikle senfoni alanna katklar, Mozart ve dier besteciler zerinde yapt etkilerden dolay ok byk nem tar. B) Mozart ve dier besteciler zerinde etkili olan Avus turyal besteci Haydnn klasik mzie, zellikle senfoni alannda yapt katklaroldukanemlidir. C) Klasik mzie, zellikle senfonitrnekatklarok nemli olan Avusturyal besteci Haydn, Mozart ve dier besteciler zerinde etkiliolmutur. D) zellikle senfoni trndeki klasik mzie yapt kat klar byk nem tayan AvusturyalbesteciHaydnn,

Mozart ve dier besteciler zerindekietkisibyktr. E) Klasik mziin zellikle senfoni dalna yapt kat klarokbyknemta yan Avusturyal besteci Haydnn, Mozart ve dier besteciler zerindeki etkisi kapsamlolmutur. 26. Thomas Gray, who was an eighteenthcentury English poet, stressed that a certain measure of teaming and a long acquaintance with the goodwritersofthepactwere essential for the writing of goodpoetry. A) yiiiryazmakiinokbilgili olmann ve gemiin iyi ya zarlarn taramann gerekli olduunuvurgulayanThomas Gray, bir on sekizinci yzyl ngilizairiydi. B) Bironsekizinciyzylngiliz airi olan Thomas Gray, iyi iiryazmakiin,bellilde bilginin ve gemiin iyi ya zarlaryla uzun bir tankl n esas olduunu vurgu lamtr. C) Belli dzeyde bilginin ve

gemiin iyi airlerini tan mann,iyiiiryazmannte meli olduunu vurgulayan lardan biri de on sekizinci yzyl ngiliz airlerinden ThomasGraydir. D) On sekizinci yzyl ngiliz airi Thomas Gray, iir yazmak iin yeterli bilginin yan sra gemiin iyi ya zarlarntanmanndagerekli olduunuvurgulamtr. E) On sekizinci yzyl ngiliz airi Thomas Gray, iyi iir yazmanntemelinde,yeterli ldebilgivegemiiniyi yazarlarniyitanmannol duunuvurgulamtr. 27. The Hittites were an ancient Anatolianpeople,who,during the second millennium B.C., foundedanempireandfora timeruledoveralargepartof theMiddleEast. A) Belli bir sre tm Orta douyu yneten Hititler, Mikincibinyliindeim paratorluk haline gelmi eskibirAnadoluhalkyd.

B) EskibirAnadoluhalkolan Hititler, M ikinci bin ylda kurduklar imparatorlukla Ortadounun byk bir blmn ok uzun sre ynetmitir. C) M ikinci bin yl iinde imparatorluk kurmu olan Hititler, Ortadounun ok bykbirkesiminiynetmi eskibirAnadoluhalkyd. D) Eski bir Anadolu halk ola rak Hititler, M ikinci bin ylda bir imparatorluk kur mular ve Ortadounun byk bir blmne uzun srehkmetmilerdir. E) Hititler, M ikinci bin yl iinde bir imparatorluk kur mu ve bir sre Orta dounun byk bir bl mne hkmetmi eski bir Anadoluhalkyd.

otherplanetaryorbits. A) Yrngesi,diergezegenle rin yrngelerine kyasla olduka oval olan Plton, 1930dakefedilmitir. B) Plton 1930da kefedilmi ve dier gezegenlerin y rngelerinden biraz daha oval bir yrngede hareket ettiianlalmtr. C) 1930da kefedilen Plton, dier gezegenlerin yrn gelerinden ok daha oval olanbiryrngeyesahiptir. D) Pltonun yrngesinin di er gezegenlerin yrnge lerinden daha oval olduu, 1930dakefedilmitir. E) Plton 1930da kefedildi inde, yrngesinin dier gezegenleregredahaoval olduugrlmtr.

28. Pluto, which was discovered in1930,hasanorbitwhichis muchmoreellipticalthanthe

geldiihususundakesinbir kantaulalamamtr. E) Londraadnnanlamhak kndakesinkantlaraula lamamolmasnaramen, ehrinRomallartarafndan 29. No certainty has yet been reachedaboutthemeaningof the name London, but it wastheRomanswhoalmost certainlyfoundedthecity. A) Londra adnn anlamna ilikin bir kesinlie henz ulalamamtr,ancakehri kuranlar, hemen hemen kesinlikleRomallard. B) Londra adnn ne anlama geldiine ilikin hibir ke sinlik yoktur, ancak ehri Romallarn kurmu olduu kesindir. C) LondraykuranlarnRoma llar olduu hemen hemen kesinisedeLondraadnn anlamna ilikin bilgiler ke sindeildir. D) Londray Romallarn kur mu olduu kesindir, fakat Londra adnn ne anlama A) AngloSakson ad verilen eskingilizdili,bugn,zel renim grm kiiler ta rafndan kolayca okunabil mektedir. B) AngloSakson ad da veri len ngiliz dili, bugn sa dece zel renim grm ok az kiinin okuyabildii 30. The Old English language, alsocalledAngloSaxon,can only be read today by those who have made a special studyofit. kurulmuolduukesindir.

birdildurumunagelmitir. C) Ancakzelrenimgrenle rin anlayabildii eski ngiliz diline, bugn AngloSakson dadenilmektedir. D) Bugn AngloSakson ad verilen eski ngiliz dilini okuyabilmek iin, bu dilde zelrenimgrmolmak gerekmektedir. E) AngloSakson ad da veri len eski ngiliz dili, bugn sadece,budilinzel re niminigrmolanlartara fndanokunabilmektedir.

interest. A) 1960lardan itibaren Batda, kadnlar tarafndan ve ka dnlar hakknda yazlan kitaplara giderek artan bir ilgi olmu ve bu ilgiyi kar lamak iin birok yayn irketikurulmutur. B) 1960lardan sonra, kadnlar tarafndan ve kadnlar hak knda yazlan kitaplara ar bir ilgi oluunca, ihtiyac karlamak iin Bat da pek okyaynirketikurulmutur. C) 1960larda Batda kadnlar tarafndanvekadnlarhak knda yazlan kitaplara ilgi artnca, bunun sonucu ok sayda yayn irketi kurul mutur. D) 1960lardan sonra Batda kurulan eitli; yayn ir ketleri, kadnlar tarafndan

31. From the 1960s onwards, therehasbeenanincreasing interestintheWestinbooks writtenbyandaboutwomen, and several publishing firms havebeensetuptomeetthis

ve kadnlar hakknda yaz lan kitaplara giderek artan birilgigstermilerdir. E) Kadnlar hakknda ve ka dnlar tarafndan yazlan kitaplarn giderek artan bir

ilgi grmesi zerine, 1960 larda Batda eitli yayn irketlerikurulmutur. 32. In antiquity it was believed that the Amazons had their rightbreastremovedinorder toholdabowbetter. A) Eskiden de inanld gibi, Amazonlar yay ok daha etkilikullanmakiinsag slerinialdryorlard. B) Eski alarda, Amazonla rn, iyi yay kullanabilmek iin sa gslerini aldr dklarsanlyor. C) Eskiada, Amazonlarn, yay daha iyi tutmak iin sa gslerini aldrdkla rnainanlyordu. D) Eskialardaherkes,Ama zonlarn,yaydahaiyiek mekiinsagslerinial drdklarnainanyordu. E) Eskiada, sa gslerini aldran Amazonlarn yay daha etkili kullandklarna inanlyordu. A) TheblackAmericanathlete Jesse Owens, who was borninCleveland,competed intheBerlinOlympicGames in 1936 and won four gold medals. B) Jesse Owens, who was a 33.40.sorularda,verilenTrke cmlenin anlamca en yakn n gilizcedenginibulunuz. 33. Clevelandda domu siyah birAmerikalatletolanJesse Owens, 1936da Berlinde ya plan Olimpiyat Oyunlarna katlmvedrtaltnmadalya kazanmtr.

blackAmericanathleteborn in Cleveland, took part in theOlympicGamesheldin Berlinin1936andwonfour goldmedals. C) The Clevelandborn, black American athlete Jesse Owens,wonfourgoldmedals intheOlympicGamesheldin Berlinin1936. D) Jesse Owens, the black American athlete born in Cleveland, was awarded four gold medals at the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. E) AttheOlympicGamesheld inBerlinin1936,fourgold medals went to Jesse Owens,theblackAmerican athleteborninCleveland. 34. Sokratesineitimeahlakibir yaklamvard ve oeitimin insandahamutluvedahaiyi bir yurtta yaptna inan yordu. A) Socrates approached

mancouldbeahappierand bettercitizen. B) Socratesfavoredtheethical approachto education and believed that the educated man was a happier and betterperson. C) Socrates had an ethical approachto education and believed that education mademanahappieranda bettercitizen. D) For Socrates, the teaching of ethical values was fundamental to education and to the creation of happierandbettercitizens. E) Thecreationofhappierand better citizens was. in Socrates view, made possiblebytheteachingof ethicalvalues.

education from an ethical point of view and argued that through education a 35. George Orwell en ok

ilgilendiren ve hakknda ken disinin en sk yazd konu lardan biri, edebiyat ile siya setarasndakiilikiydi. A) One of the subjects that most interested George Orwell, and on which he wrote most often, was the relationship between literatureandpolitics. B) George Orwell was particularlyinterestedinthe relationshipbetweenliterature and politics and frequently wroteaboutit. C) GeorgeOrwelllikedtowrite about how literature and politicswereconnected,as this was a subject that interestedhimgreatly. D) Literature and politics and the relationship between themweretopicsthatGeorge Orwell found immensely interestingandwroteabout themfrequently. E) One of George Orwells favorite subjects was the relationshipbetweenliterature

and politics so he often wroteaboutit.

36. Polisiye roman, 19. yzyln sonuna doru, zellikle Sherlock Holmes hikayele riyle ok yaygnlk kazanan biryaznbiimidir. A) The Sherlock Holmes storieshelpedtomakethe detective novel so popular at the end of the 19th century. B) The detective novel is a form of writing, which became very popular

towardstheendofthe19 theSherlockHolmesstories.

century,particularlythrough C) Themostpopularexamples of the detective novel, written in the late 19 Holmesstories.


century, were the Sherlock

D) By the end of the 19th century,theSherlockHolmes stories had made the detective novel one of the most popular types of writing. E) With the Sherlock Holmes stories towards the end of the19 century,thedetective novelbecamequitethemost populartypeofwriting.

B) The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley aims to teachyoungchildrentolove truth,mercyandjusticeas well as other noble qualities. C) The Water Babies is by Charles Kingsley and he wrote it to teach his youngest child about such noble qualities as truth, mercyandjustice D) CharlesKingsleywroteThe Water Babies for his youngest child, hoping to teach him to love truth, mercy and justice and

37. Charles Kingsley, Su Bebek lerini en kk ocuu iin, ona doruyu, merhameti, adaletiveaslndabtnsoylu nitelikleri sevmeyi retmek umuduylayazd. A) The Water Babies was writtenbyCharlesKingsley in an effort to help young childrenadmiresuchnoble qualities as truth, mercy andjustice.

indeedallnoblequalities. E) Truth,mercyandjusticeare just some of the noble qualities Charles Kingsley hoped to teach his youngestchildthroughThe WaterBabies.

38. lk Dnya Kupas 1830da Montevideoda yapld, ancak byle bir yarma kavram, 1920de Antwerpte yaplan

bir FIFA kongresinde do mutu. A) Itwasntuntil1930thatthe firstWorldCupwasheldIn Montevideo,buttheconcept ofsuchaworldcompetition had been born at a FIFA meetinginAntwerpin1920. B) ItwasinMontevideoin1930 thatthefirstWorldCupwas held, but the possibility of suchacompetitionhadbeen discussed at a FIFA congressinAntwerpin1920. C) In1920,ataFIFAcongress in Antwerp, the concept of such a competition came into being and resulted in thefirstWorldCupin1930 inMontevideo. D) The first World Cup was heldinMontevideoin1930, but the need for a competitionofthiskindhad been recognized at the FIFA congress in Antwerp in1920. E) The first World Cup was heldinMontevideoin1930,

but the concept of such a competitionhadbeenborn ataFIFAcongressheldin Antwerpin1920. 39. Shakespearein Coriolanus tragedyas, halka hakaret et tii iin Romadan srlen marurkomutanCaiusMarcus Corioianusun yaamn ve lmnelealr. A) Shakespeares tragedy

Coriolanusisbasedonthe lifeanddeathoftheproud commander Caius Marcus Coriolanuswhowasdriven out of Rome by the angry peoplethere. B) ThelifeanddeathofCaius Marcus Coriolanus a confident commander who wasdrivenoutofRomefor illtreatingthepeople,isthe subject of Shakespeares tragedyConolanus. C) Shakespeares tragedy Coriolanusconcernsthelife anddeathofCaiusMarcus Coriolanus, a proud commander driven from Rome for insulting the

people. D) The tragedy, Coriolanus by Shakespeare, is based on the life and death of the proud commander Caius MarcusCoriolanusforcedby the people he had insulted there,toleaveRome. E) Shakespeares tragedy Coriolanus is about the arrogantcommanderCaius Marcus Coriolanus who so insulted the people of Rome that they drove him outoftheircity. 40. Thomas Hardy daha ok bir romanc olarak bilinir, ancak o, uzun yaam boyunca iir yazmvebunu,romanlarndan okdahanemligrmtr. A) Itisasanovelistthatmost people think of Thomas Hardy,buthewrotepoetry ailthroughhislonglifeand gave more importance to thisthantohisnovels. B) Though Thomas Hardy is betterknownasanovelist, he regarded his poetry as more important than his

novels, and continued to write it to the end of his tanglife. C) ThomasHardywrotepoetry allthroughhislonglifeand regarded it as more important than his novels, thoughthesearewhatheis knownfor. D) Thomas Hardy is largely knownlonghisnovels,but he himself gave more importance to his poetry and continued to write it untiltheendofhislonglife. E) Thomas Hardy is better knownasanovelist,buthe wrotepoetrythroughouthis longlifeandregardeditas farmoreimportantthanhis novels.

41.43. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Of all Jane Austens novels, PrideandPrejudiceisprobably the bestknown and the most loved. This may be partly

because it has been filmed several times, but more important is the fact that the charactersInitaresorealand alive. They are also extremely attractive,inspiteoftheirfaults Perhaps they are attractive becauseoftheirfaults,fortheir faultsmakethemamusingtotie reader. It would not be at all pleasant to have a mother as lackinginsenseasMrsBennet is, or an aunt as confident of herselfandasinsensitivetothe feelings of others as Lady Catherineis.But,astheyareat a safe distance from us, these and other terrible characters give the novel much color and variety. 42. The point is made in the passage that in real life _____. A) a persons faults neednt disturbusifwedontgettoo intimatewiththatperson. B) a persons faults are less noticeablethantheyarein anovel. A) thecharacters,whodelight thereaderwiththeirvitality andlifelikeportrayal. B) thatthefilmsmadeofithave beenverywellproduced. C) thatthebadcharactersget punished and the good onesrewarded. D) the comic attitude to life thatitexpresses. E) thesimplestyleinwhichit iswritten. 41. Accordingtothepassage,the most likely reason for the popularity of Pride and Prejudiceis_____.

C) one usually forgives the faultsofonesownfamily. D) apersonsfaultsmayannoy us whereas in a novel the samefaultsmayamuseus. E) its best to ignore peoples faultsbutinanovelitsbest toenjoythem. 43. It is clear from the passage thatLadyCatherine_____. A) and Mrs Bennet are extremelygoodfriends. B) has constantly hurt Mrs Bennetsfeelings. C) caresfornoonebutherself. D) is the main character in PrideendPrejudice. E) is definitely the worst characterinthenovel.

The telescope can pick up signalsintheuniversethatare10 billionlightyearsaway.Andsoit is truly extraordinary. The steel structurethatcarriesit,however, hastheusualandveryordinary disadvantage of being liable to rust.Thisofcoursemeansthatit has to be painted regularly. Paintingthis,however,isnotan ordinary or a simple task. The men who do the painting are given a special training which includesrescuework.Astheydo thepainting,themenworkfrom ropesasthisisthemethodwhich hasbeenfoundtobethesafest wayofworkingataheight. 44. It is pointed out in the passage that the Lovell Telescope_____. A) only picks up signals

44.46. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The Lovell Telescope is the worldsoldestandmostsensitive radio telescope. It consists of a giant white dish supported at a great height on a large and complicated structure of steel.

effectively when the angle of the dish is in line with them. B) canpickupsignalsthatare animmensedistanceaway. C) is no longer the worlds most sensitive radio telescope. D) does not need to be

supportedatagreatheight in order to function efficiently. E) is old and so less efficient thanitusedtobe.

A) requiresspecialskillsandis alsocomparativelydangerous. B) is quite straightforward oncethemethodhasbeen learned. C) requirestheremovalofthe dish. D) is relatively easy but extremelyboring. E) can be done by anyone

45. Itsclearfromthepassagethat thesteelstructuresupporting theLovellTelescope_____. A) should have been given a lesscomplicateddesign. B) turned out to be more expensive than had been estimated. C) hastobereplacedcompletely atregularintervals. D) presents a serious maintenanceproblem. E) has to be painted at least onceayear. 46. It is clear from the passage thattheworkofpaintingthe steel structure of this telescope_____.


Everyschoolchildontheisland likeNelsonCarvalho,isgivena hotmealandasnackprovided bytheWorldFoodProgrammed, 47.49. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Before leaving for school at noon,NelsonCarvalho,aseven year child, living on a small island off West Africa, happily feeds and waters the pigs and goats,thecowandthedonkey. He fetches drinking waterfrom the source, a 20 minute walk down a sandy path and up a steephill,carryinga5litrejaron his head. He might help his grandmother too. Afterwards, hewillwalkbarefootfornearly anhouramongtherocky hills, under the blazing sun, before sitting down, tired out, at his desk at the school. A glass of milkandadriedpeargiveshim back his energy and gets him ready for lessons. Before leavingschoolinmidafternoon, hewillbegivena bowlofrice and chicken, or a rich soup. 47. From the passage we learn about_____. A) the education of poor childreninWestAfrica. B) the working conditions of people on a poor African island. C) atypicaldayinthelifeofa childonanislandoffWest Africa. D) theinterestingcustomsand activities of island children dosetoWestAfrica. E) thetraditionalfoodgivento children on an African island. everyday,sixdaysaweek.

providesforhim. C) inordertoprotecthimfrom variousdiseases. D) because of the hard 48. It is clear from the passage thattheboyNelson_____. A) isnotatallinterestedinhis schoolwork. B) spendsagreatdealoftime each day walking over difficultground. C) dislikes doing all the jobs they make him do on the farm. D) lives with his grandmother whohasnoonebuthimto helpher. E) is only going to school becausehewantstohavea betterlifeinthefuture. 49. Fromthepassage,itisclear thattheboyNelsonconstantly needs energy giving foods _____. A) though the World Food Programmed does not realizethis. B) such as his grandmother 50.52. sorular aadaki par physicallifeheleads. E) though these are almost impossible to get on this poorisland.

ayagrecevaplaynz. In one part of the Nairobi NationalParkthereisanursery for baby elephants whose mothershavebeankilled.There areatleasttwoAfricankeepers for each baby elephant, and a strong feeling of love soon develops between them. The keepersspendalldayoutinthe panicwiththeyoungelephants, helping them to learn which foods are best to eat and to become confident among the sounds and smells of nature just as their natural mothers wouldhavedone.Eachevening theyreturntothenursery.And afterafeedofmilk,theyoung elephants settle down beside their favorite keepers and presentlyfallasleep. 50. Fromthepassage,itisquite obvious that the keepers described_____. A) are responsible for all the nurseries throughout the NairobiNationalPark. B) aresomewhatindifferentto the needs of the baby elephants. C) are overworked because they have to look after so manybabyelephants. D) actually know little about elephants and their environment. E) havetakenovertheroleof mother elephants for the babyelephants.

51. We understand from the passagethat,inthisnursery,

babyelephants_____. A) are not only fed but also helpedtoadaptthemselves tothenaturalenvironment. B) spendagoodpartofeach day exploring the park by themselves. C) are looked after by keepers because them. D) takeaverylongtimetoget used to their keepers and trustthem. E) arerarelytreatedaswellas theyoughttobe. 52. One can conclude from the details given in the passage that the job the keepers do _____. A) is largely concerned with feeding and physical exercising. B) is an easy one, but extremelyboring. C) requiresaperiodofthorough traininginveterinaryskills. D) requires a deep the mother elephants have deserted

understandingofthenature andneedsofbabyelephants. E) cannot compare at all with thewayamotherelephant bringsupherbaby.

53.55. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Born in Pisa on 15 February

1564, Galileo was the son of a court musician to the Duke of Tuscany. At the age of 17, he enteredtheUniversityofPisato study medicine, at his fathers insistence. But Galileo secretly attendedlecturesgivenbyOstillo Ricci,courtmathematician,and heard of a revolutionary idea: thatmathematics could explain natural phenomena like the movement of the planets. This hardly seems surprising today, but back in the 16th century mostacademicsinsistedthatall knowledge about the cosmos came from one source: the GreekphilosopherAristotle. A) medicinewasthemostpo pular subject taught at the universities. B) mostItaliannoblemenfeltit wasnecessarytoemploya musician. C) mathematicswas,forthefirst time,regardedasthekeyto anunderstandingofnature. D) all physicists rejected the ideathattheplanetscould moveinorbits. E) theDukeofTuscanywasby far the most influential noblemaninItaly. 53. It is pointed out in the passage that in the age of Galileo,_____.

54. It is clear from me passage that,eventhoughGalileowas supposed to be studying medicine,_____.

A) he followed his fathers adviceandtookcoursesin mathematics. B) it was mathematics that reallyinterestedhim. C) he spent a great deal of time studying Aristotles philosophy. D) hesoondiscoveredthatthis was not well taught at the UniversityofPisa. E) he would much rather have beenamusicianlikehisfather. 55. We understand from the passage that the ideas of Aristotle_____. A) were still usually accepted as completely true in 16th century. B) were still regarded as revolutionary in the 16th century. C) suddenly came back into favorinthe16thcentury. D) regardingthecosmos,were surprisinglyaccurate. E) were all based on mathematicalprinciples. 56.58. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The fairy stories of the Danish writerHansChristianAndersen were not written only to entertain;theyallhaveamoral, or a message, or at least put

forward a serious idea. These ideas,however,arealwaysvery simple, so even quite small children can understand them andenjoythem.Andersenoften presents opposites such as good and evil, truth and falsehood, or appearance and reality.Weseethislastcontrast in the story of The Ugly Duckling. To the ducks he appeared ugly. But the reality was he grew up to be a beautiful swan. This is another characteristicofthestories:they offer hope. The future may be so much better than the present. Most of the tales had been told to children before being written down, so they haveanatural,easy,oralstyle which makes them very successfulamongchildreninall countries.

56. It is clear from the passage that, though Andersen wrote his stories for children, _____. A) itisonlythechildrenofhis owncountry,Denmark,who reallyenjoythem. B) theyaremostlytoocomplex forchildrentounderstand. C) they all say something worthsaying. D) thereisagreatdealinthem that children cannot understandorenjoy. E) theyareonlyreallypopular amongadults.

57. According to the passage, oneideathatisoftenfoundin Andersens stories is that _____. A) children should be taught howtoprotectwildlife. B) evil arid falsehood will be punished. C) one should not look for

happinessandentertainment inlife. D) appearances are not important and should be disregarded. E) one can always hope that good times will follow bad ones. 58. We understand from the passage that the style of thesestories_____. A) is so heavy that very few childrencanenjoythem. B) isideallysuitedtochildren. C) is extremely simple, but mostoftheideasarenot. D) is so complex that a majority of children find it veryhardtofollowthem. E) changes so often that the stories become difficult to read.

A group of biologists studying the habits of chimpanzees aroundtheKobaNationalPark, made a surprising discovery. There was plenty of water available for them in the pools left in river beds, but these animalsalwayslikedtodigtheir ownpoolsby handorwiththe help of sticks. As a result the water they drank had been filteredthroughthesandandso contained none of the disease carryingsubstancesnormallyto be found in water that is not moving. In fact, they were drinkingdearwater. 59. As it is pointed out in the passage,water_____. A) is responsible for more diseasesthanmostpeople think. B) must always be filtered through sand to make it drinkable. C) is hard to find at certain timesoftheyear. D) thatisntmovingislikelyto contain harmful

59.61. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz.

substances. E) is of no importance to chimpanzees. A) neverallowedanyonenear theirwaterpools. B) coulddigaholeinanypart oftheKobaNationalPark. C) were very careful not to wastewater. D) hadfoundawayofgetting cleanwater. 60. It is clear from the passage thattherewasplentyofwater readily available for the chimpanzeestodrink_____. A) inthesmallpoolsformedin riverbeds. B) in all areas of the Koba NationalPark. C) but they preferred river water as it was always movingandsoclean. D) but sometimes this water madethemill. E) though they had to be taught how to dig holes to getit. 61. The research team of the passage was surprised to learn that the chimpanzees _____. E) dug holes to get water if there was none left in the rivers.

rain caused flooding which damagedthebasementsof mosthouses.

62.68. sorularda, verilen cm leye anlamca en yakn olan cmleyibulunuz.

62. The rain continued for days and the basements of most houseswereflooded. A) It rained continuously for daysandthebasementsof nearly all the houses were filledwithwater. B) The rain lasted for days, andfloodscarriedsomeof thehousesaway. C) The excessive rainfall caused flooding and damage to the houses for manydays. D) Floodwaterpouredintothe basementsofmanyhouses afewdaysaftertheheavy rainsstarted. E) Withindays,thecontinuing 63. By modern standards, the firstsupermarketswerereally quitesmall. A) The early supermarkets and the presentday ones are quite different from eachother,eveninsize. B) Presentday supermarkets are on the whole larger thantheearlyones. C) Supermarkets have grown insizesincetheywerefirst introduced, but their standardsremainthesame. D) Except in size, modern supermarkets are quite

unliketheoriginalones. E) Compared with what we have know early werent supermarkets

early morning train when doesthenextoneleavefor Istanbul? C) Didtheearlymorningtrain to Istanbul leave late? Whendiditleave? D) Ifwehadmissedtheearly morning train to Istanbul, when could we have got another? E) As the early morning tram to Istanbul has been delayed,canwegoanother way?


64. We have missed the early morning train to Istanbul; whenisthenextone? A) Iftheearlymorningtrainto Istanbul has left, when is thenextone? B) We were too late for the

something at the endof 65. Afterthenews,theyllgiveus thelatestfootballresults. A) After the test news programme the football resultswillbeannounced. B) Atthelatest,wellbeableto learnthefootballresultsat theendofthenews. C) Well get the latest football results once the news is over. D) The latest football results alwaysfollowthenews. E) Themainnewsitemisthe footballresults. termconcertiftheylllether doso. D) Karenwillgladlyperformat the endofterm concert if onlytheyllallowherto. E) Karen would give a performanceat theendof term concert if only theyd lether. 67. I just cant understand why so few people are interested inthiscampingholiday. A) Ifinditsurprisingthatthere arent fewer people interested in such a campingholiday. B) Itshardlysurprisingthatso 66. Karen wont take part in the endofterm concert unless shereallywantsto. A) Karencannotbepersuaded to do anything at the end oftermconcert. B) Karenwillonlydosomething attheendoftermconcertif sheactuallyfeelslikeit. C) Karen is eager to do fewpeopleareinterestedin thiscampingholiday. C) Hardlyanyonewantstogo on this camping holiday, whichIfindstrange. D) To my surprise almost no onewasinterestedinsuch acampingholiday. E) Apparently, a camping holiday appeals to even fewerpeople.

the 68. Brian is the most reliable personIknow;ifhesaidhed help,hewill. A) I dont know anyone one can depend on more than Brian; hellcertainly help if hesaidhewould. B) If Brian promised to help I suppose he will; hes generallyverydependable. C) Brian is more dependable thanmostpeoplesoImsure hellhelpifheofferedto. D) Brianisalwaysadependable personandheissuretohelp. E) BrianisverydependablesoI shouldaskhimtohelpyou. 69.76. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 69. During World War II submarines played an importantmilitaryroleinthe worldsoceans._____.Ifthis had continued Britain would almost certainly have been defeated. She was saved by



submarinedetectingradar. A) Actually America was the first country to recognize the submarines military value. B) Nuclear power is the ideal fuelforsubmarinesashuge amounts of energy are presentinasmallspace. C) Germansubmarinesattacked transatlantic shipping with great success, and this causedAmericatoenterthe war. D) IntheAtlantic,forinstance, Germansubmarinesbegan to sink British shipping far faster than it could be replaced. E) Early US designed submarines were powered byapetrolenginewhenon thesurfaceandbybatteries whenbelowthesurface. 70. It has been suggested that differentkindsofsingingmay have developed for practical

reasons.Forinstance,among coalminerssinging ispopu larbecauseitisagoodway to get the coal dust out of theirlungs._____.Malechoirs were thus formed and these havebecomeatradition. A) Heavysmokingalsohasan adverse effect upon the voiceandmakesitlower. B) In the mining areas in Wales and Yorkshire this becameacommunalactivity. C) Ithasbeenestablishedthat bettersingingisinalmost all cases the result of training,notofanyphysical condition. D) Therearemusicalfamilies becausechildrenarebrought upinamusicalenvironment. E) Another view is that some peoplehaveanaturalability tosingwell. A) Indeed, opening a window or door can sometimes be extremelydangerous. B) To prevent this, firefighters makeopeningsinbuildings. C) Today firefighters begin their basic training with physics. D) When a fire occurs outdoors,itmaybumeven more fiercely as there are unlimited supplies of oxygenforit. E) Once air is heated, it becomes lighter rises and seeks escape through any 71. The science of how fire spreads is simple. _____. This means that in a typical house fire, the flames and smoke move upwards until they reach the ceiling. Then theystarttomovesideways.

openings that may be available.

C) Hence,mostwarriorsused to let their hair grow long andrefusedtohaveitcut. D) Hair grows faster at night andinwarmweather. E) Most people spend more time and Money on their hairthanonanyotherpart ofthebody.

72. Inancienttimes,longhairon fighting men was always regarded as a symbol of strength and power. _____. For instance, in the story of SamsonandDelilah,Samson lost his legendary strength whenDelilahcuthishair. A) Thenumberofhairsonthe head varies with color, for reasonsstillunknown. B) Whatlookslikegrayhairis actually a mixture of white hairandtheoriginalcolor. 73. ThoughIamalongdistance runner I have long believed that man is not evolutionary designedtorun._____.Butin RacingtheAntelope,Heinrich arguesjusttheopposite,and

he does it so convincingly that Im beginning to believe himwhenhesaysweareall naturalbornrunners. A) There is also much informationonhowtotrain forarace. B) Compared with any four legged creature of similar size, man is a hopeless runner. C) Indeed, man and animals alikehaveamazingpowers ofendurance. D) So, in the course of time, we developed into very efficientrunners. E) Fat is burned to produce the energy to make long distancerunningpossible. A) When her father died, in 1805,thefamilymovedfirst toSouthamptonandthento Chawton. B) Whilestillinherteens,she wrote a series of sketches andtales. C) Herfirstnovel,LadySusan, remained unpublished by duringherlifetime. D) Accompanied Cassandra,hereldersister and lifelong friend, she wenttoaschoolatOxford andthentooneatReading. E) This is why Jane Austen 74. JaneAustenwasbornin1775 atSteventon,asmallcountry village in Hampshire. Her father was an Anglican clergyman who had been a fellow of St. Johns College, Oxford. _____. Nevertheless, theonewhoreallygaveJane Austenhereducationwasher ownfather.

knew so much about the livesofAnglicanclergymen andtheirfamilies.

completelydestroyed. B) The stories of science fiction are based on developmentsinscenesor technology. C) Manyofthesestoriescarry the threat that if technologicaldevelopments go further they may bring about the destruction of man. D) The film industry soon

75. Many of the novels of H. G. Wallsfallintothecategoryof science fiction. Wells was very interested In the scientificadvancesofhisage andlookedaheadtoimagine what the results might be in thefuture._____.Evensohe was conscious of the possible dangers, and many of his novels present a strugglebetweentwowaysof life, the human and the nonhuman. A) Thesewritershavetriedto describe the world as it is about to end, almost

realized that the subject matter of science fiction wasidealforfilms. E) On the whole, he was interested in the possibilities for good, not in the disadvantages.

76. King Henry VIII of England enjoyed the love and admiration of his people at leastduringtheearlyyearsof his reign. _____. Indeed, the young king had many advantages. He was young andhandsome;hewasafine sportsman; he also had a

firstclassintellect.Therewas something everyone. A) Thiswaspartlybecausehe cameasawelcomechange after his cold and calculating father, Henry VII. B) The thing everyone knows abouthimisthathemarried sixtimes. C) He encouraged humanism, and his own children were educated by some of the great scholars of the Renaissance. D) Hisfatherhadbecomethe king of England after the WarsoftheRoses. E) He married Anne Boleyn after he had divorced his firstwife. to please

77.84.sorularda,verilenduruma uygundencmleyibulunuz. 77. Youhavepromisedtolenda booktoafriendintheoffice, buthaveforgottentobringit. When you realize this you apologizeandthensay: A) Imsureyoullfindthisbook very useful fur its account of the historic cities of Anatolia. B) Ifyoureallyneedthatbook tonight,Illgohomeandget itforyouinthelunchhour. C) Ididntknowyouwereeven interestedinhistory. D) I must take it back to the libraryandgetitrenewed. E) Just come along with me and see what books might interestyou.

E) In your opinion, what are some of the main characteristics of a good film?

78. Youareinterviewinganelderly film star for a magazine and want to avoid the facts that everyone knows, and introduceamorepersonaland less wellknown side to his character;soyousay: A) Youve have been had very 79. Now that your aunt has retired, she is planning to leavethetownwhereshehas livedallherlife,andmoveto a small cottage out in the country where the nearest neighbourwillbehalfamile away. You think shes going to feel very lonely and likely toregretthemove.Yousay: A) IthinkIdfindlifethereabit too lonely and quiet, but youve always lived in the some

successful, but you must disappointments.Couldyou tellusaboutsomeofthem? B) Since you know so much about the Film industry, what is your advice to young people hoping to makeacareerinfilms? C) Do you think the future of the film industry is less promising? D) Whichofyourfilmsdoyou thinkisyourbest?

country,soyouknowwhat itslike. B) I think its splendid idea! Youllhavelotsofrelatives coming to visit you with theirchildren. C) Are you sure you arent making a mistake? Remember, youre used to having people you know aroundyoueveryday! D) I expect the garden will keep you pretty busy. Will youbegrowingvegetables aswellasflowers? E) Youllprobablybefine!you getlots ofvisitors! Itreally is a lovely part of the country.

several very poor choices! Your sister never seems to makeamistakeinthechoice ofclothes,soyouwantherto gowithyouandhelp.Yousay: A) As long as it fits properly, thatisallthatmatters.Dont youagree? B) I cant even decide on the color.Whatdoyousuggest? C) Remember!ThistimeIcan affordanexpensiveone D) I do wish youd come with metohelpchooseajacket. You know how hopeless I aminthesematters! E) Whendidyougoshopping last? It must have been agesago.

80. Youaregoingintotowntobuy anewjacketforyourself.You knowyouarenotverygoodat choosingtherightclothesfor yourself;infact,youvemade

81. Your school puts on a play every year. You are no good at acting, but you enjoy sewingandwouldliketohelp withthecostumes.So,when theorganizertriestogiveyou apartintheplay,yousay: A) I dont want to act in the play but Ill do anything else. B) Thankyousomuch;infact, IvealwaysbeentoldIhave agiftforacting. C) NoIcouldntpossiblyactin the play, but Id be very happytomakesomeofthe costumes. D) No,Icantact.AndImnot interested in helping with theproduction. E) In the last years play the costumes were very poor, so you ought to let someone else make them thisyear. A) Whatisthereasonforyour disagreement?Imsureyou areintheright! B) Thisisaridiculousstateof affairs! Forget your stupid pride and go and start 82. Your brother and his best friendhavehadaquarreland have stopped speaking to each other. This state of affairsismakingyourbrother mostunhappy,butherefuses tobethefirsttomakeamove toendthedisagreement.You think this is very foolish of himanddecidetotellhimso plainly.Yousay:

talkingtohimagain! C) Would you like me to go andtalktohimandfindout whatswrong? D) Ofcoursehestoblame:Im glad to see the friendship hasended. E) Forget him then. And start makingnewfriends.

A) Most of the children have theirbirthdaypartiesatthe nurseryschool.Thenallthe childrenenjoythem. B) Dont forget. Its Marys birthdayonSaturdaysoIm expectingyouroundfortea. Dontbelate. C) Maryalwaysexpectsyouto make a chocolatecake for heronherbirthday. D) This year I have arranged for Mary to have her birthday party at the nurseryschool. E) For Marys birthday I was wonderingifyoucouldtake her out for the day; go to thezoo,perhaps.

83. Jane has been ill for some time and still cant leave the house. Her little daughter is clearly getting bored. It will soonbeherbirthday,andshe wants her to have a nice change. So she phones her sisterandsays:

84. Your daughter with her husbandandtwochildrenare movinghouse.Youknowhow tiringajobthisisandwishto help them in some way. You finally decide that the best waytohelp would beto see they all get something good to eat during the move. So yousay: A) Youreallgoingtogetvery tired,soyoumustbesure totakesomerest. B) Let the children stay with me for a few days and Ill seetheyarewellfed. C) Icangotothenewhouse, and after I have organized the kitchen I can do the cooking. D) I canthelpwiththeactual remove,butIcangiveyou all a good meal at my house for the next few evenings. Would you like that? E) Makesurethereisplentyof foodinthehousebecause youll be working hard and 85.

there wont be time to go outandgetameal.

85.92. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz.

Liz: Do you think books for children should avoid social problems and unpleasantsubjects? Clare:No,Idont.Doyou? Liz:_____. Clare:Infact,theycanoften face it better than adults can! A) Certainlynot!ThechildrenI know are quite capable of facingreality. B) Imnotsure.Idontliketo read about unpleasant situationsmyself.

C) No. But I think the best childrens books are the imaginativeones. D) You know Im very fond of fairytales,andtherearea lot of problems and evil charactersinthem. E) Yes, I do. Let the children liveinagoodworldforas longaspossible.

forit! B) Im wondering whether my doctorwillagree. C) No thanks! I was just wonderingwhatitwaslike. D) Actually, I have been wonderingaboutdoingso. E) IwishIcould.Iwonderhow youfindtimeforit.

86. Brian:Didyougotothegym lastnight? Danny: Yes, I did. And I feel much better for it. Why dontyoujoinme? Brian:_____. Danny: Stop wondering and makeitdefinite!Beready at8.15onFriday! A) I cant help wondering where you get the energy 87. Charles:Haveyouheardfrom yourbrotherrecently? Pat: Yes, I have. Hes really

enjoying himself at the MilitaryAcademy. Charles:_____. Pat:Thatwasonlynatural.It really meant a new start for him and hed never even been away from homebefore. A) Hell do fine there. Hes a, naturalleaderyouknow. B) Iknewhewouldbe.Thats whyIencouragedhimtogo there. C) Of course he is! An active lifelikethatisexactlyright forhim. D) Im sure he will be very satisfied with the training offered. Im glad to hear that. E) He seemed a bit worried aboutwhetherhewouldlike it. A) Arent they connected with theaircraftindustry? B) Surely thats not why they arefamous!Orisit? C) But why are they so famous? D) Is that why no one took themseriously? E) Wasnt it the wing design that made their flying machinessosuccessful? 88. Andy: Who were the Wright brothers? Phil:Tostartwith,theywere bicycle repairmen in Ohio. Andy:_____. Phil: Because they were the first men to design an aircraft.

heavysuitcase. C) Yes. But how far away is thestation? D) Arent we in walking distanceofthestation? E) Yes.Imcallingataxiright away.

89. Mary: My train leaves at 8 oclock, so when do you think I should leave the house? Jenny:Youllbetakingataxi, Isuppose? Mary:_____. Jenny: Even so, youd better leaveby7.30astheresa lotoftrafficontheroads atthattime. A) howfaristhetrainstation? Doyouknow? B) Yes, of course. Ive got a 90. Molly: What do you know aboutHelenKeller? Jane: Not very much, really, except that she was a remarkablewoman. Molly:_____.

Jane:No.Shecouldseeand hear until she caught scarlet fever when she was19monthsold. A) Was she born blind and deaf? B) Wasshetheonlychild? C) What made her so remarkable? D) Shemusthavehadagreat dealofcourage! E) When did she lose her eyesight? A) Be sure to let me know whenyoustart. B) Isitopenovernight? C) I did that once and quite enjoyed it, but the hours werelong. D) What a good idea! I might dothesame. E) What will you be doing there?Workingintheshop? 91. Peter: How are you planning tospendthesummer? Kevin: Ive got a job at the localpetrolstation. Peter:_____ Kevin:Ireallydontknow.Ill do anything solong as I canearnalittlemoney.

anyothersoccerballtome. E) Itcostsmuchlessthanthe traditionalballstoproduce.

92. Reg:Itsaysherethattheyve brought out a new ball ready for the next EuropeanChampionships. Steve: Really? And whats specialaboutit? Reg:_____. Steve: Oh! The goalkeepers wontlikethat! A) Itssoftertokick,andsoit willtravelfaster. B) The same firm produces the official match balls for theWorldCuptoo. C) It passed all the tests withoutanyproblems. D) I dont know. It looks like 93. (I)Californiaisfamousforcrazy ideas.(II)Indeed,Californians value crazy ideas, and their inventive spirit has done 93.100. sorularda, cmleler s rasyla okunduunda anlamb tnln bozan cmleyi bulu nuz.

much to change the world. (III)Television,the laser, and humaninsulinwereallideas developed in California. (IV) Sometimes one is surprised atwhatsucceedsandindeed becomes popular. (V) And, indeed, so was the seedless watermelon. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

(II) It starts with the first observations of the ancient Greeks. (III) And so it makes uswonderabouthowourlife began on earth. (IV) It then movesontotheinventionof thetelescopein1608andthe new knowledge it made available.(V)Itendswiththe wonder of 15 January 1996 when the Hubble Space Telescope revealed many newgalaxies. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

95. (I) Robot toys, which have to be treated like living things, notlikemachines,arealready being produced. (II) In Japan, for instance, robot cats will very soon be on the market. (III) In fact, robotics is the sciencemainlyconcernedwith 94. (I)Thisbookgivesahistoryof mans exploration of space. thedesignandconstructionof robots.(IV)Thesecatsarevery affectionateandtheypurrwith

pleasurewhentheyarepetted. (V) If they feel neglected, however, they let their owner knowtheyaredispleased. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

Little Women at the request ofherpublisher,Mr.Miles,(II) Miles himself was not impressed by the story she wrote.(III)However,hisniece and some other young girls were. (IV) So, with some doubtinhismind,hedecided to publish it, and it was an immediate best seller. (V) However, Little Women is a childrens book about real life;itisnotafairytale. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

96. (I) Be sure to go to the new exhibition at the Naval Museum. (II) Personally, Ive neverbeenveryinterestedin the sea and ships. (III) The exhibits range from primitive rafts to a submarine from World War II. (IV) There are lotsofpaintingsofboatsand ships,manyofwhicharevery old. (V) There are also beautifully made models of some of the most famous historicships. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

98. (I) The problem with electric guitarsisthat,fromthepoint ofviewofsound,theycannot be improved. (II) At schools children should be encouragedtoplaytheguitar. (III) They can be decorated andmadetolook better.(IV) Theycanbemadelighterand easier to play. (V) But they cannotbemadetosoundany better.

97. (I) Louisa May Alcott wrote






characteristics of its own to suititsownenvironmentand traditions. (III) Symbolism rather than realism became the most striking feature of this painting. (IV) Japanese and Chinese painters alike oftenchoosetoworkinblack andwhiteonly.(V)Thetypical Japanese representation of nature, for instance, was symbolicratherthanrealistic. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

99. (I) Kiev is one of the most historiccitiesoftheUkraine, (II)Itisbothabusyriverport andamajorrailwayjunction. (III) Despite its rapid growth duringthe19thcentury,Itstill revealsmanysignsofitslong andrichhistory.(IV)Theold citadel still stands in the medieval centre of the city. (V) Nearby is also a famous cathedral that dates back to theMiddleAges. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I) Originally, the Japanese learnedhowtopaintfromthe Chinese. (II) However, over the centuries, Japanese painting soon developed

1. ability yetenek anlamna gelir.WilliamWordsworthni irlerindeolaaneylerebireki cilik yklemek gibi bir yetenei vardr.DoruyantAseeneidir. 2. probable muhtemel, olas anlamna gelir. Doru yant C seeneidir. 8. 3. adult yetikin demektir. JamesJoyce,mrnnyetikin olduu zamannn ounu Fransa, talya ve svirede ge irdi.DoruyantBseeneidir. 4. widelygeniaptaanlamn dadr.BunedenledoruyantD seeneidir. 5. prevent engel olmak 10. hadbeter(yap)sa(k)iyiolur anlamn verir. Doru yant D seeneidir. 11. Tagquestionyapsndandolay will ile kurulmu cmle negative form olmal ve zne iletamamlanmaldr.zne first 9. Bythetimeilebalayancmle past simple ve ikinci cmle bunabalolarak pastperfect olarak kurulmak zorundadr. DoruyantEseeneidir. 7. Robotlarn geliimi zerinde alan bir profesr, bizi ro botlarn dnyada kontrol alabileceikonusundauyard. DoruyantCseeneidir. By the year future perfect continousuzorunlukldndan doruyantAseeneidir. 6. takesth/sb.upwithkapla mak, doldurmak demektir. DoruyantBseeneidir.

demektir. Turistler, sahil bo yuncadierkasabayayrmek istemilerdi ancak frtna buna engeloldu.DoruyantEsee neidir.

time olduundandoruyant A seeneidir. 12. admiration for 18. Whoever her kimse anla mndadr. Cam kran her kimse,yenisininparasnde mek zorunda olacak. Doru yantBseeneidir. 19. lk itfaiye ekibi vardnda, 13. lk cmle passive voice oldu undan sea, by ile tamamlan maldr. Doru yant E seene idir. 20. Herkesin projeden ne kadar 14. My books them zamiri ile ikinci cmle onunkiler anlam vermesi gerektiinden hers ol maldr.Doruyant C seene idir. 15. Yeni personel mdr, Av rupada birka lkeyi ziyaret ettiinisyledi.DoruyantB seeneidir. 16. Earthquake tanmland iin, which relative pronounu kul lanlmaldr. Doru yant E se eneidir. 17. Since iin anlamndadr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 21. Paray tamamyla anladn zaman,paranniyibirzetini yazabilirsin. Doru yant C seeneidir. 22. Bankadan dar koan be maskeli grdmz zaman hemen polise haber verdik. DoruyantBseeneidir. 23. Deneyvesonularnbilimsel bilginin temeli olmas byk lde Galileoya ve keifle kazanacan fark etmesiyle projeye tm yollar kapand. BunedenledoruyantAsee neidir. yangn dier binaya oktan sramt. Doru yant D se eneidir. understanding of ile devam etmelidir. Doru yant D see neidir.

rine baldr. Doru yant D seeneidir. 29. has yet been reached 24. Otobse yetimek iin ko mu olsaydk, taksiye bin meye gerek kalmayacakt. DoruyantEseeneidir. about henz ulalama mtr anlamn ierdiinden doruyantAseeneidir. 30. AngloSaksonaddaverilen eskingilizdili,bugnsadece bu dilin zel renimini gr 25. Avusturyal besteci Hydnn klasik mzie; zellikle sen fonialanndakikatklarzne olduuiindoruyantA see neidir. 31. From the 1960s 26. Thomas Gray, whorelative pronounu ile tanmland iin doruyantBseeneidir. 32. Amazons had their right 27. Hititler,eskibirAnadoluhal kyd. cmlenin temelidir. Bu dayalnzca E seeneindean latlmaktadr. breast removed in order to hold A bow beter Ama zonlarnyaydahaiyitutmak iin sa gslerini aldrdk larnainanlyordu. Inantiquityeskiada 28. 1930da kefedilen Pluton cmlenin znesi olduu iin doruyantCseeneidir. it is believed passive voicedendolaydoruyant C seeneidir. 1960lardan itibaren anlam cmlede nemli yer tar. DoruyantAseeneidir. m olanlar tarafndan oku nabilmektedir. Doru yant E seeneidir.

wrote The Water Babies for his youngest child past 33. Clevelandda domu siyah bir Amerikal atlet olan Jesse Owens tanm relative 38. Cmledeki byle bir yarma kavram the concept of such A competion ile ifade edilmesi gerektiinden doru 34. Sokratesin eitime ahlaki bir yaklam vard 39. Cmlenin yklemi ele alr concerndr.Bunedenledoru yantCseeneidir. Socrates had an ethical approach to education ile ifadeedildiindendoruyantC seeneidir. 35. konulardan biri one of the subjects; edebiyat ile siyaset arasndakiilikiydi wastherelationshipbetween literature and politics ile tam anlam kazand iin doru yantAseeneidir. 36. Polisiyeromanthedetective novelcmlesininznesiolduu iindoruyantBseeneidir. 37. CharlesKingsley, SuBebek lerini en kk ocuu iin yazd. Charles Kingsley 40. Thomas Hardy, daha ok bir romancolarakbilinir;passivebir cmle gerektirir. Ayrca cmlede esasolan,uzunyaamboyunca iiryazmolmasdrhewrote poetrythroughouthislonglife. Bu nedenle doru yant E seeneidir. 41. Paradaki more important is the fect the characters in it are so real and alive cmle sine yaknl nedeniyle doru yantAseeneidir. yantEseeneidir. pronoun ile kurulduu iin doruyantBseeneidir. simple bir cmle olduu iin doruyantDseeneidir.

42. fortheirfaultsmakethem amusing cmlesindeki an lamla yakndan ilikili olduu iindoruyantDseeneidir.

47. Parann ilk cmlesinden anla laca gibi doru yant C se eneidir. 48. He fetches a 20 minute walk cmlesi ortaya koyuyor ki Nelson her gnn byk bir

43. confident of herselfin an lamca en yakn cares for no onebutherselfcmlesiolduu iindoruyantCseeneidir.

blmn zorlu yollarda yrylerle geiriyor. Doru yantBseeneidir. 49. Parannbtnitibariyledoru yant D seeneidir. 5litrejar,

44. Paradakiikincicmleninbaka birifadesiolduuiindoruya ntBseeneidir.

Aglassofmilk,driedpear gibi. 50. lk cmleden karlabildii gibi doruyantEseeneidir.

45. Lovell Telesekopunun elikten yaplm olmas, onun bak mnda ciddi problemleri de be raberinde getirmektedir. Doru yantDseeneidir. 51. Yavru fillerin yalnzca beslen medikleri, doal hayata uyum salayabilmelerinin de salan d belirtildiinden doru yant Aseeneidir. 46. Bu teleskopun boyanmas iin zelbireitimalnmasgerektii parada vurgulanmtr. Bu ne denledoruyantAseeneidir. 52. They helping them to learn which foods are best cm lesindenanlalrkidoruyant Dseeneidir. 53. Paradan anlald gibi

Galileo zamannda matemati in,doayanlamannanahtar olduu ilk kez kabul edilmitir. DoruyantCseeneidir.

subirikintileridir. Doru yant A seeneidir. 61. kinci cmleden karlabilecei gibiempanzelertemizsuelde etmekiinkendihavuzlarnu

54. Parann btn dikkate alnd ndadoruyantBseeneidir.

bukyardmylaelleriyleolutur maktadrlar. Doru yant D se eneidir.

55. Soncmledevurgulandzere doruyantAseeneidir. 56. These ideas are always very simple dan karlr ki doruyantCseeneidir. 57. They all have A moral ol duubelirtildiiiindoruyant Eseeneidir. 58. Parann tamam gz nne alnrsa,doruyant B seene idir. 59. Son cmle dikkatli okundu undagryoruzkidoruyant Dseeneidir. 60. empanzeler iin uygun olan su, nehir yataklarndaki kk

62. continously srekli cm lede vurguland iin ve ya murun gnlerce yam olmas nedeniyle doru yant A see neidir. 63. By modern standards comparedwithwhatwehave know ile aklanabilecei iin sorunundoruyantEseene idir. 64. Sabah trenini kardk sa bahtreninegeciktikilebaka bir trl aklanabilir. Doru yantBseeneidir. 65. Afterthenews thenewsis over anlamca en yakndr. Bu nedenledoruyant C seene idir.

73. Boluktan nceki cmlede, 66. Unless ifnot anlamnagelir veilkcmleninolumsuzanlam if ile balayan bir cmle ile olumluya dntrlebilir. Doru yantBseeneidir. 67. So few people hardly anyone ile karlanabildii iin doruyantCseeneidir. 75. Evenso ilebalayancmle 68. Brian,tandmengvenilir kiidir anlamna en yakn cmleAseeneidir. 69. Boluktan sonraki cmle ile nedensellikbakurmakgerekli olduundan en uygun ifade D seeneidir. 70. Anlambakmndantamamlad iindoruyantBseeneidir. 71. Parada atein yaylmas anla tldndandoruyant E see neidir. 72. SamsonveDelilahnyksn aklamayayardmcolduuiin doruyantCseeneidir. 77. Ofisten bir arkadanza dn kitap vermeye sz verdiniz an cakgetirmeyiunuttunuz.Ondan zr dileyip syleyeceiniz ey Eerbugecegerektenihti yacnvarsa,evegidipakam yemei saatinde getiririm. 76. Paradaki Kral 8. Henrynin kiisel zellikleri ele alndn danveinsanlarnhayranolduu ynleri belirtildiinden doru yantAseeneidir. ningiriiolabilecektekcmleyi ierdiiiindoruyantEsee neidir. insann koabilmek iin evrim geirmemi ekilde yaratld anlatld iin bunu tamamla yan bir cmle bulunmaldr. DoruyantBseeneidir. 74. Parannbtnitibariyledoru yantDseeneidir.


konusundaiyideilsiniz.Ancak diki yapmaktan holanyorsu nuz ve kostmlerin dikiminde

78. Sekinbirfilmyldzylarportaj yaparken daha kiisel ve onun daha az bilinen yn ile ilgili syleyebileceiniz ve sorabile ceiniz ey sadece A seene indebulunmaktadr. 79. Halanz emekli oldu ve mr boyuncayaadkasabayterk etmek istiyor, ona, Hata yap madndan emin misin? dersiniz.DoruyantCseene idir. 80. Kendinize yeni bir ceket almak iin ehre gideceksiniz. Kendi seimlerinizegvenmiyorsunuz, seimlerinde hi yanlmadn bildiinizkzkardeinizdenyar dm istiyorsunuz. Bunun iin ona, Ceket almam iin bana yardmagelmeniokisterim. dersiniz.DoruyantDseene idir.

yardm etmek istiyorsunuz. Bu durumda Kostmlerinbazla rn hazrlamaktan mutluluk duyarm.dersiniz.Doruyant Cseeneidir.

82. Erkekkardeiniz,eniyiarkada yla bir tartma yaad ve ilk adm kendisi atmak istemiyor. Siz de bu konuda ona, Bu samagururuunutveonunla tekrarkonumayabala.diye rek tavsiyede bulunursunuz. DoruyantBseeneidir. 83. Jane,birsredirhastaveevden ayrlamyor. Kz kardeinin de can ok sklyor ve yaknda doum gn. Bu nedenle siz dendoumgniinonuhay vanat bahesine gtrmenizi istiyor.Doruyant E seenei dir. 84. Kz kardeiniz ei ve iki ocu

81. Okulunuz, her yl bir oyun or taya koyuyor, siz de rol yapma

uyla birlikte evinden tanyor. Bunun ne kadar yorucu bir i

olduunu biliyorsunuz bu ne denleona, Butanmaesna snda yardm edemiyorum ancakgelecekbirkagnbo yunca yemee bana gelin. diyerek teklifte bulunursunuz. DoruyantDseeneidir. 85. Liz ve Clare, ocuklarn sosyal problemlerle yetikinlerden daha fazla karlat konu sunda hemfikirdir. Bu nedenle doruyantAseeneidir. 86. Brian, Danny ile spor yapmak istemektedir. Ancak bu konuda bir adm atmamtr. Dannynin Brianadncelerini plana d ntrmesi gerektiini syle mesiiinBriann D seenein dekicmleyikullanmasgerekir. 87. Patin bu ok doal demesi iinPatinkardeininbazendi eleri olduunu bildiini syle miolmasgerekir.Doruyant Eseeneidir. 88. Becauseilebalayanbirneden sellik bann kurulmas iin Whynedendiyebirsoruso

rulmuolmaldr.Doruyant C seeneidir.

89. Jeny, Marye taksiye binmesini tavsiye etmektedir. Mary de bunu onaylamaktadr. Bu ne denle doru yant B seenei dir. 90. Molly Helen Kellerin kr ve sar olarak m domu oldu unu sormu olmaldr ki Jane ona, Hayr o grebiliyor ve duyabiliyordu. diye kar ge lebilsin.Doruyant A seene idir.

91. Peterin Kevina petrol istasyo nunda ne yapacan sormu olmas diyalogun btn itiba riyle dorudur. Doru yant E seeneidir.

92. Reg,Steveinmerakettiitopun zelliini sylemelidir. Bu ne denledoruyantAseeneidir.

97. Louisa May Alcottun Kk 93. Parada, Californiann lgn fikirlerletanndndanbahsedi yor.BunedenleIV.cmleanlam btnln bozmaktadr. DoruyantDseeneidir. 94. Para, btn olarak insann evrenin kefini ierir. Dnya zerinde yaamaya balama mzn insann uzay ve evreni merakyla ilgisi yoktur. Doru yantCseeneidir. 98. Elektro gitarlarn anlatld bu parada,ocuklarnokuldagitar almaya zendirilmesi gerekti inin vurgulanmas anlam b tnln bozduu iin doru 95. Para,robotoyuncaklarnpiya saya girmesi ve bunlarn zel likleriyleilgilidir.Robotyapmc l biliminin bununla ilgisi bu lunmamaktadr. Doru yant C seeneidir. yantBseeneidir. 99. Kiev,Ukraynadakieneskitarihi ehirlerdenbiridir;ilekbirnehir limanvenemlidemiryolukav adeil.Doruyant B see neidir. Kadnlar kitabn basmaya ka rarvermesisrecininanlatld bu yazda V. numaral cmle anlam btnln bozmakta dr.DoruyantEseeneidir.

96. Neval Mzesindeki serginin anlatld bu parada Kiisel olarak gemiler ve denizlerle ilgilenmiyorum. neidir. cmlesinin yeriyoktur.DoruyantBsee 100.Para, Japonlarn inlilerden resimyapmaynaslrendiini anlatmaktadr. Japon ve inlilerin genellikle siyah ve beyaz tercih etmesi konu d ndadr. Doru yant D see neidir.



1.22.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. 1. Allteenagershave_____;the problem is to teach them to exploitittothebestadvantage. A) destiny B) compulsion C) potential D) preference E) significance


Have they come to a _____ yet on whether to move to zmirorstayinAntalya? A) disturbance B) suggestion C) reversal D) conflict E) decision


Ireland is in the Atlantic Ocean and_____fromGreat BritainbytheIrishSea. A) established B) occupied C) placed D) inhabited E) separated


Geologists have _____ that Africa was once warmer and wetterthanitistoday.

A) explored B) discovered C) surveyed D) searched E) experimented 7. The meridians are _____ countedfromthemeridianof theobservatoryofGreenwich, in England, which is called thezeromeridian. 5. Australia,whichisnormallya grainsexportingcountry,has started importing wheat and corn to meet a shortage resultingfroma_____drought. A) widespread B) hostile C) sustainable D) secular E) restrictive 6. After decades of speculation astronomers now have fairly _____informationconcerning the basic features of our universe. A) desperate B) preventive C) reluctant D) accurate E) respective 9. 8. Finland, which is three times the size of Ohio, is _____ forested and contains thousandsoflakes,numerous rivers and extensive areas of marshland. A) mutually B) exactly C) heavily D) currently E) profoundly He must have had some sound reasons for _____ A) traditionally B) suitably C) previously D) notably E) markedly

sucharigidtimetable. A) settingout B) drawingup C) runningup D) turningoff E) lookinginto

A) willhavebelieved/arecaring B) have believed / would be caring C) believed/hadcared D) willbelieve/willhavebeen caring E) believe/willbecaring 12. Orphanelephantsneed_____ the same companionship as they_____fromtheirmothers inthewild.

10. Itsadelightfulnovel,andthe readersoongets_____inthe livesofthecharactersasthe storyprogresses. A) caughtup B) foundout C) putout D) turnedover E) fedup 13. He_____alivenowifonlyhe _____ to go back into the burninghouseforsomething. 11. Experts _____ that by 2010, robots_____formanyofthe elderlypeopleintheworld. A) will be / wouldnt have decided B) is/hasntdecided C) couldbe/wouldntdecide A) tohavegiven/hadreceived B) to be given / would have received C) having given / will be receiving D) tohavebeengiven/would receive E) beinggiven/arereceiving

D) wouldbe/hadntdecided E) shouldbe/hasntdecided

the comedy of ideas and otherforms_____comedyis thatitdoesnotdependona situationforitshumour.

14. The first people _____ non stop round the world, _____ captainJamesGallagherand hiscrew. A) tohaveflown/havebeen B) beingflown/are C) tofly/were D) tobeflying/hadbeen E) havingbeenflown/willbe 15. The arctic is one of the few areas _____earth still left unconquered _____ solo explorers, primarily because of the extremely harsh conditions. A) of/for B) over/from C) in/with D) on/by E) for/to

A) about/in B) through/for C) between/of D) over/from E) with/at

17. From a very early age it is clear that some people are _____ better at drawing and painting_____themajorityof us. A) much/than B) more/than C) so/as D) either/or E) even/suchas 18. Many ordinary people dont realizethatfatisnotdigested in thestomach, _____ in the smallintestine.

16. The main difference _____

A) although

B) but C) because D) unless E) while

C) ifever D) howwell E) evenso 21. The name Kzlrmak emphasizes the color of this river, _____ the earlier name Halysstressesitssaltiness.

19. He adores his little granddaughter so hell do _____shewantshimtodo. A) allofthem B) however C) whatever D) mostofall E) thesame

A) whereas B) therefore C) whereby D) moreover E) indeed

20. His



continues to reveal _____ George Orwell understood thebasicconflictsofthemo dernworld. A) justas B) sowell

the oceans and pushing the 22. The film Casablanca, the story_____issetinMorocco during World War II, stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. 23. A) availability A) whose B) ofwhich C) bywhom D) whichever E) what 23.27.sorularda,aadakipar ada numaralanm yerlere uy gundenszckyadaifadeyi bulunuz. In 1912, a German called Wegener declared that all the continents of the world had once been joined together and were now drifting around like giant rafts. His (23) _____ attracted very little interest. In 1915, he published a book on continentaldrift.Noonetookit (24) _____.But (25) _____the early 1960s, geologists (26) _____ to realize that molten rockwasseepingupfromunder 24. A) deliberately B) sensibly C) fairly D) regrettably E) seriously 25. A) under B) by C) over D) at E) from B) invention C) comprehension D) concern E) claim continents further away from (27)_____ataroundtwoanda halfcentimetresayear.

ada numaralanm yerlere uy gundenszckyadaifadeyi bulunuz. The Romantic Age in England was part of a movement that 26. A) arebeginning B) havebegun C) werebeginning D) begin E) wouldbegin affected all the countries of the Western World. The forms of romanticism were (28) _____ manyandvariedthatitisdifficult tospeakofthemovementasa whole. It tended to align (29) _____ with the humanitarian spirit of the democratic revolutionaries. (30) _____, romantics were not always democrats and democrats were not always revolutionaries. Perhapsthe (31) _____thingto say is that romanticism represented an attempt (32) _____thewonderoftheworld. 28. A) so B) as C) both D) neither E) thus

27. A) another B) eachother C) theothers D) oneother E) anyother 28.32.sorularda,aadakipar

29. A) others B) them C) each D) itself E) themselves 30. A) Evenso B) Since C) Accordingly D) Incase E) Onthecontrary 32. A) havingrediscovered B) rediscovering C) torediscover D) tohaverediscovered E) onrediscovering 33.42. sorularda, verilen cm leyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyibulunuz. 33. Campaigns to promote energy conservation have beenaroundsincethe1980s 31. A) safe B) safest C) safety D) safely E) safer _____. A) sothatthere isstilla long way to go before campaignersaresatisfied. B) becauseitisaproblemthat until now has been largely

overlooked. C) butitisonlywiththeadvent of global warming that the issue has really gained momentum. D) just as the next step requires a great deal of detailedplanning. E) even though most industrialized countries

region outside the Solar System. C) sincetheyareoftenvisible fromtheEarth. D) that they pass near the Earthonlyonceeverymillion years. E) just as their dust tails stretch up to 10 million kilometersacrossthesky.

havebeenstronglyinfavor ofthesecampaigns.

35. Watersoftenersareparticularly useful,_____. A) if you live in a hardwater area. 34. Somecometshavesuchlong orbits_____. A) while some asteroids may beburntupcomets. B) in case they come from a B) thattheyremovechemicals andimprovethetaste. C) why London water is so hard. D) sincethewatercontaineda greater concentration of

calcium. E) thoughelectricalappliances requiresoftwater. 36. The personnel officer is lookingforsomeone_____. A) thattheyarewillingtodoa greatdealoftraveling. B) who has a real talent for organization. C) untilhefindssomeonewho reallyissuitable. D) since at present several positionsareavailable. E) whethertheyhavetheright qualifications.

_____. A) though it is roughly the samesizeasacreditcard. B) ifonlyIcouldaffordtobuy it. C) thatunfortunatelyitdoesnt haveazoom. D) sincetheshapewashardly recognizable. E) aswehavebeenwondering aboutwhichonetobuy. 38. By the time Turner was thirteen,_____. A) hisfather,towhomhewas deeply attached, was a barberinLondon. B) hismotherwasawomanof violent temper who eventuallywentmad. C) it was already agreed that heshouldbecomeanartist. D) hewasneveranartistwho reliedonhisgenius. E) he has been called the fatherofimpressionism.

37. This is actually a camera

builtinanage D) Themoonlandinggaverise tostrange,newemotions E) This climbing expedition in the Taurus mountains was acompletefailure 39. Whenthefourthousandyear oldtombwasfinallyopened, _____. A) the archaeologists had looked down into it in disbelief. B) there seems to be nothing initofanyinterestatall. C) theyhavealllookedateach otherinamazement. D) themostexcitingfindingwas asetofsurgicalinstruments. E) it would be a moment of unbearablesuspense. 40. ____whichwascharacterized by supreme selfconfidence andgreatachievement. A) The bombing of Dresden waswidelycriticized B) Henry VIII was a typical Renaissancefigure C) The Great Pyramids were A) Suchadevelopmentforthe conservationofwildlifehad notbeenexpected B) The television offers a wide varietyofcareeropportunities for people interested in wildlife C) The children didnt know whattoexpect D) No one else could have presentedtheprogramme E) Ayoungtelevisionpresenter ofwildlifeisrapidlybecoming famous 41. _____ because she has the ability to make her audience findwildlifeasfascinatingas shedoesherself.

42. Asthesalariesarerelatedto achievements,_____. A) fewpeoplewereinterested inworkinghere. B) research at this institute is highlycompetitive. C) all the applicants would have been confident and ambitious. D) no one will have foreseen suchaproblem. E) standards continued to be impressivelyhigh.

B) Whose paintings attracted most attention at the exhibition? C) Haveyouseenherlately? D) Why were the paintings exhibited? E) Thereisanamazingvariety of paintings on show, isnt there? 44. Yes,thereare.Lookonyour desk. A) Where are the books you promisedtobring? B) Arethoseflowersforme? C) There arentany lettersfor me,arethere? D) Areanyofthereports you arewritingready? E) Aremyglassesoverthere?

43.46.sorularda,verilencmle nin hangi sorunun cevab oldu unubulunuz. 43. Im not sure; Sheilas, probably. A) Who did you go to the exhibitionwith?

tohimstillmissing? E) Why did he go into the secretarysoffice?

45. Theres oneevery half hour onweekdays. A) Do any of these buses go through the centre of the town? B) Doyouoftengobybus? C) Arethechildrenoldenough togoontheirownbybus? D) When does the next bus leave,doyouknow? E) How often is there a bus intotown? 46. Yes, in the secretarys office. A) Where were you at the time? B) Didyoumanagetofindout wherethemeetingistobe held? C) Can he still not remember what he did with those files? D) ArethepapersIpassedon 47.50. sorularda, verilen ngi lizce cmleye en yakn Trke denginibulunuz.

47. In the early years of the fourteenth century, there began to develop in Italy an increasing interest in the manuscripts andRome. A) EskiYunanveRomaelyaz malarnaondrdncyz yln ilk yllarnda talyada duyulmayabalayanilgigi derekyounlat. B) Eski Yunan ve Romadan kalma elyazmalarna on drdnc yzyl balarnda oluanilgi,talyadagiderek artmtr. C) talyada on drdnc yz ylnbalarndaeskiYunan veRomaelyazmalarnadu yulan ilgi giderek artmaya balamtr. D) Ondrdncyzylnilkyl larnda, talyada eski Yu nanveRomadankalanel yazmalarna giderek artan birilgiolumayabalad. E) talyada eski Yunan ve that had survivedfromancientGreece

Romadan kalma elyazma larna youn ilginin ortaya kmas, on drdnc yz ylnilkyllarnarastlar. 48. Although the legend of King Midasandhisobsessionwith goldiswellknownthroughout the world, historical records tellusverylittleabouthislife. A) Kral Midasa ve onun ar altn sevgisine ilikin yk tm dnyada mehur olsa daonunyaamhakkndaki tarihi kaynaklarn bizesy ledikleriokyetersizdir. B) Kral Midasn yks ve onunaltnadknldn yada ok iyi bilinmektedir, ancakonunyaamnailikin olarak tarihi belgelerin bize sylediiyeterlideildir. C) Kral Midasn yks ve onun altna ar ilgisi, tm dnyadanekadariyibilinirse bilinsin,tarihikaynaklarbize onunyaamhakkndahibir eysylemez. D) Kral Midas ve onun altna

dknl tm dnyada bilinen bir efsanedir, ancak, onunhakkndatarihibelgeler bizeokazeysyler. E) Kral Midas ve onun altn tutkusu efsanesi tm dn yada iyi bilinmesine ra men, tarihi belgeler bize onunyaamhakkndaok azeysylemektedir.

Darvin,kuramngelitirdi. D) Darvin,kuramngelitirdii srada, genler iin salam hibirkantyoktu. E) Darvinin kuram, genler hakknda hibir kantn bu lunmadbirdnemdege litirilmiti.

49. At the time Darwin was developing his theory, no hard evidence for genes existed. A) Darvinin kendi kuramn gelitirdii dnemde, gen lere ynelikhibirkantor tayakmamt. B) Darvin,kuramngelitirme sine ramen, genlerle ilgili gvenilir herhangi bir kant yoktu. C) Genlerleilgilikabuledilebilir herhangibirkanteldeedi lememi olmasna ramen, A) Hayvanlar aratrma ama 50. When animals are used for research purposes, it is not the taking of life that people object to, but the suffering thatiscaused.

cyla kullanldnda insan larnkarkt,canaln mas deil, sebep olunan acdr. B) nsanlar, aratrmalarda kul lanlan hayvanlarn ektii acdan ok, onlarn cannn alnmasnakarkarlar. C) Aratrmalarda kullanlan hayvanlarn canlarnn aln masndanok,insanlaron larnacekmesizer. D) nsanlarn aratrmalarda hayvanlarnkullanlmasnda kar ktklar ey, onlarn cannnacektirilerekaln masdr. E) nsanlar, aratrma ama cyla hayvanlar kullanld nda,hemonlarncanlar nnalnmasnahemdeac ekmelerinekarkarlar. A) Manypeopleregardnuclear energyasthebestsourceof powerforcountriesthatare developingindustrially. B) There are a lot of people whofeelthattheindustrially developing countries would find nuclear energy a suitablesourceofpower. C) Many people believe that nuclear energy could provideasuitablesourceof power for the industrially developingcountries. D) These people believe that the industrially developing countries require an adequate source of power such as nuclear energy couldsupply. E) Many people consider that the developing countries 51. Pekokkiinkleerenerjinin sanayi bakmndan geli mekteolanlkeleriinuygun bir g kayna salayabile ceineinanmaktadr.

need a suitable source of power, like nuclear energy, tosupporttheirindustries.

D) InthetimeofShakespeare, thetheatrewasoneofthe most popular forms of entertainment, but by 1649 ithadfallenintodisfavour. E) By1649thetheatre,which had enjoyed so much popularity in the time of Shakespeare, had fallen intodisrepute.

52. Shakespearein dneminde, tiyatro,yaygnbirelencebi imiydi ve 1649da yasakla nncayakadarylekald. A) The theatre was a popular form of entertainment starting in Shakespeares timeandcontinuingto1649 whenitwasbanned. B) In Shakespeares time, the theatrewasapopularformof entertainment and remained so until it was banned in 1649. C) The theatre which enjoyed agreatdealofpopularityin Shakespeares time was bannedin1649. A) Thevolcaniceruptionwhich tookplaceonlo,amoonof Jupiter, in February 2001, wasthelargestsuchevent 53. Subat 2001de Jipiterin ay odameydanagelenvolkanik patlama, gne sisteminde bugnekadarbutrdegr lenenbykolayd.

ever seen in the solar system. B) In February 2001, the volcanic eruption that occurred on lo, one of the moons of Jupiter, was the largesteventofitskindever recorded in the solar system. C) The largest volcanic eruption ever witnessed in the solar system occurred in February 2001 on lo, a moonofJupiter. D) The most violent volcanic activity of this kind ever to have been recorded took placeononeofthemoons of Jupiter, known as lo, in February2001. E) It was on lo, one of the moons of Jupiter, that the mostviolentvolcanicaction evertohavebeendetected inthesolarsystemactually took place, in February 2001.

fethettiklerinde,beraberlerinde trelerineveinanlarnadayal zenginbirszledebiyatgele neigetirmilerdir. A) The AngloSaxon tradition oforalliterature,richintheir customs and traditions, wentwiththemtoEngland whentheyconqueredit. B) The AngloSaxons had a rich tradition of oral literature steeped in their customs and traditions whichtheytooktoEngland whentheyconqueredit. C) When the AngloSaxons conquered England, they brought with them a rich tradition of oral literature steeped in their customs andbeliefs. D) The tradition of oral literature that the Anglo SaxonstooktoEnglandon conqueringthecountrywas rich in their customs and traditions. E) On their arrival in England

54. AngloSaksonlar ngiltereyi

there was already a rich

tradition of oral literature grounded in the customs and beliefs of the Anglo Saxons.

quickly and pleasurably, surely needs nothing else to recommendit.Enjoymentisthe first aim and justification of readingfiction.

55.57. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Thefirstquestiontoask about fictionis:Whybothertoreadit? Withlifeasshortasitis,withso manypressingdemandsonour time,withbooksofinformation, instructionanddiscussionwaiting to be read, why should we spend precious time on works offiction?Theeternalanswers to this question are two: enjoyment and understanding. Sincetheinventionoflanguage, men have taken pleasure in followingandparticipatinginthe imaginary adventures and imaginary experiences of imaginary people. Whatever servestomakelifelesstedious, to make the hours pass more 55. Onepointemphasizedinthe passageisthat_____. A) life, since it is short, shouldnt be wasted in trivialreading. B) informative books, as opposedtofiction,arewhat oneshouldread. C) nonfictional books are the onlyonesworthreading. D) the reading of fiction provides people with a greatdealofenjoyment.

E) through



B) thatgiveusinformationare regardedasthebestkind. C) are divided into two main kinds: fictional and non fictional. D) that deal with human experiencesareclassedas booksofinstruction. E) are regarded merely as a means to make time pass

knowledge of other people isdistorted.

56. According to the passage, fiction has, from very early times,_____. A) always been regarded as superior to other kinds of writing. B) usually been limited to the description of human adventures. C) been regarded as harmful tothedevelopmentofman. D) been a reliable source for theinstructionofman. E) hadagreatappealforman. 57. Inthepassage,books_____. A) that deal with imaginary situationsareconsideredto beawasteoftime.


58.60. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Spacecampsarearesponseto therapidlyexpandingdiscovery ofspaceandtothefascination withtheunknownwhichissuch a deeply ingrained aspect of humannature.Thebirthofthe space camp project, designed toeducateyoungpeopleabout space, goes back to the year 1982. With the support of NASA,thecampsaimtoteach young people about the latest spacetechnologyandsciences in an entertaining atmosphere. They are Americas most populareducationalcentres.Dr WernervonBraun,thescientist celebrated as the father of the Saturn V rocket, which carried the first manned flight to the moon, was the first person to put forward the idea of space camps. A) help improve NASAs injuredpublicimage. B) promotethescientificactivities undertakenbyNASA. C) encourageyoungpeopleto consider making a career for themselves in space sciences. D) spreadamongyoungpeople Dr Werner von Brauns theoriesconcerningspace. E) giveyoungstersanopportunity to enjoy learning about 58. We understand from the passagethatthemainreason whyspacecampsaresetup isto_____.

spaceandrelatedscientific activities.

C) the exploration of space hasrevealednearly allthe secretsoftheuniverse. D) man has always felt attracted to the unfamiliar and the unexplored, such asspace. E) the Saturn V rocket has been used for various purposesintheexploration ofspace.

60. As is pointed out in the passage,thepersonwhofirst suggested the establishment ofspacecamps_____. A) was also responsible for sendingthefirstastronauts tothemoon. 59. As it is pointed out in the passage_____. A) mans knowledge of space grew immensely with the landingonthemoon. B) spacecampsweresetupas soon as space exploration began. B) had himself always been fascinatedbyspace. C) was actually little known untilthefirstmoonlanding. D) hadbeenworkingforNASA sincetheearly1980s. E) had always stressed that the education of young people should have a practicalapproach.

61.63. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Rosesaretheoldestsourceof perfume. Ancient documents mention rose oil, which is the strongestformofthisscent,and inTheIliadHomerrelateshow AphroditerubbedHectorsdead body with rose oil. What was meantbyroseoilinthesetexts wasnotwhatwemeanbythis termtoday,sincewelearnfrom Hippocratesthatitwasobtained by stirring rose petals into hot olive oil. The method of extractingessentialoilofroses was not discovered until much later. The most delightful story told of the discovery of the essential oil relates to the Emperor Jihangir (15691627) whoissaidtohavehaddistilled rosewaterpouredintochannels in the extensive garden of his palacesothattheairwasfilled withthisbeautifulscent. 61. We learn from the passage thatroseoil_____. A) asweknowittodayisthe sameasthatmentionedin earlytexts. B) was, according to Hippocrates, made by mixing rose petals into hot oliveoil. C) cannot be extracted with theuseofoliveoil. D) is now unimportant in the perfumeindustry. E) onlybecamepopularinthe timeoftheEmperorJihangir.

wealthyandthepowerful. 62. Its clear from the passage that the Emperor Jihangir _____. A) followed the method of Hippocrates in the making ofroseoil. B) helpedtodeveloptheprocess ofdistillingrosewater. C) extendedhisgardensothat morerosescouldbegrown. D) learnedaboutroseoilfrom hisreadingsofHomer. E) likedtheluxuryoffillinghis gardenwithrosescent. 63. It is clear from the passage thattheuseofroseoil_____. A) began with the Emperor Jihangir. B) was first introduced by Aphrodite. C) was originally reserved for thedead. D) goes back to mythological times and stories of gods andgoddesses. E) was restricted to the 64.66. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Laughters social role is

definitely important. Todays children may be heading for a wholelotofsocialillsbecause theirplayandleisuretimeisso isolated and they lose out on lots of chances for laughter. When children stare at computer screens, rather than laughing with each other they getsoinvolvedthattheyforget tolaughatall;thisiscontraryto whatsnaturalforthem.Natural social behavior in children is playful behavior, and in such situationslaughterindicatesthat makebelieveaggressionisjust fun, not serious. This is an importantwayinwhichchildren form positive emotional ties, gain new social skills and generally start to move from childhoodtoadulthood.Parents need to be very careful to ensurethattheirchildrenplayin groupsandlaughmore. 65. Aswelearnfromthepassage, one of the drawbacks of computersforchildrenisthat _____. A) childrenneedtotakepartin groupactivities. B) children seem to have grown more aggressive sincethecomputerentered theirlives. C) the computer helps speed up a childs emotional development. D) computer games have a beneficial effect on social behavior. E) laughter does not often haveasocialrole. 64. Thepassageemphasizesthe pointthat_____.

A) there is almost no difference between leisure timeandschooltime. B) childrengetnopleasureout oftheircomputers. C) a great deal of time is wasted. D) computers tend to make children isolated and less sociable. E) they make the activities of children and adults too muchalike. 66. According to the passage, childrenneedtolaugh_____. A) otherwisetheywillbecome illbalanced adults and isolate themselves from others. B) especially when they are not involved in group activities. C) and computer games can providetheopportunity. D) and usually manage to do so even when they are beingreallyaggressive. E) becausethishelpsthemto form relationships with

others and grow up emotionally.

67.69. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Onthethirddayofthenewyear newspapers began to report thatstrangethingswerestarting tohappenintheheavens,and everyone grew excited. A

Planetary Collision, one London paper headed the news, and proclaimed that a strange new planet would probably collide with Neptune. The leader writers of various other newspapers enlarged upon the topic. As a result, in most of the capitals of the world, on January 3rd, there was an expectation, however vague, of some approaching phenomenoninthesky;andas the night followed the sunset round the globe, thousands of people turned their eyes skyward to see, contrary to what they had expected, nothing more exciting than the old familiar stars just as they hadalwaysbeen.

67. As it is clear from the passage,allthatanyonesaw on the night of January 3rd was_____. A) the familiar stars shining withextraordinarybrightness. B) the collision of Neptune withanewplanettheusual nightsky. C) anunknownplanetpassing closetoNeptune. D) whattheyinterpretedasthe birthofanewplanet.

68. We understand from the passage that there was a great deal of excitement everywhere_____. A) because an unknown pla nethadbeendetectedfrom variouspartsoftheworld. B) assoonasthenewplanet

approachedNeptune. C) even before the planetary collisiontookplace. D) whennewspapersannounced that a collision of two planetswastobeexpected. E) as many phenomena had beenobservedintheskies onJanuary3rd. 69. One can conclude from the passagethatthewholeaffair ofplanetscolliding_____. A) aroused little interest among the people in the world. B) was based on scientific factsandobservations. C) wasallimaginary,andmade upbythenewspapers. D) was apparently only of interesttothenewspapers. E) was the reason why so manypeoplepanicked. 70.72. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. HectorHughMunrowasbornin Burma, the son of a police inspectorgeneral. His mother diedwhenhewastwo,andhe was sent home to Scotland to live with relatives. His formal education ended with grammar school,buthisfathertutoredhim onextensivetravels.In1893,his

father got him a post with the Burma police, but his delicate health forced his return to Britain. There he took up a career in writing, and it was whiledoingpoliticalsketchesfor TheWestminsterGazettethathe adopted the penname of Saki. After serving for a time as a foreign correspondent for The Morning Post, he returned to Londontodevotehimselftothe writing of stories and novels. When World War I began, he enlistedasanordinarysoldierin thearmyandwasunfortunately killedinactionin1916.

A) contributed a great deal to hissonseducation. B) didnotwanthissontowork inBurma. C) wasoneofthefoundersof theBurmesepoliceforce. D) wasagreattravelerhimself andencouragedhissonto followhisexample. E) tried to persuade his son nottojointhearmyinWorld WarI.

71. It is pointed out in the passagethatMunro_____. A) commandedaunitoftroops inWorldWarI. B) adaptedhimselfwelltothe climatic conditions of Burma. 70. We understand from the passage that Munros father _____. C) disappointedhisfatherwith his decision to return to England. D) wasnotonlyajournalistbut

alsoawriteroffiction. E) chose the name Saki because it was an easy name for his readers to remember. 72. According to the passage, Munro, before he became a writer,_____. A) worked as a journalist to covereventsofWorldWarI. B) spent all his time in Scotlandwithrelatives. C) traveledverylittle,butread extensively. D) enjoyed exceptionally good health. E) served,forsometimeasa policeman.

that wise? She tried to weigh eachsideofthequestion.Inher home anyway she had shelter andfood; shehad those whom shehadknownallherlifeabout her.Ofcourseshehadtowork hard, both in the house and at business.Whatwouldtheysayof herintheshopwhentheyfound outthatshehadrunawaywitha man?Theywouldsayshewasa fool, perhaps; and her place would be filled up by an advertisement. 73. We understand from the passagethatEveline_____. A) waswonderingwhethershe hadmadetherightdecision indecidingtorunawaywith herboyfriend.

73.75. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Eveline sat at the window watchingtheeveninginvadethe avenue. Her head was leaned againstthewindowcurtains.She wastired.Shehadconsentedto goaway,toleaveherhome.Was

B) waswaitingexcitedlybythe windowforherboyfriend. C) had already given up her jobattheshop. D) was looking forward to making a complete break with her past even though shehadhadaveryhappy childhood.

E) hadknownherboyfriendall herlife.

shopwouldbetaken. C) what the gossip about her wouldbe. D) whereshewouldbeableto findajob. E) howhardshewouldhaveto worktomakealiving.

76.80. sorularda, verilen cm 74. It is clear from the passage that for Eveline, staying at home_____. A) was now quite out of the question. B) wouldbeanightmare. C) would give her neither securitynorlove. D) hadabsolutelynoattractions atall. E) hadcertainadvantagesand certaindisadvantages. 75. One thing that Eveline was concernedabout if she went awaywas_____. A) whetherornotherboyfriend wouldbegoodtoher. B) whether her place in the leye anlamca en yakn olan cmleyibulunuz. 76. Inmyopinion,thislastnovel byPaulWrightisntnearlyas entertainingashisearlyones were. A) Isupposethelastnovelby Paul Wright lacks the humouroftheearlyones. B) ImuchpreferPaulWrights amusingearlynovelstohis laterones. C) To my way of thinking Paul Wrights early novels were amusingbuthislastoneisnt. D) Unlike his last novel, Paul Wrightsearlynovels,itseems tome,wereallfulloffun. E) I think Paul Wrights early

novels were far more enjoyablethanhislastone. 77. Lets go shopping sometime midweek,itgetssocrowded attheweekends. A) I always like to shop mid week as everywhere is so crowdedatweekends. B) Why dont we get this shopping done before the rushhourstarts? C) I suggest we avoid the weekend and do our shopping in the middle of theweekwhenitsquieter. D) Ifinditimpossibletoshopat weekendsbecausethereare somanypeopleeverywhere. E) Thebesttimetogoshopping is midweek when it is usuallyreasonablyquiet.

onPatforit. B) If you need help of any kind, be sure to let Pat know. C) Patcouldhavegivenyouall thehelpyouneed. D) Let Pat know if you need anyhelpwiththis. E) Patistheonetoaskifyou find you require any assistance. 79. Shefinallyagreedtogowith her little sister, but was clearlyreluctanttodoso. A) Sheknewshehadtotake her young sister, but naturallyshedidntwantto. B) It was obvious that she didnt want to accompany heryoung sisterbutinthe endagreedto. C) Shecouldntrefusetotake her little sister but made it clearshedidntwantto.

78. You can rely on Pat to give youanyhelpyoumayneed. A) Should you require any assistance, you can count

D) She would have preferred nottogowithherlittlesister butatlastagreedto. E) She couldnt promise to accompanyhersmallsister

thoughactuallyshewanted to.

airports in the world. New YorkisalsohometotheNew York Stock Exchanging, he largest in the world. The convention and tourist business is an important

80. Everyone will be extremely surprisedifMarydoesntwin therace. A) ItisdoubtfulwhetherMary willwintherace. B) Its hardly likely that Mary willwintherace. C) After all, Mary could have wontherace. D) It is almost certain that Marywillwintherace. E) Marythinkssheisgoingto wintherace. 81.85. sorularda, bo braklan yere parann anlam btnl n salamak iin getirilebile cekcmleyibulunuz. 81. The great metropolis of New YorkCityisthenervecentre ofthenation._____.ItsJohn F. Kennedy International Airport is oneof the busiest

sourceofthecitysincome. A) New York Bay was first discovered in 1524 by an Italianborn navigator, GiovannidaVerrazano. B) Itisaleaderinmanufacturing, foreign trade, commerce andbanking. C) Nearly all the states manufacturing is done on Long Island and along the HudsonRiver. D) Forashorttime,NewYork City was the capital of the UnitedStates. E) Amongitsfamousresidents have been many artists, scientistsandpoliticians.

82. LamartinewasaFrenchpoet who lived between 1790 and

1869. At school he learned Greek, Italian and English, and was strongly influenced by the classics. _____. From 1811to1319heattemptedto write an epic and several tragedies in the classical manner.Yetitwasasalyrical poetthatheachievedfame. A) In general, the Romantic writersplacedtheindividual, rather than society, at the centreoftheirvision. B) ThetermRomanticAgeis used to describe life and literature in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenthcenturies. C) Hewas agreatadmirerof Petrarch,Shakespeareand Byron. D) The French Revolution, whichhestronglysupported, gave great importance to libertyandequality. E) Like any Romantic, he believedinthepossibilityof progress and improvement forhumanity. A) Actually, wood is the only material which has been usedinJapanesesculpture throughoutitshistory. B) There are a large number of relics of ancient Japan, such as baked earthen figures, which may be calledprimitivesculpture. C) Some examples of 7th 83. Stone sculpture is rare in Japan; there are some fine 7thcentury examples in bronze and clay, but bronze hasneverbeenveryextensively used._____Hence,itistobe noticed that all the finest worksof Japanese sculpture are made of wood. Even so, the Japanese are generally considered to be better paintersthansculptors.

century sculpture are preserved in the Japanese museumstoday. D) EarlyJapanesesculptureis veryreminiscentinstyleof the Chinese sculpture of the5thand6lhcenturies. E) Therewasagreatchangein theformofrepresentationin Japanesesculptureafterthe 10thcentury.

productiontoraiseoilprices. A) SaudiArabiaoccupiesmost oftheArabianPeninsula. B) Saudi Arabiahasonethird ofallknownoilreservesin theworld. C) Saudi Arabia contains the worlds largest continuous sanddesert. D) In World War II, Saudi Arabiawasneutral. E) Moreover, Saudi Arabia plays an important role in MiddleEasternpolitics.

84. In Saudi Arabia oil was discovered in 1936, and commercialproductionbegan duringWorldWarII.Itswealth allowedthecountrytoprovide freehealthcareandeducation whilenotcollectinganytaxes from its people. _____. However, falling demand and risingproductioninthe1980s reduced its oil income enormously.Soin2000,Saudi Arabia, along with other oil producing countries, reduced 85. Scientists around the world aredevelopingthetechnology to make space tourism affordable.Themostimportant step is cheap and reusable

spacecraft. Other plans are even more adventurous. _____. Japanese airlines, on theotherhand,areworkingon plans for a space liner or a sightseeing spaceship. So, it seemsthat,inthenearfuture, space tourism will be a new experience for ordinary people. A) Powering a spacecraft still requires vast amounts of fuel, which would make space tourism far too expensive. B) The general public do not seem to be interested in spacematters. C) When tourists eventually startarrivinginspace,they will need somewhere to stay. D) For instance, an American firmisplanningtobuildse ven space stations served by100spaceshuttles. E) A spacecraft is still more than a flying bomb which canexplodeatanysecond. A) Ifyouregoingtothelibrary youdbetterbequick.They closeearlyonMondays. B) Let me know when youre going to the library and Ill comewithyou. C) Read this; youll enjoy it. Andthentakeitbacktothe library. D) Iwishyoudgetabookout for me; something light, holidayreadinginfact. E) As youre going to the library anyway, could you takethisbookbackforme? 86.90. sorularda, verilen du ruma uygun den cmleyi bu lunuz. 86. Asyourfriendisgoingtothe library and you have a book that needs returning, you decide to ask her to take it backforyou.Yousay:

onthetopfloor. E) The lady in the downstairs flatisdeaf.

87. You and your brother have the TV on rather loud for a music programme. You suddenly remember that someone in the flat below is illandshouldntbedisturbed. Soyousay: A) Wedbetterturnthevolume down. Thelady downstairs isveryill. B) Themusicisnolouderthan usual,isit? C) Its really not very loud. I cant think why they are complaining! D) Itsluckyforusthatwelive 88. You know there is a telephone bill that has to be paid. As youll be passing a post office on the way to a friends house, you offer to paythebill.You sayto your mother:

A) Isnt today the last day for payingthetelephonebill? B) Youd better pay that bill beforethephoneiscutoff. C) IsupposeIcouldcallinat the Post Office; its a long wayoffmyroute. D) If you havent paid the phonebill,Icandosoinmy lunchhour. E) As I shall be passing the Post Office, I thought I might as well pay that telephonebill. 89. Youandafriendaregoingto Ordu. The bus isnt due to leave for nearly an hour but you think its time to set off for the bus station as the roadscanbeverybusyabout thistimeintheevening,and you dont want to risk missingthebus.Yousay: A) It wont take more than 15 minutes so we can have another tea before we leave. B) Theresoftenalotoftraffic at this hour, so lets play safe and set off straight away. C) Wedontneedtophonefor a taxi there are always plenty at the corner of the road. D) I hate to arrive at the bus stationtooearly. E) Its muchmorepleasantto wait at home than at the busstation.

him. C) Fredreallyistraininghard.I didntexpecthimtokeepit upsowell. D) Wemustplanareallygood surprise for Fred for when thecompetitionisover. E) I suppose Fred hasnt got thetimetojoinInwithany of our usual activities as 90. Oneofyourfriends,Fred,has started on quite a serious training programme for a big sporting event. He has been training by himself so at the end of the third week, hes clearly not as enthusiastic as hewasatthestart.Youwantto givehimsomeencouragement, so when you are with mutual friendsyousay: A) It cant be much fun for Fred training on his own. Why dont some of us join him at the training sessions? B) Fredwontbeabletocome to the party so lets not disappoint him by asking 91. Greg:Whydoyouwanttobe a geologist? Are you hopingtofindoil? Tony: No. I want to study volcanicactivity.Imsure one ought to be able to 91.95. sorularda, karlkl ko numannbobraklanksmnda sylenmiolabilecekszbulunuz. hestrainingallthetime.

predictearthquakespretty accurately. Greg:_____. Tony:Iwouldntmindthatat all. It would be far preferabletosittinginan officeallday.

Sue:No,itwastheparrot. Sandra:_____. Sue: I know. It copies the sound so perfectly that eventhedogisdeceived andracestothedoor. A) Youmustbejoking!

A) Are earthquakes as dangerousasvolcanoes? B) Idontknow.Apparently,no one earthquake behaves likeanyother. C) Youwouldbedoingalotof fieldwork you know, in rather uncomfortable conditions. D) I dont think you should makeyourmindupyet. E) Itsacareerthatmightsuit youverywell.Goodluck!

B) Are you sure? It sounded justlikethedoorbelltome. C) Well! Well! How long has thisbeengoingonfor? D) Howdoyouknow:Doyou everanswerthedoor? E) Was it really? Well how doesyourdogreact?

92. Sandra:Wasntthatthedoor bell?

D) The Phrygian capital, Gordian, was originally situated on a hill close to Sakarya. E) Youknow,Egyptistheonly country that I know 93. Betty:Ihardlyknowanything abouttheHittitesandthe Phrygians. Who were they? Mary:AllIcantellyouisthat the Hittites preceded the Phrygians in ancient Anatoliaandweredefeated bythem. Betty:_____. Mary: I cant help you with thesethings.Youdbetter getabookonthesubject. A) Yes. I know that but what abouttheirorigins,cultures, religionsandlanguages? B) TheHittiteshadtheircapital in central Anatolia, didnt they? C) I know that Anatolia has always been a crossroads formanypeoplesinhistory. A) Well, then, give him some 94. Albert: By the way, what do you think of Johns performance in the sales department? Richard: As the manager of thedepartment,Ifindhim most promising. All he needs is a bit of encouragement. Albert:_____. Richard:Dontyouworry!Ill domybestforhim. anythingabout.

whenever you have the opportunity. Hes a nice chap. B) Youseemtohaveagrudge againsthimdoyou? C) Hesverywellqualified. D) How long has he been workinginyourdepartment? E) His selfconfidence is a valuable asset and should helphimtosucceed.

Tony:_____. Joan: Good. As a matter of fact, they almost always are. A) I hardly ever agree with whattheysay. B) Even so, her first novel is stillmyfavorite. C) Some of the critics attach more importance to her style than to the other aspectsofhernovels. D) So I see you are familiar with the novels literary quality. E) Theyareright;thestyleand characterization are unusuallyinteresting.

95. Tony: Have you read Doris Lessingsnewnovel? Joan:Iveonlyreadaboutit. Most critics rate it very highly.

Dallas,Texas.(II)Yettheevents of that fateful day remain the subject of much controversy. 96.100. sorularda, cmleler s rasyla okunduunda parann anlam btnln bozan cmleyibulunuz. 96. (I) The cheetah is the fastest movingofallthelandanimals. (II)Thecheetahusuallyprefers to hunt alone, but the males sometimeshuntinpacks.(III)It iscapableofreachingaspeed of70kilometersanhourinjust 2 seconds. (IV) When in pursuitofpreyitcantravelata speedof100127kilometersan hour.(V)Moreover,itcankeep upthisspeedforbetween200 and600metres. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III (III) Was the suspect, Lee HarveyOswald,aloneassassin? (IV)Actually,Dallasisthemost fascinatingcityofTexas.(V)Or was the murder the result majorconspiracy?

98. (I) Sir Walter Raleigh was an outstanding example of the versatileRenaissanceman.(II) Though he was a famous seaman, his real importance liesinotheraccomplishments. (III) As the Renaissance developed in Italy and other European countries, it began to take on added dimensions (IV)Hewasapoet,amusician, a scientist, a historian, an explorerandevenapirate.(V) Healsotookanactivepartin thecolonizationofAmerica. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

97. (I) It is now nearly 40 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in

parachute. (IV) However, the plane landed in a clump of 99. (I)Largequantitiesoficehave been found on Mars. (II) This raises the prospect of a mannedexpeditiontotheRed Planet. (III) So far, manned expeditionstoMarshavebeen prevented by the difficulty in carrying enough water to support a crew. (IV) But if melted, the ice on Mars may providenotjustwaterbutalso oxygen, electricity and hydrogenforrocketfuelcells aswell.(V)Infact,thesurface of Mars is marked by what appears to be driedup shorelines,canyonsandlakes. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III trees near Houston. (V) With itsaidhewasabletoachieve aninjuryfreecrashlanding. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I) For the first time a parachute has saved a light aircraftfromdisaster.(II)The incident concerned a Cirrus SR22aircraft.(III)Whenone partofawingfelloff,thepilot released the singleprop planes novel builtin rescue

1. potential gelimevegeli tirme olana anlamna gel mektedir. Doruyant C see neidir. 2. come to decision karara varmak anlamna gelmektedir. Antalyadakalmakyadazmire tanmak konusunda bir karara varabilmiler mi? cmlesini kurabilmek iin doru yant E seeneidir. 7. 6. accurateinformationeksik siz, kesin bilgi anlamn vere bilmesibakmndandoruyant Dseeneidir. traditionally geleneksel olarak Meridyenlersfrnoktas denilen ngilteredeki Grenwich gzlemevinegresaylr.Doru yantAseeneidir. 3. separate from ayr, farkl, ayrmak demektir. rlanda, At lantik Okyanusundadr ve B yk Britanyay rlanda De nizinden ayrmaktadr. Doru yantEseeneidir. 8. Finlandiya, Ohionun kat byklnde, arlkla aa landrlmtr ve binlerce gl, saysz nehir ve geni bataklk alanla sahiptir. Doru yant C seeneidir. 4. discover ortaya karmak, kefetmek anlamna geldiin dendoruyantBseeneidir. 9. drawup dzenlemek Byle kat bir zaman izelgesi hazr lamakla baz hakl gerekeleri 5. widespread yaygn anla mnageldiindendoruyantA seeneidir.


Pastbircmledir. Bunedenle doruyantCseeneidir.

10. catchupyetimekanlamna gelir. Okuyucu, hikayenin iler lemesiyle karakterlerin yaay na yetiir. Doru yant A se eneidir.

15. on earth dnya zerinde anlamn verir. Cmlenin deva mndakipassiveyapnedeniyle unconquared,by iletamamla nr.DoruyantDseeneidir. 16. Differencebetween arasn

11. By 2010; future continious tensei zorunlu kldndan doruyantEseeneidir.

dakifark demektir.Bunedenle doruyantCseeneidir.

17. Better much ilekullanlrve 12. needtobegiven verilmesi gerekirpassivevoiceugerek tirir.DoruyantBseeneidir. 13. If only past perfect tense ile kullanlr,bunutakipedencmle de would ile tamamlanr. 18. Birok sradan insan yalarn midede deil, barsakta sindi rildiinden haberdar deildir. Doruyant B seeneidir. Bu rada deil fakat (but), anlamyklenmitir. 14. Dnyay uarak durmadan turlayan ilk insanlar James Gallagher ve mrettebatyd. 19. whatever herne(se) anla mnageldiinden,bucmledeki anlamtamolarakveriyor.Yant Cmle;Bireyiinyananeve geridnmeyekararvermeseydi, imdi hayatta olacakt anlamn kazanyor. Doru yant D se eneidir. cmlenin tamam comparative olduuiinikincibolukta than olmasgereklidir.DoruyantA seeneidir.

Cseeneidir. 20. how well George Wellin nasliyianladnkuvvetlendir diiiindoruyant D seene idir. 21. whereasoysa,halbukianla mndadr. ki cmlenin arasn dakiztlgstermeyeyardmc olur.KzlrmakHenrininyenive eski isimleri arasndaki anlam bakmndan farkllna de indiiiinyantAseeneidir. 22. of which relative clause ola rak, Casablanca filmini tanm lamaya yardmc olmaktadr. DoruyantBseeneidir. 28. Romantizmakmnn ok fazla ve eitli trleri olduundan bahsedilmesi nedeniyle bu so runundoruyantAseeneidir. 23. claim iddia,istek anlamna geldiiiin boluagelebilecek uygunszcktr.Doruyant E seeneidir. 29. itself pekitirme zamiriola rakcmleyekendisinianlamn kattiindoruyant D see neidir. 24. take sth / sb. serious yi ciddiye almak demek olduu iindoruyantEseeneidir. 30. Evensodiihaldeanla 27. Burada, eachotherreciprocal pronoun olarakkullanldiin doruyantBseeneidir. 25. Bysresinceanlamnykle dii iin; 1960larn balarnda olarak cmlede yer aldndan doruyantBseeneidir. 26. Birinci cmleyi tamamlayan ikinci cmle past continious olduu iin, birinci cmle de pastcontinious yapdaolmal dr.YantCseeneidir.

mndadr ve btnyle cmleyi niteler. Bu nedenledoru yant Aseeneidir.

ldr. cmlesi anlam bakmn dan bir btn oluturduundan doruyantAseeneidir.

31. Buradaki superlative yapdan dolay thesafest uygunden szcktr.Doruyant B see neidir.

36. who relative pronounun bu cmleye kataca anlam bak mndan,aranankiininzelliini belirtmeyeyardmcolacaiin yantBseeneidir.

32. attemptszc,topreposition ile kullanldndan ve cmlede bir passive durum olmadn dan,doruyantCseeneidir. 33. Cmleye kampanyann dier zelliini de eklemesi bakmn danbutiledevametmekdoru olacandan doru yant C se eneidir. 34. Kuyruklu yldzn yrngesini tanmlayanbircmleolduuiin that ile tamamlamak gerekir. DoruyantDseeneidir. 38. Cmle, past tense ile balad ndan past ile srdrlmelidir. Anlam btnl asndan en uyguncmleolduuiinyantC seeneidir. 39. When ile balayan cmlenin ardndaki cmlenin de past tense iledevametmesigerekir. 35. Eer sert suyun bulunduu bir blgede yayorsanz, su yumuatclar zellikle yarar 40. which ile srdrlen bir cmle YantDseeneidir. 37. though eramen bircm leylebirliktekullanldndanve cmlede bir pozitif anlam bek lendiinden doru yant A se eneidir.

olmas iin tanmlanan bir nesneolmaldr,odaBykPi ramitlerdir. Doru yant C seeneidir. 41. Becausedan sonra yazlan zne she olduundan,ilkcm ledekiznedesheolmaldr.Bu nedenle A young television presenter of wild life zne ola rak uygundur. Yant E seene idir. 42. Satlar, baarlara baldr. cmlesini anlam bakmndan tamamladiin doruyant B seeneidir. 43. Sheilas diye iyelik zamiri kullanlabilmesi iin sorulan cmle whos ile balamaldr. YantBseeneidir. 44. Verilen yant Yes, there are olduuna gre soru Are there olmaldr. Doru yant C see neidir. 45. Yantn,ignlerinde,heryarm saatte bir olmas sorunun Ne

kadar sklkta olmasn ge rekliklar. Doru yant E see neidir. 46. Hem evet hem de yer bildiren biryantverilmesiiinbunay nelik bir soru aramalyz. Yant Bseeneidir. 47. Cmlenin yklemi simple past beganbaladolduuiin doruyantDseeneidir. 48. Cmlede although e ra men yapsn vurgulayan tek seenek olduundandoru ya ntEseeneidir. 49. At the time d srada anlamn tek bana yklendi indendoruyantDseeneidir. 50. butyapsdeil, anlamn vermektedir. yant A seeneidir. 51. Pekokkiiinanrnkar lManypeoplebelieve olduundan doru yant C se eneidir. 52. thetheatrewasa popular

formofentertainmentzne veyklemdenoluanbircmle olan;tiyatro,yaygnbirelence biimiydinintam karloldu undanyantBseeneidir. 53. The volcanic eruption which tookplaca on lo, A moon of Jupiter Jupiterin ay oda meydana gelen volkanik pat lama zne olduu iin doru yantAseeneidir. 54. AngloSaksonlar ngiltereyi fethettiklerinde when ilebalayan pastbircmleyigereklikldndan doruyantCseeneidir. 55. Parada vurgulanan bir nokta da, hayal rn hikayelerioku mann insanlar ok fazla e lendirdiidir. Doru yant D se eneidir. 56. Parayagreeskidenberi,hayal rn hikayeler insanolunun ilgisini ekmektedir. Bu nedenle doruyantEseeneidir. 57. Parannbtndikkatealnd ndavarlansonuolduuiin doruyantCseeneidir. 63. Parada ak olarak anlatlyor ki,glyannkullanmmitolojik devirlere kadar gitmektedir. YantDseeneidir. 61. Since we learn from Hippocrates that is obtained by stirring rose petals into hot olive oil cmlesiyle ayn anlamtadndandoruyant Bseeneidir. 62. Son cmle dikkatli okundu unda grlyor ki doru yant Eseeneidir. 60. Parada uzay kamplarnn, Amerikada en popler eitim merkezi olduu belirtildii iin yantAseeneidir. 58. The camps aim to teach young people cmlesinden yola karak doru yant E se eneidir. 59. Parann ilk cmlesinin belirt mesi nedeniyle doru yant D seeneidir.

64. Parada, ocuklarn grup aktivi telerinde yer almaya ihtiyac ol duu vurgulandndan, bu ne denledoruyantAseeneidir. 65. children get so involvedthat theyforgettolaughatall cmlesiyle ayn anlam verdi indenyantDseeneidir.

69. Paraya gre, iki gezegenin arpmasndan korkulmas ta mamyla gazete tarafndan uydurulmutur. Doru yant C seeneidir. 70. Paradan anlalan Munronun babasnn, Munronun eitimine byk katkda bulunmu oldu udur.DoruyantAseeneidir.

66. This is an important way inwhicnchildrenformpositive emotional ties cmlesinden karlabildiigibidoruyantE seeneidir. 72. In1893,hisfathergothimA got with the Burma police 67. 3 Ocak akam hi kimse gecegkyzndeolaand bireygrmedi. Doruyant Cseeneidir. 73. Paradan anlalan, Evelinein erkek arkadayla kamakla doru karar verdiini umduu 68. Parannbtndikkatealnd nda varlan sonu, iki geze genin arpacann beklendi inin gazetelerde duyurulma sylaheryerdebykbirheye cannolumasdr. 74. Inherhomeanywayshehad shelterandfood, cmlesin den karlan bir sonu olduu dur.YantAseeneidir. cmlesinden hareketle doru yantEseeneidir. 71. He took up carrer in writing, cmlesinde de grdmz gibidoruyantDseeneidir.


kes iin srpriz olacak olmas, Mary kesinlikle yar kazana cakanlamylaetir.Bunedenle

75. Parann son cmlesinde, Evelinein evresindeki insanla rn buolayreklam yapabilece ini dnmesinden karlan sonu olduundan doru yant Cseeneidir. 76. In my opinion I think ile eanlaml olduundan yant E seeneidir. 77. Lets go, bir teklif cmlesi (suggestion) olduundan, tam karl I suggesttir. Yant C seeneidir. 78. Cmlede nemli olan rely on phrasalverbdr.Bunukar layan count onun bulunmas nedeniyle doru yant A see neidir. 79. reluctantneanlamlsnot want olmas nedeniyle ant B seeneidir.


81. Tantlan kii John F. Kenedy olduu ve bir nceki cmlede onunla ilgili aklayc bilgilerin verilmesi gerektii iin doru yantBseeneidir.

82. Parada,Lamartineinklasikler den etkilendii belirtildiine gre, hayran olduu isimlerin verilmesi beklenir. Doru yant Cseeneidir. 83. Parann anlam btnl a sndan, boluktan sonra Japon heykel sanatnn tahta ile ol duu yazlmtr. yle ise bir ncekicmledebununlailgilin aklamann yaplmas gerek mektedir. Doru yant A see neidir.

84. Cmleler arasndaki btnl 80. Mary yar kazanamazsa her salamas bakmndan en uy

gun cmle olduu iin doru yantBseeneidir.

den geeceksiniz, postaneye urayp faturay deyebilecei nizidnrsnz.Doruyant Eseeneidir.

85. Otherplans dierplanlara rnek gstermesi nedeniyle doruyantDseeneidir.

89. PlanladnzOrduseyahatiiin otobsn kalk saatine 1 saat var.Ancakbusaattetrafikyoun olacak.Bununiinarkadanza yola kmak iin dikkatli davranmanz gerektiini syler siniz.DoruyantBseeneidir. 90. Byk bir spor aktivitesine ha zrlanan arkadanza msaba kada destek olabilmek iin ar kadalarnza,Oradabulunup Frededestek verelim. dersi niz.DoruyantAseeneidir. 91. Tonynin kurduu cmle wouldnt kalbyla olduuna gre, Gregwould ilekurulu bir cmle kullanm olmaldr. DoruyantCseeneidir. 92. Sandra, papaann kartt sesi kap zili sesi sanmtr. Sue, Sandrann bu konuda hakl olduunu aklad iin doruyantBseeneidir.

86. Bir arkadanz ktphaneye gidiyor, geri verilmesi gereken bir kitabnz var. Sizin iin geri verebilir mi diye soracaksnz. Seeneklerde tek soru cmlesi olmas itibariyle yant E see neidir.

87. Erkek kardeinizle birlikte yk seksestetelevizyondabirmzik program izliyorsunuz. Aklnza altkattahastabiriolduugeldi. Bunun iin syleyebileceiniz enuyguncmleSesinikssak iyiolur,altkattakibayanok hasta. seeneidir. 88. denmesi gereken bir telefon borcunuz var ve bir arkada nzagiderkenpostaneninnn olur. Yant A

rin konuyla ilgisi yoktur. Doru 93. Mary, Bettyye bu konularda yardmcolamamdediinegre, Betty ona Hititler hakknda bir takm sorular sormu olmaldr. YantAseeneidir. 94. Richard, John iin en iyisini yapacan sylediine gre; Albertin Richardtan John iin bir istei olmaldr. Doru yant Aseeneidir. 95. Tony ve Juan, Doris Lessingin yeni roman hakknda ayn olumlu fikirleri paylat iin yantEseeneidir. 96. Parada talarn hzlarndan bahsedilmektedir. talarn tek bana avlandklar konu dn dadr.DoruyantBseeneidir. 97. Dallasn Teksasn en byle yici ehri olmasnn para b tnlnbozduuaktr.Yant Dseeneidir. 98. Parada, Walter Raleighten bahsedilmektedir. Rnesans dneminde yaanan gelimele 100.Parada, uak kazasnn kaza esnasndakiayrntlaranlatlmak tadr.Drdnccmleninkonuyla ilgisi yoktur. Doru yant D seeneidir. 99. Marsncorafiyapsndanbah sedildiicmleninMarstakibuz ktlesi zerine yaplan aratr malarla bir ilgisi yoktur. Doru yantEseeneidir. yantCseeneidir.



1.22.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz.

to the high quality of the ____.

A) descriptions 1. ThereligionoftheHittiteswas based upon ____ of a sun goddessandastormgod. A) wonder B) invention C) survival D) worship E) display A) inhabitants B) guests C) population D) citizens E) troops 3. B) sales C) audiences D) articles E) products Thefirst____ofAustraliawere the Aborigines, who migrated thereatleast40,000yearsago fromSoutheastAsia.

4. 2. The success of the classical recordindustryislargelydue

Inspiteofmuchresearchinto thesubject,westillonly____ knowhowandwhytornadoes form.

A) likely B) truly C) ideally D) partially E) fairly 7. In his final years of office, President Clinton maintained a _____ low profile but took severalmajortripsoverseas. 5. Ideally, museums should have lots of public money, ____spacetoexhibitmostof their treasures and enough stafftolookafterthem. A) grateful B) sufficient C) incredible D) portative E) radiant 6. Volunteerfirebrigades,unlike professionalones,____have thetrainingtodealwithbigor complicatedfires. 8. Althoughitisdyingoutinthe towns, folk dance is still a vibrant tradition in Turkish villages,asyoumaywellsee if you _____ a traditional weddingparty. A) involve A) secretly B) suddenly C) rarely D) reasonably E) convincingly 9. B) attend C) demonstrate D) consist E) relieve If your brother phones, be sure to ask him if he really A) certainly B) randomly C) strongly D) plainly E) relatively

has____smoking. A) went/hadblocked A) givenup B) putaway C) madeout D) openedup E) turnedoff B) willgo/wouldblock C) havegone/areblocking D) weregoing/block E) would go / are going to block 12. Tofino, which _____ once a quietfishingvillageinCanada, _____ a popular yearround 10. TheFrenchexplorerM.Peisel was touring Tibet when he first ____ a series of tall, mysterious, starshaped stone towers along the Chineseborder. A) gotthrough B) cameacross C) feltfor D) madeup E) ranover 13. Theclockfacewhich_____in its present form since the seventeenthcenturyisonits way out, _____ its place to thedigitalclock. 11. French lorrydrivers ____ on strikeandnowthey_____the roads, which is their usual way of showing their discontent. A) exists/hasleft B) existed/isleaving C) hadexisted/wasleaving D) wasexisting/hadleft E) hasexisted/leaving A) is/isbecoming B) hadbeen/became C) hasbeen/hadbecome D) was/hasbecome E) wouldhavebeen/willbecome resortnow.

14. InsouthernCalifornia,halfthe region'swaterneeds_____by rainfall, but most of its rain _____straightintothesea. A) are being met / would be channelled B) couldbemet/ischannelled C) couldhavebeen met/will bechannelled D) couldhavebeen met/will bechannelled E) were being met/ will have beenchannelled 15. Little is known of early Finnish history, but it ____ thattheancestorsofthemo dern Finns ____ in Finland about9,000yearsago. A) isthought/arrived B) wasthought/wouldarrive C) has been thought / were arriving D) had been thought / had beenarriving E) would be thought / would havearrived

16. The Mississippi Valley, where she spent the greater part _____ her life provides the background_____mostofher stories. A) in/to B) of/for C) with/in D) from/over E) through/of

17. She looked _____ the sea _____thelighthouseandtried torememberallthedetails. A) across/towards B) over/across C) at/with D) through/at E) to/near 18. Emily Dickinson, _____ is a famousNewEnglandpoetof the nineteenth century, published only seven poems inherlifetime.

B) so/as A) whose B) whom C) which D) aboutwhom E) who C) as/as D) more/which E) the/that 21. They are worried that if the declineinthenumber ofthe Siberian tigers continues at this high rate, _____ of the species will be left in a few years. 19. Temperature is difficult to defineprecisely,_____weall haveanideaofwhatwemean byit. A) whether B) incase C) justas D) but E) sofaras A) many B) none C) most D) any E) least

20. NewYorkis_____important in the SpiderMan film _____ anyactoris. A) an/than


22. The price of space travel is still _____ high for most people, but there are some _____cheaperalternatives. A) too/much B) so/more C) more/such D) as/even E) most/many 23.27. sorularda, parada nu maralanmyerlereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. Japan has a large number of greatartists.Ofalltheartistsof Japan, the one Westerners probably like and (23) _____ bestisHokusai.Hewasa (24) _____, unpredictable man who livedinasmanyasahundred different houses and changed hisname (25) _____30times. Hokusai never painted in one periodorstyle (26) _____very longatatime;heneverseemed to stop (27) _____ after

23. A) disturb B) discover C) allow D) suspect E) gothrough

24. A) determined B) restless C) reliable D) consistent E) sensible 25. A) greatest B) theleast C) atbest D) mostly E) atleast

28.32. sorularda, parada nu maralanmyerlereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz. The etymology of the word "chocolate" may remain (28) 26. A) through B) at C) for D) with E) over _____andopentodebateeven today;buttherecanbenoreal doubt that the ancient Aztec civilization lies at the origin of chocolate. The god Quetzalcoatl, gardener of paradise, was respected (29) _____ guardian of the cacao tree, purveyor of both strength and wealth. The seeds, or beans,wereusedasaformof currency, valid (30) _____ for thepurchaseofeverydayitems and for the payment of tribute money to the king. It was the spectacle of monkeys sucking therefreshingjuicesaroundthe beans that first (31) ______ 27. A) tohavebeenchased B) chasing C) havingchased D) tochase E) beingchased men the idea of tasting them. Fromthere,itwasashortstep to consuming the beans (32) _____.

31. A) havinggiven B) gave C) hadgiven 28. A) regular B) indifferent C) faithful D) uncertain E) suitable 29. A) just B) even C) like D) for E) as 32. A) themselves B) astheirs C) itself D) bythem E) forthem 33.42. sorularda, verilen cm leyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan 30. A) notonly B) either C) both D) asif E) more 33. As the manager won't admit to being at fault himself, _____. A) he had been obliged to confesstoo B) the trial period wouldn't haveendedsosuddenly C) others received the blame ifadeyibulunuz. D) tohavegiven E) hasgiven

forit D) we would all have been equallytoblame E) he'stryingtoputtheblame onhisassistants

inGermany B) Therewereactuallyrelatively fewer car accidents during thesummermonths C) Those roads weren't in needofrepair D) It's possible to drive from LondontoEdinburghinsix hours E) Aminimumspeedlimitwas finallyagreedon

34. Although Italywaspolitically troubledforcenturies,_____. A) thepoliticalandcommercial rivalries between Genoa andVenicewereintense B) it is a long peninsula shapedlikeaboot C) itwastheculturalcentreof Europefromthe13 tothe 16 century D) theRomanshadoverthrown the Etruscans in the 3 centuryB.C. E) Milan,NaplesandSardinia hadbeenlosttoAustriain theearly18 century 35. _____,wherethecarsarefast andhighwayscrowded. A) The physics of traffic is rapidly gaining importance
th rd th th

36. _____ that are big enough and strong enough to kill dogs and sometimes even people. A) These young lions had to learnhowtokilltheirprey B) Size is not necessarily a signofstrength C) Thebiggertheanimalsare

D) Snakes can kill by poisoning E) In New Guinea there are birds 37. Because the public theatres in Renaissance England attracted large audiences from all levels of society, ____. A) ThomasCampionwasone of the most popular songwritersoftheperiod B) other places of entertainmenthadalsobeen builtalongtheriverThames C) pickpockets and other criminalsweredrawnthere D) infactnativeEnglishdrama had existed at least since medievaltimes E) William Shakespeare played a very important part in the development of Englishdrama

38. Maintaining the environment isn'tsimplyprotectinganimals _____. A) unless they had almost becomeextinct B) thatarerareandexotic C) which could have been donebetterbyazoo D) since many of them are indeeddangerous E) whethermanistheplanet's mostdangerousenemy 39. A job interview is a chance foryoutofindout_____. A) since first impressions are ofgreatimportance B) asifyoureallyweretheone theywerelookingfor C) ifyouaregoingtoprepare somerelevantquestions D) whetheryouandthejobare rightforeachother E) solongasyouareableto relax

suitableworkinLondon D) Assoonasshehearsfrom you E) Whenevershewrotetome aboutherproblems

40. Holes in the sides of their new World Cup shirts create drafts_____. A) when temperatures rose sharplyinJuly B) ifonlytheycouldgetridof excessmoisture C) whileithasbeendesigned forhot,wetclimates D) whetherthefitneedstobe considered E) which help to keep the playerscool 41. _____,shereturnedtoIreland to work in a hospital near Dublin. A) If there had been another war B) Soonafterthewarbegan C) Unless she can find A) butmanyNorthCarolinians werefightingelsewhere B) while the region was establishedasacolony C) since it is the nation's largest textile and furniture producer D) solongasitwasoneofthe most densely populated regionsofthecountry E) asthefirstsettlementswere establishedintheregionin

42. DuringtheAmericanRevolution, therewasrelativelylittlefighting actually in North Carolina, _____.

1653 43.46.sorularda,verilencmle nin hahgi sorunun cevab oldu unubulunuz. 43. I'm not sure; Sheila's probably. A) Werethereanylandscapes attheexhibition? B) Who did you go to the exhibitionwith? C) Where were the paintings exhibited? D) Whose paintings attracted most attention at the exhibition? E) Did the portraits cover the 20 centuryonly?

A) Who is going to organize thenextclasspicnic? B) Willthemanagerbecalling anothermeetingthismonth? C) Howoftendoesyoursister cometovisityou? D) Why are they so late with theexaminationsthisyear? E) When can we go to the cinemaagain? 45. It's not really necessary; but I'm sure they would be pleasedifwedid. A) Must we ask June and Petertocometoo? B) Are you going to get a presentforJohn? C) Why are you making so manysandwiches? D) Can we walk there, or will wehavetotakeabus? E) Did you tellPathowmuch wewantedhertocome?

44. It depends; on average, perhaps,acoupleoftimesa month. 46. Ididn'tknowmyselfuntiltwo

orthreedaysago. A) Have you ever thought of going on a skiing holiday instead of going to the seaside? B) Which of the cruises are yougoingtojoin? C) Whydidn'tyouletmeknow earlierthatyouweregoing to be in Edinburgh in September? D) Who arranged all the detailsoftheholidayforyou and booked you in at this hotel? E) Couldn't you have got someone else to run the officeforaweek? 47.50. sorularda, verilen ngi lizcecmleyeanlamca enyakn Trkecmleyibulunuz. 47. Wevaluealltheartsbecause theyenrichanddiversifyour emotionallife. A) Duyguyaammzn zengin olmasn ve eitlilik ka zanmasn salayan tm

sanatlar bizim iin deerli dir. B) Tm sanatlara deer vere rek duygu yaammzn zengin ve eitli olmasn salarz. C) Duyguyaammznzengin lemesivefarklolmasiin tmsanatlaradeerveririz. D) Tmsanatlaradeerveririz nk duygu yaammz zenginletirir ve eitlendi rirler. E) Bizim iin deerli olan tm sanatlar,duyguyaammz zenginletirirveeitlendirir.

48. Cutting down trees to build housesnotonlydamagesthe environment, but also

threatenshumanhealth. A) Ev yapmak amacyla aalarnkesilmesievreye zarar vermekle kalmaz, in sansalndatehditeder. B) Evyaparkenbazaalarn kesilmesievreyezararve rir, ayn zamanda insan salntehditeder. C) Evyapmakamacylaaa larn kesilmesi insan sal n tehdit etmese de ev reyezararverir. D) Aalarn ev yapmak iin kesilmesihemevreyihem de insan saln kt et kiler. E) evreye zararverenvein san saln tehdit eden nedenlerden biri aalarn evyapmakiinkesilmesidir. A) Bilgisayarlardageliimina rtc derecede hzl ol mas,geleceinngrlen den farkl olabileceini gsteriyor. B) Bilgisayarlar artc dere cede hzl bir geliim gs terdii iin gelecek bugn denfarklolabilir. C) Bilgisayarlarn geliimi artc derecede hzl ol mutur ve gelecek, bug nn tahminlerinden farkl olabilir. D) artc derecede hzl bir geliim gsteren bilgi sa yarlar ile gelecek, bugn denfarklolabilir. E) Bilgisayarlar artc dere 49. Thedevelopmentofcomputers hasbeenamazinglyrapid,and the future could be different fromtoday'sforecasts.

cede hzl bir geliim gs termitir,fakatgelecek,bu gn dnlenlerden farkl olabilir.

lamaktadr. D) Satrnn halkalarnn olu umu, srekli olarak eitli kuramlarlaaklanmayaa llmaktadr. E) Satrnn halkalarnn kkeniniaklamakiinbu gne kadar eitli kuramlar nesrlmtr.

50. Sofar,varioustheorieshave been put forward to explain theoriginofSaturn'srings. A) Satrnn halkalar farkl zamanlarda ne srlen deiik kuramlara temel oluturmutur. B) Satrnn halkalarnn olu umunu aklamak iin s rekli olarak yeni kuramlar ortayaatlmaktadr. C) Bugnekadarortayaatlan eitli kuramlar, Satrnn halkalarnn kkenini ak 51.54.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleyeanlamca enyakn ngi lizcecmleyibulunuz. 51. Japonya'da, gelecek otuz ylda nfus azalrken daha

fazla robota gereksinim du yulacaktr. 52. ocuklar her bir ebeveynden A) Morerobotsaregoingtobe needed in Japan as the population decreases over thenextthirtyyears. B) AsthepopulationofJapan is expected to decrease over the next thirty years robots will become even morenecessary. C) The decrease in the population of Japan over these thirty years has addedtotheimportanceof robotsthere. D) Since the population of Japanislikely todecrease overthecomingthirtyyears the need for robots will increase. E) The population of Japan maydecreaseoverthenext thirtyyearsandsotheneed forrobotswillincreaseeven more. A) Family likenesses are inevitable as children get 50% of their genes from eachparent. B) Similarities between family members are to be expectedsincechildrenget 50% of their genes from eachparent. C) Because children inherit 50% of their genes from each parent, similarities between family members arenotsurprising. D) Family likenesses are the resultofthegeneschildren inherit, and 50% of them apparentlycomefromeach parent. E) Such similarities among familymembersshouldnot surprise us since children get50%oftheirgenesfrom genlerinin % 50'sini aldklar iin aile bireyleri arasndaki benzerliklerartcdeildir.


been found close to the town. D) ThereareHittiteremainsin Ankarawhichseemtodate backto1200B.C.butitwas thePhrygianswhoactually foundedthetown. E) Ankarawasfoundedbythe Phrygians but prior to that around 1200 B.C. the Hittites had already been

53. Ankara'da M.. 1200 nce sine uzanan Hitit kalntlar bulunmu olmasna karn, aslnda kent, Frigler tarafn dankurulmutur. A) Ankarawasreallydiscovered by thePhrygians andHittite remainsdatingbackto1200 B.C.havebeenfoundthere. B) Although Hittite remains datingbacktobefore1200 B.C. have been found in Ankara,thetownwasreally foundedbythePhrygians. C) It was the Phrygians who actually founded Ankara, but Hittite remains dating back to 1200 B.C. have


54. Onyedinciyzylnsonunda, Osmanl imparatorluu hala byk ve glyd, ancak ekonomikvebilimselilerleme bakmndanhzlaBat'nnge risindekalmaktayd. A) In the Ottoman Empire, economic and scientific progress failed to keep up withthatoftheWestduring

the seventeenth century, butthesizeandthepower of the Empire remained unchanged. B) By the end of the seventeenth century, the OttomanEmpirewasclearly droppingbehindtheWestin terms of economic and scientificprogressbutnotin termsofsizeandpower. C) The Ottoman Empire continued to be huge and powerfultotheveryendof the seventeenth century, buteconomicandscientific progress was slow in comparisonwiththeWest. D) Attheendoftheseventeenth century,theOttomanEmpire was still vast and powerful, but was rapidly dropping behindtheWestintermsof economic and scientific progress. E) Thesizeandthestrengthof theOttomanEmpirechanged little during the seventeenth centurybutitdroppedrapidly behindtheWestineconomic andscientificmatters. 55.57. sorular aadaki par

ayagrecevaplaynz. Producingfoodcoststheearth dearly.Firstofall,togrowfood, we clear land which always incurs losses of native ecosystems and wildlife. Then weplantcropsorgrazeanimals on the land. The soil loses nutrientsaseachcropistaken from it, so fertilizer is applied. Some fertilizer runs off, polluting the waterways. Some plowed soil runs off, which clouds the waterways and interferes with the growth of aquatic plants and animals. To protectcropsagainstweedsand pests, we apply herbicidesand pesticides. These chemicals also pollute the water and, whereverthewindcarriesthem, the air. Most herbicides and pesticides kill not only weeds and pests, but also native insects, and animals that eat thoseplantsandinsects.

56. The author points out in the passage that the chemicals weusetogrowfood____. A) do not as a general rule pollute either the water or theair 55. The main point made in the passageisthat_____. A) wedamagelandinvarious waysinoureffortstogrow cropsforfood B) itispossibletogrowplenty of food without using any fertilizers C) the pollution caused by herbicides and pesticides caneasilybeovercome D) aquaticplantsandanimals are the ones that suffer most from the use of chemicals E) ecosystems worldwide are being seriously threatened withextinction A) only when the crops are overgrownbyweeds B) since they help to restore ecosystems C) because they have almost no ill effect upon the environment D) toreplacethenutrientsthat cropshavetakenoutofthe B) ultimately cause serious soilloss C) are the same type of chemicals as herbicides andpesticides D) also support the wildlife in theregion E) are both beneficial and harmful 57. It is pointed out in the passage that fertilizers are used_____.

soil E) toprotectcropsfrompests

press during the Renaissance, togetherwithimprovedmethods of manufacturing paper, made possible the rapid spread of knowledge. In 1476, William Caxton set up England's first printingpressatWestminster,a part of London. By 1640, that press and others had printed more than 26,000 different works and editions. With the printingpressandtheincreased availability of books, literacy increased.Itisestimatedthatby 1530 more than half the population of England was literate.

58. We understand from the passagethatpaperproduction methods_____. A) had, prior to the introduction of the printing press,beenrelativelypoor B) had,formanyyears,beena 58.60. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The invention of the printing seriousconcernforCaxton C) improvedrapidlyaroundthe year1640 D) contributed to the reduction

intheprintingcostsofbooks E) in Renaissance England werefaraheadofthosein othercountries 59. It is pointed out in the passage that, during the Renaissance,moreandmore people______. A) began to settle in London, particularly in the neighbourhoodofWestminster B) were setting up printing presses C) began to collect the early editions of the books printedbyCaxton D) realized the need to improve methods of paper production E) begantoreadandwriteas more books were printed andeasytoobtain A) there was no progress whatsoever in the techniquesofprinting B) most books were only po pularforafewmonths C) a remarkable variety of books became available in England D) England'spopulationnearly doubled E) the number of literate peopleremainedthesame 61.63. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Narrowlydefined, fitnessrefers to the characteristics that enable the body to perform physical activity. These characteristics include flexibility of the joints, strength and endurance of the muscles, includingtheheartmuscle,and a healthy body composition. A broader definition of fitness is 60. It is clear from the passage that from the time of Caxton tothemid17thcentury_____. the ability to meet routine physical demands with enough reserve energy to rise to a suddenchallenge.Thisdefinition

shows how fitness relates to everyday life. Ordinary tasks suchascarryingheavysuitcases, opening a stuck window, or climbing four flights of stairs, which might strain an unfit person, are easy for a fit person.Stillanotherdefinitionis the body's ability to withstand stress, meaning both physical and psychological stresses. These definitions do not contradict each other; all three describe the same wonderful conditionofthebody.

abetterdiet D) recommendations on how toachievefitnessinvariably havenoappeal E) exerciseistiringandshould beavoided

62. In the passage the writer _____. A) pointsoutthateverydaylife presents many challenges thateventheveryfitcannot copewith B) attaches more importance tophysicalflexibilitythanto physicalendurance C) gives three definitions of fitness that do not conflict witheachother D) suggests that people routinely perform various taskstomaintaintheirfitness E) claims that physical fitness caneasilybemaintained

61. Accordingtothepassage,for peoplewhoarenotfit,_____. A) psychologicaldepressionis moreorlessinevitable B) the carrying out of various apparently ordinary tasks canberatherdifficult C) thefirstthingtoconsideris

63. The idea of fitness put forwardinthepassage_____. A) seemsratheroutdatedand controversial B) is complicated and contradictory C) seems to ignore the ability towithstandstress D) relates more to the sports enthusiaststhantoordinary people E) includes not only physical fitness, but also the psychologicalone 64.66. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Iwillneverforgetmyfirstvisitto Lascaux. It was a terribly hot Julydayin1949,andIwas11 years old. My parents had decided to show me this prehistoric painted cave that hadbeendiscoverednineyears earlier, and about which there wasstillsomuchtalk.Anewly built road let to the cave near MontignacinsouthwestFrance, and there we found a country fair atmosphere. There were buses,hundredsofvisitorsand people selling ice cream and postcards. There were long linestobuytickets,longlinesto enterthecave.Irecallthesmell

ofthepinetreesandhowmany visitors suffered from the heat. Afteralongwaitmyparentsand I passed through a monumental bronze door and into the semidarkness. We went down thestairsintothelargechamber called the Hall of the Bulls, which was 17 meters long, 7 meterswideand6metershigh. The guide's flashlight lit the walls.Suddenlyallaroundwas a great parade of animals: the bigbulls,theblackhorses,and redandblackdeer.

couldgetintothecave E) onecouldexplorethecave easilyonone'sown

65. The cave which the narrator describes in the passage _____. A) had not yet become a touristattraction B) waslargelyvisitedbylocal

64. One point made by the narrator in this passage is that_____. A) despite its fame the cave itselfwasratherdisappointing B) hewaswellinformedabout thecavebeforehevisitedit C) the cave was in a remote partofFrance,anddifficult togetto D) alotoftimepassedbefore thenarratorandhisparents

people C) presents a vivid picture of what life was like in prehistorictimes D) hadbeenopentothepublic forseveraldecades E) containedagreatmanywall paintings dating back to veryancienttimes 66. It is understood from the passage that the visit to the cave_____.

A) wasoriginallythenarrator's ownidea B) was arranged for the narratorbyhisparents C) was not very enjoyable for the narrator as he felt frightened when he was in thecave D) turned out to be a great disappointment E) tookplaceonadelightfully freshwarmsummer'sday 67.69. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. AtthedoorsoftheCityLibrary waitedadozenmenandhalfas many women; the lucky ones, bysqueezingveryclose,partly sheltered themselves from the cold rain; not a word of conversationpassedamongthem, and time passed very slowly. Thentheclock struck, andthe doors opened. There was a greatrushdownthestairstothe newspaper room, and the first sight of this or that morning paper.Allthewomen,butonlya fewofthemen,weregenuinely eager to search columns of advertisements, on the chance offindingemployment;therest cameforhorseracingnews,or a murder trial, or some such matterof popular interest. Ina very short time each of the

favourite journals had its little crowd, waiting with impatience behindthetwoorthreepersons who managed to read simultaneously.Theonlysound wasthatofrustlingpapers. 68. We understand from the passage that the job advertisements in the newspapers_____. A) interested the women far morethanthemen 67. This passage describes a sceneatapubliclibraryearly onemorning,and_____. A) arguesfortheneedtoopen morepubliclibraries B) stresses the problems of public libraries and how to overcomethem C) is full of details about the peoplethere D) couldbepartofapolitical speech on the lives of workingpeople E) all the people described havethesameinterests B) werethemainattractionfor menandwomenalike C) attracted fewer readers than did the horseracing columns D) soon became the topic of friendlyconversationsamong thereaders E) invariablyfailedtomeetthe expectationsofthereaders 69. It is clear from the passage that people came to the libraryearlyinthemorningin orderto_____. A) read a newspaper before goingtowork B) findoutprimarily,aboutthe

horseracingresults C) geta warmplacein which toshelter D) meettheirfriendsanddoa bitofreading E) getinformationaboutthings thatinterestedthem 70.72. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The tension between financial growth and social instability in 19 century Victorian England influenceditsliterature.Prosperity broughtagreatnumberofnew readers, with money to spend onbooksandperiodicals.Inthis period,whenfewpeoplewentto thetheatreorconcerts,literature functioned as a primary source ofentertainment.Writershadan available audience eager to read and willing to pay. In addition,writerswererespected morethanatanytimeinEnglish literary history. The masses knewandlovedtheworksofthe mostfamous,whilethewealthy sought their friendship. Major Victorian writers had the attention of political and social leaders, andwhenthey spoke, theywerelistenedto.

71. It is clear from the passage that, in the Victorian age, leadingwriters_____. A) mainlyconcernedthemselves with the problems of the masses B) were much respected by 70. Itispointedoutinthepassage that, in Victorian England, _____. A) it was the masses, rather thanthewealthy,whowere hit hard by the economic decline B) theatreswerepopularplaces of entertainment and attractedlargeaudiences C) politicians virtually ignored the opinions expressed by thewritersoftheperiod D) reading was a popular pastimeforeveryone E) there was a remarkable degree of social harmony betweentheclasses A) was affected by the economicandsocialissues oftheage B) was primarily written about andforthewealthy C) deliberately avoided political andsocialissues D) isnotgenerallyregardedas politicians and could influencethem C) often made a career for themselves in politics as theygrewolder D) aimed to entertain rather thantoinstructandguide E) were eager to make theatregoingmorepopular 72. We understand from the passage that Victorian literature_____.

asignificantpartofEnglish literaryhistory E) has never been of much interesttothemasses When ToyStoryI wasreleased in 1995, it became an international sensation. It was thefirstfeaturefilmtobeentirely constructed from computer animation and its considerable technical achievements were theresultoffouryearsofhard work by a large team of computeranimators.Theresults have been greatly appreciated. The question now is: will Toy Story II continue to impress? Judging by the enthusiastic reception at a recent press screening from an audience made up largely of adults, the answerisadefinite"yes"."The moviesthatI'mmostaffectedby are the ones that make me laughhystericallybutalsohave aneffectonmyemotions",says thefilm'sdirectorJohnLasseter. ToyStoryIIdoesjustthat.

73.75. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz.

A) are the ones that are the resultofthejointeffortsof manypeopleworkingunder pressure B) are the ones with a large 73. We learn from the passage thatToyStoryI_____. A) wassoamusingthatmany people wanted to see it againandagain B) appealed more to adults thanitdidtochildren C) receivedpoorreviewsfrom thepress whenit wasfirst screenedforjournalists D) hasbeensurpassedbyToy StoryIIineveryrespect E) was greatly admired throughout the world when itfirstcameout A) broughtgreatfametodirector John Lasseter, though he didn'tactuallydeserveit B) involved a great many peopleandcalledfor a lot ofeffortandcollaboration C) was a costly production, 74. We understand from the passagethatthekindoffilms that please John Lasseter most_____. andthisupsetthedirector D) included both computer animationandliveacting E) was so tiring that Lasseter was reluctant to start work proportion of computer animation C) arethe ones that are both extremely funny and also appealtothefeelings D) deal with sad events that leavepeoplefeelingupset E) arefilmsaboutchildrenand forchildren 75. It is clear from the passage thatthemakingofToyStoryI _____.


everseen. C) Thatwasaterrificfilm,quite unlikeanythingIhaveever

76.80.sodulardaverilencmleye anlamca en ya olan cmleyi kn bulunuz. 76. One of them must be lying, andIsuspectit'sEmma. A) It'sprobably Emma whois lying;itcan'tbeoneofthe others. B) Emma is the one who is lying;it'sclearlynotoneof theothers. C) Clearly it's Emma who is lyingandtheothersarenot. D) Ifanyoneislying,it'sgotto beEmma. E) I have a feeling that it's Emmawhoislying;oneof themcertainlyis. 77. It's thebestfilmI'veseenin ages. A) It's not often one has the chance to see such an excellentfilm. B) It'squitethebestfilmIhave

seen. D) It'salongtimesinceIsaw suchawonderfulfilm. E) It'sanexcellentfilm;Isawit yearsago.

78. Mary felt quite certain that hersisterwouldstandbyher, butintheendshedidn't. A) Mary had hoped that her sister would come to her aid,butsheneverdid. B) Mary was confident that shewouldhavehersister's support,butasitturnedout sheletherdown. C) Marydidn'texpectherown sister to let her down like that. D) ItwasunrealisticofMaryto rely on getting help from hersister. E) Itcameasahorribleshock to Mary when her own

sister turned against her likethat. 79. Oursystemisthatthelosing side pays for the hire of the basketballcourt. A) If our side loses, then we willhavetopayforthehire ofthebasketballcourt. B) I don't see why the losers should havetopay for the hireofthebasketballcourt. C) The way we do it is, whichever side loses, that sidepaysforthehireofthe basketballcourt. D) Withusit'sthewinners,not theloserswhohavetopay forthehireofthebasketball court. E) Thelosersobviouslyexpect thewinningsidetopayfor the hire of the basketball court. 80. Ifonlyyou'dtoldmeyouwere planningtospendthesummer inAlanya,Iwouldhavejoined youthere. A) I'm planning to come to AlanyainthesummerasI hearyou'llbetherethen. B) You should have let me know that you'd be in Alanya during the summer andI'dhavecometoo. C) I will be spending all the summer in Alanya, and hope you'll be able to join methere. D) Let me know if you can manage to get to Alanya nextsummersothatIcan

arrangetojoinyouthere. E) Be sure to let me know whatyourplansareforthe summer, as I'm hoping we canmeetupinAlanya.

arestoriesinpoeticformthat weresung. A) Beforeliteraturewaswritten down,peopletoldstories B) Each word and phrase in this poem is chosen with greatcare C) Inpoems,languageisused in unusual and creative ways D) Proseisthelanguageused ineverydaylife E) Even so, there are certain basic similarities between presentdaypoetryandthat ofthepast

81.85. sorularda, parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifa deyibulunuz. 81. Poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature. ____ . Theyusedrhythmandrhyme to help them remember the stories better. Ballads are a goodexampleofthis,forthey 82. Mostsuccessfulshortstories are characterized by

compression. The writer's aim is to say as much as possible as briefly as possible._____.Itmeansonly that nothing is wasted and thatallthewordsanddetails are chosen for maximum effectiveness. A) Background and time are bothchosencarefully B) Such details will obviously beomitted C) In other words, much emphasis must be put on the portrayal of the main character D) Some writers make even moreuseofsymbolism E) Thisdoesnotmeanthatin order to be good a story hastobeshort A) Thebackgroundissometimes equallyimportant B) Mostbiographiesareabout people who have done somethingsignificant C) In an autobiography, the author is writing about himself D) Thebiographermustcreate living,believablecharacters E) For instance, many people havewrittenbiographiesof 83. Abiographyisanaccountof a person's life. It will often concentrate on that person's achievements and on the difficulties that had to be overcomebeforesuccesswas possible. ____ . But at the same time he must keep to the known facts about the person.


notstatedirectlyeverything thatishappening C) Onewaytofindthemeaning ofunfamiliarwordsistouse thecontext D) A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaningasanotherword E) When we look up an unfamiliar word in a dictionary, we may find morethanonedefinition

84. The word "panic", meaning fear,comesfromthenameof the Greek god Pan, a noisy musicianwhowasthoughtto playhispipesdayandnight in the woods. Long ago peoplethoughtPanmadethe sounds that frightened 85. Mostofourmisconceptionsof art arise from a lack of consistency in the use of the words"art"and"beauty".____. This identification of art and travellers inthewildernessat night._____. A) The word "panic" soon cametodescribetheirfear B) Sometimesanauthordoes

beauty is at the bottom of all our difficulties in the appreciation of art. For art is notnecessarilybeauty.Whether we look at the problem historically or sociologically, wefindthatarthasoftenbeen athingofnobeauty. A) There are certain 86.90. sorularda, verilen du rumda sylenmi olabilecek szbulunuz. 86. Aclassmate,Barry,hasfallen off his bicycle and injured himselfbutnottooseriously. You get hold of another classmate and suggest you go together and visit him to cheerhimup: A) Barry's feeling rather miserable after the bicycle accident and wants us to visithim,shallwe? B) Have you been to visit Barry yet? You do know, don'tyou,thathe'sfallenoff hisbike? C) Did you know that poor Barry has hurt himself falling off a bike? Let's go andamusehimabit. D) Mymotherthinksweought to visit Barry as he's hurt

characteristics common to allthearts B) Wealwaysassumethatart andbeautygotogetherand thatuglinessistheopposite ofart C) Such a theory of art is as inclusive as any theory of artneedstobe D) FortheancientGreeks,art was an idealization of nature, and especially of man E) Inthissenseitistruetosay that art is expression nothing more, andnothingless

himselfabit.Whatdoyou say? E) Dowereallyhavetogoand visit this Barry? He's not badlyhurt.

work. D) Why is it you're so interested in this concert? Becauseofyourfriends? E) I'll have to think about it. What's the date of it? I've rather a lot on at the mo ment.

87. Afriendofyourshasaspare ticket for a special pop concert, and has asked if you'd like to join him and some others at the concert. Obviously you are delighted and accept straight away, saying: A) It'samarvelouschancefor me to get to this pop concert!Ofcourse,I'dlove tocomewithyou. B) I've always been fond of popconcerts,haven'tyou? C) Do you know who is organizing these pop concerts? It must be hard 88. Your brother is supposed to be taking part in a cross country running competition. Hefeelshehasnochanceof winningandsoiswondering about withdrawing from the race.Toencouragehimtorun therace,yousay:

A) This

crosscountry 89. Youaredoingsomeresearch for geography homework on Norway'sfjords.Soyougoto the library and ask the librarianthereforassistance: A) I've found two books on Norway's fjords, but they areveryoutofdate. B) There is nota single book on Norway's fjords in this library! C) Can you help me to find some material on the coastlineofNorway? D) I'm rather disappointed to find you have so little materialonNorwayandits fjords. E) If you'd given me a little assistancewhenIcamein, I would easily have found thesebooksonthefjordsof Norway.

competition is putting too muchstressonyou.Forget it! B) What'sthematterwithyou? If you don't want to run, don't. C) It's not like you to keep changingyourmind.Come on,makeadefinitedecision andkeeptoit. D) By the way, I hear John's notrunning.Whathaveyou decidedtodo? E) Comeon!It'snottheendof the world if you don't win. Andyou'veagoodchance ofwinning.

time you grew up and becamerealistic. D) If we really had plenty of money,wherewouldyougo foryourdreamholiday? E) I don't think these places arenearlyasexoticasthe magazinessuggest.

90. Your mother finds you lookingthroughseveraltravel magazines.Sheknowsyou're longingtogotosomeexotic placeforaholidayandwishes you could. So, as a way of sharing your feelings, she leansoveryourshoulderand saysquietly: A) I wishyouwereabitmore adventurous. When I was your age, we used to go camping! B) Alltheseholidayresortsin farawaycountriesarequite beyond anything we can afford. C) You are wasting your time with these magazines. It's 91.95. sorularda, karlkl ko numann bo braklan ksmn tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulu nuz. 91. Molly:Whatareyoudoingon Saturday? Agnes:_____. Molly:Doyouneedanyhelp? Agnes:Icertainlydo!Youcan use a sewing machine,

can'tyou? A) I've still not finished the costumes for the endof term play. So I'll be busy withthem. B) Ipromisedtohelpmotherin the garden. There really is alottodothere. C) Mylittlebrotherishavinga birthday party and I'm on duty;organizingthegames Isuppose. D) Nothing at all. I've been terribly busy all week and I'm determined to do nothingatallonSaturday. E) Nothing much. Have you anysuggestions?

John: Then don't listen to them.Keepitsimpleand include only what you thinkisnecessary. Martin: Yes;I'msurethatwill bebest. A) I wish I hadn't agreed to playtabletenniswiththem thisevening. B) Ireallywanttoapologizefor breaking that window, but don'tknowwhattosay. C) They keep trying to persuademetogoonthat bicycletripwiththem,butI don'twantto. D) It'sthatletterofapplication. Everyoneistryingtoadvise me;andtheyareallsaying differentthings! E) IknowIdidn'tdoatallwell atthatinterview,soIwon't be offered the job. What canIdotoimprovemyself?

92. John: You'relookingworried. What'sthematter? Martin:_____.

93. Ken: Iplanto spend twoto three months in France whenIfinishschool,and getfluentinFrench. Paul:_____. Ken: Not necessarily. And, besides, I'm earning quiteabitofmoneynow with a parttime job as a waiter. Paul:Goodforyou!Youreally areveryenterprising. A) I'd come with you if only I hadthemoney. B) I'dliketogotoGermanyfor thesamereason. C) That's a good idea. But won'titbeexpensive? D) Lucky you! Where's the moneycomingfrom? E) WillyoubeinParismostof thetime? A) Thefirsttwoyearsarethe hardest. B) Whatyearishein?Third? C) When does he expect to finish? 94. Jenny: How's your brother gettingon?He'satLeeds University,isn'the? Roger:That's right. He's studyingmedicinethere. Jenny:_____. Roger: No. He's in his final year.He'llsoonbeafully qualifieddoctor.

D) He always wanted to be a doctor,didn'the? E) Leeds has agoodmedical school.

Nancy: That's true. So sit down;it'sabouttostart. A) Then how about going to thecinemadowntheroad? B) It is always advisable to confirm a booking but he neverdoesso. C) Yes; and I certainly don't wanttoseeitagain! D) Well, I can't remember anythingaboutit. E) Yes;butitwasaterrificfilm, and wellworth seeing again.

95. Pat: If there's a good film on the TV tonight, let's watchit. Nancy: There's Trial by Jury butwe'vebothseenthat. Pat:_____.

96.100. sorularda, verilen par annanlambtnlnbozan cmleyibulunuz. 96. (I)ModernTrabzonisbuilton a mountainside. (II) It is a bright, busy town with cafes and bookshops and restaurants. (III)Mostvisitors, however,gothereinorderto see the dramatic Byzantine monastery at Sumela. (IV) Trabzon is the largest port alongEasternTurkey'sBlack Seacoast.(V)Thishasbeen carved out of a steep rock cliffandiswellworthavisit. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III 97. (I)Atthistimethewriterwas living in a tiny flat in Edinburgh with her baby daughter.(II)ThelatestHarry Potter book has had an unexpected effect on young fans. (III) Some pediatricians havereportedanoutbreakof headaches among children reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (IV) They attributed this problem tothe8hourreadingsessions the young enthusiasts put in as they worked their way throughthe870pagevolume. (V) Fortunately, the problem clearsupofitsownaccorda day or two after the reader finishesthebook.

allowed the singer to A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III experimentwiththeemphasis on mood rather than strict adherencetoproperbreathing. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

99. (I) Cameroon has begun to makeoneofitsdeadlylakes safe at last. (II) With the increase in oil, timber and coffee exports, Cameroon's economy has improved remarkablyoverrecentyears. (III) Engineers have started installing pipes to remove carbondioxidebuildingupin 98. (I)Contemporaryrockandpop musichascomeaboutdueto vast advances in technology. (II)Inthisrespecttheimpactof themicrophoneshouldnotbe underestimated. (III) Further, certain environmental forces may influence how they sing. (IV) It has enabled quiet, intimate sounds to be magnified.(V)Inturn,thishas the depths of Lake Monoun, whichcoulderuptatanytime andsuffocatepeoplenearby. (IV) The pipes will begin pumping out the gas by the end of the year. (V) This should make Lake Monoun safewithinayearandahalf. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I) Jean Piaget is the

psychologist whose work has had the greatest influence on thestudyofchilddevelopment. (II) Among the first to accept Piaget's theories were educators, who began to

developschoolcurriculabased on his ideas. (III) During the 1940s and 1950s American childpsychologyturnedtoward environmental and conditioningmethods.(IV)He's different from any other psychologist in that his theoreticalviewsarestillwidely accepted in some form by manyoftoday'sdevelopmental psychologists. (V) Further Piaget's many books on child psychologyremainthegreatest contribution to the field by a singlescholar. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

1. worship tapnma anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yant D se eneidir. 2. products rnler anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yant E se eneidir. 3. inhabitants of Australia Avusturalyaya yerleenler anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yantAseeneidir. 4. partially ksmen anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yant D se eneidir. 5. sufficientspaceyeterlialan anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yantBseeneidir. 6. rarely nadiren anlamna geldiinden doru yant C se eneidir. 7. relativelynisbetenanlamna gelmektedir ve doru yant E seeneidir. 11. Cmlenin ikinci ksmndaki za man zarf olan now ifadesi present continuous tense kullanmn gerekli kld iin doruyantCseeneidir. 12. Sorunun ilk ksmndaki once ifadesi (bir zamanlar) gemi zaman gerektiren bir ifade ol duuiinvesorununikinciks mndaki now ifadesi present tense gerektiren bir yap oldu undan doru yant D seene 9. give up smoking sigaray brakmak anlamna gene bir deyim olduundan doru yant Aseeneidir. 10. come across karlamak anlamnagelenbirphrasalverb olduundan doru yant B se eneidir. 8. attend a party bir partiye katlmak anlamna geldiinden doruyantBseeneidir.

idir. 13. Since yaps present perfect kullanmgerektirdiindendoru yantEseeneidir. 14. Soruda Gney Kaliforniyann genel bir yapsndan bahsedil dii iin Passive Present Simple Tense yaps olan B seeneidoruyanttr.

18. Nitelediimizeybirinsanolup cmlede zne pozisyonunda bulunduundan doru yant who ifadesininyeraldEse eneidir.

19. Soruda verilen iki ksm ara snda bir ztlk bulunduundan ikitarafarasndaanlamlbirge i salayan ifade but olup doruyantDseeneidir.

15. Sorunun ikinci ksmnda bir noktazamanifadesiolan 9000 yearsago ifadesikullanldn dan simple past ifadesinin ol duuAseeneidoruyanttr. 16. Part of her life ifadesi onun hayatnn paras ve provide for ifadesi iinsala mak/temin etmek anlamna geldiindendoruyantBsee neidir. 17. lookacrosstheseadenize bakmakvetowardsifadesie doru anlamna geldiinden doruyantAseeneidir. 21. Soruda olumlu cmle yaps kullanlp olumsuz anlam veril mek istendiinden bu anlam karlayannoneofthespecies (trn hibiri) yapsnn bulun duuBseeneidoruyanttr. 22. Sorudakiilkboluktaardere cedeokanlamtayantoove ikinci ksmdaki comparative 20. Soruda, bir olumlu cmlede kyaslamayapldndanbue kildekullanlanasaskalbnn bulunduu C seenei doru yanttr.

yapyniteleyen much ifadeleri nin bulunduu A seenei doruyanttr. 23. go through incelemek, aratrmak anlamna gelen bir ifade olup bolua uygun d mektedir. Doru yant E see neidir. 24. restless hareketli, canl anlamna gelip boluu ta mamlamaktadr. Doru yant B seeneidir. 25. atleast30times enaz30 kez anlamna gelmektedir. 31. Sorunun getii cmlenin ana 26. for very long uzunca bir sure anlamna gelmektedir. DoruyantCseeneidir. 27. Stop fiili bir eyi durdurmak anlamnda kullanldnda ken dinden sonra gerund almakta dr. stop chasing kovala may durdurmak eneidir. anlamna gelmektedir. Doru yant B se 32. the beans themselves fasulyelerin kendisini anla mnagelmektedirvedoruyant Aseeneidir. ksmnda simple past (it was the spectacle) kullanldn dandoruyantBseeneidir. DoruyantEseeneidir. 30. both and yapsnn kullanl dbusorudailkksmbothile tamamlanmaldr.DoruyantC seeneidir. 28. remain uncertain ifadesi belirsiz /pheli olmak anla mnagelmektedirvedoruyant Dseeneidir. 29. was respectedas gibi g rlmek/ kabul edilmek anla mndadr. Doru yant E see neidir.

33. Cmlenin ilk ksmnda future tense kullanldndan zaman uyumu ilkesinden yola karak tek presenttense ifadesinin E seeneinde olduunu gr mekteyiz. Doru yant E see neidir.

37. Because yaps kullanlp bir nedensonu ilikisi sorulmak tadr. Halk tiyatrolarnda her kesimdenseyirciolduuiinyan kesiciler ve dierleri buralara gitmektedir anlamyla doru yantCseeneidir. 38. Verilen cmlenin devamnda

34. Although ifadesi iki taraf ar sndabirztlkgerektirmektedir. Hem bir ztlk ifadesi hem de mantkl bir zaman ve anlam uyumu olmas bakmndan doruyantCseeneidir. 35. Sorukkndenkullanlan where ifadesindenanlaldgibibiryer ifadesinintanmlanmasgereklidir. Buna gre, Germany ifadesinin bulunduu A seenei doru yanttr. 36. Soru kknden bir relative clause kullanld anlalmak tadr. Bu yapya uygun sadece A ve E seenekleri verilmitir. Zaman uyumuda dikkate aln dndadoruyantEseenei dir.

hangi hayvanlarn korunma snda sadece evre korumas nn yeterli olmad aklan maktadr. Doru yant B see neidir. 39. Verilen ksm olup olmadn anlamnagelenwhetherifadesi ileeniyiekildetamamlayabili riz.DoruyantDseeneidir. 40. Soruda yeni dnya kupas ti rtlerindeki delikler tanm lanmaktadr. Buna gre doru yantEseeneidir. 41. Orlandayageridndifade sini en iyi ekilde tamamlayan ifade savabaladktansonra ifadesidir. Doru yant B see neidir.

42. Soru kknde verilen ifadenin zt birifadeyletamamlandve geiin but ilesalandAse eneidoruyanttr. 43. Kimin resimleri en ok ilgiyi ekti sorusunun cevab veril mektedir. Doru yant D see neidir. 44. Verilen cevapta hangi sklkla sorusunun cevab olabilecek a coupleoftimesamonthifadesi kullanlmtr. Buna gre, How often soru yapsnn kullanld Cseeneidoruyanttr. 45. Soru kkndeki they ifadesinin karl olan June and Peter ifadesininyeraldAseenei doruyanttr. 46. Niin bana daha nce syle medin ifadesi 23 ay ncesine kadarbenkendimbilmiyordum ifadesi ile cevaplanmtr. Doru yantCseeneidir. 47. Cmlenin yklemi olan enrich anddiversifyifadelerininkar lklar olarak zenginletirir ve

eitlendirir; ve value filinin karl olarak deer veririz ifadesiDseeneindeverilmitir. 48. Not only damagesbut also threatensyapsnndoruevi risiilekalmazdazararve rireklinde Aseeneindeve rilmitir.DoruyantAseene idir. 49. has been amazingly rapid ifadesinindoruevirisisadece C seeneinde artc dere cede hzl olmutur eklinde verilmitir. 50. So far ve have been put forward ifadelerinindoruevi rileribugnekadarvenes rlmtr eklinde sadece E seeneindeverilmitir. 51. Dahafazlarobotaihtiyadu yulacaktr ifadesinin doru e virisiMorerobotsaregoingto be needed eklinde sadece A seeneindeverilmitir.

52. artc deildir ifadesinin

doru evirisi

are not


surprising halinde sadece C seeneindeverilmitir. 57. Parada geen The soil loses 53. Hem karn ifadesinin karl olarak although yapsnn kul lanldhemdeaslndaku rulmutur ifadesinin doru e virisinin was really founded eklinde yer ald B seenei doruyanttr. 54. Hzlabatnngerisindekalmak tayd ifadesinin doru evirisi olarak was rapidly dropping behind the West ifadesinin verildiiDseeneidoruyanttr. 58. Parann ilk cmlesinden mat baadan nce kat retimi de zayftanlamnkartmaktayz. 55. Paranngenelindenrnyeti tirmeye alrken evreye zarar verdiimiz ifadesi karlabilir. DoruyantAseeneidir. BunagredoruyantAsee neidir. 59. Paradan daha ok sayda kitap baslmas ve temininin kolay olmas nedeniyle Rne sansiledahaoksaydainsan 56. Paradayazarrnyetitirmek iin kullandmz kimyasallarn hem yararlarndan hem de za rarlarndan bahsetmektedir. BunagredoruyantEsee okuma yazmaya balad anla mn karabiliriz. Buna gre, doruyantEseeneidir. 60. Paradan, 1476 ylnda nutrientsaseachcropistaken from it, so fertilizer is applied cmlesinden kardmz so nuca gre; gbreler, rnlerin topraktanaldbesinlerinyerini doldurmakiinkullanlmaktadr. BunagredoruyantDsee neidir.

Caxtonun ngilterede ilk mat baay kurduu ve 1640 ylna kadar 26.000 den fazla fakl eser yaynlandanlatlmakta dr. Buna gre, doru yant C seeneidir. 61. Parada, formda olmayan in sanlarn eitli ileri yaparken zorlanacandan bahsedilmek tedir.Bunagre,doruyantB seeneidir. 62. Parann son cmlesinden yazarn fitnessn birbiriyle e limeyen tanmn verdiini kolaylkla anlayabiliriz. Buna gre,doruyantCseeneidir. 63. Parada fitness anlatlrken sadecefizikselfitnessdeilpsi kolojikfitness daanlatlmakta dr. Buna gre, doru yant E seeneidir. 64. Yazarn anlattklarndan, olayn stndenuzunbirsregetiini anlayabilmekteyiz. Parann ilk cmlesi bu kanya varmamza yardmc olmaktadr. Doru yantDseeneidir.

65. Parann ikinci cmlesindeki this prehistoric painted cave ifadesinden yazarn anlatt maarann iinde eski zaman laraaiteitliresimlerbulundu unu anlayabiliriz. Doru yant Eseeneidir. 66. ParannikincicmlesindekiMy parentshaddecidedtoshow me ifadesinden bu sorunun doru yantnn ziyaretin yaza rnannebabasnnbirtasarrufu olduunun belirtildii B see neiolduunuanlayabiliriz. 67. Parann genelinde yazar bir halk ktphanesindeki sabah vaktini ve oradaki insanlar an latmaktadr. Buna gre doru yantCseeneidir.

68. ParadakiAllthewomen,but only a few of the men, were genuinely eager to search columnsofadvertisementsifa desinden ilanlarla kadnlarn daha ilgili olduunu kartabili riz.BunagredoruyantAse

eneidir. 73. Parann ilk cmlesinde, Toy Story I ilk piyasa ktnda 69. Parann genelinden, insanla rn sabah erkenden ktpha neye,ilgiduyduklaralanlarlail gili bilgi edinmek iin geldikleri sonucunavarabiliriz.Bunagre, doruyantEseeneidir. 70. Parann genelinde, Victorian dneminde, okumann herkes iin popler bir ura olduun dan bahsedilmektedir. Buna gredoruyantDseeneidir. 71. Parann son cmlesinde nemli yazarlarn siyasetiler den sayg grd ve siyaset ilerin onlar dinledii anlatl maktadr.Bunagredoruyant Bseeneidir. 74. Parada geen, The movies thatI'mmostaffectedbyarethe ones that make me laugh hysterically but also have an effect on my emotions cmle sinden Lasseterin en ok be endii filmlerin hem gldren hem de duygulandranlar oldu unu anlayabiliriz. Buna gre doruyantCseeneidir. 75. Parada geen, result of four years of hard work by a large team of computer animators ifadesinden Toy StoryIinbirokinsannkatlm 72. Parann ilk cmlesinde 19. yzylngilteresindekiekonomik ve sosyal deiikliklerin edebi yat etkiledii anlatlmaktadr. Bunagre,doruyantAsee neidir. 76. I suspect ifadesinin karl I have a feeling eklinde E se eneindeverilmitir.Bunagre ve ibirliiyle retildiini anla maktayz.Bunagredoruya ntBseeneidir. uluslararas bir ilgi uyandrd anlatlmaktadr. Buna gre, doruyantEseeneidir.

doruyantEseeneidir. 77. inages ifadesininkarlola rakalongtimeyapsnnkulla nld D seeneindeki cmle sorudaki cmleye anlamca en yaknolandr. 78. quitecertainifadesiconfident; stand by ifadesi support ve she dint ifadesi she let her downifadesiileBseeneinde karlklarn bulmulardr. Doru yantBseeneidir. 79. Our sysytem ifadesi the way wedoitis ve the losingside ifadesi whichever side loses ifadeleri ile karlklarn C se eneinde bulmulardr ve doruyantCseeneidir.

kullanlmtr.Bunagre,doru yantAseeneidir. 82. Boluktansonrakullanlan only ifadesi bir vurguyu belirtmekte dir ve konuyla ilgili bu vurgulu anlatm sadece E seenein deki ifadeden sonra bir anlam kazanacaktr.Bunagre,doru yantEseeneidir. 83. Boluktan sonra kullanlan he zamirininkarlnaradmzda sadece C ve D seeneklerinde author ve biographer ifadele riyle karlamaktayz. Parada autobiography deil biography anlatld iin doru yant D seeneidir.

84. Parann genelinde 80. Soru kknde past unreality kullanlmtr. Bu yaplarn kar l olabilecek past unreality bildiren yaplar B seeneinde verilmitir. 81. Boluktansonrakullanlan they zamirininkarlolaraksadece A seeneinde people ifadesi


simple kullanlmtr. Bundan yola karak seenekler ince lendiinde, sadece A seene inde past simple kullanldn grmekteyiz.DoruyantAse eneidir.

85. Boluktan sonra kullanlan this identification ifadesi B see neindeki cmleyle karln bulmaktadr. Buna gre doru yantBseeneidir. 86. cheerhimupifadesininamuse him ifadesi ile karln bul duuCseeneidoruyanttr. 87. stekli bir ekilde teklifi derhal kabul ettiinizi anlatacanz ifade ofcourse,ve Idloveto come ifadeleri ile desteklenen Aseeneidir.DoruyantAse eneidir. 88. Kardeinize cesaret vermek iin kullanabileceiniz ifade E seeneindeki you've a good chance of winning olabilir. BunagredoruyantEsee neidir.

90. Anneninocuununegzotiktatil planlarn hissedip onun duy gularn paylamak iin syle dii cmle D seeneindeki ok paramz olsayd nereye gitmekisterdincmlesiolabilir. BunagredoruyantDsee neidir. 91. Boluktan nce Cumartesi ne yaplaca soruyor. Verilecek cevap gelecek zaman iermeli dir. Buna gre doru yant A seeneidir. 92. Boluktan sonraki cevap ince lendiinde them ve it zamirleri nin karlklarnn D seene inde everybody ve theletter of application eklinde verildi inigrmekteyiz.DoruyantD seeneidir. 93. Boluktan sonra verilen not

89. Ktphane grevlisinden yar dm isteyeceiniz ifadenin yer ald cmle C seeneindeki Canyouhelpmeifadesiolabi lir. Buna gre, doru yant C seeneidir.

necessarily yapsnn cevap olarak verildii bir soru arand nda Cseeneindekipahal olmaz m? sorusunun doru yantolduugrlmektedir.

94. Boluktan sonra verilen cevap incelendiinde, boluktaki ifa denin hem yesno sorusu ol mas hem de present simple iermesi gerektii grlmekte dir. Buna gre, B seenei doruyanttr. 95. Boluktansonrakiifadedenfilmi tekrar izlemeye kara verdikleri anlalmaktadr. Buna gre doruyantEseeneidir. 99. ParanngenelindeKamerunun bir gl hakknda bilgi veril mektedir. II. cmledeki Kame 96. Paragrafn III. ve V. cmlele rinde Smeladaki Bizans ma nastrndanbahsedilmektedirve bucmlelerarasndabirbtn lkbulunmaktadr.IV.cmledeki Trabzonun Dou Karadeniz sahilindeki en byk liman olduu ifadesi bu btnl bozmaktadr.DoruyantDse eneidir. 97. Paragrafn ilk cmlesindeki at this time ifadesinin ncesinde hibir karl olmad iin doruyantAseeneidir. 100.Parann genelinde Piaget ve Onunocukpsikolojisinekatklar anlatlmaktadr. III. cmledeki Amerikanocukpsikolojisiifadesi btnl bozduundan doru yantCseeneidir. runun ekonomisi ile ilgili ifade parann btnln bozdu undan doru yant B seene idir. 98. II.veIV.cmlelerdemikrofonun mziekatklarndanbahsedilir kenIII.cmledekievreselfak trlerin performans etkiledii ifadesi bu iki cmle arsndaki btnl bozduundan doru yantCseeneidir.



1.22.sorularda,verilencmlede bobraklanyereuygunden szckyadaifadeyibulunuz.

miles around and so all the childreninthewenttothe sameschool. A) situation B) property C) department D) neighbourhood E) circumstance 3. IwasachildandsoIused to make up stories and hold conversationswithimaginary people. A) painful B) selfish C) consistent D) charming E) lonely


Thenewversionofthe Night Sky programme has various that make it much more enjoyable than the first version. A) extracts B) totals C) additions D) needs E) disappointments


QueenElizabethIestablished a strong centra government thatreceivedthesupport


It was the only school for


A) loyal B) favourite C) capable D) sensitive E) fluent 7. Films quite often focus on journalism,andfromtimetotime theyhavecriticallyexaminedand thisprofession. 5. Stewart, a young and talentedBritishhistorian,has writtenabookontheimpact of World War II on British politics. A) convincingly B) remarkably C) directly D) continually E) crucially 6. Firefighting and the training methodsemployearebecoming complex. A) previously B) plainly C) partly D) courageously E) extremely 9. 8. Marathontraining schedules rangefromfourtosixmonths andtheyall considerable discipline. A) require B) reduce C) imply D) combine E) improve Every time we turn on our lights,cookamealorheatour A) succeeded B) deserved C) denied D) influenced E) suspected

homes,wearesomeform offueltomakeithappen. A) sendingfor B) waitingon C) relyingon D) makingout E) pullingthrough A) aresold/wouldbeexpected B) weresold/hadbeenexpected C) wouldbesold/areexpected D) hadbeensold/wereexpected E) werebeingsold/havebeen expected 12. Since everyone different, itagoodideatodrawupa realisticcareerplanbasedon onesownlimits. A) canbe/hadbeen 10. Virginiawasabrilliantyoung woman who in a literary atmosphere. A) tookover B) putup C) heldon D) grewup E) showedup 13. The book a surprisingly interesting account of the geography of Great Britain andthereaneedforsuch abookforalongtimenow. 11. TheConcordewasabusiness failureandfeweraircraftofthis typethan. A) wouldgive/hadbeen B) hadgiven/was C) hasgiven/is B) hadbeen/wouldbe C) was/mustbe D) willbe/hasbeen E) is/is

D) gives/hasbeen E) isgiving/was

16. Chaucer was successful as a poet because he could combinehisgreatlearning an enthusiastic love the everyday lives of ordinary people.

14. If I just how cold it was going to be, I some warmerclotheswithme. A) realized/took B) had realized / would have taken C) wouldrealize/willtake D) haverealized/hadtaken E) usedtorealize/wouldtake 15. Atthattime,sinceheraunt in the same neighbourhood she her at least once a week. A) on/to A) isliving/wouldvisit B) haslived/hasvisited C) lived/visits D) wasliving/usedtovisit E) lives/wasvisiting B) with/through C) by/from D) in/of E) at/about 18. JuliusCaesarexpectedtorule forlife,hewasassassinated byconspiratorson15Marchin theyear44B.C. 17. Heismanywaysatypical teenager, sceptical all authority. A) at/to B) to/from C) with/for D) through/of E) by/into

A) although B) because C) as D) if E) but

B) both C) more D) whether E) such 21. Next generation space suits willbelessrigidthose nowinuse. A) too/with B) neither/nor

19. Jane is a wonderful person, but I am with her I feel uselessandpathetic. A) whenever B) evenso C) sothat D) however E) thesooner

C) as/as D) so/to E) much/than 22. Ive promised to help my motheronTuesday;cantwe visitJaneday? A) each B) any C) other D) another E) some

20. Hacking is unauthorized access to a computer, for funorforharmfulorfraudulent purposes. A) since 23.27. sorularda, aadaki parada numaralanm yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifa deyibulunuz.

25. TwoyearsagoChinajoinedthe World Trade Organization and tariffs began to drop and the country began to grow richer. (23) Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympic Games, the people of the world (24) a city and a country that has been transformed. China is now (25) thelargesteconomiesinthe worldanditisbecominga (26) trading partner (27) the US. 23. A) Until B) When C) Unless D) Asif E) Once 27. A) to B) by C) of D) from 24. A) wouldfind B) hasfound C) willfind D) isfinding E) finds E) against 28.32. sorularda, aadaki parada numaralanm yerlere uygun den szck ya da ifa deyibulunuz. TheauthorsofGoodbyearetwo sisters and they are Korean 26. A) particular B) significant C) narrowminded D) persuasive E) selfconscious A) oneof B) almost C) anyof D) either E) even

Americans. The book tells the storyofayoungKoreangirlwho (28)tosaygoodbyetothe neighbourhood(29)shehas grown up. The family has decided to move to the US in search of (30) life. But the girl feels (31) to leave and hasalmostnodesiretostarta new life. Its a perfect cross cultural story for an (32) globalizedworld. 31. 30.

E) there A) best B) asgooda C) better D) abetter E) abest

A) peaceful B) eager C) reluctant D) liable E) decisive

28. A) wouldstruggle B) wasstruggling C) hadstruggled D) struggled E) isstruggling

32. A) increasingly B) indifferently C) enduringly D) improbably E) unlikely

33.42. sorularda, verilen cm leyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan 29. A) that B) inwhich C) how D) fromwhich ifadeyibulunuz. 33. If you move slowly and quietly,.

A) some birds actually liked beingadmired B) its usually quite easy to observewildlife

D) I wish youdrecommended thebooktohim E) Hethoughttheideabehind thebookwasbrilliant

C) itwasveryhardtogetclose
tothem D) otheranimalscarriedonas ifnothinghadhappened E) itisnotonlythesmallones thatareeasilyfrightened 34. nottochangethetimeof the match at such short notice. A) Manyoftheproblemswere about B) Donttelltheothers C) Heshouldnthaveworried D) Iwarnedhim E) Iwassurprisedbyhim A) Manyofthepeoplepresent questioned B) Quite a lot of journalists believe C) Worryingwonthelp D) The votes are still being counted E) I would certainly not be right 37. , which suggests there maybelifethere. 35. soheagreedtowritethe forewordforit. A) I shall do my best to persuadehim B) This wont be one of my bestbooks C) Hestillhasntreadthebook A) Researchers have almost givenuphope B) There is no need to look anyfarther C) New discoveries are actuallyveryrare D) Water has been found on Mars 36. thattheirprimaryfunction istoexposecorruption.

E) Theschemewasstillbeing developed A) but it is the comic scenes which really capture the audience B) unless the production is planned in advance far moreefficiently C) as far as the setting was concerned D) while the director focused onthestoryitself E) althoughtheaudiencewas carriedawaybythequality ofperformance 38. Mary phoned to give me the goodnews. A) however unlikely it would havebeen B) which none of us are expecting C) just as I was leaving the house D) evenifhersistersaregoing tobeunreasonablyjealous E) untilthewholefamilyknew everydetail 39. Inthenewmusical,thesongs arepleasantenough,. A) whicheverwasfelttobethe moreimportant B) iftheyweretherightpeople 40. Itismoreimportanttolookat character than at beliefs or knowledge.

forthejobs C) asiftheycouldhavegiven anyhelp D) thattheyhadtoreturnboth ofthem E) when people are being chosenforhighoffice 41. James Hutton, the father of geology, was an 18th centuryfarmer,. A) sincethereweremanywho opposedhim B) that many of his theories werepublished C) as the process of erosion seemedinevitable D) who was full of curiosity abouttheworld E) until the criticism began to beunpleasant 43. Ive no idea. Perhaps she neverevenreceivedit. A) Why hasnt she answered myemail? B) Why does she always complainsomuch? C) Whatdoesshedowithher oldbooks? A) that there were trees on eitherside B) untilitpassedroundoneof themanyturnings C) whether the sun shines or not D) as if only the birds are watchingit E) whileallthetimeleavesare falling 43.46. sorularda, verilen cm lenin hangi sorunun cevab ol duunubulunuz. 42. Theboatcontinueddownthe river and she saw it no more.

D) Do you think shell give a party to celebrate winning therace?

B) Do you think they would have helped us if wed askedthemto? C) Didntsheenjoygoingwith us to the internet caf last week? D) Should we have asked Janetocomewithustothe concert? E) Whydoesntsheevergoto aconcertwithus?

E) Has everyone received an


44. No I dont; it doesnt belong toanyoneinmyfamily. A) WhocanIborrowabicycle from? B) This scarf isnt mine; is it yoursbyanychance? C) Dont you need to phone your sister about her appointment with the dentist? D) Do you know why he was late? Did the car break down? E) Theresacarparkedrightin frontofmine;doyouknow whoownsit? 45. Evenifwehad,shewouldnt havecome. A) Why dont you get her to come with us to the exhibition?

46. Idontreallyknow;buta lot morethanhalfofthem. A) Dothestudentsthereenjoy thecourses? B) Weretheremanypeopleat thematch? C) How often do they have concertsthere? D) Dideveryoneseemtoenjoy theconcert?

E) How many votes did he get? 47.50. sorularda, verilen ngi lizcecmleyeanlamcaenyakn Trkecmleyibulunuz.

karbirsavunmahattola rak tasarlanm olan in Seddini ina edenler, o unlukla toprak ve ta kul lanmlardr.

E) inSeddi,nceliklegebe
kabilelere kar bir sa vunma olarak dnlm ve ounlukla toprak ve tatanyaplmtr. 48. Most of the old calendars were lunar calendars, based onthetimeintervalfromone newmoontothenext.

47. ThegreatWallofChina,which wasdesignedspecificallyasa defence against nomadic tribes, was built mainly of earthandstone.

A) Gebekabilelerekarbir
nlem olarak tasarlanan in Seddi, byk bir b lm toprakvetatanina edilmibirsavunmahattdr.

A) Eskitakvimlerinbazlarnn,
biryeniaydanbirsonrakine kadarolanzamanaralna dayanan ay takvimleri ol duubilinmektedir.

B) Gebe kabilelere kar

zelliklebirsavunmaolarak tasarlanmolaninSeddi, esas olarak toprak ve ta taninaedilmitir.

B) Bir yeni ay ile bir sonraki

arasndakizamanaralna gre dzenlenmi ay tak vimlerinin pek ou, ol dukaeskitakvimlerdir.

C) Tamamen toprak ve tatan

inaedilmiolaninSeddi, gebe kabilelere kar bir savunmahattolarakkulla nlmtr.

C) Bir yeni ay ile bir sonraki

arasnda geen zamana gre dzenlenmi ay tak vimleri, en eski takvimler

D) nceliklegebekabilelere

arasndayeralmaktadr. D) Eski takvimlerin pek ou, biryeniaydanbirsonrakine kadarki zaman aralna dayalaytakvimleriydi.

B) Teknoloji dzeyimiz byk

ldegelisede,insanrk ou zaman doa gleri nininsafnakalacaktr.

C) Teknoloji dzeyimiz ne ka
dargeliirsegelisin,insan rk daima doa glerinin insafnakalacaktr.

E) Ay takvimlerinin pek ou
oldukaeskitakvimlerdirve bunlar, bir yeni aydan bir sonrakine kadar olan za man aralna gre dzen lenmitir.

D) nsan rk daima doa

glerinin insafna kalaca ndan, teknoloji dzeyimi zin srekli gelimekte ol masbiranlamtamaz.

E) Teknoloji dzeyimiz ne ka
dar geliirse gelisin, doa gleri insan rkna hibir zamaninsafetmeyecektir.

49. Nomatterhowmuchourlevel of technology develops, the humanracewillalwaysbeat the mercy of the forces of nature.

A) nsanrk,sreklidoag
lerinin insafna kald iin teknoloji dzeyini srekli gelitirmeyealmaktadr. 50. Whengoldwasdiscoveredin

California in 1848, the population of SanFrancisco, oneofthemajorcitiesinthe area,jumpedto10,000. A) 1848de Kaliforniyada altn kefedilince, blgedeki nemliehirlerdenbiriolan San Francisconun nfusu 10.000efrlad.

blgenin en nemli ehri olan San Francisconun nfusu birden 10.000e fr lamtr.

51.54.sorularda,verilenTrke cmleyeanlamcaenyaknngi lizcecmleyibulunuz.

B) 1848de Kaliforniyada alt

nn kefedilmesi zerine, blgenin en nemli ehri olan San Francisconun nfusu birden 10.000e kmtr.

51. GlennH.Curtiss,uanica
dnizleyenyllarda,enbaa rlAmerikanuakyapmcla rndanbirioldu. A) The aircraft Glenn H. Curtissbuilt,soonafterthe aeroplane had been invented, were among the bestonesoftheearlyyears inAmerica.

C) 1848de blgedeki nemli

ehirlerden biri olan San Francisconun nfusunun 10.000e frlamasnn ne deni Kaliforniyada altnn kefedilmesidir.

D) Kaliforniyada altnn kefe

dilmesi sonucu, blgedeki nemliehirlerdenbiriolan San Francisconun nfusu 1848de yaklak 10.000e ykselmitir.

B) Once the aeroplane had

beeninvented,theAmerican who designed the best aircraftwasGlennH.Curtiss. C) GlennH.Curtisswassoon producing the best aircraft

E) 1848deKaliforniyayaknla

designsforAmericathough he did not invent the aeroplane. D) Glenn H. Curtiss became oneofthemostsuccessful American aircraft builders in the years following the inventionoftheaeroplane. E) Americanborn Glenn H. Curtisswastobecomethe bestdesignerofaeroplanes in the years immediately followingtheirinvention.

Portugal, is Brazil, the largest country in South America. C) Brazil, like the other Latin American countries of South America, takes its language and culture from Portugal. D) Brazil, which covers nearly halfofSouthAmerica,and isaLatinAmericancountry, hasthesamelanguageand cultureasPortugal. E) Brazil, which covers nearly half of South America, is the only Latin American

52. GneyAmerikannneredeyse
yarsn kaplayan Brezilya, dilini ve kltrn Por tekizdenalantekLatinAme rikalkesidir. A) Portugal and Brazil share the same language and culture, though Brazil is LatinAmericanandhalfthe sizeofSouthAmerica.

country that derives its language and culture from Portugal.

53. Yaamn yer stnde deil,

deniz tabannda baladn ilerisrenyenibirkuramor tayaatlmtr.

B) The only Latin American

country to derive its language and culture from

A) According to a recent theory, life started at the bottom of the sea, not aboveground.

B) Anewtheoryhasbeenput
forward,suggestingthatlife started not above ground but at the bottom of the sea. C) Ifthenewtheoryiscorrect, lifestartedatthebottomof thesea,notondryland. D) Thetheory that life started at the bottom of the sea, not on land, has only recentlybeenputforward. E) Thetheory that life began, not on land, but at the bottomofthesea,hasonly recentlybeenquestioned.

54. Bilimadamlarinsanvcudu
nun nasl altna ilikin daha fazla bilgi edinmek iin eitli deniz yaratklarndan yararlanmaktadr. A) According to some

scientists,thestudyofsea creatures can lead to a betterunderstandingofthe humanbody.

B) Several scientists are now

making use of sea creatures to help them understandhowthehuman bodyworks. C) Scientists are making use ofvariousseacreaturesto learn more about how the humanbodyworks. D) Scientists havenowbegun to study various sea creatures and are learning moreabouthowthehuman bodyworks. E) Throughthestudyofvarious

seacreaturesscientistshope togetabetterunderstanding of how the human body works.

methodically move up the mountain, carrying supplies to ever higher camps. Hunt gave the human element systematic attention as well. Everest demandsanunusualdegreeof selflessness and patience, he later wrote. Failure, whether moralorphysical,byevenone or two people would add immensely to its difficulties. Thedesiretoreachthetop,he added,mustbebothindividual and collective. That last point was important: the goal of this huge effort was to deliver just twoclimberstothesummit.

55.57. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Edmund Hillary andtheporter, Tenzing Norgay, got the glory for conquering Everest, but it wasJohnHuntwhomadetheir success possible. John Hunt was an excellent manager and paid great attention to detail. For instance, he specified that each box of rations contained 29tinsofsardines.Hisstrategy, which was soon to become standard in mountaineering, calledfor an army of climbers, especially porters who would

55. It is clear from the passage thatJohnHunt. A) regarded the conquest of Everestasateamsuccess B) was a good mountaineer, butnotagoodorganizer C) wantedtogettothetopof Everesthimself

D) was involved in several disputes with various team members E) waslargelyconcernedwith thetrainingoftheporters

57. As it is pointed out in the passage, in the opinion of JohnHunt,. A) the use of porters would contribute very little to the successoftheexpedition B) the food for the climbers was only of minor importance

56. As we understand from the passage, the success of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. A) aroused a great deal of envyamongtheotherteam members B) gave rise to a lot of talk abouthowselfishtheyboth wereandhowundeserving ofthefametheyachieved C) addedtothefamethatHunt alreadyenjoyed D) depended, to a very large extent,onthepreparations plannedandcarriedoutby JohnHunt E) turnedmountaineeringintoa fashionablesportworldwide

C) climbing Everest requires not only physical strength but also certain moral qualities D) HillaryandTenzingdidnot deservethefametheyhad E) in mountaineering, the height of a mountain is of littleimportance

matchedforalongtime.Inthe meantime, the Chinese were enthusiastic travellers and explorers. Indeed, Chinese navigators were also far more advancedthananyintheWest.

58.60. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Certain records have come to light recently, which suggest that it was the Chinese who discovered America. And they founditnearlythreequartersof acenturybeforeColumbusdid. Itsasadfactoflife,andofour ratherpoorhistoricaleducation, that Europeans tend to have a Eurocentric view of history. Unfortunately, its not usually realized that China had an empireandacivilizationthatput medieval Europe to shame. Culturally, politically and even scientifically, Chinas home grown experiments and experiences could not be 58. It is clear from the passage that,intheMiddleAges,. A) China was far ahead of Europeinseveralrespects B) the European civilization wasthebestintheworld C) the Chinese empire was rapidlygettingsmaller D) scientific experiments were bannedinbothEuropeand China E) historywasamajorpartof


America discovered Europeans

was by

first the

B) criticizestheEuropeansfor their narrow understanding ofhistory C) is not really interested in Chinese culture and achievements D) has no documentary evidence of any kind to 59. It is pointed out in the passage that medieval Chinesesailors. A) came to America by mere chance B) knew much less than Columbusaboutotherlands C) were only interested in tradingactivities D) greatlyadmiredtheEuropean explorersincludingColumbus E) were far more experienced andskilfulthantheEuropean ones 60. We understand from the passagethatthewriter. A) seems fully convinced that supporthisideas E) is very biased in favour of Europe

torecordingthethoughtsofjust oneofhischaracters.

61.63. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. The primitive storyteller, free fromallconsiderationsofform, simplytoldatale.Onceupona time,hebegan,andproceeded to narrate the story to his listeners, describing the characters when necessary, tellingwhattheythoughtandfelt as well as what they did, and addingcommentsandideasof his own. The modern fiction writer is artistically more selfconscious. He realizes that therearemanywaysoftellinga story; he decides upon a method before he begins, and may even set up rules for himself. Instead of telling the storyhimself,hemayletoneof hischaracterstellitforhim;he maytellitbymeansoflettersor diaries;hemayconfinehimself 61. We understand from the passage that the modern fictionwriter. A) differs from the primitive storyteller because of his methodsofnarration B) admires the narrative techniques of primitive storytellers C) uses even fewer narrative techniques than the primitivestorytellersdid D) never makes use of either letters or diaries in his novels E) isoftencriticizedforwriting



C) often decides exactly how

heisgoingtotellhisstory D) must make himself familiar withtheperiodheiswriting 62. Itisclearthatthewriterofthe passage. A) knows a lot more about primitive storytelling than aboutmodernfiction B) finds the primitive story tellerveryuninteresting C) wouldverymuchliketobe anovelisthimself D) is interested in the various writing techniques of modernauthors E) feels strongly that modern writers have suddenly become too interested in thetechniquesofwriting 63. Oneimportantpointmadein thepassageisthatamodern writer, before he starts to write,. A) rarely thinks about the backgroundofhisstory B) chooses the main about E) must story decide which character can best tell the

64.66. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Do you enjoy reading newspaper articles on sporting events?Doyoutakepleasurein reviews of performances you haveseen?Doyouparticularly like stories of the lives of real people,bothfromthepastand the present? Many people do. Newspaper articles, reviews, autobiographies, biographies all are types of nonfiction. Nonfiction deals with actual people, places, events and topics based on real life. Autobiographiesandbiographies dealwiththelivesofrealpeople while essays provide a writer withroomtoexpresshisorher thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. Nonfiction mayinform,describe,persuade, oritmaysimplyamuse. 64. According to the passage, nonfiction.

A) has gained in popularity in recenttimes B) is not appreciated by a majorityofpeople C) is only concerned with everydayevents D) istheeasiestformofwriting E) covers quite a wide range ofwriting 65. Itispointedoutinthepassage thatthesubjectmatterofany typeofnonfiction. A) isneverimaginary B) isoftenunpleasant C) hasverylittlevariety D) isalwaysemotional E) rarelyhasanywideappeal

usescertainconventionsyoudo notencounterinshortstories.It containsstagedirectionsthattell theactorshowtospeakandhow 66. It is clear from the passage that one of the functions of nonfictionmaybeto. A) encourage people to write theirautobiographies B) promotesportingactivities C) enable the reader to understand articlesbetter D) make the reader change his/her mind about something E) contributetotheimprovement ofessaywriting 67.69. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Aplayiswrittentobeperformed. Therefore,whenyoureadaplay, you must try to imagine how it would appear and sound to an audience. By using your imagination, you can build a theatreinyourmind.Becausea playiswrittentobeperformed,it newspaper 67. Inthepassageitissuggested that,whenwereadaplay,. A) thedivisionintoactscanbe ignored B) itisbesttoignorethestage directions C) weshouldtrytoimagineit beingperformed D) we should try to focus on thestory E) weneedtoknowalotabout the conventions of play writing 68. As we understand from the passage,aplay. tomoveuponthestage.Mostof the story is presented through dialogue, the words the charactersspeak.Inadditionitis dividedintoshortunitsofaction calledscenesandlargerones calledacts.

A) is most effective when the emphasisisoncharacter B) differs very little from a shortstory C) needs to be seen on the stage before it can be enjoyed D) is very often spoilt by too manystagedirections E) has certain features that areonlyfoundinplays

C) the relationship between theaudienceandtheactors D) how a play should be constructed E) how a play should be staged 70.72. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Thewindthatdaywaslightand fresh and came from the west, andwithitatnoonalittleboat came quickly, over the bright waves, into Sattins Harbour. Whileitwasstillquiteadistance away,asharpeyedboyspotted it and, since he knew, just as every child on the islandknew, every sail of the forty boats of the island fishing fleet, he ran down the street calling out, A foreignboat,aforeignboat!The lonely island was rarely visited byaforeignboat,so,bythetime the boat had arrived half the village was there to greet it. Fishermen were following it homewards, and those who happened to be inland, were climbingupanddowntherocky

69. This passage is mainly concernedwith. A) theelementsthataretobe foundinaplay B) how a play should be performed

hills, and hurrying towards the harbour.

71. As we understand from the passage,theboy. A) was the only child on the islandwhocouldrecognize every boat in the fishing fleet B) wantedtobethefirsttosee theboatatclosequarters 70. Clearly, the island described inthepassage. A) isextremelyfertileandcan supportalargepopulation B) isanisolatedone,inhabited largely by fishermen and theirfamilies C) is frequently visited by foreignboats D) has a community that is hostiletoforeigners E) is better suited to farming thantofishing A) upsettheislandersasthey didntexpectitsoearly B) caused a great deal of C) was particularly interested inforeignboats D) knewthattheboatthatwas coming in was foreign, becausehedidntrecognize thesail E) didnt see the foreign boat untilafterithadenteredthe harbour 72. It is clear from the passage thatthearrivaloftheforeign boat.


especially 73.75. sorular aadaki par ayagrecevaplaynz. Itwasahotafternoon,andthe railway carriage was equally hot, and the next stop was at Templecombe, nearly an hour ahead. The occupants of the carriagewereasmal l girl, and asmallergirl,andasmallboy. The aunt who was with the children occupied one corner seat,andthefurthercornerseat on the opposite side was occupiedbyamanwhowasa stranger to their party, but the small girls and the small boy were the ones who really occupiedthecompartment.The aunt and the children talked fromtimetotimebutinavery limited way. Most of the aunts remarks seemed to begin with Dont, and nearly all of the childrens remarks began with Why? The man said nothing out loud, but probably wished heweresomewhereelse.

amongthefishermen C) aroused a great deal of excitement among the islanders D) surprisedpeoplesincethese were dangerous waters for sailors E) arousedthecuriosityofthe childrenbutwasignoredby everyoneelse

74. Much of the passage is devotedto. A) a description of the two smallgirls B) the quarrel between the 73. We understand from the passagethat. A) the aunt and the children have constant disagreements B) the children seem to have known the man for a long time C) the childrens good behaviourpleasedtheaunt D) the aunt is taking the children back to A) felt sorry for the children, nottheaunt B) didnot,apparently,findthis trainjourneyenjoyable C) tried hard to make the childrenbehavebetter D) answered a lot of the childrensquestions Templecombe E) the man was interested in the games the children wereplaying auntandthechildren C) a description of the strangers thoughts and feelings D) adetaileddescriptionofthe carriage E) a description of the occupants of the railway carriage 75. It is clear from the passage thattheman.

E) told the aunt to keep the childrenquiet

leye anlamca en yakn olan cmleyibulunuz.

76. Even though it had been snowingallday,agreatmany peoplemanagedtogettothe endoftermconcert. A) A lot of people did get to the endofterm concert in spiteofthesnowthatfellall day.

B) Sincetherehadbeensnow
all day long it wasnt easy forpeopletogettotheend oftermconcert. C) As it had been snowing heavily all day, a great manypeoplejustcouldnot get to the endofterm concert. D) Even though it had never stopped snowing all day, thehallwherewegavethe endoftermconcertwasfull ofpeople. E) Very few people indeed 76.80. sorularda, verilen cm werepreventedfromgetting to the endofterm concert


77. He probably walked off with your dictionary, thinking it washisown. A) Hewouldnthavetakenthe dictionaryifhehadknownit wasyours. B) There must be some mistake! He wouldnt take your dictionary without asking! C) The dictionaries are all alike;hetookyoursthinking itwashis. D) He must have mistaken yourdictionaryforhis,and thatsnotsurprising. E) It seems he went off with yourdictionary,mistakingit forhisown. A) If the wind hadnt been so strong, it would have been mucheasiertoputoutthe fire. B) Whenastrongwindbegan to blow it was even more difficulttocontrolthefire. C) It was the strong wind whichmadeitdifficultforus 78. If there hadnt been such a strong wind, it would not have been so difficult to put outthefire.

toputoutthefire. D) Asthewindwasreallyvery strong,ittookthemalong timetoputoutthefire. E) Itsalwaysdifficulttoputout afirewhenthereisastrong windblowing.

A) All three Bront sisters were quiet and emotional, butthiswasespeciallytrue ofEmily. B) Of all the Bront sisters, Emily was certainly the most passionate but she rarelytalkedtoanyone. C) The quietest of the three Brontsisterswascertainly Emily, though she wasnt the one with deepest emotions. D) The least talkative of the three Bront sisters may have been Emily, buteven soshewastheonewiththe strongestemotions. E) Emily Bront wasnt as talkative as either of her sisters, and was also less passionate.

79. Emilywasperhapsthequietest ofthethreeBrontsisters,but she was, nevertheless, the mostpassionate.

chocolatetoEuropebutfor alongtimetherewerevery few people who could affordtobuyit. 80. When the Spaniards first brought chocolate to Europe only the very wealthy could affordtobuyit. A) Though chocolate was expensive, the Spaniards soon brought it to Europe andthewealthyeverywhere werekeentobuyit. B) As chocolate was too expensive for all but the very rich it didnt become popular Europe. C) Chocolate, when it was introducedtoEuropebythe Spaniards, was so expensivethatnonebutthe veryrichcouldbuyit. D) The Spaniards brought chocolatetoEurope where there were more wealthy peopletobuyit. E) The Spaniards brought when the Spaniardsfirstbroughtitto 81.85. sorularda, bo braklan yere, parann anlam btnl n salamak iin getirilebile cekcmleyibulunuz.

81. There are more than 20,000

documented ship wrecks off thecoastofBritain..And they offer the scuba diver a fantastic world that is just askingtobeexplored. A) They range from majestic passengershipstohistorical warvessels B) There are several underwater skills to be

learned before one can becomeascubadiver C) Others among them sank afterbeingtorpedoed D) Another battleship lies on itssideontheseabed E) Moreover, wrecks can containdangerousmaterials

recreateslifeonboard. A) The names of the 2,228 passengersaretobefound inthememorialgallery B) There are reconstructions of first and third class cabins C) Howeversomeoftheitems that were recovered from the bottom of the sea are stillondisplay D) Among the other items recovered are clothes and jewellery E) Alargepieceoftheshipis alsoonshow

82. TheTitanicexhibitionpresents
the story of the Titanic, startingwiththeearlydesign, and then going on to its construction and launch and finally to how it sank. . These feature furnishings made by the original manufacturers.Thereisalsoa passenger gallery that

83. As a singer, Johnny Cash tookonaverygreatvarietyof roles. . He could be a respectable family man or a condemned criminal. He felt sympathy for them all and madethemallcredible. A) Sometimes he was a cowboy,sometimeshewas a white outcast who rode withIndians B) Sometimes he has been likenedtoJohnWayne,but the resemblance is superficialonly C) It is generally agreed that his antiwar songs are not amonghisbestnumbers D) Onthewhole,deepvoices like his are not valued as muchastheydeservetobe E) Sadly, people seem to forget that he was also a greatfolksinger A) Theleftpartofthebrainis forlogicalthought B) Thebrainusesaboutafifth ofouroxygensupply C) In fact, the brain is nearly 80percentwater D) When a child is born, the brain weighs only 400 grams E) As regards actual size, however, the brain of an elephantisfourtimeslarger 84. Humans have the largest brains in relation to body weight. . The brain of a bluewhaleisevenlarger,itis fivetimesthesizeofahuman brain.

needs C) Publicinterestincelebrities has increased, but its interest in politics has decreased

D) Indeed,politiciansseem to
know of no other way of attracting the attention of theyouth E) The cost of an election campaign cannot be disregarded

85. Politicians have traditionally sought out actors and musicians as a way of attractingtheyouthvote.. Buttheyknowverywellthat theymustdoso. A) Celebrities do at least generateenthusiasm B) Celebrities naturally attract attention, and this is what every election campaign 86.90. sorularda, verilen du rumda sylenmi olabilecek szbulunuz.

86. Some of your friends are

planningtogotothecinema. They are planning to meet outsidethecinemaataround 5oclockandgointogether. You would like to join them butthereisapossibilitythat youwont be able to go and youdontwantthe othersto waitforyouifthisisthecase. So,yousay: A) I really dont think Ill be abletocome;butIlltry. B) I probably cant get there untilwellafter5oclock.But dowaitforme. C) IfImnotthereby5oclock itwillmeanImnotcoming, soyougoonin. D) We really dont need to meetat5oclock.Thefilm doesntstarttillhalfpast. E) Wewillmeetpromptlyat5 oclockandnotwaitforlate comers. 87. Thefatherofafriendofyours isseriouslyillinhospitaland, becauseofthis,yourfriendis very upset.Youwish togive him some support, and not leavehimtokeepongoingto the hospital alone. So, you say: A) Some time, when you visit yourfatherIdliketocome withyou. B) Howlongishelikelytobe inhospital? C) Are you satisfied with the treatmenthesgetting? D) Let me know the visiting hoursandIlltrytogo. E) Isntthereanyimprovement tobeseenyet?

D) Therecantbemanypeople preparedtopaysomuch! E) Do you always charge so much?

88. Inashop,youvefoundapair of jeans you really like. But theycostmorethanyoucan afford.Youdecidetotryyour luckandasktheshopkeeper quiteplainlytobringtheprice down.So,yousay: A) Theyre nice, and actually they are not really too expensive. B) Cant you sell them to me forless? C) Ill take them but they are certainlynotworththeprice youreasking.

89. Your British penfriend has writteninvitingyoutospend afewweekswithherfamilyin England.Obviously,youwant to go but first you must persuade your parents to let yougo.Youfeelthattheyare

somewhat uneasy about you going there alone. So, you say: A) Shall we ask her to come hereinstead? B) Youre quite right. It is a longjourney. C) Dontworry!Illbesafeand welllookedafter. D) Iwontbeonmyown,you know; there will be others going. E) I knew youd agree in the end! A) I wish youd go and see howJaneis;Ihaventseen herallweek. B) There must be something wecandotohelpJane. C) IsawJanetodayandasked hertocomeroundfortea. Imgoingtomakeacake. D) IfweaskJanetostaywith us for a week, that might help. 90. You feel sorry for a neighbours daughter, Jane, because her mother is frequentlyawayonbusiness. You want your daughter to invitehertoyourhousefrom timetotime,andsoyousay:

E) WhydontyouaskJaneto
comeroundherefromtime to time? Shes alone too much.

askformoredetails! A) Ive never done anything likethatbutwouldloveto! B) Itcertainlydoes!Letsgo!

C) Itwouldbeagrandwayto
spendthesummerholiday. D) I presume no one will get paid! E) If we could go together, wedhaveagrandtime. 91.95. sorularda, karlkl ko numann bo braklan ksmn tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulu nuz.

91. Norman: They are asking here for volunteerstohelpwitha research project in the Philippines. Dan: Yes; I read that. Sounds interesting. Norman: Dan: No;buttheymayhelpwith theairfareoutthere.Lets 92. Alice: It has to be very cold beforeaseacanfreeze. James: Alice: I know. During WorldWar II,forinstance,theBaltic Seafrozetosuchadepth that the Russians were able to drive their tanks

overit. James: Then it must have been terriblycold. A) Icebergs, like glaciers, are saltfree. B) Perhaps only inland seas canfreeze. C) Moving water doesnt freezeeasily. D) But there can be icebergs inthesea. E) But it does happen sometimes. Jo:

reading? Yes,itis.Whydoyouask? Penny: Jo: Somearent,ofcourse.But many of them are. This one, for instance, which is about Sri Lanka, is absolutelyfascinating. A) Well,Iveneverreadone.I never thought theyd be interesting. B) Id like to borrow it when youvefinishedwithit. C) Im thinking of writing one myself. D) Id like to do the travelling myself! E) Theymightbeinterestingif they are about places youveneverbeento.

93. Penny: Isthatatravelbookyoure

94. David: Now,thisisgoodnews! Peter: Tellmeaboutit. David: Peter: Well, I find it hard to believe but its certainly worthatry. A) I thought youd read the articleyourself! B) It says here that chocolate is the best way of preventingcoughs. 95. Amy: Whosebooksarethese? Terry: Amy: CouldtheybeJanes? Terry: Theycouldbe.Infact,they probablyarehers. A) Theyreyours,surely;arent they? B) Ithoughttheywereyours! C) I dont know. Theyre

C) Theyvefoundanewwayof
preventingcoughing. D) Actually, it probably isnt trueatall;forgetaboutit. E) Therearenocheaperways tomanufacturechocolate.

certainlynotmine. D) TheymustbeJanes. E) Well, they arent mine and theyarentJanes.

96. (I)Yeatswasnotsimplyawriter.
(II) He was involved in many differentkindsofactivity. (III) In particular he worked to help Ireland get its independence. (IV)Indeed,MaudGonne,avery beautiful woman, was to influencehimgreatly.(V)Andall thevariousthingshedidandall his experience are brought togetherandunifiedinhisart. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

97. (I) The horses eye is a

remarkable organ. (II) It is at least twice as large as the human eye. (III) It also has a specialpropertywhichenablesit toseemuchbetterthanitsrider. 96.100. sorularda, cmleler srasylaokunduundaparann anlam btnln bozan cmleyibulunuz. (IV) Thisistrue,bothwhenthe light is poor andwhen there is fulldaylight. (V) Asmanyhorse owners have observed, some horsesaremuchmoreexcitable

thanothers. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

centralEngland.(III)Itisamajor manufacturing, engineering, commercial and service centre. (IV) The citys concert halls, theatres and three universities also make it an important cultural and educational centre. (V) Its main products are cars, machine tools and electrical equipment. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

98. (I)Itiswellworthvisitingthisbird
sanctuarytoseetheswansfeed. (II) When we went there the weatherwasgorgeous. (III) Visit at8.30amandbethereasthe swans come out for breakfast. (IV)Orarrivearound6.30pmas they gather for their dinner. (V) Eitherwayyoullenjoywatching thewaytheyfightovertheirfood. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

100.(I) Try to imagine what would happen to the bones of astronauts going to Mars. (II) Theywouldprobablycomeback hardly able to walk at all. (III) Thisisbecause,onEarth,bones arerenewedbywalking.(IV)But on Mars this does not happen. (V) This new device simulates the lowintensity interactions

99. (I) The Industrial Revolution

means the sudden acceleration of technical and economic development that began in Britain. (II) Birmingham is an industrial city and the administrative headquarters of

betweenboneandmuscle. A)I D)IV B)II E)V C)III

1. C "additions", yenilikler, eklemeler anlamna gelmekte dir. Anlam olarak yeni progra mn eklemeler ile birlikte eski sinden daha keyifli hale geldi indenbahsedilmektedir.Doru yantCseeneidir. 4. A CmledeQueenElizabethn halktangrd_____destekten bahsedilmektedir.Buboluuen iyidolduracakkelimesadk,bal anlamnagelen loyal kelimesidir. DoruyantAseeneidir. 2. D "neighbourhood" bucm 5. B Cmlede Stewartn II. ledeoradaoturan,oradayaa yan insanlar anlamna gel mektedir.lkcmledeblgedeki tekokulunookulolduundanve bu nedenle orada yaayan insanlarn o okula gittiinden bahsedilmektedir. dnyasavannngilizpolitikas zerindeyarattetkilerzerine bir kitap yazdndan bahse dilmektedirvevirgllerarasnda onunla ilgili ekstra bir bilgi ve rilmitir. "gzearpar,belirgin ekilde" anlamna gelen remarkably zarf onun yetene inin nasl olduunu anlatmak 3. E Cmlenin ikinci ksmnda tadr.Stewartnbelirginbire kilde yetenekli olduundan bahsedilmektedir.DoruyantB seeneidir. kiininhikayeleruyduruphayali insanlar ile sohbet ettiinden bahsedilmektedir. Bu cmleden kiinin "yalnz" olduu anlam karlabilir. Doru yant E se eneinde geen lonely keli mesidir.


Cmlede metodlarn ar


derecede karmak hale geldi inden bahsedilmektedir. Bu anlamverenkelime extremely zarfdr. Doru yan E seene idir. 10. D Cmleyi en uygun ekilde tamamlayan phrasal verb ye timek, bymek anlamna gelengrewupfiilidir.

11. B 7. D Cmlede anlam olarak

Cmlenin ilk ksm past

yapdadr ve anlam olarak bir karlatrma sz konusudur. Zamanuyumuasndanenuy gunseenek simplepast/past perfect uyumuolanBseene idir. filmlerin gazetecilik mesleine younlatndan ve zaman zaman etkilediinden bahse dilmektedir. Bu anlam veren kelime 8. A D seeneindeki influencekelimesidir. Cmlede maratona hazr 12. E Cmlede herhangi bir za man ifadesi yoktur, genel bir anlamverilmektedir.Bunedenle present/present uyumuolanE seeneihemanlamhemdedil bilgisi asndan uygundur. Sincebu cmledeiin anla mndadr. 9. C Cmledeboluuenuygun 13. D lk cmle genel bir anlam tamamlayacakphrasalverbg venmek, dayanmak anlamna vermektedir. Present simple kullanmenuygunkullanmdr; lanmak iin verilen kurslarn hepsinin disiplin ____ anlam vardr. Cmleyi en uygun ta mamlayankelimeAseenein deki gerektirmek anlamna gelenrequirefiilidir.

ikinci tarafta present perfect kullanm gerektiren for a long timenow zamanifadesiDse eneinidorulamaktadr. 17. D Cmlede bir ok ynden anlamnveren in many ways ifadesiilescepticofkullanm larsorulmutur. Doru yant D seeneidir. 14. B CmledeifclausetypeIII 18. E Cmlede bir ztlk anlam kuraluygulanmaldr.BuyapB seeneinde verilmitir. Cm ledepastunrealanlamvardr. vardr.Buanlamlaralthoughve but ile verilebilir; ancak noktalama iaretlerine dikkat edildiinde virglden sonra kul lanlabilenbutyapsuygundur. 15. D Atthattimeifadesigemi 19. A Cmlede genel bir anlam zaman belirten bir ifadedir. Yaama eylemi sre belirtti inden past continuous kulla nmuygundur.kincitaraftaise eskiden yapt bir eylemden used to yaps ile bahsetmek tedir.DoruyantDseeneidir. vardr. Ne zaman onunla ol sam anlamn whenever ifa desivermektedir.DoruyantA seeneidir.

16. C

Bu cmlede kullanlmas

20. D


gereken edat combine with eklindeolmaldr.enthusiastic sfataboutveforedatlaryla kullanlmaktadr. Doru yant C seeneidir.

rakiorifadesiilekullanlantek yap seeneklerdeki whether ifadesidir.

21. E

Cmlede bir karlatrma

anlam vardr. u anda kulla nmdaolankyafetlerilebundan sonraki jenerasyonda kullanla cakolanlarkarlatrlmaktadr. Sadece E seenei much/than yaps ile karlatrma anlam vermekte.

nomilerinden birisi olduu an lamvardr.Buifadeoneof ileverilmektedir.

26. B

Cmlede kelime bilgisi so

rulmaktadr. nemli anlamna gelen significant kelimesi doruyantvermektedir. 22. D Cmlede anlam olarak bir bakagndenbahsedilmekte dir.Buifadeise another ileve rilmektedir.DoruyantDsee neindegemektedir. 23. B BuboluktaBeijingolimpi yat oyunlarna ev sahiplii ya pacanda anlam vardr. Bu anlamwhenileverilmektedir. 28. E 24. C 2008 ifadesi gelecek za Cmlenin ana fiili tells present yapdadr. eklinde mandaolduuiindilbilgisia sndanenuygunseenekCse eneidir. D seenei are findingolsaydelenemeyebilirdi. 27. C Anlam Amerikann orta eklindedir; aitlik anlam veren edatofedatdr.

UyumluolanyapEseenein deki presentcontinuous yap sdr. 29. B Bucmledeadjectiveclause kullanlarak neighbourhood; yani yaanan yer tanmlanmaktadr. Whereanlamnageleninwhich

25. A

Cmlede anlam olarak



makta. B seeneindeki present yapveanlam cmleyi 30. D Dahaiyibiryaamaray uygunekildetamamlamaktadr. 34. D Cmlede anlam olarak bir nasihat,uyaranlamvardr.En uygun yap D seeneidir. ...deitirmemesi iin uyardm anlamvardr. 31. C Cmle but ile balamakta 35. E Verilen cmlede past an lammevcuttur.SadeceDveE seeneindepastanlamvardr. Anlam olarak uyumlu olan tek seenekEseeneidir. anlamn veren yap better ifa desidir. Doru yant D seene indeverilmitir.

ve olumsuzluk anlam katmak tadr. Gnlsz, isteksiz anla mna gelen reluctant kelimesi doruanlamvermektedir.

32. A


36. B

That ile iki cmle balan

maktadr. Giderek (artarak) k reselleen dnya anlam veren yapAseeneidir.

maktadrve nounclause olu turulmaktadr. kinci cmlede gazetecilerin neye inandkla rndanbahsedilmektedir.Uygun anlamveyapBseeneidir.

33. B

lk cmle if clause type I 37. D Virglden sonra kullanlan which bu cmlede kendinden nce gelen tm cmleye gn

yapsndave present anlamta makta. Eer yava ve ses sizce ilerlersen .... anlam ta

derme yapmaktadr ve present yapda D seenei ile uyum salamaktadr. Suyun Marsta bulunmasolaywhich ileta nmlanmaktadr.

tanmlandDseeneidoru dur.kicmlenindegemiza manda olmas anlam olarak btnlksalamaktadr.

42. B 38. C Cmlede ilk taraf past anlam iermektedir. Past continuous/simple past uyumu ierenCseeneidoruyanttr. 39. A Yeni mzikalde arklar gzel,ancakseyirciyiekeney komiksahneleranlamnveren vehemdilbilgisihemdezaman olarak uyum salayan seenek Aseeneidir. 43. A

Verilen cmle ile zaman

olarak uyumlu olan seenekler A ve B seenekleridir. Anlam olarakBseeneidorudur;it the boat ifadesine gnderme yapmaktadr.

Neden benim mailime

cevapvermedi?sorusuAsee neindedir. Cmledeki it mailegndermeyapmaktadr. 40. E Seeneklerdezamanolarak 44. E nmde park edilmi bir uyum salayan tek seenek E seeneidir. Anlam olarak da cmlenin ilk ksm ile btnlk salamaktadr. arabavar.Kimeaitolduunubi liyormusun?sorusuEseene indedir. Cmledeki it ifadesi araba ya gnderme yapmak tadr.

41. D


45. D

Janee bizimle konsere

gelmesiiinsormalmydkso rusu D seeneindedir. Cmle sorsakbilegelmezdianlamn tamakta ve en uygun soru D seeneindedir.

49. C No matter how much our level of technology develops ifadesi C ve E seeneklerinde Teknoloji dzeyimiz ne kadar geliirse gelisin olarak doru evrilmitir. Ancak doru zne evirisi thehumanraceifadesi sadece C seeneinde insan

46. E

Ka tane oy ald sorusu


nun cevab bilmiyorum, ancak yarsndan ou eklinde cmlede verilmitir. Cmledeki them votes ifadesine gn dermeyapmaktadr. 50. A When gold was discovered in California in 1848 ifadesi sadece A see neinde 1848de Kaliforniyada altn kefedilince olarak doru 47. B Fiilin doru evirisi doru evrilmitir. Doru yant A se eneidir. yant vermektedir. was built ifadesi sadece B seeneinde ina edilmitir eklinde evril mitir. 51. D Glenn H. Curtiss cmle nin znesidir ve biri oldu ifa 48. D Bu cmledeki Most of the oldcalendarsifadesisadeceD seeneinde Eski takvimlerin pek ou olarak evrilmitir. DoruyantDseeneidir. desi yklemdir. Doru zne yklem evirisi D seeneinde GlennH.Curtissbecameone ofolarakgemektedir.

52. E


Amerika lkesidir ifadesidir. Sadeceyklemindoruevirisi yeterlidir.BuifadesadeceEse eneinde ..is the only Latin Americancountryolarakdoru evrilmitir. 53. B Cmlede geen yeni bir kuramortayaatlmtr ifadesi A new theory has been put forwardolaraksadeceBsee neindedoruevrilmitir. 55. A Parada geen desire to reachthetop,headded,must bebothindividualandcollective ifadesinden A seeneindeki anlamn doru olduu; John Huntntrmanmaolaynntakm olarak elde edilmi bir baar olduunu dnd anlam karlabilmektedir. Bu ifadeyi verenanlamdaAseeneinde John Hunt regarded the conquest of Everest as a team successolarakgemektedir. 56. D Soru kknde Edmund Hillary ve Tenzing Norgayn baarlar ile ilgili bir ifade so 54. C Bilim adamlar ifadesi rulmaktadr. Parada geen EdmundHillaryandtheporter, TenzingNorgay,gotthegloryfor conquering Everest, but it was John Hunt who made their success possible ifadesi D se eneindeki depended, to a very large extent, on the preparations planned and cmlenin znesidir ve yklem yararlanmaktadr ifadesidir. Bu iki yapnn doru evirisi Scientistsaremakinguseof... olarakCseeneindeverilmitir.

carriedoutbyJohnHuntifadesi ileyaknanlamdadr.

theWest ifadesi E seenein dekiChinesesailors werefar more experienced and skilful thantheEuropeanonesifadesi ileanlamolarakrtmektedir.

57. C


fikrine gre.... eklinde ta mamlanmas gereken bir ifade vardr. Parada geen Failure, whether moral or physical, by even one or two people would add immensely to its difficulties.Ifadesininkarln Cseeneivermektedir. 60. B Parada geen Its a sad fact of life, and of our rather poor historical education, that Europeans tend to have a Eurocentric view of history ifadesiileBseeneindekithe writer criticizes the Europeans for their narrow understanding of history. ifadesi ile anlam 58. A ParadageenChinahad olarakrtmektedir. anempireandacivilizationthat putmedievalEuropetoshame. ifadesi Aseeneindeki China was far ahead of Europe in severalrespectsifadesiilean lamolarakrtmektedir. 59. E Parada geen Indeed, 61. A Parada geen The mo Chinese navigators were also farmoreadvancedthananyin dern fiction writer is artistically moreselfconsciousifadesinden

sonraki ksmn hepsinde A se eneindeki modern fiction writer differsfromtheprimitive storyteller because of his methods of narration....ifadesi aklanmaktadr. 62. D ParadageenHerealizes that there are many ways of tellingastory;ifadesindenson raki ksmn hepsi D seenein deki thewriterofthepassage is interested in the various writing techniques of modern authors..ifadesiniaklamaktadr.

biographies all are types of nonfiction.ifadesiEseeneinde geen ,nonfiction coversquite awiderangeofwritingifadesini aklamaktadr.

65. A

Parada geen Nonfiction

dealswithactualpeople,places, eventsandtopicsbasedonreal lifeifadesiAseeneindeki the subjectmatterofanytypeof nonfiction isneverimaginary... ifadesiniaklamaktadr. 66. D Parada geen Nonfiction mayinform,describe,persuade,

63. C Parada geen he decides upon a method before he begins ifadesi C seeneinde geenamodernwriter,before he starts to write, often decidesexactlyhowheisgoing to tell his story...ifadesi ile an lamolarakrtmektedir.

oritmaysimplyamuseifadesiD seeneinde geen one of the functionsofnonfictionmaybe to make the reader change his/her mind about something ifadesiniaklamaktadr.

67. C

Parada geen Therefore,

whenyoureadaplay,youmust try to imagine how it would 64. E Parada geen Newspaper appear and sound to an audience.ifadesiCseenein articles,reviews,autobiographies,

deki whenwereadaplay we should try to imagine it being performed...ifadesini akla maktadr. 71. D Parada geen A foreign boat,aforeignboat!ifadesi D seeneinde geen the boy knew that the boat that was 68. E ParadageenBecausea cominginwasforeign,because he didnt recognize the sail...ifadesiniaklamaktadr. playiswrittentobeperformed, itusescertainconventionsyou do not encounter in short storiesifadesiEseeneindeki aplayhascertainfeaturesthat are only found in 72. C Paradageenbythetime plays...ifadesiniaklamaktadr. the boat had arrived half the village was there to greet it. Fishermen were following it homewards, and those who 69. A Busoruparanngeneliile ilgili olan bir sorudur. passage is mainlyconcernedwith the elementsthataretobefoundin aplay..ifadesiparayzetleyen enuygunifadedir. 70. B ParadageenThelonely 73. A Parada geen The aunt island ifadesi adann isolated olduuanlamnvermektedir.Bu ifadeden doru yantn B seenei olduu sonucuna va rlabilir. and the children talked from timetotimebutinaverylimited way. ifadesi A seeneindeki happened to be inland, were climbingupanddowntherocky hills, and hurrying towards the harbour ifadesi C seeneini aklamaktadr.

theauntandthechildrenhave constantdisagreementsifadesi ileanlamolarakrtmektedir. 74. E ParadageenItwasahot afternoon, and the railway carriage was equally hot gibi ifadeler E seeneinde geen the passage is devoted to a description oftheoccupantsof the railway carriage... ifadesini dorulamaktadr.

A lot of people did get to the endofterm concert ifadesi yaknanlamdadr.

77. E

probably, it seems

ifadesiile ,thinkingitwashis own ifadesimistakingitforhis own ifadesi ile yakn anlamda olduundan E seenei doru yantvermektedir. 78. A Iftherehadntbeensuch

75. B

Parada geen The man

a strong wind ifadesi If the windhadntbeensostrongifa desiileitwouldnothavebeen so difficult ifadesi it would havebeenmucheasierifadesi yaknanlamdadr.

said nothing out loud, but probably wished he were somewhere else ifadesi the man did not, apparently, find thistrainjourneyenjoyableifa desi ile anlam olarak rt mektedir.

79. D 76. A Eventhough it had been

was perhaps ifadesi ile

may have been ifadesi, the quietest ifadesi ile the least talkative ifadesi the most passionate ifadesiiletheone with the strongest emotions ifadesiyaknanlamdadr. snowing all day ifadesi ile in spite of the snow that fell all day ifadesi, great many peoplemanagedtogettothe endoftermconcert ifadesiile

varietyofrolesifadesiAsee neinde Sometimes he was a 80. C When the Spaniards first cowboy, sometimes he was a white outcast who rode with Indianseklindeaklanmtr. brought chocolate to Europe ifadesi ile Chocolate, when it wasintroducedtoEuropebythe Spaniards ifadesi, only the very wealthy could afford to buy it ifadesi ile none but the very rich could buy it ifadesi yaknanlamdadr. 84. E Humans have the largest brains in relation to body weight. As regards actual size, however,thebrainofanelephant isfourtimeslarger.Thebrainof abluewhaleisevenlarger,itis 81. A They range from majestic fivetimesthesizeofahuman brain.Paragrafenuygunekilde tamamlayanseenekEseene idir. passenger ships to historical warvesselsifadesindeki they wrecks ifadesinin yerini tut maktadr.Devamedencmleile debtnlksalayanenuygun seenekAseeneidir. 82. B Paragraftaki Thesefeature 85. D Paragraftaki But they furnishings ifadesi B seene indeki reconstructions of first and third class cabins ifadesi ninyerinitutmaktadr.Enuygun seenekBseeneidir. knowverywellthattheymust do so ifadesi D seeneindeki politiciansseemtoknowofno other way of attracting the attentionoftheyouthifadesine gnderme yapmaktadr. They politicians ifadesinin yerini 83. A Parada geen great tutmaktadr.

86. C

Arkadalarnz sinemaya 88. B Bir maazada hounuza giden bir kot grdnz; ancak size pahal geldi. ansnz de neyipdahaucuzaalpalamaya canzsormakistiyorsunuz.Bu durumdaBseeneindekiCant you sell them to me for less ifadesienuygunseenektir. 89. C ngiliz mektup arkadanz sizingiltereyedaveteder.Sizde gitmek istiyorsunuz ancak nce aileniziiknaetmelisinizveoraya yalnzgitmeniziistemeyeceklerini biliyorsunuz.BudurumdaDont worry!Illbesafeandwelllooked

gitmeyi planlyor ve saat 5de darda buluup beraber sine maya girecekler. Sizde gitmek istiyorsunuz ama bir ihtimal gi demeyedebilirsiniz.Bunedenle onlarbekletmekistemiyorsunuz. BudurumdaCseeneindekiIf Imnotthereby5oclockitwill meanImnotcoming,soyougo onin.ifadesisylenebileceken uyguncmledir.

87. A

Bir arkadanzn babas

after ifadesi sylenebilecek en uygunifadedir.

ciddi ekilde hasta ve bu ne denle arkadanz ok kt. Ona destek olmak istiyorsunuz veyalnzbanahastaneyegit memesini istiyorsunuz. Bu du rumda A seeneindeki Some time,whenyouvisityourfather Idliketocomewithyouifadesi sylenebilecek en uygun see nektir.

90. E


seyahatinde olan bir kii iin zlmektesiniz. Kznzn onu zaman zaman evinize davet etmesini istiyorsunuz. Bu du rumda E seeneindeki Why dont you ask Jane to come

round here from time to time? Shes alone too much. ifadesi sylenebilecekenuygunifadedir. 93. A Bu diyalogda Jonun ikinci cmlesiSomearentofcourse ifadesi ile balamaktadr. Bu rada some kelimesinin gn derme yapt eyi bulmak ge rekir.AveEseenekleriuyum 91. D Bu diyalogda son cmle salar ancak anlam olarak da uygunolansadeceAseenei dir,some,interestingplaces ifadesinedeilbooksifadesine gndermeyapmaktadr. noifadesiilebalamaktadrve uak parasn belki karlarlar, ayrntlar soralm anlam var dr. Bu cevaba en uygun olan cmle D seeneindeki I presume no one willget paid! bencekimseyedemeyapma yacaklarifadesidoruyanttr. 92. E Alice ikinci cmlesinde bir rnek vermekte ve boluktaki cmleyle bu rnein btnlk iindeolmasgerekmektedir.En uygun cmle E seeneindeki Butitdoeshappensometimes ifadesidir. Bu cmledeki it, Aliceinilkcmlesinegnderme yapmaktadr. Diyaloun geri kalannda da bu olayn bazen olduunadairrnekverilmitir. 94. B BudiyalogdaPetertellme about it diyerek haber ile ilgili bilgi almak istemektedir. Yine Petern son cmlesindeki its certainlyworthatryifadesinde it in neye gnderme yapt bulunmaldr. B seeneindeki chocolateifadesianlamolarak btnlksalamaktadr. 95. C Bu diyalogda Could they be Janes ifadesi kitaplar Janeseaitolabilirmianlamna

gelmektedir. Bu sorudan nce gelebilecek en uygun cmle C seeneindeki I dont know. Theyre certainly not mine ifa desidir.

IV. cmlelerdeki ifadelere gn derme yapmaktadr. I. cmlede bu cmlelerin destekledii bir cmledir;ancakII.cmlehava durumu ile ilgili olup anlam btnlnbozmaktadr. 99. A BuparagraftaII,III.,IV.veV. cmleler Birmingham ile ilgili

96. D


olancmlelerdir;ancakI.cmle tamamylafarklbircmledirve IndustrialRevolutionileilgilibir anlamtamaktadr.Doruyant Aseeneidir.

yazar olmadndan bahset mektedir.Tmcmlelerbufikri desteklemektedir; ancak D se eneiyineYeatsileilgiliolma sna ramen btnl boz maktadr.

100.E Buparagraftasoncmledeki This new 97. E Bu paragrafta da ilk drt device ifadesi kendisinden nce gelen hibir cmleye gnderme yapma maktadr. Bu nedenle anlam btnlnnbozmaktadr.Do ruyantEseeneidir. cmlebirbiriilebalantlolma sna ramen son cmle tama myla yeni bir fikir ortaya at maktadrveanlambtnlnn bozmaktadr. Doru yant E seeneidir.

98. B

Bu paragrafta son cmle

deki either way ifadesi III. ve