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MCM CORP 9/17/07 9:00 AM Page 140

MCM Corp. specializes in a variety
of projects, from commercial to
education, throughout Florida.

‘Highest Quality Product’

MCM Corp. is building two new schools in Miami-Dade County and continues to focus on the South
Florida market, growing by nearly 20 percent per year for the past 10 years.
By Joanna Miller “Site development and shell erection has been very diffi-

S outh Florida contractor MCM Corp. says it takes a lot

of pride in the delivery of each project, which cur-
rently includes two school contracts for Miami-Dade
County Public Schools. Despite challenging site restrictions
on each project, it is on schedule to complete each on time.
cult,” he says. “It’s coastal construction, so there are also
issues with dewatering, and a heavy foundation and piling
system was required, which is not typical of school con-
struction. It’s been a challenge all around. We’ve done a lot
of coordination between the trades, secured areas for stor-
The company is serving as construction manager on the ing materials offsite, procuring long lead times and staging
$36 million BB-1 project in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. The them offsite to allow the building to be constructed with-
project involves the construction of a new, multistory, out delaying material acquisition.”
300,000-square-foot K-8 facility for 1,642 students and is MCM is also working on the WWW school project in
scheduled to be completed in August 2008, Senior Project Hialeah, Fla. It is serving as the design/builder on the $51
Manager Gustavo Fernandez says. million high school project. The 322,000-square-foot school
“This is a very interesting and unique is confined to six acres, and Fernandez says there are simi-
MCM Corp.
www.mcmcorp.com project,” he says. “The site is extremely lar site constraint issues on this project.
2006 sales: $130 million constrained.” The company is building a “It’s a high school on a constrained site, so there are
Headquarters: Miami four-story building and elevated parking more programmatic issues,” he says. “The gym sits on an
Employees: 200-250
Services: General contractor garage on two acres. The school system elevated parking garage, and there is a lot of curtain wall,
Gustavo Fernandez, senior has had to make accommodations such as some of them four stories tall. It’s a four-story classroom
project manager: “We have a a media center located on the second building, and you typically don’t go over three stories in
very strong orientation toward
customer satisfaction and floor, instead of the first, as a result of the South Florida.”
quality.” tight space, he says. The building includes a state-of-the-art auditorium with