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Unauthorised copying, reproduction, rental, public performance or broadcast of this game is a violation of applicable laws. Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved. ======================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ======================================== 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. INTRODUCTION VIDEO PROBLEMS SOUND PROBLEMS ADVANCED FEATURES GAME AMENDMENTS DUNGEON KEEPER 2 ON-LINE FULL KEY LIST

======================================= 1. INTRODUCTION This file contains minor amendments and updates intended to supplement existing reference material. For more information on playing DK2, refer to the DK2 game manual provided. For help on installation and troubleshooting, consult the DK2 Reference Card. 2. VIDEO PROBLEMS i. Monitor Flickering or Switching Off / Power-Saving You may experience a blank or flickering display with some monitors when a game begins. If this occurs, try changing the Resolution to 640 x 480 in the Graphics Options. ii. Brightness If the screen is too dark on your monitor, try adjusting the Gamma bar in the Graphics Options. If you are still experiencing a dark picture, it may be that your video card has been configured with low gamma correction. Gamma Correction can be adjusted in Display Properties, which you can access via the Windows Control Panel (normally found by opening the Windows Start Menu and looking on the Settings sub-menu). iii. Graphics Corruption If you experience unusual or severe colouring of the display, or possibly a black screen, you might try disabling gamma correction altogether. To do this, use the -disablegamma command-line option as described in 4.ii below. NB Some cards will not support DK2's gamma correction. If you do not have a Gamma Correction bar in your Graphics Options, the Increase and Decrease Gamma keys will serve no function in the game.

3. SOUND PROBLEMS i. No Speech Messages If you fail to hear dungeon message speech while playing the game, it may be a problem with your Speaker Configuration. Try setting this to Stereo in the Sound Options. ii. Choosing The Language For DK2 (not available on English version) If you wish to install Dungeon Keeper 2 in a language other than English, place Disc 2 in the CD drive first to be given a choice of languages. In addition, you will be automatically prompted for Disc 2 at installation if the version of Windows detected on your machine is not running in English. iii. Specific Card Problems You may experience difficulties running Dungeon Keeper 2 in conjunction with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! sound card. This is potentially a driver problem, so consult your dealer or the Creative Labs web site for the latest updates. 4. ADVANCED FEATURES If your 3D card can support them, DK2 features some advanced 32-bit options to improve the visual quality of the game. On most current 3D hardware there is a performance loss in using these options, though this is card-dependent. WARNING 1. The following command-line options are unsupported features and not covered by any technical support agreement or warranty. The user applies these options at their own risk, and with no guarantee of effectiveness. Electronic Arts is under no obligation to provide any technical or customer support in the event of problems arising from the use of these options. WARNING 2 (for citizens of Planet Earth). In plainer language, we thought you might like to see some of the neat extras we've been working on, but these are NOT official features of DK2 -- so PLEASE don't phone up our tech support if you can't get them to work. They won't be able to help you. i. Adding Command-line options To make use of the array of advanced hardware and software options in Dungeon Keeper 2, you will need to apply command-line options. To do this, simply: (a) Open the Windows Start Menu and select RUN to open a dialogue box. (b) Type in the name and location of the DKII.exe program file, or use the browser to locate it, or use right-click on the program file to discover this information in its Properties. Simpler still, if you followed the installer's default options regarding where to install the game, then you can either copy the following exactly, or use cut and paste to place it in the RUN windows dialogue box: "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper II\DKII.exe" (c) Add the option to the end of the command-line, after the quotes, always leaving a space before each command-line option. For example: "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper II\DKII.exe" -softwarefilter -32bitdisplay Alternatively, you can create a shortcut to DKII.exe, open the shortcut's Properties and add the options to the command-line in the Shortcut dialogue box.

ii. Command-line Option List -disablegamma If the screen is tinted and the gamma slider causes colour corruption, try adding this command-line option. The problem is mostly restricted to a small number of laptop video cards. -nointmouse This option disables the frame-rate independent mouse pointer. -softwarefilter This switches on bilinear filtering in the software version. A 300 MHz or higher processor is recommended. -32bitdisplay This forces the game to run in 32-bit colour, rather than 16-bit colour. Using this option will increase the performance of the game if running in software on most systems by approximately 5%. -32bitzbuffer This tells the game engine to use a 32-bit Z-buffer instead of the default 16-bit Z-buffer. If this feature is not available then the game will find the highest depth Z-buffer available and use that (usually 24- or 16-bit if 32-bit is not available). -32bittextures This command-line option instructs the game engine to use 32-bit textures, if your card is able to support this feature. -32biteverything This shortcut enables all three 32-bit options simultaneously. NB the -softwarefilter and -32bitdisplay options can be used in conjunction to give the highest possible image quality when running in software mode. 5. GAME AMENDMENTS i. Query Tool The Query Tool provides detailed information on creatures only, not on rooms or items. Its only other use is to reveal a Trap's effective range: just hold the '?' cursor over the trap to highlight it, rather than clicking on it, to see a burst of particles radiating outwards. The distance covered by the particles visibly demonstrates both the Trap's range and the obstacles obscuring its line of sight. ii. Attractants -- The Rogue Early versions of the DK2 "How To Attract Your Creatures" Card incorrectly state that the Rogue is attracted by a Lair and a Treasury. You will actually need to build a Lair and a Casino to entice the services of the Rogue. Similarly, section 9.1.10 of the DK2 game manual also claims that a Treasury is an attractant for the Rogue. The Treasury does no act as an attractant for any creature. iii. Attractants -- The Dark Angel To attract a Dark Angel through the Portal, you will need to build a Temple that boasts an idol of the Hand at the centre of its Sacrificial Pool. This requires a Temple of at least a 5x5 square in size. Each Hand idol can support up to two Dark Angels. Since each Temple may only have one idol to worship, the secret to

recruiting more Dark Angels is thus to build additional, separate, 5x5 Temples. iv. Mana Limits The maximum Mana any player can have is 200,000 points. No matter how much territory the player owns, the Mana generated can never exceed 500 points per second. v. End of Level Sequence A short cut-scene appears on the completion of each level of the Campaign Mode to announce your glorious success. To end the scene and proceed with the game, hit the SPACE BAR. vi. Ally Window You can make alliances during the course of a multi-player game by calling up the Ally Window: just press A or use the Allies icon on the Control Panel. To propose an alliance, click on the triangle next to your intended ally's name to make the offer. The recipient will get a message to inform them of your diplomacy. They can choose to ignore you, or accept by clicking on the other triangle to form a solid square. This seals the deal. Once the alliance has been forged, you may freely transfer your own resources to them. Since you may be embroiled in more than one allegiance, you will need to click on the ally's name to highlight it in order to confirm that they are the Keeper with whom you are about to share your goods. To break the alliance, simply click on the triangle again to withdraw from the deal. Your erstwhile ally will be alerted to the change by a message. No more resources may be shared once one side has withdrawn. vii. Creature Efficiency Left to their own devices, creatures naturally perform their chores at approximately 80% efficiency. There are two ways for the impatient Keeper to make them work even harder: (a) Player Assignment Deliberately assigning creatures to specific tasks raises their efficiency by 10%. They know you are watching their efforts, and try harder to please you. To assign a creature, simply pick it up and drop it into the workplace. For example, drop a Warlock in a Library, or place an Imp next to a wall that needs reinforcing, and their efforts will immediately intensify. (b) Slapping A snappy right-clicking with the Hand of Evil will remind your minions of their lowly status in the Dungeon hierarchy. Slapping a creature once adds 10% to its efficiency. The effect is not cumulative, so further slaps will only serve to injure and annoy. Both of these 10% increases can be applied simultaneously, boosting the beleaguered creature to 100% efficiency. You can also check the message bar to discover a creature's precise efficiency, although the change in the text colour provides speedier identification of micro-managed minions. Note, also, that some experienced creatures have the ability to cast Haste independent of the player's actions. The effect of this spell is equivalent to a 10% boost, so it's possible to have assigned, slapped and magically enhanced creatures working at 110% efficiency. viii. Playing on in My Pet Dungeon This mode gives you the chance to play on indefinitely, should you wish, so that

you may plan, build and tyrannise a truly megalithic dungeon at your own pace. Upon completion of the level objectives, the game will ask if you wish to continue. Declining the offer takes you to the Debriefing Screen, where you may review your achievements and total score. If you agree to play on, be aware that you will only be able to quit via the Options Screen. In either eventuality, your progress through the levels of My Pet Dungeon will be saved. Victory on one level makes the next level available to play. ix. Hero Level Selector This device in My Pet Dungeon's Hero Toolbox can also reduce the experience level of heroic invaders. Left-click on the dial to increase the level, or right-click to decrease. 6. DUNGEON KEEPER 2 ON-LINE A link to the DK2 web site may be opened very quickly through the Windows Start Menu. Go to the Program Files sub-directory, then Bullfrog, then Dungeon Keeper 2. Check this site regularly for news, assistance, downloads, updates, gaming advice and links to other EA services. 7. FULL KEY LIST Possessed Creature Mode (1st Person Mode) Function Toggle Sniper Mode Pick Lock/Disarm/Jailbreak Fire Creep Run Melee Attack Select Creature Spell Select 1 Creature Spell Select 2 Creature Spell Select 3 Creature Primary Ability Creature Secondary Ability Select Ally For Group Remove From Group Keeper Mode (overview) Scroll Up Scroll Down Scroll Left Scroll Right Zoom In Zoom Out Rotate View Left Rotate View Right Zoom Key Speed Scroll Key Rotate Key Pause And Options Take Screen Shot Broadcast Message To All Send Message To All Allies Send Message To Ally 1 Send Message To Ally 2 Send Message To Ally 3 Key or Combination INSERT NUM 0 SPACE RCTRL RSHIFT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 CTRL + G UP Arrow DOWN Arrow LEFT Arrow RIGHT Arrow HOME END DELETE PG DN CTRL + UP/DOWN Arrow SHIFT + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Arrow CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT Arrow ESC PRT SCRN TAB ALT + A ALT + 1 ALT + 2 ALT + 3

Send Message To Ally 4 Ally Window Toggle Control Panel Toggle Player Information Toggle Full Screen Map Zoom To Dungeon Heart Zoom To Next Fight Zoom To Portal Camera Mouse Rotate Camera Mouse Zoom Increase Gamma Decrease Gamma Increase Ambient Light Decrease Ambient Light Preset Camera Views: Camera Isometric Camera Top Down Camera Oblique User Camera 1 User Camera 2 User Camera 3 Free Camera / Set User Camera Controls: Roll Right Pitch Down Pitch Up Roll Left Yaw Right Yaw Left Hand When Pick Pick


Of Evil Modifiers picking creatures from the Creature Panel: Highest Level Creature Hold CTRL + . Lowest Level Creature Hold CTRL + , CTRL + L CTRL + S CTRL + R

Quick Load Quick Save Restart Level =======================================