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New Meadow Farm

First Annual Hunter New Meadow Farm

Trials Spottswood, Virginia

A Year-round Riding Facility Offering:

Group and Individual Instruction

Training and Sales

75’ x 150’ Covered Arena

110’ x 240’ Sand Arena

Miles of Guided Trails for Hacking and Jumping

Inviting outdoor courses for green or more experienced A cross Country Course of Hunter and Event Oriented Jumps
horses, ponies and riders. Braiding and membership in a
Call for Further Information on Upcoming Schooling Dates, Shows
hunt club are not required. and Clinics

Satur da y, No vem ber 22, 2 00 8 Anita and Colin Warmington (540) 377-6169

Judge: Ms. Keedie Grones Leonard, Farmington Hunt

Ten tativ e Ti me Sched ule ( 10:00 AM S tar t)
Con diti ons
Cla ss 1 . Un ju dge d Warm -up Runs concurrently with each division.
(Two horses may be on warm up at the same time, if needed
for schooling purposes.) All classes will be judged on performance and way of going including
even hunting pace, jumping style and hunting soundness. Manners
Cla ss 2. Futu re Foxhu nt ers O ver F ence s (approx. 2’3”) and suitability to count as well. Pairs/team classes will also be judged
Open to less experienced riders and horses. on unity.
Sponsored by Surratt Tire & Auto
Flat classes will be judged at a walk, trot and canter.
Cla ss 3. F ut ur e Han dy Hu nt er Ove r F ence s (approx. 2’3’)
Sponsored by C.W. Contracting All classes are open to horses or ponies at the posted height; however,
distances will not be adjusted. Adults may ride ponies.
Cla ss 4. Futu re Foxhu nt er on t he F la t
Sponsored by Outdoor Inspiration A prize and six ribbons will be awarded in each class. Championship
and Reserve ribbons will be awarded for each division.
Cla ss 5. Ope n Hun ter Over Fence s (approx. 2’6”) Open to
all. No foxhunting experience needed. Entry fees will be $12.00 per horse per class payable to Anita
Sponsored by The Meating Place Warmington. A C UR REN T NEG ATIVE CO GG INS M US T BE
Cla ss 6. Ope n Ha ndy Hu nt er Ove r F ence s (approx. 2’6”)
Sponsored by Rosen’s Garage Concessions will be available on the grounds.

Cla ss 7. Ope n Hun ter on th e Fl at Dogs must be on a leash.

Sponsored by Surratt Auto Center
The show committee reserves the right to change the schedule and/or
Cla ss 8. Qua li fied Hun ter Over Fence s (approx. 2’9”) split/combine classes as it deems necessary. Neither New Meadow
Open to foxhunters who have hunted at least 6 times or who Farm, Inc., nor landowners, nor any volunteers/employees associated
are members of a hunt club. with the event will be responsible for accident, injury, or loss of property
Sponsored by Middlebrook General Store on the grounds.

Cla ss 9. Qua li fied Ha ndy Hu nt er Ove r F ence s (approx.

Sponsored by Winbrooke Farm
We are happy to present this First Annual Hunter
Cla ss 10. Q ua li fie d Hun ter on th e Fl at Trials as a benefit for The Middlebrook Hounds.
Sponsored by Winbrooke Farm Fred Getty, Sr. Jt. M.F.H.
Margot Case, Jt. M.F.H.
Cla ss 11 . Pai rs or Hu nt T ea ms O ver F enc es (approx. 2’6”)

High Point Award of the Day

A 3 Month Membership to Gold’s Gym
Donated by Gold’s Gym
For fur the r inf orm at ion , ple as e co nt ac t Ani ta War min gton at (540)
290-5 790.

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