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Central Community Church hurch r

6100 W. Maple Wichita, KS

Volunteer & Assistant Edition

Two Conferences
Saturday, March 3, 2012
Central Community Church
6100 W. Maple, Wichita

One Location

Growing With Children

A conference for family child care providers and child care center teachers. Approved for 6 in-service hours. More information on pages 3-9.

Directors Chair
A conference for child care center directors approved for 6 in-service hours.


6:30 7:00-8:00 8:00-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-12:30 12:30-1:30 1:30-3:30 ARRIVE Registration Session 1 Break/Exhibits Session 2 Lunch Session 3

Tracks have returned!

Again this year, Growing with Children is oering tracks for focused learning. Participants can choose to follow a track or pick and choose topics of interest. The listing of tracks is located on the next page. Descriptions of each session are found on the following pages... divided by tracks.

Reserve Early!

Session choices ll fast! Reservations are on a rst come rst serve basis - plus save money by returning your registration by February 17th! See Registration Instructions next to the Growing with Children registration form.

Enjoy exhibitors, lunch and win door prizes or raes!

All Growing with Children & Directors Chair participants will be registered for door prizes, treated to lunch and will have the opportunity to purchase items in the exhibitor area. Pop will be sold for $1 each. Several raes are also planned... tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5!

Current Exhibitors
Kaplan Construction Playthings Lakeshore Carols Aordable Curriculum Bit O Sunshine Jewelry CLIX Portrait Studios Mental Health of South Central Kansas Elmo Creek Designs Cheryl Steele, Author Childrens Mercy Kansas Early Head Start ...and more!

Central Community Church

6100 W. Maple, Wichita
Central Ave. Ridge Rd. Tyler Rd. I-235 (US 54)

Maple St. W. Kellogg St.

Growing With Children Track Listing

Basic Recommended Safety Science Adventures Enhancing Programs Challenging Behaviors Development Adventures Child Care Safety

Infant Development

Food Handlers Training Hands On Science Opening the World of Possibilities: Digital Media Understanding the Meaning of Behavior in Infants & Toddlers

The Bug Lady

Safe Slumber

Session 1

The Period of Purple Crying

Fire Safety Doc Gizmo: Science Theatre Liv., Lit., Lib.: Using the Library & Literature

If You Had a Magic Wand

But All They Do is Play

Breaking the Silence

Session 2

Infant Massage

Nurturing Your Family with MyPlate

Make A Splash with Science

Getting Parents Involved

Labeling Behaviors, NOT Children!

The Zoo and You

Precious Cargo

Session 3

Infants & Toddlers: Signing Ahead!

Infant Development
The Period of PURPLE Crying, A New Way to Understand Your Babys Crying
Presented by: Anne Auld The Period of PURPLE Crying is an evidence-based prevention program oered by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome. This program approaches Abusive Head Trauma, also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), prevention by helping parents and caregivers understand the frustrating features of crying in normal infants that can lead to shaking or abuse.
I-Child & Youth Growth & Development, Promoting Growth & Development, L 1 a b., V-Health & Safety, Promoting Risk Management Practices L 1 a b. 1-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment. 8-Child Growth & Development.

Session 1


Infant Massage to Promote Bonding & Attachment

Presented by: Margo Breckbill The power of touch can have many benets for both the infant and the caregiver. Good touch stimulates healthy physical development and promotes healthy brain development. When a parent or caregiver learns these skills, it can empower them to feel more competent in interpreting the needs of the infant.
I-Child & Youth Growth & Development, Promoting Growth & Development, L 1 b c. 8-Child Growth & Development.

Session 2

Infants & Toddlers: Signing Ahead!

Presented by: Glenda Higbee This is a basic signing discussion for working with infants and young toddlers as they acquire language. Baby sign language is a great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. Baby sign language helps babies that are ready to communicate, but cannot quite bridge the gap to full speech. Babies that sign are often less fussy because the baby can tell you what she wants instead of crying. Imagine how your life would change if your baby could tell you when she wanted milk, when she was too hot, or if she just wanted to show you something you missed! Research also shows that babies that utilize sign language get a great start in life with increased vocabularies and more advanced cognitive skills, even years after they have stopped signing.
I-Child & Youth Growth & Development, Promoting Growth & Development, L 1 b c. 8-Child Growth & Development. Anne Auld is a graduate of the University of Kansas, with a BA in Psychology. She has spent several years in the child welfare arena, including recruiting and training foster/adoptive parents. Anne made the move to Kansas Childrens Service League in order to promote child abuse prevention programs. She is currently the Statewide Coordinator for The Period of PURPLE Crying, an infant abuse prevention campaign which strives to educate parents and caregivers about the normalcy of infant crying as a way to prevent Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome). Margo Breckbill has been serving children and families for more than 30 years, with a masters degree in Family Development & Education. She is a certied Infant Massage Instructor, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator and Certied Family Life Educator. Margo is currently an Adjunct Professor at Wichita State University. Margo is passionate about families supporting the healthy development of young children, and it shows in her work. Glenda Higbee has been in the business of educating children and families for more than 40 years, earning her bachelors of arts in elementary education from Wichita State University. She owned a family child care home and a child care center in Atlanta for 13 years. She worked at Child Start, Inc. for many years, her nal position being an Infant Toddler Specialist, directly impacting the lives of teachers and families alike. Glenda is very tuned into the needs of children and families as she has been a foster parent for more than eight years and is semi-retired and still working with young children.

Session 3

Basic Recommended Safety

Food Handlers Training
Presented by: Trish Sapien

Session 1


This is a 2 hour class designed for the child care provider. Attendees will learn how to handle food safely to prevent food borne illnesses. Attendee will receive a Food Handler Card issued by the City of Wichita Department of Environmental Health which is valid for 4 years.
V-Health, Safety & Nutrition, Nutrition, L 1. 1-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment.

Fire Safety

Presented by: Mark Chairs Fire is the second leading cause of accidental deaths. Fires in the home account for about 80% of all re deaths. The information in this session will help you to understand your responsibility in keeping the children in your care and the sta in your center safe from re. You will learn the proper ways to exit a burning structure, and how to survive a re.
V-Health, Safety & Nutrition, Knowledge of Regulations, L 1. I-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment.

Session 2

Nurturing Your Family with MyPlate

Presented by: Jan McMahon

Session 3

Join us for this lively discussion on Nutrition! Children that eat a proper diet are able to learn and develop properly. You will walk away with lots of new ideas to promote healthy eating habits in the children and families you serve. We will discuss small changes to your lifestyle that can be implemented to reach a healthy lifestyle.
V-Health & Safety, Promoting Healthy Eating, Level 2 b c. 1-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment.

Trish Sapien started her food service career in 1976 with the United States Army when she became a Food Service Specialist. After starting her family, she spent the next 15 years working as a Director of Child Nutrition Services feeding children from grades K-12. She teaches nutrition at Butler Community College part-time and is currently working for Child Start, Inc. as the Head Start Nutrition Coordinator. She teaches children and families how to choose healthy meals by setting a good example. Mark Chairs has held certications as a Fire Service Instructor, Medical Training Ocer, and Emergency Medical Services the past 21 years. His passion is the safety of children and families. This passion shows in the awesome training programming Mark provides for his clients. Jan McMahon is currently the Family Consumer Science Agent at the K-State Research & Extension Oce in Sedgwick County. Jan has earned her bachelors degree in vocational home economics and masters degree in Home Economics with concentrations in Human Nutrition & Development from Colorado State University. She is currently teaching nutrition to limited resources families throughout South Central Kansas.

Almost every exhibitor at the conference has a drawing for a prize! Make sure you visit every vendor to increase your chances to win!

Science Adventures
Hands On Science
Presented by: Traci Kalliho This session will oer activities and information for hands-on science activities that are easy to conduct with young children as well as easy on the budget. Participants will become familiar with simple, everyday items that can be used to spark the interest of young children as they learn basic scientic principals.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Promoting Cognitive Development, L 3 b c f. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence.

Session 1


Doc Gizmos Science Theatre: Making Science Come Alive

Presented by: Phil Arnold Doc Gizmo presents Science Assemblies to students of all ages. Programs are designed to provide excitement and education. Discrepant Event Demonstrations make students wonder how and why the world around them works as it does. A wide variety of Physics, Chemistry eand Natural Science demos bring the level of interest to an exciting climax. Doc Gizmo would like participants to bring 1: 2-liter bottle, 1: 1-liter bottler, 1: aluminum pop can.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Promoting Cognitive Development, L 2 a b. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence, Cognitive.

Session 2

Presented by: Rhonda Hiebert & Elizabeth Lorett Join us for this exciting hands on session! You will learn how to perform simple science experiments that are appropriate for children ages 2 1/2 to 6 years and relate them to everyday life. Be prepared to get involved!
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Promoting Cognitive Development, 2 b. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence.

Make A Splash with Science

Session 3

Traci Kalliho is the Education Manager at Exploration Place in Wichita. She holds a BS in Secondary Education: in Earth & Space Science from Wichita State University. Traci has taught ages 2-18 for a number of years in dierent capacities, in partnership with various organizations, including the Great Plains Nature Center. She is a regular speaker at Botanica Lunch Lectures and presenter at the National Outreach Education Network Session at Association and the Science Technology Centers Annual Conference 2009. Traci is a proud member of Kansas Association of Teachers Of Science, Association of Childrens Museums Interactivity Conference and the Association of American Museums. Traci brings a great deal of experience having adapted many science curricula for various ages, ensuring that learning and fun are the primary focus. The Doc Gizmo Science Theatre is an organization dedicated to Making Science Come Alive for Students of all Ages. Phil Arnold and his wife developed science demonstrations which have been presented to over 193,000 students within the past 10 years. Gimmicks, Gizmos & Discrepant Events is a collection of more than 160 hands-on activities and demonstrations developed and used by them. Rhonda Hiebert is the Director and Lead Teacher at the Montessori Learning Center in Hutchinson, Ks. She holds a masters degree in early childhood. Beth Lorett is the Assistant Director. She holds an associates degree in early childhood. She currently is the teacher in the Kindergarten-2nd grade program at Montessori Learning Center.

Make a note of the people you connect with at the conference and nd them on Child Starts Playground

Enhancing Programs
Opening the World of Possibility: Reading & Writing with Digital Media
Presented by: Sheila Shaw

Session 1

Wondering how to incorporate media into your daily interactions with children? Media has the potential to overcome barriers so all children, regardless of circumstances, can explore the world around them and develop a love of learning! This session is designed for child care center teachers and family care providers to better utilize digital mediaprimarily television and online resources available from PBSin assisting young children with the tools needed as they develop literary and reading skills.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Creating the Learning Environment, 2 b e. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence.

Liv., Lit., Lib.: Using the Library & Literature to Enhance Your Program & Your Life
Presented by: Anne Harris

Session 2

Did you know that childrens books make curriculum planning a cinch? The Wichita Public Library oers many resources that can make your work and life easier and more aordable! Come learn what we can do for you and the children in your care. You will leave with ideas on how to use childrens books to address all developmental domains.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Promoting Language and Communication Development, L 3 a. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence, Cognitive, Communication.

Getting Parents Involved

Presented by: Eddie Portz

Session 3

This interactive workshop will give participants the tools they need to enhance their high quality programs while developing workable strategies for getting parents involved in their daily activities. By establishing positive communication, respect and a friendly relationship with each parent, the participants will learn how to involve even those drop-o /pick-up parents in their child care program.
IV-Families & Communities, Relationships with Families, L 3 b c. 4-Relationships with Families.

Sheila Shaw received her bachelors degree in elementary education from Fort Hays State University and her masters degree in School Administration from Wichita State University. Her passion for working with children began as a classroom teacher and later as a school principal. During the past nine years, she has spoken to over 250,000 high school and college age students in 26 states on various topics of interest. In addition to her speaking engagements, she also is the Education Outreach Coordinator at KPTS Channel 8 in Wichita. Anne Harris has worked in the Early Childhood eld for 20 years; at child care centers, Head Start, Child Care Licensing, and for the past 4 years as the Wichita Public Librarys Youth Outreach Librarian. You may nd her wheeling her cart stacked with tubs of books, dancing with children, or drawing unrecognizable objects while singing Aiken Drum with preschoolers. She also teaches part time for Butler Community Colleges ECE department. She completed her bachelors and masters degrees in early childhood education at Kansas State University. Eddie Portz has been a provider for over 15 years, caring for children all over the nation as a military child care provider. Eddie goes above and beyond the duties of caring for children by holding a high standard of care as she participates in the KQRIS program. In addition, she has mentored many other new providers to a successful business as she brings many years of rsthand knowledge & experience.

Challenging Behaviors
Understanding the Meaning of Behavior in Infants & Toddlers and Intervening Eectively
Presented by: Lura Borsto


Session 1

This session will focus on the communication of distress in infants and toddlers and the characteristics of challenging behavior. We will discuss family circumstances that may impact the social emotional development of very young children and steps for working with parents in addressing concerns about the resulting behavior.
IV-Families & Communities, Relationships with Families, L 2 a b c e. 4-Relationships with Families.

If You Had a Magic Wand....What Behaviors Would You Want To Get Rid Of?
Presented by: Beth Reeder Every classroom has behaviors both good and bad. Join us for this interactive session that will help you to react to the behaviors in a positive way. You will gain tools to utilize everyday events in a curriculum that addresses both the adults and childs emotional intelligence. Use your magic wand to integrate classroom management with socialemotional learning. You will be empowered to consciously respond to daily conict, transforming it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills to children.
VI-Interactions with Children, Providing Individual Guidance, L 2 a. 3-Social & Emotional Development.

Session 2

Labeling Behaviors, NOT Children!

Presented by: Katherine Love In this session we will explore ways to handle misbehaviors. It will oer strategies to clarify expectations, establish clear consistent rules, and ultimately enhance the childrens social and problem-solving skills. You will leave with refreshing ideas to reinforce appropriate behavior.
V-Health, Safety & Nutrition, L 1 a. 5-Program Planning.

Session 3

Lura Lund-Borsdorf has been working with children and families including foster care and adoption services for over 12 years. Currently, Lund-Borsdorf is a full-time therapist at the Wichita Child Guidance Center. With an emphasis on social and emotional bonds between parent and child, Lund-Borsdorf is a consulting therapist oering observations, trainings and consultation for parents and early childhood providers with children ages zero to ve years old. She received her masters of Social Work from Washburn University and subsequently completed her clinical (LSCSW) at Sumner Mental Health in Wellington. In 2009, Lund-Borsdorf became a Registered Play Therapist. Beth Reeder brings over 10 years of sta development and training experience. She has trained, keynoted and consulted in a three state area as well as at multiple national conferences. She brings certications and knowledge of the early childhood eld, child discipline, sta motivation, outdoor learning experience and much more. She has worked with Head Start, Tiny-K, Part B & C Agencies as well as typically developing students. Having been a teacher and administrator, she brings rsthand experience and knowledge. Katherine Love is a grade school teacher and therapeutic foster parent. She has been teaching for 10 years, six in early childhood and four years in Kg-4th math and reading interventions with the Wichita School District. Katherine earned her bachelors of arts in education and a masters in curriculum and instruction from Southwestern College. She has been a foster parent for seven years, caring for children ranging from two to 16 years of age. In her spare time, she enjoys scrapbooking, watching sports and working on writing a childrens book.

Development Adventures
The Bug Lady: Educating Children Through Animals & Insects
Presented by: Carrie Tiemeyer Come and share an amazing time with The Bug Lady. She has animals ranging from Charlotte the tarantula to Tucker the Amazon Parrot. The Bug Lady shares the benets of having animals, insects, and nature. Come and watch feeding demos with dierent kinds of lizards. Learn about habitats, diets, and the easiest and least expensive ways to maintain animals in your classroom. Many animals & insects can be handled. Its a fun time for allespecially for the animals. . . they love the attention!
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Creating the Learning Environment & General Curriculum, L 2 b g. 2-Physical & Intellectual Competence.

Session 1

But All They Do is Play - Understanding the Importance of Play in Early Childhood
Presented by: Heather Barnett It is the work of children to play. For many adults, this concept is foreign and to others it is a time waster. This session is designed to help adults understand why play is important for healthy development, and can help parents and caregivers of young children not only to facilitate play for their children, but to have fun with it too! An informative discussion of the use of play in therapy will also be covered.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environment & Curriculum, L 2 a b. 1-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment, The Environment.

Session 2

The Zoo and You

Presented by: Laura King

Session 3

Not only is a zoo a great place to visit for fun, it is also a great place to learn. The Sedgwick County Zoo has something for everyone. In this workshop, you will be hands on with bones, fur, feathers, scales and more. You will learn about lessons and activities that you can do with students in a classroom, at home, and at the Zoo.
II-Learning Environment & Curriculum, Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environment, L 2 a., IV-Families & Communities, Building Partnerships within Communities, L 2 b.1Safe, Healthy Learning Environment., 4-Relationships with Families, Families.

Carrie Tiemeyer has over 10 years experience in Early Childhood Education with teaching experience ranging from infant to kindergarten children, and she has been an Assistant Director for a child care center with over 180 children enrolled. Heather Barnett is a Child Behavior Specialist holds a masters degree as a LSCSW, clinical social worker from Newman University. Heather is currently in private practice oering the community various therapeutic services for young children. Prior to opening the private practice oce with a partner, Heather was a Mental Health Specialist providing mental health services to children and families receiving special education services at Rainbows United, Inc. Heather enjoys teaching the next generation of mental health professionals at Butler Community College here in Kansas. Laura King has worked at the Sedgwick County Zoo since 1988. In 1991 she earned her masters of science in environmental studies and transferred to the Zoo Education Department. Currently, Laura is the Coordinator of Early Childhood and Special Needs programming. This includes working with students and families of children infant to kindergarten as well as special needs students of all ages. The mission of the Sedgwick County Zoo is to inspire discovery, appreciation, and respect for nature, something Laura feels is easy to do when you have the zoo as your classroom.

Child Care Safety

Safe Slumber: Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment
Presented by: Mark Chairs Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death for infants 1 month to 12 months of age. The Safe Slumber presentation denes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), identies how to create a safe sleep environment, become familiar with SIDS/SUID and what steps educators, parents and child care providers can take to reduce SIDS and SUID. Participants will discuss denitions and statistics of SIDS/SUID and address bereavement issues related to infant mortality.
V-Health, Safety & Nutrition, Knowledge of Regulations, L 1. 1-Safe, Healthy Learning Environment.

Session 1

Breaking the Silence: What Every Child Care Provider Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse
Presented by: Tisha Whitehead Child care providers will learn the basic classications of child sexual abuse. Learning objectives include: being able to recognize behavioral, physical and emotional indicators of abuse, and being able to eectively communicate with and educate small children on the topic of personal safety. Participants will discover the community resources available to the children and families that utilize their child care services.
IV-Families & Communities, Use of Community Resources, L 2 a. 4-Relationships with Families.

Session 2

Precious Cargo, Getting Children There and Back Safely

Presented by: Tammie Hensen & Leanne Kilmer

Session 3

This session will be an overview on child passenger restraint systems, with a look at state laws on transporting children. We will also discuss what to do if you are involved in a car crash. You will practice hands-on car seat positioning. During this class you will have an opportunity to set up an appointment for customized car seat plans on a one on one basis.
V-Health & Safety, Environmental Safety, L 2 a d. 1-Safe Healthy Learning Environment.

Tisha Whitehead currently works for the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC) as the Coordinator of Program Services. Her primary role in her position at WASAC is to speak to the youth community about topics such as sexual assault, healthy relationships, cyber bullying, and sexual harassment. Tisha earned a bachelors degree in psychology in 2006, moving on to earn a masters degree in Sociology from WSU in 2008. Prior to working at WASAC Tisha spent two years doing advocacy work with survivors of domestic violence for Catholic Charities Harbor House. While working on her masters degree, Tisha volunteered with Choose Respect/ Start Strong Wichita, a local violence prevention eort in Wichita middle and high schools. This combination of education and experience in addition to her passion for working with the youth community gives Tisha a unique rst hand perspective on violence in our community. Tammie Henson, is the coordinator of Safe Kids McPherson County and Child Passenger Technician. Tammie has been a emergency medical technician since 2005 and a member of the Kansas Emergency Medical Association. Leanne Kilmer is a certied Car Passenger Seat Technician and has enjoyed working with children for more than 10 yrs. Leanne even has training working with children with special needs.

Intentionally left blank

Intentionally left blank

Registration Instructions ASSISTANTS

Assistants Registration
Thank you for volunteering. If you are wishing to receive a certicate for the sessions you attend as an Assistant, you will need to pay registration fees. The fees listed are at half-price from regular registration prices. If you do not wish to receive a certicate, there is no cost for the day.

Growing With Children Registrations:

For each session, please choose one workshop and two alternative workshops from those listed. You will be assigned classes based on this ranking and space availability. The earlier we receive your paid registration, the more likely it is you can have your top choice. (In the unlikely event there is no room for you to attend any of your choices, we will call). If you would like conrmation of your assigned classes please include your email address on your conference registration.

A buet lunch is included in your registration fees. If you are needing a special meal, please indicate that on your registration form. Cold pop will be sold for $1.00 each.

Early Bird Discount:

Registrations postmarked after the Early Bird cut o date (2/17/12) will not qualify for a discount and any balance will be due at the time of check-in on the day of the conference. You will be sent an email detailing if and why you owe an additional registration fee.

Member Discounts:
The cost for Growing with Children is reduced for those who have a current 2011-2012 membership with Child Start. The cost for Directors Chair is reduced for those who have a current 2011-2012 membership with the Early Childhood Directors Organization. Child Start Professional Development Membership credits do not apply to this conference.

Sorry, there are no refunds. If you are wanting to add a dierent name to an existing registration, you must do so by 2/27/12 Child Start Attn: Siophi Shepherd GWC Conference Registration 1002 S. Glendale St Wichita KS 67218

Mail the registration form to:

Growing With Children Assistant Form

ASSISTANT Information
Please ll out one form per participant. Copies can be made. Name: Center Name: Address: City: Day Phone: Email: Profession: State: County: Evening Phone: Zip:

Growing With Children Session Choices

Please place workshop LETTER found next to its description in the appropriate box. Classes ll on a rst-come-rst-choice basis Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

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Growing With Children ASSISTANT Registration Options

Lunch included with registration Please check appropriate amount: Member Early Registration: Postmarked by 2/17/2012 $30.00 Regular Registration: Postmarked by 2/27/2012 $32.50 Volunteer - No Certicate Non-Member $35.00 $37.50

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Growing With Children Payment Information
Payment Method: Card #: Signature: Total Registration: $ Please describe any special accommodations including diatary restrictions you require: ________________________________________________________________________________________ SORRY NO REFUNDS Mail to: Child Start, ATTN: Siophi Shepherd, 1002 S. Glendale St, Wichita KS 67218 Cash Check Credit Card Exp. Date:

Volunteer & Assistant Edition

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive six in-service hours, win great door prizes and network with early childhood professionals from across the state.

Support Child Starts by attending! Growing With Children is Child Starts CCR&R progra ms annual fundraiser!

Central Community Church 6100 W. Maple Wichita, KS