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Holy human shame This is the shame of human life war the killing of human lives worldwide.

The holy human shame of is that so many lives dying around the world. What has happen to holy human shame thus we forget the hungry sick alone worldwide. The holy human same of women being raped abused without end call act of war. Rape the crime of human shame that scars all women. Religions using children flesh peddling sex abuse this holy human shame of life. This is holy human shame killing slaughter genocide of your own people. Hell is on God earth its holy human shame on God earth. The shame of humanity why are people not outraged worldwide this holy human shame? War hunger hell holes sick dying this holy human shame of all humanity. Time of great human change can help end all holy human shame reach out from all houses send forth your words voices of holy human shame. Holy human shame people children women all need our voices care respect. It s time we all acted together worldwide to bring an end to holy human shame. Holy human birth right life shame for the whole human race the shame innocents lost in the dawn of to many human holy lives. Holy human shame we all need to reach out in all nations free the human race from all acts of holy human shame. Birth right life means holy human care teaching housing food water medical care not war hunger death. Holy human same we still are not coming together for worldwide human race rights healing freedom peace Holy human shame

Holy human shame we all ourselves off from the hell living in humanity for money. Holy human shame people need people to set god teaching birth right life on all God earth. Humanity we need to care about help free all human lives or its holy human shame of death killing war. Holy human shame will end with peace holy human truth we all really need to become accountable. I am father Michael I am the first voice of holy human shame we need all people to stand up worldwide. This God teaches of holy human shame there will be no walls no religions governments just the human race come one come all we need all people. Become as I does the voice of holy human shame for the billions want needing worldwide without end in God teaches? With God teaches birth right we can heal each other of normal human fears of race nation yet make holy human changes in all nations. God teaches reads of holy human race birth right truth without cash sales lies or promises other than Goops wants us all to care help in Jesus the holy sprite to end holy human shame for all people. God teaches is the holy human voice support of all people in need in war zones any victims of human lives God teaches will defend all your rights freedom peace by birth this comes of God Jesus the holy spirit. Holy human same we need all God teaches human children from all nations. God teaches my children I can help you can help we all can help in Jesus the Holy Spirit. The voice writer of the end to all holy human shame father Michael by birth life earth peace freedom in am your voice same share. The holy human shame we need each other yet it never comes welcome to God world of holy human right truth birth in Jesus the Holy Spirit. Read nowhere alike on God earth in truth of it ends all holy human shame for all humanity. Amen