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SHRIMP COCKTAIL $3.00 (per shrimp) Served with our own cocktail sauce CHILLED SEAFOOD SALAD $12.00 Mixed seafood with diced peppers, celery in a lemon vinaigrette over Arugula FRESH MOZZARELLA AND TOMATO $9.00 Served with roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and virgin olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze NORWEGIAN SMOKED SALMON $10.00 Lemon, olive oil, capers over Arugula with sliced Parmigian cheese BLUE POINT OYSTERS $11.00 Topped with crab meat and drizzled with red vinegar, shallots and light sesame oil ANTIPASTO LUDAL $10.00 Italian cured meats and cheeses, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and olives drizzled with EVO TUNA TARTARE $12.00 Fresh tuna served with tomatoes over mixed greens and finished with spicy sesame vinaigrette

OYSTERS LUDAL $10.00 Blue point oysters baked with spinach, Manchego cheese, a hint of garlic and Pernod topped with crispy bread crumbs HOT COMBINATION $10.00 Eggplant rollatini, stuffed mushrooms, oyster Ludal and calamari Napolitan FRIED CALAMARI $10.00 Traditional crispy-fried, tender squid served with marinara sauce or Napolitan style-fried tossed with capers and pignoli nuts in a Pomodoro sauce PANECOTTA $9.00 Sauted escarole, beans, toasted bread topped with Parmigian cheese STUFFED SHRIMP $10.00 Two jumbo shrimp stuffed with fresh mozzarella and asparagus wrapped in Parma prosciutto grilled served with grilled scallops in a pesto sauce BROCCOLI RABE AND SAUSAGE $9.00 Sauted with garlic, olive oil, a touch Pomodoro sauce and finished with grilled sausage CRISPY EGGPLANT $9.00 Parmigian encrusted crispy eggplant topped with hot cherry peppers, fried calamari, pignoli nuts, capers, finished in white wine lemon sauce STUFFED MUSHROOMS $9.00 Stuffed with spinach, Gorgonzola cheese and sausage in a lemon, caper sauce EGGPLANT ROLLATINI $9.00 Stuffed with ricotta cheese finished with Pomodoro sauce STUFFED SCALLOPS $10.00 Jumbo scallops stuffed with fresh mozzarella and red peppers wrapped in smoked bacon served in a lobster cream sauce BLACKENED SEAFOOD COMBINATION $10.00 Scallops, calamari, shrimp in a saut of white beans, garlic, fresh tomatoes FRIED MOZZARELLA $9.00 Mozzarella fried topped with Pomodoro sauce and basil ZUPPE DI MUSSELS $9.00 With white beans, chorizo and mushrooms in a pink sauce MEATBALL SALAD $10.00 Ludals famous meatballs topped with marinara and served over iceberg lettuce with lemon and EVO WRWRAPPED MOZZARELLA $9.00 Fresh Mozzarella wrapped in escarole and prosciutto grilled and drizzled with chilled balsamic vinegar CRAB CAKES $11.00 Crab meat, scallions and shallots lightly seasoned and perfectly sauted in a sherry wine lemon sauce

ARUGULA SALAD $7.00 With sliced apples and dried cranberries with Gorgonzola in a white balsamic vinaigrette ROMAINE SALAD $7.00 Caesar vinaigrette dressing with rustic croutons MIXED GREENS $7.00 Tossed with dried cranberries, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinegar

SEAFOOD CHOWDER $8.00 Clams, shrimp, scallops, potatoes and fresh corn PASTA FAGIOLE $7.00 Mixed pasta, white beans and chicken stock

ESCAROLE AND BEANS $7.00 Escarole, beans and vegetable stock CALAMARI AND BEAN SOUP $8.00 Hot cherry peppers, pasta and vegetable stock

"Thoroughly cooked eggs, meats, shellfish and poultry reduce the risk of food borne illness

~ PASTA ~~
GNOCCHI AND SAUSAGE $18.00 Potato dumplings tossed with sweet Italian sausage, plum tomatoes and peas in a Parmiggiano Reggiano and Finlandia Vodka cream sauce RIGATONI BOLOGNESE $18.00 Hearty meat ragu of pork and braised veal with Grana Padano cheese LOBSTER RAVIOLI $20.00 Sauted with shallots and rock shrimp in a light lobster sauce MEATBALLS AND SAUSAGE $18.00 Served over rigatoni in a homemade marinara and basil sauce CAVATELLI SAUSAGE $18.00 Grilled sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms in a Pomodoro wine sauce finished with fresh basil and a touch of cream FETTUCINE WITH PORCINI $18.00 Porcini mushrooms, pancetta, peas, brandy truffle and Grana Padano cheese with a touch of cream SALMON PAPPARDELLE $20.00 Pan seared chopped Norwegian salmon in a Grana Padano and Finlandia Vodka cream sauce GRILLED SHRIMP & SCALLOPS $22.00 Tossed in a brandy lobster sauce with a touch of cream with tomatoes served over pappardelle pasta CHICKEN RABE $18.00 Grilled chicken sauted with broccoli rabe, white beans, olive oil and garlic over Rigatoni pasta CHEESE AND SWEET POTATO RAVIOLI $19.00 Sauted with white wine sauce and Grana Padano ZUPPE PESCE $24.00 Mussels, clams, scungilli, calamari, shrimp and scallops in a red or white sauce over linguine CRAB-STUFFED SHRIMP $22.00 Jumbo shrimp with crab meat stuffing over angel hair pasta in a crab meat and Finlandia vodka cream sauce

CHICKEN OR VEAL PARMIGIAN $18.00 Breaded chicken or veal cutlet topped with eggplant and melted mozzarella in a Pomodoro sauce over linguini CHICKEN CAPRESE $ 18.00 Topped with fresh tomatoes, spinach and melted mozzarella cheese in a white wine sauce and a touch of marinara. Served with roasted potatoes CHICKEN LUDAL $18.00 Sauted with asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms and roasted peppers in a white wine sauce with a touch of marinara. Served over mashed potatoes CHICKEN SICILIANO $18.00 Sauted with hot cherry peppers, mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers and fried potatoes in a wine sauce and a touch of marinara VEAL PORTOFINO $20.00 Egg battered and topped with pancetta, fried eggplant and mozzarella in a sherry wine lemon sauce served over mashed potatoes VEAL MATESE $20.00 Topped with prosciutto, spinach, fresh mozzarella, and scallions in Marsala wine sauce over roasted potatoes VEAL DE CASA $20.00 Topped with prosciutto, eggplant rollatini, pignoli nuts and provolone cheese in a brandy cream sauce served with roasted potatoes VEAL ARABIATA $20.00 Medallions sauted with olives and roasted peppers in a spicy Pomodoro sauce over cavatelli SHRIMP GABRIELA $22.00 Egg battered and sauted with mushrooms in a Madeira wine sauce over spinach with melted mozzarella cheese SHRIMP FLORENTINE $22.00 Egg battered and sauted in a roasted garlic, lemon and sherry wine sauce served over spinach and angel hair SEAFOOD RISOTO $24.00 Mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp and scallops in a Pomodoro truffle sauce with a touch of cream SALMON LUDAL $21.00 Blackened with fresh tomatoes, little neck clams and gorgonzola in a pink wine lemon sauce served over spinach FOURTEEN SPICE TUNA $24.00 Yellow fin tuna pan seared and served with lobster beurre blanc and mashed potatoes FRENCH CUT PORK LOIN $21.00 Topped with shredded Manchego cheese and crispy prosciutto finished with basil vinaigrette, roasted peppers and roasted potatoes STEAK PEPPERCORN $25.00 New York Strip encrusted with peppercorns finished in a Jack Daniels brown sauce served with fried potatoes STEAK CRISTAL $25.00 Topped with Gorgonzola cheese, finished in a brandy brown sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Special requests accommodated if we have the ingredients