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1 WOFD-093100 PRS-Citrix-based PRS Client Integration Solution

This feature is available in the iManager PRS V100R003 and later versions.

The PRS supports the Citrix-based PRS client integration solution. Thus, users can integrate the PRS client into the existing Citrix environment. This facilitates the application deployment solution in the enterprise environment.

The advantages of the Citrix solution are quick deployment, single-point maintenance, low bandwidth requirement, high security, and inter-platform remote access. Thus, operators need only focus on the investments in the Citrix server so that they can predict the overall investments more accurately.


Users need to install, upgrade, and maintain the PRS client on the Citrix server only. This significantly improves the efficiency in maintenance and deployment of the PRS applications. The Citrix requires a bandwidth of 64 kbit/s for each client; thus, it is applicable to bandwidth-sensitive scenarios. This helps to protect customer investments. The PRS client is installed on a Citrix server that is co-deployed with an M2000 server. Both the Citrix server and the M2000 server are protected by a firewall. This minimizes the exposure to unauthorized access, virus infection, and malicious attack. In addition, the Citrix provides an enhanced secure networking solution, which is optional. This solution protects the access to the Citrix server through the Security Socket Layer (SSL) connection. In this solution, the account name, password, server IP address, and port number are encrypted. Security enhancement can be applied to the Citrix server and operating system (Windows Server 2003) of the domain controller in the Citrix Farm solution to improve the security of the operation system. The Citrix has low requirement for clients and supports multiple client types and network types. The Citrix can convert the GUI of the M2000 client to web pages and send the web pages to the Citrix client. Thus, users need to install only the Citrix client to remotely use the M2000 functions through the Internet Explorer or Netscape browser. This provides centralized deployment and maintenance of clients to reduce the maintenance cost.

Not involved.

This feature requires the deployment of Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 or Citrix Presentation Server 5.0 and a dedicated PC server for installation of the Citrix software. The Citrix server supports the operating systems of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. In the case of Farm networking, a dedicated PC server must be used as the domain controller.