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IBE Principles of Management Prof. Gallardo, M.A.

For: 01 BLM, 01 ALM, 01CLM Students Re: Christmas Holiday Activity that will fall as Quiz No. 3 individual output

Direction: Write a journal account and base it on the Days you are comfortable

with, provided you comply for the 8 different tone, have it written on a creative model of a scrap book of a one-eight or one-fourth size of a notebook, make a simple narration, short and direct to the point. Remember that the theme in everyday must conform to any of the Functions of Management (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling include decision-making too) or any Principles of Management you are familiar with. Best work will qualify for the exhibit next year under DBME. Entries of the Day Day 1 - Why is dealing with negativity important? (can be self experience or organization/club/affiliation/community involvement) Where does negativity comes from? How do you experience negativity? Day 2 - Topic: Your Internal Negativity Direction: Select a work, family or social focus and rate each of the thoughts below on the following scale: 0= rarely or never 1= occasionally 2= about half of the time 3= frequently Focus: Work _______ I cant do it _______ No one cares _______ Why try _______ It wont work _______ Ill never be able to do it _______ No one ever really thinks things through around here Analysis: Can be in the form of personal recommendation or solution Day 3


Topic: The Steps System to Better

Direction: When interacting with others in a specific situation involving negativity from others, Im best described by the following words (please pick one that is applicable to you)

stable systematic cooperative specialist reserved security

thorough questioning analytical perfectionist unemotional organized

emotional outgoing happy likes people talkative motivates

pusher assertive aggressive in control quick result-oriented

motivates motivates being liked being liked Day 4 - My plan is to_______ I will know Im successful if_______ Day 5 - Is there some things that you experience repeatedly that results in your becoming quite upset? If so, what could you say or do in the future to deal more effectively with this situation? Make certain you practice it before you use it. Day 6 -Identify a situation that appears to cause you to be negative (internal messages), or identify a Negator whom you have to deal with on a regular basis. (Remember, in individuals & situations where the primary causes are physical or medical or severely psychological in nature, the greater the difficulty in dealing with them unless other outside medical or psychological interventions are involved. Day 7 - Personal Needs Survey Directions: Complete the following questions 1. What have I enjoyed doing in the past? 2. What do I enjoy now or at the present? 3. What kind of work do I enjoy the most? 4. What kinds of social activities/recreational/vacation or hobbies do I enjoy the most? 5. What kinds of family activities do I enjoy the most? 6. What kinds of spiritual activities do I love to do? 7. If I want to indulge myself, what activities do I enjoy doing at present? 8. What else do I need to do more of to meet my personal needs? Day 8 - Positivity Building Survey Direction: Read each statement and rate yourself on this scale: 3 frequently 2- about half of the time 1-Occasionally 0- rarely or never ___1.I feel like I keep up with my assignment at work ___2.I enjoy my work ___3.I engage in regular exercise ___4.I indulge in humor and laughter on a regular basis ___5.I take care of myself, my family and my community ___6.I have a healthful diet ___7.I balance my work, study, family & other parts of my life ___8.I like meeting my own needs first before moving to others What is your realization on knowing yourself? Reference: Managing Negative People Strategies for Success S.Michael Kravitz, Ph.D Crisp Publications, Inc. Menlo Park, California

IBE Principles of Management

2nd Semester Prof. Gallardo, Marianne A.

Name of Student:______________________________ Section & Day:_______________ For December 14, 2011 Wednesday 01 ALM, CLM Class For the Class Auditor and the Assign Officer of the Day (exempt from making the activity, just monitor the discipline and the work of your classmate, collect the output after the class schedule to be forwarded on our last meeting Friday 16th of December, Friday) orchestrate the activity by having a seatwork to be written on a yellow pad. Equivalent to 3rd Activity worth 20 points and individual making. The Officers of the Day can read aloud to the class the direction or delegate a classmate to photocopy this material or write the direction on the board. Express the Problem and Solution Clearly The following problem-solving process provides a series of logical step to reach a solution. Think of a situation in which negative behavior was involved. Express the situation 1st, and then complete the remaining steps. Who? was involved What? transpire When? did it happened Where? it took placed Why? it occurred Post a: Possible Solution (s) Likely Result (s) My plan to overcome this negative situation (s) is to:_____________________ I will know Im successful if:__________________

Principles of Management Negator Style Quiz Direction: After reading each one of the statements, write in the behavior style that best matches the negative behavior style that best matches the negative behavior. Choose from the following Negator Styles.

Passive Resistant

Cynical, Nit Picker

Overly Dramatic


1. I told you to get this project turned in; get it done now! What style did this person use?___________________ 2. If you want to succeed around here you need to do it my way! You should do it this way. I already told you once not to do it that way! Do it! What is this persons style?___________________ 3. You forgot to order pencils! Our boss wont like us and everyone else will complain we didnt do our part, this is just terrible, another thing that will be held, against us. This is just about the worst thing thats ever happened! What is the style of the speaker?_____________________
4. You asked Tomas, a fellow employee, for a report at 9 a.m. Tomas has had several

conflicts with you in the past. It is now 3 p.m. and after you have asked for the report two more times he still has not done it. When asked the 4x he replies, oh, I keep forgetting to do it. What is Tomas style?________________ 5. An employee is very upset and angry with his boss. As he sits at his desk & works, he is thinking, Ill get even with him. Ill just put this proposal for review in an inner-office mail envelope & deep it in my private files until its past due. Then, Ill drop it in the office mail box when no one is looking. Boy, that will sure get him in trouble! What is his style?_______________ 6. If you prepare for something that is likely to go wrong, it wont happen, but something else will! If you dont go over everything and check it for accuracy, all kinds of mistakes are made. All kinds of mistakes are made. This persons style is?_____________________