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Istanbul Technical University

International Undergraduate Admissions Required Credentials 2010-11

International students who are currently seniors or have graduated from a secondary school that offers a curriculum equivalent to a Turkish High School and who satisfy the requirements below may apply to pursue an undergraduate degree at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). A limited number of international applicants are accepted each year. The application requirements for the 2010-2011 academic year is provided below. 1) ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a secondary school that offers a curriculum equivalent to Turkish secondary schools; Nationals or dual citizens of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are not considered eligible for international admissions; Effective 2011, students who had dual citizenship but denaturalized from either Turkish or TRNC citizenships and/or completed their entire secondary school education either in Turkey or in TRNC are not eligible; Turkish nationals who completed their secondary school education in TRNC are not eligible; Applications of students who have been expelled or dismissed from an institution of higher education in Turkey are not eligible. All students are required to submit official score reports of their standardized tests.

2) STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES: All students are required to submit official score reports of their standardized tests (including SAT, YS, etc.). The submitted results must reflect scores for exams taken in the past two (2) years. The ITU Senate will accept the following standardized tests and respective scores: Entrance Exam for Foreign Students (YS Yabanc Uyruklu renci Snav): A minimum score of 55 standard points on the YS Basic Learning Skills Test; 1

SAT Reasoning - Mathematics and Critical Reading sections: A minimum score of 1100 out of 1600; SAT Reasoning - Mathematics section: minimum 680 out of 800; Tawjihi (applicable for nationals of Jordan and Palestine): An average score of 90 on the Scientific Stream and an average score of 80 on the Scientific and Literary Stream; GCE (General Certificate Examination): At least three Advanced Level, one of which is directly related to the program being applied to, and two IGCSE/Ordinary Levels; or 2 Advanced Levels and 4 IGCSE/Ordinary Levels with an average of a C Note: Two Advanced Subsidiary levels will be accepted as equivalent to one Advanced Level. ACT (American College Testing): Minimum score of 24 Mathematics, Science Reasoning and Composite points; Baccalaureate Libanais (Lebanon): For the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Scientific Programs: a minimum of 70/100 on the Scientific Stream; For Other Programs: a minimum of 70/100 on the Literary Stream; International Baccalaureate: Students must have an IB diploma and a total minimum score of 30; International Science Olympiads: Recipient of a gold, silver, or bronze medal in the International Science Olympiads recognized by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK); University Entrance Examination in People's Republic of China (Gaokao): A minimum score of 500/750 from the stream related to the program being applied to. Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya (Syria): For the Engineering, Architecture and Science Programs: A score of 195/240 on Scientific Stream For Other Programs: A score of 185/240 on Scientific and Literary Streams; Diplome Debirestan and Pidanegahi (Iran): A minimum average of 17/20; National University Exam of Kazakhstan: A score of 90/120; Senegalese Baccalaureate: A minimum score of 15/20 on stream related to the program being applied to; French Baccalaureate: A minimum score of 15/20 on stream related to the program being applied to; German ABITUR: A grade of 2 or better Matura: A grade of 2 or better 2

3) DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR APPLICATION PACKAGE 1. 2. Application Form (click here) High School Diploma

An authenticated copy of a high school diploma must be submitted in English and Turkish. The original diploma may be presented for approval at the time of application. Applicants who have not received their official high school diploma must submit an official document from their high schools stating their expected graduation date. A Document of Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi) will be required for registration. This official document must be obtained either from the Turkish Ministry of Education or the Turkish Missions abroad. The document must state that the high school diploma of the applicant is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma. 3. Official Transcript

ITU requires records from all secondary schools attended, showing subjects taken and grades received. Documents of all college or university coursework must also be sent in the original language, along with English or Turkish translation 4. Test Requirements

The original or authenticated copy of the requires standardized test reports (YS, SAT, GCE, Tawjihi, Baccalaureate etc) must be submitted. Only exams and minimum score requirements met in item 2 are taken into consideration. 5. Photocopy of Passport

A photocopy of the identification page (with the photograph). 6. Applicants for the Fashion Design Department of Textile Technologies and Design Faculty should complete an online application form. The computer generated application form must be submitted along with their portfolios (click here to download sample portfolio) in their application packages. 7. Receipt of bank transfer of the application fee (150 TL)

The application fee can be paid by wire transfer to: Bank: T.C. Bankas Branch: Ayazaa Kampus ubesi Account Number: 1281-1290 IBAN: TR 95 006 4000 0011 2810 0012 90 Swift Code: ISBKTRIS Please send all completed application forms and supporting documents to the address below by the deadline. Candidates may apply in person. Incomplete and unsigned applications will not be processed. Late applications will not be reviewed. 3

Mailing Address: stanbul Teknik niversitesi renci leri Daire Bakanl Ayazaa Kamps Maslak 34469 Saryer stanbul TURKEY 4) APPLICATION DEADLINES Pre-registration takes place between 28 June 2010 - 09 July 2010. Applicants of Faculty of Textile Technology and Design and Turkish Music State Conservatory are required to participate in the pre-selection sessions, interviews and entrance exams stated in the academic calendar of ITU. 5) APPLICATION PROCEDURES AND REGISTRATION Admission to ITU is highly selective. Meeting the requirements to apply does not guarantee admittance to the University. Following the review and evaluation of applications, results will be posted on the University web page (www.sis.itu.edu.tr). An official letter of acceptance will be mailed to the accepted applicants. Accepted students should apply to Turkish Embassies/Consulates in their home countries with their Letter of Acceptance to obtain a student visa. A visa is required to enter Turkey and to enroll at ITU. Registration dates and documents required for registration will be sent to the prospective students with their letters of acceptance and will be announced on our web site. Students are required to submit their tuition fee during registration. Registration will only be complete following full payment of tuition. ITU requires that all international students have adequate medical insurance during all periods of enrollment. 6) IDENTIFICATION NUMBER FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS: Recent regulations mandate all foreign nationals residing in Turkey to obtain an identity number issued by the Turkish government. This number will also be used in the ITU Student Information Automation System. International students may obtain an ID number online: http://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/web/ForeignQueryIdentityNumber.aspx or through the General Directorate of Security (Istanbul Emniyet Genel Mdrl)

7) LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION Currently, 30% of the courses offered at ITU are in English. As of the 2010-2011 academic year, full English undergraduate programs will be offered to all students. A proficiency in English is critical to success. Students who fail to provide a passing English Proficiency exam score (TOEFL PBT 500-IBT 60, IELTS 6.0 or ITU English Proficiency Exam 60) during registration, will be required to complete ITUs College of Foreign Language English Preparation Course. For the Department of Fashion Design TOEFL is the only English proficiency exam accepted and the minimum required TOEFL score is PBT 550IBT 80- CBT 213. Students who obtain the required score on their English Proficiency exam (TOEFL, IELTS or ITU English Proficiency Exam) are exempt from the English Preparation class and can enroll as a freshman. Students, who are accepted to the 100% English undergraduate programs of ITU, who have sufficient (B) or insufficient (C) level of Turkish are required to improve their Turkish language skills to Level B. Students in the 30% English program State Conservatory of ITU must prove proficiency in Turkish in order to begin their undergraduate education. Students who score a C level of Turkish are offered a leave of absence for 1 year to learn Turkish. PS: Students can apply to maximum 5 programs. The application documents should be multiplied accordingly. Placement will be made according to the priority of your preference.