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July 2009

ENERGY AUSTRALIA 11kV Tee & Stub Tee MIRP Resin Joints Training Presentation

Introduction This joint is suitable for connecting 11kV main and branch cables of: 3 core polymeric cables, Single core polymeric cables, 3 core PILC cables, Single core PILC cables 35 to 400 sqmm copper or aluminium conductors. - All joint kits are supplied as 3 phase kit.


This presentation provides a general guideline to perform jointing of a MIRP joint. In the event of inconsistency between this presentation and the jointing instruction, the jointing instruction shall prevail.

Kit Inspection Read Jointing Instruction CAREFULLY before carry out jointing. Check all components are available and identified.

Preparing Cables

Prepare cables to dimensions given on the jointing instruction

Support cables at both ends

Temporary Spacers Add temporary spacers for: - proper alignment with joint shell, and - better support when bending cables

Preparing Cables

Abrade and clean cable outer sheath

Preparing Cables Remove cable outer sheaths

Preparing Single Core Cables

2. Apply PVC tape to pack green putty around cores

1. Pack green putty to form a round and stop point at cable entry

XLPE Cable Termination of screen wires

Fold back screen wires Build up 3 cores with spacer tape to meet the I.D. of the copper tube

XLPE CABLE Earthing Kit

Tinned copper tube

XLPE Cable Fitting Earthing Kit

Slide the tube over the spacer tape making sure it is a snug fit
Lay screen wires on single layer over the tube and secure by worm drive clamp

Trim off screen wires

XLPE Cable Stress Control Tapes

Stress control tape

EPR insulating tape

Black mastic tape

XLPE Cable Applying Stress Control Tapes

Apply: 1. stress control tape, then 2. EPR insulating tape and lastly, 3. black mastic tape on core screen.

PILC Cable Removing Lead Sheath

PILC Cable Removing Core Screen

Tie temporary cotton binders at screen off positions and remove screens per instruction

PILC Cable Crepe Carbon Paper Tape

Crepe Carbon Paper Stress Control Tape in vacuumed tin foil pack

PILC Cable Applying Crepe Carbon Stress Control

Apply crepe carbon paper stress control tape per instruction

PILC Cable Applying Vanished Terylene Tape

2. Apply terylene tape on all cores, starting as near as possible to the crotch.

1. Ensure the applied terylene tape is tight and without any ceasing to eliminate voids.

PILC Cable Earthing with Lead Sheath Clamp

Cut and bend lead sheath clamp per instruction

PILC Cable Lead Sheath Clamp

Worm drive clamp

Torque limiter
Grooved Plain

PILC Cable Lead Sheath Clamp

2. Using a plain torque limiter, tighten the worm drive clamp until the torque limiter head shears off. Discard and remove the remainder of the limiter

1. Apply the first worm drive clamp to the short section

Installing Mechanical Connectors

STOP !!!
Slide the red rubber housings over the single cable cores prior to fitting the connectors

Installing Mechanical Connectors

Installing Mechanical Connectors

Applying Grey Mastic on Transition Joints

Is the exposed conductor too wide?

Centralizing the Red Rubber Housings

Applying Mastic Tapes to PILC Lead Sheath

Apply grey mastic and black mastic tapes as per instruction

Fitting Aluminium Screen Cage

Fitting Aluminium Screen Cage on Copper Tube

Tighten worm drive clamps. Ensure fingers are in flat contact with the tube.

Fitting Aluminium Screen Cage to Lead Sheath Clamp

2. Place PLAIN torque limiter on the first worm drive clamp and re-torque.

1. Trim aluminium finger fingers if required and put second worm drive clamp on and tighten. Place GROOVED torque limiter, tighten and shear off.

Aluminium Screen Cage

Trim fingers if necessary

Tighten worm drive clamps.

Fitting Plastic Joint Shell

Cut breathing holes

Apply green putty for leak seal

Support underneath the joint shell

Mixing Compound

Read mixing instruction CAREFULLY

DO NOT contaminate mixture with water

Pouring Compound

Pour compound steadily Use alternative filling hole for the next bucket Pour the next bucket immediately after the previous one

The Joint is completed

Back Filling

Do not disturb the joint prior to setting of the compound including: Stepping on the cables outside the joint Removing supports for cables and joint shell Back filling Rain


1.1 Connector 2. Parts 3. Gap 4 5 4 and 5. Shim sizes

Earthing of Single Core PILC cable

1 3

2 4

Earthing of Single Core PILC cable

6 7


Wipe the armour wires for not more than 40mm wide. Clean and degrease the earth wipe.


Install lead sheath clamp and apply black mastic tape

1300 556 601 www.ipdgroup.com.au

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