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OPSpro Training
Table of Contents


About USFE

Our Company Culture

What is our Philosophy

Sales Support

Sales Support - OSG

Sales Support - HUD

Sales Support – Phone Tree

Sales Support – FAQ

Policies & Procedures

About USFE?

Some of the Key Principles of US First Energy

• Michael Jarmana, CEO

• Bish Mubarak, President

• Doug McCoy, COO

• Patrick Ferah, CFO

• Brian Kennedy, VP Sales and Marketing

• Steve Jarmana, VP Sales and Marketing

• Preet Dhillon, VP Sales and Marketing

USFE: Our Company Culture

Ten Cardinal Rules

1. Protect your mind
2. Check your ego at the door
3. Lift people up don’t tear them down
4. Ask for help all THE TIME
5. Don’t sweat the small stuff
6. Workout
7. Smile have fun
8. Work is our sanctuary from a world of sheep
9. Don’t fight it get excited
10. Think Big

Three things: Work hard, study hard, be teachable

Day 1 Training Checklist
Email your checklist to: hr@usfirstenergy.com

Your Name: Date:

Trainer’s Names:

Day 1 Webinar Training – Sales Portal and Product Training

Our Company Culture?
Understand our 10 Cardinal Rules and why we govern our daily activities based on these rules.
Who is who?
Review our Business Partners and understand their knowledge and experience in deregulation.
What is the purpose of the Intranet?
The main purpose of the Intranet is to provide a central access to company knowledge and tools.
What resources are on the Intranet?
There are many resources that are available to you on the intranet. You can download company documents, view training material, get the most up to date news/announcements and utilize the
forum for chatting about the latest issues or success stories. The StreetPRO Customer Tracking is your field management tool for daily activity and follow-ups.
Why should I understand how to use the intranet?
Because the intranet is the central repository for everything to do with our company. It is important to check it on a daily bases to see if there is anything new that you need to know.

Intranet Training Areas

USFE Intranet Sales Portal How to Access the Intranet
Update Agent Profile contact info, IP Address and change your password
Review what Options are available when in the main screen
Review Online Training Module and Certification Test
Review Document Library
Review of Forums

Product Training Areas

USFE Product Training How electricity is made 101
Deregulation 101
What is happening to world energy prices
How to read a bill
How to read a pricing matrix
Material Change Clause
Bandwidth Clause

What Is Our Philosophy?

Intelligent Business Processes

OPSpro Sales Support

Welcome to the Online Support Group!

OPSpro provides support to customers in four ways:

1. We are launching our new Help Desk

functionality to assist you with your HUD, Special
Pricing and other requests

2. A new phone system that takes your call right

to the person that can assist your specific request
regardless of where they are located

3. Frequently Asked Questions will be updated

regularly. The freshest version will reside in the
Help Desk

4. Two shifts that allow us to support you from

7am to 11pm (CST) Monday thru Friday and
Saturday 9am to 6pm (CST)
OPSpro Sales Support - OSG

What is the purpose of OSG?

The main purpose of the OSG is to provide support and knowledge for all applications and processes used by OPS
Pro! OSG should provide the highest level of Customer Service and Knowledge in order to supply the best support
for USFE as a whole. The other key purpose of the OSG is to provide technical support up to a certain level
depending upon your role and level of understanding.

Who does OSG Support?

OSG supports all sales, operations, and Clients. There is more involved then just making client phone calls.

When should the OSG be involved?

OSG is involved in many areas of the company. Not only to provide support for the USFE Portal, but to also be
familiar with all other applications the company has approved and uses on a day to day basis. Those areas can
involve phones, email, scanners, word, excel, and other misc. items that will be discussed and trained.

Why is OSG crucial to the success of the OPS Pro vision?

The OSG right now may seem small and less important than many realize it will be soon. The OSG will become the
Central support and Knowledge for OPS Pro. The goals of OPS Pro to expand the sales force, open service
centers, and departmentalize are not small and is why the OSG will play a key role in those areas. The OSG would
take a huge role in making sure that all of these individuals are supported and that everyone who is part of the OSG
is at a level where we can give quality support and have the knowledge necessary to keep these people going and
doing business with OPS Pro.
OPSpro Sales Support - HUD
OPSpro Sales Support – Phone Tree
OPSpro Sales Support – FAQ

HUD Pricing
Who do I need to receive HUD for? Who do I get pricing from?
Who do I submit a HUD request to? What is the difference between Matrix Pricing and Special Pricing?
What is HUD? What do I need to get Matrix pricing?
What do I need to submit a HUD request? What do I need to get Special Pricing?
When should I expect a HUD to be turned around for Chicago deals? What do I need to get a Pricing refresh?
When should I expect a HUD to be turned around for NY deals? When should I expect Special Pricing to be turned around for Suez deals?
When should I expect a HUD to be turned around for Texas deals? When should I expect Special Pricing to be turned around for Amigo deals?
Why do I need to collect HUD? When should I expect Special Pricing to be turned around for FCP deals?
How do I request HUD for Chicago Suez deals? When should I expect Pricing refresh to be turned around for FCP deals?
How do I request HUD for NY Suez deals? Why would I need Special Pricing for Suez deals?

Credit Contracts
Who do I submit a Credit request to? Who do I submit Contracts to?
What do I need to get Credit? What do I need to submit a Suez contract?
When should I expect Credit to be turned around for Chicago deals? What do I need to submit a request for Suez Verification Call?
When should I expect Credit to be turned around for NY deals? What do I need to submit an Amigo commercial contract?
When should I expect Credit to be turned around for Texas deals? What do I need to submit an Amigo residential contract?
Why do I need to collect Credit? What do I need to submit a FCP commercial contract?
How do I request Credit for Chicago Suez deals? What do I need to submit a FCP Residential contract?
How do I request Credit for NY Suez deals? When should I expect Contracts to be turned around for Suez deals?
How do I request Credit for Texas Suez deals? When should I expect Contracts to be turned around for Amigo commercial
How do I request Credit for Amigo Commercial deals? deals?
When should I expect Contracts to be turned around for Amigo residential
OPSpro Policies & Procedures

1: Roles & Responsibilities

2: New Agent Activation
3: New Client Activation
Location and contact:
2205 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75201
214-231-2120 office
214-231-2121 Fax

USFE Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (MST)
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (MST)

Daily OSG Meetings: Morning Briefing 7:30 a.m.
Midday Handoff 3:30 p.m.
Weekly OSG Meetings: Monday OSG Training 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday “Did You Know” 6:30 p.m.
Saturday School House Rock 10:00 a.m.
OSG Job Description


•The main purpose of the OSG is to provide support and knowledge for all applications and processes used by


•OSG performs Partnerships Calls with New Agent

•OSG provides support and knowledge for operating systems, software, and online applications used by all of

•OSG provides support and knowledge for computers, printers/fax/scanners, projectors, IP phones, cell phones,
and any other electronics used by all departments of OPSPRO.

•OSG maintains and updates all software and hardware in OPSPRO.

•OSG produces and analyzes call volume reports and End of Day reports.

•OSG manages and maintains online tools used by OPSPRO, specifically the Helpdesk, FAQ's, HUD requests,
and Special requests.
Operations Analyst Job Description


•Works with vendors, sales team (direct & indirect), potential customers, Suez, FCP, Amigo, and TDSP's across multiple states to
process new customer acquisitions for the company. Analyze bills, deal flow, load factors, peak & off-peak usage, and other internal
processes. Works closely with sales agents located throughout the U.S. to ensure sales are properly processed in a timely fashion.
Strives to meet agreeable service levels for all offices and clients. Willing to work in a fast paced environment and is willing to stop
whatever he/she is doing to be called upon to start another project. Multitasking is vital to success.


•Analyze monthly bill statements in accordance with departmental procedures

•Assist in forecasting by providing historical information
•Run credit checks
•Escalated credit checks
•Advance Credit Search document
•Special Pricing
•Make recommendations to improve systems; perform in-house audits of operating units; analyze deficiencies and report to director
•Interface with multiple business and operational units to document policies and procedures, perform gap analysis and help achieve
cross organizational sign off on new policies, procedure and projects
•Contract administration
•Performs detailed data analysis to identify account issues and help spot issue trends for process improvement opportunities
•Analysis on transaction issues
•Cell phone issues, orders, support, and analysis
•Validated Deal List – payroll
•Special projects as assigned
Office Coordinator Job Description

•While reporting to the Manager on duty the Office Coordinator provides overall direction for all activities related
to administration, Portal management, office management and safety. These responsibilities affect every area of
OPSPro. Therefore, it is essential that their implementation reflects and reinforces management philosophy and
culture. This position involves direct supervision of the Sales Coordinator.


•Focus on office administration

•Office inventory
•HR paper work and office administration
•Greet Interviews
•Call back and Confirm for Day 1 Training
•Get training and new hire papers ready
•Activate them into portal and Data Exchange
•Upload new hire papers into portal
•Inventory for shirts and contracts- email veronica
•Make sure office is clean and any papers needed for more copies, etc
•Make binders
•Make badges
•Mail out packages
•Assist AL's for daily residential stats
•Faxing any papers that are needed to be faxed or scanned
•Special projects as assigned
Sales Coordinator Job Description


•The Sales Coordinator serves as the Executive Admin to the Area Leaders of the company.


•Make sure all residential and or commercial contracts are turned in/ uploaded into portal
•Any missing info needed for a contract, get info and submit to Dallas OPS
•Any payroll adjustments needed to get paper signed and email Phil
•Expense report to Phil
•Any checks issues- get with Phil
•Order Supplies
•Bonus Sheets
•Notify HR with any terminations
•Requests per RL or AL
•Pull resumes and schedule per AL
•Follow up customers for AL if requested
•Make errands for RL or AL
•Any plane tickets needed to be purchased needs to be related to controller
•Get snacks for Day 1 Training
•HUD requests
•Deal Tracking Workbook
•Train new commercial hires on paperwork & portal
OPSpro New Agent Activation
Organizational Chart

Need to complete
New Client Activation: SUEZ
New Client Activation: Amigo
New Client Activation: First Choice Power
Document Control Procedures
Document Control Procedures

1. 3.
Where are Approved
Benchmark of where
we now? Version
We want to be?

Thank you for participating in OPSpro training