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Musician Review - Tim Anadyr, by Josephina Bonetto Dutch musician Tim Anadyr, has over 200 songs in his

repertoire and co-owns his own music venue together with Katja Runo, which has been open for one year, and is called *SPICE*. The venue is open for 3 or 4 hours on Thursdays starting at noon, and every second Sunday. Tim got his first guitar and lessons when he was 8 years old, studied for 3 years but did not enjoy it at all at that time. When he was 15 years old he got an Aria twelve string country guitar and learned to play and sing folk with some friends. He played bass for one year in a boogie woogie band when he was 17, and bought a 6 string Aria a year later but only played every now and then with friends, on special occasions. Tim bought a Spanish nylon string home from a vacation in Spain and continued to play at home every now and then. In the nineties, Tim got a fender strat and took some electric guitar lessons for a year. After putting on one show for neighbours, he rarely played guitar, only playing a couple of times a year. In November 2006, Tim discovered Second Life, but stuck to the Welcome Areas. One day, Tim was sitting on a shopping island listening to a live concert, when he struck up a conversation with a girl sitting at a table next to him. She introduced Tim to the music scene after he played her a song through his headset. After this, Tim was introduced to Burning Ember, owner of The Pond and to Bethan Romano, who was co-owner of Foxy Hollow with Russell Eponym at that time. Tim got his debut gig at Foxy Hollow, but performed at The Pond on the same day. Tim was taken to venues all over Second Life by his friend, to listen to performers and he began to perform regularly in-world himself, albeit through his headset. Tim became a co-owner of Foxy Hollow and got set up with a mixer, mic and acoustic guitars. Tim was taught to stream and the rest, as they say, is history. 3years ago, Tim went to AdMiRe, an event in the Netherlands where performers and fans from Second Life meet up. He met a lot of people and jammed with other musicians. Tim performed 9-11 shows a week, all over the grid. Currently, he performs on Monday at Northern Lights, Tuesday at Kameleonz and Guthries, Wednesday at B&Bs and Palazzo and Thursday at Bound for Melodies. Every second Sunday Tim performs at his own venue, *SPICE*. After some time, Tim was able to buy new semi acoustic guitars and a dobro. Tim is currently using a jumbo 6 string and a fender 12 string, with a harmonizer and a sennheiser mic. About 18-months ago, Tim met Katja Runo, who coached him on how better to use his voice, pushing him to be a better performer. He co-owns *SPICE* with Katja and credits her with helping him to be the musician he is today. Tim cites his biggest musical influences as Dylan, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, and he has a fondness for Irish folk songs. Tim wasnt a musician before Second Life, and now he is recording a CD with Xander Nighting, with MarkSeery Melodie playing on it too. Check out Tim's calendar here: http://www.timanadyr.com/calendar/