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Musician Review - JC Farstrider by Josephina Bonetto JC Farstrider, also known as Killer Joe Cool, has been playing Saxophone

professionally in real life for 3-years in Southern California. JC Farstrider started playing Jazz under the tuition of Stephen Vaughan, a trumpet player from Chicago, who became his jazz coach. A versatile musician, JC plays everything from Jazz, Beebop, Latin and Funk. JC cites his biggest musical influences as Charlie Parker and many of the old greats. For Latin musical arrangements, JC admires Raul Ayllon, who arranges all of his bands Latin backing tracks. A Second Life performer for 12-months, JC Farstrider joined in search of someone he had lost touch with. He knew they played Second Life, so he found her and they set up their own venue for their friends, called Sax on the Beach, which spans 6 parcels of natural beauty. When I spoke to JC, he had 4 virtual performances lined up in one day. I asked him was this normal? JC told me he had reduced the amount of shows he played on a Tuesday from 6 to 4. In a typical week, JC can perform anything from 10 to 25 shows in Second Life, depending on demand and real life performing commitments. In real life, JC performs 7 shows in a typical week. 4 with the Alturas in Downtown Disney, and 3 with his own combo, The Jazz Collective. He also does solo work, which can amount to 1-2 shows a week. JC is working on his first solo album in real life, having only recorded singles previously, and is about half way through but he waits for down time to do it because it takes a lot of time to lay down the instrumentation. JC told me it is likely his bands album will be completed first, as that is recorded as the band plays live. A teacher, with five students, JC has a studio in his home and people come in and out to listen to him while he plays for his Second Life audience. In real life, JC is also setting up a non profit corporation, RAGOM Productions, and is the Director of Jazz and World Music. JC told me his Sax playing sucked initially but he could hold a melody so he worked hard practising for 4-8 hours a day learning to play Jazz. JC met Raul Ayllon at Downtown Disney when he was performing and he invited JC to sing, so he did. Raul asked JC what else he could do, so he told him he used to play Sax 14-years ago. Raul told him to go to get his Sax. Fortunately, shortly after JC was given a Saxophone to play as a gift. The rest, as they say, is history. I caught JC performing at Lost Lovers Dancing Club but he also performs at Bella Vida, Palazzo Celestiale, Caf Casablanca, and The Blue Unicorn, among many others. You can catch JC Farstrider on You Tube on the following links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hn_BKEDXKM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7arjbZQhDM Visit Sax on the Beach, a tropical paradise for live music, fun & dance, here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Melody%20of%20Estia/212/74/22