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by Dannielle Miller
A book for teens that deals with the important issues self-esteem, peer pressure, body image, sex, drinking and drugs Pub date: March 2012

From the author of The Butterfly Effect

About The Book Dannielle Millers first book, The Butterfly Effect, was aimed at parents, helping them to navigate their daughters often challenging adolescent years. Now comes The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo which is aimed purely at young girls between the ages of 11 and 18. Dannielle addresses these girls directly, discussing issues including body image, friendships, alcohol, shopping and creating your own sense of personal style, eating disorders, and starting on a path to choosing a career. The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo will provide encouragement and inspiration for girls to find their own path towards becoming the woman they want to be. The chapters: 1. Introducing the Butterfly Effect 2. The Battle Within - body image issues, making peace with your body 3. Beyond Generation Bratz - the hyper-sexy images that girls are being exposed to from a tooyoung age and what girls can do about it 4. Planet Girlfriend: The Highest Highs, the Lowest Lows - making friends, resolving conflicts, dealing with Barbie bitches and cyberbullies 5. Drinks with the Girls - why girls drink, what girls need to know about the harm it causes, how to choose a different way to relax and hang out with friends 6. Shopping for Labels . . . or Love? - looking deeper beneath the designer-label marketing hype, creating your own style, being smart about money 7. Rage and Despair: Girls in Crisis - eating disorders, self-harm, depression, suicide, substance abuse: the warning signs and how to get help 8. Schooling for Life - study skills, information technology skills, learning from mistakes, resolving problems at school 9. Career Girl - choosing a career, starting out, the 8 employability skills, womens rights in the workplace, putting together a great CV

About the author CEO, Enlighten Education. B Ed, Grad Cert (Mgmt), Cert IV (Assessment and Workplace Training) Dannielle Miller is a major innovator and expert in the field of education and student welfare. She was responsible for the curriculum, staffing and quality of learning of the English faculty of a dual campus high school. As Students at Risk Coordinator for high schools in Western Sydney, she advised the Federal Government on funding for support programs for students at risk of dropping out. The immensely successful Lighthouse Project was Dannielles brainchild. It pairs at-risk students with workplace mentors, helping them develop employment skills and discover the real-world relevance of what they learn at school. Another of her innovations was an accredited Higher School Certificate (HSC) course in service learning that she developed. The curriculum nurtures students entrepreneurial skills while involving them in meaningful community volunteer work. Concerned about the struggles she saw countless high school girls go through with body image and self-esteem, in 2003 Dannielle co-founded Enlighten Education, which provides girls with training and support to stand up to limiting media and social messages. In 2009, The Australian newspaper named Dannielle Australias number one Emerging Leader in Learning. She works with thousands of girls across Australia and New Zealand each year and makes regular media appearances to advise on teen issues. Author of teen parenting book, The Butterfly Effect (Random House Australia, September 2009), she is also an avid blogger (http://enlighteneducation.edublogs.org). She is featured in education journals, her articles have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, and she is a popular speaker at youth and education conferences and forums. Rights Sold (The Butterfly Effect): China (China Youth Press) Reviews for The Butterfly Effect "If you want to develop a deeply connected and loving relationship with your teenage daughter, then this book is for you. This is a time when many girls struggle to cope and really need our guidance and support, even though they may not be asking for it! The Butterfly Effect is written with passion and honesty, and offers insightful and practical advice for all parents who want to do more than 'just survive' the teen years!" Julie Gale, Founder and Director, Kids Free 2B Kids "Dannielle Miller is not the first person to call attention to these issues, to the phenomenon of girls lives sometimes falling apart at the very threshold of womanhood But she offers not only insight into adolescent girls as interesting works in progress, but also provides encouragement, solace and solution." Clinical Professor David Bennett AO FRACP FSAM "Dannielle Miller is the teen girl whisperer." Fran Simpson, teacher and mother of a teen "Dannielle Millers book is a must-read for all parents of teenage girls. The first thing that literally thumped me in the chest when reading this book was a total awareness and awakening of what is happening to our teenage girls. At a deep level, it resonated with me. The information is real, pertinent and totally relevant. Great work, Dannielle. Thank you for awakening me. Thank you for snapping me to attention and making me want to become a greater part of the solution." Karen, mother of a teen girl "This is the book we have been waiting for. It includes the most up-to-date research and finally gives parents positive, sensible strategies they can easily apply." Dr Michele Beale, general practitioner and stress management specialist

More reviews for The Butterfly Effect "A lively, informative and engaging book filled with great advice and resources for both mothers and daughters." Jean Kilbourne, creator of 'Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Images of Women' film series "Congratulations to Dannielle Miller for this much needed resource for parents and teachers. In a culture that has become increasingly saturated with premature sexualisation, bullying, eating disorders, self-harm and self-hatred, The Butterfly Effect equips any parent or teacher with accurate insight and key strategies to help teenage girls navigate todays social landscape. Sharing her own self-disclosures and tips to healthier, happier teens, Dannielles expertise as educator and mentor to teen girls is obvious to any working within the field. In contrast to other books, Dannielle does not take a hysterical nor dooms-day approach to current day crises faced by girls instead her book is one that supports, inspires, and transforms its readers into positive role models in teen girls lives. As a psychotherapist specialising in disordered eating, I highly recommend The Butterfly Effect to anyone wanting to understand how to help teenage girls through the difficult challenges they face today." Lydia Jade Turner, Managing Director of BodyMatters Australasia

Awards for Dannielle Miller and Enlighten

2011 - Finalist Australian Human Rights Commission, Business Award 2011 - Danielle Miller nominated for Pride of Australia Medal, Inspiration category 2010 - Enlighten: Finalist, Australian Small Business Champion, Educational Services 2009 - Dannielle Miller named one of Sydneys Most Infulential People by The Magazine, Sydney Morning Hearald 2009 - Dannielle Miller named Australias No. 1 Emerging Leader in Learning by The Australian newspaper 2007 - Dannielle Miller named NSW Small Business Champion Entrepreneur 2007 - Enlighten: Australian Small Business Champion, Childrens Services