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6 Sec crets of Stree Figh f et hting

Secre #1: Create a barrier et
We all ha our own personal b ave n boundaries. When it comes to se protectio a bounda is set in order for yo to take th best actio elf on, ary ou he on possible. Boundar ries can be set and maintained by using non-p s physical or soft skills, particularly y through communica ation skills. They are most effec e ctive when u utilized with awareness s. In other w words, the s sooner you see and ackn nowledge a potential th hreat the more options yo have in e ou dealing w the situation, which is with h why pre-fight soft s skills easily outrank t in-fight the hard skills we are cove ering in this s series of articles. When we come to h e hard skills s self defence, a boundary becomes a y physical concept. This might take the form of usin an ng object lik a chair or table place ke r ed between you and yo would-be attacker o your hand n our or ds. Range d dictates a lot and unless you are ar t s rmed in som way, the maximum d me distance you will u be given at the begi n inning of a p physical alte ercation is limited by the length of y your arms. Think of this bounda as more of landmine or electric fence than as some s of shield ary e c n sort d. Quite sim mply the ges sture of rais sing your ha ands and t this should b done in a way that d be does not insinuate your combative in c ntentions p presents another huma with a soc barrier. an cial
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Only a p person wanting to becom physical will try to b me breach this b barrier. Onc they attem ce mpt to do this you have your signal to act or pre-empt them s m.

Secre #2: St et trike Fir Strik Hard rst, ke d!

Setting a barrier pro ovides an individual with the oppor h rtunity to pre e-empt their attacker. r Meaning to strike fir g rst! Pre-emption is a consistently effective c combat tech hnique. At conversat tional range approxima e, ately one arms length or c s closer, actio on usually be eats reaction. Which is s why so m many people get head butted. Reactions only tend t beat actio if s to on an attacke hesitates or the rang er s ge expands. The case s studies and the testing co ome back with the same e result: wh hits first u ho usually wins s. The legality of striking first is bac cked up by the case Beck e kford versus the Queen 1988, whe Judge Lord Griffiths famously s n ere s confirme that circu ed umstances may justify a pre-empti strike. ive The mos accessible striking to st e ools are the hands, whic can quick change from being a ch kly boundar to a count ry ter-offensive weapon. Ideally the head is the preferred ta e arget, as it contains the main senses and w prompt t would-b attack to concentrate on protect s will the be e ting their hea rather tha attack yo This put you on th proverbia front foot. ad an ou. ts he al Self defe ence and self protecti in gener is abou being in c s ion ral ut control. Its w busines was ss motivato might call a proactiv approach This pro ors ve h. oactive conc cept is at the core of my e y frontline self defenc strategy a you will read more about it in m next tip. ce and my

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Secre #3: Constant forwar press et t rd sure

When an assault oc n ccurs it is us sually a one-sided affair with the at ttacker using uninterrup pted and cons stant forwar pressure on their vic rd ctim; it is the physical em e mbodiment violence. If we wer to look at this from a re t natural s science pers spective, a consensual fight n matter ho no ow brutal an unregulat is a fig nd ted ght for domin nance between two members of the sam species, s me usually m mating rights whereas an s, assault is a fight bet s tween preda ator and prey y. If you ha addressed your soft or ave non-phys sical skills p properly then n you will k know that th here is rare justification for indul lging in a co onsensual fi ight unless it takes plac as a legit ce timate sport t. Consens sual fights usually provide you with an option, right up unt the fight t u h til take place, not to partici ipate. An assault is differe ent. Someone has targeted you for a specific purpose and on a base e level the dont see you as a m ey member of th same spe he ecies. Therefor your coun re nter-assault has to be in kind. t You mus meet forc with force st ce e! You atta the attac ack cker and kee going un you can e ep ntil escape or th threat is no more. he So, if you have pre-empted you attacker, it is importa to keep t pressure up until yo ur ant the e ou have ach hieved your objective. r

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Secre #4: Cover an attack et nd

Fights ar unpredict re table. They are dependent on so many differe factors. y ent Ideally if we are forc to fight w need to be pre-emp f ced we ptive and to maintain fo orward press sure i.e. always be on th front foot he t. Unfortun nately mistakes are ofte made and we can be on the rec en e ceiving end of the punishm ment. When this happen it is impor t ns rtant to focu all your e us energies on regaining th he initiative. You need to take control as quick as possible. kly One wa this can b done is to ay be o take a n natural defe ensive postu ure, like cov vering your h head with yo our arms an turn it int a proactiv nd to ve counter r-attack. Key poi ints to reme ember here are to be ab to see th ble hrough your r cover, k keep your arms tight to your he ead, keep th cover mo he obile to stop as many str rikes as possible (front, side and unde e es er) and to k keep moving into the g attack. A cover is a tempora but very effective ta ary y actic. Many fighting sys y stems have fully develo e oped it as a weapon that utilizes the elbows and forearms. d For simp self-defe ple ence skills w use it to j we jam a perso ons attackin strikes in order to be ng egin striking b back. Think of it as a ba attering ram Once you are through your enem m. h mies attacks s then beg your cou gin unter-attack. . The sam applies if you are try me f ying to regain the initiati ive, an area we will look at in our n a next tip.
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Secre #5: Anti Grap et ppling

Humans tend to gra s apple when they fight w without weap pons. We got t the top of the food ch to f hain by our advanced u of tools. use . Grapplin contains potentially lethal techni ng iques and it has proven its worth in fights sinc t n n ce the earlie records. est . In additio to this gr on rappling is p perfect for co ontrol and r restraint tech hniques. However, in a civilia self-defen counter an nce r-assault situation it ofte best avo en oided. The main reason fo this is tha by or at its natur you will b re become entangle and ther ed refore vulnerable to multip attacker ple rs. Grapplin can prolo a fight ng ong unneces ssarily and every secon nd you stay in a fight like this the y greater the risk. It takes relatively lit time for ttle weapon as well as other ns s attacker to join in the frenzy o a rs of real figh ht.

This doe esnt mean that grapplin should be passed ov altogeth t ng ver her. It is an im mportant su upport system and can provide a st tudent with some superb combat positioning skills alo with other useful at ong ttributes. We can also derive anti-grappli techniqu from gra ing ues appling train ning. A good g grappler will teach you how to bridge or buck s l someone of you if you are being ff pinned, m move from various grou v unded postu ures. They w also sho you how to sprawl to will ow w o prevent s someone from tackling your legs a taking y down. and you
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In additio to unders on standing a g grapplers c counter mov to another grappler we can add in ves d less sporting techniq ques like ey gouges, b ye biting, finge er-breaks an head-butt nd ts. These are all very simple and p s primal weap pons that wo well at g ork grappling dis stance. However, remembe the object er tive is to get into a position when y can strik effectively t you ke again.

Secre #6: St on y et tay your fee et

A fight is defined by its range. W s y When we ge to the inet -fight stage of physical conflict ran e nges can chan pretty fa nge ast. From be eing at a non n-touching c conversation range yo have had a brief win nal ou d ndow to exp ploit striking r range. If this hasn ended th nt he fight early on then you will u naturally e up grappling end with your a attacker. This is a v very close ra ange and can end up on the ground, es specially if y you are fighting in an open g space. It is import tant to train from every conceivab y ble range an to train to get from th range to standing a quickly as possible, w nd o hat o as s where you a are better pla aced to run when poss sible. You mus be able to use your p st o preferred str rike from as many rang as possi s ges ible. You mus be able to throw it fro a standin posture, kneeling, sitting down and from yo st o om ng our back. An assault can happ almost anywhere a can go t any range. pen and to It is also important to be comfortable with t t transitioning from each range quickly. g
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You must be able to go from your back to a seated position to your knees and then standing. Train to keep yourself protected as you move through the postures and avoid putting your hands on the ground.

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