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DELAINE MCMATH, MBA dm120b8c8@westpost.

net 8318 Stewart Court * Laurel, MD 20724 * 443-414-5716 SUMMARY Highly qualified and accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience and progressive growth in performing and directing all aspects of internal audit , financial management and services, and consulting operations while demonstrati ng attuned communication and diplomacy qualities. Solid expertise in providing independent, hands-on leadership to facilitate financial decisions, strategic ma rket analysis, key account management, budget control, team training, and accoun ting initiatives. Seeking an internal audit management or consulting position i n an environment that will effectively utilize acquired leadership skills and ab ilities while demonstrating relationship building experience. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Internal Auditing and Controls Budget Control Financial Services Financial Statement Mapping Staff Training and Development Business Process Review SOX Internal Controls Project Management

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE MARYLAND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FUND (MAIF) Annapolis, MD February 2009 a" Present Senior Internal Auditor Responsible for all areas of financial and perational audits that include accoun ting, claims, underwriting, loss and expenses, salvage, subrogation, contract ma nagement, vendor management, etc. Also responsible for conducting IT applicati on and change control audits. In addition, provide recommendations for business process improvements where required and interface with external auditors. Assi st the Director of Internal Audit with audit planning, risk management, RFPas, a nd Board of Directors presentations. Maintain a very high degree of auditee sat isfactions and audits are delivered within budgeted hours. JEFFERSON WELLS INTERNATIONAL Washington, DC & Minneapolis, MN

Jan. 2000 a" September 2008

Engagement Manager Served as Engagement Manager on various Internal Audit engagements during eightyear tenure with Jefferson Wells that covered a diverse client base form both pu blicly traded and private industries including: Financial Services, Business Ser vices, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Healthcare, Waste Management Services , and Consumer Financial Services. Several engagements involved managing Inter nal Audit and SOX programs that included but were not limited to significant foc us on assisting clients with implementing effective internal controls, performin

g risk assessments, and ensuring deliverables were performed within allotted bud get requirements. Developed Accounts Payable (AP) Policy at a major Bank that included assistance with a system upgrade of the AP system (IPS). For eight months, served as proje ct lead that included interviewing and interfacing with all business units, IT a nd developers of the IPS system software. Also performed major internal audit a t the bank that included the following areas: General Leger Administration; Correspondent Bank Accounts; Fixed Assets; Month-End Close; and Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Performed internal audits at two insurance companies that included but were not limited to: - A compliance review for variable annuities and variable life products; and - A TPA audit for a major insurance company that included evaluating the controls related to the administrative functions associated with premiums, underwriting and eligibility Project managed a one-year SOX (internal audit) engagement at Transportation Com pany. Responsibilities included the following: - Developed an approach and timeline for SOX documentation and testing completion; - Developed an awareness campaign for Senior Management; - Reviewed and made recommendations regarding financial statement mapping; - Performed financial statement mapping to significant processes; - Developed documentation standards and tools; - Trained Subject Matter Experts SOX concept; - Documented significant processes (including flowcharts and risk/control matrices); - Trained newly hired Internal Auditor and implemented testing guidance; - Provided quarterly presentations to the Audit Committee/Board of Directors; and - Developed deliverable schedule including, resource requirements and budgeting - Developed annual audit plan Acted as interim Director of Controls in the accounts receivable and cash applic ations area at a publicly traded client who had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. For this one-year engagement, management responsibilities included t he leadership and direction of over 12 individuals primarily responsible for the cash applications and A/R. The successful management of staff and process imp rovement resulted in payment on account activity reduction from $18.2M to $2.6M.

Project managed a SOX engagement at one of the largest mortgage conduits in the United States; Areas of responsibility included:

- Quality assurance - Development of testing plans and key metrics - Developing and managing deliverable schedules Project managed a SOX (internal audit) engagement at a premier finance and insur ance company. The five-month engagement included managing both Jefferson Wells and client staffs who had the responsibilities of identifying business risks, do cumentation of internal controls, testing and remediation efforts. Other respon sibilities included the development of project plans including, resource managem ent, budgeting, project deliverable schedules, quality assurance, and training. Another role included serving as the project interface between business units a nd Information Technology. Utilized project management tools to manage and trac k project deliverables. Business process reviews included member disbursements, proprietary investments, contract withdrawals, reserves and annuities, client i nvestments, etc. INFORMATION INTEGRATION Gaithersburg, MD Financial Analyst Assumed full responsibility for general ledger reconciliation, financial analysi s for budget management (P&L, cash flow analysis), review and validation of fina ncial reports, forecasting and projecting inventory gains and losses, and valida tion of commission and payroll reports. Implemented software tools (spreadsheets, database software) to enhance and impr ove financial and expense reporting accuracy while assisting Controller with mak ing vital business decisions regarding purchasing and inventory, allocations, P& L margins, and accurate financial statements. Administered general ledger and bank reconciliations for the headquarters and tw o remote locations grossing over $31 million annually, as well as reconciled mon thly P&L while providing general ledger training to new staff at various locatio ns. IBM Bethesda, MD Corporate Internal Auditor Led auditing teams who reviewed processes involving financial management, accoun ts payable, accounts receivable, information processing, and contract management at IBM business units worldwide; requiring a four week commitment. Developed audit programs and performed risk assessments in preparation for the a udits during pre-planning reviews. Determined and coordinated all requirements for each audit, improved Audit Team aCustomer Satisfactiona rate from 70% to 90% by fostering substantive management expertise, and specialized in auditing/ reviewing contracts billing and account s receivable; uncovering $ million in discrepancies. Apr. 1993 a" Dec. 1996

Jan. 1997 a" Dec. 1999