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PENNELOPE RIVERS Pennelope Rivers 5281 O'Shea Lane Stone Mountain, GA. 30088 pr133eb96@westpost.

net Phone: (404)326-2614 OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Full-time position as a seasoned professional in the healthcare field that can utilize my skills and customer service abilities in one the most sought after fields in the world today. To provide a multitude of talent and service in the operating room or clinical environment. Experience: Dominion Diagnostics Laboratories 225 Main St. Rutland, Vt. 05701 Bruce Hart (802)451-9772 Performed Urine analysis testing for drug addicted and mental health patients within OSHA and HIPPA standards. As well as, performed filing, answered incoming telephone calls, ordered and maintained supplies. Rutland Regional Medical Center 160 Allen Street, Rutland, Vt. 05701 Anna White (802)747-1604 Performed Adult and Pediatric Echo's, Regular & Dobutamine Stress, TEE's, bubble studies, M-Mode, Color Doppler & EKGs. Ordered supplies and completed billing charges. Phillips IE33, GE Vivid 6 and 7, ATL 5500 Education: Sanford Brown Institute Atlanta, Georgia, April 2006 -July 2007 CVT-Cardiovascular Tech Certificate High Tech Institute Marietta, Georgia, February 2005 -June 2006 Associate of Science Degree in Surgical Technologist Work Street Work City,Work State Work ZIP T Work Phone F Work Fax Phone W Work U RL

PENNELOPE RIVERS Pennelope Rivers 5281 O'Shea Lane Stone Mountain, GA. 30088 pr133eb96@westpost.net Phone: (404)326-2614 OBJECTIVE: Train Dispatcher Experienced, Articulate professional communicator with record of excellence in both supervisory and support positions with thorough knowledge of computers, sales, and communication skills. Professional Experience: Rail-Term Corp-Rutland, VT Train Dispatcher-dispatching trains safely from various states including Vermont, Nebraska, Washington, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Handling high call volumes and radio's simultaneously. Required excellent knowledge of various laws governing multiple railroads in several states. Also, excellent communication, business and computer skills. Norfolk Southern Railway - Atlanta, GA Over a nine-year period, I held several positions with this company. Last position consisted of: Extensive computer operation via Tyes and Cyo (clien t server application) systems, and Microsoft Windows, Power Point and MS Office. Required a thorough knowledge of laws governing railroad Industries and Safety procedures. Accurately communicated with train operators to properly align trains for inbound and outbound trains. Notified train engineers of any information pertinent to incoming or outgoing trains from tracks in yard. Communicated with all pertinent employees in yard regarding trains in the process of being assembled and when completion of any trains for outgoing or incoming of trains into various tracks in the yard Education: Sanford Brown Institute-Atlanta, GA Cardiovascular Technology High-Tech Institute-Marietta, GA, Surgical Technologist Degree National-Louis University-Atlanta, GA Applied Behavioral Science BS Atlanta Area Tech-Atlanta, GA Nursing Art Institute of Atlanta-Atlanta, GA Merchandising Alpena Community College - Oscoda, MI Business Administration