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Sonnets of Love I

Poeta Ricardo Saul LaRosa XV Ianuarius MMXII

(free verse as is my love) How long shall my love and I be kept apart! How long shall the gods in all their mystical splendors continue to mock us by throwing upon our paths roads of destruction and banishments upon our faithful hearts!

How long shall your beautiful darkish brown eyes weep for our distance apart breaking your spirit making you cruse those gods responsible for our unjust sufferings; so unlike your character! And today in these sacred words I shall tell you, my love, let this world and the whole universe take notice: How long ~ Not long! Not long! Not long, my love! For not all the gods were against us in our rebellion of love as they gazed upon Earth from a distance on Mars; indeed, we are blessed with the loyalties of some of the most powerful and righteous heavenly gods We have allies throughout this galaxy and beyond too I have invoked them to make right a horrible wrong done to us! But I do not want to talk about war; for there shall be much bloodshed and devastation upon this oasis called Earth; fighting for your Honor and our Right to love and to live in Peace; but, those will be another time not now Tonight I want to write about love; sweet love; the love I have for you and you alone! Please be patient for just a little longer, my Princess of love; sweet tender loving girl; lips that are sweeter than all the wine in France; lips that are softer than all the silk in Asia; lips that when they pronounce my name with her girlish voice I feel loved as I have never felt loved before; in this life or any lives previously Tonight I want to write about love; sweet love; the love I have for you and you alone! How you eyes sparkle twinkling love upon my soul when you look at me; your hands touching me caressing my arms, my shoulders and parts that only you are allowed to caress; and the warmth of your angelic touch upon my body; going straight to the deepness of my soul and resting in my heart

Tonight I want to write about love; sweet love; the love I have for you and you alone! All the thoughts of my mind are concentrated upon you, my darling; and soon I shall find refuge from this inferno of being without you; where our Spirits are free to seek one another; as we often do; where we are safe from the envies of this world and those who wish us ill; where we are free to be you and me and so in love! You represent the very foundation where all my desires, dreams, and hopes of an everlasting love are built upon! You represent all the goodness and kindness and inspirations that this lonesome poet has ever known! You represent the very heart beat palpitating with life and love in my heart and throughout all my existence perpetually! For you have accepted me with all my faults; with all my weaknesses; a penniless poet man with only an eternal love; the labor of my hands; and the Stars in the Heavens that belong to me to offer you sweet lady! And I love you fervently more than mere words can ever express today, tomorrow or forevermore My love, my love, my love!!!

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