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Dear Human Resources: Media is is the most powerful way used in many areas for marketing and publicity

. I am a highly creative multimedia producer with extensive experience in graphic and print designs, Internet marketing, web development, video and music producti on; among others. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, with a pa ssion for growth and learning, taking on tough challenges and succeed in accompl ishing goals. Willing to give all my experience and gifts to help your company maintain and elevate level of success. Currently I am working with a communications ministry called "Compartiendo El Pa n de Vida" (Sharing the Bread of Live) lead by the Pastor Dr. Jose A. Reyes were I successfully developed all the graphic designs for every one of his bible stu dies. Also I have created every DVD Development including intros, menus and inte ractivity using Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack Pro among others. At the same time I am part of an agency named "Pedro Luna Communications Group". We are a Hispanic promotion and publicity agency dedicated to the help promote Christian ministries, psalmist and companies that do not affect the moral and et hics believes. We utilize media in all aspects, Internet, TV, Radio, Seminars, Photography and everything that every company needs to expand their horizon. I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to discuss your needs and how I m ight be able to meet them. I will call to follow up, or you can contact me at th e e-mail address and phone number listed above. Blessings and thanks you for your consideration. Sincerely, _____________________________________ Bryan J. Troche Enclosure Resume BRYAN J. TROCHE 241 S. Shadow Bay Drive Orlando FL * 32825 bt13a1174@westpost.net bryantroche@pedroluna.com 787-354-6088 OBJECTIVE: To be part of a team that makes a difference and help them develop the future of the company. EDUCATION: Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL 2008 - 2009 - Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Business Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL 2007 - 2008

- Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts Interamerican University, San German, P.R. 2002 - 2007 -Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science -Minor in Music Appreciation. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: PEDRO LUNA COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LLC 2010 - Current Christian Communications & Promotions Company (Worldwide) - Executive Vice-President - Help develop every aspect of the company. - In charge of the multimedia production side. (Graphic Design, Video Production, Photography, and others ) COMPARTIENDO EL PAN DE VIDA (CPV) 2009 - Current Christian Communications Ministry (Kissimmee, FL) - Part Time employee. - Designer of their new image for all their DVD series including DVD , DVD Production & DVDs Interactive Menus. - Designer of their new Merchandise Brochure. - Producer of online radio commercials and promotions. - Camera operator PANORAMA USA PRINTING 2010 - 2011 Printing Company (Orlando, FL) - Part Time Graphic Designer - Designer of Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, Window Graphics, magnets, T-shirts & Promotional Material. MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER 2005 - 2010 Free Lancer (Puerto Rico & Orlando) - Designer of "Promo Packs" for bands including Videos, Flyers, Business Cards, Press Kits, Posters, T-shirts, My Space Layouts & any f promotional material. INTERNSHIP AT CENTRO CRISTIANO RESTAURACION 2008 - 2010 Local Church (Orlando FL) - Member of the Creative Concepts Team - Lighting Technician - Designer & Producer of Promotional Content for each Ministry (Video & Graphics Design) INTERNSHIP AT WORA TV 2006 - 2007 TV Station (Mayaguez, PR) - Editor and designer of commercials in Final Cut Pro. - Graphic Designer. SKILLS: Bilingual (Spanish & English) Graphic Designer (Photoshop, Sketch Up, InDesign, Illustrator) Music Engineer (Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Soundbooth)


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Video Production (Final Cut Studio, Premier, Motion, After Effects) Music Composing (Reggae, Dub, Latin, Ska, and others) Web Development (Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Flash) Musician Bass Player Piano Player Live Sound (Load in, Load Out, FOH & Monitoring Set Up, Mixing, Lights) Computer Maintenance and Repair (Mac & Windows) REFERENCES: * Pedro Luna -PLCG President & CPV Communications Director - 787-556-3697 * Olfa Reyes - CPV Director in Chief - 954-296-2619 * Luis Hernandez - Music Engineer - 407-492-4689 LINKS: www.bryantroche.com www.pedroluna.com www.compartiendoelpandevida.com