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ARen Version Log: Advanced Renamer 3.15 - 29. oct.

2011 + Chinese translation + File size tags * Tags can now be expressed with or without spaces: <year created> and <yearcr eated> yields same result Advanced Renamer 3.14 - 06. oct. 2011 * Fixed not being able to load preset files containing the Remove Pattern meth od Advanced Renamer 3.13 - 25. sep 2011 + New method: Remove pattern + Apply to option added to the List Method + After rename a box in the lower right corner will show results and have butt ons for re-adding items - Option "Auto close progress dialog" removed. Will always auto close from now on. + Preset button available next to folder text box in copy and move mode * Columns for New filename, New path, New attributes, and New timestamps will become gray when there is no changes to the value represented by the column + Brazilian Portuguese translation Advanced Renamer 3.12 - 14. aug. 2011 + Dirname tag now has an optional index parameter for c:\A\B\C\file.txt <DirNa me:2> will yield B * Name collision rules now apply to all duplicates. Previous the rule was not applied to the first entry in a duplication set * Renaming sequences like 003, 004, 005 to 001, 002, 003 would fail in previou s version * Add method button now opens popup instead of a new window Advanced Renamer 3.11 - 19. july 2011 + New Folder button added to select folder dialog for batch modes copy and mov e * Fixed incompatibility issues with Windows XP Advanced Renamer - 9. july. 2011 * Fixed issue when upgrading from 2.x to 3.10 Advanced Renamer 3.10 - 8. july. 2011 + The EXIF value for image date and time can be changed in the settings window . Possible values are date taken, date digitized, and date original + New setting: Option for not letting unchecked items affect the numbering of Inc Nr tags + New tag: Word. For selecting an indexed word + New tag: Img Subsec. Exif value sometimes present when shooting bursts + New Case method: Upper case by pattern and lower case by pattern, with regul ar expressions support + Files with the .aren extension containing configuration can be opened with A dvanced Renamer + .aren files are associated with Advanced Renamer + Name collision rule: New rule: Append image sub second + Name collision rule: New rule: Append pattern + Name collision rule: Separator can be customized * Name collision rule: Moved from settings window to main window + Insert tag window updated with more advanced functionality and help for regu lar expressions ue * Move, Add, Remove method: Can now also take search strings and regular expre

ssions as input values * Method Presets are now saved in individual files. Users can save them in a p referred location * Method captions no longer show a configuration description. With more and mo re advanced ways of configurating methods the descriptions gets long, complicate d, and unreadable * Fixed: List Method: New Names column did not properly refresh when the Load List or Populate List buttons were used * Fixed: When a name collision rule resultet in another collision an error wou ld not be raised * Various tweaks, changes and fixes Advanced Renamer 3.05 - 19. apr. 2011 * Fixed issues with RSubStr tag * Fixed problem with renaming image files without Exif information Advanced Renamer 3.04 - 6. apr. 2011 * Fixed bug when reading numeric values from method files * RSubStr now behaves a little bit different when count value is larger than t he length of the filename * Remove method did not remove anything when start index was larger then the l ength of the filename in backwards mode Advanced Renamer 3.03 - 4. apr. 2011 * Fixed bug when working with folders Advanced Renamer 3.02 - 3. apr. 2011 * Fixed error in wild card replace * Updated Finish translation Advanced Renamer 3.01 - 14. mar. 2011 * Fixed wrong result when using move method in backwards mode * Fixed a couple of memory leaks * Fixed a character case bug in Add Method Advanced Renamer 3.0 - 5. mar. 2011 + New batch modes: Copy and move + Selective rename + Set file timestamps from pattern in filename or directory name + Context menu "Add to Advanced Renamer" in Windows Explorer (32 bit Windows o nly) + New tags: Substr and RSubstr + Save listview to CSV + Option for auto closing batch progress window when no error occured + Menu item for removing non ID3 and non image files from the list * Dragging folders from explorer onto Advanced Renamer will display add choice s * Toolbars can no longer float * Pattern window can now be resized * Fixed: F9 hotkey for start batch did not work + New built in column set called Attributes * Fixed: Customize columns dialog did not save column widths properly * Customize columns menu item moved to top of list + Check for upgrades at startup * List method no longer yields an error when name list is shorter than file li st * Method list speed optimization * Optimized performace of adding files * Optimized undo window performance * Fixed: <Inc Alpha> did not produce a sufficient error message when using too

many files * Improved performance when testing new names * Customize columns dialog is now bigger * Fixed: Tag <Num Dirs> calcualted wrong by 2 + Undojobs can be deleted from the Undo Batch Window + Uncheck erroneous files popup menu item in Undo Batch Window + Sub folders can be added to the folders list when dragging folders into Adva nced Renamer or using the explorer context menu * Fixed: The <Month:X> tag failed for the months 1 trough 9 * A parameter for specifying format can now also be used on <Img Month>, <Mont h Created>, and <Month Modified> tags * Fixed: Extension and path columns did not sort properly * Start batch button made larger * Hotkey for moving items changed from Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down to Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Advanced Renamer 2.74 - 23. nov. 2010 * Changed toolbar theme * Bug fix: Sorting with numbers failed with big numbers * Visual update of progress dialogs + New method list: Weboptimized filename + New predefined pattern templates Advanced Renamer 2.73 - 9. oct. 2010 + List Method: Populate text box with file names from the list * When recieving and error while adding items to the list a message will tell which items could not be added * Bugfix: Typing a < in List Method resulted in a crash Advanced Renamer 2.72 - 28. aug. 2010 + Bitrate tag + Support for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) + Support for Windows Media Audio (WMA) + Support for Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) + Tag button next to edit fields supporting tags + Extension column * Insert tag window: Help button was not working properly * Insert tag window: Not all the components of the window was translated * Bugfix: Delete method button on method pane did not result in file list refr esh * Other minor fixes Advanced Renamer 2.7 - 11. july 2010 + Customizable name collision rule - either fail or append number * Not all settings were reverted to default when using the revert to defaults button in the settings window * Better support for thumbnail view * To improve performance FileInfoBox only show thumbnails instead of loading t he complete image * Memory enhancement when working with thumbnails * Default thumbnail size changed to 120x120 + Icon for toggle thumbnail display menu item + Toggle listview view style (Details, Large icons, Small icons, and List) Advanced Renamer 2.67 - 08. june 2010 * Fixed problem when using alot of methods. Not all methods were visible in th e panel. Now all method panels have fixed height * Minor graphical tweaks of method panels * Updated spanish translation * Now uses correct icon for About box in the main menu

Advanced Renamer 2.66 - 14. may 2010 + Customize columns button above list of files/folders Advanced Renamer 2.65 - 31. mar. 2010 + Added support for regular expressions in replace method using pcrelib + Natural sort when sorting text columns. Instead of sorting 1, 10, 4 it sorts 1, 4, 10 + Russian translation + Finnish translation * Made the editboxes in the replace method enlarge to the width of the box whe n resized Advanced Renamer 2.62 - 10. feb. 2010 + Possible to turn off leading zeros in IncNr and IncNrDir * Fixed bug with IncNrDir. Same value was used for all entries in the list * Fixed bug with movement in the list Advanced Renamer 2.61 - 31. jan. 2010 * Fixed error when using several tags after each other Advanced Renamer 2.6 - 24. jan. 2010 * Compatible with Windows 7 * Layout enhancements + Move method + Add Batch Method box below the batch methods for easy add of methods + Individual delete method button on each method panel * New icon (thanks goes to Luigi who contributed the icon) * Italian translation * Spanish translation * <Rand> is now zero-padded + Stepping in <Inc Alpha>. Format is now <Inc Alpha:Start:Step> ex <Inc Alpha: E:2> * Clean up and optimization of use of tags * Fixed <Inc NrDir> tag. Calculated numbers for folders incorrectly + Hotkey for refresh and for start batch Advanced Renamer 2.57 - 22. okt. 2008 + EXIF Column Date Taken added + Extra optional parameter for the <Inc Nr> tag do indicate the stepping. <Inc Nr:3:2> will produce the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9 + New way to force zero-padding in <Inc Nr>. <Inc Nr:0004> will produce the nu mbes 0004, 0005, 0006 + When image files are shown in the file info box and the picture is clicked, the image is opened + Added information dialog box when the batch has ended + Option for hiding the "Need help getting started" button on startup * Both <Inc Nr> and <IncNr> will now work * Fixed: It was not possible to use the <Inc Nr> tag more than once in the Add method Advanced Renamer 2.56 - 5. august 2008 + When importing lists a message telling how many files which could not be add ed is shown if any fails to be added. * Fixed: Unpredictable behaviour when importing lists with relative file names . * Fixed: Column sorting did not work properly. Advanced Renamer 2.55 - 22. july 2008 + Swedish translation

+ New column in file mode for date picture taken * Fixed: Problem with EXIF dates Advanced Renamer 2.54 - 29. june 2008 + Polish translation + French translation + New tag: <File Content> * Fixed: Unpredictable results when using <Inc Nr> multiple times in the same name * Fixed: Setting timestamps on folders did not work * Fixed: When settings absolute time, it did not use the local time zone Advanced Renamer 2.53 - 28. may 2008 * Fixed bug 'List index out of bounds (0)' when stating batch renaming while f iles were selected in the list Advanced Renamer 2.52 - 8. may 2008 + New languages: Dutch and German + Add multiple folders at once + Settings folder kan be changed to the program folder. This makes the program portable + Added help icons in various windows and in method panes + Added a get Help getting started button in the list when there are no files in the list + Import / Export of methods presets * Support for ID3v2.4 * Fixed error when deleting method in load method window and no method were se lected * Size of the left pane was not remembered when the program was restarted * Enlarged several buttons and other controls to better fit other languages * Fixed messagebox when clearing all methods * Advanced Renamer could not save the settings for the Timestamp method correc tly * Fixed DateTimePictureTaken defaulting to bogus dates when no date were found * Fixed time zone problem with EXIF DateTimePictureTaken * Fixed bug when replacing text with wildcards - only the first wildcard match was replaced * Various minor bugs fixed * Multiload of methods presets * Methodsettings is no longer saved localized. Advanced Renamer 2.51 - 6. feb 2008 * New tag: <Rand> for random number Advanced Renamer 2.5 - 3. feb 2008 * Changed name to Advanced Renamer * Support for Windows Vista * Multi language support (english, danish and turkish) * Online help system * User interface tuch up * Wildcard (*) support in replace method * Easier access to actionlists. * Column Name is now called Filename and Foldername and the content includes b oth name and extension * Will not change the file extension without asking * Possible to undo the last 150 batches even after Advanced Renamer has been r estarted * BUG FIXED: Moving of items in the list were buggy * Column AutoWidth * Improved method list with better desciptions of what the methods do

* Option to use EXIF to find width and height of images * New tags: <IMG Author>, <IMG Copyright> and date-time based on EXIF informat ion ARen 2.01 - 28. july 2006 * BUG FIXED: Some times context menu item did not open all files when ARen was n't open ARen 2.0 Final - 16. august 2005 * BUG FIXED: Context menu items did not work properly + Thumbnail view for renaming pictures + Open folder from FileInfoBox * Replace more phrases at once in replace method by seperating with \ + Timestamp method has been added + Quickload columnsets in column popup + New columns: Accessed, New Created, New Modified, New Accessed + Check for new version + Menu item for removing all files with errors * Turn grid on/off in settings * more XPish look * New color for method header * Layout enhancements + Accessed date in FileInfoBox * Some columns has changed name * New methods will now be inserted after selected method instead of before * IncNr speed increase * Default column sort order: Directory is now last an newname is 3rd * Confirmation on Clear method list ARen 2.0 beta 2 - 27. august 2004 * Bug: Zeropadding error with <incnr> * New explorer context menu item. It also works with folders now ARen 2.0 beta 1 - 6. august 2004 * BUG: That anoying combobox bug in the progress dialog * BUG: If text ends with a space it does not get saved in the INI files * BUG: No delete button in Paterns Dialog + Brand new renaming engine + Advanced renaming system with support for multiple renaming methods at the s ame time * ErrorCode 103 will no longer occour (if it do, please let me know) + Move files in the list by a Move to Top and Move to Bottom method * List -> LoadList now appends to the list instead of replacing it + Removed CTRL+UP/DOWN keys. They are for multiselecting. Now uses CTRL+SHIFT+ UP/DOWN instead - You can no no longer use TAGs in New Case method * Only updates the renaming progressbar once per method - Removed support for older versions (all prior to 2.0) * Does no longer insert hidden or system files when inserting a directory * Saves data in <username>\AppData + Uses a new manual system + CTRL+A in the list selects all items ARen 1.1 - 27. june 2003 * Tags: Use <> instead of [] in tags * Tags: <Filename> renamed to <Name> to avoid misunderstandings + Tags: <NumFiles> Tag + Tags: <NumItems> Tag + Tags: <NumDirs> Tag + Tags: Date/Time Created Tags

+ Tags: Date/Time Modified Tags + Tags: <IncAlpha> Tag - Incrementing letters + Tags: <IncNrDir> Tag - Incrementing numbers per dir + Tags: Possible to use tags in other methods than New Name + Tags: InsertTag Window added * Columns: Date removed and replaced with FileModifiedDate and FileCreatedDate * Columns: Filename renamed to Name + Columns: ColumnWidth in Column Settings Dialog * FileInfoBox: Created Date and Modified Data instead of Date * FileInfobox: Now uses cached information gathered at last refresh or when th e items where added to gain more speed * New Name Method: The buttons has been replaced by hyperlinks * Layout/Design update * NewAttrib is now empty when not using the Attributes Method and NewName is n ow empty when using Attributes Method * Undo function rewritten * If you click Cancel while adding files, the files that have already been add ed will now be removed + Settings: Button for changing to default settings + Renaming of folders + It is now possible to add "Add Files to ARen" to the Explorer context popup menu (the default is off) * Bug Fix: It was only possible to change case in the New Case Method * Bug Fix: An Access Violation occured when clicking OK in the Customize Colum ns Dialog when there were no files in the list * Bug Fix: DateTime columns did only sort by date and not time * Bug Fix: The Mask box in the Add Directory Dialog for files did not work pro perly * Bug Fix: Settings dialog saved new changes even though Cancel was pressed ARen 1.06b - 16. marts 2003 * Bug fix - ID3 TAG was not showing in the FileInfo Box ARen 1.06 - 15. marts 2003 * Speed Improvements * List improvements. File information is now loaded when they are added instea d of at renaming + New Add Directory Dialog with mask selection + Remembers the directory in the Add File and Add Directory Dialogs * Uses INI files instead of registry to save data + New ID3v1 Engine + ID3v2 Support + More columns in the list (Image Dimensions, ID3 Tag, Attributes) + It is now possible to manage what columns that should be shown in the list. + New method for changing attributes on files + [DirName] TAG added to New Name Method + New HotKeys: CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down will move selected files either up or dow n + Leading zeros in [ID3 Track] + Added Invert command to New Case Method + More advanced use of Replace Method : Replace more words at once + Settings Dialog + FileInfo added + New error code 112 for when ID3 Tag is not found + Confirmation box when there are files in the list and ARen is closed + Add files again after renaming + Toolbar can float and change docks * Progress Dialog when adding files will always show + Internal user guide + More details in user guide

+ HotKeys list in help menu + Different page in user guide based on the active control * DblClick in Paterns Dialog act like the OK Button + Delete in right click menu in Paterns Dialog * Some better looking windows + New PreRenaming dialog with more information + Possible to change what charector, unsupported charectors in ID3 tags, shoul d be replaced with * Other minor visual adjustments and bug fixes ARen 1.05b - 20 nov 2002 * Bug fix - CaseMethod -> LowerCase and UpperCase first letter in every word d idn't work ARen 1.05 - 22 okt 2002 * Bug fix * Changed the interface. Made it easier to use + Hotkey for refresh (F5) + Image Width/Height in New Name Method + Replace Method + UpperCase/LowerCase first letter in every word with Case Method + Add Method + Patern List in NewName Method + More info in the help file + Uninstall in start menu group + Possible to undo a renaming action ARen 1.04 - 16/06-2002 + Add directory including subdirectories + "Case Methos" improvements * New About Box + Items with errorcode above 100 is now painted red + Posible to stop when adding ALOT of files + Add files with start parameters + "Save List", "Load List", "Clear List" and "Refresh" buttons in popupmenu + Icons in popupmenu * Bug fix and other improvements ARen 1.03b - 02/05-2002 * The problem with disappering icons on Win9x should be gone now ARen 1.03 - 14/04-2002 * Bug fix + Properties dialog + Open file - NewStyle hint removed again (it sux) + Pagename added to the extended titlebar * [IncNr] now includes a start parameter + [ID3 Track] and [ID3 Year] added + Tags for ID3 has been renamed * ID3v1.1 tag renaming now works ( wiii ) + Tag validation * Remove Method without extension * Backwards Remove Method * Remembers more settings ARen 1.02 - 07/01-2002 * Bug fix * "List" method updated * Help file updated

ARen 1.01 - 06/12-2001 * Bug fix + Sort by date * Higher perfomance + Grid + New hint layout ARen 1.0 Final - 03/11-2001 * The left bar has changed due to incompatible components. Cannot be moved any more either + You can now sort and move items * Icons now looks better + Date added in the list ARen 1.0 Beta 4 - 01/08-2001 + Now shows the new filename and if the file can be renamed before renaming * Changed some stuff in the statusbar * Now you cannot add a file more than once * Files added and removed faster * Renaming made faster * Renaming progress box changed * Files removed from list when renamed * Some code clearning and a some minor bugs fixed ARen 1.0 Beta 3 - 29/07-2001 * Fixed some window size errors + "Remove chars" method + "List" method + Added shortcuts. <Del> to remove files and <Ins> to insert files. (DUH!) ARen 1.0 Beta 2 - 23/06-2001 + MP3 ID3v1Tag Rename with Title, Artist, Album and Genre + LowerCase first letter ARen 1.0 Beta 1 - 15/06-2001 * The program is finished (first release)