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BILLY W. DENNIS 2202 Jo Ann Dr * Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174 * (615) 707-2197 * bd1599eae@westp ost.

net OPERATIONS MANAGER Strategic driver in wide-ranging product and service enterprises, forging and ex ecuting plans for exceptional team participation, profits, and savings. * Demonstrate expertise in business development, operations direction, process i mprovement, system management, program and project management, human resources, sales, fiscal oversight, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction. * Specialize in maintenance of improved productivity for extensive operations. * Achieve annual savings in excess of $1M for FedEx Express. * Coordinate internal and external entities to achievement of corporate mission. * Build, train, and motivate high-impact, cohesive teams. * Identify and seize opportunities to realize continuous improvement. Corporate Leadership * Strategic Planning * Business Re-engineering * Data Manag ement * World-Class Operations Revenue Generation & Savings * Analysis * Budget Control * Compliance * Document ation * Reporting Needs Assessments * Resource Allocations * Warehouse Management * Supply Managem ent * Vendor Management Talent Development & Retention * Workflow Optimization * Benchmarking * Performa nce Management Safety * Investigations * Communications * Negotiations * Conflict Resolution * Streamlining * Problem Solving PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE UNITED STATIONERS SUPPLY COMPANY, LaVergne, Tennessee * 2004 - 2008 National wholesale distributor of office furniture and products, and computer, f acilities, and maintenance supplies. Department Manager Demonstrated exceptional oversight of internal operations while providing on-sit e training of new managers and staff at nationwide company facilities. Participa ted in National High Performance Task Force for 3 years, engaging in monthly nat ional conference calls focused on optimization of facility performance. Traveled to company facilities and evaluated operations for immediate improvements. Re-e ngineered Shelf Departments and performed training at Cranbury, New Jersey and H ouston, Texas facilities. Trained Shift Manager in Jacksonville, Florida facilit y, as well as 35 new associates at new facility in Orlando, Florida. * Facilitated department's passage of 3 facility records for productivity. * Innovated incentive program to exceed productivity standards, resulting in imp roved staff retention. * Headed Shelf Department initiative to achievement of second-highest scan perce ntage in U.S. SWEEPING CORPORATION OF AMERICA, Nashville, Tennessee * 2004 Sweeping contracting service to wide-ranging enterprises in 8 Southeastern state s. Operations Manager Orchestrated Nashville, Tennessee operations to include sales, customer service,

quality control, driver productivity, budgeting, supply management, and mainten ance while developing strategies for long-term excellence. Provided personnel ma nagement among employee base involving 10 Sweeper Drivers, 2 Mechanics, 1 Salesp erson, and 1 Secretary. Defined and established organizational structure, priori ties, and audit process, developed key initiatives and benchmarking system, and identified opportunities for continuous improvement. Ensured compliance with str ingent government regulations, as well as quality assurance through ride-alongs with drivers. Issued end-of-month company and government paperwork. * Redesigned sweeping routes to maximize efficiency. * Slashed overtime by 50%. BILLY W. DENNIS * bd1599eae@westpost.net * Page 2 FEDEX EXPRESS, Memphis, Tennessee * 1994 - 2003 Subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, delivering packages and freight by air to more than 375 global destinations. Operations Manager (1997 - 2003) Provided comprehensive operational leadership to include oversight of teams of m ore than 50. Optimized ground transportation operations through strategic planni ng, goal setting, and achievement of customer satisfaction. Coordinated routing, shipping, and pick-ups through planning and management of shipping space, maint enance and review of Department of Transportation logs, and provision of require d paperwork. Conducted service-level analysis; managed data gathering and report ing; investigated accidents, injuries, and property claims; and achieved regulat ory compliance. Performed Human Resources duties including staff recruiting, training, performan ce evaluations, discipline, payroll, and benefits, as well as investigations inv olving vehicle accidents and on-the-job injuries. Identified needs for staff tra ining, trained junior staff, and developed and maintained scorecard processes. I ssued staff observation reports, and provided conflict resolution. * Redesigned truck offload operations, resulting in annual savings in excess of $1M. * Cross-trained employees, increasing efficiency while decreasing turnover by mo re than 60%. * Lowered staff injuries by more than 30%. * Trained senior operations employees on hand-held computer equipment, resulting in streamlined and expedited operations. * Received numerous awards for outstanding job, productivity, overtime, customer service, and safety performance. Career note: Additional positions include Courier with FedEx Express. EDUCATION M.B.A., Business Administration Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa Specialization in Healthcare Administration Graduated with a 4.0 GPA Member of Golden Key International Academic Society B.S., Business Management Christian Brothers College-University, Memphis, Tennessee TECHNICAL SKILLS

WMS Operating System