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1361 Mauna Kea Lane, San Jose, CA 95132, H 408 259-4882 sh15f4f8e@westpost.net Sandra Hubenthal-Aguiar Cisco Systems, Inc.

Summary of Experience San Jose, CA 1996-present

C 408 772-4815, Email:

Strong individual with a global mindset that is focused on company and customer success; Support vision by leading others; commitment to strategic direction by challenging status quo to improve processes and achieve results. Subject matter expert in the manufacturing process and systems area and supply c hain arena for more than 15 years with specific focus on new product introductio ns and launches. Great team builder with track record in influencing teams and great utilization of technologies to collaborate and meet targets Experience Senior Program Manager (2001 -2011):

Project track lead for the design and implementation of a new Agile Product Life cycle management system * Develop innovative solutions for an Product Date Management system never befo re implemented at Cisco * Connecting team members, customers, and stakeholders to deliver significant re sults. * Forward thinking includes contingency planning for expected and unexpected ri sks, applying DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) practices into different phases of the project * Completed data and functional mapping between custom on-line tools, Agile 9.2. 6, Agile 9.3, Oracle 11i., to support data integrity between two systems (legacy vs. new) * Wrote the Program Charter and completed Stakeholder Analysis documents * Collaborate with core team to write the Project Plan and work breakdown docume ntation * Consultant for the design and implementation for moving from Oracle 11i to Ora cle R12 * Assist as team subject matter expert for upstream /downstream manufacturing p rocesses Project track lead for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning order fulfillment sys tem (Oracle 11i) * Worked closely with other track leads to implement an end-to-end test plans * Authored BRD, created use cases, and instrumental in helping to define test sc ope and executing testing, * Helped root-cause test defects, manned war room, and helped with post launch issues and resolution Engineering Change Management subject matter Expert for Implementation of Cisco Lean Manufacturing * Completed data analysis for manufacturing items and BOMs; presented plan to cl ean legacy data * Corrected global item/BOM attribute issues prior to implementation at partner sites * Created post implementation audit process to reduce retro liability issues, an d improve fulfillment process Product Materials Manager to understand AS-IS process and develop a more effecti

ve TO-BE process * Interfacing with manufacturing partners to escalate material concerns and reso lve end-to-end fulfillment issues. Managed inventory turn and escalation repor ts for senior management * Manage ROP, SUK, CT2R, Inventory Turns, OH, & OO for all assigned products as well as managing large or special orders that provided increased revenue. I was able to complete other assigned task in support of EOL inventory management (Las t time buy, Excess and Obsolete), product change management, item costing & paym ent reconciliation and BOM risk assessment, BOM enabling, & attribute validation . * Created a process improvement document to highlight the process gaps and ineff iciencies. The document was submitted to a newly formed process Improvement team to help create healthier PMM roles and responsibilities and provide automation opportunity for the many manual processes being used. Many of my suggested solu tions have been implemented eliminating process redundancy, improving communicat ions with supply partners and internal stakeholders and automating functional wo rk previously managed through Excel spreadsheets. Engineering Project Specialist (1996-2001)

Process and Tool owner for enterprise BOM management system * Created and published on-site and web based training for BOM Management to sup port a global audience spanning four geographical theaters (Asia, Europe, US and Canada and Emerging Markets) * Increased usability of tool by providing enhancements through phased launches, resulting in greater tool adoption, enhanced functionality and great internal c ustomer satisfaction Acquisition Support Analyst * Subject matter expert in support of integration of acquired companies * Published process documentation (process mapping, SIPOC) for use as training m aterial Document Control Configuration Analyst * Created and facilitated a Configuration Analyst Council that led to the centra lization of configuration change process, resulting in the removal of silos, red undancies, and improving time to market. * Processed Engineering Change Orders (ECO) according to ISO process and policy * Created important and lasting relationships with ECO stakeholders On-Going Volunteer for the company's Inclusion and Diversity initiatives * Wrote and published two articles highlighting the work of Employee Resource Gr oups (ERGs):, promoting the value of the employee res groups and aligning their work to Cisco's core business * Used the GlobeSmart application to promote cultural awareness within the compa ny so that employees can become global leaders to better in emerging market that has key cultural differences. Used the tool to be more sensitive to these cul tural differences and better manage the way we conduct business Certifications ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 General Awareness Program Management Communication Skills for Professionals Data & Information (Edward Tufte) The Art of Speaking, (Presentation Skills) Tools and Methodologies for Break Away Improvement Cisco Presenting

The Influence Edge Business Object Oriented Modeling How to Gather and Document User Requirements Statistics for Decision Making Module 1 Enterprise Data Management Methodology - Principle & Applied Professional & Personal Organizations: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Santa Clara Valley Section htt p://sections.asme.org/scvs/ SCM World https://scmworld.site-ym.com/ (Supply Chain Management) Toastmasters International http://www.toastmasters.org/ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) http://www.peta.org/ The Art of Living Foundation http://www.artofliving.org/us-en