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DOCKSTADER CSSBB 3708 Mount Vernon Drive Lake Orion, Michigan 48360 (248) 393-1146 home (248) 420-1007 cell rd11dee54@westpost.net Process Improvement / Engineering / Cost Control / Capacity Planning / TQM / Uni on Relations / Certified Six Sigma Black Belt-ASQ / Quality Engineer / Quality Auditor / Production Management / Quality Management / JIT / Lean / Root Cause A nalysis / Supply Chain / GD&T / SPC / Applied Statistics / Gage R, R& R / PFMEA / DFMEA/ FARO / Simultaneous Engineering / Kaizen / 5S / Tool and Die / Body in White Build Champion / AS9100 Implementation Manager / Boiler and Pressure Vesse l Code / ISO9001-2008 / Journeyman Patternmaker Skilled in Six Sigma, Lean and other process and management methodologies, I led manufacturing initiatives to deliver quality products on time and on budget. I am able to effectively direct Union and non-Union teams and facility operations, providing cost containment and quality, ensuring the highest levels of manufact uring excellence. Some of my key qualifications include: Performed root cause analysis to identify and correct production and assembly no n-conformities Directed re-engineering of plant assembly processes, saving time and production costs Ensured quality standards for on time product delivery Implemented Six Sigma, Kanban, Lean and Kaizen methods to improve efficiency and productivity Developed custom matrix to identify problems and solutions Worked with suppliers for the Big Three auto manufacturing group Top executives and colleagues describe me as a motivating leader, able to guide team members to success while keeping an organization's values at the forefront. Education/Training: My credentials include an MBA from Ashland University and a BA from Capital University with a major in Business Administration. I am a Six S igma Black Belt, 2008, and hold Journeyman's Certification. I am currently worki ng toward ASME Certification as a GD&T Technician. CAREER HISTORY Dimensional Control Systems. 4/18/4011 to Present. Dimensional Engineering Cons ultant. I am currently working with Engineers and Designers as a mentor, teacher and consultant at the South China Technological University in GuangZhou, China. I am advising and teaching senior designers and engineers working on a GD&T pro ject for one of the automotive companies in China. My assignment is to review al l work on the project, advise the designers and engineers about errors, and trai n them to apply the Y14.5 M 1994 GD&T requirements still in use, as they are int ended, and to help correct errors in completed work. I am also making them aware of the ASME Y14.5M 2009 standards and how those changes in the new standard wil l affect their work. I am also finding sources for the standards books written i n Chinese so the designers and engineers have ready access to critical informati on. I have also advised the project manager and group leader of the Advanced Pro duct Quality Plan process and the need to begin implementing this process in the ir organization. IACNA. 2/21/2011 to 4/1/2011. Senior Dimensional Quality Engineer. I am working on the dimensional quality assessment of the Instrument Panel, Floor Console, Do or Assemblies, Hard Trim and Headliners for the a Big # customer. I perform RSS

analysis, GD&T analysis, measurement data analysis, and report on the completene ss of the measurement of all the component parts and the final assemblies as wel l as assess the accuracy and completeness of the GD&T and Build Objectives from the customeras engineers. Quality Manager, Thermo-Vac, Inc. 10/2009 to 1/26/2011. I prepared the company for ISO 9001-2008 re-certification which we achieved in November 2010. I also d irected the creation of a Quality Manual for the AS 9100 B and C. In addition I coordinated the effort to certify the company in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Ve ssel Code for new business in the power generation industry by working with the Hartford Boiler engineers to develop the BPVC Quality Manual for Thermo Vac. The manual was completed in October 2010 and the stamps arrived in November 2010. T his prepared Thermo Vac to acquire the special ASME BPVC stamps for work in a sp ecialized business requiring exact documentation and scrutiny. In addition to th ese new initiatives I am tracking the daily non-conformances in plant operations and the monies lost in rework, additional materials used, and overtime costs re lated to reworks and late materials. I also have responsibility for rewriting al l of the quality departmentas responsibilities in receiving inspection, shipping inspection, and daily production quality reports for each type of product and h ave implemented a KANBAN system for incoming parts and assemblies. I rewrote the job descriptions and instructions for all plant personnel. I also directed plan t efforts in 5S Workplace Organization in accordance with AS9100 B and C. Senior Dimensional Quality Engineer, 10/2000 to 11/2008. Chrysler, LLC. I was re cruited to direct quality manufacturing initiatives for the Jeep/Truck Interior Engineering Group. I performed root cause analysis and led corrective action fo r critical functions, including high-risk design conditions for Jeep and truck i nterior engineering division. I developed Build Objectives as requirements for T ier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, created first-ever Measurement Plan for Dodge Truck Interior Engineering Group for complete interior of 2009 Dodge Ram, reviewed al l GD&T, Gage Designs, R&R, Data Submissions for approval at all engineering gate s and validated all Interior Trim at Assembly Plant Part Number level. Manager - Supplier Development, 2/2000 to 10/2008. I coordinated with Tier 1 sup pliers and engineers to resolve quality and production issues on GM Truck Interi or Door Trim Panels and Dodge Ram Seat Frames and Mechanical Systems. I also man aged Quality and Production problem resolutions at supplier plants while leverag ing success to secure new supplier relationships. For General Motors Corporation: through 2/2000 Senior Manufacturing Engineering, I directed the Functional Evaluation Engineeri ng Activity team at multi-site assembly plants, ensuring proper assembly of deta il part, sub-assemblies and full body and led root-cause-analysis problem solvin g and recommended improvements to fabrication, tooling and interior and exterior trim installation. I directed certification of assembly plant body shop tools a nd validation of completed vehicles. I was also the Body-In-White Build Champion for the 1997 Oldsmobile Intrigue launch at the GM Technical Center in Warren, M ichigan and the Kansas City Assembly Plant Senior Reliability Engineer / Area Manager. I managed production and quality man ufacturing processes and controls for the Panel Check Tool Maker groups for mult i-site production facilities, managing up to 90 employees. I developed correctiv e action plans to resolve assembly plant and fabricating plant quality issues, w hile supporting the launch of new product styling on multiple product lines and managed plant panel checkers and production inspectors. I was area manager for T ool and Die Tryout, Die Construction, Small and Large Machines, Weld Gun Constru ction, Die Mechanical Device, Checking Fixture Construction and Technical Engine ering Support for the Blank and Shear and ASR System. I directed validation of production stampings and fabricated assemblies.