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Daniel Harriger HIGHLIGHTS Manufacturing Manager QA/QC Carrier Vibrating Equipment: Shanghai, China I built custom ordered vibrating

conveyor units that moved all types of materia l for many different types of companies in China. Certified Welding Inspector (AWS) Certificate #06070181 Cert. can be checked a t www.aws.org under CWI Quick Check or (800)443-9353 ext 273 Team worker with strong leadership and communication skills with the ability to instruct others with proper use and safe operation of equipment. Trainer of new employees ASME code welder/fitter, Worked as Certified Welding Inspector on Power House Shutdowns inspecting High Pressure Pipe, Structural Steel SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Built heat exchangers; tube ice machines; aircraft; vibrating machinery; worked in fabrication shops; and high steel; I have a background in the use of many ty pes of tools and equipment. Have been certified to: ASME CODE: API 1104 (pipe) AND D1.1 (structural steel) i n mild steel and stainless steel. SMAW: Base material: SA106 GR.B Carbon Steel /Thickness .436/ Filler metal E7018 DCEP SMAW: Base material: SA106 GR.B Carbon Steel/Thickness .436/ Filler metal E309-1 6 These were ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code in a 6G position that covers all pipe and structural steel plate positions. FCAW: Base material: SA516 Gr.70 Carbon Steel/Thickness .750/ Filler metal E71T1 in 3G I welded with FCAW on certified pipe at Henry Vogt and Hicks EQ. Most tests on t he road were SMAW and GTAW pipe. I have been certified in shops and at onsite testing sites at least 15 times. EMPLOYMENT - Includes only welding background . 2008-JUNE to Dec 2010 Carrier Vibrating Equipment - 3400 Fern Valley Rd, Louis ville KY Managed; Carrier Shanghai. Managed all office and shop operations, including welding in FCAW, GTAW, GMAW mild steel and Stainless Steel. Wire used mostly 71T1 Mild Steel on plate Steel. Stainless was 308/309/316 2008 Zachry Construction Corporation 527 - Logw ood, Santonio, TX I was onsite CWI. Supervised all weld ers in SMAW E7018 On 3/8 mild steel plate. GTAW was on 2 heavy wall pipe.


Hicks Equipment 3908- Cane Run Road, Louisville, KY I was 1st Class fitter and was certifi ed to API 1104 All 6G position for SMAW- E7018 -6 in pipe FCAW- E

71T1- 6 in pipe 1995-1984 Henry Vogt Machine Co. 1000 West Ormsby St. Louisville, KY 1st Class Fitter/ Certified in SMAW/ E7018 /309L/308 6G GTAW, FCAW, GMAW / ALL filler materi al to meet Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. All in 6G position, most in Mild St eel and Stainless Steel. EDUCATION Certified Welding Inspector/American Welding Society Miami, Fla. Modern Welding School, Schenectady, NY - Vocational Credits Certificate JCC College Louisville, KY - Math & Blueprint Reading 7 Credits **** Interested is continuing my education in Inspection Services****