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Corporate Profile
Zirva Business Solutions LLP is a single window Shariah oriented

business and investment consultancy provider.

It is first of its kind in the world. We put the customer first and tailor all our engagements according to the unique requirements of the customer. Our talent pool is multifaceted and multilateral and is capable of engaging in a very wide area of business and investment requirements.

Establish Shariah rulings as an integral part of the business thought process while creating new paradigms for business performance and management.

We shall see through the process of establishing new businesses that are value bound and performance oriented. We shall see through the processes of value integrating existing businesses while raising performance levels. We shall continuously raise the content, variety and scope of Shariah oriented business education. We shall continuously innovate, challenge the status quo, continuously create opportunities and rejuvenate the way businesses operate.

Shariah Oriented Investment Solutions

Muslims have been deprived of their right to have access to Shariah compliant investment opportunities in the modern financial world. Islamic banking and finance emerged on the scene against this backdrop. It has grown over the past 30 years and today we have many opportunities in this regard. At Zirva, we combine all these opportunities and present it in a coherent manner in front of the customer.

The Investment Service Universe

Investment in Equities Investment in Commodities Investment in Portfolio Management Services Investment in Mutual Funds Investment in Insurance Products Investment in Greenfield Projects Investment in Realty Investment in Hybrid Products Comprehensive and integrated Financial Advisory Services

Investment in Equities

Equities mean true ownership in businesses. Equities reflect the growth saga of a country. By participating wisely and decisively in equities one gets to be a part of the economic growth of a country. Wealth of Muslims are scanty in the equities market. Those who participate in the equities market arent guided properly both on the Shariah as well as the financial front. There are many practices in the stock market that are against Shariah rulings and which Muslims should avoid. (e.g.: - margin trading, derivatives etc.)

Zirva focuses on guiding the Shariah minded investor to invest in equities in a Shariah oriented and financially sound manner. We have a unique and rigorous process of filtering and recommending stocks.

The Zirva Act of Stock Picking

Zirva relies on the Shariah compliant list of stocks provided by TASIS (www.tasis.in). TASIS follows the most rigorous of all the Shariah screening methodologies used across the world today. Stocks are screened at two macro levels at the business level and at the financial level. At the business level companies which are into Shariah non compliant businesses are screened out (eg: - alcohol, gambling, conventional banking/insurance/financial companies, pork, pornography etc.)

At the financial level the companies are screened on parameters of debt, liquid assets and the percentage interest income accruing to it.
Total Debt / Total Assets < 25 % Interest Bearing Securities / Total Assets < 33% Interest Income / Total Income < 3% Receivables +Cash / Total Assets < 90 %

The resulting universe of stocks (more than 2000 scrips) is the most Shariah tolerant one in the world. India has the largest number of Shariah compliant stocks in the world.

From the universe of stocks provided by TASIS; Zirva applies all the classic stock picking techniques like fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Though, we follow a predominantly fundamental analysis driven strategy to pick stocks. Technical analysis is used on fundamentally analyzed stocks to find opportune entry and exit points. Unlike the other brokers in the market Zirva doesnt persuade the investor to frequently sell/buy scrips but recommends only genuine buying and selling opportunities. We focus on systematic wealth creation for our clients. Equity investments when understood and managed properly offers the highest returns among all asset classes.

Process of Stock Picking at Zirva

Fundamental Analysis to pick value stocks / Technical analysis to point out proper entry and exit points

Shariah Business Screening

Shariah Financial Screening

Investment in Commodities

Zirva facilitates spot transactions in commodities like gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel etc. The list also includes agricultural commodities like cotton, cereals, fibres, spices, pulses etc. E-gold and e-silver denote possession of gold and silver in the demat form. This saves the investor from VAT, wealth tax, loss of value on physical and other risks and costs associated with physical possession of precious items.

Investment in Portfolios

Portfolio management service refers to the creation and management of a customized group of securities to suit the specific risk return requirements of a person. The portfolio is created and managed by a qualified and licensed portfolio manager who tries to achieve the investment objectives of the client using his specialized knowledge and professional credentials. Moreover, PMS is subject to strict regulation by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and other regulators which ensures a high level of safety and protection for the investor. The minimum ticket size for investments is Rs. 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs).

Fund will not use any derivative instruments like futures, options and swaps. The fund will not indulge in short selling. The fund will invest its liquid resources in a Shariah compliant manner in non interest bearing securities

Dividend Purification Ratio

The fund will periodically inform policy holders on the amount they need to donate to charity to purge the impact of interest on their fund investment.

Investment in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are portfolios in which the customization factor is taken out. Here a fund with a particular objective is floated. The objectives of the fund and other pertinent information are clearly spelt out in the Scheme Information Document (SID). Mutual funds are also highly regulated like PMS. The minimum ticket size is Rs. 5000 (Rupees Five Thousand) for the first time and the rest in multiples of Re. 1).

Investment in Insurance Products

Insurance has been the most problematic area with Shariah minded investors as the conventional insurance products had all the prohibited elements of Riba (usury), Gharar (prohibitive uncertainty) and Maysir (gambling). Shariah compliant insurance products attach an insurance plan to a Shariah compliant stock portfolio. Such insurance products are available with ZBS now. The Shariah compliant insurance plan is also certified by TASIS.

Investment in Greenfield Projects

Zirva promotes greenfield projects (projects in which we are a consultant and which are executed under our supervision). Projects submitted by capable entrepreneurs are studied in depth and required investments are called for. Zirva does all due diligence and remains as a consultant on board. Thus we try to promote entrepreneurship, create profitable investment opportunities and uplift the managerial quality and Shariah compliance of projects and institutions. Rockview Powersand a proposed Manufactured Sand unit is one such project.

Investment in Realty

Real estate is a booming sector in India; especially in the state of Kerala. We come up with highly innovative products and services in this segment. Mahalla based Islamic Land Banking is one such initiative. Zirva has made a paradigm shift in the real estate market by combining and optmizing the seemingly conflicting interests of the real estate investors and people who genuinely require land as an item of basic necessity. The Zakath committees were also poised to the share of the booming real estate market in the state.

Investment in Hybrid Products

The realty-stock combo is another innovative investment opportunity pioneered by Zirva. High Networth Individuals (HNIs) can take advantage of this super return potential investment opportunity. Realty is used as a hedge whereby half of the money goes into realty. The other half is invested in stocks having high long term growth prospects. The minimum ticket size is Rs. 10,00,000 (Rupees Ten Lakhs).

Integrated Personal Financial Advisory Services

We provide the complete range of solutions required for a person to have a seamless financial plan. The unique financial position of a person is analyzed in depth and a complete strategic road map is presented in front of him to realize his financial objectives. After the presentation of the strategic roadmap, the actual execution is also undertaken.

Components of Integrated Personal Financial Advisory Services

Managing Investment Risks and Returns Recommendation and Operation of Suitable Investment Vehicles Recommendation and Execution of Suitable Investment Strategies Insurance Planning Retirement Planning Tax and Estate Planning Elucidation of the Regulatory Environment

Business Consultancy Services

Zirva is capable of handling all your business requirements and has quality presence in the areas of Law, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Sales & IT. We deliver quality services at the most affordable rates. It is our objective to bring in mass customization to the business and management consultancy market; which shall ensure quality services at the most affordable rates for small and medium businesses.

Business & Management Services

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Islamic Finance & Business Education

Courses Offered
Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (PGDIBF) Full Time and Distance Learning. Certified Islamic Mutual Fund Advisor (CIMFA). (SEBI Certification) Certified Islamic Securities Markets Dealer and Risk Manager (CISMDRM). (SEBI Certification) Certified Islamic Banking and Finance Educator (CIBFE). Certified Islamic Insurance Advisor (CIIA). Diploma in Islamic Banking (DIB).

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