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How to Avoid Self-medication

Source: http://www.femalenetwork.com/health-wellness/6-ways-to-avoid-the-dangers-of-self-medicating/

1. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Occasional use of over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol for fever is fine, but if you don't notice any changes in your condition after a few days, it's best to get medical help. There might be an underlying condition that needs further medical treatment. Some people may also rely on an old prescription they still have or a drug that proved effective for a relative or friend--neither of which may address what is ailing you. 2. MAKE A LIST. Let your doctor know about any other medicines you are taking, including vitamin and herbal supplements and herbal concoctions, as these may not interact well with medicines she or he will prescribe you. 3. ASK QUESTIONS. Make the visit to your doctor really worth your time. Ask for a thorough explanation of the medicines you have just been prescribed--what they are expected to do, their side effects, and how they may interact with other drugs or food. If you can't read your doctor's handwriting, ask her or him to read you the drug names and explain the dosage and other instructions to you. 4. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Once the doctor gives you the prescription, follow it to the letter. For instance, make sure you take an antibiotic or painkiller for the prescribed time. If you still don't feel well after using the medications or if your situation gets worse call your doctor

How to Keep the Toilet Clean

1) Remove items from atop and around the toilet. Clearing items away from the toilet will keep them out of the way and will prevent any accidental drops into the toilet. 2) Wipe down the toilet with a damp sponge. First put on clean gloves. Then moisten a sponge with hot water and wipe around the tank, lid, seat, base, and the exterior of the bowl. This removes excess dirt and helps disperse the cleaning product.

3) Squirt a liquid (cream) toilet cleaner inside the bowl. Squirt the cleaner inside the bowl, starting at the rim and making sure to get the area under the lip of the bowl. Read the manufacturer's instructions first for specific directions. Many cleaners work best if you allow them to soak on the bowl for a while. 4) Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. Brush the entire bowl thoroughly, paying special attention to mineral stains that may accumulate along the water level and at the back of the bowl. The more thoroughly you scrub the bowl, the cleaner it will get. 5) Flush the toilet. Flushing rinses the bowl and the brush. Continue to scrub as the water drains from the toilet. Repeat several times to thoroughly rinse the bowl and brush. 6) Spray the rest of the toilet with a disinfectant cleaner. Follow the manufacturer's directions. Make sure to get both the top and bottom of the seat, and spray the entire exterior of the toilet. Use a cloth or paper towel to work in, and wipe away, the cleaner. 7) Clean the handle thoroughly. Be sure to get the handle with the disinfectant spray. The handle is the primary avenue for the spread of germs, so clean it well. 8) Spray the floor and tiles around the toilet with the disinfectant spray. Wipe clean with paper towels or a cloth. 9) Replace items that were on or around the toilet. Put on clean gloves and rinse off the items that were on or around the toilet. Wipe them dry with a paper towel and put them back in their places.

How to Avoid Cigarette Smoking

Source: http://www.rd.com/health/25-ways-to-stop-smoking-cigarettes/

1. Announce the goal: Stay focused to the goal, unless it is achieved. Take the help of family and friends as their efforts will definitely prove to be helpful in getting you rid of the smoking. However, if they are also addicted to smoking, then request those to stay away in your presence with the habits you are trying to rescue from.

2. Get rid of temptations: The cigarette and any other thing that relates to it, needs to be removed from the offices and the homes. Replace all of them with mouth-freshener. 3. Be upfront about the new limits: Set few restrictions and stay confined within those limits. Keep yourself reminding about its ill effects and the dangers your body might become prone to. 4. Avoid bad influences: Maintain the distance from the negative environment as the strong pressure from the friends and the circle will finally end up the will of the even the strongest person, and then when one find is caught in a situation where all others are smoking, it gets difficult to avoid it. Let them know that you are off from smoking as the company and society causes a lot of difference in controlling the smoking habit. Stay in a positive and good environment. 5. Be part of supportive group Join the people who do not smoke and support them who avoid smoking. Go for a therapy or counselling from some positive-oriented group in a church or from a local community center which are specially meant for this purpose and helps to refocus the energy in some another direction or new path. 6. Create a new past-time Before hanging out with friends in a bar- and club was the favorite pastime, now search for something new. Create a new scene, find friends who do not smoke and opt for an alternate activity which distracts the mind from smoking.

How to Budget for the Familys Needs

 Determine your overall income. Are you on a fixed salary where you know for certain how much you're taking home each week? Are you a freelancer whose salary varies each month? Having a rough idea of how much money you can expect to earn is key in creating a successful budget.  Identify how you're spending money. What are the bills that you have to pay every month? Do you go out to dinner with friends every Friday night or go to the movies once a week? Looking at where your money is going will give you a better handle on tracking it.  Add up the amounts of your regular expenses and subtract it from your paycheck amount.  Set budget and financial goals. These should be short-term and long-term. Short-term goals include not spending more than a certain amount of money every month or saving a few hundred dollars every month. Long-term goals include being able to put down a mortgage payment on a home or a car. Make sure you have something to be working towards to help stay on track with your budget.  Make a list of what you need to pay for.

These include essentials like rent, electricity and heat. Make these of paramount importance in your budget.  Don't go over budget. It sounds fairly obvious, but it's easy to go over budget even when you have one in place. Be mindful of your spending habits and what your money is going towards.  Keep a journal. In the early stages of keeping a budget, it might be helpful to keep a daily journal of your spending habits. Write out what you spend money on each day. Keep an eye for repeated purchases which might be easily avoidable, like a trip to Starbucks for coffee every morning. http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Good-Parent

Effective Parenting

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Good-Parent

Express love and affection: y A gentle cuddle, a little encouragement, appreciation, approval or even a smile can go a long way to boost the confidence and well-being of your children. Sadly, many children seek this kind of acceptance from their peers. Tell them you love them every day. Give lots of hugs and some kisses. Love them unconditionally; don't force them to be who you think they should be in order to earn your love. Let them know that you will always love them no matter what.

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Praise your children: y Avoid comparing your children to others, especially siblings. Each child is individual and unique. Celebrate their differences and instill in each child the desire to pursue their interests and dreams. Failure to do so may give your child an inferiority complex, an idea that they can never be good enough in your eyes. Teach your children that it is okay for them to be different, and they do not have to follow the crowd. Teach them right from wrong when they are young, and they will (more often than not) be able to make their own decisions, instead of listening to/following others. Remember that your child is not an extension of yourself. Your child is an individual under your care, not a chance for you to relive your life through them.

Avoid criticism of the child but focus on the behaviour instead: When your child acts out in a harmful and spiteful manner, tell him or her that such behaviour is unacceptable and suggest alternatives. Avoid statements such as: "You're bad." "Go away!", etc. (as difficult as it may be to remain positive). y Be assertive yet kind when pointing out what they have done wrong. Be stern/serious, but not cross or mean, when you tell them what you expect. y Avoid public humiliation. If they misbehave in public, take them aside, and scold them privately. y Reasonably model the behaviour and character you hope your children will adopt and continue to live by the rules that you set. Show them by example in addition to verbal explanations. Children have a tendency to become what they see and hear unless they make a conscious and concerted effort to break the mold. Tips to Rid Community Breeding Sites

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Dalusan ti gater ti isim tapnu agayos ti danum nga nasayaat. Ikkaten dagiti pilid nga han nga maus usar ken abutan dagitoy ta adda rumwaran danum nu maurnungan ti danum. Iballeng amin nga botelya kada nagsuputan. Sarungkaran dagiti danum nga naurnung ti ayan ti plasplastik. Ikkaten agiti kanen dagiti dingwen ken pagurnungan ti danum nga saan nga us usaren. Haan nga bay bay an nga nakatiwang wang ti basuraan.siguradwen haan nga maurnungan ti danum ti baba ba. Iballeng ti danum nga naurnung ti ayan ti mul mula. Simpaen dagiti tedted ti gripo. Ibaliktad agiti kararit no ijay ruar ti balay ti nakaydulinan da. Nu dagiti abot ket han nga agayos ken nu adda ti karga na danum nga han nga ag gar garaw ti makadominggo or wenu nat atiddog. Mabalin nga paggapwan ti insekto nga mangted sak sakit.

E.Presence of breeding sites of vectors of disease

 Isuro kadagiti miyembro ti pamilya ti paggapwan ti paguukan ti mangted sakit. Dagiti sumaganad tipakakitaan agitoy. Fountains, Birdbaths and Water Gardens y Dagitoy ket mabalin nga pagbalayan dagiti insekto nga makaited ti sakit. Ikkaten ti danum nga naurnung nga danum. Pilid y Dagiti pilid ket mesa nga pagbabalayan ti insekto kas iti lamok sunga dapat nga ipakni ida nga nasayaat. Nu adda ti indayon nga pilid ti nakayaramidan na, ikkan detoy ti abot tapnu han nga maurnungan ti danum wenu adda pagayusan ti danum. Masetera ken Basuraan y Mabirukan agitoy ti halos amin nga paraangan ken possible nga pagbalayan dagiti insekto nga makaited ti sakit. Kanayunen nga ipattog dagiti masetera ken iyuneg dagitoy nu tiyempo ti panagtutudo. y Kalluban a kanayon dagiti basuraan Gripo y Laglagipen nga makabuo ti tedted ti gripo ti danum jy daga nga mabalin nga pag balayan met ti lamok. Bulbulong ken BasuraLeaves and Debris y Dalusan ti agkaywara nga bul bulong ken dagiti basura ti aglaw law tayo. Presence of breeding sites and other vector of diseases Ibeleng nga nasayaat dagiti basura. Masapul nga iti basura ket namagan ken dagiti platplato pay ket masapol nga makiskisan santo maibbaleng ti plastic nga pagbasuraan. Masapol nga nasimpa ken nairot iti panagkalob iti pagbasuraan ken siguradwen nga awan iti abot na.

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Dagiti recycled nga botbote, masapol nga maugasan tapno haan nga mangilaw ken pagbalayan ti ininsecto. Dalusan nga siggida iti panganan tapno haan nga pagbalayan kada pag-umukan iti insekto kada peste. Dalusan ken masapol nga nasimpa iti balay tapno haan nga agkaywara iti peste ti balay. Haan nga dapat ibati iti makan ti lugar nga nadaras maala ti insect wenno peste.

Poor Personal Hygiene y y y y y y Isuro iti pamilya ti nasayaat nga panag-hugas iti ima. Siguradwen nga sabunan iti ubing ti ima na ti 15-20 nga segundo sakbay nga bugwan iti danom. Agdiram-os wenno bugwan iti rupa duwa beses, bigat ken iti rabii sakbay maturog. Ibaga iti ubing nga haan nga iggaman iti mata, ngiwat wenno agong. Imasahe iti anit iti ulo nu mabugbugwan iti buok tapno maikkat dagiti amin nga rugit iti ulo. Ibaga ken isuro iti nanag iti ubing iti ust nga panag alaga iti ngipin. Nu adda man iti madi nga angit na kasapulan nga ibaga nga i-brush iti likod ti dila. Set up regular bath times. Encourage parents to supervise the shampooing and rinsing till children gets the hang of it. And be sure to put down a secure bath mat to prevent any slips on the wet floor when she s done. Kinanayon dapat nga ag digos. Kasapulan nga iti nanang ket bantayan iti panagshampoo ken panagbuggo iti buok ti anak na Isuro dagiti ubing kenagannak nga masapol nga agkalob iti ngiwat nu agpanateng ken ag-uyek.

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PRESENCE OF ACCIDENT/ FIRE HAZARDS  Kanayon kayo nga sisasagana inkaso nga ada ti biglaan nga ada madi a mapasamak.  Han kayo agikabil ti papel,lupot wenu uray anya nga nadaras lang nga mapooran jay asideg ti paglutwan.  Haan yo nga bay bay-an ti lutlutwenyu ta isu ti mesa nga gapu ti uram.  Han yu sibugan ti danum jay darang nga ada gas na.  Siguradwen yu nga haan nga asideg ti kurtina ti pwesto ti paglutwan  Haanyu itulok nga ay ayamen dagiti ubbing ti posporo ken layter.  Haan yu nga bay bayan ti ubbing nga agay ayam ti asideg ti apoy.  Amin nga ubbing ket kayat da maamwan ti amin, sunga siputan tau ti garaw da ta baka ay ayamen da ti apoy nga makagapo ti uram.  Dagiti gas kada daduma pay a nadaras mapooran ket maidulin da adayo ti paglutwan.  Han nga gas ti usaren nga pagdalos ti balay.  Nu adda ti nadadael nga kagamitan ti balay, simpaen sigida ta maliklikan ti aksidente.  Tapno met maiwasan ti aksidente ti uneg ti balay, idulin a nasayaat agiti pagpunasan.  Idulin nga nasayaat dagiti natatadem nga gamit ta maiwasan ti pannakadunor.  Kanayun nga agusar ti tsinelas nu rumwar ta san nga makabaddek ti anya man a makadunor.  Saan nga ikabil ti gam gamit jay nangato a lugar ta baka matinnag da ket makagapu ti aksidente. IMPROPER FOOD CHOICES


Pilyen ti makan a nasustansya nga makatulong ti salun at Kanayon nga agbuggo ti ima sakbay ken kalpasan mangan. Mangan ti adu ti bitamina na tapno maprotektahan ti bagi ti saksakit. Liklikan ti panagkaan ti chi-chirya, soft drinks kada de lata tapno maiwasan ti panagada ti saksakit. Mangan ti prutas ken natnateng. Uminom ti walo nga inggana sangapulo a baso ti danum nga inaldaw. Nu mabalbalin, palwagen ti danum nga inumen ti tallo minutos ta masigurado nga nadalus ti in inumentayo. Kalluban agiti masida ti nadalus a pangtakkab ta awan ti sumrek nga insekto. Mangan ti sakto nga oras ti pannangan ken awan ti palampasen nga oras ti pinnangan. Bugwan nga nalaing agiti kanen a prutas ken nateng. Kanayunen ti agehersiyo ken aginana nu nabannug ta sumayaat ti panagrikna.

Frequent Smoking and Alcohol Drinking y y y y y y Sumali iti grupo wennu aktibidades iti baraggay nga maka ikkat iti panagsigarilyo. Malpas nga mangan tapno maiwasan iti panagsigarilyo mangan langen iti candy wenno prutas. Ikkantan iti panaginom ti arak agingana ada pogreso na. Ibaga kadagiti agsigsigarily nga ag ubra iti saba sabali, kasla iti exercise ken sports. Uminom iti fruit juice kaysa iti arak. Makiay-ayam ken makipatang patang iti pamilya kaysa mapan ag inom iti arak.