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new year new you!

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FITnews is published by Talisman Centre four times per year and is distributed to
more than 50,000 members and program participants of Talisman Centre. The
magazine provides information on living a healthy, active lifestyle in and around the
City of Calgary. FITnews stimulates interest in its members through information on
athletics, wellness and aquatic experiences available at Talisman Centre and through
profiling Talisman Centre athletes and customers that have achieved success
through utilizing the building.
Letters to the editor and editorial submissions are welcome. The editor reserves the
right to edit or refuse any submission. Views expressed or implied are those of the
individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Talisman Centre.
robert bunka editor

2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5B6

233-8393 info@talismancentre.com www.talismancentre.com
Advertising Coordination: 403 355 1268
from the editor
A new year, a new you! Every year we do it – we
make a commitment to change. The change may be better
health, to stop smoking, to spend more time with family – and
every year we fall off the band wagon. We have an insurgence
of people that come to Talisman Centre throughout January & Get yourself
February with great intentions of achieving their new years kick started
resolution. But slowly, beginning in March, we see a decline
in the volume of people as they perceive their resolution
by hiring
completed or, more often, they simply give up. a personal
I like the way our feature athlete in this issue, Blythe Hartley, puts it: “it’s about trainer. You’ll
setting a long term goal that works for me and then committing full heartedly to that goal.”
I’ve been involved in sport long enough to know that if you don’t commit, you won’t
find that you
succeed. We can find excuses along the way. Eliminate them and your goal is so much easier lift more, run
to get to. I really believe that if you develop a routine for yourself or get a workout partner, faster, actually
you are more likely to stick to a regular workout routine and keep it going throughout the do ab crunches
year rather than going for a one-time deal, as many new years resolutions tend to be.
Get yourself kick started by hiring a personal trainer. You will find that you lift more, and are sore the
run faster, actually do ab crunches and are sore the next day, but the big thing is that you next day, but
will see immediate results. It’s amazing the difference a trainer can make in your regular the big thing is
workout routine.
After retiring from competitive swimming a few years ago, I hired a personal trainer that you will
to help me develop a maintenance program and ensure that the notorious “after-sport see immediate
bulge” didn’t appear. I can tell you that I thought I’d worked hard for the several years of results.
varsity and club swimming, training over 22 hours a week, pushing myself to the point of
exhaustion, but my personal trainer opened my eyes to what my actual physical capabilities
were and how, in certain areas, I was coasting. When I did weights I did them at a weight
that I wanted and thought was reasonable but my trainer pushed me to lift weight I never
thought possible and gave me exercises that worked muscles I never even knew I had. He
also taught balance in terms of what muscles groups I should be focusing on to get the
results I wanted as well as encouraging proper nutrition along the way. He made me run
faster and harder than I would have ever thought possible and made sweat pour off me like
I was still in the pool!
I think that by having a personal trainer I was able to learn new exercises properly,
work in new routines and develop a regular scheduled exercise regimen custom-designed
for me.
A new year, a new you, but grab someone else along the way. It’s so much easier
when you have someone pushing you. Happy New Year! See in you in the weight room or
swimming pool!
— R.B.

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chest exercises

while you push

There are several chest exercises that you can do to strengthen your “pushing” muscles. You might
wonder how various exercises work your chest differently, and what you can do to improve your
exercises and routine. Here are a few things you can consider to help improve the effectiveness of
your chest work-out.

Pectoralis Major—Two Parts When you think of chest muscles, you probably first think
pectoralis major; the main muscle used in any pushing action or forward movement of the
arm. It is helpful to know that pectoralis muscle has two parts – an upper part (the clavicular
by dave joseph
head attaches to your clavicle) and a lower part (the sternocostal head attaches to your
sternum and ribs). Each of these two parts moves the arm at different angles to your torso.
Dave is a Personal
Trainer at Talisman Exercises, such as the incline chest press (photo top left), also called horizontal adductions,
Centre and holds where the shoulder is being flexed forward and up involves a stronger contraction by the
a Bachelor of upper part of your chest. Exercises, such as the decline chest press (photo top right) and chest
Science degree in dips, in which the shoulder is being flexed forward and down involves a stronger contraction
Kinesiology. by the lower part of your chest. Doing a combination of chest exercises involving both an
upward and downward flexion of your arms will help to strengthen all parts of your pectoralis

More Than Your Pecs—Deltoids And Triceps

Very few exercises ever completely isolate the action of a single muscle or muscle group, and
chest exercises are no exception. Doing any upward flexion of your arm, for instance, will also
utilize the anterior portion of the versatile deltoid muscle. Any exercise involving pushing
will involve the tricep brachii muscles in addition to your pectoralis major. This is because
pushing involves not only horizontal flexion of your shoulder joint, but also the extension of
your elbow joint, which is the job of your triceps. To best isolate your chest muscles from your
triceps, consider doing front flies to eliminate any extension in your elbows.

How Far Apart Should My Hands Be?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions about chest exercises, especially about
those that involve a barbell. There is no right answer – your ideal hand position depends
on how you want to split the workload between your chest and triceps. Think of it like this:
doing a barbell press with your hands close together will cause your elbows to move through
a greater range of motion (ROM), placing greater demand on your triceps (this reduces the
workload of the chest muscles). Putting your hands farther apart on a barbell reduces the
ROM through which you elbows are moving, placing less resistance on your triceps. So if you
want to concentrate on using your chest muscles, spread your hands farther apart to reduce
the effort of your triceps. If you want to fatigue your triceps, bring your hands close together.
If you want a good balance, place each hand to a position that is somewhere between your
shoulder and elbow.

2 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

incline chest press decline chest press

shrug, roll back and depress

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 3

Keep Your Back Flat One of the most common mistakes when doing
chest exercises is excessive arching of the back. Often people will hyper
extend their back and even raise their hips off the bench just to get in
the last repetition. This creates an unstable position, and can even be
harmful for your back. The effect of arching your back is that it brings
the lower part of your pectoralis major into a position that will give a
more forceful contraction against the resistance. Although this makes
the exercise “easier” by using the stronger lower part of your chest, it is
counterproductive if you’re trying to concentrate on working on the upper
part of your chest, such as when doing a flat or incline chest press. You can
avoid arching your back when doing these exercises by focusing on doing
a strong and steady abdominal contraction to tilt your pelvis towards your
rib cage; this will have the effect of keeping your back flat on the bench
(see photo previous page top left).

Shrug, Roll Back And Depress Your chest muscles are a powerful
muscle group, and it is easy to strain a muscle, or cause a muscle or nerve
to become impinged if you allow the actions of your chest muscles to
overpower the stability in your shoulders. Here are a few tips to keep in
mind to maintain proper posture in your shoulders when doing chest
exercises. Shrug, roll back, and depress is a simple series of actions you can
do with your shoulders to help engage the muscles that will stabilize your
shoulders when you do a set of chest exercise. Shrugging your shoulders
will prevent your shoulders from dropping. Rolling your shoulders back
will encourage the head of your humerus (upper arm bone) to stay firmly
in place, and your scapula (shoulder blade) to remain retracted and will
avoid it being thrust forward with the pull of your chest. Depressing your
shoulder will hold your scapula down and will prevent your shoulders
from being pressed up towards your neck (acting against the motion of
shrugging your shoulders to create a stable balance). Once you shrug,
roll back and depress your shoulders, focus on keeping this position
throughout the set of the chest exercise. These series of actions can also
be used to help stabilize your shoulder whenever doing back or shoulder
exercises (see photos previous page bottom left/right).

4 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com


Allow the Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the Athletic Performance

Enhancement Team (APE) guide you to the best athletic year you could have.
APE training packages are designed with the needs of the athletes of all
abilities and levels in mind. Through the APE you have access to qualified
Strength and Conditioning Coaches, dietitians, and sport physiologists, who
will provide leading edge training, guidance, motivation, expertise and


Long term success is what we’re all about—personalized programs and a
staff of experts committed to ensuring you achieve your goals.
• All of our trainers have diplomas, • Weight Management
bachelors and/or masters degrees in • Improve body composition
kinesiology, physical education. • Functional Training for Your Real life
• Certifications from the Alberta Fitness needs
and Lifestyle Certification Association, • Performance Plateau breakthrough
National Coaching Certification, • Increased Quality of Life
Canadian Society of Exercise • Enhanced muscle definition and mass
Physiology, National Strength and • Improvement in bone density,
Conditioning Association. metabolism, muscular strength and
• Our team will inspire and motivate endurance
you! They represent a wide range of • Enhanced heart and lung function
interests, experiences, and expertise. • Decreased stress levels

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Talisman Centre
athlete profile

blythe hartley
by rob bunka

This two time World Champion and Olympic

medalist diver is on track to achieve her dream of
Olympic Gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. What
sets her apart from the rest?

You’ve been extremely successful in your sport and have

achieved what many people only dream of. What is it that
pushes you to excel and win?
(She laughs) I feel incredibly fortunate with the
accomplishments that I’ve had and I also feel incredibly
lucky that I have a talent. I try to acknowledge that talent
throughout my training and mental preparation. I’m
constantly making goals and striving to achieve the best
at everything I do. Every goal I make I reassess and set
new goals. I have a desire to constantly improve.

How did you originally get into the sport? How has it
influenced the person you are today?
As a child my parents encouraged participation in a variety
of sports but I really liked both competitive swimming and
gymnastics so my parents encouraged me to combine the two
and try diving. Diving now influences every aspect of my life. I
am the person I am today because of the sport and the positive
influences it has had on me growing up. Sport has opened so
many doors for me and allowed more options for me, such as
living in a different country for a while and moving to different
cities for training. I don’t believe I would have had obtained
these options as easily without being involved in sport. I really
believe the best avenue to learn the life skills of perserverance
and goal setting is directly through involvement in sport.

6 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

What do you like about training at Talisman Centre? What would you tell kids who decide they want to pursue
this sport?
I absolutely love it! One of the friendliest, most
accommodating facilities I’ve ever trained in. When you For the kids that are already involved in diving – I would
train five to six hours a day and walk in the door and staff say be dedicated, set goals, keep a very balanced life and
know your name and greet you, it just makes your day. make sure you love the sport on a daily basis. Leave the
I’ve had some great opportunities through competitions pool at the pool. Making the Olympics doesn’t happen
and training in other cities, but honestly, you can’t overnight and such a long term commitment needs
compare. This place really stands above the rest. to be enjoyed along the way or you can easily become
discouraged. I think if you can find enjoyment on a daily
As many people are now working on New Years Resolutions basis in your sport it provides longevity and keeps you
and developing goals, how do you go about goal setting motivated.
and do you make modifications to those goals as you go
through the training process? How many hours a day do you train? How many days a
In terms of developing goals I think the best thing is to
I average about 4 to 5 hours daily, 6 days a week.
sit down, ask yourself what you want and what you are
willing to do to get to that goal – then stay the course.
What are the next major competitions that you are training
That’s really what I have done throughout my career to
achieve success. Modifications may happen along the
way, but it’s important that when you set a goal you stick I have the World Championships in March followed by the
to it. Most of my goals are more long term goals than Pan Am Games in July.
short term so I’m looking at the big picture and what
steps I need to take to get to those goals. How do you stay focused on such long term goals?
Each Olympic experience has been very different. The
What are your new years resolutions?
last Olympic experience, I had moved to Montreal the
I think this year my big focus will be on staying in contact previous year to commit myself 100% to the sport of
more with close friends and family throughout the year. diving. I breathed, spoke, ate the sport for the whole
Sometimes I am so focused on a goal that I forget this year. Then came Athens and I had a successful Olympics
important priority. (Bronze – 10m Synchro Diving), but I looked back and
realized it wasn’t the greatest year of my life. I was fearful
What would you tell parents of kids aspiring to get into the of not living up to people’s expectations. After Athens,
sport of diving? I began to enjoy the sport again and looking forward I
really want to be able to just be myself and give it my all
The sport is fantastic! I love to see kids involved. You
and not worry about results. I just want to have fun with
can watch them face their fears and overcome them. I
the whole experience.
would encourage parents to get their kids involved in a
variety of sports first and let their kids determine which
What is your greatest accomplishment in your sport?
sport they feel passionate about. The sport of diving is
not for everyone but I think you have to discover that for I have three but all for very different reasons. My fondest
yourself and not let anyone discourage you from trying memory was qualifying for the 2000 Olympics. Winning
something out. my first world title and winning the medal in Athens are

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 7

also great accomplishments for me personally but for very influence on my diving. I just need to make it a priority to
different reasons. make it happen.

Many of Canada’s amateur athletes have to balance work What are your sport retirement plans?
and personal life with their sport career in order to make
This is something that all athletes struggle with. Right
ends meet­ – how do you do it?
now I’m so focused on sport that I’m still looking at
I currently work with Royal Bank of Canada and the what adventure I’m going to take next. I’d love to stay in
RBC Olympian program. They provide work experience, Calgary and find a job that I’m passionate about, but I’m
flexibility in schedules and financial support. I really not sure what that journey will look like quite yet.
believe in having a balanced life based on my experience
in 2004 where I just focused on diving for the whole year. You can see Blythe train at the dive tank at Talisman Centre
I really think it hurt me in the end. I am going to continue from 9:00 – 12:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
working, training and having a social life because that’s & Saturdays or from 3:00 – 5:00 pm Mondays, Tuesdays,
what makes me happy and I think it will have a positive Thursdays and Fridays.

Make the right choice for you and your child!

✔ small class sizes
✔ more time spent swimming
✔ more attention placed upon stroke improvement
✔ focus on self-esteem and confidence building
✔ great opportunity to explore other aquatic sports

Coming from another Learn to Swim Program?

The Sears I Can Swim Program is fully compatible. Let us know you
or your child’s level of accomplishment and we will designate the
appropriate class.

Participation! Fun! GUARANTEED Success!

For more information call 403-233-8393 or vist

8 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

TALISMAN CENTRE . . . Keeping our Customers Informed

We’re flipping our lid but not before 2010!

The legendary roof at Talisman Centre will remain an architectural icon in

Calgary’s skyline! Talisman Centre will be replacing the roof of the main
building in the spring of 2010 or thereafter. The new roof will preserve the
unique look that has become synonymous with Calgary’s architectural identity.
• The current roof of Talisman Centre is 100% safe—the roof is, has been, and will be, vigilantly
monitored by various experts to ensure the integrity of the roof’s structure.
• The Talisman Centre roof will not be replaced until the spring of 2010 or later.
• The main building may be closed for approximately six to eight months during the roof
replacement—Talisman Centre is currently working on a plan to shorten the closure period.
• At present, Talisman Centre is also investigating the opportunity to continue operating the two
newly constructed buildings during the roof replacement, pending safety and ease of access.
• Talisman Centre is committed to mitigating the impact of the closure in any way possible for
all stakeholders—sport partners, members, program users, staff, the general public and the
Calgary community.
• Talisman Centre is an architectural icon that contributes to Calgary’s skyline; the Talisman Centre
roof is a City of Calgary asset and the cost to replace it will be covered by the City.
• Talisman Centre will explore the opportunity to complete a major capital maintenance program
during the closure; projects such as painting the dive tank or re-tiling the 50 metre pool will be
• The new roof of Talisman Centre will be better than ever! It will have increased translucency, a
30 to 40 year lifespan, and potential energy utilization savings. The new roof will still maintain
the unique wide-open space feeling and the warmth of the streaming natural light, integral to
the original roof design.
• Talisman Centre wants to answer all your questions and concerns —we appreciate and value
your loyalty! President and COO, Robin Mitchell, has promised to sit down with each and
every person who wants to discuss the roof replacement. In addition, there will be ongoing
information available through newsletters, handouts, postings, Talisman Centre publications,
and at www.talismancentre.com.
it’s all about
customer service
Dealing with the New Year Crowds . . .
With New Year’s resolutions, getting back to the regular daily routine, and trying to work
off those extra pounds that came from the turkey, egg nog, sweets and treats, recreation
facilities all over the city will be busy especially during the evening prime times. Talisman
Centre will be no different, and in saying that we would like to encourage you to have the
“mind set” coming in, that you may have to wait a little longer for equipment, there will be
more people using the locker rooms, and there will be less parking available. To get the most
out of your workout, we suggest that you consider exercising outside of the 5:30 to 9:00
PM time frame if you can. Be courteous to fellow members and limit your cardio time to 30 minutes. Sign up using the
cardio boards. Allow others to work in with you on weight training equipment. Try a different piece of cardio equipment
than you normally use. Over the month of January and early February people will sort out their workout routines, and
the overcrowding will lessen. Please be patient and enjoy your workout time.

General Public and Sport Share the Same Space . . .

Talisman Centre is unique in that we have a dual mandate: TO provide facilities, programs and services for the wellness
and recreational sporting needs of the citizens of Calgary and; TO provide training facilities and competition facilities
and services for the development of Calgary’s high performance athletes in their respective dryland and aquatic sports.
Talisman Centre supports and sponsors 29 sport clubs that are proud to call Talisman Centre home! That
means they train and compete here 7 days a week. As a member or program user, the environment that this creates is
one of serious training, results oriented, with a high level of expertise when it comes to staff and phenomenal facilities.
It is a balancing act to ensure that there is enough training and competition time for the sport teams and the general
public. Throughout the year one may encroach on the other. We try, where possible, to minimize this imbalance, but we
acknowledge that this does happen. In 2007, to combat this, on busy event weekends, we have formed partnerships
with other recreational facilities and will be offering the Partner Exchange Program. On select busy event weekends,
annual, four and one-month members will be made aware in advance that they can utilize facilities elsewhere in
Calgary for FREE. Visit the Customer Service Desk for details.

Robin Mitchell
President & Chief Operating Officer, Talisman Centre

10 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

Talisman Centre
member services
One of Talisman Centre’s key strategies for 2007 will focus around building our customer service level to match and
surpass some of the leaders in the industry. As part of the Membership Services Program, new value-added services
will be incorporated including a referral program for recommending the facility to your colleagues, friends and families,
additional benefits for upgrading your membership and more exciting Membership Appreciation Days. For more
information drop by the Customer Service Desk.

Get your company involved!
With as few as 5 employees
signed up your company is
eligible for corporate rates.
On December 3rd, 2006, Talisman Centre hosted its largest Member
Team Building
Appreciation Event in the history of its operation. Over 260 people came to Bring your company in for a social
the event and enjoyed a multitude of activities designed for the whole family. club event or intramurals! Book the
Parents, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents could be found racing in the Sears Nutrition Kitchen and have
obstacle courses, giving their kids a pounding in the gladiator ring and even tasty team building events with a
competing against them in the touch down bungee run. Even Santa Claus twist of lemon, a pinch of salt and a
stopped by to hand out Christmas oranges to everyone he met. whole lot of fun!
In addition to all of the special activities many people took advantage of the Corporate Family Days
“Its Good to be a Member” special. They received special discounts on all retail Book your customized event today
items from Breathe Apparel, on their new or renewed memberships and on – gyms, pools, floatables toys
many other great Christmas gift ideas that were available here at TC.
Programs & Personal
Easter Member Appreciation Day! From swimming to yoga & personal
group fitness training, something for
April 1st 2-5pm every employee of all ages & abilities.
Talisman Centre welcomes all
members and their family and floatables!
friends to come and enjoy a fun filled Enjoy North America’s largest fleet of
afternoon at one of Canada’s largest giant inflatable toys. One of a kind,
sport and wellness facility. Easter seriously cool experiences for your
employees & families.
games, more obstacle courses, and of
course the Talisman Centre floatables
will all be a part of the largest event
yet. If you are interested in attending
please RSVP as soon as possible to

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 11

Talisman Centre
member profile
by rob bunka

cari din What is your family’s definition of a healthy lifestyle?

Balanced nutrition and fun activity. I think at this point
TALISMAN CENTRE Member Since 1983 our boys understand those two concepts.
Cari won a silver medal in team synchronized
swimming at the ‘96 Summer Olympic Games in How has your use of the facility changed from being an
Atlanta. We talked to her about family, training athlete to a parent?
and maintaining a healthy lifestyle since achieving
As an athlete I didn’t worry about anyone else – certainly
this ultimate goal.
not in the way that a parent worries. Coming to Talisman
everyday was completely about me and achieving my
How long has your family been coming to Talisman Centre?
goals. I now look at TC with a wider lens. I have opened up
What activities do you regularly participate in?
to see more than the pool I was training in. I rely heavily
I have been coming to Talisman since the opening upon the kindness of the staff in the child care and the
ceremony at the Western Canada Summer Games in 1983 preschool now as well.
and have not really left. My children have been coming
to Talisman Centre since they were new babies jostling I guess the constant through being an Olympic athlete
around the Stroller Class. and an at-home mom working to be fit is that the setting,
the environment at Talisman Centre motivates me – it
What do you like best about the facility? always has. When I was competing, our sport psychologist
made a tape for me of background noise inside the
My favourite thing about the facility is its diversity. I am
building. It had the normal sounds and voices that echoed
inspired by the Cardiac Wellness customers, the staff in all
through a normal weekday evening here – lots of noise.
areas, the very young, the very old, the Olympic hopefuls,
I would play that tape before competing and take myself
the uber-strong moms.
out of the pressure-filled setting of a World Championship
and back into my bustling, loud home. I always swam
What is your new years resolution?
really well when I could get into the head space of being
To rely more on positive imagery. Expand upon the at home – in Talisman.
You’ve had many successes as an athlete and coach, how do
How do you balance your work & personal life with you stay motivated to pursue your own personal goals?
maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle?
At this stage of life, it is more about enjoying the process
Scheduling. I plan what our week looks like in advance than targeting an end result. I like to push myself both
– as much as possible – to balance needs and wants. physically and mentally but don’t have a deep desire to
Organized grocery shopping helps too. I am a big list compete in an organized event. That may change as my
person and healthy foods are on it. family grows.

12 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

How will you influence your children to pursue physical What has been your greatest success while being at
activity as they get older? Talisman Centre?
My hope is to instill in them the feeling that being active It is hard not to say the Olympic medal. It really was the
is simply fun and that activity really is its own reward. culmination of an eighteen year odyssey.

What would you tell first time mothers in terms of getting What brought you and your family to Talisman Centre
back into a regular workout routine? initially?
Join the stroller class! The smartest decision I made with Swimming for the Calgary Aquabelles. What keeps me
my first child was to come to the class at Talisman. I made coming back is the multitude of offerings including the
some of my greatest mom connections in that class and personal pursuits training, the child care, the preschool
cannot applaud it enough. and the diversity of athletes assembled under the big top!

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 13

fitness fashions
brought to you by

located at Talisman Centre

and Activ Short.

Sugoi Wahine SL Top
e T Top, Notch Short; on Andrea (right)
goi Pac
c Short; on Calvin Su
i Magna Tank Top, Zin
On Susan (left) Sugo

14 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

On Susan Nike Adventure Top, Nike Argo Ergo Woven Pant. On Calvin Nike Double-Mesh SS Top, Nike Power Capri Pant.

On Andrea Nike Club Tee, Nike Pranidana Knee Short.

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 15

explore Hawaii and
experience lifestyle exercise!
by rob bunka
For those of us that are lucky enough to National Volcanoes Park and learned so much information
vacation throughout the year, usually the last thing on about volcanoes and lava that I could probably teach a
your mind is working out. Finally time to relax, sleep in, class on it. From lava tubes, lava fields, craters, rivers
tour around your new destination, eat out and in some and cone heads I found the tour extremely rewarding
cases party the night away. In recent years a larger not only from the educational standpoint but also in the
percentage of travelers are seeking out adventure sport way the experience connected you to the island and its
holidays or are looking for opportunities to continue their breathtaking scenery. It really was a great way to start
healthy lifestyle while on vacation. Recently, I had the the holiday as we were given hints on local eateries, local
amazing opportunity to take a holiday to the beautiful culture and the language and history of the islands.
islands of Hawaii for an active adventure holiday. The next day we took a Mountain Bike tour of the
It all started with the flight over to Honolulu, Oahu Kaaawa Valley through the Bike Hawaii Tour Company.
with United Airlines with a quick stop in San Francisco. These guys are the only licensed mountain bike company
The flight from San Fran is slightly more than 4 hours and in Hawaii and they certainly know what they are doing.
the staff at United get you in that Aloha spirit with great From top of the line Kona mountain bikes to once in a
activities and a good selection of movies. If your budget lifetime views of the same valley where such films as Pearl
allows, I’d definitely recommend upgrading your ticket Harbour, Jurassic Park and the TV series LOST were filmed.
to ECONOMY PLUS where you get plenty of leg room to This company knows how to give you a great workout!
stretch out. As a frequent flyer throughout North America I I probably lost 5 lbs in sweat alone as we traversed steep
find it really important to ensure you drink plenty of water single-track inclines and maneuvered through mountain
throughout a flight to stay hydrated and to take several streambeds. Our guide, Matiesse, was not only excellent
moments to ensure you stretch your legs. This can easily at providing various tourist information but also provided
be done in your seat or by taking an opportunity to walk ample rest time and tips on how to traverse some of the
throughout the cabin. extreme terrain. He let us choose paths that were less
Upon arrival in Honolulu we were immediately difficult or more extreme (for the thrill seekers!). We even
greeted by the warm, humid tropical air that makes got the opportunity to taste fresh guava picked right off
you feel and look amazing throughout your stay. My
the tree and fresh coconut milk from coconuts knocked
adventure began early the next morning, catching a 5:00
down by our guide. By the end of our five hour adventure
am flight over to the Big Island for a 12 hour Volcano hike.
we were exhausted, covered in mud and soaked with
I booked with Hawaii Forest & Trail Tours as they had won
perspiration but grinning ear to ear. It was an amazing
the 2006 Ecotour Operator of the Year Award and came
experience that I plan to do over again every time I cross
highly recommended in my internet searches. The tour
the Pacific and land on these amazing islands.
was phenomenal as was our tour operator, Keith. If you
I’m big on trying new experiences and love to be
want above and beyond customer service and a ton of
active outdoors. Hawaii provides you all that and the best
local information about Hawaii and the ecology of the
weather and scenery to boot. If you are looking to stay
islands this is the tour for you. Even though it was 12 hours
in length the day flew by and the group was provided in shape throughout your holidays why not look at going
with many opportunities to explore the youngest and somewhere that provides you the atmosphere to relax,
largest of the Hawaiian Islands. In terms of hiking there explore, have fun and remain active and healthy.
are opportunities for short hikes throughout the day but For more information on the tours I took in Hawaii check out
you won’t be hiking for a full day. We toured the entire www.hawaii-forest.com and www.bikehawaii.com

16 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com
life coaching
What is holding you back?
When I tell people I am a Life Coach I get
all sorts of responses. They range from “life coaching
– what is that?” to “how can you coach my life, if you Your life coach
haven’t experienced what I do?” Telling people I am a helps you focus
Life Coach when the term is not too well known has
its challenges but it always turns into something quite on what is
special. Having a Life Coach is something I recommend important for
for everyone even if you are a person who has it all you and what
by colin hyland together.
Colin is a Wellness With everybody so busy these days trying to fit you want to
Coordinator and everything in, our core values often get overlooked. achieve with
Program Instructor at We are willing to put a lot of time and energy into
Talisman Centre. your life, helping
doing things for other people but are reluctant to
spend it on ourselves. Sit down and think about the
you build
following questions for a minute: precisely defined
• What gets you up in the morning? and prioritized
• What gets your blood flowing? goals.
• What have you always wanted to do in life?
• Where have you always wanted to go?
• How do you want to be remembered?
When you ask yourself these questions, what
comes to mind? If your answers are “I don’t know”
then ask yourself what is holding you back. This is the
starting point of a Life Coaching Session.
Your life coach helps you focus on what is
important for you and what you want to achieve
with your life, helping you build precisely defined
and prioritized goals. With your coach’s help, you will
examine and clarify your needs, values and beliefs and
develop the goals that help you grow – personally and
professionally. Your coach also helps you to dig deep
into the issues you face, understanding the possible
causes underlying them, and develop and implement
a plan for dealing with them.

To find out more about Life Coaching you can contact

Colin at 233-8393.

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in the by crystal dennis
Craving a specific food is an encounter that almost everyone
has experienced. Cravings can be both psychological and
We have an exciting new year of cooking classes physiological and experiencing them is normal and quite
coming up in the Sears Nutrition Kitchen! Guest chefs, common. Some research shows that when food is decreased,
including Certified Chef de Cuisine Dean Mitchell which happens during most fad diets, the thoughts of food
and “Thai Guy” Patrick Dunn will pass their cooking increase. Also, sweets high in sugar feed a chemical in our brain
expertise over to you in these fun and informative called serotonin. Sweets high in sugar give us quick energy but
hands-on classes. Check these out (for a full listing go don’t last long leaving us craving more and the cycle for craving
to talismancentre.com and click on the cooking sweets begins. Here are four simple tips in combating cravings:
classes button):
1. Keep a journal
Tuesday, January 23 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM
$65.00 per person Record things such as what you are craving, where these
EAST INDIAN FOODS FOR ENTERTAINING cravings usually occur and when you last had something to eat.
Shefali will provide some wonderful ways to Look for feelings of being hungry such as stomach growls and
spice up your winter entertaining.
thinking of food. Ask yourself if you are stressed, bored, anxious,
Tuesday, January 30 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM rushed, lonely, happy, excited or preoccupied.
$65.00 per person
COMFORT FOODS – Patrick Dunn 2. Give your body what it needs first
Cold winter nights…Soup, meatloaf, mac and
• Ensure you eat at regular times each day. Meals come first,
cheese, anything fried and sweet treats are the
typical fare when most of us think about the cravings second! If you’re craving something after work, ask
foods that make us feel warm and fuzzy. Patrick yourself if you have eaten supper first. If not, eat supper, take
will show you a few of his favorites in this a walk, and then see if you are still craving.
class, making you feel as comforting and cozy
• There is nothing worse than eating 300 calories in foods you
as sitting in a nice warm bathrobe and fluffy
slippers by the fireplace. didn’t want. You may as well eat what you really want in the
right portion size.
Friday, March 9 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM
$65.00 per person
3. Eat in a safe environment
Friday, May 4 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM
COUPLE’S NIGHT – Patrick Dunn • If you can’t have a bag of cookies at home without eating the
Enjoy a themed evening filled with skills and entire bag, then plan to eat cookies away from home. Try a
socialization. Couples will prepare a variety of coffee shop with friends and enjoy.
dishes and some dessert as they learn to divide
• Plan activities that will allow you to incorporate healthy
the tasks to make entertaining a pleasant way
to spend time together in the kitchen. portion sizes of your favorite treats.
• Portion out your treat and plan an activity afterwards.
Wednesday, February 7 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM
$85.00 per person
Everyone has heard of aphrodisiacs -- those • To break the craving cycle, try eating grains with high fiber.
delicious little tidbits that tickle your tummy • Women need 25 g/day and men need 38 g/d. Be sure to
and wet your sexual appetite. Do they really include adequate fluids to prevent constipation.
work? Patrick Dunn will give his spin on the
• Studies show that people who include adequate fiber in their
topic, with several recipes to seduce your lover.
diets are more likely to attain a healthy weight and even
Please note: All cooking classes are subject to a control cholesterol better.
10 person minimum registration.

www.talismancentre.com • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • 19

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

The New Year Resolution . . .

lmost every site I went to in my google search for the top ten New
Year’s Resolutions had losing weight or exercising as the number one
item. Number two included quitting smoking or “getting fit” and
number three was the desire to give up drinking. “Being a better person” fell into the fours and fives. Each year
I watch as people come through the doors of Calgary fitness centres like they were rushing into the malls on
the last Saturday before Christmas. I imagine memberships as a bag of marbles that bulge at the seams. And
every year it is pretty much the same process—the gyms are empty again by early March.

The losing battle begins with ourselves when we rush into the gym on the first (no, second) day of each
New Year. We set goals too high or too vague. We cut out drinking, carbs and anything that has more than
150 calories per serving. Nothing less than 60 minutes on the stepmill will do. A coffee and muffin make up
breakfast. It is more important to run after work than sit and enjoy your dinner. Snacks fly out the window. We
become so hard on ourselves with the drive to battle the bulge that the slightest slip within the first two weeks
of our resolution results in eating nothing but celery and exercising two or three times a day.

So why is it the gyms empty out when everyone has such good intention? It’s in the numbers. We’ve heard
time and time again that if we “fail to plan, we plan to fail.” Blanket terms like “get fit” or “lose weight” or
even the cozy “be a better person” lack clarity and direction. Make SMART decisions. Get on your computer
and google SMART GOALS. Remember to think small. A few years back the urge to vanquish my pudge with
blissfully undirected enthusiasm was achieved by setting out a very small and specific goal to lose five pounds
by March. I dragged myself in at 5 am so I couldn’t make any I-had-a-long-day excuses at 5 pm and forced
myself to increase my heart rate twice a week. I ate a little better and got more (regular) sleep. Not only could I
fit back in to my favourite jeans but I gained pride and hope for achieving the rest of my goals that year.

Now, I have a plan. Though I can’t proclaim that I adhere to it with enviable perfection, the self respect I
gain from completing each workout is worth the effort. I don’t panic if I miss a day. I embrace the ache in my
muscles later. I yearn for the struggle to lift my body through one more pull-up. I have gone from two whiney
days a week to four or five days of sometimes gruelling effort and I love it. And I give all the praise to my
numbers – my plan.

Let’s all resolve to make one SMART GOAL and have a happier, healthier, more fulfilled year.

– l.p.

20 • Talisman Centre FITnews • Winter 2007 • www.talismancentre.com

Proud to be a part of your community!

Calgary’s BEST membership value! Join today!

free parking • no initiation fee • air conditioned fitness centre
We’re waiting to help you achieve your goals.

Imagine a career where work feels like play!

Check out all the job opportunities at talismancentre.com

Issue 2 • Winter 2007


RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO Talisman Centre, 2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5B6
RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO Talisman Centre, 2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5B6