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The Customer is the worlds third-largest retail chain and is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the

FTSE 100 Index. The retailer operates in 14 countries around the world, employing more than 465,000 people with over 2,500 locations in the UK alone.

The retailer operates a variety of store formats, di erentiated by size and product ranges, which include grocery, non-food, clothing, telecoms and banking services.

Martin Muirhead, Group MIS Manager, Blue Print

The diverse nature and geographical coverage required by the retailers UK customer base presents a number of challenges providing a exible, consistent and quality service regardless of location, whilst minimising the disruptive impact to the store operation during on-site works. ISG technology uses its regional UK o ces, co-ordinated by its 24x7, multi-lingual European Support Centre based in So a, Bulgaria, to pro-actively manage the on-site delivery and client communication to ensure value and quality, regardless of site location. Many installations are conducted overnight to reduce the impact on the customer, the co-ordination of each engagement is designed to provide its own quality gates and checkpoints, ensuring the delivery of the projects bespoke requirements. ISG technology ensures that client-facing reports are delivered to pro-actively communicate updates, issue resolution and ultimately success.

ISG technology has provided unsurpassed and reliable networking and IT services to the UKs largest retailer since 1996. ISG technologys site experience has developed since its initial engagement to install back o ce systems over 15 years ago. The Companys engagement during 2011/12 delivered network solutions in over 200 new stores, applied changes via re ts and projects in all of the 2,200 UK sites . In addition to its traditional core services of data, networking and telephony services, ISG technology also provides electrical, IT hardware skills using its own engineers, and is proven in providing a main contractor role on roll-out projects for up to 2,200 sites. Complimentary services such as logistics, and building work and services are o ered via its partnership network to provide a full end-to-end solution. ISG technology also works with international partners to install new customer solutions such as kiosks and self-service tills. ISG technology provides 24x7 store infrastructure maintenance for all UK stores with a four hour x response time for critical systems, and remains the retailers supplier of choice. The retailer is an excellent example of ISG technologys ability to meet the demand of high pro le customers who require extensive expertise, with a proven history of delivering value, quality and consistency.


UKs Largest Retailer

Enhancing a customers shopping experience, is key to retaining their loyalty. ISG technology has proven its reliability and excellence over the last 18 years, and continues to provide its expanded range of services to the UKs largest retailer .